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Review #51, by marauderfan Nothin' but a Number

18th July 2013:
Omg! I had been wondering how old Jae was for a while, but never really thought too much about it cause I was like "eh if its not mentioned it's probably not important!" ...Incorrect! Hahah so yes, shocked. Congratulations :p

I loved the scene with Leo! He is hilarious, I was laughing at the part where he said "I tried to tell him you aren't that spectacular" haha. And obviously knows Oliver's feelings better than Edie does, thanks to firewhisky.

I'm really excited for her to meet Katie! I feel like that will be an interesting scene. Something ridiculous is bound to happen. I can't wait :D

Author's Response: I'm glad that you were shocked! ;D

Originally I had Liam talking with Edie, because I love how scrawny and awkwardly adult-like he is (though always falling short and being teased for his young age), but it just seemed like something I wanted Leo to be doing. Particularly since he has just as hard a time with discussing feelings as Edie!

Thank you ♥

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Review #52, by Emily Nothin' but a Number

17th July 2013:
Thank you for updating! I am not a member of the site but I do tune in just to read your story! Keeps getting better every update- you're a fantastic writer :)
I was certainly shocked at Jae's age!!! Totally didn't see that one coming...well just wanted to say thanks for updating and can't wait to read more- I've been checking back almost daily for updates :)

Author's Response: Ohh, wow! Thank you! That's so nice to hear, I'm glad that you're enjoying Edie's mishaps as much as I am.

I haven't even started on the next chapter yet, but it shouldn't be *too* terribly long. IRL has been hectic, to say the least. Thank you for stopping by to review! It's greatly appreciated.

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Review #53, by PitchBlue Nothin' but a Number

17th July 2013:

I really liked this chapter! While I was reading, I came across a lot of things I loved, but right now all I can think about is OMG Jae's 19!!! That was absolutely hilarious, and of course it had to happen to Edie. Poor gal.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

- PB

Author's Response: Heehee! A similar thing actually happened to me (after I'd already written this out in my head!) although it culminated in a conversation at a chocolate store, and not... well.

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #54, by Siriusly89 Nothin' but a Number

17th July 2013:
AH! I literally start chanting every time you update :D

Seamus! It’s been too long! And of course you’re eyeing up girls, my lil’ Seamy, wouldn’t be you unless you were. And of course trendy-artist Jae would suggest the trendy-artist café. I like how it sort of came full circle, the whole mess started in Le Chat Noir, and it ends there too (well, the mess at Witch Weekly, I’ve a feeling things aren’t going to work out this well between Edie and Rosie dearest (snort) and Oliver-stinking-Wood (I hate him so much, its just irrational)

And the whole thing makes a lot more sense! I like how you casually explained it to everyone, when really it was an epic tale which spanned eighteen (eight-friggin-teen!) chapters!

Nooo (you can’t hear me, but I’m howling at this stage!) Not only is Edie completely bypassing Dean (Dedie forever!) but she’s using Jae. Don’t do that Edie, its not nice. Don’t be a Rose. I’m so disappointed in you Edie. Sob. Inner Lisa is shaking her head. Bad Edie, very bad.

EDIE! Edie Lennox, you get down off that table right now and put your shirt back on! Walk out that door and don’t do something stupid. Edie! EDIE! She’s not listening to me! Aah! Poor Jae’s just going to get his feelings stomped all over, isn’t he? OR! Now this could be a very good plot twist, EDIE falls in love with Jae, but he turns out to be a womaniser (I hate that word, but the word I wanted to use is 15+ :P) and then she cry’s a lot, and has to wander off, but Seamus and Dean (especially Dean, wink wink!) make her feel better, and they all skip off into the sunset (Edie and Dean holding hands, of course ;) ) and Oliver goes off with Rose, and has evil little children, and Jae runs off with EDIES MOM! Yes! That is a good idea! In my mind anyway!

I don’t know why they are freaking out quite so much. Seven years isn’t that bad when you think about it, I mean, there are forty-somethings and nineteen year olds together, and no one really bats an eyelid. But I suppose all the same, it is rather uncomfortable for Edie. I told her it was a bad idea, but did she listen, nope!

