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Review #26, by marauder5 The Decision

12th February 2015:
I loved Andromeda's letter. I REALLY hope Tor gets the chance to come in for that cup of tea, no matter what might happen in her future.

I had to laugh at the image of Tor trying so hard to convince Pyxis of her Transfiguration story that she hits him in the chest. Haven't we all gone a little over-excited and done stuff like that?

Pyxis obviously isn't stupid and I think it was about time she told him. Maybe sharing her secret with someone will make it easier for her. I knew Pyxis wouldn't be happy, but I guess his prejudices have deeper roots than Tor's did, because I would have expected him to be a little more supportive. He clearly doesn't think he has a choice, even though I'm not sure if he wants to be a death eater either. At least he won't tell anyone. I really hope he'll keep that promise.

Once again, I must say that I love how you tie in the canon events. Her being one of the people delivering letters to Harry was brilliant, and then the two girls whose little brother got bitten by a werewolf. You have such a clever way of tying canon events with this story too - they don't seem like they're there just for the sake of it, but they seem meaningful and fitting and I absolutely love it.

Did I mention how much I love Terry's friends, by the way? I probably did. Anyway, I'll say it again. I kind of wish I was friends with them too.

I swear, sometimes I think Dumbledore has an almost godlike way of knowing everything. Maybe he is, as he so often claims himself, just good at guessing. I love that Tor went to him, but I'm worried that he won't be able to help much. After all, I really don't think Yaxley will be convinced to give up his way. Also, we know, even though Tor doesn't, that Dumbledore hasn't got long left.

This was another great chapter! At the moment, I feel like Tor's whole life is a ticking bomb and I'm just waiting for it to explode. It's bound to happen sooner or later - I just don't know HOW it will happen, exactly. Maybe she'll have to cut ties completely with her family. I can sense that she does love them, but part of me thinks that she loves them because she always has, and because they're her flesh and blood. She doesn't really like them anymore, does she?

Anyways, great job on this chapter too! You are still one of my favourite authors on this site, and this story remains my number one favourite story! Congratulations on the Dobby Award, by the way - you definitely deserved that one x

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Review #27, by Liana The Headmaster

7th February 2015:
I think the last memory given to Amelia was a nice touch. Maybe we all have pleasant memories in our last moments. We'll never know until that time I guess.

Author's Response: I agree, it's a very interesting thing to think about. I'm glad you liked that moment with Amelia, I have a fondness for her and it was an interesting scene to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #28, by Liana The Horror

6th February 2015:
I foolishly thought Tori would be nicer than she was after kissing Terry. I don't know why I thought that. She's a pureblood. I hope she doesn't hurt Terry too much.

Author's Response: Yeah, Tor still has a lot of changing to do, unfortunately. But it's still early, and there's time for her to redeem herself! :D Thanks so much for another review! :)

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Review #29, by Liana The Detention

5th February 2015:
It's good to hear that Mr. Yaxley is still alive. I'm always happy I don't have to take potions. The ingredients sound disgusting.

Author's Response: Yes! Ah, I agree. Gross ingredients and it would also be a lot of hard work to make a potion. I'll definitely leave it for the fanfic characters! :P

Thanks so much again! I love your reviews!

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Review #30, by Liana The Unknown

5th February 2015:
I think Tor and Terry are just a couple of friends fooling around. I'm worried about Mr. Yaxley at the moment. Maybe he's out on personal business. I'm really enjoying your story.

Author's Response: Hi again! I'm glad you're worried about Yaxley, he gets himself into a lot of tough situations and leaves poor Tor to worry about him. Thanks so much, I'm really glad to hear you're liking the story! :)

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Review #31, by Liana The Bat Bogey Hex

5th February 2015:
I was afraid the poor toad was going to explode. The Bat Boogey Hex is Ginny's signature move. She seems to practice it indiscriminately.

Author's Response: Ah, I know! Poor toad. :( Part of the reason I originally included Ginny in the story was so that I could have her cast the Bat Bogey hex, it just seems so awful but also hilarious.

