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Review #26, by MaddieMoody I. Epilogue: Sixteen years later

3rd May 2014:
I can't believe I haven't seen this story till now. It's amazing!!!
I started it yesterday and I'm already done( I stayed up all night).
Unlike a lot of the other fan fics yours seems so much more real. And your attention to detail is amazing! And you've made up the story so that it makes sense in reference to the books.
When I reached the part where Charlotte died I actually cried quite a bit.
You built up the whole story so well. There is one more part to the epilogue right???
Just one the ending going to be happy or sad?(we all know Sirius dies in the end but still)
Anyways...I absolutely love this story.
Please update soon.

Author's Response: Eeee! Thank you so much!! This review totally made my day. :D

I'm glad you liked the amount of detail, and the appearance of canon stuff in the story. And that is so wonderful to hear that the story feels realistic!

aw, I'm sorry about that part with Charlotte. But at the same time it means a lot to me that the writing touched you that much. *hands over a tissue. (And coffee, which you might need if you stayed up all night :P) *

There is indeed one more chapter! As for happy or sad... hmm... I'm not telling, you'll find out in a week or so when I post it ;)

Thank you SO much for reading, and for your lovely review!! It means so much to me! ♥

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Review #27, by CambAngst Counterstroke

2nd May 2014:
Hi, there! Tagging you from Review Tag!

A most interesting turn of events... It seems that both Melanie and Remus are catching a bit of flack from their respective sides for taking more than a hostile interest in one another. Gryffindors and Slytherins, why can't they just get along???

OK, well it's pretty obvious why they can't get along. James and Sirius inflating Snape's head and giving him feathers sounds like exactly the sort of juvenile prank they'd dream up. And the way Snape fights back is classic. One side deals in mockery, the other deals in blood. You've captured Snape pretty well, along with his propensity for inventing nasty curses. Also, the nastiness he directs toward Melanie when he sees her associating with Remus. I get the feeling that accepting Remus's challenge -- and his tentative offer of friendship -- will make life rather difficult for her.

"A bit more what?" I insisted. -- Honestly, I'm kind of curious where Sirius was going with that, myself. I can imagine a few choice insults, but it's interesting that he held back. I guess when the other three see Remus actually being friendly with a girl who isn't Lily, they sort of have to bite their tongues.

Sigh. Sometimes I hate being right. Especially the part about life becoming difficult for Melanie. This Elliot Jasper seems like a nasty piece of work. Definitely a Death Eater in the making there. He obviously has no problems with not fighting fair and a mean streak a mile wide.

Gah! Where are this poor girl's friends when she need them??? Hard to believe that something like this could go on without anyone stepping in.

Oh, wait, there's Lily. Good on you, Lily! Tell those nasty guys off.

I found it a little bit odd that Melanie continued to lay there for a while instead of picking herself up off the floor. It seemed to me like maybe it would be a tad bit more humiliating to keep laying there. But I suppose she has her reasons. Besides, it worked well for Sirius's sudden appearance.

Quite the banter between the two of them. He's obviously worried over whether she's alright, not that he'd admit it. She obviously appreciates the fact that he checked on her, not that she's willing to let it show. Gryffindors and Slytherins. Sheesh!

Ah, I see that she's developed a sudden following among the crowd. I have to agree with her, that was a weird day.

I still think you're pacing the story really well. We're four chapters in now and you've set up the main conflicts but you're not rushing to bring any fast resolutions to them. Interested to see where we go next!

Author's Response: Hi again! Wow, this is such a thorough and nice review, thank you!

I really wanted to explore the Gryffindor and Slytherin rivalry here - I think that overall it's not hostile, just unfriendly (hostile between certain individuals, of course, like James and Snape) So yeah, this tentative friendship makes both sides kind of scratch their heads. I'm glad you like the way I wrote each side of that skirmish there, it's so great to hear that you think they seemed in character!!

Yep, that's what was going on with Sirius. I'm sure he would have had a lot more to say if he hadn't seen that Remus and Melanie were actually on good terms.

Heh, yeah I think she was hoping to just melt into the floor and disappear. Which, despite being able to do magic and all that, was not possible. Alas. :p

I'm glad it is paced well so far! Heh, yeah there's no fast resolutions, some things take a while. Thanks for such a fab review!

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Review #28, by CambAngst Tricks and Treats, But Mostly Tricks

1st May 2014:
Hi, there! Tagging you again from Review Tag!

I'm really starting to like where you're heading with the plot of this. So far, it seems pretty balanced between your subplot of the prank war between Marauders and Anti-Marauders and the normal subplots of life, school and romance that always accompany stories set during the characters' Hogwarts years.

I loved the Black Hole Wall prank. That was genuinely clever and obviously non-discriminatory in terms of its targets, since it caught students and a teacher.

I'm finding your version of Mr. Filch just a little bit over the top. It's not awful to the point where it takes away from the rest of the story, but I feel like if you toned him down about half a notch, he would be a lot more realistic and natural-sounding. Specifically the parts where he's picking random students to heap abuse upon or arbitrarily detaining them because he doesn't like the way they look. The way I remember Filch from the books, he was usually all bark and no bite.

So... Melanie and Remus. I could see that. She's a Slytherin, but not one of those Slytherins who's obsessed with blood status and family lines. Remus is easily the most open-minded of the four Marauders. the conversation between the two of them was well-paced and I thought they both sounded in character. I did agree with Melanie that suggesting the prank competition was a bit out of character for Remus. That section might have read better if you'd written it so that she goads Remus into it. For instance, having her brag much more about the superiority of the Anti-Marauders' pranks to the point where he feels the needs to fight back.

I do sort of hope he keeps her scarf, though. It's like she's marking her territory. ;)

The prank itself was pretty brilliant. Actually, I thought the part where they transfigured Filch's cat was even more brilliant than the painting on the wall. If it was me, I probably would have made the dragon a bit more destructive, like breathing actual fire or maybe spitting orange and red paint on anyone who walked by. Still, it was very cleverly done!

