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Review #26, by icingonmycake Morning Moods

5th November 2013:
Oh my god I love this fic! but please update faster, you CANNOT leave me hanging like this! oh, and if you have time, please go check out my fic Explosion. it is also a Dramione. toodles!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm currently so close to finishing the next chapter - I plan to finish the story this month! I'll definitely try to read it when I have time!

Thanks again m'dear!
Nadia ♥

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Review #27, by SOPHIE ; D Morning Moods

17th October 2013:
Hey dude, I know you are busy with stupid school that dares stand in my way, but just wanna say cant wait for the next update:-) I am bored as hell in hospital:( and I was just wandering if you coukd tell me how long till next one around? Sorry I dont sound my usual threatening self, but you do have a life and that is *grits teeth* more important:D

Author's Response: Hi Sophie!

Yeah, I am quite busy, but you know, because of this review, I'll try to get the next chapter done tomorrow, and sent by Saturday.

You're in the hospital? :( I hope you feel better! If you need something to read while you're waiting, check out my favourite stories, my clicking on my penname, and then "Author's Favourite Stories". You'll find amazing Dramiones there, even ones better than mine.

I hope you feel better, and it's coming soon, I promise! ♥

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Review #28, by Juliet Morning Moods

11th October 2013:
I just read the whole thing from the start to the latest update. Please keep going, I love Dramione fanfiction and yours is to be frank, the best I've read yet!!! PLLEAAASE keep going!! :)

Author's Response: Hi Juliet! Such kinds words! Thank you!

I will keep going, updates will be a bit slow though because of school.

Thanks so much m'dear! You're far too kind!

Nadia ♥

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Review #29, by avidpotterreader Morning Moods

10th October 2013:
ohmigoodness noo!! they HAVE to get together...they just HAVE TO!!! *dies inside*

Author's Response: Whoa, you're excited!

This review really, really made me smile! I'm probably going to go to sleep with like a grin plastered to my face! Thank you for this, I'm super pleased you're rooting for them.

I guess you'll have to wait and see whether they really DO have to get together..

Don't die inside! I'd be very sad! (or will I be.. hmm...)

Thanks lovely!


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Review #30, by evaseber Morning Moods

9th October 2013:
I'm sorry I haven't had much time to read and review now that school has started! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi!

Don't worry, we're on the same boat. I haven't been getting much written of this these days :) I'm so happy you stopped by again though m'dear! Thanks!


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Review #31, by Illuminate Appetite

8th October 2013:
Hi! Review Tag!

This is a nice start to the story! It's nice that you suggest that Draco does have the softer side to him and that comes out a little in this chapter. You write Hermione very well, she seems very authentically written. I also like that you set the story in this time period, when both Hermione and Draco are vulnerable.

I saw a few little typos that could be fixed with a beta or a few read-throughs, but other than that this is an enjoyable read :)

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi!

I am so pleased you like the edits, something tells me that if you'd had read this prior to the major edits I made a couple of days ago, you wouldn't be saying that :P Trust me, looking back I see sooo many plot holes. It's good though knowing I made a smart move and edited some out before someone else began reading!

Agh, typos. I'll be sure to go back and comb through this again!

Thanks for stopping by m'dear!

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Review #32, by Druna_Romione Morning Moods

2nd October 2013:
Wow such a great story i love it, i cant find any faults

Author's Response: Heya! I'm so glad you're enjoying this so far, it makes me very, very happy! Thanks for leaving me a review!

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Review #33, by Druna_Romione Appetite

30th September 2013:
Its a really good story so far

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for stopping by and telling me you're liking it! I'm so pleased! :D

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Review #34, by rate Morning Moods

28th September 2013:
how could the end possibly be near? nothing's happened yet, their whole 'relationship' just started. DO NOT tell me that this is going to be a sad ending where hermione gets angry with draco and decides he is too bad to ever forgive and just lets him into the dark. they have to live happily ever after together! they just have to!!

Author's Response: Hello there.

I know.. nothing's happened yet.. When I say, "The end is near" I mean like.. at LEAST six more chapters...
I just don't find a whole lot of motivation for this story.. That's why my updates lately have been brutally short. I will finish this though, it's only a matter of time.
As far as sad ending goes, I think you're onto something there.. But you'll honestly have to read it to find out. I love Dramiones that have them live happily ever after, so.. yeah. Just my two pennies.

I hope you're enjoying this story so far, and keep on reading!

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Review #35, by BLONDEbehaviour Guilt

24th September 2013:

I'm so glad you re-requested for this! I'm really starting to enjoy the story, as I am loving that we are seeing the parts of Draco and Hermione that are from a time that we knew little.

