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Review #26, by toomanycurls The Moonlit Knight

2nd February 2014:
Review swap *grumble about stupid relationship twists*

WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE IN THE CASTLE *sobs* Okay, I have to pull myself together for this review. I just... *sigh* I'm going to focus!

I do like that there are secrets Mel doesn't know yet about Sirius and the Marauders. Has it been a while? I suppose the first part of the school year.

Run away!!!

...does James have clothes on? ... Just wondering.

I'm so glad he there to help get them to safety. Ah! I don't like the questions they'll be asking James. :( :(

I'm glad that Mel and Mandy were at least as understanding as I could expect given their world. Sirius' coolness at revisiting them following the Marauders last year and at this event IS MAKING ME SO MAD!

I like that Sirius is *finally* opening up about his marauder activities and the fall out BUT I HATE THAT HE JUST SET ASIDE THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!

I don't know what to say right now other than FIX IT!!!



Author's Response: Ahh I know, I think this is the point where it becomes evident that I'm not a nice author :p

Um yes, James is wearing clothes. Being an Animagus would be pretty inconvenient if every time you transformed you ended up naked, right? Haha.

Sirius can be a bit of an idiot at times... so can Melanie.

All right, I'm getting my glue so I can fix what I broke. But you've already read the next chapter, so... yeah. :p Anyway, thanks for the swap!

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Review #27, by keyty Beginnings

1st February 2014:
Hmm, this is a really interesting first chapter. I like that you're showing Slytherins in a new light. Obviously, we all know that not all Slytherins are evil, but that is rarely how they are portrayed in fics. I especially love how even at a young age Melanie is questioning her father's purist beliefs. It really shows that not every Slytherin at the time supported Voldemort. I also love the character development you are already showing. As a first year, Melanie openly uses the word Mudblood, but by her sixth year she refers to it as unkind.
This is very interesting. I'm excited to see how it continues.

Author's Response: Hi there! I am so glad you think this is an interesting start! Yeah, I think Slytherins are often showed from other houses' POVs so they get shown as very one sided which, as you said, not all of them are evil and there's quite a range of personalities there.

I am really glad the character development already seems evident. I think at the very beginning she was still kind of parroting her father about Mudbloods, but once she got to know one and had to think for herself, she changed.

I'm so glad you are interested in the story and I do hope you continue! Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

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Review #28, by Rumpelstiltskin Flying Together, Falling Apart

30th January 2014:
Swap! :D

The flashback was a nice way to start this chapter. Erg, typical older sibling -- too cool to hang around the younger one (I was the older sibling, so I was naturally cooler -- I know the code :p). Baha, she jealous of Lucius' hair? That's completely understandable, as the Malfoy's are known for their awesome hair (in addition to their snobbery). Whoo! She was good, she must've felt so proud of herself to have the older boys compliment her on her Quiddich skills.

Whoa boy, Gryffindor pride is decidedly loud :D. Oh, at least the Slytherins gave a little noise for their team!

Hooray for Quiddich action! Epic music is playing in the background, MacDonald as the commentator, and GO! Ouch...yeah, Bludgers can't feel good! Yeah, dudes stop cheating! You're giving the Gryffies penalty...gah! Omph, SLYTHERIN WON!! *fanfare* Hooray!! That was an awesome match...and my team won! Whoo!

Oh yeah, I'm sure James wasn't overly enthused that he lost (to the Slytherins :p -- House pride!). *Cough* Sorry, I'll be a gracious victor from now on ;).

Aww, with the flirting with Sirius.

"We flew on dragons" -- pfft. Awesome.

The transfigurations...bahaha! And then with "Sirius meowed" and "a tiger is a cat". Heheh. That was funny.

Uhoh, they've probably chosen to follow the Marauders on the WRONG night, haven't they? Oh yes they did -- given the looks on Sirius, James, and Peter's faces.

Eheheh, first Apparition attempts! I don't think I'd ever be able to do so...I get way too distracted.

Mph, I guess you can't blame the Marauders very much there for being a bit wary of Melanie and Mandy...they're just trying to protect Remus. So I suppose that they are good friends to have :D!

Of course, if the password is not blueberry muffins, then surely it is chocolate-chip muffins. No? Worth a shot.

Befouling library books? That's just rude.

Imperius curse...uhoh. There's a war brewing *closes eyes* -- gah! I know how this war ends *sniffles*. I don't wanna look!

Great chapter, by the way ;).


Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you liked the flashback! Hah, I'm the older sibling too :p Anyone would be jealous of Lucius' luscious locks, am I right?! (Lol, he should have started a hairstyling salon with that name. But I digress.)

I'm happy that you liked the quidditch match! And yes, hooray for Slytherin :D

Nothing quite like showing off and having it not work out correctly haha.

