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Review #26, by CharmedDaughterForever Called to the Office Already?

4th August 2007:
great chapter!! cant wait 2 read more!!

Author's Response: Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to review!

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Review #27, by blackdragonfox Winter Into Spring

1st August 2007:
the story is good so far Harry found a good one lets hope it last...

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #28, by tyldari_archer Winter Ball

21st July 2007:
I love the way that Grainne and Harry are so honest with one another about important topics like intimacy. So many couples avoid the subject, but it's important to talk about it. Love this story! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! I grew up in a household where we just didn't talk about those things, but I was mentored at the same time by open and honest adults who realized I wasn't being trained to have a healthy relationship, so I had plenty of guidance about honesty and intimacy. Then I married a man who grew up in a family that talked openly about EVERYTHING. So I've had twenty years of real-life practice, and watched the marriages of my siblings and my peers crumble (certainly not ALL of them, but a lot of them). Thank you for the high rating, for taking time to review. I appreciate it.

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Review #29, by Fallstar By the Sea

3rd July 2007:
Do you mean that Dawlish was defending against the death eaters, or helping them?

Author's Response: Sorry, I guess that wasn't clear. Give Dawlish the benefit of the doubt--he was wounded in the line of duty, and he was not one of the Death Eaters. I see him as sort of dumb, even though he's good at being an Auror. Like he has the skills but not the intuition. Honestly, I had to go look it up--it's been ages since I looked at this story. I'm glad you're leaving reviews (and thank you very much for them!), it prompts me to think about it again. I've been trying to write a Snape story for this particular AU, but I can't keep the guy in character, so it isn't going well. Reviewing this story helps me get in the right frame of mind.

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Review #30, by Fallstar End of Term, Sex vs. Love, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

3rd July 2007:
First, you stole the philosophy from some chastity talk.
Second, the Dursley shut down is great.

Author's Response: Well, I had to hone it for when I had to give it to my children. (And it actually has gone quite well for the first two; the third is due to get it this summer.) As for stealing, I truly prefer to think of it as having adopted it some thirty years ago as my own personal worldview. I'm glad you liked the shut down. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #31, by Fallstar Graínne (The Sorting Feast)

2nd July 2007:
Enjoying the sentence structure that you place into your original character's mouth and finding pleasure in the perfections of it makes me desire to continue reading, though at the same time your story could devolve into a stultifying and stilted manual of English.

Is the 'In which ...' that each chapter begins with a copying of the style of Cervantes? If so, I laud you.

Author's Response: Gracious, I hope not! Although some writers for whom I beta might nod their heads at your comment. It's true I like good English. (In college I was given a failing grade on an otherwise perfect history research paper because I split an infinitive, and had I gone over my final draft more carefully, I would have caught it--I think! I was rather sleep-deprived that quarter, as I recall.)

I cannot claim to copy Cervantes, except perhaps in a "twice removed" kind of way. I had to write something in the chapter summary box. It probably stemmed more from reading A.A.Milne to my daughters at bedtime, since Cervantes was never on my required reading lists. Perhaps I ought to give Don Quixote a squint.

Thank you for the especially encouraging review.

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Review #32, by Valarie7505 Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

20th May 2007:
I really liked the story but the ending 9-10

Author's Response: Yeah, I get that a lot. I had to make if fit into the sequel, which was half written before the main story was finished. Thanks for sticking it out--it's much longer than it should be, I think.

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Review #33, by tyldari_archer Getting Well

2nd April 2007:
If JK Rowling is the goddess of Harry Potter, then you are one of her high priests. I strive to be as good as you are. *bows, then laughs* Okay, yeah, that was weird. But I REALLY love this story. Really. I hope that has been made clear. *smiles awkwardly. runs away*

Author's Response: What a charming review! Thank you, I feel truly complimented. I'm glad you like the story, too.

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Review #34, by tyldari_archer In the Hospital Ward

2nd April 2007:
It's awesome. It's incredible. I love it, I love it, lovelovelovelovelove!

Author's Response: I have this whole "hurt/comfort" thing that I can't seem to weed out of my writing. It's such a handy plot device.... Glad you like the story.