Well, I'm excited to see what the Marauders come back with. Also, excited to see where things go between Melanie and Remus. Bravo!

Author's Response: Hi!

Wow, thanks, I'm glad you liked the wall prank! I had a lot of fun coming up with those :D And it's so great to hear that the plot is interesting so far.

You know, I had originally written the second prank with the dragon spitting paint (hence why Filch was so angry for the rest of the day) and then I changed it because it seemed like too much, but I didn't change the bit about Filch. So you're right, I will need to go back and tweak a few sections. Gah, these old, early chapters have so many problems :S thanks for pointing that out though.

As for Melanie and Remus. only time will tell I guess ;) At this point they're not quite friends because they don't trust each other but I'm glad you liked their conversation!

Thanks for your wonderful review!

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Review #29, by ladyrae I. Epilogue: Sixteen years later

1st May 2014:
Is this the last chapter? Oh my god it made me so sad!!

Author's Response: It's not actually the last chapter... the epilogue is in two parts so there's still one more. I'm sorry about the sadness... *hands over tissue* Thanks so much for your review! ♡

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Review #30, by maryhead Business as Usual

28th April 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the review swap!

Wow! What a lovely chapter! Lots of things happen here, in contrast with the first chapter, but you still manage to organise the amount of information so as not to tire or bore the reader. Truth be told, my eyes were glued to the monitor from the first to the last word!

You have this remarkable ability of writing in this calm, balanced style that always manages to relax me. Of course, there were parts in which I felt like strangling the Slytherin Quidditch captain, but all in all I read with a smile on my face.

I also like the way you are gradually creating a connection between Mel and the marauders, but at the same time you don't depict the two groups as utter enemies. It would be strange for them to shift from hate to friendship in a couple of chapters! In this way, everything is more realistic and natural.

I also noticed that here your approach is more descriptive than before. I mean, the settings are still not described in detail (don't think of this as a negative comment, there's nothing wrong in that), but the actions of the characters are really well depicted.

What else can I say? I think you may have noticed that I adored the chapter and I'm looking forward to reading more about this story! Sorry again for being so late with the review ;).

Author's Response: Ooh, yay, I'm glad it's organised enough that it's not boring :p I'm glad you like the writing style!

Haha, yes, the connection is verrry gradual - that rivalry can't be overcome instantly! But yeah, I think it was more rivalry than hatred anyway. Ah yay, that's great to hear that it felt natural and realistic!!

I think as the story goes on it gets more descriptive. Or at least I hope so. The beginning chapters were written in 2007 *cringe* and I think by the time I got to the middle of the story a few years later I had learnt how to use words. :p

Wow thank you so much for this review, it was so lovely! I am so happy you're enjoying the story so far! ♥

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Review #31, by maryhead Beginnings

27th April 2014:
Hi! I am here for your requested review :)

Alright, first of all I'd like to tell you that I found this chapter incredibly relaxing. You begin it in a very "classic" way, focusing on Melanie's thoughts and impressions rather than the description of the background, and that's good. I mean, I love descriptions, and I usually prefer more... visual stories, but in this case I think your style fits well with the beginning of the story: not too flashy or excessively dramatic. As I said, relaxing is the word I would use.

The characterisation is good! Of course, this is only the first chapter, so I suppose there'll be much more to discovery about the protagonists, but even at this point the reader is able to notice that all the characters, both OCs and canon, will be round characters and will not fall into stereotypes. Melanie is obviously the character who stands out more: in my opinion, you depicted her internal struggle really well, making her doubt about her parent's beliefs, but not forgetting that she's only an eleven-year-old girl who cares for her family's opinion. Her sorting in Slytherin was a surprise, but a pleasant one. Gryffindor would have been a bit of a clichè.

Regarding the overall appearance of the chapter, as I said everything seems to be very relaxing and smooth. Nothing much happens, but the reader is hooked nonetheless by the thoughts of the main character. The style is really fluent, and the paragraphs are well connected, although I'd probably move the last paragraphs of the first part to the beginning of the second part. Let me explain: if you conclude the scene of the first year with a general description of the behaviour of Gryffindors towards Slytherins, the reader will expect you to zoom on a specific event of the first year in the second part of the chapter. At least, that's what I expected, and I have to admit, I was a bit disoriented. Instead, if you take the part from "one of the first things I noticed" onwards, and you move everything to the opposite side of the page break, those couple of lines become a general description of the first five years at Hogwarst, thus making the passage from the first part of the chapter to the second one less... Drastic.

However, that's only my humble opinion regarding an aspect you asked me to comment on. What I pointed out is a tiny detail in an otherwise really good chapter! I'm looking forward to reading more of it, and if you liked my story, don't hesitate to re-request ;)

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you! Wow, I find your first comments about the descriptions really interesting - I mean, you're right, there's not a huge amount of visual descriptions but it's odd for me to look back at it now thinking of that, because this is such an old chapter and my current writing is so much more descriptive, this really pointed out that change to me. Anyway, thanks! I'm glad it works :P

That is wonderful to hear that the characters don't seem like stereotypes, and are not cliche.

Haha oh good, I know there's not a whole lot of action in this chapter so I'm glad that Melanie's thoughts are enough to sustain interest in reading! And that's a really good point about that chunk of paragraphs. I had kind of deliberated about it for a while, whether it should go with the sixth year or the first year stuff and ultimately added it to the rest of the first year section, but it does feel awkward there, as you said. I'll have a look at rearranging it and see if it works better with the sixth year. :)

Thanks so much for your insightful review!

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Review #32, by Ashley A New Start

7th April 2014:
Oh dear Lord you just made my day. 'use the force Luke' honestly I shouldn't be laughing this hard

Author's Response: Your review just made my day! :D Haha I'm glad you enjoyed that part. Thanks so much for your review!!

