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Review #26, by Issabelle Potter The Plot Thickens

14th November 2014:
Hey ,
It's me ... Again . Pls , pls , pls update soon . I'm dieing here .

Author's Response: I'm so sorry. I'm totally blocked on that one lately. I will try to update soon I promise =)


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Review #27, by casual_chaos Oldest Friends

10th November 2014:
Hey Ellie!

I've seen you post in the 'Review the Person Above' thread so I thought I'd stop by your story again. I need to take a break from trying to be all constructive and critical so I'll just review this one as I go, hope you don't mind!

Okay, I love the beginning of this chapter, particularly the mention of how certain information wouldn't be printed in school books in the seventies. And the details about the wands were really interesting!

Ah, the return of Crookshanks! I always loved that cat. I'm really glad Hermione found him and bought him. I'm not sure as to why the cat would react in a way it did when Hermione touched him. Cats are not really trusty with people (if it were a dog, I would completely understand) and Crookshanks couldn't possibly remember Hermione because... physics. :D But if that's how you wanted it to be, that's okay, it's your story after all! :)

''Albus smiled at her. Mostly to hide his shock that she knew the names of boys she had never met in this life.''

This seems strange because the story has been from Hermione's POV until now so she couldn't really know the real reason for his smile.

Hahah, I think I'd die of mortification if my headmaster offered to buy me undergarments. Ah, how uncomfortable, that whole scene, I love it. :D

''Can I try them on?'' Hermione asked when she had five pairs of pants some in different colours, some different styles, a skirt, a dress and twelve blouses and a jacket and three jumpers and two pair of flannel pyjamas.

Aaaand, three hours later, Hermione finally leaves the shop. Hahah, I just pictured her trying out this huge bunch of clothes and can't stop chuckling.

The part about the candles and how it reminded her of her mother is really sweet. :)

Baaah, the part about the castle responding to the wishes of its inhabitants is just wonderful!

And Sirius seems quite nice. Sarcastic but not rude, that's always a good thing in my books!

But I don't think James would ever be so mean to the girl he was supposed to like. I don't know, this might be just me but it seemed forced and a bit OOC. I hope Lily and Hermione will eventually grow to like each other, because unnecessary girl hate makes me sad.

All in all, I liked this chapter. The dialogue was great and I thought you handled her trying to blend into the seventies really well. There were some typos/mistakes (you capitalized Mum and Dad when you shouldn't have) but they didn't take away from the story. I'm interested in the rest so when I finally post in my review thread, you can request for the third chapter, if you want! I hope the next review will be a bit more constructive. :P


Author's Response: Hey Andy,

Thanks so much for getting to this. I love getting reviews!

With Crookshanks I was kind of going for the idea that even though Crooks doesn't know her, he is sort of destined to be her familiar and so is tolerant of her. My cat is a bit like that. The minute I picked him the first time he started purring and rubbing his head on my chin =)

And I totally agree about James seeming a little OOC. I wanted to make him a little less cliche. In all the other James/Lily stories I've read he's so impossibly in love with Lily that all he does is pant after her and I didn't want that, though after this chapter we learn that he's still desperately in love with her don't worry.

I will definitely be re-requesting for the next chapter! Thanks again!


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Review #28, by casual_chaos Starting Anew

7th November 2014:
Hey Ellie!

I hope you don't mind me switching to first name but I always find it strange calling people by their account name, no matter how cool it is (and yours is so awesome). I noticed you've joined the Hufflepuff House so I wish you a warm welcome to the best house there is! I was really glad to see you join us! :)

Also, I'm sorry it took me so long to review! Real life has kept me away from hpff for a while. But I'm here now, yay!

Okay, to start off, I have to warn you that Hermione is one of my favourite characters in HP and out of great fear of having her badly written, I avoid reading fics about her (hence my 'no Dramione' rule). Because of this, I will probably comment if she happens to be acting OOC. I have nothing against characters being OOC but she seems to be my pet-peeve. I just wanted to establish this so you know what to expect. :) So far, I like what you've done with her!

I have never read a time travel story with Hermione going back to the Marauders era. I think this is a popular trope in fanfiction (is it?) so I'm really curious about how it will turn out. I like the concept of your story so far. The first chapter was a good introduction of the main characters (though I assume more of them will show up eventually) and to the plot, which is engaging and leaves the reader curious about the rest. As for the structure of this first chapter, I have a suggestion. I think it would be very effective if the chapter started with Hermione already being in the Marauders era, as in just regaining consciousness and finding two boys staring down at her. She could then simply recall the events that had led to her state of being; that way you could say everything you already said but the beginning would have a more dramatic effect. :) The remainder of the chapter was nicely done, the flow was consistent and the length was just enough for us to get the feel of where the story would be going.

