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Review #26, by BookDinosaur Carry On

7th February 2014:
Hello again! It's BookDinosaur here with your requested review from the forums. Sorry for the slight delay. :)

I really enjoyed reading this chapter! I have to say, even though I haven't read up to this point yet, I could read through the whole chapter without much confusion at all, pretty much everything makes sense and I was really glad for that, so kudos to you there!

I think, even though we only have a short couple of paragraphs at the beginning, Lily's interaction and bantering with her friends was really natural and realistic. I love the banter that went on between her and Alice, I could tell straight away that they were really good friends and all their dialogue was perfect for that, so well done.

Hehe, of course James' first words in this chapter were about Quidditch and Quidditch strategies! I really love how you've characterised him here, he does seem really laidback and in love with Lily, I enjoyed reading the two of them together so much. You did a great job with showing their relationship and love for each other. :D

I think the argument between Snape and Lily was really well done. If I'd tried to write an argument between them, t would have turned out long, boring, preachy, and I'd have had to edit it all out. Thankfully, yours ended up nothing like that. You managed to get the you're awful and I hate you message across, give it enough length not to seem too short and not too long as to be boring and preachy, so well done and major kudos to you there. :D

I think the way that Snape tried to pin his lost friendship on James, it's so Snape-like of him and definitely something I can see him doing, that was a lovely touch.

All in all, this chapter was really lovely. I enjoyed reading it and I'm so glad I had the chance to! :D

Author's Response: Hello! Sorry for my late reply, I've been busy writing/editing!

I'm so happy you didn't feel lost during this chapter! I really wanted to request reviews for some of these later bits, but I know it's hard to ask someone to critique a chapter when they haven't read the entire fic ... but this one I thought was ok to request, because everyone knows/loves the story of James and Lily :D

Funny thing about Alice ... I accidentally named her Alice Cooper, thinking the name had a nice ring to it, and found out later that it sounded familiar because there's an American rockstar with the same name. I thought about making her goth and as a joke, but ended up not going with that plot piece ... so I made her a jokester instead. She's basically Lily's only good girl friend, so I wanted to make their relationship playful and fun!

And James, oh James. He talks about Quidditch because I wanted to make a smooth transition to the next chapter (the final Quidditch match of the season), but I also know he was a Quidditch fanatic, so I thought it added to his character. Similarly, I wanted to show how easy/fun their relationship is, simply because it ties into a fight in the next chapter >:)

That's supposed to be an evil smiley. Oh well.

The argument was probably the toughest part, so it makes me very happy you like it! It was kind of based on things I wish I could tell my ex-boyfriend, but I translated it to Lily's situation to make it more "canon". And yeah, Snape's a little bugger, so I knew he'd try and blame James somehow :D

Thanks so much for the review, it was extremely helpful!!

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Review #27, by stilldontknowhowtocallmyself Carry On

4th February 2014:
Hey hey,
again it's wonderfully thrilling and completes the book so well...i think you could have that published...well thank you so much for giving us your time and creativity to feed us with romance :)
big hugs

Author's Response: No, no, thank YOU for giving me your time. Wide Awake has always been my guilty pleasure/way to channel all my crazy emotions, so when someone leaves a review or favorites the story, I can't help but grin because it means that I'm not just wasting my time typing like a madwoman.

And I don't know about being published, but thank you for saying so XD

Big hugs back!

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Review #28, by MC_HK I Shot the Sheriff

4th February 2014:
Hello! Sorry this took so long!

Areas of Concern:
-My thoughts on the group's different POV is that I can see why you want to do it, but for me personally I didn't want it to be the first chapter I read. I like to have a chapter with one POV change maximum, usually. I can't really say specifically why it put me off, probably because I like consistency, though. It has absolutely nothing to do with your writing. Your writing is great. I think it's just with how many POV changes there are it kind of shakes me up.

-I love love love your Marauders! They are very realistic, and I love how realistic you make the other characters as well. That whole smoking scene totally seemed appropriate, considering what era it was, and I liked the way they interacted!

-It seems pretty smooth to me. I have no problem getting through it.

-I'm not seeing any punctuation or grammar mistakes, and I do think you've got a good start here that will hook your readers in!