In regards to that, your characterisation on the two characters are really good!! I think you have Hermione and her temper/sadness well spotted! And Draco, there is definitely that conflicted sense there that you portray that was evident in him in the 6th book, and you do a great job at that. So you characterisation blows me away!

The overall plot of the story is good as well, you don't rush any scene, and they don't feel cut-off by the lines because you've closed them well :)

There may be a bit more description thtat you could add in regards to the Slytherin Dorms when Draco can't sleep. Just so we can identify with what and where he is. Apart from that , your description is good also!!

I saw a coulple of lines that have a few spelling and gramma snags:

"Defintely," responded Lavender, with a giggle that made Hermione slap her like she had done to Malfoy years ago

perhaps put 'made Hermione want to slap"? because I'm not sure whether she did slap her or not!

"Hermione wondered whether two people could be so engaged with on another."

"on" just needs a "e"

"Sometimes it was Draco himself, with his pointed face so pale, or his mother shrieking with her blonde hair, precisely the shade of his own hair."

because you put "hair" once before, you probably do not need the next one :)

In regards to all that, really good! I am definitely enjoying this one. Would love it if you re-requested :D

Grace xx

Author's Response: Grace! I'm so happy I re-requested too! It seems like this review has been one of the most helpful reviews I've gotten in a while! So thank you for pointing out all those typos! It's been a while since I've looked at it all, so yay! I'm glad I now have an excuse for rewriting some of the earlier chapters.

I'm so excited that I managed to get the characterization correct, and thank you for the tip on description - that is definitely something I'll try to go back and edit.

Looks like I have some work to do! Thanks for this awesometastic review, I'll re-request when I can :)


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Review #36, by Azure Seas Eve at the Granger's: Part Two

23rd September 2013:
Gah, he got friend-zoned. ;_; But you're doing the friend-zone really well, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Friend zones suck... ;) *gushes* Seriously, you're turning me into a pile of mush! Thanks so much, I've very flattered :)

Lots of love m'dear!
Nadia :)

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Review #37, by Azure Seas For Everything

23rd September 2013:
So, just have to say, I literally laughed out loud when I got to the line about Draco and the seat belt. Very clever! XD And I can totally picture it.

Can't wait to read the next chapter~ ;) Didn't see any typos!

Author's Response: Yay, you're back!

Wow really!? YAY! I like being funny :D Or trying to be funny at least lol...

I'm so utterly flattered and my mouth hurts from trying not to smile (my mum's right there so I kinda can't...)

Thanks again lovely!

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Review #38, by Azure Seas Aboard the Hogwarts Express

23rd September 2013:
Hi! So this story is insanely fun to read, and I thought I'd leave you a quick little review before moving on to the next chapter!

The characters are done really well, considering the inherent flaws in the logic of Dramione. :P The writing's fun and good-paced. I wanted to point out one typo at the start of the story that kind of threw me out of reader-mode - I'm not even completely sure it's a typo, but it did distract me. Ginny says, "Don't insult my stupidity," which I believe should be intelligence? I don't know, it just seemed a little off to me.

I can't wait to keep reading, and thank you for the awesome story!

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for stopping by! I know that feeling when you really just want to keep on reading and would seriously rather not review... But I'm so happy you left this! It's making me get down and write the next chapter! (And ignore my pile of homework..but let's not go there)

Aw, thanks so much :) I know what you mean, it's so hard not to make Dramiones OOC, but I try my best to make it a good experience for you and everyone else to read.

Ahhh typo! Get them away from me!!! But thank you, I will definitely go edit that!

Aw, thank YOU for this awesome review!


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Review #39, by lindslo2012 Morning Moods

21st September 2013:
Oh Nadia,
Yet another lovely chapter for this story :) I am kind of jealous of your great talent!!! I love where it is going with Draco and Hermione and will keep reading. Have you read the updated chapters from my new story? :) I hope school is well for you!!!

Author's Response: Hi Lindsey! I always get so excited whenever I see you've reviewed. Thank you for this and all your past ones :) Aw, don't be jealous! You're good too :D

Ah, yes, I must go do that now!

School's okay... not the greatest but, we've only just begun.

Thanks again lovely!