I found it very fitting for Hermione to test a spell in order to improve the quality of her essay. I also liked the fact that she immediately thought she saw Harry, instead of James. Also, your description of the differences between older and younger versions of Sirius were really good and I was happy you mentioned it, it was a very important detail. Though I have a bit of concrit regarding Sirius' looks. It feels like he may be 'too good-looking', if you know what I mean? There's nothing wrong with people being well built or pretty but having it mentioned too many times turns them into some sort of unnatural creatures. I think it's really important to remember that your goal is to write about real people, because you want real people (i.e. the readers) to connect with your characters. I was glad you didn't do this with Hermione and I believe that toning down Sirius' looks just a little might make him a more convincing character. I can't say much about your characterization of the rest of the Marauders because they haven't appeared much here. I like Sirius already but it's hard to say anything about James, Remus and Peter. I'm really interested in how you'll portray James, though.

I must say I liked your Dumbledore! I like everything that involves Dumbledore in any way, though I'm terrified of writing him. :D But I think you did a good job with him, regarding his way of speaking and his good-naturedness. And the idea of him being Hermione's godfather was my favourite part! It would be so cool to have Dumbledore as a godfather, I'm kinda jealous of her. Though she did find herself in a tough situation, being stuck in the past with no way of returning. I'm actually really curious about how you'll decide to end this. The summary says she will fall in love with Sirius so it will probably be hard for her to go back to the present, when he's no longer alive. But her best friends are in the present, as well as her entire life... Like I said, I'm really curious about this! :)

All in all, I think it was a good first chapter; it left the reader interested in the plot and your portrayals of the main characters were detailed enough for us to have a good feel of their personalities. I hope this was helpful and thank you for requesting!


Author's Response: Thank Andy!

I know what you mean about over-exaggerating the looks of a character. I wanted to really point out the difference though between the Sirius she had known (after him spending so long in Azkaban, ravaged by grief and loss) in comparison to when he is young and carefree. JK also describes all the Black's as being impossibly handsome as well, so I wanted to really capture that.

I really like your idea for switching the chapter up a bit too and making the events leading to her current situation a flashback. I do find when I read it that it's a little flat at the beginning. I'll definite;y give re-writing it a shot =)

I'm glad you liked Dumbledore too, I'm also terrified of writing him because he's so hard to get right. I couldn't resist making him her 'godfather' for this story, simply because it would be so cool to have him! Not to mention his curious nature would want to make sure she stayed close (since I've made time-travel not possible in their time yet) where he could keep an eye on her.

To be honest, I can't decide how I want it all to go. I know that if I was hurled back through time and made friends and fell in love, I would be reluctant to leave.

Anyway, thank you so much for this review, and the welcome to the Puffs =) I'll see what I can do about switching up the order a little and probably be back for a re-request on the next chapters =)


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Review #29, by LoonyMooney The Plot Thickens

1st November 2014:
Great story. Please update soon :D

Author's Response: hey, thanks for taking the time to review. I'm glad you liked it. I will try to have some more up soon =)

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Review #30, by Mirgob Wings on My Shoes

26th October 2014:
Oh my gosh, his little comments!!! Hehe

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying him. Sirius is one of my favorites!

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Review #31, by Mirgob Anything for You

25th October 2014:
Aww, so incredibly sweet!!! I was a Sirius in my life haha!

Author's Response: Me too, I love Sirius! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by Mirgob The Sweet Scent of Affection

25th October 2014:
Aw, omg, I love Sirius and Hermione ah..

Author's Response: They are cute together huh? I love them together too! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #33, by Mirgob Oldest Friends

24th October 2014:
Oh my gosh, yes. Evens is pure evil and I love Hermione's just overall attitude. You do a great job capturing the characters personalities!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Hope you like the rest just as much. =)

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Review #34, by Mirgob Starting Anew

24th October 2014:
Awww, Albus is so nice in this story! (Not like he's horrible in others but yeah). I really like the story so far! Especially the fact she may not be able to go back. :)

Author's Response: Thanks i'm glad you like it and hope you will see it through to the end. =)

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Review #35, by Luu_x The Plot Thickens

23rd October 2014:
Can you please update it soon, we've been waiting for months and I feel to cry 😢

Author's Response: I will try to have another update posted soon. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #36, by mirrorwing74 The Plot Thickens

16th September 2014:
Hi know you must be really busy, but this story is so great we need more urgently!
xx Alex

Author's Response: Hey Alex,
thanks so much for reviewing. I'll try to have an update for y'all really soon. I promise. =)

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Review #37, by Bookcrazysongbird The Plot Thickens

9th September 2014:
This is a great story! I can't wait to read the next chapter. I really love the way you portrayed the different characters. Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #38, by Katie aprea The Plot Thickens

26th August 2014:
This is such a unique story I can't stop reading. When's the next chapter being published?