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Review #33, by Louise Tricks and Treats, But Mostly Tricks

6th April 2014:
This story is fantastic so far! It makes me want to read on with all the exiting things that are happening and it is very well written. Hoping for a little bit more Action/Romance/Adventure in the next chapters but overall I love the characters and the story so far!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you!! I am so thrilled that you like it! All three of those elements do appear in the story, though it takes a bit of time to get going ;) Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #34, by oldnumberseven  The End of the Beginning

24th March 2014:
Omg, that's it?? I mean, of course the story ends here because they took their NEWTs and had the End of the Year Feast, but omg it's over??

Wow, what a story. As I've said over and over again, you have such a fresh perspective and thrilling OC, so bravo to you. 37 chapters is quite the commitment, but I'm so happy you had the time to write all of them out till the end - that's not an easy thing to do!

I'm more than excited for the epilogue, because this chapter has laid the groundwork for some interesting scenarios, but are you going to have a sequel or sorts? Or will the epilogue fill in the gaps?

Thank you so much for your story, it was a pleasure to read :D

Author's Response: Yeah... it seemed like an appropriate place to end it. I debated for a while about continuing a bit further, but it wouldn't really have been the same story, I think. I won't say any more here though, it will all be told in the epilogue... sort of.

That is seriously the most wonderful thing to hear, that the perspective and characters are entertaining and original, just, gahh ♥♥ THANK YOU ♥

I know, I don't think I had realised before posting this on HPFF just how long it was, the word count really surprised me! haha. And yes, it was quite a commitment - 6 years of writing :O Thanks for your commitment too in reading all of it! *hugs*

Mmm, as yet I have no plans for a sequel (although some of the characters will appear in another fic, just in minor roles). But who knows. Someday maybe, if I'm inspired...

Thank YOU so much for reading and for your wonderful reviews! :D

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Review #35, by Rumpelstiltskin What Friends Are For

21st March 2014:

Yay, presents! Oh my...Sirius and his dirty mind ;). His suggestiveness could never get old, it always makes me laugh!

Oh boy, a detention with Sirius :D, this can only go horribly wrong. Yup, Sirius is slightly annoying, then turns all broody when Regulus and his home-life is mentioned -_-. Well, I can't say I blame him, but it isn't Mel's fault...she has no idea! (She begged a little.) Aw, that was sweet, Sirius hugs :D.

Only Sirius detentions have water fights. Whoo, more detention! *Cough*

Oh thank goodness, she broke up with Luke! :D (er, probably not something I should be happy about but I am and you can't stop me!!)

Ahaha, that's a wonderful response to somebody stealing the Marauder's Map :D. I love it!

There, a bonus chapter because it took me FOREVER to come and say hi!


Author's Response: Ooh, two reviews? How did I get so lucky? :D Also I just realized that in my response to your last review, I used about 30 of these :p faces.

Haha, I couldn't resist. I am secretly just really immature. :p (Ok, not so secretly. And there I go with that smiley again, I need an intervention.)

I think it wouldn't be too bad, as detentions go! Water fights are the best.

I don't blame you for being happy about that! I mean, Luke isn't all that interesting to read about. I think his spirit animal is probably a flobberworm. And besides, Mel was with him for the wrong reasons.

Glad you liked theMarauder's Map, haha. Thank you for your reviews today! :D

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Review #36, by Rumpelstiltskin New Faces and New Places

21st March 2014:
I'm very late on getting to this...and very sorry too :(!

I'm glad that she's trying to stay in touch with her Nathan; it must be difficult to believe that he may have something to do with Death Eaters, especially when he's your own brother :(.

Aha, pranks ahoy! Poor Mel; at least it was funny (for me).

It sounds like Vanessa is jealous -- but she can totally have Luke, just saying ;). Mel can get an upgrade. And that chick totally means to be's intentional. I don't like her (as a person, as a character she's fantastic, because I hate her, if that makes sense...).

And then she's being suspiciously nice. Suspicious I tell you! (You will never receive and non-rambling, completely coherent review from me and I'm sorry about that.)

Haha, the Marauders totally deserved it.

Nathan's response letter was sweet :D. Ready for my epic prediction? Okay, so Nathan's going to be a DE, Mel's joining the Order, and she's going to have to fight her brother :(! Okay, so it was more of a tragic prediction than an epic one but..

Anyway. I kind of love that there is a short explanation of why not to lean over the toaster while it's on :D. I tend to forget that witches and wizards aren't always accustomed to Muggle devices (at least when Arthur Weasley isn't in the picture).

...and then she runs off to Luke. *Sigh*

;) Great chapter, I'm sorry it took me so long...I get distracted very easily...


Author's Response: Rumpel!! Hey no worries, nothing to apologise for, its not like you're paid to read fanfiction haha. I'm just glad you're still reading! :D

Yeah, Melanie and Nathan are pretty close so it's definitely worrying for her.

teehee, I'm glad. I thought the pranks were funny too, even if Mel didn't. I love April Fool's! :p

oh, Vanessa... I'm glad you love to hate her. I think that's the only thing she's good for. :p

I love rambly reviews! Plus I'm responding late at night so I'm probably not making a whole lot of sense anyway, sorry.

Ooh, predictions! Are you willing to put 20 Galleons on that? :p Heh. Only time will tell...

True fact: The leaning over the toaster thing was inspired by my own brilliant mistakes in real life - I burnt a scarf by leaning over a toaster. Dur. I don't even have the excuse of being magical. :p

Haha I don't think anyone really likes Luke, poor guy. But yeah... Melanie needs to open her eyes!

Thank you so much for reading and for this lovely review!!

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Review #37, by LightLeviosa5443 Tricks and Treats, But Mostly Tricks

11th March 2014:
Hi! I'm finally here with your requested review. This one took me even longer than last time and for that I am so so so so so terribly sorry! Now, onto the review!

