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Review #26, by blindvchi An Unofficial Assistance

14th July 2016:
I've been a long time reader of this story and I'm really happy that you've continued it. Love the new chapter. I thought it balanced dramatic tension with comedic moments seamlessly. Seamus and Astoria have the funniest friendship, and I absolutely adore your characterization of Astoria.

Author's Response: Hey there!

I cannot tell you how much this review made my day. I was checking my phone, clicking through things on my lunch break, and I saw this and oh, how it made me smile after a long, hard day! Thank you :D I'm so excited to hear from a long-time reader, and I'm really excited that you're enjoying the story and have kept up with it! I've been looking forward to this chapter for ages, so it meant A LOT to get such a lovely response on it. My heart is all warm and fuzzy. Thanks so much, again!


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Review #27, by rover_bond007 An Unofficial Assistance

5th July 2016:
Love this story. And this chapter was particularly excellent - the longer the better I reckon :P I was so engrossed in the story that it didn't even feel long to me! I am now shipping Astoria/Seamus, however misadvised this may be! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much. And I'm really glad you enjoyed the longer chapter! I always get a little nervous about those, but the fact that it didn't feel long when you were reading it makes me feel a LOT better about it! Haha, you are not the first to tell me that you're shipping Astoria and Seamus. I will neither confirm nor deny anything about their relationship at this time, and will let you enjoy shipping whomever you ship ; ) Thank you so much for this review! Receiving it really is such an encouragement!


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Review #28, by dreamgazer220 The Eyes of the Crowd

4th July 2016:
Hello again, Penny! I am back to read another one of your fabulous chapters ♥

I'm really amazed at your attention to detail throughout all of these chapters. You have so much going on all the time, so much that drives the plot forward, but you keep reminding us that Astoria is very observant. I don't really have a particular phrase that stuck out to me on this, but it's really an incredible part of your talent.

I love that Astoria finally made a decision! And that the decision was so very, well, Astoria. She's trying to look out for other people, even to, as she put it "ease her conscious", but she's still growing even if she doesn't realize it. Of course, her first thought is her family and herself; as it should be because that's how she's been raised, and that's something that's very hard to break. And she clearly thought about her choices a lot; I loved how you used the coin to show the weight of the decision that she was making, and it was absolutely BRILLIANT that Luna had found and kept the coin for Marietta.

And can we talk about Lavender for a second? She's absolutely brilliant here. I love how dramatic she is and that she doesn't take a liking to Astoria right away; it just makes so much sense that not everyone would trust a Slytherin in their midst, and it makes so much sense that it would be her of all people. I loved them sizing each other up, that it took the use of the coin to "prove" that Astoria belonged here. But interesting: Lavender thinks that Astoria might betray them, but is that because she actually sees that, or because the coin belonged to Marietta and it hasn't adjusted to Astoria yet? I love how ambigious you made it; as much as it hurts, we can believe that Astoria would betray the Gryffindors if she's looking out for herself first, but at the same time, we've seen how she's starting to grow. It's really a brilliant move on your part. Well done!

Okay, we also need to talk about how adorable and hilarious Seamus is. I love your characterization of him, and that he is trying really hard to make Astoria comfortable and trying to cheer her up. It's also hilarious that he flirts with everything that moves - I can definitely see that! And I LOVE that you have him brilliant at engineering. It's so adorable ♥

Have I told you lately how much I love this story? Because I really do. You're doing such an amazing job with it, and I can't wait to see how the rest plays out!

Keep up the amazing work! :D


Author's Response: Whew, Okay! I'm finally here to answer this WONDERFUL review. Your reviews are so lovely, I just kept waiting for time in which to answer them properly. But alas, CampNaNo, my job, and your basic procrastination have taken their toll. But I am here at last!

I am so happy that you enjoy all the detail! It's funny--I used to write with less. My first fic was way more dialogue-driven, but Astoria is such an observant person, I knew she'd always be noticing everything, and now that's trickled down a bit into my general writing style. I've come to LOVE all the details, and setting the stage. And with Astoria, it just has to be that way; it's how she sees the world.

I'm also really glad that you were happy with her decision. I wrestled with it for a while. But, in the end, Astoria couldn't go into all this diving head-first. She's cautious by nature, and as you say, she's always been taught to put the Greengrasses first. Even going this far is a huge step for her. Balancing all her motivations and desires was tricky, so I'm thrilled that you felt it worked well, in the end.

I wanted Astoria to have a D.A. coin so badly, but when I thought about it, it seemed likely that there would be a shortage of them. After all, Dumbledore's Army seemed to grow exponentially during Deathly Hallows, so there would have been new members, but no Hermione there to make new coins. And then I remembered that there was *one* spare coin floating about somewhere, and once Luna's line about the Nargles popped into my head, I just knew how things had to go : )

We can talk about Lavender ANY TIME! Haha, I'm so glad you're enjoying her. Of course, she's a huge thorn in Astoria's side, but she isn't without value. She's basically the polar opposite of Astoria--I think it was Kaitlin who pointed that out to me. And it's just so true. They'd have clashed no matter what. Lavender's this emotionally-driven, dramatic person who is all about the attention. Astoria is a logic-based person who would rather avoid notice. Of course they'd seem suspicious and irritating to one another. And Astoria, despite her attempts to help, really doesn't put that much effort into a popularity campaign. I mean, she's never really had many friends, people she's loved have failed and betrayed her, and she's a Slytherin. I always think of the other students boo-ing those poor little 11 year olds when they got Sorted into Slytherin, and I imagine that, at least since the First Wizarding War, all of Slytherin House has sort of grown up on the defense. On the whole, I imagine they just assumed that no one would ever appreciate them, linked arms, and banded together, them against the others. Astoria has no real reason to think that others might like her, so she doesn't really try. Which means the side she's showing to most of the D.A. is very typical Slytherin and proud, and she's been unwilling to explain herself or socialize. Long story short, she probably *doesn't* seem very trustworthy. Lavender may be a bit annoying, but you can't completely blame her. We also don't know that she doesn't have a point.

Yay! It really excites me that you, the Queen of Seamus Fics, are enjoying my Seamus. I love writing him. He's exactly what the story needed, and he's become a much bigger part of it as time has gone on. That Seamus, not at all shy about inserting himself into the narrative ;) It didn't feel right, leaving him as just comic relief, and then, when he turned out to be this capable person who is willing to drill past people's defensive, he became the perfect ally for Astoria. But, like you say, he's really rather clever under all the jokes and the charm.

Thank you SO MUCH, Jill! This review, and hearing such lovely things from a writer as talented as you are, is SO unbelievably encouraging. Thank you!


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Review #29, by mrsdeanthomas421 An Unofficial Assistance

28th June 2016:
Such a funny, original, and well written chapter.
Keep up the good work! I love Astoria/Seamus interactions

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for this absolutely lovely, encouraging review! I really, really appreciate it, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! :D

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Review #30, by Ohpl An Unofficial Assistance

28th June 2016:
I loved this chapter. In no way was it too long. Your imagination is brilliant. Whether she wants to admit it or not Astoria is all in. Her bafflement at being house rep and her shock at volunteering to contact Mrs Longbottom were wonderful to read.
I love Seamus more every chapter.

Author's Response: You are making me blush! My heart just did this weird squiggle thing that I think was some sort of internal organ happy dance. Thank you!!!

There's definitely no going back at this point. And Astoria is pragmatic enough to know that, but it can still be hard for her to draw herself even deeper into the fray. It goes against her intellectual desire to keep herself safe. But I think we see that, while Astoria has a strong sense of self-preservation and an appreciation for caution, her desire to protect people she cares about consistently outweighs it.

And I love Seamus more every chapter, too! I am so, so excited to hear that. Thank you so much for this lovely review! My heart is still squiggling! :D

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Review #31, by dreamgazer220 The Edge of Insanity

26th June 2016:

I'm so happy that we get to read more from Draco's perspective. I've probably told you a million times (so here's a million plus one) how much I love what you've done with him. He's really obsessed with Astoria's memories, isn't he? I'm not sure if I find that endearing or creepy; I can definitely see that he needs it as a break to keep him from going insane, but at least he knows that she would freak out if she ever found out what he was doing with her mind. And it's interesting, too, that he keeps memories of her being a child, of being more vulnerable and more real. It makes sense, though, that he'd choose this given their first interactions with the parlor.

AND OH MY GOD IT WAS HIM THAT SHE SAW! Well, she didn't see him, but he was one of the Death Eaters! I don't know why I wasn't expecting that to be the case but I was so excited that it was!!! Really well done, a nice little twist right in the beginning to keep things going.

You really do such a great job with the pace of this story, though. You manage to keep things fresh and interesting, even when we're just getting a peek into someone's mind, such as Draco's at the beginning of the chapter.

I KNEW IT WAS ALBERFORTH! Huzzah! More canon ties! I love it so much :) You write Neville and Luna so well; Luna had me chuckling at her light, blunt observations about Alberforth and poor Neville is trying so hard to get negotations going. It's so lovely to see him really starting to try and be a leader, it's great growth for what we see later on in the book when Harry comes back to school. He's really come into his role here, and it's so great.

I love that Astoria stayed hidden at first, and that Neville seemed to understand why. I definitely loved that she remained in the shadows to keep watch, but when she finally heard enough, she stepped right in! It reminded me of the moment with the fork and I just went, "YES." You're really giving us someone to root for, Penny, and your character archs are amazing and deserve an A+. Or would that just be an E for Exceeds Expectations? ;)

What I love about Astoria is that she's very no-nonsense. Not many people can argue with her the way that Draco can, not many people can see through her fortress and we got to see that here with Alberforth. He tried to keep to his stance, but she ran him down. I don't think she was downright cruel, but she made her points very clear, and I was relieved that Alberforth decided to help them after all.