Thanks so much! :)

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Review #32, by Liana The Hospital Wing

5th February 2015:
I'm sure it's hard to be a Slytherin and make friends outside of that house. Voldemort is being as charming as ever.

Author's Response: Hello! :) It definitely would be hard, since the Slytherins stick to their own even more than the other houses. Yeah, that Voldy's a real great guy, isn't he? :P

Thanks so much for the review! :D

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Review #33, by Liana The Quidditch Trials

1st February 2015:
That was a nice bit of luck--running into the person she was looking for to begin with. I hate it when someone overdoes it in trying to give advice when maybe you're just a bit jittery but still know what to do.

Author's Response: Hi again! It was some good luck, for sure. And yes, I agree - Tor knows what to do, and they were being quite irritating with smothering her with advice like that. Thanks so much for all the reviews - you're awesome! :)

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Review #34, by Evil Otter The Prank

1st February 2015:
I'm still laughing about the prank that they pulled and the way that they got past Snape. I think that this is the best chapter yet in your magnificent story.

I can't wait to red the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ah, I'm so glad you liked the prank! It was so ridiculous, but I was giggling the whole time while writing it. :P Thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #35, by Liana The Worst of Crushes

30th January 2015:
It would be very tempting to name a pug Pansy. I wonder who this mysterious student is. I don't blame Astoria for trying to escape Goyle. She's made him sound unattractive.

Author's Response: Hi again! It is a great pug name, isn't it? Goyle is definitely not the best, and his aggressive behaviour to Tor is quite disturbing for her. Thanks so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #36, by Liana The Death Eater's Daughter

30th January 2015:
I'm glad you explained why Daphne and Astoria went by Yaxley. I was trying to figure that out.

Author's Response: Hi! :) This was one of my favourites of the early chapters, because I got the chance to do some exposition and explaining. I'm glad you liked the explanation and found it helpful. Thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #37, by Liana The Association of Slytherin Students

30th January 2015:
How hysterical that they are the Association of Slytherin Students. I'm surprised you were able to use the initials in the story. If I use anything close to an objectionable word I get a warning.

Author's Response: Hi again! :) I was able to use the initials because I have the 'Contains Profanity' warning on my story and it fulfills a certain rating - there are guidelines about which words we're allowed to use in the Terms of Service. Hehe, I thought it was quite funny as well. Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #38, by Liana The Slytherin Boys

30th January 2015:
Funny that Slytherins are smoking Muggle weed. It sounds like there's one Muggle thing the Slytherins like.

Author's Response: Hello! :) I'm glad you found it funny - I imagined there would be elements of Muggle culture leaking over to the wizards. :P Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #39, by Liana The Beginning

30th January 2015:
I wonder how many people really didn't like Draco. It seemed like he was usually a bully.

Author's Response: Hi again! I definitely think there were quite a few people who wouldn't like Draco, either because he bullied them or acted like he was better than them. It was fun writing how the other characters detested him so much at this point. :P

Thanks so much for the great review!

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Review #40, by Liana Prologue

30th January 2015:
This looked good so I thought I'd try it out. It's strange how the girl narrating remembers the Death Eaters from her younger days and compares them to how they are now. Hard to believe they were nice once.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm glad you decided to try this out, and thank you for all the lovely reviews! :D It definitely is hard to believe they were nice, but that's one of the paradoxes this story explores quite a bit.

Thanks so much! :D

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Review #41, by Evil Otter The Headmaster

24th January 2015:
I completely understand why your story was voted the Most Addicting of 2014, I can't stop reading it! You have been serving as an inspiration for me to continue to write. I have a long way to go before I reach the caliber of writing that you display.

Keep writing please!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ah, you are so kind! Thank you! Something I learned from writing this story is that the more a person writes, the more confident and dedicated they become. The fact that you called me an inspiration is so lovely, thank you so much! :D ♥

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Review #42, by marauder5 The Future

19th January 2015:
It's what - ten years later? - and I'm back to reviewing! Finally! And let me start off by just expressing my pure love for the beginning scene in the hospital wing, where Terry and Tor just feel so NORMAL and carefree and it makes my heart burst with love for them. With everything else going on, those little moments just mean so much, and I love that you included them spying on Ron and Hermione and giggling to themselves like normal teenagers.

