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Review #26, by greenbirds The Horror

2nd January 2014:
that was so intense! wow! the kiss was amazing *jaw drops* i feel like i've been waiting for that forEVER. oh, when will tor see the error of not only her, but her family and upbringing's ways!
i love the little things in your novel, and i must point out my happiness for this part. it's not a big part, but it made me happy nonetheless:

“Well, they go to private school near London. Tom’s in Year Eight and Andy is in Year Six. They’re pretty great…” He stops at my expression. “What’s wrong, Greengrass?”

because i've read way too many brilliant stories which are ruined by americanisms. i don't know if you're a brit like me or just simply somebody who did the extra research but thank you!
OMG TOR AND TERRY ASDFGHJKL. it'll be interesting to see how she goes from him to draco. oh WHY does she have to marry draco?!
AMAZING. thank you. bye.

Author's Response: Hi again! :) Haha yes, it was building up to the kiss for a long time, I'm glad you liked it! Oh Tor, so misguided at this point in time...

I'm really happy you pointed that you and that you think it's properly British! :D I'm actualy Canadian, but I've lived in England before on school exchanges and such so I know a bit about how things are different. I really want to get the feel of the story being in England across in my writing so thank you!

I know! :( Ugh, Draco, he's really no good in this story (at least for now)! I just want Terry and Tor to be together forever as well! :(

Thanks for the amazing review! :D

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Review #27, by greenbirds The Unknown

2nd January 2014:
oh wow. i love this! so excited to read the next 20 chapters. interesting take on terry boot, who has always been one of my favourite da characters. i love reading stories in which the author takes their on twist on not as explored characters in the series, such as terry.
interesting how she's two years younger than him. i a-ssume romance will arise due to the summary? i'm sure you'll pull it off amazingly.
great story so far! bea xx.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Can I just say that all your reviews have made my day?! I'm so happy you like the story! *dies of excitement*

Terry is great, I'm so glad you like him here. He is quite unexplored and so there's a lot of room for creativity in writing his character. :) And yes, as you know by now, there will be romance and lots of drama. :P

Thanks for the amazing review, I'll respond to the others as soon as possible! :D (I'm in an internet-limited place at the moment). You are awesome! :)

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Review #28, by TheMarauderChick Prologue

30th December 2013:
I really like how this starts! It is suspenseful and makes all these questions run through my mind. Who is Tor? Who are her parents? And whose is that boy? What kind of relationship does he have with Tor?

Great start!

-Sankavi ^_^

Author's Response: Hello! I'm really happy to hear you liked the beginning, and that it had you asking questions. I guess you'll just have to read on and find out! :)

Thank you for the lovely review! :D

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Review #29, by marauderfan The Greenhouse

24th December 2013:
Hello (finally)! I'm so excited that you've updated this again.

Ooh, more Malfoy drama. Yeah I bet that would be odd for Tor to hear someone calling Professor Snape, of all people, jealous, and then getting away with it.

Love the detail that Tor takes so much pride in her handwriting. It seems very pureblood of her (if that makes sense). You know, very proper and sophisticated, as many pureblood families try to be. In terms of other details - I saw Hermione looking up information about the Half Blood Prince. And the small Slytherin girl who looks terrified... yeah, that's probably Goyle. Watch out, Tor! :p Basically, I love the details you use :)

I also really appreciated the other perspective of Ron's poisoning, behind the scenes what with Ginny finding Hermione in the library, and then Lavender finding out afterwards. You did a remarkable job keeping all of them noticeable and in character even with just short mentions of them.

I had forgotten about Xavier. How could I forget about him? I love when he shows up, as a little reminder of how awful Griz is :p I feel for Tor though, especially after that paragraph about Amaris - Tor doesn't really have any friends left except Terry, she's kind of stuck in this weird limbo of which side to be on, when she's not on a side.

I really liked the conversation between Tor and Terry in the greenhouse. I think it was only fair of Terry to tell about Tor's father, and I'm glad it turned out all right for both of them as Dumbledore already knew about Yaxley. It seems Tor and Terry are on their way to recovery as a couple, which is good, only instead of the innocent almost-love it was earlier, they know the good and the bad and the ugly about each other now, and I think it will lead to a much more honest relationship - maybe on the way to love, if they make it that far together. Aw :)

Loved the cameo from Tonks at the end, too! She would be very understanding of that sort of situation given her parents' situation (though she doesn't know her mum has been communicating with Tor, I think) and her own situation with Lupin. Nice tie in there.

