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Review #26, by Chazzie Chapter VI

10th November 2014:
Hi there!
This is pretty amazing so far. I love the way you have characterised everyone, and made them seem perfectly cannon. Rowena was rather regal in her mannerisms, and I like the idea of her being the one to suggest the moving staircases. Her daughter knowing that Rowena isn't truly happy and not wanting to grow up like her was a perfect touch of foreshadowing. Godric is loud and funny, noble and righteous. He always seems to strive to do what he feels has the best possible outcome, or is the right thing to do. Helga was sweet as pie, I loved the way she mothers everyone. I know she must feel horrible whenever someone is upset and she feels she could have prevented it. She really is the peacemaker here. Salazar, oh poor Salazar. You gave a brilliant reason for his mistrust of muggles and muggle borns, and I'm so sad he had to go through that. Yet at the same time he is still strong and brilliant, although it would be nice to see him with a little more ambition.
Your word choice was lovely, and brought a older feel to the story. Very excellent. I like your authors note to, as I happen to live in Scotland so it made me grin upon realising that people wouldn't know that. Alba is the Gaelic word for Scotland, and so is used even nowadays, although mostly in the Highlands and Islands :)
Great story, can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Hi Lottie! Thank you so much - I am really glad to hear that the portrayal of the founders matches canon! I wanted to have the values of their house match the most visible components of their personalities - the strengths as well as faults. Poor Salazar indeed. I think his ambition shows up a lot more in the next chapter as we are about to delve into his POV again.
Thanks for your comments on the word choice as well, I am thrilled that it gave the story an older feel. Glad you appreciated that authors note ;)
I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the story! Thanks so much for your wonderful review!!

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Review #27, by Felpata Lupin Chapter VI

7th September 2014:
Hi Kristin!
Me again!
This is the first time I read a Founders' story (don't really know why...)
I think you're doing a great work in describing their different characters and backgrounds.
I really love the alternations of POVs (I think my favourite might be Rowena, but the other three are great too).
I also loved the details about the building of the school (the part about Slytherin's headquarter missing the door made me laugh...) and the creation of the Sorting Hat!
Interesting how Slytherin developed his dislike towards Muggle and Muggleborns. I suspected his romance with Maeve might end bad and that might lead him to those beliefs, but I didn't imagine the cause would be him being a Parselmouth...
I loved how we get to know the Founders' children in this chapter. You did a great work with them all, especially Helena.
It was fun to see the kid version of the Bloody Baron too!
Brilliant job, as usual! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Hi again Chiara! Wow, it's like you live on my author page. Not that I mind, of course! :p I'm really flattered that you keep coming back to read my stories! I hadn't thought about this particular fic for a long time, but your review is reminding me how much I want to finish up writing it!

I am so thrilled that you like the alternating POV's! This story was my first try at a rotating viewpoint - and with third person narration in general - so I am really glad that it works and that you like that feature of the story. I really love writing Rowena, because I think she notices a lot but kind of lives in her head, and she has this kind of tragic unrequited love going on which for some reason was one of my favourite things to write :p

The details of how the school came to be built was pretty fun to write too. There's so much quirkiness in Rowling's world and I just expanded on it for the building of the castle and how rooms got to be the way they were - glad you liked the Slytherin common room's lack of a door!

I'm glad you liked the development of Salazar's prejudices. There is more to come about that, the next chapter is from his POV (as soon as I get around to writing the rest of it!) And thanks, it's wonderful to hear that you liked Helena and the young Baron :) There's not a huge amount of canon info to work with for this time period, so I'm adding in whatever I can that fits!

Thanks so much for your review and for being amazing!

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Review #28, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Chapter I

26th July 2014:
Yes yes yes. One of the best Founders eras I've read in a long time. Great. I love Rowena's personaliy: she isn't a perfect ice lady, and she can't always get everything she wants by exporting her massive intellect (hem hem Salazar). I'm definitely going to keep reading.


Author's Response: Meena! ♥ Thank you so much! Ah, that is such a wonderful compliment! I am thrilled that you've enjoyed it thus far and that you like Rowena's personality. It means a lot to me :)

And wow, I haven't worked on this story in ages. This was a good reminder for me to do so... :P

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Review #29, by Hogwarts27 Chapter VI

2nd May 2014:
I enjoyed the way Hogsmeade was introduced, and mentioned Hengist. And I laughed at Creaothceann - it has a way to go before it turns into quidditch, doesn't it? The name sounds rather prehistoric.

It was nice to see Helena Ravenclaw make an appearance here, and the way you portray her makes sense with canon. I enjoyed the antics of the kids and the teachers talking about how to control them. This was a very enjoyable light read. And thanks for info in the author's note. I didn't know that about Scotland.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I think you're the first person to remark on the creating of Hogsmeade, I'm glad you liked it! Creaothceann has a long way to go, yes. :P

I'm glad you liked the portrayal of Helena here, as well as the rest of the kids! Helena will be making an appearance in later chapters as well... (which I really do need to finish writing because it's been embarrassingly long since I updated this story, so thanks for reminding me.)

Thanks for all your amazing reviews on this story, I appreciate it so much!

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Review #30, by Hogwarts27 Chapter V

2nd May 2014:
I like the way you got the spouses of the founders involved as teachers, and how you continue to incorporate founders' possessions into the story - Godric's hat - so natural how you introduced this. The humor was delightful when the hat started to talk! That was my favorite scene! I'm glad Salazar finally moved on to find another woman he loved. But whether Rowena's making a good choice remains to be seen.

Author's Response: Thank you! It seemed like they really needed to be involved, after all the founders could hardly ignore their spouses when they got so involved in getting Hogwarts to work, so their spouses did too :p I'm glad you liked the hat! That was a completely unplanned scene but I'm so happy to hear that you liked it! Yes, there's some odd reasons for their choices, but we shall see...

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Review #31, by Hogwarts27 Chapter IV

1st May 2014:
Another lovely chapter and a thoroughly enjoyable read! I'm glad you showed how Salazar got to be the way he was in canon. I also meant to mention in my earlier reviews that I really like the names you've picked for some of your characters - the nice old-fashioned sounding ones.

There were a couple of small things I noticed as I've been reading, but please don't take it as criticism - it's just an observation.