Leo just strolls on in with a pickle sandwich, casual as you like, and starts blabbering on about how Oliver ‘really’ likes Edie. Yeah, that explains why he got off with Rose first chance he got, doesn’t it? NOT!

And Edie’s covering the Puddlemere-Kestrels match. Awkward. I really hope she forgets herself at some point and just starts randomly shouting abuse at Puddlemere and cheering for the Kestrels, only to remember a second too late, by which time she’s stood up on her chair!

Imagine though, if she were to run into Rose and Oliver! Please tell me she does!

As always, a brillopad chapter, already excited for the next one ♥

Author's Response: Hey, you! ♥

Yes! I originally had them going back to The Poisoned Apple so that Edie could talk loudly about her new job, but it just added another sub-plot to an already fairly eventful chapter.

Paha! I'm sorry you hate Oliver so much! I'm afraid he's here to stay for the rest of the story, though what his role will be I can't say. (MYSTERY! DECEIT!)

Haha, that's interesting that you saw it as her using Jae! I've always just seen him as not actually having any feelings for her, either. More like they're using each other. I think I mentioned this in another response, but they only spend time together when they bump into each other--at Hypatia's studio, outside the Hanging Moon, breaking into WW because he was bored. Neither of them really displayed a huge interest in the other, outside of being physical. At least in my opinion! ;3

I agree--age doesn't matter to me. I feel like it's different when one of the parties still has the "-teen" suffix... And she went into it thinking he was older than her, so that's a bit of a shock xD

STOP GUESSING ALL OF MY STORY PLOTS. I guess it's not a huge spoiler, but Edie does indeed forget herself at the match!

Thanks again, lovely ♥

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Review #55, by TheGirlOnFire The Magic Touch

17th July 2013:
Yeah I was really excited that she was finally going to tell hut I guess not. *sighsindissaponitment*.


Author's Response: I originally had her telling Blakeslee everything, but it just left too many holes in the plot. But everything will come full circle soon, my friend! ♥

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Review #56, by TheGirlOnFire Bad Publicity

17th July 2013:
Things seem to just be getting worse and worse for Edie. Maybe he and Oliver can hook up *winkwink*.


Author's Response: Pahahaha. That would possibly make things better for her right now--or possibly much worse. An interesting thought, though. ♥

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Review #57, by TheGirlOnFire Hell Hath No Fury like Rose Zeller Scorned

17th July 2013:
Yeah I'm really liking Rose less and less. Someone needs to take he down from her high horse. Gear job.


Author's Response: Don't you worry, she'll get hers. ;3

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Review #58, by TheGirlOnFire Lessons in Chemistry

17th July 2013:
Yay, positive interaction between her and Oliver. Good work.

The GirlOnFire:)

Author's Response: Yes! That scene was so fun to write! Although very hard not to go overboard with the fluffiness. But it's just too easy. Thanks again!

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Review #59, by TheGirlOnFire A Very Brief Foray into Journalism

17th July 2013:
I feel bad for Edie. She should get credit for te article. Rose just seems stuck up and rude.


Author's Response: Rose is an interesting one indeed. She isn't the most considerate, but there is (somewhere very, very deep down) an ounce of human in there. She'll actually be coming out around chapter 20 (which I'm afraid is a way off for you!) ♥

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Review #60, by TheGirlOnFire An Interview with Mister Wood

17th July 2013:
That's nice, Oliver Wood stealing someone elses identity. Good old Oliver. This is a great story so far. Your a good writer. Keep up the good work.

TheGirlOnFire :)

Author's Response: Oh yes. It was a strange decision indeed on his part... but hopefully it'll all make sense (much, much later in the story, I'm afraid.) Thank you for all of your reviews!

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Review #61, by TheGirlOnFire The Proposition

17th July 2013:
Good for her, she's finally getting to write an article it's a shame it's not in her name.

TheGirlOnFire :)

Author's Response: You're right, it is a shame! But at least she's getting an opportunity of sorts? At least that's how she's rationalizing it to herself...

