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Review #26, by Hdenizzz Chapter Twenty-five

14th August 2015:
When will the new chapter come? Can't wait.

Author's Response: It's awaiting validation so it should be with you shortly!!!

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Review #27, by anglika Chapter Twenty-five

9th August 2015:
Wow thanks for the update.superb chapter. Plz update next chapter soon

Author's Response: Aww thank you! Writing the next chapter now so it shouldn't be too long! Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #28, by Diana Hanson Chapter Twenty-five

7th August 2015:
More, please! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Author's Response: Yes. Yes. Yes. There will be more I'll be updating sometime this week so keep an eye out!
Thanks for reviewing it means a lot!

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Review #29, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter Twenty-five

6th August 2015:
deem, you ruined cora and james friendship :(
hope they make up soon, and get together, please :)

Author's Response: I'm sorry!
They will make up... Eventually... I promise!
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #30, by Derek Chapter Twenty-five

6th August 2015:
I want to see James see Krum off the beaten path with his boyfriend so he drops midnight and looks for Cora. This way he can look even more a fool when she tells James there never could have been a her and krum

Author's Response: Mwhahahahh I'll see what I can do.
Writing the hogsmeade chapter now so it'll be with you as soon as I can!!
Thank you reviewing it means a lot!

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Review #31, by cocopops Chapter Twenty-five

6th August 2015:
No, crying on the inside. James is my fave, but he is seriously acting like a dbag.. Can't wait too see how much of an idiot he'll feel like when Krum comes out.

Author's Response: You can't wait to see it and I can't wait to write it!
I think that'll be one of my favourite chapters to write. I'm just finishing the hogsmeade chapter so it should be with you soon!
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #32, by Hdenizzz Chapter Twenty-five

6th August 2015:
Another amazing chapter but it wasn't enough for me.
You know what I hope youre in for the surprise of your life when Krum tries it on with you tomorrow. You can pretend the problems all start with me Greengrass, but youre just as much to blame. If you didnt throw yourself at everyone with a broom between their legs-
This was a little bit true but very harsh. It was Cora that said they couldn't be together but the thing that James said it was very rude. So the think ı want from the next chapter is a James that begs to Cora for forgiveness. And by the way don't let them lose against Beauxbaton, I don't like Midnight.
I want to ask a question that I have forgotten to ask before you asker if we had recognized Leah but from where we should have?
Anyway waiting new chapters!!! Keep going!

Author's Response: Ah I'm glad you liked the chapter! And thank you for reviewing again!
And yes what James said was a little harsh, ok extremely harsh! But don't worry they'll be having another conversation very soon!!

And basically a while back I asked for some inspiration for characters and one person gave me Leah, so it was a direct question to the creator of Leah aha.

And I'm writing the next chapter so I'll be updating soon!

Thank you again for reviewing it means. A lot!!!

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Review #33, by Fer Chapter Twenty-five

5th August 2015:
Well this is pretty amazing, I loved it and I really hope to see what happens in Hogsmeade pretty soon, thank you very much.

Author's Response: Ah I'm glad you liked it, you'll be finding out very soon about hogsmeade just finishing the chapter now so I'll be updating as soon as I can!
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #34, by Jacob Chapter Twenty-five

5th August 2015:
YOU CANT JUST STOP THERE UGH. hahaha love the chapter though! can we just get Hogsmeade over with and get to some quidditch lol

Author's Response: Hahaha I'm sorry!!! And yeah hogsmeade is next chapter and then it's straight back to the final games of quidditch!!
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #35, by Hdenizzz Chapter Twenty-four

5th August 2015:
Hi , again me. I just want to say I really like Lena. Would you consider to write something abouther and freddie? Thanks?

Author's Response: Aha hello again! And yes I'm still writing the hogsmeade chapter so I'll make sure I have a bit with her and Freddie in!

Again thank you for Reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #36, by Hdenizzz Chapter Twenty-four

5th August 2015:
Perfect story but short chapter ! When can we read the next chapter? Can't wait. 😊

Author's Response: Thank you!! And I know it was terribly short but the good news is the next chapter is in the queue waiting for validation so it shouldn't be too long now!
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot 💙💙

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Review #37, by cocopops Chapter Twenty-four

30th July 2015:
Yay! This made me so happy! And cudos to Krum for finally being honest with who he is.

Poor James... He really should stop being such a pansy. And definitely stop trying to outdo Cora by always ending up with Midnight. They do not go well together since they both can be a bit self-centered. They need people in their life that bring out the best in them ;)

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!
The next chapter is up for validating so it will be with you shortly!
And you're right James should stop being a pansy, so the next chapter will either make you extremely happy or extremely sad... Spoilers...
Thank you for reviewing, it really does mean a lot!!