One of the things I loved about Chapter 1 was the old-fashioned wording in the narrative and dialogue. But since then, you've sometimes lapsed into more casual story-telling with modern language slipping into the narrative and dialog - LOL, I'm sure they didn't use expressions like 'that's great' or dark stuff' in medieval times. Then other times you get back into the old-fashioned word flow again, which really adds to the charm of the story. Not that it's a big deal. It certainly doesn't get in the way. I'm just pointing it out.

And one other little thing about the historic era - and no I'm not a history expert, but I noticed this anyway. When Maeve sneaks off to be with Salazar, she thinks to herself there's nothing her father can really do about it anyway. But that's probably not accurate for medieval times when men had all the power and women had virtually no rights. A medieval wife or daughter who disobeyed would likely have been harshly disciplined by a husband or father who discovered it, so I don't think Maeve would have disobeyed him so lightly. The Church also had a lot of power in medieval times, so a woman probably wouldn't risk doing anything that would be considered immoral like running off alone with a boy. I'm sure daughters were strictly chaperoned and never left alone with a young man. After all, it would ruin a young woman's chance of marriage if she didn't conduct herself properly around men, or was suspected not to be chaste. And even a suitor would likely refuse to marry a girl if she conducted herself too freely with him. No girl in those days would want to risk that, because marriage was essential to women, as they didn't work to support themselves and depended on their husbands to provide. So young couples wouldn't have been running off alone together in those days, certainly not muggles. Anyway, it's just something I noticed and happened to think about when I read those parts. Again, not a big deal. Just an observation.

I liked the part with Salazar and the snake. If there was anything demonic suspected, medieval folks would have steered away, so it was believable that Maeve would reject him even when they'd been trying so hard to reconcile their differences. On the other hand, anything connected with magic was considered the devil's work in those days, so muggles probably wouldn't have associated with anyone suspected of being a witch or wizard the way they do in this story - oops, just thought of that, but it doesn't really matter. I'm enjoying this story a lot!

Author's Response: Hi there! Wow, what a thorough review! I'm glad you've liked Salazar's POV, and the names of the minor characters.

I'm not surprised you pointed out the dialogue, I know that's my weak point in writing this story, it just doesn't come very naturally to me. Wow did I really say "dark stuff"? *facepalm* yep I'm definitely going to have to re-read through this whole thing and edit like all the dialogue haha.

Ok, as for the historic stuff: I love that you went into such detail about this, because I enjoy talking about it :P I did do a fair bit of research about women in the tenth century actually, and this is what I deduced: Christianity had not gained a foothold everywhere by the 900's, and I think medieval Christianity was a main reason for the lack of women's power in society. Before that was a lot of paganism, and women had a bit more freedom then - and so the Church wasn't quite as powerful as it would have been, say, two hundred years later. I think in the time period of this story there was equal influence from the church and from the traditional ways. You're probably right about Maeve being inappropriate to disobey her father and run off with Salazar - church or not, she'd be quite disrespectful to do that.

And about magic in those days... witch burnings did not start until the 14th century or so, and even then weren't bad until the 17th century when they really took off, so I figured that before that, things were a little calmer.

...And I'm going to stop before this begins to sound like a dissertation. If you want any more historical and social debate though, totally send me a PM on the forums :D But thank you so much for this review! I really appreciate that you took the time to point those things out, and I'm glad you are still enjoying the story! ♥

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Review #32, by Hogwarts27 Chapter III

1st May 2014:
I didn't find the building of the castle a dull read - it was actually comforting to see it go up wall by wall in my imagination. After all, they're building the castle that I, as a reader of the books, have come to love spending time in. It was an interesting detail that a few giants were also helping with this. I laughed at Godric getting lost in the castle and making his own passages - that was a very clever idea for how they got there. And I also enjoyed reading how all the other founders put their own personal touches on the castle. Because this is in the past, the reader knows perfectly well how Hogwarts will work, while the founders are still trying to figure it out. But it was interesting to see them struggle with details that are so well-tuned and good functioning in the Hogwarts we know.

Author's Response: Oh good :) I know the pacing was a bit slow there, but I'm really glad it's interesting enough to sustain the slow pace. I actually loved coming up with how the castle was built. I think Hogwarts has so much going on and it couldn't possibly have run so smoothly when they were just starting out. And yeah, giants! For some reason it seemed to fit, like there was probably something in between then and the present that made the giants stop associating with wizards, but I didn't feel it had always been that way.

Thank you so much for your review and I hope you you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #33, by Hogwarts27 Chapter II

1st May 2014:
This was another lovely chapter. Godric is a man of real integrity, not wanting to use any sort of magic when it comes to fighting muggles. Ah, we get our first look at the Sword of Gryffindor in the owner's hands - and I couldn't help wondering if the shield that went with it might also be goblin made with special powers. I enjoyed reading your portrayal of how the rift happened between muggles and magic folk. And the idea of Hogwarts school is conceived. Great story so far!

Author's Response: Yep, it's starting to get into the actual story now with the rift in Muggle/magical society intensifying, and the beginnings of Hogwarts - I'm glad you liked that! Yeah, I always saw Godric as the type who's all about being noble - as Ron would say, he's not being thick, just showing moral fibre! :P Thanks for your review :)

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Review #34, by kenpo Chapter III

30th April 2014:
This chapter wasn't boring, I loved this chapter!!

Before I finish my review I'm going to go get a bowl of cereal, because what other foods are appropriate at 11:30 at night?

Hmm. Clearly, thinking about building a castle makes me hungry.

Anyway, there was so much that I loved in this chapter. I loved their conversation about naming it, and that Rowena is just pacing with her diadem on, being all superior.

I loved how involved Helga was in making it happen. I think it totally makes sense that she would have all these connections and everything. I also like how Rowena was just randomly like "moving stairs! Yeah! Great idea!"

Just gotta make your castle the best castle, I guess.

I liked Salazar's comment. This IS a large castle, even when they get more students.

Something I missed a little was that when you go into how the common rooms were made, I would've liked to see the other two, as well. Unless you did have it and I just didn't read carefully, which is entirely possible.

I hope they get the hang of teaching... I mean, the school obviously doesn't fail in the long run, but I'd like for them to see it be successful in their lifetimes.

Another thing I liked was Helga cooking. She seems like she'd cook. She reminds me of Molly a little bit.