This was another amazing chapter! I'm getting sad, though, that I'm on my way to being caught with this story. I don't want it to end, I love having chapters to read.

Keep up the great work!


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Review #32, by whykay Beyond Blood and Bone

23rd June 2016:
Great story! Keep going, excited to see how Astoria fares in the BoH.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this encouraging review! I really appreciate it. And oh yes, the BoH is fast approaching. Cue anxious nail-biting ;) It will be, as they say A TIME. Thanks again!

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Review #33, by Shinicha The Weight of the Curse

13th June 2016:
Im happy to see the story continued! I love how you describe the small and subtle changes within Astoria. I'm really looking forward to hearing from Draco again!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for writing this really sweet review! It was so encouraging to me after a long day at work :D I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you're looking forward to hearing from Draco!


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Review #34, by dreamgazer220 A Rattle of Keys

11th June 2016:

I've missed this story. I've been meaning to come back and read, but my heart just hadn't been in reading fic the last few weeks. It feels so good to be back!

I'm always so amazed at how well you can capture a scene. Even in something that's only 2000ish words, you describe everything so well and it really feels like you're there in the moment. I felt like I was creeping with them along the passageways, and you did such a great job with everyone's reactions to what they were doing.

There was some definite Astoria snark in this chapter, and you know I always appreciate some good snark. Trusting rooms and portraits definitely doesn't seem like something that would come naturally to her, but it would come natural to someone like Luna. Can I applaud you on how well you write her? Well, you really just write everyone so well. I think I've told you before that this story really does feel like the other side/missing moments from book 7, and I so applaud your talent in that.

I love the dynamics you've set up here. They're an interesting personality blend, but I can see them working together quite well in the future. Luna's ability to trust blindly will parallel well with Astoria's skepticism, and Neville's boldness is just so wonderful. I really enjoyed the image of poor Neville trying to hide himself in a firebox. But did he manage to hide himself successfully?! I'm not so sure, and Astoria definitely seems to have her doubts too.

So, if they're (likely) in The Hog's Head, does that mean the person that's coming is ABERFORTH?! Oooh, intrigue. And cliffhangers are evil, but I can definitely see that this was the perfect place to end the chapter.

Another brilliant job, my dar!


Author's Response: Hey Jill!

I completely understand your heart not being up for reading fics these past weeks. I kind of had the same thing going on. But I'm trying to slip back into the groove of things. I'm so glad that you came by!

Haha, yesss. Astoria's snark was, for a good while, the only real humor that this fic had. Obviously now that the D.A. is involved, there are some other sources of comedic relief, but I definitely wanted to make sure her sarcasm still remained a feature, and I'm so glad that you enjoy it!

"I think I've told you before that this story really does feel like the other side/missing moments from book 7,"
--you...I just...cannot imagine a nicer thing someone could say to me?? THANK YOU! *attacks with hugs* That seriously means so much to me.

Yeah. The three of them definitely work well together here, though poor Astoria is fretting the whole time. Neville's boldness moves things along, Luna's trust has a surprising tendency to be useful, and Astoria's focus on subtlety, as well as her hard edge, all combine so that they kind of complete each other.

It *could* be. But there *are* other options. After all, someone just glimpsed Astoria through the window. Was it Aberforth? Or could it be someone else?? ;)

I'm pretty sure the cliffhanger was elise's idea, so credit where credit is due. I've been really happy with it, and I'm so glad that you liked it! Can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter! And I'll be over to Haunting Shadows soon!

Thanks for the lovely review, Jill!


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Review #35, by Lympha Beyond Blood and Bone

11th June 2016:
Amazing story! You write extremely well and it's great to read about the other side. A bit sad but very interesting. I'm looking forward to the next chapters!

Author's Response: Hi Lympha! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review! It's so encouraging. And I'm so glad you're enjoying reading about the other side of the war, behind the scenes of Deathly Hallows. I'm having great fun writing it (even if it is a little sad. I promise there are more happy parts in the future! It pays off!). Thanks again!


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Review #36, by alicia and anne The Lady of Greengrass Hall

23rd May 2016:
Now she is a powerful woman! Able to get the secrets from men without really trying, and trusted to pass those secrets on. If only the others knew of her power. :P

Ah, poor Lavinia, I guess she wanted to go out in more of a blaze of glory, I know I would if I was her.

I love the way that she's drinking her tea, so delicately but radiating such power. She seems to have a lot of mannerisms of her mother. They fit her well.

I am loving the way that they talk to each other, how much is there in their body language without words ever having to be said.

It's brilliant!

I am also loving Lavinia Greengrass, even if she is evil. She's brilliant isn't she? I want to learn so much more about her! See various spin offs about her!

And I think that it was definitely an inside job regarding her death. I just wonder who!


I am loving this! your writing is remarkable and I am in awe of your talents!

Author's Response: Lavinia was indeed a powerful woman. And others not knowing that about her was the greatest irritation of her life. On the one hand, flying beneath the radar is what allowed her to be such a good spy; on the other, she wanted glory more than nearly anything. Which was, essentially, why she confided in Astoria so much. At least one person thought she was amazing.

Lavinia might not have minded dying young if it really had been a blaze of glory. As it was, though, no one knew how she died - it wasn't widespread that she was a Death Eater. As far as the public is concerned, she simply fell from her broom. No questions asked. Poor Lavinia.

Astoria definitely inherited and learned a great deal from her mother. And I'm glad you like how they read each other! I really enjoyed writing that, and how much of their communication was really unspoken.

She really is brilliant, from my perspective! Complex, and she made some terrible choices, but I think I'll always have a soft spot for her. There's more of her later in the story :D

Who could have killed her, and why? Yet another mystery...

I LOVE how behind Astoria's plan you are here. And thank you so much for such a lovely compliment! I appreciate that so much! And thank you for leaving me two reviews! That was very kind of you :D


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Review #37, by dreamgazer220 Into The Sanctum

21st May 2016:
Penny! I am here with your requested review ♥

So, this chapter! You are brilliant, you know? This story really feels like we get to see what's happening inside of Hogwarts while the trio is off gallivanting to find Horcruxes (which we know isn't the case, but you know what I mean!). Times are hard at Hogwarts, and you're doing an amazing job of painting the picture of the pain and torture that must have gone on in this place during this time.

I love your use of language and description. I've said this almost every chapter, but you really manage to paint an image in my mind, and I felt like I could really see what the Room of Requirement looked like, even if we hadn't seen it from a movie perspective.

AND OMG YOU INTRODUCED SEAMUS! *dances* I have to applaud you on your writing of his accent, it actually makes me a bit envious! And I love his humor, it's just enough to brighten up these dreary times. I also really love how observant Astoria is, the minor things she notices about a person. It's those details that make your writing so amazing; the bruise on Neville's face, for instance, or the scars he has. The background noises of the Room as everyone's hanging around until Astoria walks in. It's just so well done.

And we meet Luna as well! I like that you've decided to include both Dean and Luna in this, even if they're not present in the books. It's still entirely possible that they managed to find a way back to Hogwarts, y'know? We really don't know much in terms of what happened in those times.

I can totally believe the Carrows rationing food like that. I have a feeling I known where they're taking Gryffindor's food - is that to feed the army of Death Eaters in the Forbidden Forest, perhaps? It's so heartbreaking to read lines like "Snape's orders", but still so true to the character that all of the students know and fear.

Speaking of the Carrows, *shudders*. Were you really suggesting what I think you were suggesting about the young girls? I'm not really sure I want to know the answer...

I don't have much CC for this chapter at all. I think it flowed well and the conversations kept things interesting, and I loved meeting the new faces. Well, new to this story, anyway. I can't pick out the lines because I'm on my tablet, but there were a few times where you forgot to put a closed quotation mark at the end of a dialogue, and there's a typo somewhere up top where you are missing the word "she". I think it's when Astoria's deciding that she's going to do this so that she can look at herself in the mirror, or something along those lines.

And throughout all of this, Astoria's not looking to play hero. She's still looking out for herself, but there is very slow character development happening, and you're doing a great job with making that realistic.

And that Neville/Luna moment where he quoted her mum was so adorable! Do I spy a new ship? :) And speaking of ships... Astoria was worried about Draco's safety! I love that she recognizes that it's horrible, but he did save her, as she pointed out. It seems only natural that she would be concerned for his well-being.

AND THAT ENDING. Astoria's clever, about asking the right questions. Did she just create a secret passageway to the kitchens?! I guess I'll have to read on at some point to find out... The suspense, you're good at it! Just like everything else ;)

Another brilliant chapter, my dear! Thank you for the request!


Author's Response: Hey Jill!

You're going to make me actually blush. You are so sweet!

You know, it's funny, but I think writing Astoria has helped me so much in improving my descriptions. I mean, I always did like painting the scene, but Astoria is so darn observant, I can never skimp on it. She's always scanning the room, observing all the small details, and now it's bled over and become part of my overall style. Just one of the many benefits of fanfic :) I'm so glad that you like it, and that you feel like you can really see everything. I'm super visual, so I always hope that people will really be able to see the images popping into my mind.