I think I'd be terrible at Apparition! I get distracted really easily too!

yeah, they chose the wrong night for a prank, and I think that having Slytherins follow them (again) would make them pretty wary and not as friendly for a while. :-/

The war... yeah, its out there, in the background...

I am so glad to hear that this was a great chapter. Thanks so much for another wonderful review! Your reviews always make me smile!

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Review #29, by toomanycurls Holmes for the Holidays

26th January 2014:
I'm so excited for this chapter I hope it doesn't break my heart. (I kind of sung that as I typed it.)

Remus would be quite surprised that Sirius made it into the library. It does seem like a sensible way for them to spend time together and not fail out of school. Ooh, good use of muffliato there. I think I've said this before but I really love how you make these Prince/Marauder things visible to others in the story but it's not like everyone knows what muffliato is and uses it. I've seen other stories that make it sound like everyone knew what secrets people had at this time. I'm glad you don't!

I like your realism when it comes to students having to apply for jobs while completing their education.

Oh Mandy, such interesting priorities. :D I'm glad she's asking Remus of course!!

I'm a bit nervous about what Mulciber, Snape, et al are up to. Mainly because I'm worried they'll do something to disrupt Mel and Sirius' snogging :P Yes, I have interesting priorities too.

Despite them not meeting each other parents for rather sad reasons, I'm glad that they're making light of it. Mel doesn't have to worry about her table manners - just her showering before dinner manners.

As much as I love Sirius and Mel cuteness, I do like that they don't *have* to spend every moment together. ^_^ Oh but their goodbye is all perfect and snogging. I'm glad you had that in there otherwise I would have mentioned that there could have been snogging. :P

Ah! But it is so cute that they're writing to each other. Very Victorian - in the non-repressed way though.

I got a bit of the awkward from Mandy not having an invite to James' little party. :( She could have been Peter's midnight kiss! oh well

^_^ New years was sweet and adorable. I really liked getting the girl chat between Lily and Mel (which I just typed Lem). She should start thinkng about her future with Sirius. Even though it can't last forever. :( man

Love this chapter!! I'm happy there's another happy relationship chapter.

Ah, what, are they going out on the full moon!?!?


Author's Response: Hi! Ooh thanks, I'm glad you like the use of mufliato and other spells where the main characters have no idea what's going on, haha. I think not everyone would be familiar with spells Snape invented! I imagine Snape was pretty possessive of his spells, and would enjoy being the only one who knows how to do them. :p

Yes, applying for jobs... everyone has to face that unpleasant reality sometime haha.

Your priorities for the story sound remarkably similar to Mandy's :p

See, I'm not entirely evil. There could have been snogging and there WAS!

Yeah, a little awkward for Mandy, but they didn't invite any of their other Gryffindor friends either so she's not too upset. (See, Carol isn't even there. Lol)

I'm glad you liked New Years! Yay, fluff and cuddling and a girl chat! I'm happy that you're happy about the happy relationship chapter hehe.

Yep full moon... they don't know at this point that that is a stupid idea O_o

Thanks so much for your lovely review!

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Review #30, by Rumpelstiltskin Mandy's Lonely Hearts Club Band

26th January 2014:
Ba-dadada! It's a bird- it's a plane- nope it's just a delirious Rumpel swinging by for a swap :D.


Don't anger the fiery redhead! I hear that she has a temperament about her (and that she is also a book-klepto). Don't give up James!! You'll be with Lily, yet!

I think that Ancient Runes has a much larger employment opportunity range than Divination :D. I mean, only certain people can can have the Sight...according to Trelawney anyway...and I would expect that the largest job opportunities in the subject would either be for teaching purposes or maybe they could open their own shop or something. Uhm. I'm way off track now.

Holy catnip, Sirius Black is single. If I were a girl at this school during a period of time such as this, I would stay FAR away from Sirius to avoid catfights and other girly rivalries (because us girls fight mean...real mean).

Ooph, I guess everybody's breaking up. At this age, though, it's extremely common (at least where I'm from).

You walk like a talk like a zombie... Zombie snowmen would be awesome, that dude should make an ARMY of zombie snowmen!

Oh, even better -- snow lion! Attack! :D The Marauders are pretty awesome (sometimes...usually). Heheheh, way to get them back girls! I tried to tell them that we play mean. Snowball fight! Aw, snow fun is always the best kind of fun. Aaaand a tumble in the snow leaves Sirius and Mels (I gave her a nickname, because I'm lazy, though the explanation took longer to type than the name) landed in a bit of a predicament :D. I love predicaments!

Oh Muggle-born prejudices...definitely plentiful during this time period.

Quiddich is a fantastic sport. I really love watching (reading?) the games! :D Things are looking up! Hooray!

Fantastic chapter, I'd say! :D Sorry about another strange review (you get a ton of those from me)!