The only thing I suggest is to limit your adverbs. You can keep some of them in there, but there are some that I didn't feel needed to be in there. For instance : "muttered meekly" meekly doesn't necessarily have to be in there. Muttered already implies that it's kind of soft and submissive. If it weren't he would have grumbled, or groaned. Those verbs already have a specific meaning attached to them, so putting in adverbs is kind of repetitive.

Hope this helped!


Author's Response: No worries, you didn't take long at all!

Ok, this is review so helpful, you don't even know. I always wondered if the first chapter was too much - most people read it and say "Omg, love it" but no one has specifically said "I don't like it, it's too much".

I wanted to start the fic off with all 4 Marauders because I know I write them differently than most. I like to think they're all still canon, but for instance, I wanted to showcase Peter at the end to write the start of his betrayal. But I have been second guessing myself about starting everything off with a group one, mostly because it messes up the order of everything - the fic relies on having 4 individual chapters, followed by a group one and gender POV change. But it is also a lot of information to start off with, so thank you for saying there are too many POV changes. When I'm done writing this whole saga, I may go back and edit things, so this is going on my list.

I'm happy you like my Marauders! As I said, I know they are not exactly canon, but I still think they're fun and different. And omg, it has been so fun for me to research the 1970s to make the era feel right. So yay!

I definitely need to limit my adverbs, you are SO right. When I'm in the middle of editing chapters, I usually come across of "ly" words and think, hmmm, maybe should cut a few out. So it sounds like I should do the same of the first chapter as well XD

This helped so so so much, thanks again Monica!


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Review #29, by Sarah Carry On

3rd February 2014:
Great chapter once again! I'm looking forward to the next one at the Quidditch match with everyone's pov in it. This is just a short one this time as the think I most wanted to say was how Iove that you write back to all your reviews! Brilliant! That and you update it, so many on here I am interested in reading the have last been updated, say in, 2006? Disappointing!

But not you! :)

Author's Response: Well, isn't this nice - I log onto HPFF to take a break from work and have one super awesome review waiting for me!!

The next chapter is about ... 85% done. I've started writing the last section (Gemma's POV) and it's got a bit to go, but it will be out soon, I promise! Although, I will say that everyone is going to hate me after they read it. Muahahaha!

And yeah, I personally hate it when authors don't respond to reviews. If you've abandoned your story, then I understand, but if you're currently updating, you can at least take some time out of your day to respond to someone who's taken time out of their day to leave you a review. Reviews also help me figure out what exactly I'm trying to do with this story, because answering them usually brings out important information in my mind. Plus, haven't you always wanted to ask questions to the author of a novel and have them personally respond? That's why HPFF is the best, in my opinion XD

Thanks so much for the kind review!


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Review #30, by The Empress You're So Vain

30th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your second requested review :)

You asked about Sirius and my thoughts on his reactions in this chapter.

I obviously haven't read any chapters between the first and this one but I think I have a pretty good grasp on how you have characterized Sirius. You describe him as a playboy but in this chapter he doesn't seem that way at all. Now, putting that together with the character of Gemma and his relationship with her I can assume that he is reformed, or in the process of reforming.

In canon, Sirius is not necessarily a playboy but we can assume it's a definite possibility. JKR said that he considered himself too rebellious to ever get married. There are a couple different reasons he may have felt that way and I think you touched on at least one here. The idea that he doesn't want to marry well and please his family, or that he doesn't want to marry badly and put his wife through the possible dangers presented by his family. Dangers we know to be real and present, as demonstrated by Bellatrix and her hate for Nymphadora. You mention that when Sirius is talking to Gio and he voices his concern over a Black family member finding Gemma wandering about unprotected. So in that sense you keep very well in canon.