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Review #40, by SOPHIE; D Morning Moods

21st September 2013:
. -.- okay, I cannt give you the silent treatment know more, especially as I need to say WOHO! UPDATEERE! YIPE! :D wow. That feltbgood. I swear I have been having mental breakdowns waiting for an update. If truh be told, your life doesnt revolve around your readers, so dont feel to bad haha:P ignore me when I get nardy, I justvhave an extremely tiny little lack of patience:3 and it cant be he end!:,( reading this gives me a rush of excitement! Everything is always suh a suprise! But thatsvgreT:) well done:) I shall try too keep my patience in check and avoid being around any potential watermelon weapons... anywho, thankyou thankyou thankyou !

Author's Response: Sophie! I would die if you gave me the silent treatment, and we don't want that now do we!? Aw, please don't have breakdowns :( There are so many other Dramiones out there that you can read while you wait for updates...

Your lack of patience (and watermelons) are what drive me to get down and write!

Trust me, I'm dreading the moment I have to check that "complete" box... It'll be a couple of chapters till then though.

Your welcome, and thank YOU for an awesome review. You are so amazing.

Nadia *hugs*

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Review #41, by HeyMrsPotter Morning Moods

21st September 2013:
So first of all I should probably apologise for the virtual throwing of my book at you...sorry!

This was such a good chapter! Not that I haven't loved this story from the start but I can see such a difference in your writing in the later chapters of this story. It's really amazing how much your style has developed, you should be proud :)

I think it's so realistic how you had Draco and Hermione admit their feelings but then not have them become a couple (as sad as this makes me) it's definitely something that is true to their characters and makes your story very different to other Dramiones.

Looking forward to the alternating stories as I love both this and WTTB. Just don't make me wait too long, okay?

Author's Response: Dee, I've been dodging watermelons this whole month ;) I don't mind a virtual Half Blood Prince book being thrown at me... It's a good addition to my collection.

I am proud! And I'm so glad you noticed that change... Where the Dust Blows in general has really changed my writing - I really try to focus on description now. It's really hard writing in third person but I try to make it as great of a reading experience as I possibly can.

Eeep! That's a big compliment :D I really want them to stay in character, especially now in the later chapters as the chapters before were very OOC and not very good.

Dee, you make my day everyday. I love you for leaving these reviews and really sticking with me.

I'll try to get writing... the next chapter of WTDB should be sent today :)

Thanks so much m'dear!

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Review #42, by Emily Sparks Erupt

21st September 2013:
Oh my gosh that was awesome

Author's Response: Aw Emily I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #43, by sophieeeeee;) Midnight Patrolling

20th September 2013:
Just want you too know, im like viciously hissing at you right now.

Author's Response: DUDEEE I SWEAR THE NEXT CHAPTER WAS SENT FOR VALIDATING LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO!!! The validation's been really long - 5/6ish days. It'll be out tomorrow... or maybe even tonight. Sunday latest (I hope) Fingers crossed! I hope you like the next chapter. it was whipped up in haste :P Also, keep in mind that my school has started and that I have another WIP so updates will most likely alternate between the two. Go to my author's page bio to see the newest updates on chapters - it's all there.

You've been so supportive Sophie! Thanks

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Review #44, by Erised Appetite

16th September 2013:
Having exhausted all of your one-shots, this leads me onto your WIP! So my stance with Dramione is that I don't mind it. I know some people absolutely detest it and refuse to read it but I am not one of those people! So you're safe with me ;)

I like the setup you've created here. Hermione being angry with Ron for snogging Lavender is a natural point for the story to start because it gives Hermione a reason to be reckless and not like herself. Draco is also having the difficulties with the Vanishing Cabinet and fearing for his and his family's lives, and so is perhaps more vulnerable and fraught than usual. Either way they're both not feeling happy! This makes the potential relationship more plausible which is good to see.

The banter and arguments between Draco and Hermione were believable also and made this beginning realistic as it's what we're used to seeing from the two of them. I liked how you used some JKR insults in there! Although it's interesting that Draco actually felt affected by what Hermione had said. I wonder what's changed with him?...

I think perhaps Draco's sudden affection towards Hermione - like thinking she is beautiful - is perhaps a little too premature, and there were a couple of spelling issues, but otherwise this is a very good start.

Nice work Nadia!

Author's Response: Jenny, I'm always scared and kind of panicking when people I know over at the forums, read this story. It was my first and it's not very good... and almost everyone over there that I talk to detest Dramione... so I'm kind of happy that you got over that bridge and read this :)

This like most plots, came while I was sleeping. Well, before I was sleeping haha... I tried to make it as believable as possible but not all dramiones are perfect, we have to bend the rules around but - I tried. I'm glad you found it okay :D

Ugh, I know. Big plot hole. The whole," I love Hermione" thing... I need to go back and make that more believable. I feel really bad because I feel as if I just thrusted it onto the readers and characters to fall in love. I really need to edit that...

