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Review #51, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Makeshift

21st February 2015:
“Oh,” Peter says dejectedly, “You’ve already found your somebody. Well, congratulations I suppose. Looks like I’ll be leaving alone tonight. ‘Peter Finch-Fletchley, party of one.’”

I was trying to get through the entire chapter without pulling out quotes but I cannot. Between all the biblical references and Edie comparing herself to livestock and then this poor Peter. Oh man.

You just know how to make a crummy day better.

You ought to write jingles.

I turn his head towards me, lift my chin, and press my lips against his. This time, I kiss him.






If you pull them apart after this chapter I’m going to shake my fist at the computer screen angrily.

At you.

Naughty author.

Wow. I knew he had the hots for her and I didn’t realize that’s why he didn’t persue her. Her fake career. Oh Edie, you’ve dug yourself in quite the hole. I wonder what he will think when the truth comes out. I wonder how the truth will come out. For some reason I see Dean being a part of it.

And wait the children’s wing! How much shall I bet that Oliver DID give them some money but he did it under a different name or anonymously or something. Or maybe he didn’t because the money wouldn’t have actually gone to the children?

Oliver has so many layers and secrets but so does Edie. It's like they're meant for each other.

Author's Response: Ha! I do the same thing with pulling out quotes. It does really hinder/interrupt your reading (at least for me) but I like it because it forces me to acknowledge why I like something or found something troubling, because I have to explain it to somebody else, and in a way helps me to better understand the story. Either way, pointing out which parts did or didn't work for you is very helpful to me! So thanks :)

YEEEZZZ the kiss! Much like Edie's apology in the last chapter, it was important that this came from her. Oliver's been pursuing her mostly thus far, though in more subtle ways (and I hope his admitting that he was beginning to be pathetic was enough to not make this the Boy-Chase-Girl trope.) I was nervous about the line with her owing him because it could have been misconstrued for her owing him affection simply because he put time into her--NOT THE CASE, FRIENDS. (I'm sure you realize this, Deeds, but I like to throw in disclaimers where I can.)

Ohhh I wanted to do the dancing, romance, silly stuff you see in weddings because, let's be honest, I love it. But sadly I wanted to avoid this so there is actually no dancing! Especially none of the heated-sexual-tension-anger-tango scenes. But you can pretend that it happened. Imagine away! Write me a spinoff, in fact.

Ohhh, I never even considered Dean to be a part of the truth coming out, honestly. I feel like I've taken enough liberties with his character already--I mean I assumed he was always a bit controlling or jealous because of the fights he always had with Ginny. But he's so wonderful and one of the better Gryffindor "extras" in my opinion, so I really didn't want to make him spiteful in this fic on top of everything else. So, sorry to ruin any surprises, but nope! Sweet, lonely Dean is not to blame here.

I like your ideas about the children's wing too. But that's all I will say for now!

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Review #52, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Opposite of Dreadful

21st February 2015:
Oliver was so uneasy at the mentioning of her name. I had thought he was hiding a secret girlfriend. But it was his much younger sister he was protecting.

I forgot all about that. You’re so sneaky!

But when I don’t, he positively beams at me.

Uh. I’m jelly. I feel like the witch in what is it, the wizard of oz? I AM MELTING.

That chapter was fluff city but I’m not mad about it. Awesome really. I loved his sister. She was so cute and spunky. I’m guessing this is why good old Ginger is important to the story?

Oh you know Edie and Oliver are going to get it on at that wedding since Rose won’t be there. The champagne will be flowing and the clothes will be coming OFF.


It blew my mind she apologized to him and gave him a compliment. Sweet. Almost makes me think maybe just maybe our Edie is growing up and going in the right direction but you always throw a curveball my way so I won’t get my hopes too high.

Author's Response: ~~Sneaky sneaky meee~~ Yes, it's true. I love sneaking around in my fics... Sometimes I wonder if I actually compromise the plot for the sake of an a-HA moment with readers.

Fluff city, yes! There are a few of those chapters coming your way, but don't worry, things will all go horribly wrong again. Probably.