As for his separation anxiety, I have doubts. However, if you have, and I suspect you have, set his character up to react this way then it reads as quite plausible. From a canon point of view I have trouble believing that he would suffer from, as termed, 'separation anxiety'. His reaction could be, however, termed as extreme concern, relating to his fear concerning his family hurting Gemma. He does get a little pathetic, describing how Gemma is the only one who can give him the kind of love and attention he needs to soothe his separation anxiety. In my opinion, if Sirius were that needing of someone like Gemma, he would never have developed the playboy persona in the first place. Instead, he'd have been in many relationships where he was more invested than his partner was, not the other way round.
A more plausible explanation for his distress about Gemma disappearing and his apparent need for her/concern for her, would be that with Gemma, it is the first time he has worried so selflessly about a girl. We know he would die for his friends, they have had six plus years to prove to him that they are true, steady friends. Gemma is fairly new in his life. Would he have worried so completely over a girl that, as a playboy, he had really invested no heart in? No, of course not. He would bravely do what he could to save them if they were in any danger but he wouldn't freak out just because they took a weekend away from him and Hogwarts. The idea of a playboy Sirius and a Sirius suffering with this kind of anxiety are two very different characters, perhaps made more stark in my point of view because I have only read your initial characterization of him compared to this.

In an otherwise very strong chapter (yay!) this one piece of Sirius' characterization, I think, detracts from him as a whole and he comes off a bit annoying because of it. I loved the Sirius at the beginning of the chapter, hitting bludgers indiscriminately and goofing off at Quidditch practice. I'd love to see more of that Sirius, who makes me smile, rather than the Sirius who cannot function without his girlfriend.


Author's Response: Omg omg omg, this is the longest review I've ever received and omg, it's brilliant. Seriously, where do I begin??

In this story, I'm writing 4 different romances going at the same time, so I'm trying to diversify each couple as much as I can. Now, there are some overlaps, sure, but for the most part, I want each relationship to stand on its own and prove its own point. That's one of the reasons why I decided to make Sirius a playboy - simply because no one else was. I actually really enjoy fics where he's much closer to canon, in the sense that he's not a playboy and a bit more reserved when it comes to girls, but I wanted to do something fresh with him.

But, that being said, I did want to show his transformation into his more "canon" self. I alluded to this in the disclaimer in the first chapter, but he doesn't start off as the person you'd expect him to be. He's extremely loyal to his mates, but I figured that if he ran away from his family, he had to have some scars. So that's why I decided to make him the playboy as well - because he chooses to take out his frustration and anger by having unattached flings with girls.

And therefore, I made him end up with a girl who very similar to him, but also very different. She has a problem with commitment, because she's so used to being on her own, and in her own way, she's very rebellious. She would never admit it, though. She just thinks being a wandering hippie bohemian is normal, even though most people don't smoke gillyweed and have psychic visions. But she's different from him because she didn't come from a prominent pureblood family. So, that's why I made him fall for her so hard. He's so used to having his outlet for his anger and frustration and she fits in that gap and makes it into something positive. Yes, he's so wimpy and needy in this chapter, but I hope that explains WHY he's that way - because he needs her to help him get through his grief, in a way that none of his mates can.

I tried to set it up so the reader sees this entire transformation, but I think I need to make it a bit more clear. In order to make everything equal, I've tried to make each chapter around the same length (to avoid making any favorites), and I know I was pushing the limit here with this chapter ... so I think in Sirius' next chapter, he's going to get a bit more introspective and figure all these things out. This is honestly the hardest ship to figure out for me (I mean, Lily and James are hard, simply because I want them to be canon as possible), so your review really helped me figure exactly where I want to go with him. That means SO much to me, you don't even know!!

Again, thank you so much for this beautiful, wonderful review,


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Review #31, by luciusobsessed The Logical Song

30th January 2014:
Wow let me start off by saying you are an amazing writer! I love how you went about this.

All the character's are very true to themselves. I love the OC's you've added in. Gemma's extreme happiness is a perfect way of masking her terror, I really like how that was implied. I also love Sirius's cool demeanor.

James and Lily were PERFECT. The way they can switch from relationship talk to serious talk and back to relationship talk, it was lovely. I also love the cigarette piece. I like how Lily, who is this seemingly perfect role model, makes herself vulnerable with that cigarette. It really says a lot. Her explanation about the Death Eaters was very interesting to read. It reminded me a lot of Hitler and the Nazis, which now that I think about, are similar in term of their goals. I don't know if that was what you were going for, but I love how you related it back to Muggles, and especially that last bit when James asked Lily how the story ends.