Terry bringing up Bentley and the terrible fate of that poor family was also such an intriguing read. I know how torn Tor must be, because as I reader, I feel so torn myself! I mean, her father is obviously not a good person and by my moral standards, she should just cut ties with all those people and run away with Terry (I may have read ahead before reviewing, hehe...) But at the same time, just as she states, those people are all the people she ever cared for before she met Terry. The people who raised her and grew up alongside her. So it's not as black and white or as simple as that...

And can I just say how much I adore Terry's friends? THey whole library bit just makes me so happy, with them teasing Michael about Ginny and Cho, the way they discuss equal rights in the Wizarding vs. Muggle world... It's so spot on and funny enough makes for a really light, enjoyable read, which I assume is because Tor, dspite of everything else, feels really happy and relaxed around them.

PYXIS! I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would start suspecting something. I can't help but feel like he would be the only one out of Tor's friend who might keep it a secret though, to protect her. At least I hope he will...

The Death Eater scene was so brilliantly written. It had a completely different tone than the scenes from Tor's perspective - which it, of course, should. You really do get inside Yaxley's head and it's so faniscating. If JKR had written something from the POV of the other side, I'm sure it would have been exactly like this. I loved it, and yes, I can see why this is one of your favourite chapters. It was absolutely perfect, and once again, I'm in awe at your writing skills. You REALLY should write a book one day.


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Review #43, by Kristina1990 The End

13th January 2015:
Wow. I can see why this was elected the most addicting story of 2014. I was very glad that the book was finished by the time I started reading. It gave me the distinct advantage that I could rush through it without having to wait for updates. I guess those times will be over now. I'll have to wait like everyone else in the sequel.

It was a fascinating story to read. I loved the way with which you integrated known facts from the books with your own story. It felt like it could have really happened that way.

The Slytherins, always depicted as spiteful and mean characters, are a group just like the Gryffindors and the Hufflepuffs. Some stick up for each other, some betray and some cheat. They probably do all of this with less mercy and more brutality, but at the end of the day they are children influenced by their parents' beliefs and lifestyles. They stick to what they know and what they were taught during most of their lives.

And then, sometimes, they see a different side and they are confronted with new realities and questions. This was shown beautifully with Astoria, who has gone through a tremendous character change in this novel. She was never one of the worst, but still prejudicial enough (like any of us would have been). But she has come a long way and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Hello!! :)

Wow, thank you! You are so kind and hearing your thoughts is really encouraging and kind. I'm hoping to get the chapters of the sequel written and posted regularly, and it's going pretty well so far. :D

I'm so pleased you liked this story and how it integrated with canon. I had such a good time developing these portrayals of the Slytherins, and knowing that readers engaged with them is really helpful and lovely.

I love your comments about Astoria, that's just how I feel about her and I'm so glad you liked her developments throughout the story. Thank you so much for this wonderful review and your support on this story!! ♥

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Review #44, by Hanit The Secret on the Staircase

12th January 2015:
Well we all know Astoria will end up w Malfoy ew. I am just waiting to see how you will make that happen and just why she would chose him even if Terry died (which I suspect is going to be what happens)

Author's Response: Hello! :) I do plan on following canon, but there might be some twists and turns along the way. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #45, by Kristina1990 The Horror

8th January 2015:
So, I'm slowly catching up with the chapters of this fanfiction and I understand why it won an award for causing reading addiction.

I love the story and the way you manage to portray the characters, which we mostly just associate with evil and malice. And yes, they have a different thinking, but they also have the same problems as the other side: Who to trust? Who to fear? What's coming next?

On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello! :) Thank you so much, this review is so lovely!