Author's Response: Haha yay, delirious reviews are always fun.

Ancient Runes always sounded pretty cool to me! Definitely more interesting and useful than Divination.

Yep, well, relationships don't last forever as a teenager.

Snow zombie army.. Yes, he'd have the winning side in any war. Its a shame Dumbledore didn't try to recruit him, Voldemort would have been vanquished in no time.

Hehe, I love predicaments too. Snow predicaments with a prank snow lion is bound to be good, right?

yeah, I'd imagine there are unfortunately a lot of Muggle-born prejudices, especially among the Slytherins when many of them are future Death Eaters and the rest don't want to speak up.

Quidditch - yay, I'm glad you love reading the games because there is one in the next chapter! I am so glad that you think this was a fantastic chapter :D Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! And don't worry, I absolutely love your "strange" reviews! :D ♥

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Review #31, by pennydrop The Moonlit Knight

25th January 2014:

Author's Response: Heh. I'm sorry I'm evil. :p Don't cry. But here's a tissue just in case it doesn't get sorted out immediately *hands over tissue* ;) Thanks for your review!!

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Review #32, by toomanycurls Mysteries

24th January 2014:
*runs and jumps into the fluff* whoo! it's like snow!

I have a migraine so this may not make sense.

I'm really really glad they got a chapter to be happy together with so many cute moments and so much snogging. It kind of sucked that people like Vanessa were trying to sabatouge things but then I was thrilled that Sirius trusted Melanie enough to not even give Vanessa's words a second thought!! No unnecessary drama!!!

Ooh! I like the idea of Mel going for the DoM! Mainly because it's such an interesting sounding place to work.

I LOVED their picnic and their late night flying. Sirius is a bit reckless but he makes up for it with his cute.

I feel bad for Remus and his furry little problem and it's hysterical that people really bought the rabbit explanation. UGH! I want to shake him by the collar and tell him to just accept that people will try to love him in the carnal way and that it's okay! (totally hypocritcal for me to say that as I wrote him doing the same thing)

...why is Charlotte giving off more "future DE" vibes? :(

You did a great job showing how, while Mel is part of the crowd and dating one of the Marauders, they're not going to share their deepest secrets with her either. I think that's rather realistic.

Each chapter that they're happy makes me nervous that something horrible will happen between them and pull the two apart. o.o

Awesome chapter!!


Author's Response: Aw :( Well, I hear that fluff is a great medication for migraines, so lucky you! :p

Yay! I'm so glad you liked the fluffiness of this chapter! It's been a while getting to this point so they deserved some happy and drama-free time :)

I always thought the DoM sounded like the coolest place ever. (It sounds like the wizard equivalent of the Stargate program hahaha)

Poor Remus, someone needs to knock some sense into him. The rabbit haha... I guess if you say anything in an authoritative enough tone, people will believe you. Stranger things have happened at Hogwarts, I'm sure.

I'm glad you liked that and found her new relationship realistic.

Charlotte... well, she's not an open book, is she. Only time will tell. Muahaha.

Something horrible? Am I that evil? ... actually don't answer that

Thanks for your wonderful review! Feel better :)

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Review #33, by AngeliaG Holmes for the Holidays

23rd January 2014:
I started reading and couldn't stop! I read all 30 chapters in one day, maybe less. Great fan fiction! :) I liked how you didn't immediately get everyone together. Mel and Sirius are so great together and I hope their love stands the test of time!! I can't really wait till the next chapter, darn cliffhangers. Haha. Looking forwarding to reading more. :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!! This review was the most wonderful surprise today! I am so glad you like the story, and hat you don't mind the somewhat slow story development. :D And I'm really happy you like Mel and Sirius together! I will try to have the next chapter up as soon as is possible with my unreliable internet haha. Thanks SO much for reading and for your wonderful review!! ♥

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Review #34, by MC_HK A Message and a Mess

21st January 2014:

I thought the prank you used in this chapter was really good and clever! At first I didn't really get the flowers and the vines at first, and then it played out and it was really good! Hope I can think of pranks that are just as funny for Warfare :)

Now I'm wondering about her brother and family :/ That's pretty sketchy that letter he sent to her. Hope everything is okay! I guess I'll just have to read more ot find out.

Marauder's personalities = priceless. I LOVED them in this chapter. I thought they were so funny and sarcastic, and GAH! I haven't read many Marauders fics before, but I really like this one :P


Author's Response: Thank you! I love thinking of pranks the would have done haha. I'm sure you will come up with ones that are just as good! :)

It means SO much to me that you like the Marauders personalities in here! That's pretty important for a Marauders fic haha. I'm so glad you like this story, that's just wonderful to hear :D

thanks for your amazing review!

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Review #35, by ladyrae Holmes for the Holidays

20th January 2014:
Does this mean what I think it means?? Remus will have to finally own up to other people not hating him and he might actually let himself be happy??? Oh the suspense.