It was a wonderful chapter. You are a very talented writer and I look forward to reading more of your writing xoxo luciusobsessed

Author's Response: Wow, what a long, lovely review!

I guess I should start out by saying that Gemma's extreme happiness isn't directly connected to the attack mentioned in this chapter. It has to do with her individual subplot/magical abilities, so if you decided to go back and read the entire story, you'll understand what I'm referring to ;)

I'm so so happy you like my version of James and Lily, though - I was really nervous that I wasn't writing them right! I always envisioned them to be the perfect role model couple once they finally got together, but I wanted to take this chapter to explore their fears and worries about the future. They did join the Order, so I figured they had serious conversations every once and awhile. And on that note, yes, the references to Hitler and the Nazis are intentional. I was a Political Science major in college, so I couldn't help but throw a little world history in there, because come on, Voldy probably got some ideas from him and Mussolini :D

Thank you so much for taking my requested review, I truly appreciate it!!


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Review #32, by The Empress I Shot the Sheriff

27th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your requested review :)

First of all, I LOVE your chapter titles. They're brilliant.

Second, I really liked this first chapter. Everything was so true to the era, I felt like you have a good idea of what you want this story to look like. Your characterizations were great as well. I smiled at the antics of the four boys and I like how different they all are. I know it can be easy to lump them all together but you give them unique voices.

Remus as the mastermind! I like that. And that Peter is the only one with a steady relationship.

Very creative beginning to your story! I'm sure, considering how well developed this first chapter is, you are managing several points of view just fine!


Author's Response: Oh awesome, that was quick!

I'm glad you like the titles! I'm such a music nerd so I couldn't resist digging into my oldies collection :D

I'm also really happy that you think it's true to the era! I know my interpretations of the Marauders are different than most but I wanted to exaggerate their personalities to make the story more interesting/dynamic. So I know people don't like Sirius as a playboy, but his sexual promiscuity ties into his canon details - after all, JK said he was too much of a rebel to ever get married! And Remus, omg I always saw him having this completely devious side ... I mean he WAS a Marauder after all. And yeah, I wanted to give Peter some life, because let's face it, most people skip over him.

I'm always nervous that I have too many things going on in my group chapters, so it's good to know things flow well :D

Thanks so so much for your review Shiloh!!


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Review #33, by Anon Carry On

19th January 2014:
Ugh I'm impatient I want chapter 31 now

Author's Response: I've got 1 out of the 4 POVs written, I'm working on it!


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Review #34, by PitchBlue Carry On

19th January 2014:
Carlyyy! Sorry for not reviewing earlier, but I'm currently taking finals and part of my strategy is only logging in to hpff once a week xD On the plus side, I do believe it's working because last two finals went pretty okay. Anyway I'm rambling again, review time!

Can I say that I love how you made Lily make her own clothes? I love that detail about her, it's really great.

That little part about Sirius was really sad, omg i feel so bad for him. I mean he did cheat on his girlfriend but still, the poor bloke's miserable.

And then the Slugger party! I loved the conversation between Lily and Snape because it was so relatable and realistic (I mean, everyone's been betrayed by a friend at some point in their lives, right?). Lily's speech was AMAZING, seriously girl how do you do that! I really squee'd when she talked about James encouraging to be her best self, that was beautiful.

Anyway I can't believe it's been that long either, I didn't know your story yet in January but it still seems like I just discovered it since I'm even more enthusiastic about it, and at the same time it feels as if I've known this story since forever. Either way, thank you for writing it, you're brilliant!

Author's Response: Hello, love :D

No worries about the timing of the review, I understand, I was a college student once ;) I'm just glad you took the time to review it, because your input is very very important to me. You've shaped this story so much, you don't even know!! Well ok, maybe you do now since I told you, but seriously, you do!

Yeah, that little Lily detail happened on accident - I was describing all the girls' Winter Ball dresses and was like, well Lily's has to be super special, so naturally she would make it herself, blah blah blah. And then just ran with it because I loved it so much :D

As for Sirius ... well, he's about to get a lot more depressed. You'll see what I mean after you read the next chapter. It's a doozy.