Great chapter!!


Author's Response: Awesome, cereal is definitely the best thing to eat at 11:30 at night. Yesterday I was eating a sandwich at night while trying to write and got crumbs in my keyboard, and now the button on the trackpad doesn't work. Derp.

Anyway, thanks! Haha, that conversation was kind of goofy so I'm glad you liked it and it wasn't too weird or anything. But really, Hogwarts is such a weird name, I had to. :P And I'm glad you liked Rowena's superior pacing and random suggestions, and Helga's connections with everyone.

I know, I think it would have been fun to write the other common rooms but, since the POV rotates and this one's from Helga's POV, I thought it would be unlikely if she were there to witness the creation of all four of the common rooms, so I just had her there for one other. :-/

It's only the start of Hogwarts and they haven't really got a clue what they're doing yet, but.. all things take time I guess. They'll get better! :)

Thanks so much for your review! ♥

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Review #35, by Hogwarts27 Chapter I

30th April 2014:
Hi, I've been hoping to find a good founder's story somewhere on the archive and decided to take a look at this - and I'm so glad I did! I can't believe how good this is! I loved every bit of this. This first chapter had me absolutely captivated. The writing is so descriptive and richly detailed that it just brings this fantasy world to life, and it's a joy to read.

Your characterization of the founders - very good. There wasn't much of Godric in this chapter, but Rowena was perfectly believable, and I thought Helga was excellent, just the way I imagined her. Your portrayal of Salazar is a little different than I imagine him from canon, but that didn't bother me at all. I find him quite charming and likable, while I don't like him much in canon. His dialogue when he fetched Rowena made him seem like quite the ladies man.

The plot is delightful so far. The scene with meeting the suitors reminded me of cinderella at the ball so the prince could meet the ladies of the land, but in reverse. I especially loved the scene at Helga's house. There was already evidence of what would later be incorporated into Hogwarts there. So even though Hogwarts isn't built yet, I feel like I'm home when I visit Helga.

Anyway, this was a fantastic first chapter, and excellent writing. You're a highly talented writer, and I look forward to reading more of this.

Author's Response: ashdljfhkj wow thank you so much! Three reviews from you was seriously the best thing to wake up to when I logged on this morning. I am so flattered by your compliments, and I'm so glad you were captivated by the story and that you like the writing style!

As you've probably noticed since you read on, the POV rotates among the Founders so Godric gets some limelight later :) It's great to hear that you liked the characterisation of the other Founders though. Salazar is an interesting one, there's a lot to explore with his character in terms of why he turned out the way he did (after all, we know what eventually happens with him in canon.)

Haha, I'd never thought about that part being like Cinderella but I can definitely see how it reminded you of it! (except hopefully Rowena is more interesting than Prince Charming. :P ) And thanks, I'm glad that really home-y feel came across in the scene at Helga's house.

Thank you so much for reading, and for your lovely reviews! I appreciate it so much!

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Review #36, by toomanycurls Chapter III

8th March 2014:
This is one of my favorite chapters so far. It's not an action packed, dramatic chapter but OMG THEY DO SO MUCH FOUNDERS STUFF!! I really liked how they picked out the name for the school - making it about a recognizable name, not just something about the founders. I grinned quite a bit when Rowena added in the "witchcraf" to the wizardry part of the title. :D

Rowena sounds just amazing. I love that you have her diadem in the chapter and that you show how she used it. haha, I would love to have used magic like she did around the house. that does explain why the school is such a maze. I really loved how Godric would just blaze his own path from point to point if he couldn't figure out the layout of the school - that's a brilliant explanation for all the hidden passageways.

I thought the construction of the school fit well with what I'd expect the founders to each be good at. I really loved that Slytherin was in charge of defense/keeping muggles out. I didn't realize that Maeve was a muggle - I missed that somehow. I feel it will be important later.

I was also excited that each founder made their own house dormitory at the school. That really explains why they each had their own personality and feel. I got a good laugh about Slytherin forgetting the put a door on his common room then playing it off like a feature, not a bug.

I really like that there were muggleborns in the first class of Hogwarts students. :D It made me really happy. haha, Salazar sounds like a teacher I've had - one who made us sit in assigned seats so he could remember our names.

I can't wait to read more!!


Author's Response: Nooo I just typed out the whole response and then accidentally deleted it!

Anyway. Yay! I think this is my favorite chapter of this fic too! I'm glad you liked the way they picked the name. I tried to make it as normal as possible given the circumstances (I mean what kind of name for a school is Hogwarts anyway? :p ) Yes can't forget witchcraft, two of the founders are intelligent, empowered ladies after all ;)

I'm glad you like Rowena and her use of the diadem, and Godric's indoor trailblazing. There were a lot of mysteries of Hogwarts that I got to think of explanations for in this chapter! :D

It's great to hear that the construction tasks seemed to go with the personalities of the founders. Yeah, I thought defense seemed appropriate for Slytherin haha. Maeve is a Muggle, yes... more on her next chapter.

With the amount of personality to each of the houses from the books, I really couldn't have seen it any other way than the founders designing their own houses! Glad you enjoyed that part with Salazar haha.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #37, by toomanycurls Chapter II

3rd March 2014:
Sorry this is so late! I went to bed and then slept in and I'm a horrible person!

My bat senses are telling me that there could be a something something between Godric and Rowena. I don't care if she has the feels for Salazar. She can have them both! ;) (also, I'm in a shippy mood)

Oh, he's married. Did I know he was married? Or do I just like to ship unshippable people? Mrs. G hates on the feathered tunics - quite the fashionista. :P Their muggle friends know they're wizards? I guess there's not an international statute of secrecy.

I love that this was Godric's issue with using his wand against muggles: "It is not noble to fight with a wand against Muggles," - how very fitting given his house motto and other information we know about his character. At least the Baroness knows who her wizard friends are. I do like the idea of wizards working alongside muggles like this.

You really did make the victory not feel like a victory. So much pain and heartache. I can see the seeds for the statute of secrecy. It must have been scary for the muggle parents to worry that magic would kill their kids. I love that Godric wants to spring into action and try to fix it. I'M SO HAPPY THEY'RE FINALLY SET ON STARTING A SCHOOL!!! You did a wonderful job making a school the next logical thing for him to consider. I can't wait to see what's next.