Fantastic chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hello! :) Yay, I'm glad you were excited! I've missed this story a lot over Nano.

Haha yeah, Snape isn't exactly the openly jealous type, particularly of someone like Malfoy. :P I love writing petty Draco, though I do feel a little sorry for him at this point in time.

Yes, you're right! It is rather proper and the kind of thing she would be raised to take pride in. I'm glad you liked all those details, I loved including the Trio and hahaha Goyle. Poor guy.

I wish Lavender could make an appearance in every chapter, she kills me in HBP. I'm so thrilled to hear they all seemed in character, I find writing the main three especially quite intimidating.

How could anyone forget about Xavier?! He's such a gross, well, I use the term character lightly. I know, poor Tor. :( She could mend the bridges on both sides, but to fully remain neutral is pretty much impossible at this point. She's understandably going to have a tough time of it even if she does make a choice.

I'm glad you liked the greenhouse conversation! I agree, I think Terry would be plagued by guilt either way but that he would tell somebody. I'm glad you see their relationship that way and that they're moving towards a more realistic and honest relationship: I'm a firm believer in knowing the worst about someone before the character can earn to be exposed to the best of that person. :)

Yes! I imagine Tonks as a bit of a rule breaker in general, haha, and generally sympathetic. I'm glad you liked her appearance. :)

Thanks for the amazing review my dear! :D It was just lovely to receive and I'm so happy you liked the chapter. :)

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Review #30, by Courtney Dark The Association of Slytherin Students

19th December 2013:

I'm really enjoying reading this story! I really love reading from the point of view of a character who is not exactly good. I mean, Tor definitely has some good, honest, likeable qualities about her - like how she rescued that cat and has a good sense of humour - but, like you just mentioned, she has this huge pureblood mania going on, and obviously thinks that what Voldemort is doing is right. I loved how you included the portraits of the Death Eaters in this chapter - it really showed just how 'for' the whole pureblood thing Tor is.

I loved your descriptions of Griselda Goyle! This bit: 'The Sorting Hat took a long time deciding, and I’m convinced the Hat knew she wasn’t smart enough to belong at Hogwarts at all' especially, made me laugh. And I love the nickname for the Association of Slytherin Students, haha! Trust Pyxis to be the one to point out what it spells in short form!

Oh god, that conversation with Goyle! Tor's reactions to everything that he said made me laugh, and I love her inner voice - it's a great mix of humourous, serious and informative.

I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I really enjoy reading and writing about characters who have a darker side, and I'm glad to show that variety and complexity in her character. I'm so pleased you liked the addition of the portraits as well, I thought they would be interesting if a little terrifying to have watching you. :P

Haha, poking some fun at Griz is one of Tor's vices, though Griz herself isn't very nice either. Both of them can be a little cruel! Ah yes the name was just Pyxis (and me, by association) being a little immature, but also to show how ridiculous Draco and co. are.

Goyle is just so funny, though I do feel a little sorry for the guy. In this story, at least. It's great to know you like her voice and find her interesting and a little humorous- I really enjoy writing her!

Thanks for this lovely review! :D

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Review #31, by BBWotter The Knowledge

8th December 2013:
The only word I can think of to describe this piece of writing is beautiful. I stumbled upon this book purely by chance, and I can't think of how absolutely empty my life would be without it. Thank you so much for this story, I can't wait for your next installment,though I understand how it is difficult at times. You are truly talented. xoxo

Author's Response: Hello! Wow, thank you for this truly lovely review. I'm so honoured to hear you like the story, and these kind words mean so much to me! I'm going to try and get an update up in the next couple of weeks. :)

Thanks so much for this, it really brightened my day and made me smile. :)

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Review #32, by GingeredTea Prologue

27th November 2013:
The way you began this chapter was almost as powerful as the way you ended it and that's simply perfect, because by the end I was invested in your character. Brilliant.
I love how you jumped into the action and began with a sentence that made me need to know what was happening and who was telling us. The way you described the Death Eaters as champions of her childhood was so beautifully done that it escapes me how to describe it at the moment. Clever.
I hope I catch you again really really soon in review tag. Actually, if I haven't very soon I'll see you anyways because I simply MUST KNOW what is going to happen and who this boy is.

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the chapter and the way it began and ended. It was the first thing I posted here and very minimalistic and suspenseful so I'm really pleased it's drawing people in! :)

Yes, it is rather mysterious about who is telling the story! I'm glad you liked that line as it was one of my favourites as well. Thank you for this wonderful review, and hope to see you back sometime! :D

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Review #33, by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace Prologue

25th November 2013:
Review Tag!