I honestly keep forgetting to make Edie show her good side--I almost really messed up this scene and didn't make her give him a clear apology. Like, I know in my head where this story is going and that Edie is a decent person, somewhere under all of that. But readers don't necessarily know that, and in fact I'm sure a lot of you find her pretty irritating! So yeah, I'm glad I had that sincere apology in there after all. Hehe.

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Review #53, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Vanity, Not Love

21st February 2015:
But it’s even better; more real. I realize that my jaw has dropped, that I’m staring, that everyone knows I’m staring, and worst of all—that Oliver knows.

OH MY GOD. I'M DEAD. I am honestly laughing really hard right now because I experienced one of these moments and I didn't even like the guy. It was my best friends boyfriend and I told her AND naturally she made me video tape what I said to her and told him. But literally his abs were SO ripped and one day he was taking off his sweater and his shirt went up and...

Well, my world stopped and I could do was stare.



Oh my god, this is really funny.

You don’t know everything, because he tried to explain himself on numerous occasions, and you let your wounded pride get in the way. Oliver has tried to apologise, a few times in fact. And you’re going out of your way to hurt him with your articles, because he hurt you. That’s not…that’s not nice. In fact it’s rather wicked, and I think you’re better than that


Thank goodness someone FINALLY said it to her. Maybe Edie will open her eyes finally and just LISTEN to what Oliver has to say.

I don't think Oliver is past the point of being forgiven because let's face it Edie likes him. She does and she can't hold a grudge well she can but she shouldn't because when she accepts her true feelings what is she going to do run for the hills? Be a spinster? Come on.

Author's Response: Haaa that's funny! Even better is your friend's reaction and how she was so excited about it, and was just like "He needs to know." She sounds like a cool gal.

Hypatia Lennox, serving Cold Hard Truths since 1980. Or 1979? I'm not even entirely sure when Edie's birthday is (March seems good, she's a total Aries.)

Yeeesss, I really wanted to stress the difference between Edie and Oliver's relationship.

(**Spoilers ahead? Maybe??**)

It's not the case that the story opens after they've met, when they've already decided that they "hate" one another for no real reason (ie. he pulled my hair when we were six), nor is there sexual tension based on an unfounded, mysterious, mutual dislike. Rather he made a bad impression on her and she handled it poorly, using things that were honest mistakes as ammo against him (okay, his drunken Viktor Krum behaviour was pretty pathetic, but as you've probably figured out, he doesn't have a lot of friends and was trying to impress his teammates.) It was her own compulsive and spiteful behavior that got them past the point of return. She realized too late that, actually, there is not a whole lot wrong with Oliver. But she'd already dug her hole too deep. By the time she actually started being really, truly interested in him, there was no real way out.

(**End of spoilers??**)


Thanks for reading! ♥

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Review #54, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Apology Not Accepted

21st February 2015:
Well, the sun was out, and it can be very bright. You know how you can get all squinty


They’re paying him all this money but you know the sun…it makes you get all squinty.

“Outside!” my Mum points to the door, while Andrew calmly sips his tea, “Go outside and play!”

Because at their age that’s normal.

Uh. For a second I thought Rose was faking being drunk. I think she actually likes Oliver and the fame obviously but at first I thought she was just using him because he’s Oliver Wood. Now I’m not too sure. I do know she says all those things to Edie just to bother her. Sure she can have her articles but she can’t have her man.


Edie really likes to sink to rock bottom, doesn’t she? Calling for Jae. Come on girl, get your life together. Score for Oliver for calling her out for not apologizing for anything. I feel like they are going to get into a fight and then they’re going to rip each other’s clothes off.

Cause that’s Edie for you. I should feel bad for Rose because she's going to be the victim here but I don't. She's not too nice. If she was nicer than I would feel for her.

Author's Response: I imagine Deverill to be this really old guy who's past his prime, but is so kind and fatherly to all the players that they've let him stay as Puddlemere's team manager for ever. And when he made that little comment Katie probably gave him a consolatory "Why don't you sit the next couple rounds out?" pat on the shoulder and covered his tracks to the media. I ship their friendship so hard.