SEAMUS! My love! I'm so glad that you enjoyed him, and I do hope that you continue to, since you've written my favorite depiction of Seamus thus far. You're right--amidst all the grimness, he gives everyone some much-needed levity. His part's actually grown much bigger than I initially expected. He just kind of burst onto the page (much like Ginny, actually. Huh)

Yeah! I didn't want to leave them out. In the movie, Luna even says that she's going back to Hogwarts. Which, I mean, she can't possibly just go and rejoin her classmates after having escaped from Death Eaters, so that really only leaves the option of joining the gang in the RoR, as far as I can tell.

Good job picking up on that about the stolen food. I could draw it out, I guess, but I think you know you're right. ;) And I'm glad you thought it sounded realistic. Not only is it practical--the Death Eater camp needs food, why not just take it from the school? But the Carrows are sadists, not educators; I think they'd spend as much time as possible trying to come up with various ways to make life at Hogwarts miserable for most of the students.

As for what I was suggesting about Amycus...yes. I was suggesting that. :/ I didn't really set out to make that a feature--it just sort of flowed out of what happened with Amara. I'm not saying that anything has or hasn't happened, and I didn't want to go into any kind of detail, because that felt unnecessary, just...seemed true? Like I said, the Carrows are sadists. After it came up with the boggart, I felt like I had to address it, at least a little. I didn't want to shy away from how horrible I feel like Hogwarts must have become. The worst hasn't happened yet--as of right now, most people aren't living in the Room of Requirement full-time, just the refugees. It's still not as intense as it gets later, when they have to move in permanently. But I wanted it to be clear that the Hogwarts we knew is far, far gone, even if the kids are doing their best to manage. There are very real reasons for all the fear, and the hate, and the desire to fight back.

Thanks for the CC! And for doing this on your tablet--I'm sorry your laptop died! I found that missing "she" and one missing set of quotations, so those have been fixed! Thanks for letting me know about them.

I'm so happy that you think Astoria's development is happening realistically. The pace of it is something I've worked really hard on, so that just delights me! And DO you spy a new ship? Perhaps ;) And Astoria certainly has not forgotten about Draco. She's got a lot of other things to deal with, atm, but he's still there, being all morally grey and confusing as ever.

:D Yay! You liked the ending! She definitely coaxed the Room into creating a passage of some kind. As for where, you'll have to read on to find that out. It's long been a part of my headcanon that Slytherins would be particularly good at dealing with the Room of Requirement. It's like a deal with the fairies, or a magical contract--you need just the right words, and I think Slytherins would be particularly good with that sort of thing. And I'm so glad you're feeling the suspense!

Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL review, which absolutely made my day!


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Review #38, by krazyboutharryginny An Unwelcome Visitor

20th May 2016:
Hiya Penny! Here for our swap! :D Sorry I'm a bit late with this!

I'm very impressed with this chapter! Something about the way that it's written is so striking. The descriptions are really vivid, and you've included so many details that really build up the story and make it a lot more engaging. We're given a sense of the current climate of the wizarding world without a whole lot of exposition, and same thing with the atmosphere within the Greengrass home.

You haven't really given us all that much solid information about the specifics of what's going on - Astoria's mother has died, her family's loyalties are in question, Malfoy is a Death Eater, and beyond that we don't really know too much. But you've given us enough, and dropped enough hints, that it draws us in. It's all very intriguing, and I definitely want to know more about the situation.

I briefly mentioned your descriptions, but I wanted to talk about it a bit more. The language you use is just stunning and really goes above and beyond. An example would be how, instead of saying that Lavinia's eyebrows were furrowed, you said that her "frown was a fissure between her eyebrows" - that's such a creative and unusual way to put that, and that sort of description really elevates this chapter.

My favourite part was this:
"It was incredible how a dress could be a political statement--how so much subtle meaning could be worked into the threads and knots of colour that she really just wanted to rip off her back and burn. It was a load of rot, the lot of it.
As far as she was concerned, it was green for Greengrass--that was where her loyalties lay."

And I also loved the bit when Astoria was rude to her House Elf when she would normally have been polite - it was a simple and effective way to build up the atmosphere of Malfoy's visit and even the climate outside the Greengrass home.

Great work, Penny!


Author's Response: Hey Kayla! No worries!

:D Thank you so much for saying that. I work super hard on the descriptions, so it always means a lot to me when they're appreciated. And you just said such kind things, and even pulled out a specific example? How lovely of you! Ooh, and a favorite quote, too. You're spoiling me ;) I'm really fond of that line, too, because it was a fun way to very quickly say a lot about Astoria--she knows how to play the game, but that doesn't mean she likes it. She has her own priorities--her family--and doesn't care a bit about the rest of it. And it was a chance to write in a little peek at the fire and anger under all that steely control she has. I'm just so glad you enjoyed it, because it's one of my favorites, as well.

I'm glad you're intrigued! Since I set out to make this story part Mystery, I really wanted to make sure that the first chapter didn't give away too much, but just dropped hints. This fic is, in large part, about secrets, so I wanted to have it open with that feeling that there's a lot going on under the surface.

Oh, Filly. Astoria's relationship with her House Elf was one of the most important things I knew about her, right at the start. We may not yet know what kind of person Astoria is, but at least we glimpse that she's got a decent side to her. I was a little inspired by Regulus Black's affection for Kreacher. We know that Regulus made a lot of mistakes, but it was Voldemort's misuse of his House Elf that drove him to sacrifice his life to try to bring Voldemort down. And I imagine that there could have been more Purebloods like that. I mean, we really only see a few examples of the House Elf/Pureblood relationships, and it's usually pretty awful, mostly because we only ever see Elves who are matched with pretty terrible people (with the exception of SIrius, whose treatment of Kreacher is terrible, but is also complicated by Kreacher's brainwashed spewing of his abusive late-Mistresses vitriol). But in my headcanon, most Pureblooded kids would be raised at home, rather than sent to a Muggle primary school. I imagine House Elves functioning as tutors and nannies--sort of the governesses of the Wizarding World. Many Purebloods would probably leave for school and grow up to continue to think that House Elves were beneath them, but I think some would hold onto that bond. Astoria is one of those.

But yeah, it would be a *terrible* idea to reveal that you considered your House Elf an equal in the "Magic is Might" era, so Astoria has got to keep that under wraps. Tense times, for sure!

Thanks so much for this super encouraging review, Kayla! I really appreciate it!


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Review #39, by NPE An Unwelcome Visitor

16th May 2016:
Hi there,

I am really sorry it took so long to get back to you. It's been like a month.

I can only apologise, a lot was happening in RL and it came out of nowhere and prevented me from devoting much time to this site.

I really like this. Your turns of phrase and the obvious intelligence you portray in Astoria through her thought-streams are wonders to behold frankly.

I also greatly admire both your word economy, to suggest so much in 1700 words is terrific, and the palpable tension you managed to create. My curiosity is piqued and you have suggested enough intellectual food for the reader to create a banquet of intrigue.

The only element of CC I'd have concerns Draco. I appreciate he had the arrogance and entitlement to rock up at her house and give all these demands. However, he is only 15/16 at the time and even though his Dad's in gaol, it's a ballzy move. It could arguably have been elaborated on.

I am not sure which chapter I was supposed to review so I will probably post another review maybe of a different tale or a further chapter in this. I can only reiterate that I am sorry fro taking so long.

Best wishes,


Author's Response: Hi Nick!

Oh, please don't worry about it! I don't want you to feel bad! I understand that sometimes RL just happens. I do hope everything is alright.

Wow. Thank you. I'm glad you thought Astoria sounded intelligent, because *I* am definitely about to sound less coherent than I'd prefer. I don't even know how to respond to such a lovely comment apart from saying "thank you so much!".

Bahaha! Thank you! "Word economy" can be a bit of a struggle for me, actually, but I didn't want to overwhelm people with long opening chapters. Later they tend to expand, as we know the characters a bit better, but I'm really happy that you felt drawn in by the opening chapter even with its shorter length! (Also "banquet of intrigue" is perhaps one of the best descriptions this story has ever received, and I love it!)

And thank you for the CC! At this point, Draco is actually almost 18, and he's working for the Death Eaters, which is where his authority comes from. But I'm glad you said that, because that means maybe the time-period/situation aren't being conveyed as clearly as I'd like.

It's really alright! Thanks so much for this review!


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Review #40, by TreacleTart A Trace of Home

16th May 2016:

I'm here finally, to leave you this long overdue review. I actually read this chapter pretty much the instant you posted it, but didn't have the time at that moment to leave you the review that you deserved...and then life just decided to be complicated. But here I am to make up for it.

I love that we've finally found a little chink in Astoria's nearly flawless armor. Up until this point she's been good at hiding her emotions, a perfect strategist, and quite honourable, so it was nice to see her just a tiny bit vulnerable. It makes her seem a little more human.

I thought Luna's assessment of the wand was a really cool touch. Of course Luna would've learned about wands while spending all of that time with Ollivander. It fits her personality so well. And I loved how sharp her thoughts about Astoria were. Luna always seemed quite intuitive if anyone actually stopped to listen to her.

I'm certain I've told you before, but Seamus is one of my favorite HP characters and I ship Dean/Seamus pretty hard, so for me to even consider saying that I'm rooting for an Astoria/Seamus hookup says just how well you're writing the growing bond between them. Whether it's friendship or something more, you've done a beautiful job of it. And I love that you haven't made Seamus a bumbling fool, but a flirty, intelligent, capable, and intuitive person. If he had been a complete idiot, I doubt he would've survived the war, so it's nice to see you putting so much thought into his character.

