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Review #26, by taga In the Arms of the Enemy

22nd June 2009:
you are most definately amazing. i cant even describe how choked up my throat is, and how constricted me lungs are. this story is genius. to hell, if it gets happier, or not. i love sad stories, and you my friend, have a gift.

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Review #27, by Gabriella Gryffindor A stupendous idea

29th May 2009:
pleae will you update soon!!! i really want to find out what happens!!! i've been waiting for an updae for ags and would love to read more pleae. I love this sto5y!!!

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Review #28, by Hermionetwin A stupendous idea

5th March 2009:
Love it! Can't wait for the next one!!!

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Review #29, by dracoluvr347 A stupendous idea

31st January 2009:
i think that this story is absolutely Stupendous! i love it and i cannot wait for another chapter!

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Review #30, by X_Dracolove_X A stupendous idea

30th January 2009:
Love it!!! Keep going!

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Review #31, by emotionalrangeofateaspoon or ally A stupendous idea

25th December 2008:
Wow this is amazing! i think i might even like it just as much if not more then Two to Tango! It's so much more real because everyone goes through 'dead' times in there life so everyone can relate in some way to how shes feeling. I love how you have written this! please get more out fast!

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Review #32, by NitumJ A stupendous idea

30th October 2008:
great story u got there!!!. just keep on updating..
i really like ur Draco... just one thing... make him more Malfoy-ey... got wat i mean??
but otherwise the story is really good and the grammer and writing style is really good.
great going!

Author's Response: Looking back I think one of the reasons I couldnt finish this story was because I had lost my grip on his true Malfoy-ness and it was too hard to get it back. I'm happy you liked it otherwise though, and I'm sorry I never got around to finishing it :(

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Review #33, by book lover A stupendous idea

27th April 2008:
i really like this story so please update asap!

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Review #34, by Dramioneluver99 A stupendous idea

9th April 2008:
Omg, i love where this story is going, and where its gone. haha. I love your writing, i finished two to tango and one fine day in two days, i was sitting at my computer for hours non stop reading it. Im a big fan of draco/hermione pairings. I cant wait until the next chapter comes out! please please please continue this story!

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Review #35, by Anna A stupendous idea

7th April 2008: this the last chapter..its it??!
i loovveee your story so farr...i was up till 3am reading it..and started reading again as soon as i got upp =]

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Review #36, by deeps85 A stupendous idea

19th March 2008:
very well written
please dont dont dont abandon this
keep going and do fit in other characters please... it would be good to see how are they goin

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Review #37, by Bookworm1990 Incredable Magnetism

16th March 2008:
OMG OMG OMG!!! When Draco started to unbutton his shirt...well...let's just say I had to squeegee my monitor! LOL Wow, I could totally picture that scene down to the last detail and boy, was that HOT! AWESOME writing, I LOVE it and that scene is as memorable as it gets! WAY TO GO and can't wait for your next updates!

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Review #38, by Bookworm1990 A stupendous idea

16th March 2008:
I can't wait to read the next installment! You really draw in your readers and we feel like we're there with the characters! I hope we are fortunate enough to see an update soon!

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Review #39, by RebelYellNiki A stupendous idea

13th March 2008:
We need an update!!!

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Review #40, by x__meggii__x In the Arms of the Enemy

18th February 2008:
Oh my god. So beautifully written. And now you've made me cry!

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Review #41, by Alix A stupendous idea

8th February 2008:

I love all your writing, from Two to Tango to this. It's all great!

Write on!

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Review #42, by natt A stupendous idea

12th January 2008:
*cry cry* no, that can't POSSIBLY be all... can it? i eagerly await your next update, please don't leave my poor heart aching for too long!

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Review #43, by natt Until then...

12th January 2008:
me again!! you should be flattered. hehe, not really though. just thought i'd inform you that even your spelling errors bring joy to my life. such as soul purpose, instead of sole (like, only) purpose. i don't know if you meant it that way, but hey! it works. and then, in the article... the Prophet hopes H. will be back in the "pubic" eye... hehe, just one little letter

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Review #44, by natt My everything

12th January 2008:
oh!! GASP!!! YAY! so, i guess it just wont let u have 2 WIP's? well wonderful. lovely!! great. ^.^ It isn't love unless it hurts= the BEST!

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Review #45, by pinklady24 A stupendous idea

3rd January 2008:

You're stories never fail to suck me in. I now I have completely legitimate reason to forgo cleaning my house. Excellent.

Can't wait for the next update!

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Review #46, by Fanatic My everything

6th December 2007:
This is great stuff... So, so, so sad... I can't believe they all died. Poor Molly and Ginny and Hermione... Very good writing- loving the story so far.

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Review #47, by Felcisgirl A stupendous idea

28th November 2007:
Absolutely Love it!! Can't wait for an update!

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Review #48, by Ashleylynne87 A stupendous idea

11th October 2007:
Great great story and I can't wait for the rest! I love your writing!!!

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Review #49, by mlhmessy A stupendous idea

9th October 2007:
more more more. you are my fave author and I'm so excited that I want more! e! so yeh... I will keep checking back!

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Review #50, by lunar_feather A stupendous idea

30th September 2007:
This story is so great!!!

I honestly hope you update this story. It seems to good to be abandoned.

Great job! =)

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