Honestly I toyed with the idea of Rose actually being sober. Before the edits, Edie even looked back in the restaurant and noticed that Rose seemed normal. Your first impression was right! Because the person Rose is based off of would TOTALLY do something like that. I don't mean to sound catty. Rose is just so 100% This Girl that I don't even imagine her with a British accent, because I so clearly see this "LS" gal in my head when writing. Anyway, you weren't far off at all with that guess!

YESSS, Edie really hit rock bottom there... But haven't we all done that? Maybe? Or just some of us? At the risk of generalizing, I think we've all gone back to the person who didn't make us feel so great out of loneliness or boredom or what have you. What's even worse, though, is that in the edited version of this story (yet to be validated on HPFF) it's Edie who tries to keep things going with Jae that morning when she realizes how old he is, and he's the one to be like "Uh, no."

HAAA it hurts, it hurts.

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Review #55, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Match

21st February 2015:
Good luck today, you’re a shining medallion and you smell like Christmas.


Rose Zeller is hugging me.

This cannot be good. Run for the hills Edie!

The stadium is absolutely roaring. But then I realize exactly what’s happening, and why everyone is looking at me murderously, and what everyone is screaming about.

AH! HE WAS LOOKING AT HER, NOT ROSE! He was distracted by our dear Edie but I can’t blame him. Come on girl, you should not have been drinking like that it is unprofessional and you should not have been cheering loudly for the opposing team.

When will she learn?

I really liked Katie. I wish she had a bigger role in the chapter. Maybe she’ll be in the next one but I thought her conversation with Edie was necessary because Oliver is a good guy and Edie paints him as a bad one even though she knows in her heart he’s not. She needs to learn how to control herself and just be a reporter. Sure her first article mirrored the person she thought he was but the second…out of bounds.

I can’t wait for the third. I hope her POV changes. As for Rose and her chummy behavior, please. You know they’re going to have a blow out eventually.

Author's Response: Oh man, I just realized that you alone have pushed the reviews on this story to over 400! That's amazing, thank you so much!

Also--while my computer's on the fritz (read: little ability to write/update) I will use this moment to self-promote my KC&CO tumblr, if you want more, MORE, MORRREEE!!! The username is lennoxed ;)

I imagine Dean making his shining medallion comment with complete drunken sincerity, through heavily-lidded eyes, in kind of a whiny voice. I love it.

I was cringing when I wrote this, and not for Edie's embarrassment but for the fact that she was getting a little soused on the job. Like come ON, FRIEND. (To be fair, I'm pulling a lot of this from my Most Horrible Shameful Embarrassing Unprofessional Trip to New York City 2010.)

Katie! Yes! She really is great; she's one of those people who would never respond to "How are you?" with anything but the truth. She's very blunt but kind, aka ~JuSt LiKe OlIvEr~ which is why they dated for approximately a century.

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Review #56, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Nothin' but a Number

21st February 2015:
With my hands resting near my head, I stare at a patch of moonlight on the ceiling, and Jae moves over me like a shadow.

Uh, that was actually quite depressing. She doesn’t even like him and he can’t even distract her. Plus, what does he have to be jealous about over Wood? He doesn’t even know her.

“That’s like… seven years older than me! You’d already graduated by the time I was a First-Year! You were—you were an adult when I was only ten!


Please tell me the Jae-Edie saga is officially over because I cannot handle anymore sexual encouters.

I’m excited to meet Katie! See what she says and maybe another encounter with dear Wood? I also want to know Rose’s reaction to all of this. It’s not going to be pleasant I’m sure.

I also think Dean is going to blow up at Edie sooner rather than later. His feelings need to come out. It’ll suck when he’s rejected but he can’t just keep his mouth shut this entire time.

Author's Response: You again! ♥

Haha, yeah, this story may or may not take a turn towards the more "depressing" subject matter. It's pretty difficult to fill the plot you've outlined without straying from straight humor into more serious matters.

