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Review #26, by Hasane The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

6th July 2017:
lovely first chapter! McCartney is totally the perfect character? and she complains, i totally love that, mostly because i am the ultimate complainer.

i also absolutely loved the pop culture references, it made me a giggle a little every time one was made!

Author's Response: hi! and i totally agree! mccartney is actually me when it comes to complaining. i complain 24/7 pretty much...oops! ha ha! i'm so glad you were able to relate to her though!

and yes the pop cultures references are some of my favorite bits, simply because they lighten the story and give it a good laugh! it lets people know that the story isn't trying to be too serious! ;)

thank you so so much for this sweet review!


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Review #27, by Violet Potter 434 The Happening that Happened When McCartney Made a Deal with the Devil + Rose Weasley Says Multiple Curse Words

29th June 2017:
omg so much drama in the last two chapters!-I loved it !

james seemed quite off with McCartney but I suppose its kinda rough for him right now

chapter was wonderful

love from me xxx

Author's Response: ahhh so glad you loved it! it's definitely heating up in hogwarts! ;)

and yes, he was a bit of a jerk! guess you'll have to wait and see why!

thank you so much! your reviews make my heart so happy!


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Review #28, by adorably cute The Happening That Happened Before Albus Came for a Charger and Left with a Broken Nose + Maxima’s Cat Gets Out of the Bag

24th June 2017:
I adore this story! I love the different view points and how they all weave together. I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Aw I'm so thankful for your review! And so happy you're enjoying the story! I'll be posting the next chapter soon! :)


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Review #29, by Rachel The Happening That Happened Before Albus Came for a Charger and Left with a Broken Nose + Maxima’s Cat Gets Out of the Bag

21st June 2017:
So glad something bad happened to Max. I mean this is a great way to have her grow as a character and not be so mean and all. Its a nice way to have the plot move forward.

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for the review! And yes, Maxima has a lot of growing up to do! This will be a big part of her realizing a lot about herself! Thank you again for the review and I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter!


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Review #30, by Violet Potter 434 The Happening That Happened After Monster Bash + LP Destroys Important Metaphorical Things

4th June 2017:
it definitely lived up to expectations!!!

I love their friendship goals so much!(teddy and Professor Adustio)

that last bit was sooo sad though!
lily should have done the right thing

poor Isadora
although I do understand lily's situation

YOU'RE WELCOME! (you said thank you)
(cue "you're welcome" from moana)

anyways i'm currently watching One Love Manchester concert and Coldplay is playing- so i'm kinda a bit distracted to write much more

but this was fab

I love this story so much, you always make me want to read more

love from me xx

Author's Response: Hello hello!

Teddy and Stella are the best aren't they? I low-key ship them more than I ship Victoire/Teddy... (No one hurt me for saying that, but it's true!) Ha ha!

And I know! I hate it that Isadora had to suffer for Lily's secret, but that's what makes LP, LP!

Thank you again for being awesome and reviewing!

I completely understand about the One Love concert, I didn't watch it live, but I watched most of it later! I just love Justin Bieber so much, ugh!

But thank you for reviewing so so much! I adore your reviews! And thank you for loving my story! It's every writer's dream! :)


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Review #31, by Violet Potter 434 The Happening that Happened at the Monster Bash with Two AC Woods + A First Year Gets Squished

3rd June 2017:
this was amazing again

I definitely prefer McCartney chapters

they're the bae

cant wait for the next update

-is it bad that I really want to see this said gambling done by teachers?

love from me xx

Author's Response: Hello again!

McCartney is bae isn't she? Ugh love her! Thank you for the review! Hope to hear from you after the next chapter!

Thank you so so much, again! These reviews mean the world to me!


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Review #32, by crimson quill The Happening That Happened When the Queen Got Drunk + A Food Fight That Ends in War

30th May 2017:

I'm here to review for my girl, Maxima! I don't even need to tell you what a fan I am of her. I adore her so much, I think you're doing a great job at fleshing her out as a character. One of the main things which I really enjoy about Maxima's chapters is we always find out new information about her and see her character change and develop. you're doing a great job with them!

