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Review #26, by Ginger Lust A day lost in the woods

8th May 2013:
Oops. I read it right away but forgot to review.
That was cute. I like where poor Hermione was trying to go by the boy scout book but knew it wouldn't help. I'm surprised she didn't bring along her own (just thought of that!) like she does so often. At least the rest of the Weasley family didn't know it was a hopeless task assigned them. lol

Eagerly awaiting more.

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Review #27, by bowtruckleinlove A sunrise and a Scream

30th April 2013:
I just read all five chapters and I wanted to let you know that I really like your story and I think that you've done a good job of capturing how everyone would feel that far on, it's hard to get the balance of the happy and sad moments with people who have been through so much.

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Review #28, by Ginger Lust A night under the stars

24th April 2013:
Still liking this story. I love camping myself.
How about writing about Ron and a spider. Only this time make Ron a little braver. I hate the way everyone makes Ron such a coward. I wrote one where he was afraid but still managed to get rid of the spider (actually it was a tarantula) from his and Hermione's home without killing it.

And how about the boys trying to see the girls bathing in lake and getting zapped by girls instead.

Or how about Arthur and Molly playing a game of Quidditch with the 'kids' and being quite good at it.

Or someone getting lost for a short while.

You write well and would love to see more.
Keep up good job.

Author's Response: Thanks for the suggestions! I've been crazy busy with the end of my semester and have been kind of stuck. Hopefully I'll have something new withing the next little while.

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Review #29, by Ginger Lust engine grease and flaming marshmallows

28th March 2013:
It's getting good! :-) Can't wait for more.

Love that Harry and Hermione are secretly fixing the bus and working to keep Arthur from knowing that. lol

Mushrooms... AGAIN?!?!?!? LOLOLOL

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Review #30, by Ginger Lust Never Play truth or Dare with a Weasley

27th March 2013:
Very interesting. Can't wait for more.

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Review #31, by LiliannaPotter Never Play truth or Dare with a Weasley

25th March 2013:
Amazing!! You have a really good ideas and a interesting plot! One thing you might try to do is to add a bit more detail, especially in the end of chapter 2 it got a little repetitive. Another thing is that when describing things try and make it a little clearer a couple of time you have to go back and reread to get what is happening. But overall great story and I can't wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #32, by lauraf68 Never Play truth or Dare with a Weasley

22nd March 2013:
Great little ice breaker game you played there. I assumed the worms George gave would do something to the ones eating them, but didn't. Were they just normal everyday worms? Blech! Keep up good work, VERY interested to see what they do with the bus. Happy Writing!

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Review #33, by lauraf68 Molly and Arthur have an announcement

19th March 2013:
Very cute idea! I like how Molly figured the sleeping arrangements, very fair to all parties involved. I think Hermione should show all the muggle traditions of hot dog and marshmallow roasts, smores, and maybe 'hobo' meal packs (meat/veggies wrapped in tinfoil & thrown into fire pit). Lol!!! Happy Writing! -Lauraf68

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