Yay, I like when readers are as horrified by Jae and Edie's age difference as I was! Funnily enough right after I wrote this chapter, I met a guy at a coffee shop who was being very flirty and invited me to go contra dancing (um no) and got my numbre and such and then I found out he was 5 years younger... Not quite as terrible as Jae and Edie, but I did a quick backpedal there.

Katie is cool! I wish she was a larger part of the plot. I like her because she and Oliver are so similar--well, you'll see.

Thank you as always.

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Review #57, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap You've Got Moxie, Kid

15th February 2015:
I look like a suspicious character—a tormented poet at the least.

I wear black on black on black all the time and now I’m going to
laugh at myself because of the different shades of faded black I
wear and call myself a tormented poet. No one will understand my
plight. Or my laughter.

“The flying buttresses have it the worst!”

I’m pretty sure my love for you has grown immensely after this

What goes on in your head?

Her eyes go even narrower behind their spectacles, “They don’t
allow it anymore.”

She should really get in touch with Filch.




Okay, I loved Jae and under different circumstances I would say
team Jae! But I’m already TEAM DEAN AND TEAM OLIVER so let’s just
not confuse me so much, okay?

I thought it was rather…easy? I guess for the truth to come out. It
didn’t seem as shocking when she said it or that there were
consequences. I felt there should have been consequences. Edie
sticks up for Rose, why wouldn’t she? It’s not like she wants to feel
her wrath all over again but I do think the two of them should be
punished. She could have hired her but maybe on probationary
standards or something. I don’t know.

I’m glad it’s out though. I suppose now we wait for Oliver’s reaction
because they’re going to have to interact soon. I think he’ll finally
read the articles now, at least once the third one is out and it’ll bite
her in the bum so maybe that’s what she needs. Plus, she’s a good
writer but she gets her ego and emotions in the way. She needs to
learn to control herself and write the truth, not the half-truth. I
imagine her less of a celebrity journalist and more of a sports
journalist and I don’t think she’ll find that at WW. Plus, can she be a
journalist and have Oliver too? It seems like another hurdle because
it could be considered a conflict of interest. I think maybe that’s
why she didn’t say anything about Oliver and Rose, plus she’s in
denial too but that could hurt Rose’ career even more. It has to be
out in the open and readers have to know and editors need to
know. I guess we aren’t even close to the end of this drama. Oh
Edie, digging yourself into a deeper whole as the chapters go on.

Author's Response: Hello again!

"What goes on in your head?" Ha!! That is a really great question... It's something like thinking about 58 things at once, and thinking that everyone you see is really really pretty, and constantly realizing that you've drank all your coffee and need more.

*Sips from coffee*

You're certainly not the first person to ask for a Mildred/Filch story, and I really have considered it... Unfortunately I have to force myself to be solely focused on this story, or I just won't write at all. I have a few ideas from time to time for new fics, but I just can't multitask that way and won't allow myself to write anything until KC&CO is finished (I've never technically finished a novel before.) Unfortunately that includes a Filch/Mildred... Milch? Filchred? I ship it.

Hahaha it's so funny how many of my readers really like Jae! The whole time I'm writing him I'm just like "ew." I imagine him being really cocky and womanizing and just kind of falling short of the mark. Like a lot of male characters on HPFF who are just so full of sass and swagger and good looks, and the characters end up falling for them. Jae is kind of like that except Edie doesn't fall for it. (Whoops! Spoiler?)

It was indeed an easy conversation with Blakeslee, and one that I re-wrote many times. I agree that it *does* seem a little too carefree up front, but I think this chapter mentions (or at least at one point it did) Edie's concern that they'll sack her as soon as the articles are done. She's gotten what she wants, in a way, but WW and Blakeslee are just using her to get their articles. She's of little value to them otherwise.

I wish I could address your last paragraph better, but I can't yet! Don't worry, pretty much everything that you've mentioned is addressed and comes to a culmination. As usual, there are 4738927321830912 things going on at once in this story and it takes time to get to all of them.

I suppose that's what happens when you write on a coffee-high.