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Review #62, by TheGirlOnFire The Job Thousands would Kill For

17th July 2013:
Poor Edith. I would hate a jobs like that. But maybe someday she'll get where she wants. Keep up the good work.

TheGirlOnFire :)

Author's Response: Yes, hopefully SOMEDAY everything will pay off for her... :D

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Review #63, by TheGirlOnFire Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

17th July 2013:
Great start. That pick up line had me laughing so hard. I can't wait to see what happened next, it seems like this cold be a very good story.

TheGirlOnFire :)

Author's Response: Heehee. The pickup line... oh man. Never tried it, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work. Thanks for the review, and welcome to the story!

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Review #64, by the_giant_squid Nothin' but a Number

16th July 2013:
AHHH JAE! Poor poor Edie - what an unexpected surprise! Excellent chapter, as per usual. I can't wait until she covers the Puddlemere match (and, of course, the next Oliver interaction!)

Author's Response: I'm happy to read that it came as a surprise! Edie was sure shocked, too ;D The Puddlemere match is in the next chapter, yay!

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Review #65, by ValWitch21 Nothin' but a Number

16th July 2013:

If this makes no sense, blame it on the HC, lack of sleep, and fingers too fat for my phone's keyboard.

First. As an official fangirl/stalker/mildly creepy human being, dare I draw a parallel between Jae and Edie's situation and posts that appeared on your tumblr a while ago?

Which leads, inevitably, to JAE YOU ARE DISGUSTING AND I REALLY DO NOT LIKE YOU. This guy is the worst combination of what annoys in men, I swear. If he continues to behave like a pig I'm going to start throwing heavy, sharp objects at him.

HYPATIA IS THE BEST. I know she's intrusive and quite frankly a pain in the backside sometimes but she is my favourite character of all. I wonde how she's going to react when Edie confronts her -- probably breeze through stating that 'but darling it was for your good'.

More bromance, woot!

And Katie comes into the picture again. There go the last shreds of my coherence, I'm off to bed. Four in the morning isn't a proper bedtime.

(Also, I want to hear from you and tumblr is difficult to access right now, so if you have the time to tell me all about your job via a forum PM I will be very happy.)

And no, Jae's age didn't come as a shocker -- I think his overall attitude made it obvious to me that he was quite a bit younger. Good riddance to him, I hope!

Author's Response: HALLO!

You could definitely draw a parallel between Jae/Edie and the tumblr thing, although ironically enough I had this scene written out before that ever happened to me xD It was just another "Wow, I am actually turning into my MC" moments.

Yeah, I hoped to get across that Jae isn't really looking for anything remotely romantic with Edie... hence their date plans never culminated, and they only ended up spending time together when they bumped into each other randomly, or when she sought him out. ;3

You'd probably be right about Hypatia! And yes, I'm excited to write the scene between Edie and Katie as well.

I will of course send you a PM soon! I've just moved to a new place, so everything is up in the air--including my internet connection--so I've been HPFF-ing very seldomly over the last week or so. But I will definitely be speaking to you ASAP!

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Review #66, by onestop_hpfan18 Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

14th July 2013:
I like this, and I like the fact that you chose minor characters from the series and original characters as Edie's friends. It's light and humorous and just refreshing to read instead of next generation. I also like that you gave them all different jobs that are lesser known for the most part. It's great to read about a character that is pursuing a career that isn't a healer/auror/ministry job.

Though I did find it humorous that you have Seamus as being 5'8" in this and in real life Devon Murray (who is the actor who plays Seamus in the movies) can't be no taller than 5'3" because I met him just a couple weeks ago at LeakyCon in Portland, Oregon and he was almost a full head's shorter than I am (and I'm 5'5"). He's also very nice and down-to-earth.

Anyway, great chapter. I've already favorited this and will be returning to read & review more. (:

Author's Response: Aahhh a new reader! Hello! *Throws confetti always kept at hand for such occasions*

I've mentioned this before, but when I came back to HPFF after my hiatus, when the books had ended, I felt that the majority of stories were Next-Gen (this may not be true, but it sure felt that way!) And I missed the characters I grew up with, especially the minor ones. Hence this story!