I thought that the way you characterized Filch, Remus, Melanie, and Peeves was to perfection in this chapter. Filch was fantastically grumpy, and I could totally see him stomping around the castle trying to give people detention because a prank was pulled. Remus, when he was goading Melanie into a prank war, and when he was honest about what he was doing in Three Broomsticks, and really just that whole interaction. it was so sincere and so Remus that I loved it. I could completely see a young Lupin doing that. Melanie, I loved the way that she told him that they did all of the pranks, I loved that she baited him, even after he baited her. The banter the two had made me feel like it some something old friends would do, which was a nice touch and a great way to establish that friendship. And then Peeves. Peeves was just so spot on, with the teasing, and making more trouble and noise. I loved it!

This chapter flowed really well. I liked how easily you transitioned from leaving the castle, to them going to hogsmeade. The way that you really covered everything that happened in hogsmeade but not in so much detail that I was skipping over to move on. Then you enetered the castle, planted an awkward moment for Melanie, planned the prank, pulled the prank and had the post prank. It wasn't rushed at all, which is great, because I think this was a chapter that, if written differently, could feel very rushed. So, it was all really just perfect. Bravo!

One little thing, I was initially confused about the whole filch thing in the beginning of the story, but it made sense once I read on. So my only constructive criticism would be to take a peek at that first scene and maybe mention why they're all there getting their names called!

That aside, I wrote down some of my favorite scenes because I wanted to mention them to you. These are in no particular order:
-When peeves was sweeping in to make a ruckus while the girls were still working on the painting. I can only imagine how much of a nuisance that would be while you're trying to pull off a big prank that could get in you in a very big amount of trouble. The scene was so funny and well done.

- When the marauders got stuck to the wall, well really just the entire wall scene. Especially since Flitwick was stuck up there too. Nice touch, by the way.

-The Remus/Melanie Hogsmeade scene. Um. Yes. Should I start shipping them? I mean, I know the story says Sirius/oc which is why I'm curious (because Melanie is the MC). But I really did love that, even if they stay just friends or turn into more.

-When they did the actual painting of the dragon. I was literally having a mini heart-attack the whole time because I was so worried that someone was going to catch them and they'd be in loads of trouble and the marauders would win. I'm so glad the girls didn't get caught!

-The scene where everyone is seeing the prank and reacting to it. I loved the way you explained it and the imagery you gave us. It was a really great way to finish off the chapter, I think, and I really enjoyed how you described it all!

This was a really wonderful chapter, and I really am so sorry that it took me so long to get to it! I hope you re-request.

xoxo Sarah

P.S. I could never get sick of you ;)

Author's Response: Hi Sarah! Haha, really don't worry about the time, I'm in no rush and I haven't been around much myself either, so I don't blame you. Yay! *throws around a handful of rainbows*

Ahh yay! I'm glad Remus is written well and that it seems in character for him to act like that. It's wonderful to hear you liked their interaction in that scene! That was one of my favourite scenes to write in this chapter. Haha, yeah, you can ship whoever you want, I'm not standing in your way. All I'm going to say here is Maybe. Who wants to spoil the fun of guessing? :p Anyway haha. I am so happy to hear that Peeves was spot on as well, and Filch too! Thank you!

Ah great I'm glad it flowed well. Hm that part about Filch... at the end of the previous chapter I had mentioned the Hogsmeade weekend, but that's a good point maybe I should add a line in as a refresher at the beginning of this one, just in case anyone else took a long break between chapters 2 and 3!

Thank you for such a thoughtful review! I appreciate it a lot. ♥

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Review #38, by 800 words of heaven Counterstroke

8th March 2014:

It has been so long since I read this story - which always seems to be the case :( I always forget how much I missed it until I start reading it again - which is also always the case :P

And so the prank war begins! I cannot wait to see what the Marauders have up their sleeve! I found it really amusing how she refers to Remus separately from James and Sirius. And Remus had a chance to shine again by showing that he's well aware why his friends go around acting like idiots all the time.

I get the impression that no one likes Snape. I find that a little strange since Slytherins are known for looking after their own, but I guess Snape gives off vibes which mark him as belongin to no-mans-land. Will he be making an appearance throughout the story? I'm excited to see in which direction you take him.

It's wonderful how you've set up Regulus as a follower already. It's a nice way to link him to canon, where he follows what his family expects of him, and thus ends up becoming a Death Eater - and then hating it. Perhaps he'll get to show the other side of him, with all those hidden depths and deep-rooted courage by standing up to Elliot Jasper in some way later on!

It's also interesting how you've shown people of other Houses rally around her despite her being a Slytherin. I guess all bets are off when Slytherins pick on other Slytherins - you know something is definitely wrong with that picture!

The plot thickens! I hope to be back soon(er) :)

Author's Response: Haha, well I haven't been around much lately and I think this must be my first time playing review tag in like a month and a half, so no worries! But I'm glad you like the story enough to miss it, haha.

At this point she has talked to Remus a little, but James and Sirius have had no reason to bother talking with her much - so they're like a whole separate problem, haha.

Well, I don't know if it's that no one likes Snape... I wouldn't see him as really popular, but some people like him. Melanie used to be his friend - this of course is getting to the tail end of their friendship as they've stopped trusting each other now, so really it's probably her slightly biased narration that gives that impression of no one liking him!

I'm glad you liked Regulus in here, and thought it adhered to canon! You know,I kind of wish I'd included him more often than I did in this fic. I like that idea of him standing up to Jasper!

Well, she's not exactly popular, so having support from other houses was a big deal to her. Yeah, I think when there's a Slytherin versus another Slytherin, people would rally around the one that doesn't pick on them!

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #39, by oldnumberseven  Stepping on a Serpent

8th March 2014:
Hello again :D

I want to start off by saying that you have a great attention to detail. All of the pranks mentioned in this fic are so original and funny, as are scenes like the Muggle April Fools joke and riding bikes with Balancing Charms. I love stories that have little connections to the Wizarding World/the 1970s, so bravo for making your story so realistic!