Thank you again for another lovely review! Glad you're sticking around ♥

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Review #58, by anon The Unfortunate Truth

11th February 2015:
I absolutely love your writing! All of your characters are great and really fun to read. I hope we see more of Dean soon. I adore him. Anyway, great chapter! Looking forward to more xx

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for the review. I really can't wait for Dean's next appearance either... The last few chapters have kinda been a landslide, as far as revelations go. With another one in the next chapter, it's so hard to give every plot point that needs attention its own face time...including Dean and Edie facing each other again. There's so much time sensitive stuff unfolding that Dean has taken the back seat for now... And sadly, so has Seamus ;A;

I promise you will see both of them again soon! Erm, not in the next chapter either... But soon!

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Review #59, by 800 words of heaven Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

11th February 2015:

I've been meaning to start reading this story for the longest time. It's been floating around the forums and tumblr, and I'm always like "I shall read that!... Tomorrow." But finally, tomorrow has arrived and I am here.

This is a great start. I'm not really a bar person and this has just underscored for me why. This is a good thing, because I was very vividly imagining the setting and the crowd and the noise... I am Lisa. An old maid.

I quite enjoy Edie's voice. She's a twenty-something with her life not like what people say it should be by then, but she's unconcerned. I really like that. I can somewhat relate to her situation and I take heart in her attitude.

What I'm most looking forward to in the next few chapters is getting to know Dean and Seamus better. They seem quite fun now and I'm sort of excited to read about their adventures through adulthood.

Excellent start. I shall be back for more... soon :)

Author's Response: Hey! Well I'm glad that "tomorrow has arrived," as you've said. Also pretty pumped that my incessant spamming of this fic on Tumblr is paying off ;)

Hahaha, that's funny--I can indeed see how a crowded room full of drunk Quidditch hooligans does not sound appealing.

As for Edie's unconcern with not really having a direction in life, it comes and goes. Some days she's fine with it, and some days she feels completely worthless.

Dean and Seamus! They are so present in the beginning of this story and then they just drop off the face of the planet, mostly because Edie is so terrible with keeping up with friends. But I indeed miss them.

Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #60, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Incendio!

8th February 2015:
Yes, they must all wear black and leather gloves. They should also...

NO! BAD IDEA. What bad influences they are. Agreeing so easily. Boys.

Edie. Oh, Edie. I want to know what Oliver wrote in the note. I wonder if he's REALLY with Rose or it's just a pretense she's using to write the article. She flirts. Oliver doesn't really do anything but stand there dumbly.

A part of me doesn't want them to get together in the end. I mean I want them together but does Edie really deserve a happy ending? She doesn't necessarily have to get one. Or if anything they could be friends. But really she thinks she's better than so many of them when really she needs to take a hard look in the mirror or the bottom of her empty beer glass. She's honestly better than all of this though I think. I think Edie lacks real confidence. She's cocky but it's all a facade.

Oh, this is my last chapter for awhile. How did I get to chapter 17 so quickly?!

Author's Response: Huehuehue. This chapter was so unlike anything I've ever written, but it was REALLY FUN TO WRITE. I've never done any kind of humour action scenes (chases, magical duels, breaking and entering, etc.) but it came so naturally? Not to sound arrogant at all, as always this could use some editing. But I was surprised how fun it was! I don't want the whole fic to continue in this vein because it strays from the overall intended voice and language, but man oh man, was it fun.

I really like hearing people's honest opinions of Edie and Oliver. It feels the same way to me, at times--that she actually doesn't deserve him. I wanted to write a story exploring the "love/hate" trope (which I love and am obviously guilty of writing) and what happens when it may not work out. Obviously you disliked the person in the beginning, and that doesn't always go away. Even if you end up together, those fundamental things that made you dislike them so strongly at first will always be there.

"Take a hard look in the mirror or the bottom of her empty beer glass." SNORT. So, so true. And your opinion of her is pretty spot-on ;)

Oh my, this is the last of them. Wow! Seventeen reviews, what a fun surprise. Thank you so much, seriously. I'm excited because this is the first novel-length fic I'm really going to finish--excluding the complete crap I wrote in high school--and I hope you stick around!