I also felt very unconvinced by stories where all the characters had their dream jobs. Yes, this is set in 2006 so things were a bit better, but it is SO HARD to find careers now--even a part-time job is hard--and I wanted to write about that struggle.

That's funny that Devon is so short. I picture Seamus looking different in this story, but I kind of like the idea of him being even shorter than 5'8"... I have a habit of making all my male characters exceedingly tall... But I like the idea of an even shorter Seamus!

Thanks so much, and welcome! ♥

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Review #67, by Courtney Dark You've Got Moxie, Kid

2nd July 2013:
Hey! It's been a while, but I'm back and I loved this new chapter as much as ever! It was very nice to finally see something in Edie's life go right, for once.

I don't want to bore you with my waffle, so I'll try ti make this quick!

There were so many bits and pieces throughout this chapter that made me giggle - for example, the idea of Dean and Seamus wearing their old Hogwarts robes with black pant smeared over their faces. I think Seamus has to be my favourite character in Keep Calm and Carry On, so it's always fun when he makes an appearance!

I also thoroughly enjoyed Jae in this chapter - and the snogging session was great - Edie really does have perfect timing, doesn't she. I liked the addition of Jae flirting with the door knob (he's such a charmer!) and the line: As Blakeslee leads me round the corner, I hear him try valiantly, “Mildred, is it? May I just say that you look stunning in green—” You really have a talent for perfectly timed humour! And I think comparisons between Filch and Mildred were justified.

I like the way that Edie was finally given a proper job by Blakeslee - it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows and I definitely was surprised when Edie stood up for Rose. I wonder how the two of them will interact next time they meet?

This was a great chapter - I missed Oliver a little bit though, I have to admit! Hopefully we'll see him in the next chapter?


Author's Response: Hello you! It has been a while for me as well :D

Most people seem to generally like Jae, especially after this chapter. I have to admit that he's grown on me too. He was a huge part of what made this chapter so fun to write (as well as Seamus, which you've mentioned!) And it just suddenly struck me in this chapter where most of my inspiration from Mildred came from... Filch! They should totally be together forever.

I definitely did not want it to seem all sunshine and rainbows, as you said, so I'm pleased that it read that way. As for Rose and Edie's next interaction, my initial idea was thwarted because I thought of a much more realistic one... Nothing too suspenseful, but that's all I'll say.

Yeah, I realize there isn't an overwhelming amount of Oliver in this story as of late. But I want to give the impression to readers--young, old, male or female--that your life does not have to revolve around your love interest. I'm very guilty of spending all day sighing and daydreaming and batting my eyelashes, but there are other things going on too that require our attention. Like female goblin rights, and friends (and their babies), and careers, and candy! :D

Thank you again for another lovely review ♥

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Review #68, by Jen You've Got Moxie, Kid

27th June 2013:
Amazing chapter!!! I absolutely LOVE Seamus. I can just imagine his birdcalls and it starts me laughing every time i do. And Jae! I cannot figure him out, he's such a smooth talker (except with Mildred of course) and I love his character, but at the same time I ship Ediver like there is no tomorrow. Ugh I can't wait for the next chapter, please post it soon (no pressure).

Also, not to be pushy or anything, and honestly I will not be upset if you don't, but do you think we could see more of Edie's brothers? it's just so perfect that they get along so well with Oliver, and Edie is such a great (although overprotective) older sister! I love their interactions with her, and something gives me the feeling that they'd get along pretty well with Seamus to... just a hunch.

Anyway, keep going! I will recommend all of my fanfic-reading friends to this story because it's definitely worth reading!

Author's Response: Hellooo!

That Jae is a tricky one, yes indeed. I like him better after writing this chapter, though ;3 And I am about two pages into the next chapter... which is not nearly long enough! Plus, I will most likely be doing some serious editing (read: deleting) of what's already written.