Author's Response: Late? No worries - I seriously have no concept of time anymore with my nomad-ness. omg I think I just invented a word. Nomadness: the state of crazy induced by a life of constant travel (a combo of nomad and madness.)

Well that got off track really quickly. Uh.. oh yeah. Godric and Rowena! Haha, just because they were having a chat about war? :p Hm, romantic.

In your defense I don't think I had mentioned Godric's wife in the previous chapter. Haha, I wouldn't say you ship unshippable people.. more that you just ship *everything* :D

Well, yeah, she has opinions about fashion, but I also think that wizard fashion is kind of goofy anyway and probably was in the 10th century as well haha. I don't think the statute of secrecy existed until the 1600s or something, or at least until the times of witch burning. I would imagine that especially in these early times magic coexisted with muggles (for the most part... though obviously not always )

I'm glad you thought Godric seemed appropriately Gryffindor-ish, and that the school seemed like the next logical step!

Thanks so much for reading and for your review!

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Review #38, by toomanycurls Chapter I

10th February 2014:
I think you've knocked being a decent writer out of the ballpark. :) I loved reading this and am excited to read more!!

You've made Rowena into a very interesting and intriquite person. I love seeing the various demands on her between getting married to a respectable man to spending time with her three friends.

The dialogue in this isn't Old English but it conveys the same sense of formal speech and heavily weighted words. I felt like you were thinking like someone from this era while writing it.

Lord Redwald kind of reminds me of the creeper guy from Ever After. I feel bad that Rowena is being pressured to find a guy. I'd hate to be a woman in that time period. Was Lord Redwald trying to hit on her by offering to take her to her room? Or hoping for a bit of touch and feel? That how your local Mad-Eye Moody of Flirting read that. :P

I was so excited to see Salazar show up already in the story. I thought it was quite clear she fancied him.

Party at Helga's!!!

You did a beautiful job showing each of the founder's with a personality that fits what we know about them without making it sound like the sorting hat was describing them. :D

it was exciting to see a flying broomstick - I loved Rowena's reaction to not trusting a bit of wood to fly.

Of course Salazar and Godric are bffs! I just want to hug them! And you showed a bit as to why Salazar might not like muggles *squee*

I can't wait for Rowena to try convincing Salazar that wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. Now that phrase sounds kind of dirty to me. :P You know, with mud.

Their discussion of current events was intriguing - they're four brilliant people and having them discuss the on-goings of hte world is a delight.

Love this chapter!!

Author's Response: Aaah thank you ♥

I'm glad Rowena is interesting! I think she' s the sort of person who can handle a lot of demands on her - though of course one of those (marriage to an uninteresting person) is not high on her priority list.

Ooh, I am so happy the dialogue works. Heh, you've found me out - I was actually there so yes I know how they thought/spoke. I am actually 1100 years old.

It probably wouldn't be nice to be a woman in that time period. Though I think often the women in my stories don't seem to conform to gender stereotypes and kind of do what they want. :p Bahah thanks Mad-eye Flirty, it could be, it could be. It is a little ambiguous whether he was just being polite or hitting on her, hehehe. Maybe a bit of both.

Everyone is invited to a party at Helga's! :D

I am so glad that you like my characterisation of the Founders and that it didn't just sound like the Sorting Hat's description. I tried to include the charactreristics they are known for while still making them real people.

Thanks so much for this wonderful review!!

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Review #39, by lindslo2012 Chapter I

10th February 2014:
Hi there!
I loved this so far!
This is the very first fic I read about the founders and it is very interesting.
I never knew Rowena had a thing for Slytherin. But it is quite cool that she does. I think you did quite well writing the historical factors and making her act like a woman from that day and age would. You are an awesome writer and sometime when I get more time then I will defidently come back and read the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you! I'm glad you like the dynamic between Rowena and Slytherin. And it is wonderful to hear that about the history - I really liked including history in this fic. I'm glad Rowena seems appropriate to the time period. Aww, thank you so much for your compliments about my writing! ♥ This was a lovely review, thank you!

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Review #40, by Lululuna Chapter VI

10th February 2014:
Hello! :D

Ah, I love this story so much. It's crazy to think of how much time has passed, and fascinating to see how Hogwarts has evolved and the families of the Founders have grown up. All the kids seem hilarious, and I liked seeing how cold and insecure Helena is. I feel like you wrote her and her indifference to Perceval really well.

Creaothceann is SO FUNNY. How on earth did you come up with this? Haha, Godric vs. Creaothceann is just hilarious, I like how the Founders are waging a quiet war against it. It really seems like the wizarding equivalent to other violent and dangerous sports of the middle ages. Also, I really enjoyed how Rowena is very anti-broom compared to the rest of them. She reminds me of Hermione a little and how she just doesn't get the appeal of Quidditch.

I mentioned this before but I quite liked seeing how Helena has the rift growing with her mother. Rowena is so lovely in this story, but it fits that she would pass on her high standards and the desire to be unique and known for her own merits (which we saw in the early chapters) onto her daughter. I liked seeing Godric being all uncle-ish to her too, it's nice how all the Founders have their eyes out on one another's kids.

Roland is an excellent name for a Gryffindor, by the way. It sounds very rugged and noble.

Oh Merlin, divination has begun. I'm a little sceptical about this, but it fits that in that time having visions would be seen as very useful and predicting the future would have been a very desirable skill. I know some of the old monarchs would have astronomers and diviners working for them so learning those skills could actually be sort of useful at Hogwarts. I'm curious to see how the new class will work out.

So I'm really curious about how the split between the Founders is going to happen! You'll have to update soon because I'm very curious and worried. I wonder if something really bad is going to happen and Salazar will get mad, or if it's a gradual thing? I like how many layers there are to his personality and his prejudices, he's very unpredictable.

Great chapter, as usual! :D I can't wait to read the next one, and I'll keep an eye out for it! :) Loved this!

Author's Response: Awww ♥ I am so glad that you love this story! That means so much to me!

I am happy to hear that you liked the passage of time and it didn't just seem like a huge jump, which it kind of is - somewhere around 17 years since the previous chapter haha.