Author's Response: Poor Remus. He does struggle with that a lot, doesn't he? But... I won't say what it means, you will find out soon :p Thanks so much for your review!!

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Review #36, by toomanycurls Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town

20th January 2014:

Mel gets a 100 gold stars for finally asking Sirius to go to Hogsmeade with her! And he get 110 gold stars for having them sneak into the village and... and... this made my day. Just imagine the words "love" next to every paragraph in this chapter.

I thought it was funny that Mel was a bit uncertain about going down the tunnel. I'd be too. Ah! It's funny and cute when Mel teases Sirius about holding James, Peter, and Remus' hands (or however that worked) and then he admits they were quite scared on their first trip through the tunnel.

Oh hai with the touching.

Only Sirius would give his date a beverage that brought on singing like that. :P It fits so well though. I just can't get over how comfortable they are together and how well they mesh.

yay! Mel knows about the map. Now she knows their secretive ways (some of them at least).

FINALLY! THERE WAS SNOGGING!! AND WHY DID IT STOP? I did like that it paused then restarted.

I just love how he tells her to sit with him for dinner. Somethng about it is just so... mouthwatering.

Then they leveled with each other about how long they've liked each other! and I almost died from happiness.


Amazing chapter! and about time :P


Author's Response: Hahaha, I've been waiting for you to get to this chapter for that reason :P

Gold stars all around, yay! I'm so glad you liked their date, it was definitely a weird one, but somehow that's appropriate for them. I think since they've known each other so long and it took them so long to get to this point, they're quite comfortable with each other now and can be their ridiculous selves.

yeah had to make up for the lack of snogging in the other chapters haha.

I'm so glad you liked this chapter, and thanks for the awesome review!! :D

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Review #37, by Emma/PinkNorris Holmes for the Holidays

20th January 2014:
No. I cannot believe you just left it there! I am really looking forward to the next chapter (grrr I read the chapters too quickly). As always, the story was great, although one thing I would love to see more of is in depth conversations with the characters rather than snip it's of a conversation or 'Lily went on to tell us that...' etc. Hope you keep up your good work and you get the next chapter out quickly!

Author's Response: Muaha... I'm sorry I'm so evil. The next chapter should be up soon, so luckily you don't have too long to wait :p
Yeah, this chapter isn't a very dialogue heavy chapter as it spans nearly 2 months. The next chapter has lots of conversation though :)
Thanks so much for reading and for your lovely review!

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Review #38, by toomanycurls Sixes and Sevens

20th January 2014:
At least Mandy bounces back better than Tonks. Oh poor Peter, he just wants some luv. ahaha, Peter flirting is so freaking adorable!

James and Lily are in their own little world of flirtingn and snogging. i mean, what else are they going to do on patrol?

Why didn't they invite their Slytherin friends?! At least Mandy and Mel are up for gate-crashing. Those 4th years are dorks for not noticing there were other students nearby.


No, wait, their first kiss can't be a drunk kiss. *headdesk* I'm so conflicted!

They can drunk confess their liking for each other. That's okay. :) I am glad Mandy is sensible enough to take her out of there.

I want a hangover potion. Get on inventing that number one.

I'm worried that Charlotte is getting wrapped up with the wrong people! (said the broken record)

Next chapter - I need some snogging!! And I'm running out of story!!! eee!


Author's Response: She does bounce back quite well. Probably too well, but whatever :p

exactly- patrol would be boring. I doubt that they'd be very focused even if they did try to do an actual patrol.

I think the Marauders knew the Slytherins would show up anyway, and probably just wanted to get some bragging in that Gryffindor's parties are better than Slytherin's. The rivalry never does go away! :P

I'm sorry this chapter confused your feels. I think it was confusing for the characters involved, too.

Mandy may be a ridiculous person sometimes running after boys, but she does know how to take care of her friends and prevent drunk-snogs.

Wouldn't that be the greatest?

on that last one.. lips are sealed.

There's still more story to come - it's all written, but not all posted yet. But there is a chapter in the queue as we speak. (or type. whatever.)

Thanks for all your great reviews today! :D

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Review #39, by toomanycurls Discoveries

20th January 2014:
I love how Mandy asked Remus out. I just want to hug her. I could see Remus there with a slightly stunned look on his face agreeing to go. Why didn't Sirius ask Mel out?!?

Well, duh, Mel, he's not going to be vulnerable when you' just kick him in the feels!

No, wait, you can't go from me laughing at a joke about Vanessa to saying her mum died and making me feel all bad for her! It's not fair! I like hating her!