Wow, you have me completely hooked already just from the prologue.

I'm just aching to know who the boy is, who the girl's father is and how the girl and boy know each other.

You gave just enough to hook us and now I'm off to read the next chapters.

Author's Response: Hi! :) Aw, thanks so much! I'm really glad you like it, and that you like the next chapters if you get the chance to keep reading. I'm a little iffy about these early chapters since I like the later ones much better, so getting this positive feedback is really great!

I'm glad you're asking questions and wondering what on earth is going on- that means the prologue did its job! :) Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #34, by toomanycurls The Beginning

15th November 2013:
Hi!!! Doing a review tag. :D

You're setting a great background for Amaris and Tor (and the whole story). Hearing that they were planning/hoping for the rise of Slytherin. I'm sure many of them (or at least some) were less excited about how the war actually went.

I'm a bit curious as to why/how Tor is a natural Occlumens and Legilimens. Are you going to touch on that later? It's just a rare skill and it's not really presented as something people are just good at.

I do think you describe how terrified people would be of saying his name. It's never really made sense to me but their terror at his power is very well shown here.

The flashback is quite terrifying!! I'd have a hard time not dwelling on that if I were her. You give great insight to the horrible life the family of death eaters lived. I mean, even being on Voldemort's side didn't shield them from danger.

Theo and Pyxis sound almost nice - if they weren't set up to be death eater folks. I like the idea that all the pureblood kids played together as kids. I mean, the books allude to that anyway.

Ah, Draco's fall from glory. I do *kind of* feel bad for him knowing what a year he'll have.

I never thought about how HBP would be for Slytherin house. You do such an amazing job describing what a change of pace and power it was for them.

Ah! Creepy!! Did Malfoy just stomp Harry? I guess he would have. O.o

This is a great chapter! You're exposing me to a completely different side of HP. I mean, I haven't read a lot from Slytherin POV that wasn't excessively evil. Awesome work.


Author's Response: Hi! :) Yay, you're back!

I'm glad you're continuing to like this story as I am so insecure about these early chapters and am always surprised when someone decides to keep reading after them. :P But I like keeping them up to show how much my writing style has changed since starting here. It's great that you like the evil and excitement coming through them.

Yeah, it becomes a useful plot device. :) When I started this story I didn't know about Mary-Sues and their special powers and so I just thought it would be a cool skill for her to have. It gets explained not so much as a natural talent, but an instinct for a controlled mind that she is taught to develop by her father, whose specialty is the Imperius curse and other nasty forms of mind arts. I think its Chapter...5, maybe? where she goes into depth a little more about it. :)

I'm glad you liked the terror around the name and the flashback! I agree, even if they don't necessarily realize it being in DE family is really scary and dangerous, and even they are frightened of Voldy.

I'm glad you like the Notts so far, and feel at least a little bad for Draco. He's quite nasty through most of this story but I feel for him a little too. I'm glad you like the alternative view on Slytherin and what they would have been experiencing at the time- it's a lot of fun to write. :)

Haha yes! The blood on the robes thing was a little gross, I know. Poor Harry :(

Thanks so much for this awesome review, I really appreciate it! :D

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Review #35, by marauder5 The Knowledge

12th November 2013:
First of all, I have to say that is a beautiful chapter image! :)

Now, on to this chapter, which was as brilliant as your chapters always are. Tor's solitude is so well described - I find that with most of your characters, actually, but it's amazing how easily I can relate to her, despite all of the million things that she goes through that I don't (I mean, luckily for me, my dad isn't a Death Eeter..) ;) I really felt for her in this chapter. I'm so glad that the Nott brothers still seem to care about her, but it seems to me like they're the only ones she has left right now...

Unless you count Malfoy, of course ;) I love the interaction between the two of them, and while we never see Malfoy from this angle in the books, I think you have portrayed him carefully. I also really enjoyed her encounter with Terry's friends. They really do seem like good guys and if the world have been perfect, Tor would have been able to be part of their group. I feel like they'd get along quite well.