It's so fun for me to write these versions of the Slytherins, and it means a lot to hear you're engaging. They definitely are in quite difficult situations and have to ask themselves questions about who they want to be in the wizarding world, which is fascinating to write about.

Thanks so much for the lovely reviews! :D

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Review #46, by heronduck The Visitor

7th January 2015:
I can't tell you how much it hurts reading about Amelia and Orpheus. Can you please write some kind of one shot of them? I'd love to read about their love during their Hogwarts days before... The Fallout. You're a brilliant writer and this is probably one of my favourite stories on here! Its a great deviation from the usual cliche humour ones I love reading.

Author's Response: Hello! :) Wow, that's an amazing idea! It has sort of crossed my mind before because I love Orpheus and Amelia's backstory, but I just might have to make that happen sometime. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, you are so kind!! ♥

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Review #47, by Secret Santa ;D The Seer

6th January 2015:
Hello, I'm back once again for another chapter. I regret to inform you that this will most likely be the last review I will be able to give you before it is time to reveal our identities. Suffice to say, I will be back to finish this wonderful story under my actual name. I think I'll miss reviewing incognito, I must admit.

I am saddened that Terry decided to crumple up Tor's letter, but I am intrigued by this girl who wants to take a walk with her. She seems to be a strange one, but certainly bold. I'm not sure if I would have made eye contact with the Slytherin girl who hexed me not too long ago. Especially when no one is around to stop her from doing so again. Luckily for her, Tor is not the type to hex unsuspecting children when removed from the peer pressure of her group.

I am just bursting with joy at her starting to think of Muggles are real human beings. This is big for me because I really wanted her to come around and not continue on stuck in her ways. Hopefully Boot pulls her out of her tiny little world in which no outside ideas ever enter. I feel like all she needs is a fresh perspective.

This Emma girl is truly radiating something special right off the page. It's phenomenal that I can feel her unique nature so clearly. Even the way she calls her Astoria feels very powerful, as if she has some sort of hold on you.

It's upsetting that Emma says that she's going to have a lifelong love, but not with who she's meant to be with. I'm absolutely sure she means Draco. I had a feeling you'd follow canon, but I wasn't entirely sure until now. I suppose I'll just use that as an excuse to appreciate Terry and Tor together even more while it lasts. I'm just hoping that Terry isn't one of the ones who die in the war…don’t know how I'd feel after reading that.

So many people are echoing the exact thing that I'm thinking about Tor. She's such a great person that you almost want to hold her hand and guide her away from all that the people around her are telling her. Even Emma thinks that she's a good person stuck in a bad situation.

Excited about Terry wanting to talk to Tor during the match! And they're kissing already! But then, they're remembering that they're supposed to be angry.

I am so here for this discussion they're having. They're finally just putting things out in the open. At the very least, admitting that they like each other. Of course, the idea of 'We can deal with the consequences later' is a nice one, until the consequences actually transpire, that is. And, thanks to the prologue, we know that Boot ends up in Death Eater hands, so I'm a bit frightened of what these consequences actually end up being.

I cannot believe one of them attempted to use the Cruciatus Curse on Tor and Amaris! I'm all for her using Imperio after that, clearly they've decided that boundaries do not exist within this duel. It's actually really awesome how you describe Tor using the curse to defeat their team.

Pyxis said something incredibly insightful here--'sometimes you can lose by winning, or win through losing. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment and thought it was rather genius.

Okay, I can definitely say that whatever I was expecting, it was not for them to walk in on Daphne and Blaise in the Common Room, followed by Pyxis punching Blaise in the face. That was not on my list of predictions for this story.

…It was brilliant though.

And here we are. The end of my Secret Santa identity for this year. It's been an absolute pleasure being your SS and finally becoming acquainted with this wonderful story. I hope you have enjoyed your gifts as much as I've enjoyed giving them ;D

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Review #48, by Secret Santa ;D The Headmaster

6th January 2015:
The story of Amelia Bones and Yaxley really is so heartbreaking. I didn't think I was going to feel much for him in this story, but it turns out, you can humanize anyone. I'm feeling upset that things had to happen this way for them. I do love the idea of a Debate Club at Hogwarts, though. The fact that he chose Selena right then and there must have crushed Amelia. When the Death Eaters came to kill her and Yaxley filled her last moments with the memory of them I got far too emotional. That could have been something that actually happened to me, the way I reacted.