I have to just fan girl about Max/Albus this chapter like OMG, serious development in their relationship! I can't believe it but I love it at the same time! she's clearly a bit of obsessed with him which I'm personally thrilled about. I'm hardcore shipping them for ages so yay, now the difficult thing is getting her to ever realise/admit her feelings for him! I really love how Albus has those two sides to him like shy/awkward but then this strong willed side. It was quite sad that he just wants her to love him. I hope in time that he can feel her love in return. I don't know what I think about her cheating on Troy, it's bad I guess but terribly I ship Maxbus? Alaxima? whatever we're calling them too hard to care! oops!

So a word on Max's father, it sounds like he has paranoid schizophrenia more than bi-poplar. He would having a pretty bad bi-poplar meltdown and must be totally off his meds for that happen. This type of behaviour would be more common in people who haven't been diagnosed with the condition or have any idea how to control it. It was very hard hitting though and really made me feel with Max so I look forward to following this story line. Is Max's dad like this of the time? as you mention how much money he puts into the school and how rich/influential he is. I know her family is old money though so might explain that more. xo

Author's Response: Hi fellow Maxima fan! So so glad you reviewed for Maxima, because it's nice to find someone who loves her as much as I do!

I'm so glad you pointed out the growth aspect, because that's always the way I humanize her to other people whenever they say they don't like her! I say, "But can't you see how wonderful she's going to be later?" Ha ha!

Eek!! Yes, Maxima and Albus are so wonderful aren't they? I just love their relationship, but I have a lot in store for them, so don't get too comfortable! I'm so glad you also noticed Albus' characterization, because it's one of my favorite things about him. It's like he's fighting so hard not to be like his father, but he still ends up going back to those inherited patterns which is very obvious in his temper. And yes even though I love Albus/Max, Troy is still a big part of Maxima's life, so just stick around to see where it goes! ;)

Okay thank you so much for clearing this up! I tried my best, but reading articles on the internet can only do so much and a lot of the articles were conflicting opinions! And yes, you will get a bigger picture of how this affects Maxima and her family throughout the later chapters!

Aw this review made my heart smile! Thank you so much for writing it and for reading! Hope to hear from you again!


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Review #33, by Violet Potter 434 The Happening That Happened When the Queen Got Drunk + A Food Fight That Ends in War

24th May 2017:
do you know how pain you are causing my life right now

first of all I read this instead of doing my French revision last night

and now... well now I'm reading this and well writing a review instead of doing science revision for tomorrow
so I'm very sorry because this story is amazing and I'm pretty sure this is my first review for this story-although I had already read the first 3 chapters-weird I know- this review will probably be kinda short

but omg yes! mcartney chapters are my favourite

shes a bit like me

in my opinion- which isn't that important, I know but still-your writing fits her best

I mean your writing is amazing, outstanding even and I cant work out why I haven't read this all before. but I definitely prefer her chapters

I really want her to play in another quidditch match though- that'd be amazing

also please can you mention a bit more about the whole luck potion bit cause at first I thought you just meant Lily was going to fake out it in, but I really can't tell now

oh and a bit more on the Lennon scheme- although I'm guessing you'd already planned to add more on this soon

you know what, ignore my comments and just write what ever you were going to write don't bother mention Lennon

I really love this story and all its characters and neeed a new chapter soon but for now I must go

it was great, write more

love from me xxx

Author's Response: Hi!! Thank you so much for reviewing, because I absolutely love your reviews since they are so energetic and fun! Anyways, I'm really sorry that you're studying is suffering because of me, but I'm super flattered so I'm not going to tell you to stop! Ha ha ha! (Jk school comes first...sometimes...)

It's totally fine that this is your first review, because I know I always review the last chapter whenever I read a story! Ha ha! I'm a slacker though, so don't be like me!

Yes, McCartney is such an angel! Ugh, I love her so much! She's the first original main character, so she's like my child! I'm so glad you can relate to her, because I'm always worried about my characters being relatable to people other than me, so I'm glad you love McCartney just as much as I do!

And omg thank you! I'm so flattered that you think my writing is that good!

Ha ha! McCartney in another Quidditch match might happen, but I think she's going to leave it to LP for a while! And yes, the potion! You're going to think I forgot about it, but I promise it comes up later on in the story! ;)

Information on the Lennon scheme also will come up later in the story, because it takes a while for a certain person to get involved! But as long as you stay tuned you'll see!

Aw I'm so glad you love my silly story! It really means the absolute world to me and so do your reviews! Stick around for new chapters!