CAROL!!! (that's my mother-in-law's name so it's funny to take it in vain so much.)

haha, Charlotte as an oblibiator makes me think of MIB. ahaha, Healer Who. :D

Why weren't they warned about the dementors!?! Yay!! Marauders to the rescue! I wonder if Lily knows that her patronus is a doe (I mean, if it's a doe already). nevermind, you know what I mean though.

You pick out names that I really like. I'm rooting for someone to snog Octavius just not Mel. :) Of course Sirius is glaring - Mel looks like she's on a date!

Oh, heyyy, it's Cleopatra! :P Poor Mandy has to put up with Remus' non-relationship attitude.

Mandy is right - Mel should have asked Sirius. *grumbles*

Yeah, rachel has no room to talk about other people's crushes with her dating Rosier. Oh pulease Alanna - just because he was there with Carol doesn't mean he's fallen for her. No, Mel, he's acting werid because of your cold shoulder!!

:D I do like how the school comes to people's aid when the death eater folks are jerks. I know Mulciver didn't learn his lesson but he did get some good revenge.

Icing the cooridors is a great prank!!

They had progress but, Sirius should have finished that sentence!! ARG!!

At least they're back to okay between them. What is up with Sirius? Is this his first time trying to tell a girl he likes her? MAN UP AND DO IT!

Whoo!! Quidditch and winning!! Poor Regulus being dropped. :( I think Regulus would make a good Sirius sub (for me, not Mel).


Author's Response: Mandy is certainly something else. :p

Vanessa... she can't be an entirely one-sided person. Yeah, she's pretty mean, but she's not as superficial as she seems at first.

The dementors were meant to be outside the town and not coming into contact with any students, but got out of control.

Octavius Pepper is actually a canon character of JK's, he's mentioned once in HBP as someone who disappeared! But I'm glad you like the name, I thought it was great too.

Heh. Well, in Sirius' defense, Melanie has been giving him some confusing mixed signals.

You didn't end this review with a comment about the lack of snogging! I'm shocked. :P Anyway, thank you for another amazing review!!

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Review #40, by toomanycurls Carry That Weight

20th January 2014:
Review tag!!

It's so sweet that Mel wants to go to Sirius et al when she's stressed. :D oh poor Remus with his monthly problem. :(

Oh Sirius trying to be so smooth explaining their nicknames. I do like that people are all what the heck about their random nicknames.

Mel is just going to start talking about Regulus then I guess they did get a bit close over summer though Sirius isn't exactly giving off the open and honest vibes here. ooh, just a little closer Mel!! *nudges the screen* I guess it doesn't work like that.

I love their teasing and story swapping. I really like it when Sirius opens up. Then, finally, he's honest about Regulus and his regret. Ooh, I love what Mel says about a death eater possibly being good. Uh, yeah, I see the Black brothers being too stubborn to talk to each other. *sigh*

I was waiting for the dirty joke in that conversation. you know where. :P

Oh they danced after patrol? That's sweeter than anything. :D the image of them doing the electric slide is hysterical. The ideas are because you're giving off the air of being in love, Lily!

:-o I love the idea of Remus making up spells. *swoon*

...Mel... *headdesk*

gosh, don't leave! just sit there and fancy him!

How about this, I punch Vanessa and you punch Dawlish? sound good??

ARG!! Cleo keeps crashing our romances!! Then Sirius has his feelings hurt by Mel's coolness and ARG!

I didn't know the library was such a social place. :P I can't decide if I trust Carol - she knows something and, well, I don't know if it's good or bad. I do like that Mel is going to introduce Althea and Hector!!

oh dear. poor Althea. I guess it is a good way for Hector to meet her. but, it must have been so embarassing.

If I had a class with Sirius in it, I'd be greatly distracted too. haha, Flitwick saw through their goofing off. :D

Ah!! Death eaters in the castle! :-o who was hurt??!

IT'S MOODY!! Whoo!!

Sneaking out girls? *sigh* I guess everyone needs thrills in life. Oh no, poor Althea! I can imagine that she'd be quite scared as a muggle born right about now. :( I do hope that Artemis gets better (because I love his name).

It was so long and there wasn't any snogging. Just saying (again).


Author's Response: It takes a bit for Sirius to open up to people but it is possible, yeah. I'm glad you liked that scene! :D And yes, I know you were waiting for that joke, but it didn't seem like the right time for a dirty joke. (Or is it always time for a dirty joke?)

Hehehe I loved writing that part, the mental image of them staying out after patrol to dance was really funny to me, so I'm really glad you liked it!

That's a good trade. Though I think Dawlish deserves a lot more punching than Vanessa.

Wait, you thought people actually *studied* in the library? :p

Yeah, their plan didn't work quite as well as intended. I suppose it did work though, as embarrassing as it must have been! It gave them something to talk about for sure.

Yay, Moody saves the day with 234381498 new spells.

Thank you for your awesome review!!!