Oh, I wish I could say I'd come up with Creaothceann myself, but it's actually mentioned in JKR's Quidditch Through the Ages, and the time period fit so I included it here, haha. I'm glad you liked it though, and all its effects on the medieval wizarding world and the individual Founders.

I'm really happy you liked Helena too. I think there must have been a lot of presure on her with her mother being who she was, and also because Helena is the oldest of all the Founders' kids. I'm glad you like the sort of uncle/niece relationship between Godric and Helena as well - I like to think of the founders at this point as kind of being like brothers and sisters :)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the name. I thought it sounded like a very Gryffindor name too :p

Divination was probably quite important in that time period, I imagine it held the place of what science is today. It will definitely show up in the story again.

I'm glad you're curious about what is to come. I feel kind of bad keeping you waiting though because I don't have a computer with me so it will probably be slow going from here in terms of writing! I will do my best but... it may be a while :-/

Thank you so much for your support on this story so far, your reviews have been wonderful! I really appreciate it.

... And now to kick my brain into gear so I can finally write something on this story...

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Review #41, by Lululuna Chapter V

2nd February 2014:
Hello! :D

Oh, poor Rowena. :( I feel almost a little embarrassed for her, how although she has all these amazing accomplishments she still wears her feelings for Salazar on her sleeve.

Ugh, and so Salazar's pureblood ideals begin. It's funny, because the way you've set it up actually makes me quite sympathetic to where he's coming from, even though I know he's wrong and this is going to cause a whole lot of trouble for, oh, at least a thousand years to come.

The hat kills me here, I love how sassy it is. The explanation of how it came to be was really brilliant as well, I love how logical everything is and how it compliments canon in your writing.

AHA! Didn't I call that Laudine was a Slytherin?? I feel like I did, hehe.

I like how you kept with the idea that Rowena only wanted the most clever students to come to Hogwarts. It fits really well with her personality, but I like how she's managed to change her mind. It did make me smile, though, how territorial they already are about the students in their own houses and whether they are brilliant or dunderheads or what.

I love the mention of Slytherin's locket as well, and how Elaine was the one who got it for him! Poor Rowena, having to see him marry somebody who was quite like herself. I'm not sure how I feel yet about this Elaine character...

Helga is so wonderful, she seems like a really amazing friend and one of those very empathetic people who can understand where others are coming from. I love how she defended the students' rights to come to Hogwarts, and how she seemed to see inside Rowena's emotions and try to be there for her. She's just lovely.

Honestly, the sassy sorting hat really made my night, especially when it was going on about not liking Godric and how its mouth came to be. The idea of them enchanting it to sing was so funny as well - it does love to sing! The chapter wasn't silly at all - I mean, there were some humourous parts, but you really captured the JKR sense of serious-humour I think, the sort of humour which had her name the school Hogwarts.

I love this story - sorry that this review is a little scrambled as it's been a long day (I weirdly spelt "wrong" as "ron" up above and didn't realize for a while so I dread the typos which will pop up). But I really enjoyed this and can't wait to come back for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: I know, poor Rowena :( I don't think she quite knows what to do about her feelings for him, since they're not something she can logically explain away as she would do with anything else.

Thank you, I'm glad you feel sympathetic towards Salazar! I didn't want to show him as a closed-minded person with unfounded hatred, but it did have to come from somewhere. I think it was more of a slow building thing. Anyway, I am really glad you liked his story here.

Haha, that's wonderful to hear about the hat :p I was not expecting it to be that way at first, but that's how it ended up and I liked it so I kept it. I tell you, it really has a mind of its own. Ah, I'm so glad you think it complements canon too!

You did call that! I was so excited when you mentioned it a few chapters ago and I wanted to tell you, but couldn't give it away then haha.

As much as they wanted to be selective about students in their houses, they (certainly not Rowena, who values intelligence and learning) wouldn't want to turn people away who wanted to learn from them.

I'm so glad you like Helga! The other founders seem to be kind of rubbish at feelings sometimes, so they are luckyt that she isn't :p

I am so thrilled that you liked the Sorting Hat :D And honestly, saying that it is comparable to JK's humour, eee that's a huge compliment, thank you! I agree about "serious humour" though, there's just something very quirky about the entire wizarding world.

Ahh thank you, it means so much to me that you like it because I adore your writing, so having one of my favourite authors say that to me makes me just hjshkdhnahsiv. Don't worry about typos,, I'm sure there's plenty of typos in my response too since I'm typing it on a tablet haha!

Thank you so much!!

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Review #42, by kenpo Chapter II

31st January 2014:
Hey! Here with your review! Yay!

Hah. The opening line sets up his character, as well as his relationship with Rowena, so well. I like blunt openers like that.

"mounting sense of dread"
really like that.

Yes! The sword. Oh! In the last chapter, Helga had a cup, didn't she?!

Wow, kenpo, that took you a while...

But yay, the sword. Wait, I'm pretty sure you mentioned the sword in chapter one, too.

Moving on!

I like that he says he can't fight with his wand because it'd be unfair. That's also good for defining his character.

It's very unusual that his wife would fight alongside him, isn't it?

Oh no! I can see how this would lead to strained relations between magic and muggle...

The pacing of the section where the muggle is killed is a little too fast for my tastes. I found myself having to go back and reread it because I nearly missed what was happening. I also lack focus, so take that with a (few) grain(s) of salt.

Whoa. I totally wasn't expecting them to come up with the idea for the school right there.

I really like the way you're weaving existing history into the story. It gives it a really fantastic depth and makes it more enjoyable to read.

I think the founders are so interesting. They display pretty clearly the traits that they give to their houses, but they're still real people. They have flaws, and you've portrayed that well.

This review is really disorganised and probably not very helpful... but here it is! I really do enjoy reading this. Feel free to rerequest!

Author's Response: Oh good, I'm glad you like the opening line! That's a pretty important part of a chapter because if it weren't interesting no one would bother to read on :p It is wonderful to hear that that line is effective characterisation.

Yep that should be a familiar cup and sword ;) Haha, don't worry if it took you a while - my point was to be subtle about those things and not say something like "Look, Helga has a cup which will become a Horcrux in a thousand years!" So I'm kind of glad they didnt jump out at you, and fit seamlessly into the story.