Author's Response: Hopefully soon. Tanks for reviewing.

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Review #39, by XXX The Plot Thickens

24th August 2014:
Hey I was wondering if you were going to do any hermione and james moment I mean there have been hermione and remus moment which are totally friendly , hermione sirius moments which are a little more than friendly and I was wondering if you were going to do a james and hermione moment like u know they get closer again in a totally brotherly or friendly way . Pls pls pls pls pls please update soon

Author's Response: Hey XXX,
I think I could definitely swing something like that. James is fun to write after all, I just need to get past this chunk of writer's block on how to do the upcoming chapter in a way that will measure up to the rest of the story. I'll try to update soon

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Review #40, by Lia petrova The Plot Thickens

17th August 2014:
I love this story but I am seriously thinking of giving up expecting a new update . You haven't updated in 6 months and I have been checking every single day since ur last update and it is frustrating loging in and then seeing the same number of chapters. I am honestly starting to despise the number 25 now . The last chapter you've written was kind of a cliffhanger and I don't like hanging on a cliff . So *gets down on knees and clasps hands together * pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls x infinite update soon👏

Author's Response: Hi,
I know it's frustrating and I'm sorry it's taking me so long, I'll try to get an update ready for you soon. I'm so sorry it's taking me so long.

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Review #41, by Rumaysa The Plot Thickens

11th August 2014:
Hey wolfgirl17 ,
I really love ur story like if it was a person I would actually marry it . I wanted to ask u if you could do a segment like in which u become a character and like ask the characters questions u know to get to know them better or u could like call them out of the story and do an interview with the marauders and lily and hermione. I've read another story in which the author called everyone (except pettigrew) and asked them questions and obliviated them when they went back so the story continued as usual . I know the idea is kind of stupid but I really enjoyed it in the other story. Pls update soon.

Author's Response: Hey,
Breaking the fourth wall like that isn't really my thing unfortunately, but thanks for taking the time to review, I'm glad you liked the story so much.

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Review #42, by Kataryna The Plot Thickens

2nd August 2014:
Hey, I love your story and stuff, but I was wondering of you were considering writing a chapter back in Hermione's real time showing like Harry and Ron and everyone's reaction to her being gone? I don't know, I just think it would be cool to see :) keep up the fabulous work!
Kataryna xx

Author's Response: Hey Kataryna,
hanks for reviewing. I have thought about it, but time travel stories are tricky. Since she has gone back in time and begun changing things, there is a very real chance that the time she came from they would not have known her and so couldn't react. Do you see what I mean? Time travel is tricky that way.

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Review #43, by Danae The Plot Thickens

28th July 2014:
Pleas write more soon this is a very wonderful story so hope to read more soon.

Author's Response: I'll do what I can. Thanks for reviewing

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Review #44, by X The Plot Thickens

25th July 2014:
Me again. I just read some if the reviews and I pleasantly surprised to see you replying to reviews sent less than 3 days ago. It is very reassuring to know that even after a few months you have not given up on the story, but in fact just experiencing common writers block. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I'll try to get a new chapter for this story written, maybe at work tonight if i get some free time, but no promises. I've also been working on an Original work which has been consuming me so I may not be updating any of my fan fics for bit.

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Review #45, by X The Plot Thickens

25th July 2014:
I for one really like this story and the review you got from that one person with one thought and that one (seemingly un functioning) brain was rude and obnoxious. They have no right being so vulgar to you, you most definitely deserve better than that. Please update, as I said I really like this story, it is gripping, funny and cutely romantic. What more could one ask for. I hope you get to read this. Xoxo

Author's Response: Hey, I'm glad you like it, I'm just stuck on the Hermione/Severus scene because I got to shipping them as well and didn't want to ruin this story by having them flirt or anything else. I will most certainly continue, as I never give up on a story. Sorry it's taking so long. xx

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Review #46, by Isabelle Potter The Plot Thickens

23rd July 2014:
I luv luv luv luv luv luv luv this story and I was just curious if the marauders saw the marauders map wouldn't they notice that there is a certain Hermione Granger in the school and no sign of their friend Hermione Peverell? I know by this point u must be really irritated by my reviews but I have so many questions about this story that I could write a book '1000 questions on embracing the madness' by Isabelle Potter.

Author's Response: Hey, I actually never thought of that about the Map, but since Sirius knows about her I think he would maybe explain it away, or perhaps they just wouldn't notice. After all, the Weasley twins never noticed there was a man named Peter Pettigrew on the Map sleeping with Ron. then again, maybe they don't show up in Animagus forms. Truthfully this was just an oversite on my part about the map.