Thank you so so much! :)


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Review #34, by Rosie_Posie The Happening That Happened After the Quidditch After Party + LP Takes a Trip to the Dungeons (Not Isadora’s Sex Dungeon)

1st May 2017:
I love the idea behind this story - having the three main characters and how they live seperate lives but they intertwine as well is really interesting. I definitely still get confused about some characters because there are so many but it is getting clearer.

I have to admit Max's chapters are my least favourite I definitely prefer McCartney and Lily's chapters more.

Also - James is he in love with AC? Is he using McCartney to make her jealous? Because i remember his conversation with Max and now I am thinking that he is maybe using McCartney? Which would make me sad because they seem like a cute couple and she deserves better than that! I also think her and Krum would be a cute couple though.

Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Hello and thank you so so much for reviewing! You're the best! I'm so glad you love my idea! The different main characters is my favorite trope of romantic comedies and I've always wanted to try it myself! Ugh, yes there are a lot of characters! The sheer amount of minor characters has always been something I've struggled with in this story, but I hope the repetition of them does help clear it up for you! If not, you can always ask questions in a review! ;) Ha ha ha!

I'll be honest, ha ha, there are only a select few of readers who actually enjoy Maxima's chapters besides me, so you are not in the minority there! I do hope that you at least enjoy the growth aspect of her chapters, because that is something different from LP and McCartney. They've remained pretty static throughout the story, but we get to unravel a new side of Maxima almost every chapter! And if you still really don't like them just know that because it's a Maxima chapter then McCartney is up next! :)

Hmmm that's an interesting theory you have there... ;) I do have to agree with you about McCartney and Krum though simply because Aleksander is one of my absolute favorites! Sadly those two are purely platonic :'( But you gotta love their friendship simply because it's hilarious!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I can barely find time to upload chapters, because of my summer classes (I'm having to take math ugh)! But I'll be updating ASAP so stick around! Thank you so much for this review they mean the absolute world to me! Much love!


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Review #35, by SevenSins The Happening That Happened After the Quidditch After Party + LP Takes a Trip to the Dungeons (Not Isadora’s Sex Dungeon)

6th April 2017:
Loved this chapter, and you've been updating so regularly it's making my life! love love love lily and scorpius!

Author's Response: Aw I'm so glad! Yeah, I'm trying to update as regularly as I can! Also, I'm so glad you love LP and Scorpius, because they are my favorites!

Thank you so much for this sweet review and I hope to see you again!


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Review #36, by luna1306 The Happening That Happened When McCartney Played Seeker (In a Real Live Quidditch Match) + James Meets the Lucks

5th April 2017:
Hey hey
I'm really really late. Normally I'm here in max 2 days, but the last 2 weeks I was just so busy for school.
The good thing is I have like 5 new chapters waiting for me here!
I don't understand how McCartney doesn't like quidditch anymore! Who doesn't like big murderous bludgers that try to smash your head off! And now she won't play anymore, but well what did she expect she knows quidditch so she knew this could happen.
About this game, it was so well written! I've heard so many times how hard it is too write a quidditch match. But this one was excellent. Gryffindor probably would have lost if it wasn't for aleksanders injury. Well I guess that was just... luck.
No pun intended.

See you next chapter!

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: Oh no, you're fine! I'm just glad you're still reading! But yes a lot of new chapters posted! And more to come!

But yes, McCartney is very scared of Quidditch! Lucky for her she won't have to play again or she might have a panic attack! Hahaha!

And aw thank you so much! I was so worried about writing it, because they are tricky to write and I wasn't sure if I was doing it right! But thank you so so much that's so sweet of you to say! Also, it was luck that helped them win a whole lotta "liquid luck" ;) thanks to LP!

Thank you so much for your review! I'll have the next chapter up soon!


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Review #37, by cocopops The Happening That Happened When McCartney Played Seeker (In a Real Live Quidditch Match) + James Meets the Lucks

28th March 2017:
Yay for a new LP chapter!

Author's Response: Yes! I love LP's chapters, because they are just so fun! I'm so glad you're excited! I'm posting it after I finish replying to these reviews, so be on the look out! :)


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Review #38, by my_voice_rising The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began Part II

21st March 2017:
WELL I'M AN IDIOT, I got you mixed up with another reviewer so ignore my last comments about "omg thank you for reading my story." Either way I've been looking at this fic for a while and am glad I finally stopped by, even if it was due to a selfish mix-up ;)

I snorted at "You know it's casual." This probably makes me sound a thousand years old but I'm really enjoying the millennial speak here? At this point, McCartney seems a little frivolous, a little ungrounded in reality, and impulsive--because we haven't really seen her do much more than make fun of her family and worry about her appearance. But the millennial speak really adds to that and I have to say, even though it doesn't feel like the "old generation" of Harry Potter, it really works for this story.