I also love all the little details that you include in this story. You don't just tell us that Astoria knows that a cure for boils helps swelling. You add in the touches about Purebloods using it after a long night of heels. You tell us in great detail about the things that make the office home for Astoria, like the falling leaves in the picture and I can almost see it. It's really details like that (which you are amazing about including) that make this story come to life in such a vivid manner.

Ugh. And the last scene. Could Seamus be anymore adorable? “So I’m just gonna give ye a hug, because that’s what friends do. An’ ye’re gonna manage not to be weird abut it, Astoria Greengrass. Alright?”

 This was possibly my favorite line in the whole story, mainly because it summed them both up so well. It says clearly that Astoria isn't someone who likes her personal space invaded, but that Seamus is confident enough to know that she needs it invaded right about now. It was just perfect.

My only tiny bit of cc is really more of a note for going forward. I'd just say to be careful with how you write Seamus' accent. With any character with a distinct voice (Hagrid, Fleur, Seamus, Viktor) it's easy to make their voices sound awkward or clunky by adding too many accented words per sentence. I think you're doing fine with it so far, but I noticed one or two sentences that were just a little bit choppy, so I thought I'd bring it up.

Also, there was this one little thing here...

t’s just...”

It was just, - just need to add a space between the end quotes and the second it

Otherwise, your writing is as flawless as usual and your story is still one of my favorites on the site. I hope you know how talented you are and what a brilliant mind you have. I look forward to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Kaitlin! This review is so lovely, I just want to hug you!

Hooray! I'm so glad you liked that bit about Luna. It's always been part of my headcanon that Luna would be knowledgeable about wands. She did spend all that time in a dungeon with Ollivander, and she is a Ravenclaw. Luna *loves* unusual, esoteric information, so I could only imagine she'd be all over wandlore. And I'm really glad that you liked the sharpness of her thoughts. I wanted to balance out Luna's dreaminess while still showing that she truly is astute. I completely agree with you--if anyone would ever really listen to her and not get sidetracked by the crazy details she sometimes throws in, I think she has a lot to offer.

Okay, so, confession time: I LOVE Seamus Finnigan. Writing him has been *so much fun*. The thing is, despite all the angst of Traitorous Hearts, I'm usually a lot more light-hearted. I mean, I always enjoy writing a bit of darkness in, but I'm so fond of jokes and puns and silliness that this story has really been something different for me. I've loved setting up all the tension and all, but Seamus came along and I was like, "Oh thank God! Comic relief!" But I'm so happy that you're with me on the characterization. I wanted Seamus to be funny, but not a jester. He, very consciously, provides balance to all these people's lives. He's a bit of a jokester, and very much a charmer, but I never wanted to write him as a bumbler. Would Minerva McGonagall entrust a buffoon with explosives on Hogwarts grounds, even in the midst of a war? No way! And I agree with you about him surviving the war. He's got to be smart. And I imagine his being wrong about Harry earlier would have left him far more open-minded.

I do know how you felt about Dean/Seamus, so while I fully expected some Seamus/Astoria ships to set sail here, you were the last person I was expecting! :D Thank you so much for your kind words. I love their bond, and as for what comes of it...this we shall see ;)

I am *delighted* that you enjoyed those details. They're some of my favorite bits to write. Astoria's knowledge-base comes from a very different place than the rest of them, and it's important to me to always be drawing that back in. She's a Slytherin, and a Pureblood, and it's not just something to overcome. Sometimes good things come from it.

That last scene. I tried writing it a few different ways, with a few people saying various things, but then I was like, no, this needs to be Seamus and Astoria center stage. And I really wanted to show it after the last chapter ended with a brittle, unapologetic, overburdened Astoria. You'd mentioned how Astoria's "apology" was really cold. And it was. Saying you're sorry - especially to someone you believe hates you - is really hard. It's not just a blow to your pride; it's being *vulnerable*. And Astoria's not in a place where she can be vulnerable in front of a near-stranger. But here we finally get to see her give into that. She *needs* to open up, to have a shoulder to cry on, and Seamus is the perfect person for it. What you said was just right: Seamus is confident and intuitive enough to know when she needs to have her boundaries pushed, for her own sake. Astoria needs people like that in her life, and Seamus is particularly good at that. I love writing all of their interactions.

Oooh! Thank you for the CC! I'd been worried about that very thing. The accent can be tricky. If you ever feel like there's a sentence that's choppy, please do point it out! And thanks for catching that spacing error! I appreciate your sharp eyes so much!

Kaitlin, you are actually making me blush. I got this review after driving like 5 or 6 hours and feeling sick, and it made me feel SO much better! You are so kind, and I appreciate your reviews so much! THANK YOU!


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Review #41, by Unicorn_Charm Behind the Bleeding Walls

15th May 2016:
Hey Penny! I'm here with your review!

Yikes, Hogwarts sounds just awful. Astoria seemed like she's slightly losing her cool demeanor. The news of all of those students, you can tell, has really shaken her. The little details she thought of, like being lent a quill, or perfect attendance cupcakes... The probably deaths of her classmates truly seemed to unnerve her here.

Worse though was listening to the Slytherins in the common room. And what I liked here was how you mentioned that not even being a Slytherin exempted you from the war. That people who were Pure Bloods and/or Slytherins were just as easily killed. The response to that from the other Slytherins was so sad to read. You don't know if they're just saying those things to keep up appearances, or if they're truly brainwashed enough to feel nothing about a house mate's death. Pansy was awful. Ugh I wanted to smack her so badly. She's one that I'm sure truly felt that way, and wasn't just trying to look good in front of everyone. The cow.

Daphne seems so sheep-like. The complete opposite of her sister. I did get a kick out of her not liking what Draco said about her, because only a sibling can get away with saying/thinking those things haha. Totally true.

I also laughed about how the broom closet was so cliche. Too funny. :)

The ending of Astoria's section has me on edge. Who was the Gryffie and what did he do to her?? Where are they going? What's happening?? I need to know!!

I noticed one little typo in this section: silence of
eggshells afraid to be broken.

Oh and that Draco section! Gah! I'm so glad we got to see his POV again!

That sounds so unpleasant, camping in the Forbidden Forest. Not to mention, a bit terrifying. Like he said, there are tons of crazy creatures in there. I'm sure being there is a punishment for letting Harry go.

Everything about Bellatrix was written so perfectly here, it was truly amazing. The part about the Occlumency was horrific. The memories and thoughts that went through her head. Dear lord. She's such a psychopath. And I loved how you mentioned the weight she was losing. She definitely unraveled quite a bit (which is saying something) by the end of the series. And it was so obvious here. I also imagine that her relationship with her husband was exactly how you wrote it. I don't think she loved him. She loved Voldemort. I think her marriage was more out of convince than anything else. So that fit my headcanon.

Oh so Draco didn't go back to school at all? That makes total sense though. After what happened the year before. I do in he'd want to step foot back in there. I always wondered if Draco thought much about those last moments, when Dumbledore offered him and his family protection. I was really pleased to see that here. I'd think that it would have been something he thought of. Something that would have bothered him. I often forget how much Draco really did go through. Even though he brought some if it on himself, for the most part, he never really had a choice. I should probably give him the benefit of the doubt a bit more.

Astoria really got to him on so many levels. He keeps thinking of her. But it's in a way that shows that it's not only the fear he has of her, something about her really has him intrigued. Also in the same way she remembers like the details of his eyes and such, he's thinking about the same things with her. I'm loving this gradual build up, without them even being in one another's presence often.

Jeez, first Astoria is taken by some mysterious person and now Draco has some thing coming up behind him! What in the world is going on?!

Love it! Love every second of this! I cannot wait to find out what happens next. This just keeps getting better and better. Truly an amazing story! And I will tell you that with each review. :p

Thanks for responding!! I always love reading this! ♥

Tons of love,

Author's Response: Hi Meg! Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL review!

Hogwarts really is awful, at this point. I think it really would have gotten that way. I mean, don't get me wrong, the trio's Camping Trip of Doom and Boredom was no picnic, but I've always imagined that Hogwarts that year, when we don't get to see it, would be more of a struggle than anything. You're right; this is a pretty big break for Astoria. What happened to her schoolmates really does get to her. These aren't just anonymous names. These are kids she's gone to school with for years. One of them is a fellow Slytherin girl like her. These (presumed) deaths are real to her in a whole different way.

"You don't know if they're just saying those things to keep up appearances, or if they're truly brainwashed enough to feel nothing about a house mate's death." I love that you pointed that out! That's actually one of the main things I wanted to get across in this chapter. If you were sympathetic at all to the Order and the resistance, Slytherin House would have been the worst place to be. I imagine the other Houses could at least have pulled off whispered discussions in their own dormitories and common rooms. In Slytherin, they don't have any of that security. Astoria can't reveal what she truly feels to anyone. And maybe there are others like her, but they don't have any kind of safe space. There's nowhere they can talk about how horrified they are, which means that Astoria (and anyone else like her) must feel so, so alone.

Pansy is horrid, and Daphne isn't a whole lot better. Still, Astoria's loyalty to family has always been one of her chief qualities. She's definitely not about to let some upstart Death Eater smack talk her sister, even if he IS right.

Thanks for pointing out that typo! I think I've got it all squared away now. :)

I'm so happy you enjoyed the Draco POV. Speaking of camping trips from hell...