Not pushy at all! I obviously have my story planned out and most likely won't just throw things in because readers say they want to see it, but you're right! I would love to include more of Edie's brothers, and your comment about how well they got along with Oliver actually inspired a plunny! I've been looking for a way to sneak them in and haven't been able to come up with a legitimate way. So I appreciate that very much.

Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm sorry the update is taking so long. ♥

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Review #69, by Jen An Interview with Mister Wood

25th June 2013:
First fanfic that actually made me laugh out loud. I first suspected that it was actually Wood when Edie mentioned that his accent sounded a bit Scottish when he apologized to her the night before. Seamus and Oliver are two of my favorite characters from HP so Im loving this story with the hilarious interaction between them!

Author's Response: Yeah! More people are coming out of the woodwork and saying they totally called the Krum/Wood thing... In a way I'm glad, though, because perhaps then it didn't seem so far-fetched that they were actually the same person? And yay Seamus and Oliver! Especially their bromance. Thanks so much for the review ♥

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Review #70, by marauderfan You've Got Moxie, Kid

22nd June 2013:
Dean and Seamus are amazing. I love any scene with them in it. The birdcalls. so great. I wonder if that's what tipped off Mildred, lol. And Jae chatting up a door knob was fantastic.

And how lucky for Edie that she finally got hired!!! I was actually glad that Edie stood up for Rose and didn't get extra catty and try to get her fired. After all it was because of Edie and Rose's shared decisions that gave Edie the opportunity to write in the first place, so I thought it was very good of her to defend Rose. Of course, Rose will probably continue to be a jerk, but Edie has the moral high ground now, haha.

Ack! I can't believe I'm all caught up now! Honestly I was enjoying being so far behind because there were always chapters here waiting for me to read them. So... can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Ugh, I don't know if this story would even be half as fun to write without Dean and Seamus. Pahaha, you're right. I wonder if Seamus was just standing around outside trying out new birdcalls and Mildred heard him... Nah, it was totally that Brutus fellow. What a surly jerk.

I'm glad that you support Edie's decision not to throw Rose under the bus. It just felt too mean, even for self-absorbed Edie. And you're right--without Rose, Edie would probably never have met Oliver. She would still only know him as Viktor Krum, in fact.

I'm taking a small break to tie up some loose ends with the plot. Like I totally glossed over Puddlemere's first Quidditch match... whoops. hehe. Just little things like that, and some of the bigger plot points.

Anyway! Thank you for all of your reviews. They're so lovely to read ♥

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Review #71, by marauderfan Incendio!

22nd June 2013:
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I am so excited to see how this "plan" works/doesn't work. Knowing Edie, it's not going to work at all. I'm imagining broken glass, fire, belching slugs, really anything could happen.

And I hope you don't keep us readers waiting long to find out what Oliver wanted to say to Edie. Something tells me Oliver doesn't even like Rose, and that Edie's imagining it all!

Regarding ships, at this point I'm not sure whether I ship Edie with Oliver, or with Jae, or with Dean. I like all of them. Or maybe the non-ship, in which Edie does whatever she wants because who needs a man anyway? and is a wildly successful career woman, breaking down gender stereotypes and bringing equality to the wizarding (witching?) world wherever she goes.

Author's Response: Pahahaha. So many people have been like, "Welp, THAT won't work," just because Edie came up with it. I love that! Although now I really wish I'd included some belching slugs... I feel like I missed a golden opportunity, here.

I don't think you'll have to wait too terribly long to find out... if my meticulously outlined plot serves me correctly, it should be about three chapters away??? I dunno, is that a long time?

YES. I wanted this to be kind of realistic, and I know that, at least for me, I never have "this one guy" that I want to date. Yeah, you can have serious feelings for somebody, and daydream about them and want to be with them, but you're probably still eyeing other boys (or girls) on the periphery. Hence Edie isn't like *INSERT BOY'S NAME* IS THE ONE I WANT FOR EVAR.

And you're right--who needs a man anyway?!

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Review #72, by marauderfan Lisa Turpin-Finch-Fletchley Unravels

22nd June 2013:
Hahaha, that whole scene with Jae was hilarious. I bet Edie's Mum was pleased.

