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Review #26, by Hogwarts_Head_Girl Best Friends and Lovers

3rd June 2008:
Oooh la la!!! Is snape telling Regulus to follow the dark lords orders and dump her.Regulus really loves her doesn't he! Awww! Please update really soon I love this story!

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Review #27, by haileythefan Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
Ooh so you have been hinting again that Sirius likes Murphy again, Eh? (hahahahahah, I am sooo a canadian!) I hope that Regulas and Murph make up though. She doesn't need another blow. I am so psyhced...wait how do you spell that I am so glad that you have finially updated! even if it was short, I still am uber glad..and can't wait for another update

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Review #28, by ron_hermione_fan Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
Love the chapter, thanks for updating! Write more as soon as you can!

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Review #29, by heyITSme Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
wow. i cannot beleive i read that much in one sitting!
this story is very good! you portray Murphey's emotions very well, her love for two men, her father's death, her anger at her family: its very very.true, ya know? like its not some random stuff someone thought would work, its very very true.

anyway, i need to study for finals so adios!

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Review #30, by letss xx RUNAWAY Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
love your story. please update soon !!
btw my characters name is murphy too. kinda wierdd. =p

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Review #31, by florenin2u Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
you know? I had lost track of the story, so I had to read like ten chapters in a row. And I finally reach the end of the last chpater! Honestly, I want to know what is all that thing with Regulus, I just... argh... it's so frustrating not to know...
Well, I trust you'll enlighten us soon.
I just love Regulus too much, vote for him.
I like Sirius, but Regulus is so much cooler

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Review #32, by gitgit Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
aww poor murph i feel bad for her.. shes in the crossfire
i really dont like the way regulus is treating her ...
wow i forgot all about it ... wait didnt sirius and murphy see snape and regulus? so there wasnt an encounter after that?

nice chapter i think there was one tiney mistake i cant remember where for the life of me ...

but you did well cant wait to see what happens next :D

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Review #33, by fawkes_feathers Best Friends and Lovers

2nd June 2008:
Yay! You updated! I haven't read a chapter from you in so long!! I loved it!!!

Update again! Its very good!!

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Review #34, by summerlove x3 Best Friends and Lovers

1st June 2008:
Thank you for finally updating! I was so surprised to see it updated! Awesome job, loved the chapter, can't wait for the storyline to move along again :)

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Review #35, by _Drops of Jupiter_ Best Friends and Lovers

1st June 2008:
yay an update!
that was a good chapter, but i wonder what snape and regulus were talking about at the end of the previous chapter, and this one! i hope reg and murphy patch things up, i love them as a couple!
anyways, awesome job:)

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Review #36, by kathryn Best Friends and Lovers

1st June 2008:
hello :) loved this chapter... regulus is an strange guy .. i think murphy's quote: "I hated being nervous, which Regulus often made me feel" is interesting. kinda shows that murphy and reg might not be the best match.also i am wondering what snape and reg were talking about in the hall...hmmm.but anyways great job and keep up the great work!

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Review #37, by sugarcookie Best Friends and Lovers

1st June 2008:
wow! this is really good! i just read the whole story and i can't wait for the next chapter! update soon!

Gigi (:

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Review #38, by asianvoice Best Friends and Lovers

1st June 2008:
This chapter was a tad depressing, but still awesome! Update son :D

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Review #39, by Anoy Laugh Now, Cry Later

26th May 2008:
Really nice story you have here(:
Couldn't stop reading after I started reading, hah :D
Well-written, rlly. Hope to see the rest of the story SOON, can't wait.
Much loveees,

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Review #40, by wonderkid93 Laugh Now, Cry Later

10th May 2008:
A super fantastic great story! : D
Really, I hadn't thought it would be so.. addicting when I first started reading it. 10 points from me : D

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Review #41, by haileythefan Laugh Now, Cry Later

4th May 2008:
Dun dun duh duh...I just want to say I know how I was reading you authors note a little while back and you said somehting about never abandoning this story, so I was wondering if you are going to keep that promise since I cannot wait till the next chapter! 10/10

P.S I am very very glad that Sirius and Murphy made up.