I can't quite figure Terry out, though. In the last chapter, he seemed to determined to do the right thing... it just made it seem like he wouldn't be able to forgive her. And now he wants to? It's not that I'm not thrilled about it, because i want him to, but I don't see how it would happen. Maybe he really loves her, I don't know. I just have a feeling that he'll take her back, and then he won't have truly forgiven her, and it will cause problems in the future. Oh well... I am so intrigued by this story, as you already now, and I get so excited whenever you post a new one. I can't wait to see how things end, and yet I want it to go on forever. You've really managed to get me invested into all of these characters and I worry about all of them and what's going to happen to them, haha... As always, I also want to praise your amazing writing style and the way you unfold this story - it really is beautiful.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

I know right? I think my jaw dropped when I saw it. Those TDA artists are amazingly talented. :)

Aw, I really appreciate your thoughts on Tor and how you're still finding her relatable in her time of solitude and loneliness. (I sure hope your Dad isn't a Death Eater! :P Mine definitely isn't... I mean, he dressed up as Hagrid for Halloween. Okay sidebar...) Anyway, yes, being old family friends the Notts are still there for her, but they still could be doing a little better in my opinion.

I'm glad you liked Malfoy, and he seemed portrayed decently! I really don't want to make him too nice but it's tricky since he has no real reason to hate Tor and it makes sense he'd be at least civil to her. I love writing Anthony and Mike, they actually crept their way into this chapter and I wasn't expecting it at all. I agree, they would get along well, and it's too bad she didn't get the chance to get to know them properly.

I like your speculations about Terry! You're right, his possible forgiveness does seem a little irrational, but give him a chance to explain himself. He's not as black and white, good and evil as he seems to be, and just as being with him has turned Tor into a less convicted person being with her has helped Terry to see there are two sides to every story. But the drama is far from over, of course. :)

Thanks so much for this amazing review, they really keep me going especially from you, since you've been such a lovely supporter of this story since its fledgeling WIP days. :) I really, really appreciate all these wonderful comments and thoughts.

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Review #36, by toomanycurls Prologue

12th November 2013:
Ooooh, oh my. this is quite an intense start to the story!

You describe how the death eaters act so well. They come across so evil and mean - very much like I'd expect them to sound. When you said Greyback was asserting his alpha male dominance, it was *perfect*.

I love the narrator's perspective and recollection of all these death eaters but in happier times. How they were all so close to her growing up and now she's seeing them do evil for the Dark Lord - it's such an amazing contrast.

I quite love the drama you end with. I can feel how tense it is and am rooting for the unknown prisoner to do as she bids. This is quite an amazing prologue! great job!!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Aw, thanks so much! I'm glad you liked this chapter as it was the very first scene I imagined and set the stage for the whole novel. I quite like writing the Death Eaters and their evilness, but also making them a bit relatable through their kids, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. :P

Yay, you like the contrasts! The whole story is full of contradictions and gray areas so I'm glad that came across very early and that the tension and fear really comes across.

Thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #37, by Courtney Dark The Slytherin Boys

10th November 2013:

I'm continuing to enjoy this story - it just seems to be getting better and better, especially now that you have expanded upon all the character's personalities.

I really like Tor. I love that while she seems to be a generally kind, fun-loving person, no-one can doubt that she has that Slytherin streak - all your characters have that Slytherin factor, which makes for an extremely interesting read. I love how they keep mentioning things such as the fact that Filch is a Squib and how they enjoyed the Inquisitorial Squad last year. Your main characters already have so much depth to them, which is great!

I really liked Daphne in this chapter. Well, I didn't actually like her personality or anything, but I loved the way you wrote her and the way Tor described her. If I had a sister like that, I'd probably go insane!

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi again! :)

I'm glad you're still liking it! I quite enjoyed coming up with these OCs and getting to know them, and I'm glad you like them too. It's great to play with the well-meaning, positive parts of their personalities but also, like you said, the Slytherin streak. They definitely have some nastiness, but I'm very happy you think they have depth too! :)

Yes, Daphne comes across as quite irritating through Tor's eyes. I'm glad you liked the way she was described, and there will definitely be more of her as the story goes on. :)

Thanks so much for this great review! :D

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Review #38, by MissesWeasley123 The Bat Bogey Hex

6th November 2013:
It's the fact that I suck that has taken me so long to come back. I am so sorry! :(

GINNY! I KNEW IT. LET ME BASK IN MY NOT-SO-INTELLIGENCE. For once, I liked her. Usually, I don't. I found Ginny as a character funny sometimes during the books, but mainly just boring. And kind of annoying. A lot of this chapter was her and Tor, and I really liked it. I think they both can be really nice friends.

Goyle is so rubbish lol. He's really awful, I feel bad for Tor. Out of all the people in the world who could have had a crush on her... It was him. Part human, part troll, and part food too.

The flashback was very intriguing, and like always, I can't wait to see how it all ties together. Like, she was put under the Imperius curse by her own father... That's really concerning, but I understand that. Poor Tor! :(

A really good chapter, I liked it!