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Review #41, by toomanycurls Second Hand News

20th January 2014:
review tag!

"There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery." - my thoughts on Sirius and Carol and this chapter but I'll get to that later.

I'm really glad Mel tried out for the quidditch team and that she got on!! I understand why she'd be uncomfortable about being on a team with a death eater. :-/ I'm interested to see what playing with Regulus will do to her relationship with Sirius (given their relationship).

Professor Thornhill brings down the hammer (when I read his name I read Thor so he's extra hot sounding to me).

I LOVE their joke on Vanessa. I don't mind her being in the story with stuff like that happening to her.

Come on Lily!! See through it and ugh, just never mind. I have to focus on Mel and Sirius.

Mel is *hilarious* when she admits to hiding from Luke. I really like that they have some sort of resolution between them now.

Oh dear, I feel bad that Mark is being held at home. His parents are quite astute to realize that the times are a bit sketchy for students. I just hope they're not holding him at home to make him a little death eater.

I'm quite happy Charlotte told Slughorn that Lester's a death eater. I don't see Slughorn being very good at those tough conversations though. aah, irony sensors are flashiing at me with Mandy's statement (code: I suspect Charlotte will become a death eater).

Of course Madame Pince thinks taking books too fast off the shelf would damage them.

I DON'T KNOW WHO CAROL IS BUT CAN WE PRETEND SHE'S A FLY AND AK HER? *sigh* If Sirius breaks Mel's heart I'll seriously have words with him.

And poor Mel with such shakey confidence. Maybe Remus learned his Cleopatra act from her! :P

Whoo! Finally - confirmation of the Mandy/Remus ship. And, yes, Sirius and Mel are perfect for each other. haha, someone should tell Mandy he's different from other guys in so many ways.

Oh dear, Jasper is a creeper. I'm not terribly surprised he doesn't like Mel because she stands up for people but... they're on the same sports team and should get along (meaning he should shut up) so they can win.


Author's Response: Well, as far as she knows there isn't a Death Eater on the team. Regulus became a DE when he was around 16 (in canon) and at this point I think he's 15.

Ooh, maybe I should have just called him Professor Thor. :D (I think I was watching "North by Northwest" just prior to writing this chapter and needed a name for the professor in here. So yeah in my mind the DADA prof looks a lot like Cary Grant hahaha)

:D I'm glad you liked that part! They needed resolution - otherwise, sadly, Melanie would probably have spent the remainder of the story hiding from him

I don't think Slughorn would have been very good at that conversation either!

Carol is one of Lily's friends. She may not be as bad as she seems here. Mel saw them for three seconds and instantly went into overreact-mode, so she's a bit biased :P

Yeah, Quidditch may be interesting with an awful teammate like him. :-/ Yes, I think a lot of people would be happy if he shut up.

Thanks for your awesome review! ♥

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Review #42, by toomanycurls A New Start

19th January 2014:
this is your "whoo, Seahawks are going to the superbowl" review.



I love all the catching up the Slytherins do and that Mandy and Mel are honest about their summers (sans the fight). It's so sad what they say about Prof. Alvers - I wonder what they'll think when they learn that Remus is a werewolf.

...classy Sirius. Seriously...

A cute DADA professior? oh lala :D

Thank goodness Mel kept her eyes. :P She should pay attention to those thoughts about Sirius.

...dude, Sirius, YOU'RE 17, ACT YOUR AGE! nevermind. He is acting his age.

Remus needs to be observant!! He's going to make Sirius go after Mel afterall. :D

Um, choking Mel with her hair is a very strange way to flirt. *very*

REMUS AND MANDY!! I approve!

I laughed *so hard* at "use the force." I think it's sweet that Luke is still interested but I'm glad that Mel is more interested in Sirius at the moment.

Awesome chapter, even without the snogging!!


Author's Response: whoo!!! :D

Patience you must have, my young Padawan.

Yeah, I think with the kind of prejudice that exists in the wizarding world it's entirely likely that people would see those kinds of opinions among their friends, which is sad :(

Well, Sirius definitely succeeded in getting Melanie to pay attention to him, though yes a pretty absurd way to flirt. More like just annoying her.

Lol I had a feeling you might like that new development, you've been hinting at it since chapter 2 I think. :P

Bahaha I couldn't resist putting in a Star Wars reference given the time period of the fic and the fact that there's a character named Luke!

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #43, by Niharika Progression

18th January 2014:
Hey! I never leave reviews, but that last request really caught me :P I'm really liking the story and I think you're doing really well. I didn't find any part boring, it's pretty well written and you have preserved the facts from J.K.'s world, which I really, really appreciate :) Thanks for writing this! It's so much fun reading it that I'm totally avoiding all the work I'm supposed to be doing. Good luck and keep writing!!