I loved that you included Edie's article! Good for her, writing what she wants and not watering it down. I really hope she gets that job at the Oracle Underground, although yeah the illegal/plagiarism/no real job experience might count against her. :-/ And Justin and Edie do seem like very similar people, which is funny considering how they don't get along particularly well.

AAHHH AND LISA! I sort of saw it coming, after Lisa's fish and chips episode, but she said she wasn't... Well anyway, that's going to make life a whole lot more interesting.

I can't believe I'm almost caught up with this story - only two more chapters! Off to read those right now.

Author's Response: Oh, Hypatia was very pleased indeed. I imagine her being like Mrs. Bennett, and trying to be a matchmaker and taking credit for making it rain and maybe I'm being too specific to Pride and Prejudice now. But yes, she was just seething with smugness, wasn't she?

I was so nervous to write the article! It's bad, but I was really shying away from writing it, to the point that I didn't include any of her writing until now. A bit late in the game. Another one of my edits will be to include a bit more of Edie's writing earlier on, I suppose.

Edie and Justin are totally the same person! I love him. I think he's probably one of my top-three favorites to write. He's just such a normal person, with his faults and such.

You saw it coming too, eh?! I think you're one of two or three people who said they did. (Unless everyone is just being very nice and playing along and acting surprised, hehe.)

Thanks again ♥

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Review #73, by marauderfan A Funny Thing Happened

21st June 2013:
Poor Edie, that sounds like the worst job imaginable. And then getting kicked out of her flat on top of that, and appearing in the tabloids. Not her best week!

I'm really looking forward to next time Oliver and Edie see each other. Their interactions are so awkward and adorable. (And - I forgot to mention this on the last chapter I reviewed because I'm really scatter brained, but you mentioned Oliver's love of books again in this chapter so I remembered - I love that Oliver likes Arthur C. Clarke (who is a wizard... haha!) And Jack Keroac. I love both of those authors!

Which brings me to my next point - your writing style is so engaging, with all the little details and references you put in there. It makes the characters that much more three-dimensional, and it's easy to identify with them!

The whole scene outside Edie's flat really amused me, from her guesses as to Seamus's new password, to her "your mum" responses to Simon's Howler. Good thing there weren't Muggles in the area, that'd be hard to explain.

Another fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: Not her best week, indeed. I feel like this chapter was the culmination of all bad things happening to her... Don't fret, her life won't be inexplicably easy from here on out, but I feel like this was the motherload of bad situations.

I do love writing awkward Ediver interactions... I also find them quite adorable, though of course I would. Yes! Bookish Oliver! I feel like he's always portrayed as this total brute, because he's so obsessed with Quidditch. I know I've said this before, but I want to ~*~spread the word~*~ so I'll say it again. I imagine that at Hogwarts, he was entirely absorbed in Quidditch to the point that he had no social life. Katie was his only friend/girlfriend and when they weren't hanging out, or when he wasn't devising Quidditch plays, he probably spent time alone reading. Hence his strange character-amalgamation of athlete/nerd.

Pahaha, yes. Explaining a Howler to Muggles would be difficult. And I think you just pointed out a fault in the plot--I feel like I mentioned Edie's flat being just past the brick wall leading to Diagon Alley, which *would* make it Muggle-London. Hmm! I have to go back and check. Halfway through the story I was like "Why hasn't Diagon Alley expanded at ALL after 15 years since these people were in their First Year?" and went with that. But I think you're right. I think I mentioned Edie living just past the brick wall, and I need to fix it. Thanks!

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Review #74, by marauderfan And the Award Goes To...

21st June 2013:
I didn't think this was too long of a chapter! Your chapters are a great length.

First of all, I loved the message from Ward and how he ends everything with an exclamation mark. As someone who is also guilty of doing this, it made me laugh just because it looks so silly in this case!

Also loved the detail that Edie used to date CORMAC MCLAGGEN. Hahaha. Poor Edie. I guess everyone has those past relationships they choose to forget though!

