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Reading Reviews for Fallen
65 Reviews Found

Review #26, by lux Pancakes

6th December 2016:
really loving this, I'm excited to see where it is going!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter so it should be up soon xx

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Review #27, by luna1306 Pancakes

27th November 2016:
Please update I love this story so much!

Author's Response: Update coming v soon! Sorry for the long wait xx

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Review #28, by baletgir Pancakes

2nd November 2016:
Please update soon!!

I read all of complicated and this in the last week or so and I love them and I want more!!! Please please please update!

Author's Response: Oh yay I'm so glad you're enjoying it. New chapter should be up soon xx

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Review #29, by Emmoo Pancakes

17th October 2016:
So Im super new to your Stories and just bulked read Complicated and this whilst procrastinating from uni one night, but dude Im so hooked (And I don't usually really like reading fan fictions all together as I find the writing often frustrating, so this is really something).
You are such a fun and awesome writer.
I love how real and relatable the characters are, none of them are particularly wholly good and perfect all the time (Except maybe Albus and Rose), which is something I loved about the Harry Potter series and am so glad you could bring back in your fan fiction.
Also I have to say that Cassie was the one character I couldn't stand in Complicated, but now reading her in this, Im finding myself very sympathetic to her which I think just comes back to some really good writing.
Im curious to see a lot more of James, (and his relationships with Cadence, Albus and Jason), because Im so on the fence with him and a character. He seems like a really good bloke and a fun character but then he does such iffy stuff (mainly in complicated), he also seems so hero worshipped by Jason and Albus, who are generally good people, so I really want to see what it is about him to make him like that to them and if its deserved. Im just really intrigued by it as he actually hasn't featured a whole lot in either of your stories, despite there being a lot of talk about him.

Any way keep up the good work.
Keen to seeing more of what you do! xx

Author's Response: Oh yay thank you so much! I'm so glad you like the characters.

Your comments about James are really interesting and I've been having a think about how to show him in a bit more detail, so let me know what you think about the next few chapters if you're still reading!

Emma xx

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Review #30, by She who must NEVER be named Pancakes

16th October 2016:

Cassie WTF??
You really messed it all up
And half naked too.

--- LE END ---


amazing chapter as always PLUS it was updated sooner which adds up to the awesomeness.

Btw when is Liv's wedding coming soon? In a couple of chapters? Or will it be far away? I really wanted to see Ginny's reaction to Cassie appearing half naked in her son's apartment.

Bah well atleast I got to meet cadence at last.


( the else is underlined, it's just hidden under Harry's invisibility cloak)

Oh well see you. For now ;)

Author's Response: Haha Cassie likes to mess things up. Next chapter's up and she does some more not great things as always.

This is going to be a lot shorter than Complicated, so the wedding's coming up in a few chapters and then it's nearly over.

And Ginny would have loved to shout at Cassie but held back because of Cadence. I was disappointed too.

Lots of love xx

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Review #31, by coolpixie Pancakes

15th October 2016:
O M G!

I totally didn't see that coming! Jason has feelings for James? Woah! That's a great plot twist! But, I have to say I'm very very disappointed in Cass. I honestly don't understand her aversion to her own daughter. I understand if she is afraid of committing to James, but her own daughter? How can she turn away from her?! I really hope she realizes if not James, she at least wants candence back in her life!

That little girl is so cute, and I'm starting to really like James, too. They are both so adorable, I just want to push Cass back to them, so they can be one happy little family T_T But, then Jason! I feel so bad for him! UGH! you have managed to make me addicted to this story. LOVE IT! I usually don't like spin offs because they somehow become lackluster but yours is completely engrossing and has its own flavor. Please keep writing and updating!

Lots of Love

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all the lovely comments! More on Jason and James soon. And I'm really pleased you liked Cadence.

I don't often like spin offs but I couldn't resist this one. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Emma xx

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Review #32, by AbraxanUnicorn Pancakes

15th October 2016:
Is there something going on between Jason and James?!

Author's Response: Ssshhh more on that later xx

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Review #33, by blackzero Pancakes

14th October 2016:
Who's that pretty lady ? Children are very possessive over their parents belongings and the cuteness which this line was executed was marvelous. James and Cassie's relationship is quite complicated. Thanks for the.update

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and taking the time to review! Emma xx

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Review #34, by coolpixie The Hen Party

10th October 2016:
I know everyone else is all iffy about the kiss from the reviews, and is afraid james has cracked too soon!

But, on the contrary, I can see that this is his heartbreak, and definitely not him forgiving cass. And you are genius for showing this kiss instead of his anger because we can see his love for cass, yet his hatred in just that one act, his pain is so apparent to me and that is genius!