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Review #35, by tyldari_archer Attack

2nd April 2007:
I love the whole "be quiet or I'll have to kiss your teeth" thing. It's so cute! Ten out of ten, every time.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love perfect scores. (The joke in my household is that I'm a perfectionist, I'm just not very good at it.) That is an actual line from real life, when I was dating the young man who is now my husband of almost nineteen years (sheesh, I knew I was old, but I'd forgotten how very old I really am!).

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Review #36, by tyldari_archer It's Like The Middle of a Freaking Fairy Tale

2nd April 2007:
I've read this story about six times--the whole story, not just the chapter, though this chap is one of my favorites--and it is completely awesome, everyone in the world should read it since it's so good, I am amazed at the skill of the author and the depth of the story. Amazing!

Author's Response: Really, you're too kind. And I can't believe, with all the really good writing there is out there, that you keep re-reading my story! *stretches arms to reach the keyboard because swollen head is tipping the author backward in her chair* Thank you.

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Review #37, by electrical cutie Stress, Brooms, Robes, and a Jerk

31st March 2007:
hey. i just want to know why all the names are funny... i WAS really enjoying the story until that happened. its just irritating now.

Author's Response: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "funny." I checked the chapter you referenced, and it looked all right to me. Perhaps it was a one-off glitch that corrected itself.

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Review #38, by sonu Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

22nd March 2007:
an excellent fic u hav cum up wid. i hav 2 commend u for ur skills.
grainne is a fantabulous fic and oe among my top favourites.



Author's Response: Thank you for your ungrammatical yet very enthusiastic review. The name of the sequel is Surviving to Live.

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Review #39, by CrimsonEmeralds Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

16th March 2007:
Only one word "Wow!" Excellent! Excellent story! Is there a sequel?? I hope so!


Author's Response: Wow! What an enthusiastic review! Yes, it's called Surviving to Live. Thanks for the high rating!

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Review #40, by Elfgal Saturday

12th March 2007:
Harry should give love a chance. Prophecies can be changed.

Author's Response: Spoken just like a girl. Yes, he should. My experience with prophesies, though, that's another matter.

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Review #41, by Elfgal Getting to Know You

11th March 2007:
The title reminds me of the song from "The King and I". It goes

Getting to know you
Getting to know al abouuut you

Author's Response: That was probably running through my head (as well as my house) when I wrote that chapter. My girls went through a stage where they had to watch the video every day. (I am old enough to have watched it at the drive-in, long before videos were ever dreamed of.)

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Review #42, by Elfgal Quidditch Tryouts

11th March 2007:
Long chappies.

Author's Response: Sorry. My main challenge in posting online was breaking longer files into manageable chunks. I don't like a lot of small files on my computer, and tend to write 10,000 word documents. And yet I didn't want to have a hundred chapters, so I packed it in as much as I could. There are some short ones at the end, trust me.

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Review #43, by Elfgal Called to the Office Already?

10th March 2007:
Good chap. Can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #44, by Elfgal Graínne (The Sorting Feast)

10th March 2007:
Her family is like the Americanised Weasleys!

Author's Response: I come from a large family, myself, though not quite THAT large. And though I have sisters, I am isolated from them by a series of brothers. So I guess that aspect of Grainne is rather Mary-Sue.

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Review #45, by j Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

8th March 2007:
is there a sequel?

Author's Response: Oh yes, it's called Surviving to Live.

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Review #46, by bard221 Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

10th November 2006:
Disclaimer - this review contains spoilers. If you don't want to know what is going to happen in the story before you have read the story then DO NOT read this review. You've been warned.
The Review -> on 60 scales of 1 to 10, 591 out of 600, and here's why. The story was wonderfully and masterfully penned and your OC was great. I especially loved how everybody grew and advanced and matured. But that is what it isn't 600 out of 600.
Grainne grew into a strong woman, a force to be reckoned with, a person no longer immature enough to blindly obey parents to make them happy. And I can appreciate and enjoy a tragic story, but only if it is done correctly, and the child that cried at the insinuations of Malformed and Parkinslut was NOT the woman that could stand beside Harry in his battle against Voldemorte. The woman that killed McNair wasn't the pathetic weak nothing that disintegrated when some twit like Malfoy said hurtful things at her, you wrote Grainne too far out of character to be believable. That was as unbelievable as Ron turning out to be a Death Eater and stabbing Harry in the back, it just could not happen. Not 'it should not happen’; it couldn't - not with us to believe that Grianne is the person that she grew up to be.
I just find myself unable to believe the end of your story, 59 chapters that are 10 out of 10 and the last chapter as a 1 in 10. You are a very talented storyteller and if you wrote a believable tragic ending then I would have scored your story 600 out of 600.
I see that there is a sequal and I will read it too because you are very talented and i enjoyed your story.