Author's Response: Nadia! Don't feel bad at all, I'm just happy to receive this lovely review. :)

Haha you're so clever! Yeah it felt right that Tor and Ginny might cross paths. I'm glad you liked her, and I know what you mean about her being boring, but I loved the sassiness she had in the last couple of books and loved writing her into the story. And yes, they may not have a lot in common but the potential to get along quite well.

Agh, Goyle. I sort of feel bad for doing that to Tor now. Sometimes. But he does provide some comic relief on occasion. Part food?! I've never heard it put that way before, yet it fits him perfectly.

The flashbacks (and flashbacks in general, they appear in all my stories) are some of the best parts to write, they're really fun. I'm glad you found it intruiging and a little disturbing, but could still see where her dad was coming from. When it comes down to it he was trying to prepare her.

Thanks so much for coming back and leaving me this great review! :D

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Review #39, by Courtney Dark The Beginning

2nd November 2013:

How has that only just clicked now? The moment you mentioned her sister Daphne I was like oh! Duh! I apologize (for some reason it took my about five attempts to spell that word - and in the end I had to use that spell-checkery thingie - sorry, not important! I'm waffling on about nothing again!) for my idioticness.

I enjoyed this chapter, although there were a few distracting typos, especially near the beginning, though those can be easily fixed:) I really, really love your characterization of the Slytherins. I haven't read that many fanfics from the point of view of Slytherins, but I think a trap many authors fall into is making their characters too nice. While I already like and feel connected to many of your characters, they definitely have an air of darkness about them - I especially like how we see Tor's thoughts about Voldemort, which are definitely more positive than someone from Gryffindor's might me.

I am so intrigued to find out what's going to happen next now, because in your summary you said that Tor is in love with a muggleborn, yet she ends up with Draco! Hmmm...I wonder how that comes about?

Anyway, this was a fun chapter, nice work!


Author's Response: Yay, you came back! :)

Haha, don't worry, you're supposed to be surprised. :) I changed Astoria's story and parents and last name around a little for fun, and it tends to confuse people at first. :P I wanted to give her a character besides just being Draco's future wife so we get to know her on her own first... plus Astoria is kind of a mouthful! :P

I don't blame you, apologize is an awkward word (and I just spelt awkward and word wrong in first go...why?!)

I'm glad you liked the chapter and the Slytherins! I think you're right about how they're often portrayed as quite nice, and these ones, though they have their good moments, also have some real corruption and darkness in their characters. I love writing from Tor's POV, and especially when she's very brainwashed at the beginning of the story. It's entertaining to revisit it through reviews on the early chapters and remember how cold she was!

I'm glad you liked it and hopefully you'll make it back sometime soon! :) Thanks so much for this awesome review!

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Review #40, by Courtney Dark Prologue

31st October 2013:

I confess, I have been meaning to start reading this story for such a long time because I have heard about it/seen it a lot around the forums and it sounded really good! However I seem to have next to no time for fanfictioning these days (sob) so have never managed to get around to it. But here I am!

This was a really good, intriguing prologue, and I am super interested to read more now! I already want to learn more about your main character, more about this mudblood boy, more about her upbringing/school days and I definitely want to find out about the events that led her to this point in time! In other words, I really enjoyed this first chapter and really can't think of any constructive criticism.

Nice work! Expect me back here at some point. I can't say for sure when but I WILL BE BACK!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Yay, I'm glad you got a chance to come check it out! :) I love reading people's reactions and predictions to beginning with the prologue, though it feels so long ago now that I wrote it.

I'm really happy that you liked the prologue! :) Wanting to know more is definitely good. I personally think the next few chapters are the weakest ones and the story picks up a lot more around chapter 5 or so- I was really experimenting with my novel setting-the-scene skills. But I hope if you do return you enjoy the next chapter as well!

Thank you so much for this really lovely review! :D It was so exciting to receive.:)

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Review #41, by ValWitch21 The Knowledge

31st October 2013:

I don't really know where to start my review, so this will just have to be all over the place (again).

Your description is the most flawless thing ever. I could quote every single line from this chapter and claim it as my favourite, except it wouldn't fit here.

Then there's Astoria's interactions (or lack thereof) with the world around her, that are perfect as well. This may sound slightly morbid, but what you wrote best (in my opinion) was her isolation and slow spiralling out at the beginning of this chapter.

Then, of course, I really loved the moment with Terry at the end. Need I say more? I do hope we learn more about what went wrong with the Obliviate charm though.