Whoa! James is *really* tall! I don't know why but that is such a cute touch, like when you have a friend who is inexplicably a billion feet taller than his/her parents. I wonder if his personality is going to be different from theirs, because the height would be a nice touch of visualizing how he doesn't exactly fit in.

Also can I just say THANK YOU that they have a normal relationship at this point. So many fics would have taken the Apparating onto Your Crush motif and turned it into an argument, wherein it doesn't actually make sense for the characters to hate one another, and is clearly a flimsy backstory to a budding relationship. So much about this fic takes a lot of areas that have already been explored and turns them on their head. I mentioned in the last review that the fact that she is very wealthy and isn't a cold, distant wealthy Pure-blood in Louboutins is refreshing, too.

“I mean come on! Snowflakes in New Orleans! Who honestly doesn’t know that that means cocaine!” I feel like I've seen this quotation floating around the site and it definitely made me giggle.

I also liked “Magenta? What in Merlin’s name is ‘magenta?’ . “It sounds like a German foot disease."

There are SO many characters in this scene, and it gets a little confusing. The banter is nice but I wonder how many of them will be integral to the story, and if you can cut any of them out? We get the impression of a mass of wealthy people, which is important to the scene, but I wonder if they all need their introductions and their physical descriptions?

Ariadne is a nice touch to the chapter. I'm glad you've manifested most of the two-facedness and Holier than Thou bollocks into one character, rather than all of them, because they all seem to come from money. I also like the Breakfast at Tiffany's reference because McCartney almost seems like Holly GoLightly. She's swept up in this world of wealth and material things, but you've made her different without being too obvious. Her concern with her appearance seems mostly self-conscious, and done by comparing herself to her sister, rather than a real interest in material goods.

“Which is totally stupid, I mean Voldemort’s been dead for like forever, people just need to let it go.” oH MY GOD Ariadne is such a


Some things that could be included here: more description of the building they are in. I'm imagining a very clean, Muggle-looking sports arena but that probably isn't the case because, you know, Harry Potter. Also McCartney keeps calling her sister very selfish and awful but she hasn't actually done anything to be unlikeable? She was late to brunch because McCartney purposefully didn't tell her about it, and asked her sister to help her find Scorpius, which McCartney made into a much bigger problem than it was. If anything, at this point, it makes the narrator seem mean to hate her sister for no reason--other than her insecurities. But maybe that's the point here, and McCartney is going to have some growing up to do.

Author's Response: Oh that's fine! Ha ha! Even if it was a mix-up, I'm glad you stopped by!

The millennial speak was really important to me which seems kind of crazy, but I want this story to have a totally different tone than the original novels. I wanted this, because this story isn't anything like the original novels. It's very frivolous and silly and just generally fun and modernized. I wanted the tone to reflect that. I also wanted each individual main character to have her own tone and I wanted my writing to reflect that, so the reader can know whose POV it is just from the tone. And I wouldn't say it makes you sound old! The millennial speak is very over exaggerated in this story! Ha ha!

James is very tall! Part of this is selfish, because I'm a sucker for tall boys and part of it is meant to outwardly show James's difference from his family. He has a certain mental difference that is very startling and I wanted his outward appearance to reflect that.

Yeah, I'm an avid lover of the "take cliches and turn their world upside down," because I hate cliches! So, you are very welcome for a realistic relationship and a realistic wealthy person!

Those two quotes you mentioned are some of my favorites to come out of McCartney's chapters! They are just hilarious!

The amount of characters is confusing and like I mentioned in the last review, these are older edits! And when I first wrote this, I really had no idea who would emerge as central to the story! But now that I'm much farther into the story, I can cut the lesser characters out of this chapter.

Ariadne is something. She's more of the Queen-Bee-type than any other character except Maxima and that's what I wanted to reflect. She is Holier-Than-Thou and Two-Faced, but she has the potential to become a more multi-faceted character which is something I like about her.

I know that quote ugh, she's kind of the worst! Ha ha!

And setting has always been one of my faults! So thank you for pointing out that this section could use more description! I always get so caught u[p in characters and dialogue that setting becomes optional for me which is never a good thing!