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Review #38, by Lacey Chapter Twenty-four

30th July 2015:
I love quidditch, I love this story and I love these characters.
So happy about this update I'm bursting at the seams.

I could always do with a little more James and Cora action :P
I would love to see them get to know each other better, but I can clearly see quidditch is everyone's top priority right now. :P

Cannot wait for the next chapter. Thank you for writing this story and thank you for continuing to update. (:

Author's Response: Aww yay! Thank you, this made me really happy!

Don't worry there is plenty quidditch, and Cora and James action to come.

I think the next chapter is going to be split in two again but I've got 2000 words of it written so I'll update it some time today!
Thank you for sticking with the story, I really appreciate it !!

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Review #39, by jacob Chapter Twenty-four

29th July 2015:
THANK YOU FOR FINALLY UPDATING! i've been going crazy thinking about this story. It's very well written and quidditch is one of my favorite parts of the wizarding world. Please try and update as fast as possible and finish this story out hahaha :)

Author's Response: Ah I'm glad you're happy! Writing the next chapter now gonna update this week! I will finish this story yet! Thank you for reviewing means a lot!

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Review #40, by cocopops Chapter Twenty-Three

25th July 2015:
I have now read this story three times, and it's not enough when you don't get to read how the story ends, what will become of Cora and James, will Lily be able to play and so many other things... Please say you're soon going to update the story :):):):) it's too good not too!

Author's Response: Oh no, please don't make me feel bad ok I'm going to turn on my old laptop and fish this story out. I think I have part of the next chapter written, I remember starting it. So I shall finish it. I know exactly where the story is going so I really have no excuse.
Thank you so much for reviewing and getying my bottom into gear!

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Review #41, by Ell Chapter Twenty-Three

6th March 2015:
can we have a new chapter please?

Author's Response: I'm just writing the next chapter will update soon!

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Review #42, by angelika Chapter Twenty-Three

17th February 2015:
Wonderfull Chapter. Really nice. Waiting for more... !

Author's Response: Awww thank you! I shall update the next chapter as soon as possible, just bear with me!
Thank you for reviewing!!!

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Review #43, by hopey110 Chapter Twenty-Two

5th February 2015:
For the past 2 days I've done nothing but sit here and read your story! It's so brilliant. I makes me laugh, and get angry. It's just perfect. You are an amazing writer! James and Cora are just PERF for eachother. HOW MUCH LONGER. Lol, I want them to win the Quidditch cup so bad, but I know it's only a matter of time before they loose a match. Good luck and update soon!

Author's Response: Aw I hope that was not a wasted two days! I'm glad you like it, and thank you for the compliment aha. I have three thousand words written of the next chapter, so I'm going to try finish it this weekend.
It's been slow cause I've just started a new job so I've been stressing about that instead aha, but I have Saturday off so I'm going to write and update! So it won't be long!!!
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot! :)))

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Review #44, by angelika Chapter Twenty-Two

1st February 2015:
Please update soon... I am eagerly waiting for next chapter.

Author's Response: Next chapter is almost finished! Shall update as soon as I can!! Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #45, by Adam Chapter Twenty-Two

26th January 2015:
Great story overall. Good character build up and emotions. Can't wait for the next chapters.

Author's Response: Awww thank you! I'm going to put the next chapter through as soon as I can so it won't be too long promise! And don't worry there is more character building and emotions to come mwhahahah
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!

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Review #46, by Alexia Chapter Twenty-Two

26th January 2015:
I just started reading this yesterday and I'm completely in love with it. Keep up the great work, can't wait for an update.

Author's Response: As if you read it so quickly, I'm impressed! And I'm glad you liked it!
I'm just waiting for another chapter to go through on another story then I'll post twenty three through! Thank you so much for reviewing it means a lot!! :)

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Review #47, by May Chapter Twenty-Two

22nd January 2015:
Really enjoying your story

Author's Response: I'm happy that you are! I shall upload the next chapter some time tomorrow!
Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!!!

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Review #48, by padfootandmoony Chapter Twenty-Two

21st January 2015:
Awesome chapter as usual!! Ahhh Cora's so cool, I love how you've been developing her and James' characters as the story goes on. Anyway, amazing chapter!!

Author's Response: ah I'm glad you liked it!
And I'm glad you liked Cora too! and James haha.
I shall update sometime tomorrow so chapter twenty-three is not too far away!
Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #49, by May Chapter Twelve

21st January 2015:
Brilliant that was a great chapter it felt like I was there watching

Author's Response: ah I'm glad!
Thank you for reviewing, it means a lot!!!

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Review #50, by May Chapter Nine

21st January 2015:
I'm glad hog worts won

Author's Response: WO! I'm sure they're happy they won too aha!
Thank you for reviewing again, it means a lot!!! :)

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