Oh! Also, I thought the interaction with Draco was really well done. It leaves space for canon to happen, but very subtly and without seeming out of place.

This was rather rambly, fangirly and all over the place, whoops... Good luck on NaNo! :)

Author's Response: Hi Val, thank you for this AMAZING review! :) It was such a great surprise and I'm super excited you've been sticking with the story! :D

Aw, you're too sweet! I do love lingering on the angsty description, and Tor really needed to get some thoughts of her chest. I'm glad you liked it, and the way the isolation was written! I felt sorry for her, but enjoyed imagining it.

I know, Terry is so great. There will definitely be more about the Obliviate and why it didn't work, and why Terry has been lying low for the past month letting Tor think it worked. He's still coming to terms with what happened, and even wants to punish her a little, but he still cares about her.

Yay, I loved writing the Draco scene! You're right, it's important to hint at canon and the future even though Malfoy isn't a huge part of her life right now. I like writing their interactions, Tor is always so snarky with him.

Thank you for this awesome review! NaNo will probably distract me greatly over the next month but I hope to have a new chapter up eventually. And thanks, NaNo is so much fun already! :D

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Review #42, by Brightpaw The Knowledge

29th October 2013:
I was so glad to see a new chapter today! I love how the obvliviate thing turned out. It didn't occur to me that it wouldn't work so it was a nice twist. Though I wonder if it somehow did in some way. I love how you're exploring more minor characters, and I like how you're writing Malfoy. I had a thought... that she might need that book about mind reading again and maybe she might find it in the room of requirement. Where else?

That's all, thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Hi! :) Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the way the spell turned out, and that it was a surprise. I'm really pleased you like the characters, and especially Malfoy: I'm always really nervous about him because I want to do how mean he is in the books justice, but also make him someone Tor would somewhat get along with.

Great thought about the book! :) You're right, where else... definitely keep an eye out for the book's fate in upcoming chapters. :)

Thank you so much for this lovely review! It really means so much to me to hear your thoughts on this story. :)

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Review #43, by your bitty The Knowledge

29th October 2013:
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I'm so happy that the spell didn't work, and the anguish is perfect for the situation - incredible writer.

Author's Response: Thank you love! :D You are the best. I'm glad this chapter was all you dreamed it would be! :P

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Review #44, by marauderfan The Knowledge

29th October 2013:
YAY NEW CHAPTER! This one was so good! (as are the rest of the chapters, obviously :p ) You do such a wonderful job at setting the tone in each chapter - this one was all about loneliness, and your descriptions definitely conveyed that. I'm super jealous of your magical powers of description, by the way - you make everything sound so beautiful and poetic. The grounds of Hogwarts, the thawing of winter, even loneliness sounds beautiful!

I felt really bad for Tor during this chapter. What an incredible amount of guilt to bear, and on top of that being an outcast, I just want to give her a huge hug! In a way I'm glad her obliviate spell she tried on Terry didn't work. It will make things much easier in the end, as awful as it is for them now. I enjoyed the scene when Anthony and Michael helped Tor, it was really sweet of them. They seem like good people.

It looks, at this point, like there is still hope for Terry and Tor. They're kind of starting over, but at the same time everything is different now that he knows... I hope they can work it out. I'm cheering for them, though I know that in the end maybe that's hopeless of me *sigh*

As much as I love Terry and Tor and want them to be okay again, I liked the scene between Tor and Malfoy! They're at least being friendly to one another, it's a nice sign of what is to come for them.

Ps, I can't believe you wrote most of this chapter in one day, that's impressive! Good luck with NaNo :)

Author's Response: Hello! :D You are so nice, and I'm glad you shared my excitement for a new chapter! I thought I wasn't going to get any of this done before NaNo as I was a little unsure what exactly would happen but I just sat down one day and wrote the rest of the chapter, so I'm really happy it's now up! :)

Thank you for your comments about my description! :) I love writing long, descriptive scenes, and this story has evolved from being more about dialogue and character interactions to relying on descriptions, especially when Tor is alone. I'm glad you like them!

I know, poor Tori. :( I felt sorry for putting her through all of this, even though she did bring some on herself. I'm glad too, we haven't gotten the whole story from Terry's perspective yet but I thought that in the long run, Tor probably wouldn't have been able to perform an effective spell, and she should have been more careful as it could have caused long-term brain damage, Lockhart style! It's just a classic Tor acting too quickly without thinking things through. :P

I'm so glad you liked the boys helping her out! I quite like writing them, and hope to include more of them as I got attached during Terry's POV chapter.