It may be unusual. But I think witches probably had a stronger role in society than most women of the time. Besides, why should she not be awesome in a battle? :p

It is a bit fast paced, I was kind of trying to have it move faster than the previous section which moves much slower. I will have a look at it again though to see if I can clear it up, I'm not trying to confuse people!

I am so glad you like my portrayal of the Founders with all their flaws. They may have started a successful wizarding school but they are human, and people have flaws.

Thank you so much for your review!!

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Review #43, by kenpo Chapter I

26th January 2014:
Hey! Finally here with your requested review! Sorry it took so long!

Alright, just from the opening paragraph, I'm really liking this. Your descriptions are well written, and you've added a point of interest; who is the man she wishes were there?

I like the interaction between Rowena and her mother.

Haha, I like how she's got a bit of attitude with the Lord. "sycophantic suitors" what a fantastic description.

I like your brief mention of Helga. I like to get all the characters and their basic web of relationships out in the open.

After all the obsequious and arbitrary compliments shed heard that evening, it was refreshing to hear a real one. Despite the simplicity of his statement, Rowena could feel her heart fluttering.

I can totally imagine how she's looking back at the estate. It has a really playful atmosphere that I'm really enjoying.

I love your ideas about brooms!

Oh no! Salazar has another lady?!

Okay. I liked this. A lot. For the points that you asked about...

I think you used a good amount of description. I got a feel for the setting, but without having one long block of descriptive text. I like the way you weaved character descriptions into the narrative rather than setting aside time to describe them, if that makes sense. Like you told us what color hair Helga and Rowena have while describing their actions. Which I liked. I got description, but not all thrown at me.
Wow, sorry, I'm rambling.

Characterisation: Again, no complaints! I enjoyed the contrasts between Helga and Rowena, and I'm looking forward to reading more of them. There wasn't much of Godric, but I'm already seeing clear personalities. You've done a marvelous job at starting to define the characterisation.

Story Flow: Right on point. There were clear "sections" of the story, so it didn't feel like one long, relentless story, but thsoe sections blended together well into a pleasurable narrative.

Is it interesting: Yes! I love Founders stuff, so I thought it was interesting before I even started reading. But I think you've got a really great start. This is a really cool first chapter. You've given enough information to give a good idea of what you can expect from the rest of the story without giving away too much.

Really great, thanks for requesting! Feel free to rerequest (I'll try to be better about getting back you to you...)

Author's Response: Hi! Wow, what a lovely review!

I'm so glad you liked it from the first paragraph, that is really wonderful to hear!

Thanks, I'm happy that you like that style of descriptions and thought it worked! And that description of the suitors haha, yeah I thought it sounded like something very Ravenclaw-y to say haha.

:D thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed the part about brooms!
Also great to hear that about the characterisation. I'm glad you liked the bit wih Rowena and her mother, and the contrasts between Helga and Rowena. Its nice to hear that their personalities are already clear. Yeah, there wasn't much of Godric in this chapter, but the next one is from his POV so you get to see his side there.

Yay, I'm glad you like Founders era - and that you find the story interesting! This was a very nice review, thank you!

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Review #44, by Lululuna Chapter IV

18th January 2014:
Hola! :)

Ooh, this is so interesting! I like how we're beginning to see the foundations of how the Founders had a rift. It all fits really well: Salazar's point about teaching the Dark Arts in lessons was quite interesting. I thought he had a good point, but that teaching the Dark Arts instead of explicitly teaching how to defend against them would most likely set a bad precedent. I like the sort of hint that he might (well, maybe) be influencing his house towards learning the Dark Arts- that might explain why Slytherin is so traditionally evil!

I felt quite sorry for him and Maeve. Of course it was quite historically correct that Maeve would be afraid of someone who could speak to snakes, because of the whole fall of man and the bible and everything. It almost made me think that she suddenly started seeing Salazar as a Satan-like figure who was going to lure her into temptation. It fits so smoothly how this encounter and disappointment from Maeve would lead to Salazar being prejudiced against Muggles and Muggleborns.

Also, on a side note, I thought the snake was kind of cute. How is assured Salazar it wasn't venomous and said thanks when he protected it from Maeve. It was sweet, in a slithery way. :P

I felt sorry for how he was manipulating Rowena a bit, thinking she'd choose his side because she likes him. His willingness to peek into her mind reinforced how he does sort of have dubious morals. I liked, though, how Rowena had advised him not to marry Maeve (surprise surprise), and how she told him flat out not to teach his students the Dark Arts, because they would know. It was quite sassy and sure.

I like how Helga is already a little wary about the house separation and how it might be dangerous. That seemed very wise and fair of her, and really fit her persona.

Great chapter! :D

Author's Response: Hello! What a lovely surprise review :D I'm glad you found this chapter interesting with the hints of a rift between the Founders. Honestly I think Salazar had a good point too, but yeah he probably went about it in the wrong way.

I'm glad you thought Maeve's rejection of Salazar seemed historically correct! I think there would have been a lot of superstition back then, particularly around snakes as you said - and so Salazar being a Parselmouth would have that issue at one point or another, even when he was only trying to help her.

Hehe, I'm glad you liked the snake! Poor snake, it's just misunderstood :p

Yea, he does manipulate her a bit. I guess she manipulated him too by telling him not to marry Maeve :p Yeah, I thought she seemed like the sort of person who can get away with sassy comments. I'm glad you thought that anxiousness seemed to fit Helga's personality too!

Thanks so much for the review!! ♥

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Review #45, by LilyLou Chapter I

16th January 2014:
Hello, here for our review swap!

This was very unique and different. I don't read or write much founders. I only have a 500 word one shot, but it really only inferred that it was Helena Ravenclaw. There was no touching on the true founders era, and what it was like.

You did a spectacular job exposing the readers to the way the world works. I'd have thought Rowena's parents would force her into marriage, given the day and age this is based in.

really great story!


Author's Response: Hello there!

I'm glad you stopped by to read this one despite not often reading Founders. I'm thrilled to hear that the workings of the medieval wizarding world was good!

In my mind, I have always seen Rowena as quite a stubborn person so her parents probably didn't try to force her into marriage because they knew she wouldn't do it.

Thanks for your review!!