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Review #42, by Tiny Dancer Laugh Now, Cry Later

10th April 2008:

MAN have abandoned this story??
it is hardly ever updated anymore >:(

i love it anyway

Author's Response: Hey, Tiny Dancer. I appreciate the review and no I haven't given up on this story. I'm a bit slow these days, yes, but I got good reason. These last couple of months have been weird for me, but I will try to get a chapter out before May, yes May, not April because it's almost over. When this story is over, I may quit writing for Harry Potter. And I'm a bit sad about that decision because i've been on this site for almost four-five years now. Anyways, I'm not abandoning this story, I've told you all that many times and I will stick to my word. Promise. Keep a look out for the next chapter, it will, hopefully, be up before the end of Mayb. Thanks for the patients!

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Review #43, by JessieGrace|| Laugh Now, Cry Later

17th March 2008:
Okay, so I just read this series all in one chunk. I must say, it's AMAZING!

Your writing has definitely improved over time. It's evident in the smoother dialogue, the flawless grammar, and the character development [not that there was much to improve on =)].

One part I definitely liked was in the Seven Minutes to Midnight chapter, when you had a small scene of Murphy's disorientation after falling, and then jumped into how she got there. For a minute, silly me, I thought Regulus had turned evil and tried to make her take the Dark Mark. All the second-guessing and doubt about what happened was great, and I encourage you to write more in that style. It's very effective.

I love that Murphy's real, and not one of those girls who's like I-mustn't-show-any-emotion-so-people-will-think-I'm-strong. It makes the story more real.
I also love that she chose Regulus, and is actually sticking by him. More often than not, you read about these girls who use a guy to make someone else jealous, then go out and fall in love with said jealous guy. The two [Murphy & Regulus] seem to really care for each other, and it's just great.

I do have one question: what is your stance on Snape? It seems that at the moment, you're not too fond of him, and perhaps think him evil. Either way, it would give me better insight in the story if I understood your interpretation of our dear Severus.

So now, with all this positive energy, I'm going to go back to the chapter listing for this story to read the next one...except I can't! Your last chapter was posted in December, and I'm afraid that just won't do.;) I really think this story is fantastic, and (no pressure) I think another chapter or two would make it that much better.

So for now, I'll wait with bated[sp?] breath for the next chapter in the life of Murphy, sitting on the edge of my seat expectantly for when the talented Darkheart makes their grand return.

Oh, and the chapter was great, in case you were wondering.


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Review #44, by Kimberly Laugh Now, Cry Later

29th February 2008:
Touching moment. I really like this chapter.

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Review #45, by Maria Granger Laugh Now, Cry Later

10th February 2008:

I oficially am a fan of your fic! it's amazing!!

I haven't seen it before, i found it by random and i realized that you don't update very often, do you? LOL. I love your story, it's very realistic, the characters are evolving naturally and it's full of great sexual tension moments between the three of them which is very exciting! I found this story and i couldn't stop reading it until i finished, so congratulations!!

Honestly this is one of the best Sirius/OC/Regalus fics i've ever read. Please updated as soon as possible


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Review #46, by Waschbar Laugh Now, Cry Later

9th February 2008:
Regulus looks like he's up to no good... anyways, great story and OC.

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Review #47, by kathryn Laugh Now, Cry Later

26th January 2008:
this is a great story! i usually don't read regulus/oc stories but your story attracted me instantly! i have multiple theories about what i think will happen but i mainly think that either regulus is evil and is trying to get murphy and sirius is really in love with murphy but other than that i am completely fooled as to what could happen.i see how you could get horrible writers block so good luck!!!

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Review #48, by prongsy_baby Laugh Now, Cry Later

23rd January 2008:
oh!!! It's so good! I love it. Update soon please?

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Review #49, by Varda Laugh Now, Cry Later

10th January 2008:
"He was one of my boys, I loved him as much as I loved James, Peter and Lily." -- This means she loves Sirius, right? Right?! *is frantic* xD Sorry, but Murphy + Sirius = Love. End of.

Absolutely marvelous chapter, darling! Keep up the good work and take your time! Anyone who really loves your work will be more than happy to wait. ;)

Take care!
~ Varda ~

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Review #50, by gitgit Laugh Now, Cry Later

5th January 2008:
i really really reallly hope you update soon thats omg a cliffhanger to worse to handle i really hope i get to read the next chapter soon ... i think i can understand why reg will become a death eater but i like ur writing its really really good. Keep up the awsome work :D

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