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Review #26, by AlexFan Tutoring at its Weakest

28th June 2013:
Those two are just so awkward around each other it's hilarious! Ally is laying it on a little thick with the Phoenix hate, and James would be an idiot if he didn't start putting things together and figuring it out! And what does he mean that Ally doesn't know Phoenix like he does! He barely knows her at all! He's never even spoken to her properly!

It just hit me right now that this story is very Hannah Montanaish.

Author's Response: I did have a Hannah Montannah reference in the first chapter but I wasn't allowed to keep it cause of tos but yeah you're right with that ahah :)

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Review #27, by AlexFan Apologies of Sorts

28th June 2013:
I can't believe people are taking James's side in this! He was completely in the wrong! Sometimes I think those James Potter fan girls go a little too far. I'm on Team Phoenix!

I did feel a little sorry for James though because he looked just so darn pathetic and embarrassed.

Author's Response: I know right haha glad to hear you're team Phoenix, she'll be happy haha :-) and he deserved it haha

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Review #28, by AlexFan Nerves, Breakdowns and Suprises.

27th June 2013:
You know how when you're watching a movie and the actor does something embarrassing and you can feel it. It's like you're being embarrassed. Well, see that's how I'm feeling with James. Externally, I'm completely calm but internally I'm groaning and asking "WHY!"

I'll admit though, what he did was stupid but kind of clever!

Author's Response: I get that feeling all the time ahah and it was he'd definitely planned a head, but with horrible consequences hahaha, thank you for reviewing though means a lot!! :-)

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Review #29, by AlexFan Detentions and Distractions

27th June 2013:
I've been away from this fanfic for a while which I blame on the fact that I got sidetracked by other fanfictions. Ahem, anyway!

I can't believe that the boys actually thought that they could fool McGonagall. She knows and sees all!

But oh my God Louis, really! How is he going to find out that he really wasn't snogging Phoenix at all? I mean sure the girl doesn't look like Phoenix but apparently Louis is too dim to know that so how is he going to find out that that's not Phoenix.

Anyway, besides a few grammatical and punctuation errors this was pretty awesomesauce!

Author's Response: Awww I'm glad to hear you're back then! Haha. And I know McGonagall is omniscient! And he'd find out eventually! I apologise for the errors I plan to go back through later and change them. Again thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #30, by pookielow Nerves, Breakdowns and Suprises.

26th June 2013:

god and i thought he was better than fred and louis

Author's Response: Ahh! It's true and he is better, he planned his time with a horrible consequence mwhahahaha it gets better though! Thank you for reviewing!! :-)

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Review #31, by JKsarmy Anticipation

25th June 2013:
Tcjfjyfmhvhjfyjfjychdgrshrjfjgjhfhtydht WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME.

Cliff hangers and I have a love hate relationship it seems! And may I just tell you that this story is just BLOODY BRILLIANT (yes capitals are VERY necessary) please update soon or I may die.

I lovelovelove Ally's sassyness it's so fun to read and almost makes her more realistic which a lot of authors don't do, it really helps me to connect with Ally:)

I could literally sit here all night and just comment on everything I love about this but I will leave it at this and just say, thank you for writing Music is Might as it has been a privilege to read!

Congratulations on an amazing story!
Chloe x

Author's Response: Aw that has made me extremely happy! I'm glad you like it! And yes I will be updating soon so you won't have to wait too long!! And may I thank you for being my 50th reviewer, haha thank you! Thank you for reviewing, I shall update soon! :)

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Review #32, by willow1 Anticipation

24th June 2013:
aaaggghhh!!! write more! Im dying here!

Author's Response: Soon! Soon! I promise :)

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Review #33, by Poisoned Lily Backbone

23rd June 2013:
Hi! You reviewed my story, and I was thinking your username thing looked really familiar, then I was browsing through stories and realised that it was you! I've been following this story since the start :)
You update really quickly, which is really good, but I somehow managed to miss the last 3 updates (I don't know why, I must've been in la la land or something) :L
But just argh Ally and James together they're so cute :) Update soon!

Author's Response: Aha awww I did! Honestly yours is one of my favourite stories at the moment so thank you for that! And aww that's amazing thank you and it's fine you've caught up now haha, I should be updating soonish so keep an eye out for it! And they are aren't they, there will be more of them in the chapters to come! Thank you for reviewing!!! :-)

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Review #34, by HufflePuff_Blitz Anticipation

23rd June 2013:
great chapter! can't wait to see everyone's reactions to the secret :)

Author's Response: Mwhahahah I'm glad to hear and you will find out soon! :-) thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #35, by sophie Backbone

21st June 2013:
i love how the story is progressing and i am eager to read more, so write and update asap. now would be good...:P

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad to hear it and the next chapter will be on its way shortly, so hold in there aha. Thank you for reviewing!! :)

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Review #36, by AccioTeddyLupin Backbone

20th June 2013:
so there together now? i did like the chapter, i just thought the ending was a bit rushed, and what...