Author's Response: Thank you for your very thoughtful review. You are very kind to rate me so highly. In hindsight I would have rated Grainne a Mary Sue. I tend to think her precocious growth into a strong woman was the unbelievable part. She's entirely too good. She needs some weakness. There are several major things I would cut, in an edit, but the sheer size prevents me--that, and HBP has absolutely ham-strung me. I would re-write her to have more self-doubt, vulnerable to the trash-talk of her enemies because she really doesn't believe she's got any worth. By the time I was arriving at chapter 60, I felt a little like the Transcontinental Railway--I was trying to finish the first book so that it flowed into the second--which was already mostly written or plotted. Thank you, bard, I've enjoyed this review very much!

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Review #47, by social_butterfly Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

7th November 2006:
AWESOME!i reli like this storie is got a perfect balance of love and war.i reli hope she returns soon cause i cant wait to read tht part :D xx

Author's Response: Thank you for taking time to review. I'm glad you enjoyed my work. You may want to read the sequel, Surviving to Live, as well as the two shorter stories, Lesser Houses and Playing By Ear.

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Review #48, by emenem10 Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

5th September 2006:
Ah! Good to know my job is done! (on this particular one anyway) I didn't have to make anything up, it's my job! :D Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Yes, nothing so satisfactory as a completed task!

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Review #49, by emenem10 Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

5th September 2006:
*laughs* My friend LOVES House, she's a nut. I've read some of Steve34's work and trixytonks is the one who called me 'kid' and I DON'T remember why she did but it stuck in my mind. I juts thought it was funny, forgive me, I've never been around someone pregant for more than a few hours and even then I wasn't with them at every second.
P.S. (to number 60) Do you explain what happens to Remus and Zanni and baby Lupin?

Author's Response: Eh, no, their story is all told. Some back-writing (or fore-writing?) I did about everyone's kids has them with six, twin boys, triplet girls, and a boy at the end. (He's the hottie that Will Cameron's daughter falls for, but I don't think any of that particular story will ever make it to the web. No plot whatsoever.) We have enjoyed House a lot, but I have to be careful--my kids are still young teens or pre-teens, and it's too mature for them sometimes. And I don't want them to think it's okay for someone to talk to them like that, or to talk to others like that. House is smart, but he's a real jerk.

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Review #50, by emenem10 Surviving Despite All Desire to the Contrary

5th September 2006:
*chokes on a sob* That's TERRIBLE! Atleast you have a sequal, and it better be a (insert swear word here) good one! *wipes tears* You know... I'm absolutely in AWE of the way this played out. You know, I think one of your one-shots tipped me off that she's 'dead'. But, wow. I just thought it was an illiusion to someone. (and to some people it is). I'm off to read your one-shots before I turn it in for the night. I'll have myself a good cry for their fictional sorrow. *shakes head* I'm pathetic. This is as bad as My Sister's Keeper. that's high praise if you've read the book. It spent many weeks on the best seller's list and a LOAD of other stuff that I can't think of. lol.
You're a BRILLIANT Writer and I really, sincerly would love to BUY some of your work from a book store. I don't care if it's 100 or 1000 pages long! Get on that (if your sequal is finsihed), ok? This was a pleasure to read and worth every minutes of the good amount of hours I gave to it. Thank you for your witty responses and responding to EACH and EVERY one of them. Even if it did take you awhile. lol. It was a dreamy and divine treat and I can't think of any word in the English language to describe it... Props and kudos and high praise to you. Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Ah, Emily, you do give me hope. If I ever publish something, I'll let you know. A not-so-secret secret: I wrote Surviving to Live before I'd finished Grainne. I had to make the ending dove-tail into the next part of the story. And I can see you've already found it. Cheers!

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