And yes, McCartney and Lennon's issues are a little hazy right now, but that's intentional. Lennon has a lot of secrets and even McCartney doesn't know all of them! So, you'll just have to keep reading and see what's going on! ;)

But again thank you so much for your helpful and sweet reviews! You are so kind! I absolutely love them and they mean the world to me!


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Review #39, by my_voice_rising The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

21st March 2017:
Hi there! You were so sweet to review my fic. Social Darwinism has always been one of those stories I've seen around HPFF and thought sounded interesting, but I haven't been good about reading fic lately... I'm so glad I stopped in, though! This is like Harry Potter meets Gossip Girl and I'm pretty excited about that.

It's refreshing that McCartney has such a good relationship with her parents. A lot of times we see these "lifestyles of the rich" themes in stories, movies, etc, and it's an attempt at saying money can't buy happiness (okay cool, writers, try working for minimum wage). But McCartney's family seems to genuinely enjoy one another, even though she gets a kick out of stressing her mother out. It's a refreshing take on the idea. The scene with her interacting with her parents before their brunch was funny, and I like the goofiness of her father especially.

This chapter could use a bit of editing, just because of the amount of information. We get to know her entire family (omg I love Baby Krum) and their appearance and her relationship with them, so adding in all the "he said, she laughed, I rolled my eyes" between every line of dialogue is a bit tedious. Brevity is always a good bet for comedy, and some of these really funny lines would zing even more if shortened. There's a great comedic voice here, and it would really shine with some de-cluttering :)

Just an example: “Father! You did not!” I exclaimed. “You know I hate that song!” I roared. “She’s a bint!” I pulled at my tangled, brown hair in horror. We already know she's exclaiming, because there's an exclamation point. We also know that it's her speaking, as she addressed him as Father. The tangled brown hair is there to give us an idea of her appearance, but you could nix the first two "I exclaimed" and "I roared."

Omg Owlstagram, I love it. Next-Gen stories are the best for joining the Muggle world with magic and I'm so excited to see that it's here in this fic!

Lennon and McCartney? Brilliant. Posh people giving their children weird names is always a good thing to poke fun at (lookin' at you, Gwenyth Paltrow). But McCartney is a suitable name, too, for this character--she's playful and blunt and somehow the name reflects that.

This is cute! Not a lot of action happens in this chapter, because you're building up some character relationships, but I would like to know more about why McCartney's family is such good friends with the Krums, etc. It's interesting that she doesn't drink while being surrounded by so many people who nurse whiskeys in the morning. And obviously there's going to be some drama later, and tension with James Potter... I have a feeling he's going to have a snobbish outlook on her wealth and frivolous lifestyle.

This is a good start! Maybe fleshing it out with more action and backstory, because right now we are very aware of what everyone looks like, and what her room looks like, and her wardrobe, but information like her age, their relationship with the Krums, etc., is lost amidst all of the dialogue.

Great start, though! And your summary is very captivating and definitely makes the reader want to continue.

Author's Response: Hi! I like to respond in order, so I'll respond to this one then your second review! You are too sweet! Thank you so much for dropping by to review my story! I really didn't notice the Gossip Girl influence until the later revisions of this story, but it's been pointed out to me so many times I can see it now!

I know exactly what you are talking about with stories about wealth. It always seems to reflect back on like you said how money can't buy happiness which is true, but I wanted to point out that just being rich doesn't mean you have to be miserable. I also wanted to destroy the 'rich pureblood' archetype by having McCartney's mum be a Muggle and her dad a pureblood who refused involvement with the Death Eaters. I really enjoyed the idea of a wholesome relationship between parents and their children, and because it's something really similar to what I have with my parents, so it's easier for me write which is kind of lazy, but also works well for the story.

Trust me, I know how much of an information dump the first chapters are! I've re-edited them a lot, but these are still old edits. I've been working through them recently and trying to clean them up a bit, but it's still a WIP and since I have three main characters I have three sets of background stories and characters to set up!

And ooh, I do love your idea of brevity and shortening the dialogue tags. I never really thought of it that way! And again, these are old edits, so in some of my newer drafts I have the dialogue worked on a little more. But thank you so much for pointing this out to me!

I'm glad you like the idea of Owlstagram, because some people really don't! I feel like people love it or hate it! Ha ha! I thought it was pretty funny, but I'm a cheesy kind of person!