On that note, I love that all the characters are starting to think about their lives after school and what the war will do to them. It's interesting to see that Charlotte's death was a wake up call, not just for Melanie and Mandy, but for the other Slytherins as well. In all of JK's books, we see the Gryffindor perspective, but I haven't read a lot of fics that show the Slytherin side of things, especially during the First War. As I mentioned before, that's the number one thing I love about this fic - I'm a Hufflepuff myself but I love getting to know other houses by reading phenomenal fics like yours :D

Btw, I was fangirling so hard when Melanie were fighting/snogging. Gah, I love them.

Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Eee! So great to see another review from you! Thanks, I'm glad you like the amount of detail. Sometimes I wondered if I added too much so the plot didn't move forward, haha - I love adding details like that to set the scene and the time period so it feels real, ya know? So yay thank you, I'm glad it feels realistic and original :)

I wrote this section of the story when I was beginning to wonder what on earth I was doing with ny own life, so it showed up here :p But yeah, I think for these students who are leaving school and heading into a world at war, things get a lot more intense and they have to think seriously about the future.

Thanks, I'm really happy that you like the Slytherin perspective and getting to know the house - though I'm a Hufflepuff too! :p

Hehe, I enjoyed writing that scene :D

Thanks so much for another fab review!

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Review #40, by toomanycurls Stepping on a Serpent

8th March 2014:
I'M GOING TO DIE FROM HAPPINESS!!! YOU MENTIONED ME!! Whoo. Had to get the shouts out early.

Oh dear, April Fools with a pureblood in a muggleborn house... you did a hilarious job with that. :D Not the dishes! What if they were centuries old china from someone important!?!?!

Balancing charms - I need one for my bike.

I'm happy they got Charlotte healing time. Their trip to the cemetary was a great scene.

When you said it wasn't as good as the previous Easter, I thought it might have been a dramatic holiday and I was glad to be wrong.

Yay!!! I hope Mel gets to have a lot of unspeakable fun!!!

Um, if Mandy becomes a rockstar clothes designer, that'd be rad. :D

ahaha, I love Mandy's recruitment technique for their duelling practice club. Just shout it at the CR. I love her a little. I love the line about snakes being stepped on biting back. Such a perfect way to talk about their need to defend themselves. I'm so glad that Mel and Mandy are leading the group!! They're such good teachers and *hugs story*. I want to smack Hector just wanting to look out for himself through all this. It's pretty cool that each house has their own defense group!

Um, you know what this chapter is lacking? SNOGGING!

Oh hey, there's Sirius and Remus. :)

hehe, I like that Sirius and Mel dueled a bit. Now they should snog. ;) WHOO! SNOGGING!!

O.O I need the next chapter now! This was amazing. And I have no idea why the scarecrow got an award.


Author's Response: I had to, your consistently wonderful reviews have been one of the best things about posting this story!

Hehe, I'm glad you liked April Fools :p Melanie isn't technically a pureblood, as her granddad (who was mentioned like twice) is Muggle-born, but she definitely knows as much about electricity as your average pureblood! Well, if they were heirloom china dishes... they *were* heirloom china dishes :p

I'm really glad you liked the cemetery scene too. There was never closure before so I think they needed that.

Oh goodness, I'm just imagining the types of clothing Mandy would design and coming up with all these hilarious images in my mind. I think her sense of fashion is quite silly :p

Yay! Its great to hear that you like their defense group and the way they lead it. With Hector... it's not so much that he's only looking out for himself, more that he's a pacifist. He believes in the cause that his friends want to fight for, and he supports them, but he doesn't want anything to do with war.

hold your hippogriffs, I wouldn't leave a chapter that's dedicated to you without any snogging scenes. Next time I'll put a little disclaimer at the top of the chapter that says "Scroll to line 37 for the snogging."

I'll put up the next chapter after my entry to your Princess Bride challenge gets validated ;)

And the scarecrow won an award because he was OUTSTANDING IN HIS FIELD. Ba-dum chhh.

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Review #41, by Niharika The Long Road

7th March 2014:
Thanks for writing these :) I really enjoy reading it. I like how you put in the part about the Marauder's Map getting confiscated. Thanks for sticking to J.K.'s version of events!

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you so much! I am thrilled that you enjoy the story. I try to include as much canon stuff as I can and keep the story in JK's fantastic world, so I'm glad you liked the inclusion of the map being confiscated. Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #42, by J E P Andela Stepping on a Serpent

7th March 2014:
Oh, I've always been attached to the marauders era. It seemed like such a joyous time, especially at Hogwarts. I wish it would never end.

But as always, the lovely stories always comes to an end too quickly. I believe Hogwarts was at its biggest glory those days.

I miss Charlotte, I think she would have been proud to see the dueling clubs! and that Mel got accepted for the Department of Mysteries! That's so cool.

It was a nice touch when they went to her grave. I almost cried. Really.

I realise I'm useless at leaving reviews and I wish I could write something special, 'cause your writing keeps me coming back to this site only to read this wonderful story! You really deserves the best!!

Thank you, for sharing this with me, and everyone else that's lucky enough to find it!

Love, JP

Author's Response: I think the Marauders era would have been so much fun too! Definitely joyous for the most part, but the war was simmering in the background the whole time - so it's kind of the best and the worst of times. (...Not trying to quote Dickens there but it's an applicable statement haha)

I missed writing Charlotte too - I think she'd have enjoyed the duelling team, yeah. Aw, I'm glad that scene at the grave was touching though. And yay for Mel getting accepted at the Dept of Mysteries!

You are absolutely *not* useless at leaving reviews - all your reviews have been SO amazing and put a smile on my face every time! ♥ I appreciate it so much! I am so flattered by your compliments on my writing. Thank you so much, it is wonderful to hear that you've been enjoying the story!