Slugger party, haha that made me laugh. Never heard it called that before ;) Anywho, yeah, I realized I hadn't covered Severus or the Slug Club in a chapter yet so I felt I had to address all that plot stuff from JK ... As for the speech ... Remember how I said this story is like therapy for me? Well that speech is something I've been wanting to say to my ex-boyfriend for a very long time, so I just adapted it to Lily's situation and boom, relatable and realistic :D

You wouldn't have wanted to read it January, it was a mess - grammar mistakes, no sense of organization, HUGE paragraphs ... I've come a long way in a year, that's for sure :D

Hope all is well Laura and good luck with your studies!!

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Review #35, by Anon Carry On

14th January 2014:
OMG I'm love this story even if a few things are off. I don't really like the the parts about Peter but that just because I hate him as a person. Plz do more jily also more Remus(he is one of my favorite characters) I also enjoy. The song lyrics at the beginning of each chapter!

Author's Response: As funny as it sounds, I'm actually glad you don't like the Peter parts - I figured that everyone already hates him, so why not amplify his betrayal/sadistic tendencies to make his plot more interesting?

The next chapter will be the group one, then James, then Remus ... but I have a feeling you're going to be cross with me, as major drama happens XD Also, thanks for noticing the lyrics - they are my favorite part of the story!

Cheers for the review, Anon!

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Review #36, by Anon Lazy Lightning

14th January 2014:
James is the seeker not the chaser but I still really like the story

Author's Response: Oh, I just went to HP Wiki and it said he was a Chaser. I think he was a Seeker in the movies? I dunno, he's a Chaser in this story XD

Thanks for your review, hope you keep reading!

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Review #37, by JamesPotterReborn Carry On

7th January 2014:
Once again, a fantastic job. I think you did a great job of portraying Lily's fight with Snape. I love how you make Snape turn the conversation to James at the end. It just seems like something he'd do to convince her to listen. Too bad for him she's in love with him now! Anyway, this story is one of my three favorite stories on this site, (along with Mudblood to Murder and As Darkness Descends) so it positively makes my day when I see that it's been updated. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I was worried that Lily's conversation with Snape wasn't organic enough, if you know what I mean. When I was writing it, I knew how I wanted the dialogue to flow but I wasn't sure if it was too fast/made sense, so I'm very very happy that you liked it - especially since you said you love the Jily chapters! I know I've been neglecting the whole Lily/Snape dynamic so hopefully this made other Jily shippers happy as well XD

Thanks for your reviews!!!

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Review #38, by Lady of Tears Fool in the Rain

7th January 2014:
Oh Remus! Have happiness! Marry and have pups and live a good life!

You've done such justice to one of my favorite characters and I just love Remus/OC as well. :)

Great job on the descriptions of your characters in this chapter. Especially with the clothing. I don't know why I like that so much. But I do! It really gives me a sense of the time period and the whole mood of the story.

I'm trying to think of something to critique, but nothing is coming to mind. This is thoroughly enjoyable!

Author's Response: Omg Remus/OC was my original otp, as funny as that sounds. I LOVE READING REMUS/OC STORIES ... which is why I wanted to plan out a super dramatic, but fun and different romance for him. So yeah, he and Marianne should be fun for you to read, because I really tried to get into his mindset ... and actually tried to mirror his relationship with Tonks as much as I could.

And thanks for noticing the descriptions! I love the fashion/history from the 1970s (and the 1960s as well but that's a whole different conversation, ha!) so you're going to see a lot of references. Kind of like Mad Men, only a decade later :D

Thanks for your multiple reviews, I love it!!

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Review #39, by Lady of Tears I Shot the Sheriff

7th January 2014:
Oooh, I like this a lot! Very, very interesting. And what a refreshing take on this time period. I feel your characterizations are very genuine and in line with canon information. Everyone seems so detailed and thought out. I think it was my favorite part of your whole story.

I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Weee, I love that you like the little information, because this fic is all about the little details! As I said in the disclaimer, I want to explain why canon details happened, so it's fun planning out things with JK's plot, but adding my own spin. Each character is usually based on little parts of myself, but again, the canon details make it different than my life, which is why I think I love writing Wide Awake the most XD

Thanks for your review, love to hear from new people!!