Yes, there is some hope, and also lots of time as this is meant to be a trilogy (someday, gah!). I'm glad you're cheering for them! :) And yeah, Malfoy just snuck in there. He kind of intimidates me to write during Hogwarts years because I want to get his snarkiness right, but also make him a slightly appealing character at the same time. But I'm really pleased you liked their little conversation! :)

Thank you so much for this amazing review, and for being an amazing reviewer and supporter of this story! It really means so much to me! :D

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Review #45, by EnigmaticEyes16 The Lesson

26th October 2013:

Ok, I know I haven't been able to catch up with this story lately, but I'm glad I decided to check out another chapter today. I thought this chapter was really interesting. I liked the bit about World War II and the Holocaust, and I think it was good for Tor to learn about. And she does prove a point, she was taught to hate and you can't totally blame her for that when that's all she knows. But she can learn to be better, and I think she's headed in that direction.

Her dad shows up at school, though!? What? That seems very unusual. Especially for him to show up in front of all the other students. Hmm... I wanna read on though and find out what happens so I'm going to end this here now.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi! So lovely of you to drop by and leave a review! :)

I'm glad you thought it was interesting! I'd been reflecting a lot on a fascism course I took at the time of writing and it really inspired a lot of this chapter. Muggle studies seemed like a reasonable framework and safe space for Tor to learn about these things. I'm glad you think she has a point, and that you think she's showing some self-recognition and beginning to evolve. :)

Yes, things were getting a little dull, so I thought it was time to properly meet Yaxley. :) Remember, he is an undercover DE and works for the Ministry, so he enjoys relative freedom to named criminals like Lucius and co.

Thank you so much for this unexpected and awesome review! I really appreciate it. :)

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Review #46, by YourBitty The Slytherins Unleashed

16th October 2013:
Amazing, per usual, but NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!! Love you, you know I have little to no patience :P

Author's Response: You are so silly, WHERE'S THAT HPFF OF YOUR OWN WHICH YOU'VE PROMISED ME, hmm? Hehe just kidding, and next chapter will be up... sometime probably after November. Love and miss you too bitty :P

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Review #47, by MissesWeasley123 The Hospital Wing

11th October 2013:
Okay, reviewing two chapters in one.. let's see how I do..

I really like these flashbacks/memories/mind reading stuff Tor's goes through. They all are very interesting, and really add to the plot. Sometimes I wonder whether you're doing certain ones on purpose.. or if these all relate to each other.

TERRY! ♥ ... I love him. But, just a quick question: If he's a Muggleborn, then when he went to Hogwarts during his Seventh year, while Harry, Ron, and Hermione were horcrux hunting, he shouldn't have been allowed to, right? Because he's a Mugllebron? And no Muggleborns were allowed to attend Hogwarts during that year? But if you changed that to make it fit with your story, I don't mind at all - forget I ever said it lol.

But seriously. Tor and Terry.


Nadia and Terry not so much. *sigh* I really adore him though, absolutely love him. Gorilla is very annoying. KILL HER.

No seriously, kill her. She sucks.

You described Tor's guilt so well. I think you did it wonderfully, because at that moment, not only was Tor feeling guilty, I was too. I could feel her guilt and yeah. Very vivid and realistic.

A great two chapters as always!

Author's Response: Hola!

I'm glad you like the flashbacks! I feel like they're really important to round Tor out and explain why she is the way she is, and also to give her father a more rounded character even when he's not directly present in the action. They mostly have indirect or direct connections with the action, or foreshadow something in the future- foreshadowing is the best. :P

Ah I'm so glad you picked up on that! When I picked Terry to be the mystery boy I was traveling and didn't have access to the HP books, and hp wiki didn't inform me about that little fact of his blood status. But when DH rolls around (in the far, far away future), I actually figured out a cool plot to fit that in and it will help drive the story onwards in an interesting way!

Haha, I swear only in talking to a writer is it ok for someone to say "kill her" and the writer to think "yeah, I wish I could!" She does suck. :P

I'm glad you could feel Tor's guilt too! :)

Thank you for another wonderful review my dear!

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Review #48, by MissesWeasley123 The Worst of Crushes

7th October 2013:

I love him. I really do. Tor needs to back off. He's MINE. MINE I SAY, MINE. I love love love him and just.. ahhh.

Okay, inhale exhale Nadia, inhale exhale.