HUGS! Thank you for loving the crazy Bellatrix portrayal. She's tricky to write, because she is totally losing it at this point. But I think seeing Bellatrix be who she is--a complete psycho--is really important to who Draco is going to become. I imagine she took a lot of the shine off being a Death Eater for him. He was raised thinking they were these noble people, destined to bring wizards back to where the belong...and then he meets Bellatrix. I see that as being the beginning of his disillusionment. And I absolutely agree with your headcanon about Bellatrix and Rodolphus' marriage of convenience. I don't think she ever cared for him, though in my headcanon he did love her, inasmuch as he was able to love.

I agree with you. I think everything about what happened with Dumbledore would have haunted Draco. And yeah, it's my headcanon that he didn't go back. How could he even face the rest of Hogwarts, who all think he was a part of killing Dumbledore (which, in a way, he was)? I imagine he was basically drafted into full time service, which is where he realized the true horrors of being a Death Eater. I think it's clear from book 6 on that Draco was never cut out for this sort of thing. He never wanted to kill Dumbledore, really. He didn't turn in Harry when he had the chance, despite the risks to his family. In the rare occasion that he has a choice, we see him hesitate--he doesn't want to choose the wrong thing. He never really had much of a chance, either. Draco's made mistakes, but it's hard to imagine a plot twist where he wouldn't end up in this position. I do feel bad for him, even if it doesn't erase him of all culpability.

I'm so glad that you're liking the slow burn. Astoria and Draco can't quite get each other out of their minds, no matter how hard they try. ;)

And haha, yeah, it's rough times for both of them. Guess they need to watch their backs.

Thank you so much for this AMAZING review that has made me smile so much, Meg! Seriously, it was so lovely. Hugs!


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Review #42, by dreamgazer220 An Admirable Thing

12th May 2016:
Penny, I'm back and here for our review swap! ♥

So I had gotten quite used to your long chapters, so I was a bit surprised to see that this one was on the shorter side. And while it did feel a bit like a filler chapter (which is completely fine, and probably necessary), you still managed to keep things interesting and we still learned more about the characters.

I loved your descriptions of the way Legimincey worked. It's so interesting that Draco dreams of other people's memories, but it actually makes a lot of sense, given that he's seen so much. And it seems that his brain appears stuck on Astoria, I wonder why that would be.

You do such a great job of writing Draco. You handle his complexities with great talent, showing us the true struggle that he's facing because he's not so sure he wants to be on this side of the war, but it's the side that he picked. I loved the bit about his friends; and while it's sad that they wouldn't write to him, it makes sense, and he doesn't even seem that bothered by their silence. It says a lot about the kind of relationship he has with them.

And I did notice the tie into the souls thing even before Draco did, which I think is quite interesting. The Greengrass family seems to have a thing for souls, I wonder if that will be a theme later on in the story? I really like it, though. And I loved Astoria being worried that hers would be part of the painting and that's how it moved! It definitely seems like something a little magical child might think.

I wasn't sure if we would see any Astoria in this chapter, but I'm glad that we did! She's clearly making a catalogue of things she knows about Neville, which is smart.

AND GASP! Is he taking her into the Room of Requirement?! I think he is, since they're waiting on the seventh floor! I can't wait to see what her reactions to that are going to be, especially since, with three weeks from the battle, it's more of a sanctuary than a secret room.

Another great chapter, my dear! Keep up the great work :)

♥ Jill

Author's Response: Hey Jill!

Yeah, this one's a bit of a break in the midst of all the long ones. I try to do that sometimes, just to kind of break things up a bit. I'm glad that, even though it was a bit filler-y, you still felt like you were learning things about the characters. It was set up that I considered important, and I needed to fit it in. I also wanted to just have a brief moment to slow down before the crazy really starts up again, as it will in the next few chapters.

I'm so, so happy that you feel like Draco is being well and complexly portrayed. I work hard to kind of balance that line of making him sympathetic without pretending he's squeaky clean. He's selfish, and he knows it. He has a lot of regrets. On some occasions he's done the right thing, but most of the time he hasn't. And you're right--he's not *at all* sure about his side of the war. But it *is* the side he's stuck with. He doesn't see any other option open to him, and in his mind, it's pretty much impossible that the Order and Co. could really do anything to take down Voldemort at this point. And yeah, his friends...he's not *too* much better off than Astoria has been, in that department. I imagine that he's grown genuinely attached to Crabbe and Goyle after all these years, so there is that, but on the whole, no one's talking to him, and he isn't surprised. I think it says as much about his opinion of himself right now as his relationship with his friends, but you're right. Those relationships still lack depth, and Draco has been pulled out from his family support system. It really is rough times.

Draco is very concerned with souls right now. Unlike Voldemort, Draco can feel remorse. He's still in the midst of doing what he has to do to survive, but he does *hate* it. It's that part of him that wants to change, to turn back, but feels so tainted, like he has no chance. Really, Astoria doesn't even know what it meant to him when she looked at him and told him that somewhere, he still had a soul. And I do think that he pulled that memory to himself because of that reason, that obsession. Like a magnet. And yes! Baby Astoria being afraid of being painted was a fun bit for me to write, and I loved showing her relationship with Felix back when he was mentally healthy. I'm glad you liked it.

I'm so excited for you to see the Room of Requirement! I cannot wait to know what you think! Thank you for this review, Jill! Your reviews are always splendid!


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Review #43, by Gabriella Hunter An Admirable Thing

11th May 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here and it's good to be stopping by again! I'll most likely be here again in a few because we still have that jumbo swap to get through. Admittedly, A Force of Wills has more chapters than TH so if you want to switch up with a different story at any time, just let me know.

Anyway, this!

I don't mind chapters like this at all because it gives my heart a break. Haha. I like that there was a weird moment of peace during Draco's scene.

I was wondering how he was doing and it's nice to see that he wasn't eaten! I don't think he would have been very nutritious.

I think Draco's scene was my favorite part of this chapter though. I think I understood him better here when he had his guard down than I would have any other time. It's interesting here because he always prided himself of being above everyone else and now he's not even able to get the pillow he wants.

It makes you question your life but instead of Draco regretting how he treated others in the past, he just wants things to be the same as they were before. That's another grey area about him that I think Astoria might understand whenever they see each other again.

I also really dig this idea of him being able to shuffle through other people's memories. I don't think I've seen that before and it's such a unique idea! *Steals it for later*

What's really telling about this is that Draco is pulled into Astoria's memories so easily. I love the idea of them being like a clock, each new piece is more intricate than the last and this really gives me a more in depth understanding of Astoria too. Sweet dreams, Draco!

On a whole other note, my brother used to believe that whole thing about pictures stealing your soul. Hahah. I had a good chuckle while I was reading that whole bit (Also, it's pretty darn sad to see Astoria and her father, knowing what happens to him later)

So, Astoria!

Hahha. Back again with that sass! I was really curious about what would happen after that last intense chapter. I think you did a good job by not having that same mood fade into this one, it makes me really anxious for the next one.

It's the lovely, ominous reprieve before things turn horrible. I love doing that in my writing so I'm not going to be fussy. Hahaha.

Anyway, she's going to get more than she thought by helping Neville (I think he looks like a smexy cardigan lumberjack) and I'm eager for the next chapter!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #44, by Unicorn_Charm The Writing On the Wall

11th May 2016:
Penny! I'm here for our swap!

Wow what a great chapter! I think this one is my favorite so far. I was completely immersed in every single word of it. Just fantastic!

The beginning of this chapter was so sad. I was hoping that her father would have been alright enough to take her to the platform, and it totally broke my heart reading that he didn't seem to know who she was at all, and spoke to her like she was the help. Like a stranger. I still adore the relationship that she has with her elf. It's so sweet how much she cares for her. I wish that she would have stayed with Astoria on the platform, but she's right, it would have brought attention to herself. I'm sure not many students bring only their elves with them when going back to school.

You could definitely feel a friendship, or at least a respect for Ginny growing here. She was worried when she didn't see her, even though she tried to cover it up with more frustration than anything else, and was concerned for her well being. I still think this friendship is so amazingly written and coming along really organically. I love them together.

Astoria is so impressive! How does she know everything that's going to happen in the castle?! I'm dying to know how she found out about what Ginny was planning. I'm glad she warned her though. Gah! I just love how complexed and mysterious and strong and witty and amazing Astoria is in this story!

And of course she showed up haha. I don't know if it was morbid curiosity, making sure Ginny was ok, or wanting to be rebellious in a quiet sort of way. The whole "cloak and dagger" comment was really funny. I adore how you've written them to he so similar, yet so completely different at the same time. I really want to see them remain friends for a long time, because I think they balance one another out really well.

I loved how you touched on what happened to Ginny her first year. That really is brushed off for the rest of the series, and it was something that I'm sure was completely traumatic for her to have gone through. It really did feel like the rest of the school had forgotten about it, and it makes a lot of sense that Ginny would have become more outgoing and whatnot to try to prove that she wasn't a weak little girl.

Geez the last thing they'd need would be for Peeves to spot them. Yikes.

That conversation on the stairs was excellent. You could really feel the bond growing. It was nice to see them have kind of a typical "girl" conversation. Even though Astoria might not be so good at it haha. But she did give Ginny some good advice. And again you showed just how perceptive she is, since she realized what was going on between Ginny and Harry, even though it seems most others did not.

The ending was sweet. You can tell that they are truly concerned for one another. Whether it's out of friendship, or a camaraderie, like you said in the AN, it was nice to read.

I wonder how long before Astoria finds out that Ginny is alright. If there will be any way she'll send a message to her or not before she appears for the battle.

Also, I'm intrigued to see how her interactions with Draco go when she gets back. If Draco is any different after what happened at his place during the holiday.