I had written out a backstory behind the girls having the names of Beatles, but for some reason the moderators wouldn't allow me to mention the Beatles in the text! The story was that McCartney's parents met in a record store and they were both trying to buy the same Beatles album for their significant others. They walked next door to have coffee and the rest is history. So, they named their kids to honor the band that got them together. The name really does suit McCartney though, it really matches her personality and I'm so glad you enjoy it! (And, I totally agree! I mean, Apple? Really!?)

I agree, there isn't a lot of action in this chapter. I mainly just wanted to set up for the later chapters and the drama that takes place there!

And again thank you so much for your sweet review! It really meant the world to me that you enjoyed my story! Thank you, thank you!


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Review #40, by BlueQuill The Happening That Happened When the Queen Was Vulnerable + A Don Meeting & The Trojan War

15th March 2017:
YES! I am loving where this story is going and Maxima totally reminds of Blair from Gossip Girl.

The relationship between Maxima and Albus is so cute it's nice to see her being real with someone.

Yet again I just love how you are writing this story, with the three main characters and their mindsets. Along with the introduction of how social media and popularity really effects how people act. I LOVE IT!

Author's Response: Aw I'm so glad you like it!! And Blair was definitely an inspiration in drawing up Maxima's character, so you are spot on!

I know aren't they precious? I just adore them as a couple and how Albus is so sweet to her!

That means the world to me thank you so much! I'm so glad that you like it! I was concerned about it originally and so it makes me so happy that you enjoy it!

Thank you so much for this sweet review!!


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Review #41, by luna1306 The Happening That Happened When the Queen Was Vulnerable + A Don Meeting & The Trojan War

14th March 2017:
Yes yes yes.
I loved to see this side of maxima, we know now she's actually human!
I don't have much more to say, just that I'm excited to see the next chapter!

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: I know we all love our McCartney!! But yes it is so sweet and refreshing to see a different side of Maxima! She's very interesting!

I'm so glad you're excited and I hope you drop by again for the next chapter!! It means the world to me!!

Thank you so much for this sweet review!!


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Review #42, by crimson quill The Happening That Happened When the Queen Was Vulnerable + A Don Meeting & The Trojan War

13th March 2017:
So, a Maxima chapter! yay! I've reviewed a couple of times before so you might have realised (maybe?) that Maxima is my favourite character therefore will always review on these chapters! yesyesyes.

so, I really like Max/Albus stuff like I could read a whole story with these two little darlings. I just love it, they're so different but I really enjoy it. I think Albus would really bring out the best in her and show a softer side. It'll be a wonderful little love story to watch unfold. I might cry if they're not endgame. in fact, it's not really confirmed that you're going to do anything with them together. well, I love them and wanna see it happen! haha

I think Maxima really reminds me of Blair from gossip girl. I really liked getting to see Maxima in a different light and more of her back story with her grandma and that.

As you have three main characters and they have their own set of friends, it's a lot of characters to keep up with so I forgot where TJ fitted into the whole set up.

“What happened to *-buddies before *-tees?” I questioned. - hahaha, just loved this quote. boo, it won't let me write the words.

another note, will be see the return of Lennon and all the social order issues? seeing the three ladies team up to bring her down etc etc etc? I assume perhaps this is the long game though so will take a while to sort itself out!

anyway good job, lovelovelove. xx

Author's Response: Hello! Of course I've realized! And I'm so thankful for you and every single review you've given this story!! I'm so glad that Maxima is your favorite character!! Most people go for McCartney, so I'm glad that sweet Max is getting some love too!

And you aren't the only one to notice that parallel! I have some smart readers! ;) But yes I'm so glad you got to see behind her indifferent exterior and see that she really does have a heart this chapter!

Oh I'm so sorry about that! I know it does get kind of confusing and I'll try to help keep them clearer in the next chapters! For the sake of knowledge, JT is a Gryffindor and Arya Desai's older brother! He and Maxima have had a friends with benefits relationship for years without Arya knowing. Recently though, JT has started dating Artemis Nott which Maxima does not like very much! This caused their friendship to crumble! So there's a little recap and I hoped this helped clear everything up for you! I'm so sorry I didn't do that in the actual text!

I know that one was always one of my favorites! Maxima has quite a vocabulary!! Haha!

Yes! Lennon is more of a Lily/McCartney issue, but in a few chapters she goes a little too far!! Maxima comes into the fray a bit later! And yes, this is a long game, so you'll have to wait a bit to see how it all unfolds!!

