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Review #26, by ChloeMalfoy96 Heartfelt.

21st November 2013:
Hey Eden, I'm seriously loving this story. I'm constantly checking for updates and I'm fairly sure I've said this before but it really is one of my favourite stories on this site. I noticed you read my story The Slytherin Prince and The Gryffindor Princess. Sorry I've been so slow with my updates. I have four chapters edited and I hope to have them up within the next month or two.

Keep up the brilliant work.

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Review #27, by Dramione_love722 Hero

18th November 2013:
Sometimes I am frustrated by Hermione's constant lapses but then again that is what the story is about;brokenness.
I love it. I love all the fluff and how Draco is really nice to her and all, it is all quite perplexing yet heartwarming
I love it great chapter:D

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Review #28, by ChloeMalfoy96 Firm Foundations

7th November 2013:
Loved it! I've been completely hooked since chapter one. You are a fantastic writer. Please keep writing as soon as you are able. I'm looking forward to seeing how all this pans out. :) keep up the amazing work. This story is actually the reason why I started writing my HP fanfics

Author's Response: I am really glad that my work got you started on HP Fanfics, its a really reall good thing to hear, especially as i'm still learning to improve :)

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Review #29, by rachel jones Firm Foundations

5th October 2013:
i want more please, give me the next chapter

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Review #30, by Erynn Firm Foundations

24th September 2013:
ahhh i wanna know!!! put another chapter up asap! you are an amazing writer!this is some of the best fan fic i have ever read! WRITE MORE PLEASE

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Review #31, by Perdaha_Obssesed Firm Foundations

23rd September 2013:
OMIGOSH if she doesn't say yes I am going to die Mwhaaa I hate cliff hangers(not really) but this is actually the best fan fic I have ever read, please keep writing. I don't crae how much. What I would really love is for them to end up having a boy with brown bushy hair and silver eyes and a girl with smooth blond hair with warm brown eyes. I would love that. I don't know if it is possible in this story thoughty. but just letting you know and (this is from last chapter,) the wolf really suits hermione. Thanks for this story. It is the BEST EVER. I love it.

Author's Response: Of course she has to say yes, there is no other way for them! And maybe, I sort of have an image of what I want the kids to look like but you'll just have to wait.

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Review #32, by themadhatter Firm Foundations

21st September 2013:
I need more of this. Keep writing, and good luck at uni!

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Review #33, by edjwha Firm Foundations

19th September 2013:
Of course they'll get married...and she should be pregnant lol.but this is such a great story; it has depth. love it!!! Take your time, no rush!

Author's Response: When I originally wrote the chapter "The Date" I did write it quite explicit and I did include that he placed a contraceptive charm on her, however due to the rules and regulations of this site I had to remove that section and I forgot to include that she is under a contraceptive charm. Thank you for your review :) xx

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Review #34, by Draco Amor Firm Foundations

19th September 2013:
Oh god I'm freaking out XD I swear these cliffhangers are going to be the death of me -_- ah say yes Hermione! :P I have a feeling she might nit say yes.'I don't know if I'm ready, Draco' haha that's what she's going to say isn't she xD

Well..I guess I have to wait..:/,
Draco Amor

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Review #35, by natajess Firm Foundations

18th September 2013:
WOW! I love that he gave her some options.

Confused as to why Ron and Astoria were there to celebrate with them? Did I miss something?

Author's Response: Ron and Astoria weren't there. I said bar Ron and Astoria because they're weasley's and I said that the entire weasley clan was there bar Ron and Astoria

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Review #36, by Harveyboy Firm Foundations

18th September 2013:
You put a lot in this chapter..narcissus pregnant, Malfoy manor knocked down and rebuilt, hermione moved in with Draco and the surprise question at! I hope she says yes...sure she will...

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Review #37, by Erynn A Hairy Reception

16th September 2013:
omg write more please this is amazing i love it!!!

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Review #38, by Harveyboy A Hairy Reception

6th September 2013:
I really loved this chapter...brilliant story telling...Ron and Astoria showing up was great and I understand totally why hermione is a wolf, matches her charecter and personality spot on...

