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Review #26, by Hermione_fan_4eva Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

26th December 2007:
Okay. =] =] =] =] =] =] =]
Thanks for the tutorial.

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Review #27, by alpacagirrl Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

18th December 2007:
hi my story was hidden cause it was "to grafic" but i seriously think that its not as bad as some of the ones here, any way, i think this is a great chapter and all but maybe the rules should be laxed a bit, if you know what i mean. and to reply to someone above, there are anough warnings every time you click on something like this, you know, agreeing to be over seventeen and all, its not as if you just stumble over a fanfic like this, you have to be pretty specific. just saying, thank you. xx

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Review #28, by CCC Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

8th November 2007:
I love stories where Severus is sexy. This was so well written. I'm quite jealous.

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Review #29, by dracomalfoylover123 Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

7th November 2007:
Amazing! I love the the writing style and the way it was written. Though... *shudders*... Severus snape? But anyway, utterly outstanding! Many thanks, Becky x

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Review #30, by Clymenestra Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

10th July 2007:
Thanks for the idea of what is allowed and what isnt ... but it seems double standards are cropping up here. If someone knows what half of this segment means then they will surely know what the bodily fluids are called? Im kind of joking but kind of not. When I was 14 I read Lolita in school about a Pedastric relationship. I know you are trying to keep things subtle and truly I do like that you are doing that it's good honestly it is xx

p.s I feel kind of sick having read this, Severus Snape is a contemptable character, I cant think of anything more gross than this situation lol xx

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Review #31, by busybusybeta Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

27th June 2007:
wow. kudos to the fantastic staff writer(s)!

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Review #32, by Kyrandia Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

2nd June 2007:
this story is so good who would have thought to give lucius a sister and have her marry severas this is good

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Review #33, by sayitagain Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

30th May 2007:
this is really great... al LAST i know why my chapter's getting rejected... amazing tutorial..
i always knew snape had it in him...

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Review #34, by Hushabye_Mountain Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

10th May 2007:
Thank you for writing this tutorial, I found it very useful and I do believe I have to go back and edit one of my chapters before I post it now :) Thank you very much!

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Review #35, by CJ_Black Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

9th May 2007:
Thanks for taking the time to write this, you guys are absolutely amazing. Aside from the fact that it's wonderfully written, it's really nice of you to make this tutorial. I bet many people weren't sure as to what "graphic sex" meant, but this answers all questions, so thank you for that, it's very much appreciated.

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Review #36, by FayeMalfoy Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

26th November 2006:
pretty good i'm impressed not many could write a snape OC well you did better than well the last one i read was ok but not great like yours keep up the good work

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Review #37, by tjwhermione Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

21st August 2006:
Loved it. See, Snape does need a hug...or two...or three...

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Review #38, by Islander Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

10th August 2006:
Wow, I'm surprised that you let this much into a sex scene. Not that I disagree with it--I find it perfectly reasonable. It's just that you guys are SUPERSTRICT with your other limitations, and it's a bit surprising you haven't done the same with this one. This tutorial made me the most content, because it is one of the less limiting ones. And it is perhaps the only one that a fully agree with. I get a feeling that this site is more for younger people. Because there's been bestsellers that have shattered your rules to pieces. (For example: the crucifix scene in the book "The Exorcist" is pretty much NC-17; "Slaughterhouse-Five" contains numerous references to beastiality; "A Clockwork Orange" depicts rape; "Lolita" is about an adult-minor relationship; and those are just a few.) And some of these books are read in schools. Whatever. As the staff, it's your choice what you allow and what you don't allow.

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Review #39, by hauntedfairytale Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

23rd July 2006:
we're allowed all of that? wow! maybe it just seemed like more...

i'm pretty sure i'll never cross that line, i would be too uncomfortable to write anything like that anyways! :D

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Review #40, by PaMuggles Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

13th July 2006:
Wow, that was actually quite a bit more than I thought would be allowed. Very enjoyable and a helpfull read too! Not to mention well-written and very good piece of work!! Thanks for writing it!

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Review #41, by jen_444 Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

16th February 2006:
lol! that was so sweet!

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Review #42, by Sophia Montgomery Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

27th January 2006:
Snape seems so much more alive in this story. . . Good example. I like how it's not just sex and sexual terms thrown around.

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Review #43, by harrystrulove Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

27th January 2006:
I realize this piece is an example, but I just wanted to say BRAVO:) This is excellent!

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Review #44, by firefawn Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

31st December 2005:
This is definitely an excellent tutorial in that it provides a rather clear example of what is acceptable for a sexual encounter in a Mature related story. Thanks to the staff for taking all of the time to write the examples for this section of the site. :) On another note, whoever actually did write this one did an excellent job of heightening the passion of the scene by actually providing small snapshots of what his life with his wife has been like. Great work on that. :)

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Review #45, by wishesanddreams Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

29th July 2005:
i can't believe snape would do that!

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Review #46, by DracoLvr49 Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

14th July 2005:
o deary me... eh..... very descriptive.... i think i will feel very awkward now when reading the new HP book with Snape, heh heh heh

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Review #47, by Anastacia424 Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

6th July 2005:

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Review #48, by Star Potter Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

28th June 2005:

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