It is definitely not going to be easy for cass to win back James because there comes a point where you can still love someone and realize how bad they are for you and let them go, so this could also be james's goodbye in one way, that I'm done with you and all the heart break and pain you have caused me. I don't know which way you are going to take this arc, but I know I will appreciate whichever way you do take it!

Btw, liv is adorable in this chapter! lol. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you're okay with the kiss! It's definitely a moment of weakness and confusion from James, rather than meaning all is forgiven, and i'm really pleased you thought that came across.

Next chapter just went up so their story carries on :)

And thank you for enjoying Liv! It's funny writing her from somebody else's point of view, but I hope she's recognisable from Complicated.

Lots of love, E xx

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Review #35, by Lady G The Hen Party

10th October 2016:
The girl left you and your daughter FOR YEARS and never contacted you what are you doing?!! She doesn't deserve you, at least not yet, she needs to be groveling on her bare knees

I'm sorry, but I'm just so mad, like James, I know you're messed up, but come on, think with your head. And why is Jason not protecting him more, actually letting Cassie be alone with him? I really really hope that next chapter starts with James realizing what a colossal mistake he just did and gets back home and cuddles with his daughter. Don't care about Cassie's feelings right now tbh, she needs to do a whole lot of growing up before she gets to have a chance with James and Cadence. And talking about Cadence, does Cassie care even a little? Right now it feels like she's pretending, like she's supposed to ask where she was when James was at the stag-do, but she obviously doesn't really care.

Lol, I hate your protagonist at the moment, not sure I'm ever going to like her since she's just a big pile of mess, but the rest of your characters are A+. Just hope James comes to his senses and finds someone else to make out with (Cassie is not someone to be involved with imo)

Can't wait for your next update!

Author's Response: Haha don't worry there's more developments to come! I don't like Cass much either.

Really glad you're enjoying reading. Next update should be out soon :) xx

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Review #36, by Violet Potter 434 The Hen Party

10th October 2016:
okay what?!?!?!?!?!??!
I NEEDthe next chapter now

like right now

pwetty pwease?

for moi?!

this is fab by the way love it

Author's Response: Yay so glad you're still here :)

Will try to update v soon xx

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Review #37, by blackzero The Hen Party

10th October 2016:
Oh my god what a evil way to end the chapter.Thanks for the update.The last few lines were amazing

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you're still enjoying it xx

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Review #38, by Kristina1990 The Hen Party

10th October 2016:
Uuh, sure... What?

Alright, why not? When you are a man and you see your ex-girlfriend/mother of your child kiss another woman in a steamy club, you are absolutely going to kiss her a minute later? I would be confused as hell!

Interesting development... Drama, drama, drama!

Author's Response: Haha literally all the drama and lots more to come. Thanks for taking the time to review! xx

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Review #39, by AbraxanUnicorn The Hen Party

10th October 2016:
I was looking forward to reading what Al would get wrong about Olivia and then you sent them clubbing instead!!!
Cassie might be growing on me a little bit, but James has crumbled and weakened far too early in my humble opinion. He should have been horrid to her for much longer.

Author's Response: Haha sorry! More Al and Ollie soon :)

And lots more James/Cassie drama to come so don't think he's forgiven her too quickly!

Thanks for taking the time to review xx

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Review #40, by She who must NEVER be named Confrontations

8th October 2016:
The tale of a complicated fall. (HAIKU;))

There lived a writer
She wrote complicated then
It became famous

--- END OF HAIKU 1 ---

Much later she wrote
A sequel another book
I fangirled and died


Lol , unfortunately for you not really I will forever haunt your reviews with bad haikus and other kinds of trash,



(TOTAL Hagrid moment there xD)

Author's Response: LOVE the haikus. You are magic. xx

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Review #41, by Godessoffangirls Confrontations

8th October 2016:
God your writing is simply amazing, I could just feel that passion and emotion.

Please don't ever abandon this story, it's too amazing not too,
I think I'm going to read Complicated again.

Btw have you ever had thoughts on writing a story about Lucy?

Author's Response: I have no plans to abandon it so don't worry! And Lucy features a lot in Long Live the Queen, so have a look if you fancy it :)

Thanks for reviewing! xx

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Review #42, by coolpixie Confrontations

3rd October 2016:
I love this!

I'm not gonna lie after reading complicated, I really did not like cass and james, but you have made cass a complicated and likable character in this story and I'm looking forward to more of her and james' story and also getting to know their daughter and possibly cass's love for her? Ugh! So many possibilities! Totally looking forward to everything you write!