Don't worry though, it's not over yet! There are still three more chapters (well, one more and then a long epilogue) ;)

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Review #43, by oldnumberseven  The Long Road

4th March 2014:
Hello there! I'm sorry that this is the only review I've written so far - because normally when I really like a story, I review every chapter - but I've been swamped with my own story, work, etc. So I apologize for not showing this fic more love, but hopefully this will sort of make up for it ;)

I adore your plot. Adore it to bits! I really only read Marauder fics these days so usually I come across the same recycled plot lines - and since I've been on this site for a number of years, I can tell you that they get old. Well, I shouldn't say that. Some cliches can be done if the writer breathes life into them ... but I'm rambling now. What I really want to say is that I love Melanie. She's fresh, original, and the main reason why I kept reading.

I love that she's a Slytherin because it adds to all the sexual tension between her and Sirius; "Omg, I like you, but you're a Slytherin so therefore I should hate you" kind of stuff. But even though she isn't your typical Slytherin because she runs away from her pureblood family - love that part by the way, love it! - she still has some "snake like" features, if you know what I mean. She's feisty! It's also so awesome that she's a prankster. And not one of those 5th Marauder types, but someone who actually enjoys the sport of it all.

So her relationship with Sirius is fabulous. They have these really tender moments, yet they are both rather stubborn and not willing to acknowledge their true feelings, so they have some dramatic ones as well. But that's why I love them together - I feel like Sirius has to end up with a strong female type who he butts heads with every so often :)

And her friends! Melanie is surrounded by some wonderful OCs! I have to admit, I wasn't very fond of Mandy in the beginning, but she's grown on me. And Charlotte, oh Charlotte. Horrible way to go, but I'm glad Melanie is trying to better herself because of it.

I have only one critique. I love/completely support Melanie running away from her family, but I was expecting a little bit more backlash. Now I admit that I'm writing this review several chapters after the event, so I could be totally forgetting a lot of stuff ... but I kept wanting someone in Slytherin to start talking down to her or pranking her behind her back. It seems that they all sort of let it go and didn't bother her at all. If someone like Charlotte died because she rejected the Dark Lord's principles, I thought something scarier was going to happen to Melanie as well. But this is only something minor, because I love that most of her Slytherin friends don't care. I just thought that maybe Snape or Lester would pick on her more.

But overall, this is a fantastic fic. Seriously, way to go - great writing!!



Author's Response: Ugudjvydjdgvxdghd

Hi Carly! This is such a lovely review - of course I don't mind that you haven't reviewed every chapter because I totally understand that people have lives outside of hpff. But your amazing and thoughtful review is like a warm blanket I want to wrap myself in forever. Ok so now I'll try to respond properly rather than just gushing hehe.

It is SO great to hear that you love the plot and that Melanie is original. I'm glad you like the Slytherin aspect too - I wanted to show that rivalry in a fun way, and kind of a better side to Slytherin than is shown in the books. That said, I'm glad you see the standard snake qualities in her as well.

Heh, yeah I think Sirius needed to be with someone who challenges him sometimes - I'm glad you agree and that you like them together! :D I'm all about strong female characters.

Lol, Mandy can be shallow and frivolous but she has a good heart. I think she's grown up since the beginning. Yeah... I really hated writing that part with Charlotte, but I had to... :(

You make a good point about the rest of the Slytherins and how they'd probably react if they knew, but she didn't tell anyone but her closest friends. Over time some people probably did find out, but I don't know that the entirety of Slytherin house would be aware of the specifics, or that Melanie would be particularly bothered by Jasper's opinion of her anymore.

Gah, I can't thank you enough for this fantastic review! I appreciate it so much!! ♥

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Review #44, by Maelody A Message and a Mess

2nd March 2014:
Haha, I'm just going to go with yes on what I've PMed you! :D

Your chapters NEVER disappoint! I'm so happy with this story, and I love, simply just LOVE how you write the Marauders! They're so hard to get down, and you do a wonderful job at it! You're so creative with the pranks! I'm jealous! haha :)

Melanie has a brother? Ooh,I hope she's overreacting. A bond with your sibling is always important! Then again, maybe the bond of losing a brother to the dark side would create a bond between her and Sirius... Oh I just can't decided if I want her with Remus or Sirius yet! xD

I love Sirius here! "I understand you can't help falling for me. But you know, you could have just given the flowers to me; you didn't have to bow down at my feet." So him! So smooth, and so cheesy! xD And the fact that James gives Filch flowers everything is something I definitely see him doing. Poor guy. Those crazy kids probably made him even crazier than he was!

I like Amanda. She seems like a great friend! "Something a little more subtle, maybe," cracked me up! That's something along the lines of how my own best friend and I would banter.

To make this a little more relative to why I'm posting right this moment, I really like how Melanie and her friends are in Slytherin, but they're really not that into it. Sure, they feel their belonging (aside from Amanda), but they're not as caught up into everything as all the others seem to be. To see the Marauders befriend them in the manner that they have is interesting as well. In a time where you think they wouldn't give Slytherins the light of day, you explain very well how they've started to become friends. I love it, and you've captured the era and characters amazingly well!

Really, I've been hurrying myself through all of the speed dating entries so I could get back to this story and start catching up! I'm so glad I have, because I feel like you've nearly finished updating it on here, haven't you? You're like, 35 chapters in! That's amazing! :)

Anyway, I can't wait to read what these snakes and lions have planned for each other next! The vine trick was pretty intense, magic-wise, and the lily touch was a nice additive ;). Will Filch catch them? Or start sneezing so bad they run away without being seen? Can't wait!


Author's Response: Gaaa! You are amazing! hfisjchfisj siriusly this review has me smiling from ear to ear.

Uh. I didn't know I had a PM, thanks for letting me know and I will read it :p

I am so glad you like the way I write the Marauders! It's pretty important to me since they are, obviously, quite important to the story haha. I love coming up with pranks for them to do XD it's probably the basis for like half the story hahaha.

Her brother was briefly mentioned in the first chapter, and yeah, there's definitely more to come concerning him.

I'm glad Melanie's friendship with Mandy reminds you of you and your best friend - that's a great compliment!