Penny, this story is just wonderful. Really, one of the most creative, interesting and well written stories on this site. It's amazing! Can't wait to read on!! Thanks for the swap, dear! ♥


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Review #45, by Gabriella Hunter In Dark Spaces

6th May 2016:
Hello! >:)

Surprise! I haven't forgotten about you, girl! My little life has been all over the place and I haven't been motivated to do anything lately.

My apologies!

This is seriously going to be one of my favorite chapters. It explored so many different aspects of Astoria's character and I think you've nailed her personality. Some people tend to slip up when it comes to novels and instead of their characters growing, they begin to fracture.

What's lovely about Astoria is that she has those moments when she's wavering into someone she doesn't recognize. I feel like that's an important trait to have in general because how many times have you been shocked by something you've done or said? It's a realistic thing to go through.

I've never been yanked into a cupboard though and I thought that scene in particular was just amazingly written. I love your descriptions and i just got this feeling of being shut off from the rest of the world. Astoria is just made out of pure gold, her snappy retorts and her calmness during this situation says a lot about her.

I think that you're doing something interesting here with her grey areas. Astoria has already made it clear that she wants to live but at the same time, Neville does bring up some good points. I was going to try and get disappointed with her for refusing to help them but at the same time, I understood where she was coming from. Becoming involved in something like this is dangerous for a person like her and she certainly doesn't see the point in it right away.

Neville handled himself well and I like that even though we don't see him, we get a strong sense of who he is. There's such a strong presence from him and I can't wait to read more of their interactions together.

I find it interesting that Astoria is trying to relate more to her fellow Slytherins. I'm not sure if it was actually out of loneliness but I think that her point about people drifting away from you due to tragedy is so true. I've had that happen more than once and it's strange to experience, especially when you try to get things back in order.

It was also painfully clear that she had nothing in common with the other students in her year. I thought that was a good point to make, she feels "othered" in more ways than one.

So, let's talk about the last half:

Why you do this?!

I think I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Ugh, the way you described the Great Hall was just so brilliant. It felt like such a small space and there was this oppressive atmosphere that you did such a good job at highlighting.

But OMG! I want to punch Amycus Carrow in the throat! I can't believe he tortured that poor girl like that! Such a darkly beautiful scene though, I know it couldn't have been easy to write. You did such an amazing job though that I was so absorbed in it that Astoria's non verbal magic made me jump!


She was going to stand up and take that punishment though! That shows that her character has changed significantly and instead, Slughorn stepped in. Shocked!

Astoria has made her decision to do the right ting but I wonder just how far she's willing to go. Hmm. I'll have to stop by for the next chapter soon!

Thanks for the GREAT read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie! I never thought you had forgotten about me! I know things get crazy sometimes!

I am so glad that you said that! I completely agree. One of the things I like about Astoria is how she periodically surprises herself. She's changing, and has multiple instincts warring all the time. She is a person whom, we know, has strong protective instincts, at least towards the people she cares about. But it shows that she has that capacity. But she also has a very healthy sense of self-preservation. And so, as those different sides of her are battling it out, sometimes even she is surprised by which one wins.

She doesn't always recognize herself, but I think that's a part of growing up, like you said. And especially for Astoria, who is under a lot of pressure to grow up fast, I think it's a pretty natural progression.

Haha! Thank you! Whenever Astoria gets scared, annoyed, or vulnerable, she tends to bring out the sass full-force, and Neville just shoved all three emotions at her, so he got stuck in the path of Astoria's Speeding Snark Train of Self-Defense. She is good at maintaining her calm, though. She's so highly analytical that she's able to focus on facts to keep her head. Astoria knows that the best way to gain control of a situation is to act like you already are, which she does like a champ. She's very manipulative that way. #snaketraits :)

I'm REALLY happy that you understood Astoria's perspective! That's what I was really hoping for with this chapter. It was the only response that felt natural to me. Look at all that Astoria has been through: the person she trusted most--her mother--broke that trust. She also lost her mother. She's been helpful to the rebels once, and look what happened! She and her whole family were nearly killed! And Astoria isn't just a girl; she is, for all intents and purposes, the head of the Greengrass household. There's so much weight on her shoulders. It's more than just her life that she feels she must protect. Her family is also at stake. I think her initial refusal makes a lot of sense, and I really feel for her in that situation. She is 16, and the world is asking so much of her.

I'm so glad you liked Nevill! Major canon characters are the hardest to get right, so it means a lot that you thought he showed up strong.

Astoria *is* really lonely. You're right that she didn't just take up with Ginny because she felt isolated, though. She's trying to rationalize her actions. There's clearly a part of her that wants to DO something, but her mother raised her to be rational and cautious. She's trying to spin the situation into something that she can control.

:D HEEHEEHEE! (I'm not laughing about any of the truly horrifying things that occurred. Those were truly hard to write. But it does make me happy that you were on the edge of your seat!)

Amycus Carrow *deserves* to be punched in the throat. He deserves WORSE. Honestly at this point he makes *my* skin crawl. And poor, poor Amara. I rarely feel remorse for what I make my characters go through, but I hated putting her through that. Truly. It was awful. But it was the sort of thing I could believe happening. I don't think these kids just suffered cuts and bruises and crucios. The Carrows are sadists, and I think they came up with all kinds of ways to cause pain.

But YES! Astoria finally *snaps*, and I am so proud of her in that moment. I think at another time, in the past, Astoria would have stood back and let someone else take the fall. But after what she's just witnessed, I don't think she could bear to imagine some 2nd year being punished for her sake.

How far she is willing to go is a VERY good question, to which she definitely doesn't yet know the answer. I look forward to hearing what you think about it! Thanks for this splendid review!


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Review #46, by TreacleTart The Weight of the Curse

6th May 2016:
Penny. Penny! PENNY!!!


Alright. Now that that's out of my system, let me get down to the nitty gritty.

I think you know that Seamus is one of my all time favorite characters, so I was quite pleased to see him make an appearance in this chapter. I absolutely love the way that you write him. He's so adorable and happy and he has just the right amount of snarkiness. He's pretty much exactly as I picture him in my head. I also love that you make him clever, witty, good at managing things. You put so much work into making even the side characters come to life and it shows in particular with him.

Astoria is her usual brilliant self, except I think a few cracks are starting to show in her usually perfect exterior. I loved that performing the Imperius curse really got to her. She usually is so good at acting like nothing affects her, so it was nice to see her have a more emotional moment.

I'm really curious about Astoria's seeming inability to cast a reductor curse at the dummies. Towards the end we see her cast a very effective one at her own reflection, so we know that she is capable of doing the spell. I'm wondering if she has some sort of mental block on it and can only complete it when she's mad.

Oh! And Asotria's apology or whatever we're calling it. That was sort of cold. I mean she told the truth, but still she could've softened if up just a bit. Even an I'm sorry would've made it sound a little bit better.

My only tiny bit of CC on this particular chapter comes in the beginning with the Impreius Curse. I found myself wishing that there was just a bit more intensity to it. Like there was something almost dreamlike going on and it seemed just a little too peaceful for the horribleness of it all. Maybe it's because of how rational Astoria is. Even though we know she's upset, she's wearing the mask, so we don't get to see a lot of reaction. Anyway, the scene was still really good, but if I had to nitpick that would be my only bit.

Again, I'm so happy that you're back to updating this! I love this story so much and can't wait to see where you take it! I'm off to read the next chapter right now!


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Review #47, by dreamgazer220 In Dark Spaces

5th May 2016:

Okay, here for our review swap, and I LOVE this chapter!!

You did a fantastic job of building up the tension and suspense once we were actually in the cupboard with Astoria and Cardigan Boy (I literally laughed out loud when I read that line!). She is absolutely the type that would reprimand him, that would call him out. She has no time or patience for whatever he has to say, and it comes across so very strongly on the page.

It was also remarkable, really, how well she could see his facial expressions in the dark. It makes sense, though; Astoria has sharp eyes, and the small details you provided gave us a chance to see them, too. It was a great chance to SHOW us Neville shrugging his shoulders, or raising an eyebrow at her, and you really did not disappoint.

I just loved that scene so much. It was true to Astoria's character, that she doesn't want to be involved in something when she doesn't get anything out of it - that's the true mark of a Slytherin right there. But she listened to him, and Neville clearly got it into her head.

And I loved how you characterized Neville! You can tell he's sweet - he's worried about the children and the people they're hiding, and not having enough food or real supplies to give them. He's stressed and he's worried, but he's also tough. He knows that he's the leader now that Ginny's gone, and you do such a fantastic job of showcasing that development. He'll do whatever it takes to help, even if it means pulling an angry dragon into a supply cupboard.

Can I just tell you that I love what you're doing at Hogwarts? The torture is so cruel, so downright evil, and I never even thought of the Carrows using boggarts as means for torture. But they're Death Eaters, and like everything else you do, it just makes SO MUCH SENSE. That poor girl, though. I can't imagine what she must be feeling, so many fears going at her again and again. Do we get to find out what actually happened to her? I think she's just knocked out cold - Astoria mentioned something along those lines - and I hope that she'll be okay. The poor thing, so afraid and intimidated that she can barely speak.


You're brilliant. Okay, you're just brilliant. I could feel the tension dripping off the page as I read everything in the Great Hall. And the fork was something so unexpected, but I found myself saying "Yes!" when it actually was Astoria who had done such a thing. She's selfish, but she's already starting to change. So very slowly, but it's happening, and she can recognize it too.