Btw, I'm a big scorose fan, so I'm gonna shamelessly ask this anyways; do you have any plans of writing a one-shot or anything of how they got together or of their relationship? I admit I'm curious!

Lots of Love

Author's Response: oh my god I want to write scorose so badly but the idea I have is very much novel length so I think will need to wait until I'm a bit further with the stuff I've got at the moment. But yes look out for a mystery/action/adventure set between complicated and fallen...

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! So glad you're enjoying it :) xx

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Review #43, by Violet Potter 434 Confrontations

2nd October 2016:
new story from you

I like it
I like it very much

great chapters so far
cant wait for the next

from me xx

Author's Response: Violet you're back! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading. E xx

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Review #44, by AbraxanUnicorn Confrontations

1st October 2016:
Hurrah, an update :)
I feel so sorry for James. I really want things to get better for him soon, but I don't want Cas.sie to be the medicine that he needs!!
Ah well, I look forward to finding out what you are going to put your characters through in the next chapter :)

Blimey, this system is a bit OTT over what it thinks are swear words, haha!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Definitely still lots more to put the characters through...

Emma xx

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Review #45, by Ray Confrontations

1st October 2016:
Just excellent. It's so scary being in Cassie's situation. I'm glad she's trying. I thought she just leave after last chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Emma xx

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Review #46, by She who must NEVER be named Dress Fitting

27th September 2016:
Mon chèrie,


I have never in my life seen such beautiful writing, keep up the good work!

Btw if you need any ideas or something to cheer you up if you are going through a block, DONT be afraid to ask

Author's Response: Thank you!! I really needed this today. And will definitely ask for ideas :) although not sure who you are because you must never be named. xx

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Review #47, by godessoffangirls Dress Fitting

27th September 2016:
Pls update im now hooked on this.

You are an incredible writer who should publish your own book someday and if you do just let me know ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad to hear you're enjoying it :) xx

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Review #48, by Margie Dress Fitting

24th September 2016:
Hello Emma,

So this is very interesting - seeing how they're all doing. It's funny to think of Liv being the centre of attention and loving it but it's lovely to think of her being so happy there. Her and Albus are wonderful ^^ and oh I love their house!!

I don't have a lot of patience for Cassie but I have to respect her coming back again in the face of almost universal dislike and I am curious to see how this pans out.

It's odd but I'm also intrigued by Louis, even though we have only seen a little bit of him. Maybe because he doesn't seem to have hit his stride in life the way some of the others have which is something I could say about myself at some points in my early twenties. Or maybe because he seems so unapologetic about it?

Anyway, this is all by the by! I'm enjoying this and looking forward to reading more. Oh I wanted to comment on a very small detail. If you have magic to help you through a wedding, why would you use it to change your figure when you could just change the dress? That way a bride could enjoy their wedding without worrying about their weight so much. It just seems less depressing that way... Unless I misunderstood?

Margie x

Author's Response: Margie! I'm glad you found your way here :)

Liv's grown up a bit and I think other people also see her a little differently to the way she sees herself. I'm glad you're enjoying her and Albus. It's nice to give them a break to just be happy.

And I LOVE writing Louis so I'm really happy that you mentioned him. He'll feature a bit more in this story, and I'm increasingly tempted to write more about him because I enjoy him a lot.

Your point about the dress is spot on. Not sure what I was thinking haha. If I come back and edit I'll keep it in mind :)

Thank you as always! You're wonderful xx

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Review #49, by putitonpaper Dress Fitting

18th September 2016:
This is great! I know this is a story about Cassie but to be completely honest, I think I'm most excited about the Al/Ollie wedding right now. Your characters are fantastic. I love them all.

I almost thought James was actually going to have a conversation with her. Almost. Very well done.

Author's Response: Haha I'm probably most excited about the Al/Ollie wedding as well to be honest.but we've got a bit of drama to go before we get there :)

Thanks for reviewing! Emma xx

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Review #50, by Kristina1990 Dress Fitting

18th September 2016:
“I’m the boss. Nobody can complain."

Excellent answer.

He slammed the door shut in my face.

Outch. Deserved. But still outch.

I was about to throw a tantrum when she avoided Scorpius, but was so proud when she made it all the way to James' front door. I wonder how the family reunion will work out (if James ever opens the door again and is open for it).

I honestly don't want to be in Cassie's skin right now. So awkward.

Author's Response: Haha I would have forgiven you for throwing a tantrum. Cassie's avoidance of Scorpius is admittedly in part because I'm not quite sure how he'll react to her. They've all grown up a lot but she hurt him deeply, and I think Liv's being a little optimistic to think he'll be fine with her now.

Next chapter coming soon! Thanks for taking the time to review :)

Emma xx

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