Ahh thank you! I really think Slytherin house got the short end of the stick in the books, as Harry's general interactions with them weren't that positive - and it was really just Malfoy. Slytherins obviously are not all future Death Eaters - I really enjoy writing just normal Slytherins. And thanks, I'm so glad that it seems their rivalry/friendship is progressing naturally and that I've captured the era well! I'm just going to happily bask in these compliments for a while :)

Yeah, there's only 4 chapters left to be posted here.

Thank you so so much for this wonderful review! ♥ ♥ It totally made my day!

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Review #45, by toomanycurls The Long Road

17th February 2014:
You can't just post a chapter and not sky write it for me to see on my way home from work.

I love that Melanie is hoping to make Charlotte's death mean something. Thanks for the feels - thanks for the feels. I am glad that M&M are trying to be more aware and involved. That's the best thing to be in these times. Oh their planning for figuring out how to trust people after school is cute and sad (emotionally sad, not pathetic). They're facing such adult problems and they're only 17.

I'm happy that Nathan wrote and wants to meet up but where's Admiral Akbar??! someone needs to tell her "IT'S A TRAP!" I'm glad Sirius is going with her - he has a great point about Charlotte having gone to see her brother in Hogsmeade too. IF YOU KILL MEL I'LL... well, I don't know what I'll do.

BUT, YAY! HE'S TRYING TO ESCAPE! I hope he makes it okay and that Peter doesn't rat him out after she tells all her friends where he's gone (rather who he's staying with).

I love that you wrote about them losing the map to Filch. I LOVE CANON STUFF HAPPENING!

oh man, seeing the thestrals was just another reminder that they lost Charlotte. :(

Sirius is giving Mel a lot to remember for just two weeks. ;) hehe, I got a giggle about them being the last off the train!

Love this! and i'm still reading!! ME! *jumps up and down*


Author's Response: Rose! Aaa I'm so sorry about the monstrous delay to this fabulous review! I haven't had internet since the day I submitted it - that explains the lack of writing it across the sky. Next time I'll make sure to include it when I write my "Surrender, Dorothy" message in the sky.

Yeah, I think once Mel comes to terms with death, it's kind of a wake up call to really live, so she's beginning to get more involved and aware now. Gah I know, only 17. They had to grow up fast.

That meeting with Nathan definitely could have been a trap - I think both Mandy and Sirius tried the Admiral Ackbar advice on her though haha!

Other than Sirius, Mel isn't telling anyone about Nathan... even he doesnt know where he's going, anyway.

Yay! Thank you, I'm glad you liked that! I try to include as many subtle canon things as possible :)

Lolol. Yep there needed to be snogging in this chapter after a few chapters without. Otherwise you'd point out that there could have been snogging in that scene.

hehe, I'm glad you are still reading. I think you're the only one. No big, I'll just dedicate all future chapters to you! ;) Thanks again for your review, I appreciate it so much!

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Review #46, by Maelody Counterstroke

11th February 2014:
Eck, I don't like Elliot. Then again, something would be wrong if I did I guess haha.

I think it was really sweet what the students at the end were saying. It really would be a surprise back then if any Slytherin were outwardly nice.

So I'm wondering why Sirius is just always around haha. And the fact that he said he wasn't a matchmaker and that he thought Remus would choose any other girl cracked me up. Talk about a slap in the face haha. Though I'm really loving the whole process. It's been a while since I've really read a good marauder fic. :) I almost don't regret not reading it all those years ago cause now I get to enjoy it here when I really need a good laugh and story! Can't wait to move on! :D


Author's Response: Mae! You're spoiling me haha - everytime I log in I have a new review from you, and it's so exciting that I feel like getting up and dancing.

Yeah, he's not the nicest person..

I'm glad you liked that at the end. You know, I've always felt that the Slytherin reputation got worse through time, especially after the first war, so it might not have been as bad during the Marauders' time as in Harry's. But yeah either way, I doubt they were that popular among the other houses.

I'm sure Melanie is wondering the same thing haha. I'm so glad you are liking the story so far! Lol honestly it's probably best that you waited to read it, the quality of writing wasn't as good back in 2007 when I started and it's been edited since I first posted it at CoS haha. I hope you continue to enjoy the story! Thanks for your review!!

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Review #47, by Maelody Tricks and Treats, But Mostly Tricks

11th February 2014:
That's a lot of chocolate! I'd say he must only be in it for the cards, but we all know that's a lie haha.

Ooooh, a marauder-off! How cool! You're actually really creative with your pranks, too! That's why I can't do marauder era well, because thinking if those are too hard!

I really think the dragon thing was really cool! I can just imagine it flying around the stone wall! It'd be so awesome if Filch didn't get rid of it. That'd be an awesome Hogwarts secret, and to think of the students who would come across t in later hours!

Haha, where did WoodHouse come from? A unique name indeed for a cat.

Poor cyclops statue! I hope someone thought to repair him in passing. As we all know very well, the artwork in Hogwarts have lifelike ways, too.

""In case you were wondering about it, don't paint the gargoyles." XD that in itself just explains everything. Just don't. They don't like it haha.

This was a very delightful chapter! Lots of yummy Remmy! It's cool cause you still emphasize that he's a prankster after all. He's not in this group for no reason. I think some people forget that and always use him to just tell the others "no" just to follow after then anyway.

In reality, I read this last night, so I was really really tired by the time I needed to review, so I'm sorry if I'm forgetting anything. It was a great chapter though! Excited to move on! :)


Author's Response: Remus is always in it for the chocolate hehe.

ooh, thank you! I love coming up with their pranks, so much fun. I'm glad they are fun to read as well!

Mrs Woodhouse... well, since her successor Mrs Norris is named after a character from a Jane Austen novel (Mansfield Park, I think) I took the name for this one from Emma, another Austen novel :)

I'm sure rhe cyclops was returned to its former glory eventually, yes. And the painted gargoyle.