Author's Response: Hi there! Aw, I am so glad that you decided to review, especially since you usually don't! It is wonderful to hear that you like the story and are finding it interesting. JK's world has so many details and is so much fun, so I wanted to include as much of that to keep that atmosphere while adding my own spin on it. I'm so happy that you like it, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story! :D

Thanks so much for your wonderful review!

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Review #44, by toomanycurls Communication Breakdown

18th January 2014:
REIVEW SWAP! Sorry I'm so late - work and dinner and watching the Wizard of Oz rifftrax got in the way.

Just going to point out - up until half past 2 in the morning without snogging is against the romance bylaws, section 3.2 a.

:-o Sirius doesn't like chocolate? I don't know if I can abide your characterization. :P

Oh their summer sounds so picteresque (I mean, now that there's not death eaters). I love that the Potters are so open and caring towards Mandy and Mel. I just want to hug everyone right about now.

I'm really on the edge of my seat for Mel to see more of Sirius' gaurd down side. I've been waiting for like 20 chapters. :P

:D :D An "I'm Sirius" joke. Gets me every time.

Oh I do wonder if Remus felt passed up not getting the HB badge. :( I've always thought it must have felt like a snub.

"polishing his motorcycle"? *cough* is that like visiting Buckbeak? :P

"A Whole New World" is playing in my head while they're on the motorcycle together. If there's not snogging here... *dusts off Tonks/Dawlish story*

I know Mandy has had a crush on Sirius for a million years but she only knows his hard candy coating. Mel is seeing is chewy center and deserves to have a thing with him. A real thing - not just a fling.

They were having such a perfect moment with the pumpkin juice and the ice!! Mandy just needs Remus to start snogging her then she'll forget about Sirius (not that he's a consolation prize, mind you). but, but, come on! Mandy can't be *that* mad. Didn't she see the writing on the wall about Sirius+Mel? and now Mandy is being all distant and mean.

Ooh! Mel is putting her foot down with Mandy. Will there be a fight? Ooh, there's jinkxing, that's good enough. Well, I guess there's nothing a bit of wrestling and punching won't solve. :D I am very glad Mandy invited Mel to stay for the rest of the summer. What Mel said about James being the nicest person she'd met is just to squee worthy.

THAT'S A LIE MEL! It's not over until you've snogged. *sigh*

Author's Response: Oops, broke the romance rules. But you should know that Sirius doesn't follow rules. Maybe your next rule should be "no flirting". Then there will be flirting- see? :P

Hah, well, dogs can't have chocolate ;) More chocolate left for you then.

I always laugh at serious/Sirius jokes too, they just never get old!

Hm, I don't know. I can't decide whether he'd see it as a snub, or a blessing that he's not the center of attention.

lololol at visiting Buckbeak... I don't know how to respond to that. Only that I'm not surprised at all that you read it that way. :P

I wrote this chapter years ago but I'm fairly sure that I was thinking of that scene when I wrote this chapter XD Uh, don't you dare. If I catch a whiff of a Tonks/Dawlish story I will send an angry note to my neighbor. (and then owe them a really convoluted explanation when I find out it isn't you) :P

I wasn't sure whether you would love or hate that scene - there was an almost-snog. Is that better or worse than nothing at all? :P

Mandy sees Sirius as eye candy, yeah... she can be a bit shallow and petty at times, and this is one of them.

Um, yeah, Melanie might be competing with Remus for the title of Cleopatra now :P

Thank you for your lovely review!!!

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Review #45, by PinkNorris Mysteries

17th January 2014:
Omg! I love this story so much. I have been constantly reading it whenever I was free. So much so that I have not had time to stop and write a review on this master piece. Definitely the best Marauder fic I have read (and I have read a lot - massive Harry Potter nerd :D). I am so obsessed with this story that I started panicking at the start of this chapter because I thought it was going to end! I cannot even begin to explain how relieved I was that you have not abandoned the story and that it would continue. I hope that this comment may brighten your day for your story has surely brightened mine. ^^

PS: I particularly like the fact it is written from a Slytherin's point of view. It not only makes your story unique but it also makes your characters and their families so intriguing. And, of course, I happen to be a massive fan of Slytherin to top that all off.

Author's Response: ♥ Thank you SO much!!! This review put the hugest smile on my face. I am so glad you're enjoying the story - and I'm so flattered that you think it's the best Marauder era you've read! I might just be floating out to space on this balloon of compliments.

Heh, Slytherin does get kind of badly represented in the books - understandably because Malfoy and Harry aren't the best of friends - so I wanted to show their side. I'm so glad to hear that you like that perspective!

Thank you for this fantastic review! ♡

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Review #46, by Anon Why So Sirius

16th January 2014:
Aw so cute I love this chapter I was literally dying of laughter when I read the title

Author's Response: Heh, I love the Dark Knight, I couldn't help it :P Thanks so much!!