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Review #46, by Lululuna Chapter III

15th January 2014:
Hello! :D

Oh my god I'm so excited you discussed how they came up with the name! I feel like it's been around for so long that I forget to dwell on the rather ridiculous idea of the name of a school having not only "warts," but "hog" in the title. But I love your explanation of wanting to name it after a plant, but then not having it be too pretentious- that's so clever! I like how Rowena thinks the idea of the changing staircases would be fun, and how she used to do that at home, it's just a fantastic and really exciting idea.

I don't know if I want you to be in charge of the floor plan anymore," said Salazar lightheartedly. Oh shut up, Salazar. You're probably already sketching out the designs for your self-portrait in the chamber of secrets.

I really love all the peculiarities of the building itself, it was so fascinating. The detail about the giant knocking down the tower really made me laugh, and I love how it was really a group effort in creating Hogwarts. The different spells they used to fortify the castle and protect the area from the snow were just testimony to the founders really being four of the great wizards and witches of the age.

Which reminds me, I also loved how Rowena insisted on witchcraft being included in the name of the school. :)

I really like Helga. She has those qualities of a Hufflepuff being very loyal and hardworking, and she's a very clear leader and brilliant mind.

I love how one student arrived on a dragon! That is awesome, and so very medieval. And Eustace is a glorious name. I feel like as cool as the Hogwarts express is, in some ways it doesn't make sense to sit on a train for hours when there are so many faster ways of transportation (such as dragons). Anyway, another cool detail was how the house elves first got started working there! It's so cute to think of the elves serving Hogwarts for generations, all descended from those first builders.

That's a really unique way for the Sorting to begin, before all the prejudices started. I like how Hufflepuff seemed to "take the lot" not because she takes the outcasts, but because she's so involved in the community and is someone who is familiar and well-liked.

The idea of levitating feathers being a Charms first year tradition throughout the centuries makes me so happy! The idea of the other students Summoning the feathers by accident made me laugh as well.

Ugh, Maeve. I'm still really shipping Salazar and Rowena, even though Salazar is probably feeding his baby basilisk its first mice by now. Something about Maeve makes me suspicious about why Salazar might hate Muggles again in the future.

Not particularly exciting?!! As you can probably tell from all the gushing I loved this chapter. You really put so much thought and detail into it and I thought it was fantastic, and was hanging off every word. Well done! :D

Author's Response: ¡Hola!

Ha, I'm glad you liked the possible explanation of how Hogwarts got its name. I really had always wondered that - it's the most ridiculous name for a school ever.

I think Rowena probably had a mischievous side, as that and cleverness/intelligence often seem to go hand in hand! I loved the idea of her as a little kid trying to figure out how to irritate her family by moving the furniture with magic :p

Your comment about Salazar planning out his portrait already made me laugh. And also the part at the end about him feeding mice to the basilisk. :D Hahah! Poor Salazar...

I'm so glad you liked the part about the construction! It was interesting to combine the idea of construction with magic and but considering how long things took to build without magic in the 10th century, I just did a lot of guessing! I think it could only be a team effort, and they were probably a team for much of their history.

Someone had to be the voice of gender equality, even if it is the year 978 lol. And she would absolutely stand up for her intelligence. My excuse is that the magical world might not have the same societal influences/stigmas as the Muggles, even then.

There had to be one kid who came in a ludicrous manner to show off. I think dragons would be cooler than a train too :P I'm glad you liked the introduction of the house elves!

As I see it they probably didn't have everything in place from the beginning, so they had a kind of rudimentary sorting here. Yes, thank you - that's exactly how I was trying to show Hufflepuff here, very involved and welcoming and therefore just knows everyone.

I'm so glad you liked the detail in this chapter, it was a blast to write :) Ah, thank you so much, I am thrilled to hear that you loved this chapter! This was a really wonderful review!! ♥

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Review #47, by LightLeviosa5443 Chapter I

12th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here for our review swap, you didn't specify a story, and this one caught my eye, so I figured I'd chose it, though if you have a preference I can go back and do another!

Anywho, I've only ever read one chapter of a founders fic, so I'm fairly unknown to this particular era of story. I loved this. I love how you portray the founders, and their friendship. I found Rowena's fancying of Salazar very believable and endearing, even!

I don't think there was a part of the story I didn't love, it was all just so well done. Description of Rowena's tower, to the party, to Helga's house and her lifestyle. The comparison between Rowena and Helga's lifestyles. I think it was all just so wonderful and believable and I certainly wouldn't worry about glaring historical errors. I didn't notice any!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Hi Sarah! :) nope definitely read whichever you want! Ooh, I'm glad you chose this one then if you don't read much Founders! I love the era myself. I'm so glad you liked my portrayal of the Founders and their friendship! Aw, and I'm glad you like Rowena and Salazar too :)

It's great to hear that about the description too, I worked on that a lot in this fic. Hah, good to know there's no noticeable historical problems! Thanks for such a wonderful review and I'm so glad you enjoyed the read!

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Review #48, by maraudertimes Chapter III

11th January 2014:
Hello! Here for the review swap!

In your author's note at the end, I noticed that you apologized that this wasn't particularly exciting. I agree. But don't apologize for that - it was interesting, not exciting! It was really cool to see how the creation of Hogwarts went about and I really liked the small details you added, such as one of the giants accidentally knocking down a tower - not only was it funny, but it was believable.

Overall, this chapter was really well executed! The fact that they are all completely involved in this school is really nice to see, and the sweet side of Slytherin, before his muggle-hating ways begin was really cool to read (again, I'm scared as to how he comes about his harsher demeanor - something traumatic no doubt).

That they were conscious of muggleborns was another touch I was particularly fond of, as they wanted any young witch or wizard to receive training in the magical arts.

I do sense that perhaps they need to figure out the first year, second year, third year, etc. system soon. Fire around young children levitating easily flammable feathers? That could cause a bit of a disaster :P

I'm curious as to how the other Founders are feeling about the school, so I'm hoping to be able to come back to this when I next have the chance.

I really liked this chapter and I'm really happy I did this review swap!

Amazing job!

P.S. The dragon rider in Godric's house made me giggle. Good job with the little details! I'm hoping to see how you integrate the sorting hat into this as well!

Author's Response: Hi there Lo! :)

I'm glad you don't mind that the chapter wasn't that exciting, and rather that you thought it was interesting :p Ah, I am really happy to hear that you liked the details about the building process. Perhaps I underestimated people's desire to read about building construction :P

I'm glad you like Slytherin here! I figured they all had to be involved at the beginning. But yes things are coming for Slytherin... next chapter is from his POV, actually!