I love the three forms of romantic feelings. You know how sometimes you read something that is just so universal that you could show it to anyone and you're certain they'd be able to just get it? That's what I am continuously thinking while reading this story. I could show large chunks of this story to my mother, who has never been interested in Harry Potter in the slightest, and she'd be absolutely enamored with what you're saying. The ideas are just universal.

YES, she's planning on talking to Terry again! I was worried it might take longer to get to that point, but I'm so glad it didn't because I just want to see more of them together.

Ginny is so amazing here and every time she appears I like her a little bit more. I was never a gigantic fan of hers in canon either, so this is all your work.

Again, there's the heavy dramatic irony here with Tor asking Dumbledore of all people if objects can have souls. I assume that he looked over at Marvolo Gaunt's Ring, as the time period matches up. It's remarkable how much is going on just out of the scope of Tor's vision and how skillfully you slip them in.

I am so glad that Tor is willing to talk things out with Terry. Loving the direction the story is going in!

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Review #49, by Secret Santa ;D The Horror

6th January 2015:
You don't tell us that the girl helping her is Hermione, but you tie it in so well with canon that we know anyway. You're so good at doing things like that where we aren't told things explicitly, but are allowed to work it out ourselves.

Malfoy is terrible to threaten to actually report to Voldemort about Hermione giving her a hand. Talk about overreaction! Also, it's funny that he's gone from 'wait until my father hears about this' to 'wait until my Master hears about this.' It's like all he's done is went and found someone bigger to hide behind.

Terry's literary references are golden and the fact that his middle name is Hyperion made me smile. Scorpius is my absolute favorite, so the fact that they have that in common makes me (somehow) like him even more. There's times during this story in which I really wish I wrote this. So many 'Why didn't I think of that???" moments all over the place. I figure a stories only really good once I'm jealous that I didn't come up with the idea myself.

You wrote their kiss so magnificently perfect. I can never get so detailed and in depth about them, I could only wish.

And then you bring everything crashing down as Tor realizes that her new perfect guy is Muggleborn. I knew this wouldn't be pretty. There were signs, but she ignored them to exist in her nice little world of denial. It hurts to read Terry insisting 'surely it doesn't matter' and panicking. I can almost hear him in my head, realizing all too late that Tor has a long way to go at this point before it 'doesn't matter.' This is the saddest thing that could have possibly happened, but also the most resonant. This chapter was excellent.

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Review #50, by Secret Santa ;D The Detention

5th January 2015:
It's really nice seeing Daphne getting protective over Tor - we haven't gotten to see much of that aspect of their relationship so far. Her memories of them are really sweet between the two of them.

I'm almost certain about Taurus now. But, I'll hold off on guessing in case I am monumentally wrong.

Theo somehow seems to always be against the truly terrible things the other Slytherin students suggest. I can't decide if that is coincidence or if he is just a better person than all of them.

The reveal of Draco's Dark Mark was perfect. He clearly does not yet realize what he's really being used for here. He's still his old arrogant self, although I suspect that we'll get to see his transformation into what we see in Deathly Hallows over the course of the story.

It's such a great bit of dramatic irony that they think Snape is a Death Eater through and through.

Terry is brewing Polyjuice Potion just for the challenge? He is amazing.

There's so much subtext in everything Snape says. Telling her that she'll eventually be a perfect spy and imploring that she chooses the right path. That's so much more meaningful knowing that side that he's truly on.

I am really enjoying the mental image of Death Eaters on Chocolate Frog Cards. Tor thinks of the funniest things like that.

The Katie Bell incident is so much more frightening from Tor's point of view. The piece of soul possessing her had to be so painful. Your writing in that portion is just remarkable. Amazing work!

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