And oh goodness Rose. Someone needs to take that girl down a peg or two, or ten. I can't wait to see what Edie says to Blakeslee!

(Is it odd that I imagine Blakeslee like Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada? Their names are similar, and they're both no-nonsense, leaders of a big-deal magazine... well, I guess that's where the similarities stop, but that's who I imagine when I read about Blakeslee, haha.)

10/10! As always I'm loving this story - you're a fabulous writer! :)

Author's Response: Hello there!

I am also guilty of the overuse of exclamation marks... Two words into this review and there one is. But it just seemed like something that he would do; I imagine him to always sound overly-enthused by things. Like maybe he considers himself particularly brilliant, or as though he were privy to some kind of knowledge that other people weren't. Oh, Artie.

CORMAC YES. I originally had that character as a no-name American musician who bummed off her couch. But then I watched HBP again and remembered how funny that character was, and had to.

Nah, apparently a lot of people are imagining Blakeslee like Priestly or whatever. It kind of bugs me, partially because there are so few "strong female characters" in pop culture that any two can be compared to one another. But really, Priestly was just a horrible boss. She didn't even take the time to learn her assistant's names and sent them on wild goose chases just to make their lives hell. Blakeslee really values her employees; she was horribly disappointed in Rose for doing something like that, and instead of blowing up at Edie, she accepted her as a part of the WW team. (Yes, this was mostly done because she has a magazine to run and needs Edie to do it, and I suppose that could be seen as a similarity between Priestly and Blakeslee.) But really, the name similarities was entirely coincidental--Blakeslee was the third of a series of names I had picked out--and I'd like to think that I'm not ripping off Devil Wears Prada. Just wanted to mention that, as a lot of people have pointed out similarities in character :3

Thank you so much for your kind words. Waking up to ~*~five brand new reviews~*~ was an awesome surprise!

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Review #75, by peppersweet Motion Sickness

16th June 2013:
I FEEL PERSONALLY VICTIMISED BY THAT OPENING PARAGRAPH. (But I forgive you, because it's a legit Orwell reference.)

When you mentioned the young mother jogging with the pram (minor nitpick moment: they're called prams, and not strollers here) I had vivid flashbacks to the time I was walking home from art school and nearly got flattened by a young mothers' exercise class - which was basically just sprinting with prams and occasionally stopping to do squats. They come out of nowhere, it's terrifying.

No, Edie! Do not sacrifice your journalistic integrity for Oliver! Dish the dirt on him!

I also like how you brought up the war in this chapter, and that Edie isn't all that affected by it, whilst there might be something to do with Oliver there - what if the shoulder injury is far worse than Edie thought? What if that's what started Oliver on his dramatic downfall? What if??


I'm so mad at everything right now I think I'm on the verge of emitting a banshee-like wail and going on a rampage, leaving a trail of destruction in my wake, like a very, very small, pathetic, scottish godzilla.

Jaediver?!? Can I ship it?!? (Can I kick it? (yes you can!))

Why do you insist on torturing my feelings like this!! ♥

Author's Response: Hahahha, I just love accidentally inserting you into this story, don't I? First the girl in the coffee shop, now this!

GAHHH okay so I actually had "pram" written first, because they say it in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (GOD I AM SO AMERICAN.) But then when I fact-checked, which consists of me doing some minimal-effort Googling, I didn't feel like it was common slang. Welp, good to know. I'll change it back. :P

I'm glad you're rooting for Edie to dish the dirt, because I am too! I think a lot of readers are getting fed up with her, haha. She even had a flame or two after the last chapter xD

Yes, the war. I feel like we only see the people who the war really affected--which, to be fair, was a lot of people. But what about those who didn't have to go on the run, or who were pulled out of school, or who never suffered any losses? I feel like there's an immense guilt there. It's another kind of tragedy of war that I wanted to explore.

Jaediver?! Dood. That's intense. And then you have to account for Seamus's man-crush on Oliver, and Dean's over-protectiveness of Edie. Jae+Seamus+Edie+Dean+Oliver = Jeamudiediver?

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