Hahah yeah fire and feathers, instant recipe for disaster! I don't think the entire school could have run smoothly at the beginning though, so they have to learn as they go!

Haha, thanks! I love the silly things like that in the books, so I made sure to add that in here. The Sorting Hat comes in I think in the next chapter, or the one following.

I am really glad you enjoyed this chapter, thanks for the swap! ♥

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Review #49, by Lululuna Chapter II

10th January 2014:
Hola! :) I'm here from our swap, but I see you have your new story up so as I owe you some lovely prize reviews, I'm going to come back for that sometime this weekend! :D

The idea of the skirmish was really great as a catalyst to difficult Muggle/wizard relations! It was really creative too how you wove it in with history of Viking invaders, and it felt quite realistic... well, for a magical medieval world. :P The thought of using magic against the Muggles does seem quite unfair the more I think about it, though as a wizard I don't know if I'd be able to resist it. And the description of some of the invaders having goats hooves and one turned to stone did make me giggle. :P

Ah, Godric. He's very noble, but I almost empathize more with Laudine and her instincts. She seems a little Slytherin to me. I thought it was very fitting for Godric not to want to use magic against the invaders and how he thought it was unfair: it must be a very rare thing but really shows how good and fair of a man he is, and how he has chivalry as well.

He seems to live up to everything I imagined Gryffindor would be. It's so interesting to read Founders stories since the portrayals of the Founders display the qualities which generations of wizarding children will identify themselves with, but that fact almost makes it more intriguing when the Founders have human faults of their own.

The scene with the children was really sweet, and how it inspired Godric and Rowena to think of the idea for the school. I loved the image of Godric teaching them to make butterflies and the one child producing a catterpilliar- it was really adorable to think of their excitement. I'm really glad that a Muggleborn wizard was included as well in giving a historical backdrop to the upcoming Muggleborn conflicts.

I like how Godric wonders if the change to the school would be for better or worse, and if it would separate the Muggles from wizards even more and breed more suspicion. It's quite clear in the chapter that wizards get carried away with their powers and this fear and resentment can quickly escalate, so I'm very curious to find out how these problems are confronted and progress in the time period.

A wonderful chapter, I'm really enjoying this! :D

Author's Response: Eep yeah, meant to PM you about that new story and forgot :P

I'm glad you liked the aspect of the Viking raids highlighting the Muggle/wizard dynamics. I think it would have to be something big like that which sparks the idea that wizards should have a school so far away from everyone else. I'm glad it seemed realistic! I think it'd be pretty unfair too, although I imagine that some wizards, if they were losing, just couldn't resist.

Heheh, I am actually glad to hear that Laudine sounds like she'd be a Slytherin. ;) As for Godric, I'm so glad to hear that! I think he's noble to a fault. In my mind at least, the most well known traits of the Founders are those that identify them, as their strengths, but also sometimes their downfall... well, his sense of chivalry isn't really a downfall here I guess, just an inconvenience in the battle :p

Aw, I'm glad you liked that scene! I had a lot of fun writing that - like the very beginning of his teaching career :p

Thanks for the review swap, and I'm so glad that you're enjoying this story! :D

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Review #50, by Lululuna Chapter I

30th December 2013:
Hi Kristin! I'm here for Day 4 of the 12 Days of Reviewing! I've been meaning to review this story for a while but keep missing you in review tag/getting distracted so lucky me that you have less than 10 stories posted. :P

I love how much historical background you've put into the story, and how you've wound it into wizarding life as well. The story about Lord Redwald made me laugh so much, and I loved Rowena's scepticism about him and how he protected his castle. I think you played up well the sort of semi-ridiculous portrayal of wizards and their shortcuts that JKR talks about in canon. I also liked the mentions of the king and the tensions brewing with the Viking invaders which would have been very relevant to the time.

The explanations of how wizards and muggles got along or how some people thought they should be separate was really interesting too. I thought it was curious how while Salazar has come around and is in love with a muggle, he obviously still harbours bitterness against the muggles who drove him out and this sort of underlying hatred could prove to be very interesting in the future.

I absolutely love Helga and how warm and accepting she is, and how she honestly would miss the company of muggles. She seems like such a great character, but not the sort of soft, weak option but a woman whose wisdom is valued and compliments Rowena's instead of being less. That was a wonderful portrayal of her. I also liked how you established the friendship between the two women and the two men, since we know from the sorting hat song that those two pairs were very close.

I really like Rowena already. She seems very spirited and wise, but she also has a sort of innocence and immaturity which I'm interested to see develop over the story. It made me smile when she was sort of bitterly thinking that perhaps she wasn't pretty enough for Salazar and that intelligence and wit weren't what he valued in a woman- sadly, I'm sure that was true for many men of the time, but there's time for him to change his mind!

This was a brilliant first chapter, I loved how you wrote the Founders and explored the era. Looking forward to reading more soon! :D

Author's Response: Hi there! Haha, lucky me that I keep being so slow to write that I haven't yet posted other stories, it was such a lovely surprise to see reviews on this for the 12 days of reviewing!

I love history, and did quite a bit of research on the time period when I began writing this, so I'm really happy to hear that you liked the historical background and references to the Vikings, the king, etc. I'm glad you liked Lord Redwald's story too! You're right, there do seem to be a lot of semi-ridiculous wizards in the books taking odd shortcuts - he definitely fits the bill.

Salazar, I have always thought, is a complicated character who couldn't always have been just a straightforward Muggle hater. There is bitterness for sure, but at least for now it isn't too strong. I'm glad you liked the description of wizard/Muggle relations at the time too.

Ah, thank you! I really wanted to show Helga in a good light because Hufflepuff often gets overlooked, but I think she had to have been pretty awesome in order to be a Founder of Hogwarts! I'm so glad you liked the way I wrote their friendship, too - that means a lot!

I'm thrilled you like Rowena too. Even though she's so clever and sensible, she does have a shallow side sometimes too :P The story is told in alternating viewpoints from all four Founders, so the next time it comes around to Rowena's POV again she has definitely changed a bit.

Thank you for a wonderful review! ♥ ♥

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