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Review #61, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Lisa Turpin-Finch-Fletchley Unravels

8th February 2015:
Is Justin happy about this? So many twists and turns I wasn't too focused on Lisa because for a moment when she said it in the other chapter I was like yeah right homegirl is knocked up but I'm a stress eater and I wanted to read more about Oliver.

Oh Lisa! It's going to be okay even though she has worked so hard to be a Healer and now she's going to have a baby and that's going back things up quite a bit and she has Edie as a house guest when the baby could be in that room.

Does Justin know?

Oh this is so sad! I do want Edie to tell her everything that's been going on. They need to share more. Well she needs to share more. Justin blowing up at her (sort of) was great. He cares but he's realistic and Edie needs that because she's got her head in the clouds a bit.

Author's Response: URRGHH Lisa is one of my biggest regrets in this story. She's just so two-dimensional right now. I wanted her to be a clear opposite from Edie as a means of emphasizing how differently their lives have gone since graduation, but it's to the point that I don't even see how their friendship works. OH ALSO I was really trying to avoid the trope of "That's my best mate... she's mental" that we see often, because in those situations the best friend is really just around as a conduit to get the main character into bad situations. ("I dare you to snog Oliver!" type nonsense that I ta-HO-tally did not want to write.) But it's backfired on me for sure. Lisa is too nice; I think Edie needs a bit more sass and mischief to stay interested. And somebody as rational and polite as Lisa would find Edie completely annoying. So anyway, I've been making some major edits with Lisa's entire character. They haven't made it to the site yet, but it's one of the bigger re-writes I'm doing, along with Oliver's dismissive attitude toward the press.

Anyway, with ~new Lisa~ she just doesn't want kids, probably ever. It's something that her and Justin have decided on before marriage (OMG can you even imagine Justin trying to raise a child?) but obviously that didn't pan out. So that's why ~New Lisa~ is so upset... and why she hasn't told Justin, because she's afraid he'll be like "Well crap."


Thank you for reading my prattling on and on. ♥

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Review #62, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Motion Sickness

8th February 2015:
He touches my hand and I feel nothing more than skin-on-skin contact; no butterflies. It's perfect.

^ I've been there. I've done that. It doesn't end well. Even though Jae seems like a tool he still is a person with feelings. I made that mistake after I was scorned by a cheating ex-boyfriend of four years. So there I was dating my Dean, which ended as quickly as it began and we never talked again. Devestated I dated my 'Jae' for a couple of months but he wasn't what I wanted or needed. It took me some soul searching and then I finally ended up with the big lug I date now. I suppose I shall call him my Oliver. Since he is awkward, twitchy and awkward.


The point is I think Edie and I have too many similarities. You're pulling things from your own life so I guess you and I have too many similarities or maybe that's just what happens. We all kind of experience the same things and meet similar people. We all have our ups and downs and moments where we say 'we need to grow up' but the day sucks and our job sucks so we go 'I need a drink.' And then we just move on and hope for the best.

I hope for the best with Edie.

That Rose and Oliver kiss though. EW. If they're together for real that's gross. I'm sorry I just don't like Rose she's the villain in my eyes. Ha-ha. Maybe I'm just being catty.

Author's Response: Hellooo again!

I agree that it's not fair to put somebody through the wringer, and to keep in mind that everyone has feelings. Luckily Jae is as unattached as Edie is. I tried to kind of give him a sneaky, womanizing vibe to make this clearer. It's just one of those situations where neither of them is truly invested in the other, but it's something to pass the time.

"I need to grow up" ---> "Actually I need a drink" happens a lot. Haha. You've made a pretty accurate description of twenty-something-dom.

Rose is a really manipulative and spiteful person, totally! And I don't particularly *like* her either, but I'm telling the story through Edie's eyes, so she's probably giving me a bit of a bias...

As always, thank you!

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Review #63, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Funny Thing Happened

8th February 2015:
I told you, scrubbing toilets is good for self-realizations.

^ YES! Time she realizes a few things. She's stubborn. I'm stubborn but come on we all make mistakes.

She's out of her flat and she's going to have to tell Lisa at least what's going on with her life. I feel like Oliver might tell Edie he wasn't going to kiss her or maybe he was drunk or something or other that's going to be sort of a let down. And Edie, the lying, really? Just tell the man the truth already! THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!