And what's up with Slughorn saving her?? I'm very curious to see where you go with this! You manage to leave bits and pieces of intrigue as the chapter progress that honestly leaves me at the edge of my seat and nervous for what's going to happen next. Because really, I don't see any of it coming, and then it happens, and I'm like, "Well, of COURSE!!".

This was another amazing chapter! You're doing such a great job of building the story arch and Astoria's character growth. I'm also amused that she refers to Neville as Cardigan Boy, even after she knows who it is. It shows that, even though she's kind of selfish, she's still got her own sense of humor, and it's really refreshing.

So. did you get the part where I loved this chapter? :)

Thank you for another great swap!

♥ Jill

Author's Response: JILL JILL JILL!

Did you?! YAY!!! :D

I have to say, I'm fond of the Cardigan Boy bit. Astoria's sense of humor is generally very dry and understated, and she hasn't had a *ton* of opportunities to really bring it out. After all, things have been pretty grim. So I love writing those moments where you get a little glimpse of that side of her personality.

Astoria is definitely sharp, with powerful observational skills. I tried to make sure that most everything she does notice is either what she glimpsed and mentally catalogued in that brief moment before he counteracted her Lumos charm, something she's putting together through hearing, or else something she sees in that final moment when her Lumos overpowers his countercharm. But she really does notice a lot just by hearing. It was a fun chapter for me to explore just how well-trained Astoria is. She can gather a lot of information from a conversation in a dark room with a boy she doesn't know. But I'm really glad that you felt like you knew what was going on and, in the parts where there was something to see, you could envision Neville's expression. If there's any area that struck you as something she oughtn't to have been able to see in the dark, though, please PM me, bc I'd want to fix that right up.

I'm so glad that you weren't terribly upset with Astoria. I thought some people might dislike her decision, but I really couldn't right her any other way. Her first instinct is to protect herself and her family, and Neville *is* asking a lot. But you're right; he definitely got it into her head.

And yay! You loved Neville! Working with the canon characters is always the toughest part, so it really makes me happy that you enjoyed this glimpse of him.

Ugh. The Carrows. That part of the chapter was hard to write. I mean, it really is sickening. That's some deep mental scarring, right there. But it was the kind of thing I could see them doing. I think that torture might be the one area where the Carrows had some imagination, as they were clearly sadists. And that's just sort of where my imagination went immediately--I don't remember really considering multiple torture scenarios or raising the stakes or anything. But it just ended up being the exact sort of thing that would get to Astoria. After all, she's been that one girl, standing alone with the weight of the world on her shoulders. And here she sees this child, younger than her, suffer worse than Astoria herself ever did, and for what? Stealing a DINNER ROLL. It absolutely horrifies her and brings out a different side to her personality. I think the deal is that Astoria becomes protective of the people she shares a connection with and, in that moment, she sees her own horrors magnified in what happens to Amara. It brings out the part of her that isn't controlled and cautions--the part of her so deep and instinctual it looses uncontrolled, emotional magic. She reaches the breaking point, where there's just no way she can stand by and let this happen.

:D :D :D The fork was a big moment for me, writing wise. I am SO GLAD that you enjoyed it so much, bc I really wanted it to be an instance where everyone could just go "YES!" and really be cheering for Astoria, even as they held their breath at the potential consequences.

I wanted to show just a bit of Slughorn's progression. He's clearly a coward, but we know he's *amazing* at the Battle of Hogwarts. Everyone thinks he's fled, and then he turns around and brings the reinforcements that turn the tide of the battle. He *personally* duels Voldemort (with help). This man who once turned into a couch to hide from visitors! So I wanted to show a little bit of that. No one except Astoria would have any idea of what he did, but I imagine he's building up to that moment, too, slowly shaking off his cowardice until that time at the Battle when enough is ENOUGH!

Jill, thank you so much for this WONDERFUL review! I truly loved it. It's so encouraging. Hugs!


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Review #48, by FireOpalQueen An Unwelcome Visitor

4th May 2016:
Traitorous Hearts, Chapter 1:

Hello, there, Penny!

This is Kapa, here for our swap! Thanks for the two(!) reviews you left me, they were really insightful (and don’t worry about being nit-picky, I love nit-picky!). Oh, and sorry that this review is a little late! I thought I’d spend yesterday at home in front of my computer, but instead I went on an impromptu excursion to visit a museum which took up the larger part of the day. But now I’m here, and it’s time to get reviewing!

As you may or may not have noticed, Traitorous Hearts has been on my Favourites-list since Dobby-season last year, and I’ve been planning to review it for a long time, so this swap of ours is a good opportunity to get my lazy butt to actually do it. The problem with stories that are both as good and as long as this one is that I feel that they deserve my very best reviewing efforts, and that takes a lot of time. So even though I plan to review all of this story ‘unprompted’, so to speak, it might take me a while to get around to. So yeah, maybe it would be a good idea for us to make another swap soon, as you mentioned… : P

This first chapter, and the ones immediately following it, approaches perfection. Really, if the whole story had just been Draco and Astoria matching wits in the Greengrass parlour for 80 000 words I’d happily have read it; I’m always a fool for tense games of mind-chess. I mean, I enjoy the later chapters too and I appreciate that the story you want to tell is about more than just this moment, but this scene is so well executed that it could easily have stood on its own. Actually, this chapter is so good that I doubt I’ll have much of worth to say about it; through edits and reviews you’ve clearly already polished this chapter ‘til it shines. I mean, with lines like “Tall, blonde, thin and sharp as a rapier. Draco Malfoy.”, how could I not love it? Of course I know that the very same Draco Malfoy spent much of the year before crying in bathrooms, comforted by Moaning Myrtle, and yet your characterisation of you is not only compelling, but also enough in keeping with canon to not be jarring. We’re seeing the persona that Draco himself wants to show to the world (just like Astoria is presenting hers to him). And Astoria sees through it, at least somewhat, when she thinks that he looks “like a child playing in his father’s clothes, filling a role he was not made to fit.”

There are so many good lines in this chapter, omg! “Draco Malfoy was here to do what he had to do to survive.” is great (and reminds me of Hamilton, haha!). Another favourite of mine is “Austerity in one’s tea additives had never struck her as admirable”. Lines like this is what makes good character writing, and it’s just plain funny! : ) My absolute favourite line in this chapter is probably “She could not afford to be kind in front of Draco Malfoy.”, tough. It perfectly encapsulates the whole scenario set before us in this first chapter, and sets off the constant interplay between kindness and tartness in Astoria’s personality that runs throughout the story as the main inner conflict.

(Also, hehe, it always amuses me when people talk about light blonde hair as an unusual hair colour –because I’m from Sweden, where it’s almost the default. I actually used to have almost white hair myself, but it has darkened with age.)

All that said, I have found a few things to remark on:

When Astoria first sees Draco you describe him as looking “as if he might have emerged from the grey mist”. You seem to mean that he looks so much like the mist that he might as well have materialised from it, but due to the dual meaning of the word ‘emerged’ I first read it as you saying that he looked like he had arrived through the mist, which he probably really did, unless he Apparated straight to her doorstep, which I imagine would be a bit rude.

You also mention Draco wearing a ‘suit jacket’ which strikes me as a pretty weird piece of clothing for a Pureblood wizard. I think I’ve read somewhere that you’re going with a mix of book and movie canon for this story, though, and movie Draco admittedly wears clothing that book Draco probably wouldn’t be caught dead in, so maybe this is a moot point…

“‘That would be kind of you,’ he confirmed”. I think ‘confirmed’ is a somewhat weird word choice here. Maybe ‘agreed’ or ‘acquiesced’ could work, though none of those is perfect either…

“You will bring Mr. Malfoy and I some refreshments” – here, the correct phrasing, for once, would actually be ‘Mr. Malfoy and me’, haha!

“She had thought to let him begin the conversation, but he wasn’t,” – I believe ‘hadn’t’ would work better here.

“He tapped the manila folder” – the last ‘he’ that you mentioned was Mr Greengrass, and it’s been a little while since you mentioned Draco, so calling him by name here wouldn’t hurt (wow, and you thought you were nitpicky!).

The last sentence is great as it is, but maybe it would pack even a little more punch as “From the perspective of her daughter, the unexpected death of Lavinia Greengrass was a sight more than ‘unfortunate'.”

And lastly, a more general piece of advice, for you to take or leave as you want. This is actually advice that I’ve gotten myself in the past (and am still looking to implement better, oops), and it is to look over your paragraph spacing. You have many very short paragraphs, which runs the risk of making the text seem ‘choppy’ and not flowing well. I’ve heard that each paragraph should contain one whole idea, and with that rule in mind the progression of three paragraphs that begin with “This was not the boy she had known at school.” and end with “Draco Malfoy was here to do what he had to do to survive.” could easily be one paragraph instead of three (as just one example).

All in all, this is an amazing first chapter of one of my absolute favourite stories on the Archives, and re-reading and reviewing it has been a treat! : D


Author's Response: Kapa! This review was such a treat! And I completely understand about it taking a day or two--that happens :) I absolutely love museums, though, and I'd love to know what sort of museum you visited!

You know, I hadn't thought of it, but now I think I do remember seeing your username on the list. Haha, I understand. I find myself frequently leaving short reviews on my favorite stories when I'm trying to catch up, and then feeling terribly guilty for not leaving longer ones. It's always the question of what's best--a bunch of short reviews that I'll remember to give right then, or long reviews that it may take a while for me to get around to. I try to intersperse them, but definitely understand that feeling. And I had a great time with our swap, so I'd be delighted to do more!