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Review #39, by Piertotum locomotor A Hairy Reception

6th September 2013:
well i enjoy ur writing but plz update a ltl more
faster as i jst cant stand the suspense...!!!

P.S. :even i thought hermione will be a wolf so a
ditto for that...!!!

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Review #40, by Harveyboy The Date

5th September 2013:
Congratulations on getting into university...hope you enjoy it!
This chapter was wonderfully written...the love scene was expertly done...not sordid and was perfect...well romantic and easy to read...

Author's Response: Thank you, I think I will tbh :) and thanks again. This love scene wasn't difficult to write, but it required some thought so it wasn't rushed or rude, I wanted it done right. I have another version where I let my pen run without restriction, but guidelines on here are very restrictive occasionally. Glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for the review :)

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Review #41, by Harveyboy Coffee

5th September 2013:
Hi I have been following this story from the beginning and I am so pleased I found your update...worried you had abandoned it so glad you haven't is one of my favourites.
Anyway I wasn't disappointed at all...loved the part with hermione and Harry...showed their relationship is so special and your description of Draco in his suit was so vivid I could see him...
Love your writting must read the next to catch up with your story

Author's Response: Hey! It's good to see you found the story again! I never could abandon this story, the characters would haunt me. I've already got sequel ideas chasing around in my head but I have to finish this first. I think a lot of writers forget the relationship Harry and Hermione would have after a decade and I didn't want to do that. As for Draco, I love describing him hahaha. Happy reading and thanks for the review :)

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Review #42, by Amanda Bollinger Stupid!

4th September 2013:
YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I ADORE THIS FANFIC. I seriously thought that the kind of romance(the written kind mostly) that was slowly and carefully developed, a fragile thing that confused both participants but made them feel like heaven, just didn't exist anymore. Everyone is always writing about the fast, easy side of love that, in reality, just doesn't exist, and thank you thank you THANK YOU for reviving my faith in fan fiction authors in general. I love what you've done with Draco; he's always been my favorite but no one ever appreciated him like I did. I seriously feel like I would've written this exactly as you did if I had the ability to write like you can. You are an inspiration, Eden, and just thanks :) you're amazing!

Author's Response: Wow. I'm simply speechless. This review is just amazing I cant really say much other than Thank You! Growing up I always disliked Draco (but that's the way the stories painted him) then I started reading fan fiction and it just created a whole different Draco in my mind and I needed to make him. Hermione will always be Hermione in my head but, never felt like she suited Ron. I really hope you enjoy the remainder of the story. I will be getting updates up quicker from now on :) and Thank you !!!

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Review #43, by elizabeth Stupid!

1st September 2013:
loved that chapter as much as the others, and when i read "always" i actully gasped remembering the fact that draco is so like snape, with their unfortunate past and everything! wow! :D

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Review #44, by Elizabeth Former enemy turned Friend

1st September 2013:
im loving this story and i equally love dramiony and what you write about them
ill be on chapter 22 in no time so please write some more asap! :D

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Review #45, by Draco Amor The Date

31st August 2013:
There's really only one word to describe this...WOW:) I love that you wrote more Dramione romance:) I can't wait for the next chapter please try to update soon, no pressure!:D Congraduations on getting into a university! Good luck!

Apology accepted:),
Trish a.k.a. Draco Amor

Author's Response: Thank you, I really hope it was worth the wait. I did upload this on like the 20th aug, but validation times and rejection for saying where a more mature version of the story can be found, pushed publishing back. I uploaded the next chapter pretty much as soon as this one validated and im writing the next chapter so I hope you enjoy :)

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Review #46, by Moonlit Coffee

10th August 2013:
I absolutely love this story one of my favourites

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Review #47, by Mimi Ice-Creams

7th August 2013:
Getting more and more interesting as it go's.Can't stop reading.

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Review #48, by Mimi Stupid!

2nd August 2013:
I wish all love could be like that.

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Review #49, by Erynn Coffee

27th July 2013:
i love this fanficttion so much please please please write more!!! and dont wait so long lol you are an amazing writer thank you for sharing your talents with everyone who reads this! i would like alittle more romance though. . .

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Review #50, by mary_ducks Coffee

13th July 2013:
Great chapter loved it! cant wait for the next one please don't keep your readers waiting please

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