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Review #47, by Isabelle potter The Plot Thickens

17th July 2014:
Helo! (Again) I luv this story so so so SO much. The final effects of lack-o- Simione are causing me to write this review. I totally understand that u have a lot going on right now but Siriusly if this goes on I might actually die of a disease that doen't exist.(lack-o-Simione)so pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls... Update soon. Oh and in the fifth chapter when hermione goes to the boys dorm with remus u mention that one of the maraueders owns a teddy bear. I wanted to ask who the hell owns a teddy bear at 15 (or sixteen IDK)

Author's Response: The Teddy belongs to Peter, of course. Because he's a big baby secretly. I will try to update soon. Sorry it's taking me so long. I fell in love with the Sevione pairing and so am totally stuck on the last chapter because I just know that the scenes i need to write are going to have Sevione overtones when this is a strictly Sirmione story.

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Review #48, by larissa_allstar Interrogated

5th July 2014:
Believe it or not but there was more to my review for chapter 25 but it never got put through here. So read that review first then come here (:

I find your story so unique and I'm really chomping at the bit to find out what happens next. I feel like Snape and Hermione may actually make good friends (some commenters I see are shipping them romantically, I disagree haha. This is fully Sirius's and Hermione's love story), or at least not enemies. I also am so intrigued by the whole time travel concept and the effect it has not only in the past but the present.

Lol sorry this comment is fairly long, but like I said before there's just no way for me to accurately showcase my love for this story. Hope to read more of this as I just can't get enough.

Author's Response: Hey larissa,
I'm glad you like it so much. Possibly one of the longest reviews I've ever been given. usually it's me leaving the super long reviews on other people' work. I'll try to have an update ready for you soon.

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Review #49, by larissa_allstar The Plot Thickens

5th July 2014:
Oh. My. God.
I can't express my love for this story accurately with 6000 characters being the max for a comment. If I truly had to express it I have really no idea how I would showcase it. I've spent the last two days of my life just dying over this story and now that I've got up on all of the chapters, I don't know what to do with myself.

Hermione is so kick butt (I definitely had another word here before but apparently I need to watch my language hahahah) and I love it. I honestly usually shy away from reading fics that involve the golden trio because some authors tend to portray them in a different way from the books. You, however aren't one of those authors. You seamlessly take characteristics of Hermione from the books and continue to build on the development of that character the legendary Rowling created. Reading through your Hermione's narration has truly been a pleasure and she has got to be one of my favorite narrators in a fic I've read before.

I also love the portrayal of the marauder's in this fiction. They feel organic and true to the original. Sometimes also I find that Peter tends to get pushed to the sidelines or just shown as this goofy guy who wasn't really the others' friends. But he was and I love how you're involving him in this. I also love how much depth you're giving Sirius. He's no longer just a massive player and I love how you deal with his complexities.

I am completely utterly in love with the relationship you have going with Sirius and Hermione. I love that there wasn't any insta-love and that it was a slow building romance. Now that it's happened I love that there's still that amazing banter/tension that was there before the romance, and that things haven't grown seriously sappy or cheesy. This is a romance that I totally ship forever now, and come on Hermione you need to find a way to make it work because it's too funny, cute, romantic and feels inducing.

Please ignore that silly hater of this story, because there's so many people out here who adore this story

Author's Response: Glad you liked it so much

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Review #50, by Issabelle Potter The Plot Thickens

1st July 2014:
Pls write a new chapter ,pls ! did u know that there is a fatal disease called lack-o-Simione affecting , well all the people who are reading this story ( if u have then it is wierd cuz i just made that up) ? Siriusly though I love ur story and I am eating myself to find out what happens next pls update I don't what to die of lack -o - Simione . There is only one cure and only you have it wolfgirl 17 save ur fellow author !( BT dubs I don't have an account in this site can u tell me how to make one ) keep calm and UPDATE SOON!!,

Author's Response: Hahah lack-o-Sirimione. I like that. To register and account you need to go to the 'Write' link and then 'Register and Account' Link, then follow the prompts =)
I'll try to update soon I promise. Foolishly I've let myself be swayed to a new ship, Sevione! Severus/Hermione. So it's making the next chapter really hard to write since my brain is like 'hey, sure she's with Sirius but she'd go so well with Sev too! Let's see what happens when they play off against each other' and then i'm all "No brain, this is a Sirmione ship story only and love-triangles are cliche".
I argue with my own brain a lot btw. I'm beginning to suspect it may not be entirely healthy as most of the arguments revolve around fan fictions. Too much Fangirl coolade for this cherub!
Anyway, I'll try to upload as soon as I can convince my brain that we won't be throwing a sevione spanner into the works of this Sirmione ship.
Thanks for reviewing.

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