Author's Response: Haha, it should be explained in the next few chapters and I know i tried to do it so it showed how her time was running out, so i apologise if it seemed rushed but it was intended aha but thank you for reviewing!! :-)

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Review #37, by Failed_and_Forgotten Snap

17th June 2013:
Omigosh omigosh omigosh. It's really happening!!! *wide eyes with murderous glint* MUST. KILL. JAMES. or Freddie. XD Hoho.. But before that... LET ME THROW A PARTY!!! Little missy Athena FINALLY GREW A BACKBONE!! And a very strong one at that! Oooh how I love that outburst! xD I actually wanna see Sluggy's epic face. XD

Keep up the great work as always!

Author's Response: I know the secret had to come out eventually mwhahaha, it cant remain a secret forever haha but yes james and freddie did push it over the edge... I know I am very proud of her! Even if she did offend a "war hero" mwhahahhaha I'm glad you approve too! And I will try! Thank you for reviewing means a lot!!

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Review #38, by sophie Snap

17th June 2013:
i love your storyline! (your other stories as well, i find myself looking for updates almost every day...) keep it up!

Author's Response: Awww that has made me really happy! I'm glad to hear it. I have another story I might upload soon or I might wait until I've finished this one which should be soon hopefully, so keep a look out haha! Thank you for reviewing means so much!!

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Review #39, by AccioTeddyLupin Snap

16th June 2013:
holy shit. holy shit. holy shit. i don't even know even know if this is a good holy shit or a bad holy shit but holy shit, its happening.

Author's Response: Holy shit you are right!!

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Review #40, by willow1 Confrontations

14th June 2013:
Please write more! this is an amazing fic!

Author's Response: Aww I'm glad to hear it! Next chapter is awaiting validation so it will be with you sometime tomorrow hopefully I'd not it will be soon so not to worry!! And thank you for reviewing!! :-)

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Review #41, by Failed_and_Forgotten Confrontations

8th June 2013:
Oh gosh. That was hilarious. The part where she spent her summer with a beard. XD
But honestly, i don't think i want their secret out yet. Harhar. Secrets makes the world go round!! xD And it makes the settings exciting.. James that doofus! He could've told her in a nicer way... But I still ship them. Hoho.. great chapter!

Author's Response: I just wrote a reply to this and then I pressed cancel instead of preview... I'm an idiot haha.
But I am glad to hear it! Really it makes me so happy! And the secrets has got to come out eventually they all do.. But who knows how long that will be mwhahahaha. And I know right James is a doofus, silly boy. In the next chapter you'll get to see ally being a little mean... I shall update it soon! Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #42, by AccioTeddyLupin Confrontations

7th June 2013:
i swear to god if they let the secret out, im going to cry. okay, not really but it its awkward i might throw my laptop.

and that will make me upset.



Author's Response: Oh my god haha please don't throw your laptop and who knows what they'll do? Oh right I do mwhahahhaha! Thank you for reviewing!!! :)

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Review #43, by HufflePuff_Blitz Confrontations

7th June 2013:
That was so awesomely sad... poor ally :( love the part about the t-rex we know everyone does it some point in their teenage life. Keep being awesome!

Author's Response: Aw I know ahhah :( and I'm glad I'm not the only one... And I'll try! Thank you for reviewing!! :)

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Review #44, by willow1 Uncovering

2nd June 2013:
this is so amazing! it even made me excited as if i was james! i only get to be ohm computer for a little while each day so iv been pondering weather to read this for a while and i am so glad i did, ally is amazing character, i love her charcter development, humor,and charm. although it seems unlikely that the story would actually turn this way in real life, it works perfectly for the story! its also nice to see things from james' perspective, it add an extra layrt to the already fabulous story. you need to keep writing this or i will find you and murder you! it is so addicting! the best things about the story i would say are ally's reactions, they are so funny and realistic! this is so much better than it would be if it was written in the third person! i am going to read your other stories in the futer because i LOVE your writing style! yours- willow

Author's Response: Oh my god hahah I'm glad you like it! And there's no need to murder me, I'm still writing it ahhah I've finished the next chapter I just need to upload it. And I'm glad you like my writing style it makes me very happy :-D and that you love ally! Thank you so much for reviewing it means a lot!! :)

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Review #45, by willow1 Tutoring?

2nd June 2013:
aaah! is she going to tell james who she is now?

Author's Response: Who knows? Mwhahahahahha

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Review #46, by willow1 A Day in the Life of a Spy

2nd June 2013:
ok. this is amazing! pure awesome. goldmine!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!! :)

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Review #47, by AccioTeddyLupin Uncovering

30th May 2013:
i swear to god, you have to post a new chapter tomorrow!

Author's Response: Maybe a little longer than that I'm afraid... It's written but I'll upload it as soon as I can!!! :-)

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Review #48, by Amy Uncovering

30th May 2013:
Btw, i'm a huge James/Ally fan!

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear it! There is more of them to look forward to haha :)

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Review #49, by Amy Uncovering

30th May 2013:
I can't wait for the next chapter! Your book's amazing!

Author's Response: Awww thank you!!! That has made me smile I'm glad you like it!!! I will try upload the next chapter ASAP so it should be with you soonish (I hope). Thank you for reviewing!!! :)

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Review #50, by Fawkes_the_Pheonix Tutoring?

28th May 2013:
She left a hell of a lot more than just a quill...
P.S.- read my fics:) or at least the relative good(ish) ones

Author's Response: That she did... And I will!! Been looking for new stuff to read aha thank you! :-)

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