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Review #40, by BookDinosaur I Shot the Sheriff

7th January 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Eleventh of the Twelve Days of Reviewing over at the forums. :)

Ah, I really enjoyed this chapter! Every stry needs a good first chapter to pull the readers in, and this was perfect for the job.

Your introduction of each character was really good, I do quite like your characterisation of the four of them. I'm really looking forward to finding out more about them!

I really enjoyed how you showed the Marauders, how insecure James was, how Remus was really cunning and how Peter thought of his friends, his insecurities about them. Quite honestly, normally I really dislike playboy Sirius (or any character really) but I think you managed to pull this off okay. I'm not going to say I love him, but I do tolerate him, and that's an big improvement from the oher interpretations of him.

Bahaha, I really like Sirius' logic that the start-of-term prank was not going to happen, but then he starts planning a party. :P

Ah and what's Lily up to? Has she got a soft spot for James already? Hmm.

I think you wrote this era really well as well, I could really believe that it was the 1970s, so major kudos to you there. :D

All in all, this was a really good first chapter, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

Author's Response: Oh wow, what a long review! Thanks BookDinosaur!

Man, I haven't read this chapter in a long time (wrote it almost a year ago!!) but after you reviewed it, I went back and looked over things. I'll probably make some changes in the future (because there are a lot of grammar/style things I want to change) but it's good to know that it pulls readers in! I agree, first chapters are always difficult because you want to introduce everyone but you don't want it to be overwhelming.

That's why I decided to start with a Marauder group chapter - so it's also good to hear that you like all of them! I tried to put myself in the shoes of each Marauder to flesh them out, so I figured it would be nice to have James be insecure/fail at something so he has an opportunity to grow as a person (and also catch the eye of Lily Evans!). And omg, I love Remus, so I wanted to show him being a Marauder instead of a perfect human being, because it ties into his romance XD And Peter, man, I really really wanted to explore Peter because a lot of fics gloss over him and I think his decent into madness is really interesting.

As for Sirius ... I don't know which type of Sirius I like best. On the one hand, I like fics where he's reserved and not a playboy, but for the sake of diversity, I made him a ladies man who has a lot of issues with love. I know he's annoying in the beginning (which is why I put the disclaimer up) but he changes XD

Hurray that you like the setting! I'm having a lot of fun adding little details about the 70s, especially the music!

Thank you so much for such a constructive review, I really really really appreciate it and hope you keep reading!

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Review #41, by Sun Lovegood Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

26th December 2013:
I was a Little sceptical at first, but this seems really good! Only thing is that it seems like Peter ahe start is not very sure about him self as a part of the maradaurs, dont make it obvious for the rest of them please! People seem to forget that they trusted him to the very end. But apart from that i love your view its refreshing. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you for commenting about Peter! I feel like a lot of writers overlook him in fics, so I wanted to give him an interesting plot line to make people more interested in his POV. And don't worry, I'm still going to make this story adhere to canon, so the Marauders will never figure out about his betrayal ... I just wanted to flesh it out for the reader to explain WHY he decided to do what he did.

Thanks for the review Sun Lovegood, hopefully you keep reading!!

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Review #42, by stilldontknowhowtocallmyself Easy Skanking

26th December 2013:
Ooh come on! Already finished? so I HAVE to get back to work, sh*t!
Again very nice, very interesting psychology of your characters...and I desperatly want to know what's happening next!
Thank you

Author's Response: Ah, sorry for the delay between responses, I am also at work!

Funny you should say that about the characters, as they are all based on parts of my personality/people I know. The canon characters obviously have JK's outlines, but for instance, Peter is definitely based on my ex-boyfriend. That's why you should hate him, haha!

Thank you so much for your multiple reviews (and this one specifically since it's the 100th one of the story, omg!!!)

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Review #43, by tolazytofigureoneout Don't Stop Me Now

26th December 2013:
Hey you, hard to review your story because I can't stopp reading it!
But WOW this is great
My thoughts at the end of the chapter:
Nonononono he didn't do that? oh F*CK F*CK F*CK what's happening? oh no sh*t don't do that! NO

Thank you so much, love to read this story

Author's Response: Oh don't worry, I'm sure you're not the only one who thought that ... and I'm sure you'll swear even more when you finish the next group chapter, it's going to be FULL of drama, ehehehe XD

Thanks so much for the review, dear!