Honestly, this review made me so happy that I literally did the thing where you are forced to cover up your face and peer through your fingers from sheer delight. I didn't even know people really did that, but apparently *I* do! :D I feel like you put into words what I was going for, just, near perfectly! On the inside, Draco is still the sort of boy who cries in bathrooms and is lost and miserable, but Astoria's first glimpse is of what he *wants* her to see, just as he first notices the false image that she projects. But both of them are perceptive enough to notice, fairly quickly, that neither person is exactly what they're pretending to be. It's only that neither of them initially knows the extent of it. You just NAILED that, and I am so, so pleased! You really got what I was going for.

Favorite quotes are such fun for me! It's cool to see what stands out to different people. I have to say, I've always been rather fond of the "tea additives" line, so I'm glad you found it funny. :)

Also, I'd definitely never thought about how that might sound--the rare blonde hair thing--if you're Scandinavian! I'm American myself, and while blonde hair is common enough, that white-blonde shade is pretty rare here outside of childhood. Mostly if you see it, it's dyed hair. But that's pretty funny, and I'm glad you shared it!

And Kapa, thank you so much for CC! I'm sure you can tell that I'm a perfectionist, so it means so much to me that you'd take the time to give me notes--I always want to be making everything better, so I appreciate the nitpicking. It helps me to grow as a writer!

You make a bunch of really good points, and I'll have to run back through and do some editing on these things. The word choice and grammar stuff is especially useful, as is letting me know when "he" might be misleading! At some point it just gets hard to see all those things, as the writer. And you're right about the robes vs. suit jacket conundrum. I veered a little towards movie Draco, there. When I first read that comment, I thought about going and changing it this very minute, but the suit jacket *does* serve a sort of purpose in chapter...5, I think it is? Maybe when you get there, you could help me brainstorm a solution on that front, and I could switch it to robes? Because I certainly see your point. I'd just need to do a bit of adjusting in order to change it.

I totally understand what you're saying about paragraph spacing. I believe some of them used to be chunkier, and I ended up splitting them because some people say that, when reading in the on-screen format, they find split paragraphs easier to process? That must be more of a personal thing. I can see the point of it, but I'd always been given to writing in larger paragraphs prior to. So, I guess it's something I'll have to work harder at balancing. I definitely see what you're saying, and when I make those edits I'll try to have a look through and see where it might be possible to pull some sentences together.

Thank you so very much for this review, Kapa! I absolutely loved it. And certainly let's swap again sometime!


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Review #49, by dreamgazer220 Behind the Bleeding Walls

4th May 2016:
Penny! I'm back! *squishes*

Firstly, I'm so glad you found your wallet! I know how terrifying that is. And I'm glad you got my Grease reference, I was hoping you would! :)

ANYWAY. Onto your actual requested review. ♥

So I did notice one thing, I'm not sure if you meant Black Friday or Good Friday? Black Friday is in November, so that's why I was convinced about the timeline. It happens somewhere in the beginning, where Pansy's talking about the other families that are abducted.

And speaking of Pansy: your characterization, girl. Spot-on once again. I loved this line: "Pansy was the sort that liked to have a little blood on her, so long as it was someone else's. That way she could claim a part in the victory." SO TRUE! I really liked that we got to see inside the Slytherin common room during the brink of the war. It's so interesting, and I'm wondering if the names you mentioned will come back somehow?

I feel like Astoria's feeling a twinge of guilt that she let her family survive, but I'm glad she's also relieved about it. It says a lot about her relationship with Daphne that, while she would sacrifice herself for her sister, that doesn't necessarily mean she has to like her. I think that's a very true fact about a lot of families, and it's nice to see that not all siblings - even if they're sisters - are particularly close to each other.

I know you were worried about the suspense before she gets taken by a Gryffindor (I have some guesses, but I'm going to keep them quiet and see if I'm right!), and I think you did a good job. It did seem a little draggy in some parts, but at the same time, you don't want to rush everything and it's a nice tack to Astoria's humanity that she wants to be left alone for a while. She's definitely feeling the burden, and you do such a great job of showing us that she has feelings, too.


Ahem. There's something so amusing about the Death Eater's setting up camp in the Forbidden Forest. I don't think it was too draggy in this part - it was nice to get inside Draco's head, as we've spent a good amount of time in Astoria's, and it's so good to see where he's coming from. And girl, characterization. HOW DO YOU DO THE THING?!

Draco's fears, his guilt, his worries for his mother- it all felt so real and so raw to me. And details I forget, like that Bellatrix is his aunt- it's so interesting to see how those family dynamics work out. And I LOVE that one of the Malfoy family rules is that family is first. It just makes a lot of sense (how many times can I say that in a review?).

Another thing I loved was the descriptions of Hogwarts looking like it was bleeding. And Draco's worried about having to face Astoria! I KNEW IT. :D He's so confused it's kind of adorable.

Ooh, and I also really loved the opening of this chapter, I forgot to mention that earlier. You just. Your descriptions and language and characters. A+

I really enjoyed this chapter! Not a lot was happening, but for the most part, you did a good job with trying to keep the balances. I'm not sure how to work up the suspense in the first part because I'm really not sure if you could cut anything, y'know? I am really bad at giving advice sometimes, haha.

Thank you for another request! I can't wait to see where you take this! All the exclamation points!

♥ Jill

Author's Response: Jill, with your prompt review-answering, you have inspired me to be more on top of my review responses than I have probably ever been. What a star!

Ah! I appreciate CC so much. Please keep it comin'! So, in this case, it's actually a thing. I think Black Friday is mostly an American deal? But, for far longer, that term has been another name for Good Friday. They're synonymous. I thought about saying "Good Friday", but "Black" seemed to capture the mood of the moment a little more. I'll keep an eye on it, though, and if it seems to be causing a lot of confusion I may switch it, or at least clarify in the author's note.

Thank you! You're very perceptive. I'd try to remember those names, if you can. They might come back to haunt you ;)

I think one of the best things about Astoria is her loyalty. It doesn't matter that Daphne has mostly been useless and unpleasant. Astoria still loves her, even if she'd maybe rather not ;) Maybe she doesn't have the universal loyalty that's prized among the Gryffs and the Puffs, but the people she does love, she'd die for.

Haha, I'm so happy that you were so glad to see Draco! I'm envisioning how baffled he would be by that in his current state, and it's cracking me up.

The Death Eater camp is definitely a bit unusual. They're set up like that for a number of reasons, and I *think* you should be finding out most of them in the chapter I'm trying to finish up right now. I'm glad that you said that you could see where he was coming from--that's what I really wanted. I think Draco is enormously conflicted. After all, he tried to do the right thing once or twice, and so far, it's almost never worked out. And from a plot standpoint, I think JK did a brilliant job with Dumbledore's death--no complaints (except my tears), but I always hated for Draco that that moment was stolen from him. Because I think he would have made the right decision, and now we--but especially he--will never truly know. And I think that would haunt him.

I really do feel for the Malfoys, or at least for Draco and Narcissa. Draco may have bragged about "wanting" to be a Death Eater, but he was always just doing it for attention. He was a child, and he had no idea what he was talking about. I think that, now that he does, he'd take it all back in an instance. And in the end, he didn't *choose* to become a Death Eater; he was forced by Voldemort as a sick revenge for his father's failure. He spent a year suffering under the weight of an impossible task that it's clear some part of him didn't want to carry out at all. He's in a bad way, for certain, and even though he isn't "good", I think he's interesting and sympathetic, with lots of potential.

Oh, Draco is so confused (and maybe a bit adorable, yeah) He doesn't totally know how to process what he feels for Astoria, but it has clearly made him make DANGEROUS CHOICES. And what could happen to *her* if he saw her again, in a Death Eater capacity? Like, he wants to stay away, but also...she has really pretty eyes, you know? ;) (heehee, poor Draco) How is he supposed to deal with THAT??

Haha, I'm *glad* so many things make sense! It's sort of my idea of what Pureblood ideals were supposed to be, before they were corrupted. I think loyalty to family is a huge deal to them, and probably where a lot of this bloodline mania came from. Witches and wizards once (pretty rightfully) felt it was them against the world, and I think that would have made family loyalties quite strong. Therefore, I don't think it's any surprise that the Slytherins value "fraternity" over "loyalty"; it implies extreme devotion to a brotherhood, versus the idea of just being a stand-up person all around.

And I appreciate your advice. If you don't know of anything I could cut, I'll leave it for now and see if anything pops out at me in my next round of edits. Thank you so much for this absolutely LOVELY review!


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Review #50, by Ohpl A Trace of Home

3rd May 2016:
Wonderful chapter. Your Luna is perfect. Exactly the right mix of strength and oddness. While the room may have created what Astoria needs it is the people around her that will allow her to do what she needs to do. Start to heal. Her realization that she was also her fathers daughter was touching. She is both bending and breaking here. In a good way.
If you ever wrote a story in this time frame with Seamus in the lead I would be the first to read it. I love him in this story. His irreverence and kindness is what they all need.

Author's Response: Have I told you how much I appreciate you? Thank you so much for taking the time to write up a review when you read! It is so encouraging.

Also, that really means a lot! I was worried about balancing Luna out, trying to show her serious side as well as keeping her her lovable, loopy self.

You are exactly right! I think Astoria appreciates the grand gesture, but it's the people that mean the most. She's shut out human connection for far too long, and she really needs this.

And haha, thank you! Maybe I'll consider writing a Seamus one-shot companion piece, if I ever get the chance. That could be really fun. I love him, too. He keeps the rest of them from getting too serious :D

Thank you again for this lovely review!


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