I know :/ I haven't touched the first chapters in a million years haha... I really need to get working on that :P Maybe when the queue dies down and I don't have tons of homework.. we shall see :)

Thanks for stopping by again!

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Review #45, by SOPHIE-.-;) Midnight Patrolling

9th September 2013:
-glares angrily at nadia not even taking into account of any excuses. (The addiction has reachedotoo far a level, no turning back now)-

Author's Response: Oh dear Sophie :( I have the next chapter written! We're currently renovating, and started the moment I finished writing it. I only have to type it up... but the computer I use is dismantled. I promise, I WILL send a chapter for validating before the end of the week.

Thanks for checking back, and not throwing watermelons at me haha!

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Review #46, by lindslo2012 Midnight Patrolling

5th September 2013:
Hi Nadia!
Hope you are doing okay!! Haven't heard from you in awhile! :)
Love this chapter!!

Author's Response: Hey Lindsey!

I'm still alive. Computerless and alive. It sucks. My next chapter is sitting in my notebook waiting to be typed... eurgh. So frustrating.

Thanks for this review! Maybe you'll hear from me soon...

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Review #47, by HeyMrsPotter Midnight Patrolling

2nd September 2013:
I'm really sad that I've caught up with this story now :( I guess I'll just have to start pestering you for updates!

I like that Hermione is starting to get suspicious of Draco now in spite of her feelings for him, I'm really intrigued as to where you'll go from here in terms of keeping to the HBP storyline.

Your characterisation in this of McGonagall was brilliant, just like with Hagrid and Dumbledore in the last one, I can just imagine her directing Draco to the Great Hall :D

There was one sentence I spotted in this "The Headmaster is once again gone out on business" that didn't sit quite right, I think maybe "The Headmaster is once again out on business" or "The Headmaster has once again gone out on business" would maybe flow a little better? It's a really minor thing though :)

If you need me I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey Dee!! I've snuck onto my brothers laptop to get some stuff done :D Let's see how much I can accomplish...

Once again, thank you for sticking through this story of mine :) I am so honoured.

Aha, I was awake this whole night just planning how Draco's task would affect their relationship... you will see.

Aw, such a big compliment! Thank you!

Grrr, I notice you are right! I hate awkward sentences.. I'll fix it once my own comp is back up.

Aha! I'll know where to find you then!
Thanks so much!!

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Review #48, by HeyMrsPotter Hogwarts Again

2nd September 2013:
Once again, I love the details you include from the book and the bits you create that fit in perfectly, like Hermione at Hagrid's. The few lines you wrote of Hagrid and Dumbledore were really well characterised too!

Poor Myrtle, Draco is such a meanie :p I hope you include more of their bathroom meetings later, it's always something I was curious about after reading HBP.

I sense Astoria is going to be causing some trouble between my favourite pair :P

Author's Response: Hello there again!

THANK YOU!! Characterization is always tough to nail :)

He is isn't he?? ;)You'll see soon enough...

IS SHE? I don't know. Maybe she will, maybe Astoria's a nice girl...

Thank you for another fab review!

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Review #49, by HeyMrsPotter Eve at the Granger's: Part Two

2nd September 2013:
Awww mannn Nadia! They're supposed to be together don't you know!

On the plus side I liked everything else in the chapter :P Draco comforting her after that awful Madi threw the drink on her was adorable and I'm pleased he got to experience a proper christmas with her. The pyjama thing sounded so much fun :D

Author's Response: Oh Dee! I DO know!

Ugh, I despise Madi. Nuff said. I think it was fun! So was this review!

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Review #50, by Quinn Midnight Patrolling

30th August 2013:
Ah, your chapters are lovely as always. And canon too, may I add.
Keep your spirits up! You have started your school term, correct? A little fan fiction writing may not be a bad excuse from the pressures of school work, but be aware that school work comes first! *snorts* (I sound like my own mother!) I can't even follow my own advice, because I go to this site more often than I go to my school books to study. I simply love to read stories written by brilliant writers such as yourself!
Keep it going!

Author's Response: What a lovely surprise! I'm glad you liked this chapter :)

No... school starts on the third, but we're getting renovating done so it's tough to write with family buzzing around... rest assure I'll try to whip something up soon (before y'all kill me at least)

Oh, you're making me blush Quinn! Thanks so much for being understanding :) Thanks and check back in a week... maybe... If I can pull it off D:


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