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Review #44, by JamesPotterReborn Easy Skanking

25th December 2013:
Wow... Gemma's got a screwed up head. I am totally hating on Sirius for betraying her. That moron. This chapter was amazing. I'm a big Jily supporter, but I loved this chapter anyway. Speaking of which, I'm excited for the next chapter. You said it's going to be Lily's POV, and her voice is my second favorite, after James. I can't wait!

Author's Response: Yes, Gemma is quite screwed up in the head, but that's just her personality ... but then again, so is Sirius. I know a lot of fics portray him as the model citizen, but I figured if he ran away from his parents, he had to be a bit emotionally scared. The next chapter is almost done, but since I'll be away till Jan 1, it will be out next month. I have a feeling you're going to like it, as Lily has some choice words for Sev XD

Thank you so much for the review, I really really appreciate it!

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Review #45, by Sarah Easy Skanking

15th December 2013:
On wow!! I am loving this story and as much as I love and picture Siriua as a ladies man and sleeping with a different girl a month I loved him and Gemma! But for him to mess it up.. Well that was just the way to do it!! :)

Plus I totally agree - Aeryn and Cora need to get together!!

Brilliant brilliant writer and I cannot wait for the next chapter.. A slug club? Yes please :)

Author's Response: Well, Sirius was a ladies man in the beginning, but then he met someone he couldn't walk away from and went crazy. But she was going crazy too, so it turned into this whole big mess ... hence the betrayal on James' birthday. So hasn't dropped his ladies man persona yet, but he will eventually :D

Aeryn and Cora are also a work in progress. I won't spoil anything, but it's going to be good XD

The next chapter will definitely involve a slug club meeting, although I haven't started writing it yet. It will probably be up next month.

Thank you so much for the review Sarah!


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Review #46, by PitchBlue Easy Skanking

9th December 2013:
Oooh this chapter! Gemma, my poor baby, it's hearbreaking :( Uuuugh seriously man all the feels. EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER! I'm not going to survive this, I swear. I'm too involved! Because you write so well afjdqsklfjkdqlsm.

Anywaaay, this is a brilliant chapter. I loved to see more of Gemma and Gio's friendship, they're the best. And I love how you incorporate those big plot moments so naturally! That's a very difficult thing to do, so yay Carly's a genius! :D

I think the best thing about this chapter is that it's so relatable. You wrote it like something that everyone can relate to (apart from the Seer stuff, haha). I mean the break up of course. Man, every little detail about it is spot on! Again, your descriptions are just amazing :)

Ooooh can't wait for the Lily chapter and the group chapter! :D

Author's Response: Man, if you couldn't survive these last couple chapters, you're going to go crazy during the next group one. Seriously, it's the most dramatic chapter yet. I would say it's the most dramatic one of the entire series, since EVERYONE has something happen to them, but the final ending is quite shocking as well XD

I know, aren't Gio and Gemma super cute? I tried to make it clear that she doesn't have a lot of friends (I mean, she's chill with the band, but she isn't besties with all of them), so Gio's her rock. And yes, I dropped some useful information in this chapter. When will Gemma drink the potion? Who knows ... (I know XD).

Well, I was going through something similar (not the break up part, but the crying part) when I wrote this chapter, so that's why it's so spot on. I have to say tho, it was nice to channel all that bad energy into something productive/creative :)

The next chapter is going to be at a Slug Club meeting - I realized I hadn't even referenced them in the story yet, so why not have Lily go to her last one of the year? And the group chapter will be the Quidditch finals - who will win???