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Review #47, by Anon Over the Edge

16th January 2014:
OMG! SO INTENSE. Amazing chapter honestly

Author's Response: Ah! I'm so glad to see you're continuing to enjoy this story! :) I'm glad you liked the chapter. Thank you for your review!

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Review #48, by Anon Tricks and Treats, But Mostly Tricks

15th January 2014:
I love this story it is funny and cheerful

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I am so glad to hear this! I hope you continue to enjoy the story ♥

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Review #49, by toomanycurls Why So Sirius

15th January 2014:

Oh dear, there's so much uncertaintity for those two. They can stay with me!! I guess the Leaky Cauldron is a good option too.

! oh no. It's just so sad that it was Charlette's dad. I wonder if Mel's family was involved. I feel so bad for Charlette - I can't blame her for sticking with them in her own way. I just hope she stays on the non-death eater side of life.

It is a bit heart warming that Mel was given a job (when another person clearly wasn't needed) and that Mandy could help at the Leaky Cauldron. It's really good to see people watch out for one another.

yay for apparation and for letters from the fam!! well, yay for Mandy and less yay for Mel's letter from Nathan.

I NEEDED THAT FLIRTING SO MUCH! THANK YOU! I mean, seriously, a bit of James and Sirius are awesome right about now.

I'm very excited that they'll be spending the summer together!! There could be snogging!!

Are M&M sharing a room? that makes it harder for Sirius to stop by late at night.

Mel and Sirius need to go on a motorcycle ride together!! (I'm so demanding!)

Most people don't have parents as awesome as the Potters.

Oh yes, more Sirius/Mel bonding time please. :D They have a lot in common: both outcasts from their family, both staying with James... other stuff

Are they cuddling? Will they end up snogging? THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SNOGGING!

Incredible chapter! I loved it!!


Author's Response: ahsihfglwiugfbalihwgl YES YOU ARE!! AND I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! /sobs

Charlotte is definitely in a tough situation - she's really close with her family, but they're all on the other side - she's kind of torn between friends and family at this point.

I think during a war if stuff like that happened, people would look out for one another.

Hehehe :D Something had to brighten up what would probably have otherwise been a rubbish summer.

Yay, flirting - finally, right? :p

Well, considering this review, I think there are some things you'll like in the next chapter. Maybe. You might also hate me...

Thank you so much for this review!! It is awesome and so are you! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #50, by toomanycurls Over the Edge

15th January 2014:
I'm not really shocked by Mel's dad but I do feel horrible for her. :(

...her dad uses avada kedavra to kill flies? I'm going to move over here now...

I'm so excited Nathan is there! I hope he's not a death eater and that Mel isn't going to have a horrible summer. At least she and Nathan got to play quidditch together!! I do think they make good siblings. I mean, they like each other.

...her dad pulled out plants because they weren't magical? DOESN'T HE EAT VEGETABLES?!

I dislike that Nathan is spending time with Lucius - you should send me his list of friends then I can approve them. I'm really glad that Mel gets to hang out with Mandy. ...Mel really doesn't have a good handle on what muggles talk about. :P She didn't take muggle studies though - right?

:-o her revelation about dealing with her family versus bullies at school is spot on. I wasn't surprised at all that her dad was upset by Ms. Macintosh's article.

a tattoo of the dark mark? really, Mel? :( Okay, I actually just want to hug her for the lengths she's going through to hope her brother isn't turning into a death eater.

MELANIE, YOU GO GIRL! I'm extremely happy she stood up for herself and her ideals.

O.O Mel is trying to go to Mandy's and Mandy's family has been attacked?!!? I might swoon.

This chapter was just so intense. I think I need a nap to recover. Awesome job!!


Author's Response: Yeah, I think from a very isolated wizarding perspective the AK curse for flies is just a flyswatter. Of course, not everyone would see it the way he does. Yeah, I wouldn't want to go to a rainforest or a landfill with him for sure. Too many flies/potential times to die.

I'm glad you like Nathan, and that he and Melanie seem like good siblings. I had fun writing them.

Haha, apparently not. Or maybe he just doesn't know where vegetables come from. Magic? :p

Lol at your needing to do a background check on Nathan. Nope... Melanie knows some Muggle things because Mandy has told her about them, but overall she's a bit clueless!

I'm really glad you liked that revelation, and her dad's reaction to the article.

From some scene in GoF Sirius didn't know that the Dark Mark on the arm was a thing for Death Eaters, so I figured Melanie probably wouldn't have known it either, she didn't know what it meant.

I'm sure she would be glad of your support since she really has no other support! :(

This was an intense chapter, but actually it is one of my favourites in here. I'm so glad to hear that you liked it. Or I think you did - enjoy your recovery nap :P

Thanks so much for your amazing review!

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