I think Remus could easily have been the mastermind behind a lot of them Marauders' pranks - or at least the wel thought out ones - but since he's quieter and doesn't show off as much, he can get away with more ;)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing - I really appreciate it!

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Review #48, by Maelody Business as Usual

11th February 2014:
Hey, look at that! I'm finally back! :D I'm so so so excited to actually get to sit down and read this now! :)

Ok, so I really like how this story focuses on how even in the marauder times, not all Slytherins are bad. You don't see that in a lot of marauder fics, and I think it's great to see something new. Melanie and Mandy are a great duo! With being anti-marauders, and not the average Slytherin, they are very likable. I'm still warming up to Charlotte since there hasn't been a whole lot of her yet.

I like how subtle you are when mentioning things that happened in the books. Like the fallout between Lily and Sev. We all know what happened, but if we didn't, it's the perfect amount of information to go off of to know they fell out. And I love your marauders. Especially Remus. I don't know why specifically him, other than how I liked the part where he handed her book back. Peter was pretty cool, too actually. You do your marauders well ;).

Well, I really like it so far. This is my favorite era! So I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: Mae ♥ It's wonderful to see you back!

I'm really glad you like Melanie and Mandy, and the focus on the lesser explored side of Slytherin. Slytherins really don't often get shown in a great light from other POVs but of course they can't all be evil, that would be ridiculous. :p Charlotte does take some warming up to, though.

I'm glad you like the subtlety too. Harry knew a lot about everything but I don't think everyone at the time had all the details the way he did! I think there's quite a few occasions in this fic where the characters have no idea what's going on, but the reader knows. Aah I'm so happy you like my portrayal of the Marauders too! I've always seen Remus as the nicest, and most likely to be friendly to a Slytherin. And though I hate Peter for what he did later, he was their friend at this time so hecan't have been too dislikeable then :p

Thank you so so much for reading and for this lovely surprise review!

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Review #49, by Rumpelstiltskin Progression

11th February 2014:
Okay I'm here now! :D (I said, announcing myself like I'm important...)

Whoo Apparition! Aw, Melanie will be able to do it in due time. I also would like to know what twirling with more deliberation involves/means. Whatever it means, she did it!! Well, kind of... and that's enough for one day :). You have to love her train of thought.

And Luke is back. Perhaps Peeves can permanently adhere the trash bin to his head ;). I shouldn't be so hard on him, because I really have no reason to hate him...but...Sirius!

Happy Birthday, Remus! The Marauders should try to make it a point to see the girls (it's not very nice). What? Omg guys you can't just do that in the corridors? -_- Only James Potter would strap brooms to his feet and race somebody. Though, I could see Sirius and James switching places in this scenario, so I guess I should say, only James or Sirius.

Things ARE more fun when you don't feel like you're suffocating ;). Ooh, patronous! Before I read the next chapter, I'll look up the qualities behind a horse and a fox...because I'm too tired to do extra research right now. *Cough* And, of course, I have to do that or else I'll drive myself crazy. :D

Well, yeah...Sirius is obnoxious, but he's adorable so that completely makes up for it, right? *Cough* I'm still waving the anti-Luke flag!

Happy Birthday, James! See? Sirius is adorable! :D.

Happy Birthday, Mandy!

Okay, I think I covered all of the birthdays ;).

Awesome job, as always.


Author's Response: *plays trumpet for the fanfare of the arrival of Rumpel*

Ha, I'm glad you enjoy Melanie's train of thought. I myself wonder what twirling with deliberation is. Apparition sounds impossible for people who get distracted easily. I'd end up splinching myself everywhere. On the bright side though, that means I could be in two places at once!

Anyway. Haha, I love reading your criticism of Luke :D

No one tells James and Sirius you can't do that. They are a bit out of control arent they. What is Hogwarts without absurd excitement in the corridors?

haha, I'm one of those people who likes symbolism too, so I can't blame you for looking it up!

There are way too many birthdays in this chapter. I should have put Mandy's at a different time! :p Oh well, a chapter of birthday festivities.

Thank you so much for your review ♥

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Review #50, by toomanycurls Echoes

9th February 2014:

did you have to kill her? did you have to make me cry? Now I regret all the bad thoughts I had about Charlotte. I can't believe her own brother did that. My heart is breaking and and :'(

Everything about this chapter gave me the feels. Serious, deep feels. never kill anyone again because I don't know if i could take it. You do grief too well.

I was glad that Nathan felt regret for being on Voldemort's side after seeing what it meant. At least he's not completely evil.

Mel's sadness was just overwhelming. Her sadness and apathy after Charlotte's death is just too real. I am glad that it at least caused Rachel and Alanna to rethink what it means for purebloods to be all high and mighty.

I thought I was done crying over this until you talked about Charlotte saying she'd come back as a ghost and Mel's hope - that stupid, impossible hope people get after they lose someone - that she'd be there in spirit.

Mel's return to class was quite emotional for me too - I loved Lily's quiet support and Sirius sticking by her side. I especially liked that Mel realized that people care about her and had cared about Charlotte.

YAY! SIRIUS TOLD MEL ABOUT HIS SPECIAL DOG POWA! I really needed something slightly fluffy here - thank you. I love that he brought her tea and got Mel to leave her room of sadness. yay for a ray of hope.

for the first time I'll agree with your decision to not have snogging in the chapter


Author's Response: Gah, I'm sorry *hands over tissue* I didn't want to write this either. I was in a horrible mood after writing this chapter - it felt like it was one of my own friends who had died, rather than a fictional character.

It was an accident, although that doesn't make it any better - it was a pointless death, but I think there were probably a lot of those during the war, people who weren't involved and suffered anyway.

Thank you so much though - I am glad it was touching. It really means a lot to me that you were able to connect with it so much.

This chapter was so emotional that I thought it needed something a little lighter at the end. I'm glad you liked that part!

*hugs* because I think that's necessary after this chapter. Thanks so much for reading and for you review ♥

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