Thanks for the review, you know I love ya to pieces ;)

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Review #47, by ihate coming up with usernames Easy Skanking

7th December 2013:
And now its over... and you better update soon...and I still haven't forgiven you for killing Sirius and Gemma...even though I only commented about ten minutes ago...Does this mean she's giving him another chance?...If she does then I forgive you...I want them to get back together...And for Aeryn to be gay...I really want Aeryn to be gay...And for Sirius to cry only in front of Gemma...And then they kiss and get back together...And then Aeryn comes out of the closet and kisses Cora...And then Cora kisses Aeryn...Could you make that happen?...If that happened you would be my best friend...Wink, was a fatabulous chapter...update soon

Author's Response: I'm hoping to update soon, but my schedule is about to get super busy, so I can't give you a specific date. But even if things are slower to come out, I will finish this story, I promise. If I don't, my mind will revolt and literally make me do it, haha XD

I don't want to spoil anything, but about half of what you said will come true. Like I said in my comment of your last review, everything has a reason, so there will be a full explanation for why things happen and why things don't.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your reviews. You can't see me, but I'm smiling like an idiot XD

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Review #48, by ihate coming up with usernames You're My Best Friend

7th December 2013:
How could you do this to me. Remember that dinner party I was at? Still at it. And I f-ing burst into tears when you made Sirius cheat on Gemma. Gosh dang it. Now I'm grounded for like a month. What you have to relies is that, I am now emotionaly invested in this story. And now I'm grounded. And I hate you for breaking up Sirius and Gemma. I LOVED them. I could barely read this chapter, because I absoltly positively REFUSE to believe their done. Gosh Darn it. Now I have to finish the book knowing they are not together. Semma (Sirius and Gemma) were my favorite. AND YOU KILLED THEM! I loved them more then James and Lily. Gosh. Just look at me. I'm a mess. And now you will have to live, knowing i'm a mess. You did this to me. Gosh Darn it. Gosh.

Author's Response: Oh no, I didn't mean to make you cry! No, no, no!

*gives hugs*

I feel like I should give hugs to everyone who reads this chapter. It's so emotional, it hurts. But there's a reason for everything that I do in this fic ... each relationship is going to prove a point/reveal some nugget of truth, because Wide Awake is a way for me to deal with a lot of things in my past; a lot of the plot came to be because it happened to me in real life. Remember when Aeryn gave Peter that cigarette holder? Yeah, my boyfriend did the same thing when I gave him an engraved flask for his birthday. Remember when Remus refused to have sex? My high school boyfriend said the same exact thing. So I know Sirius and Gemma are having a bit of a rocky row, but like I said, there's a reason for it.

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Review #49, by ihate coming up with usernames Baba O'Riley

7th December 2013:
Oh my gosh. My mom dragged me to a dinner party tonight, and I didn't want to go because 1. I'm socialy awkward and 2. I just discovered this story and didn't want to stop reading. So I read it secretly on my phone and when I got to the part where the boys are yelling at Remus for being so thick, I started laughing insanely because I though it was f-ing hilarious. So I got in trouble for this story, yet I still read. That is what I call dedication. You got me grounded for two weeks. Love the story.

Author's Response: Can I make a confession? I seriously can't stop reading this story either ... and not because I think I'm the best author in the world and am super vain, but because this story is exactly what I want to read. It's what I've always wanted to come across when I search Sirius/OC or Remus/OC because I feel there are a lot of cliched fics out there. So this is my attempt to present something different. I'll randomly go back and look over a chapter when I'm bored ... and sometimes I can't believe the plot twists/drama I've come up with, they really hit you right in the feelz.

I'm sorry you were grounded, but I do really appreciate your comments/feedback/love XD

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Review #50, by ihate coming up with usernames Layla

7th December 2013:
Oh ah my ah god, oldsevennumber, darn you. I am torn. I love,love,love you for Sirius/Gemma but I hate,hate, hate you for letting Remus and Marianne not get together. And I'm a mad,mad,mad for Lily for not recognizing her true love for James. And I hate,hate,hate James for giving up so easily. See what you do to me? Ps. I love,love,love the story. (I also love,love,love saying things three times.:P)

Author's Response: Well I love, love, love your multiple reviews! You are seriously making my day!

Yeah, this chapter has a lot of feels in it, cuz things are all starting to go their different directions - Sirius and Gemma are starting, James and Lily are in the wings, Peter and Aeryn are getting serious and Remus and Marianne are backpedaling. Sometimes I laugh when I read this chapter ... because everyone has so much more drama ahead XD

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