Thank you so much for this review!! It means the world to me that someone enjoys my writing as much as I do!! I hope to see you again!! :)


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Review #43, by luna1306 The Happening that Happened Before Professor Longbottom Found Out About Isadora’s...Well Never Mind + the New Seeker Struggles

4th March 2017:
I know maxima and albus are coming and I really hope we are also going to get a better picture of maximas relationship with Troy.
And now McCartney is seeker! That wil be fantastic!

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: Yes! Maxima and Albus are so fun! And I hate to say it, but Troy/Maxima's relationship will be unravelled very slowly! There's a lot of history and baggage that they both need to unpack, but I hope you'll stick around to see how it works out! And yay, McCartney will be the most hilarious Seeker, I promise! Haha! Thank you so much for your consistent reviews! You are amazing!


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Review #44, by crimson quill The Happening that Happened Before Professor Longbottom Found Out About Isadora’s...Well Never Mind + the New Seeker Struggles

4th March 2017:
Lovely to see this story pop up! It's one of my favourites. I mainly wanted to review to say how excited I am about next chapter! Yay, maxima/albus action! Can't wait. Keep up the great work with this story xx

Author's Response: Aw you are too sweet! I'm so glad that you still keep an eye out for this story! And yes Maxima/Albus is always so fun and exciting! I'm about to post the next chapter, so keep checking in! Thank you so much for this review! It means so much to me!


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Review #45, by luna1306 The Happening that Happened with the Handle of Firewhisky + McCartney, Troy, and Some Secret Seeking

4th March 2017:
I totally missed this chapter! Although that might be a good think because now I can read the next one right after!
I think McCartney POVs are the best. I love her and Troy together! ( as friends though )

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: I love McCartney's POV as well! She's just so lovable and easy to write! And yes, her and Troy's friendship is one of my favorite things in this story! They are just so sweet together! But thank you so much for reviewing! And reading! It means the absolute world to me!


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Review #46, by Ray The Happening that Happened with the Handle of Firewhisky + McCartney, Troy, and Some Secret Seeking

31st January 2017:
Nice chapter. Its really interesting to learn about her bad experience with Quidditch. I like how Cecile helped her get the journal.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for this sweet review! And I'm glad you enjoyed the bit with Cecile, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew she wasn't in on Lennon's plans and she was as much of a victim as Lennon's enemies. And yes the Quidditch side of McCartney's story is certainly interesting! It becomes even more interesting in future chapters! ;-) I hope you come back and read more chapters! Thank you so much for your review though!


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Review #47, by luna1306 The Happening That Happened in the Common Room + the Queen and Her Fool Go Shopping

25th January 2017:
I like McCartneys POV more, I like how max is a b*tch but I really want al to see that. Rose should have told him to shove it and that shouldn't come to her when max dumps him like some piece of sh*t.
I'm happy next capter is in mccartneys POV!
Can't wait

Author's Response: I know McCartney's POV does tend to be the most popular! And yes, Maxima does have the wool pulled over sweet Albus' eyes right now. But don't worry everything will come full circle! I hope you like the newly posted chapter since it's back in McCartney's POV! Thank you so much for your interest in my story and your sweet review!


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Review #48, by Maya The Happening That Happened in the Common Room + the Queen and Her Fool Go Shopping

24th January 2017:
Oh, poor rose, all she wants to do is help her cousin. While Maxima is entertaining, she sure is awful. Good story so far!

Author's Response: I know Maxima is something alright! But I'm so glad that you liked it and I hope you come back for the next chapter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #49, by Crimson quill The Happening That Happened in the Common Room + the Queen and Her Fool Go Shopping

24th January 2017:
I love this story but especially this chapter as maxima is my favourite. She's amazing, you write her beautifully and her thought process is so fabulous. But I'm totally shipping Max/Albus now. :) xx

Author's Response: Aw I'm so glad you love Maxima! A lot of people don't like her, but I think she's really important as a character and certainly so much fun to write! Haha! And yes I LOVE Albus/Maxima as well! I'm so so glad you left a review! Please come back for more of Maxima's craziness! Haha! Thank you so much for your sweet review!


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Review #50, by luna1306 The Happening That Happened When Gryffindor’s JV Played Ravenclaw’s JV + More Bones Are Snapped

1st January 2017:

I just thought I'd drop that here

Author's Response: You and me both! They are just perfect! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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