Goyle man, he's so funny because he's so stupid. I love stupid comedy and stupid characters and just LOL he's so stupid and it really makes me laugh.

Tor's mum is hilarious! I thought I loved the prologue.. THIS CHAPTER WAS SO AWESOME AND CAN I PLEASE MARRY THIS KID? He's so dreamy ♥

Hm.. girl with red hair that bumps into Tor.. can it be Ginny Weasley? I wonder...

This is, hands down, the best chapter ever. I have never laughed so much, and this wasn't even a parody. I know, I'm weird. This stirred a lot of my emotions. I felt happy, at the end of it. Just.. so happy! Gah, there's no other word!


You really showed the funny/girly side of her in this, and I loveeed it. It truly was funny and you give her such a strong personality. She's awesome.

Now I want my own mystery man :(

Anyway Jenna,this is fabulous. I will definitely come back eventually, and not just because you're writing is brilliant as always, but also because this mystery boy seems cute.

Like.. Andrew Garfield cute :D I knew this story was gonna be good when I saw him on your banner... :P

Well written as always m'dear!


Author's Response: Hello again lovely!

Haha, this review actually kills me. I'm so happy you lurve him as I do, and he's definitely almost as cute as Andrew Garfield. :P

I'm really glad you found this funny, these early chapters are so light-hearted and I miss them! I love writing Goyle, he is just the dumbest. I always really enjoyed reading about the stupid things Goyle and Crabbe would get up to so writing them is a great time as well.

While Tor goes through a lot of inner turmoil and angst I also quite like writing her as a much younger and more girly and immature version of herself. She is only fourteen at the moment, after all!

Thank you so much for this amazing review, and I'm glad you're sticking with the story! :D

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Review #49, by EnigmaticEyes16 The Seer

29th September 2013:
...And it's getting even more interesting! I liked the introduction of Emma and her vision about Tor. My theory so far is that the one she can save is Terry, and probably has something to do with the opening scene... and the one she can't save may be her father, or possibly Theo.

I'm glad her and Terry are on speaking terms again though, I think they're super cute together. Although I was surprised she took such a risk with Malfoy in the practice duel. He is a death eater and could come after her, even though she's right, he is just a lackey. Still... know what battles to fight and not fight. I feel like I had something else to say but I've forgotten it...

Blaise and Daphne! That's a surprise! I wonder if that's where she was the night she didn't come to bed til dawn. There hasn't been much mention of Zabini in this story either so seeing him was a bit of a surprise... And I don't think you ever got back to what Taurus wanted to talk to Tor about... did you? If you did then I just don't remember, I guess...

Anyway, wonderful chapter! It was a bit long but not annoyingly so.


Author's Response: Hi again!

I'm glad you liked the scene with Emma. I thought it would be an interesting way to do some foreshadowing. I love hearing your theories about what will happen! :)

Aw, it's great you think they're cute together! I think their relationship is very sweet as well. You're right, that wasn't the smartest move for Tor, but I think she got a little carried away in the moment.

Yes, Blaise and Daphne (or at least the way my head canon sees her) just seem like a perfect couple. I don't think Tor thought much about Zabini before he started dating Daphne so that might explain his absence. And no, you're right, Taurus hasn't had a chance to talk to Tor yet, and he'll still have to wait a few more chapters!

Thanks so much for the great review! :)

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Review #50, by EnigmaticEyes16 The Headmaster

29th September 2013:
This was a really interesting chapter. I'm glad Ginny's back and not hexing Tor. I enjoyed her little rant about people always spilling their problems to her. I like how she thinks there is good in Tor, or at least more good than there is in the other Slytherins.

I thought Tor's conversation with Dumbledore was really interesting. I wonder how he would have reacted if she had told him the truth, and if he would have understood what it meant. I mean, if I were her, I'd want to know what it meant that such a dark object entered my mind... but that's just me.

I'm glad Tor wants to talk again with Terry and that he also wants to talk to her. I'm sure this conversation won't be easy but I can't wait to read on and see what comes of it.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you liked Ginny's reappearance, and how she and Tor are forming a sort of strange little friendship. She's a really fun character to write and tie into this story.

I agree, I would have wanted Dumbledore to help me and explain things too. I think because Tor is a Slytherin, she's naturally secretive and doesn't like trusting others with her weaknesses. Also, since she's a Death Eater's daughter Dumbledore is technically the enemy. She's not at the point yet where she could confide in someone like him, unfortunately.

I'm glad you're excited to find out what happens with Terry and Tor! :)

Thank you so much for following the story and leaving me these lovely reviews. :D

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