Kind of loved the Parakeet part and the Squib landlord. I'm a little obsessed with Argus Filch since I just wrote a fluffy one-shot about him. Squibs need love too.

Author's Response: BUT IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TO LIE AND LOOK LIKE A REALLY COOL JOURNALIST AND PRETEND TO HAVE YOUR LIFE TOGETHER AND NOT ADMIT FAULT than to just tell your friends, family, love interests, etc. the truth. At least that's how Edie's brain works. She's so prideful and arrogant that she would rather compulsively lie to everyone she cares about than admit that she's not doing so well in life.

Haha, the parakeet and Simon were two things I decided to add last-minute, and I'm so glad I did. (Embarrassing confession time: I imagined Simon Pegg playing the part of the landlord so vividly that I named the character after him.) Although I don't think Mr. Pegg has a parakeet named Peony... though he should.

Thanks again!

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Review #64, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap In a Puff of Smoke

8th February 2015:
I don't even have anything to say but I go by the hashtag #revieweverythingyouread

So you can't get rid of me that easily.



You're killing me! I'm actually happy though because it's TOO soon. I want them to kiss and tumble into bed but at the same time I don't. I think Ollie deserves to know the truth about the whole Edie situation and Rose.

And I can't take the heartbreak from Dean just yet. #TEAMDEAN

...Dean needs love too.

Author's Response: TOO SOON INDEED. Like, do you two even know each other? You've spent approximately four hours in the same vicinity--do you REALLY feel anything right now? Rushing into romance is something that I always try to avoid. Ahhh I wish I could mention something about chapter 28 that I just wrote, but it basically is along the lines of how "love at first sight" is bollocks.

Dean does need some lovin'! He knows how we feel, though ♥

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Review #65, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Clink

8th February 2015:
I have never bought a dress with the intention of leaving the tags on, wearing it for one day and returning it the next.

^ Guilty.

She's without a doubt on her high horse and as a pseudo journalist I don't trust her. I feel like she means well but at the same time...she's desperate. That's what it is. She's desperate to make a name for herself and start her career. I also think she has a bit of growing up to do herself which is ironic in a way because she acted as a 'mother' to her brothers and was their caretaker all these years. Clearly none of the worry or reality has hit her yet. Her friends still don't know she was fired even though I don't know how they don't since they always went drinking at the bar or would visit her. Something just isn't sitting right with me and I can't figure it out!

(As you can see i've done a lot of reviewing today. It's my day off so I won't get to indulge again for awhile!)

Author's Response: Hmmm, that's an interesting point about her being so motherly and also being so immature. I kind of imagined her being less nurturing to her younger brothers and more like a disgruntled assistant to her mother. You are very, very right though. She does have a lot of growing up to do.

Edie told Dean and Seamus that the Poisoned Apple was closed with a Dragon Pox infestation, or something similar (ack, it's been so long now I can't remember!) But it wouldn't have worked, mainly because Seamus was probably not listening when she told him ;)

Thanks again!

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Review #66, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Magic Touch

8th February 2015:
I did say that Charms was my best subject.


I didn't think Wood would be the reason she wouldn't say anything. I didn't think he would make an appearance. Makes sense but I just figured Edie would chicken out because well who wouldn't?

I love Liam, Luke and Leo. Drunk Wood was fun momentarily until Edie gave him the business. I feel I am on the fence with their relationship and I can already picture well another picture of their little debauchery. But I also think she's determined to think of the worse in Oliver when come on Edie, pot meet kettle, you're not a saint yourself.

Author's Response: Hiya again!

I suppose it's a combination of Edie being thrown off-guard by Oliver's presence and also just chickening out because, as you said, who wouldn't. She really had no way to prove she wrote the article, at least at this exact moment. Plus she and Rose didn't really think up a "master plan" to keep Oliver in the dark about everything with the articles... All he had to do was show up before everything could have totally fallen apart. And he did!

Ohhh gosh oh gosh I actually re-wrote that entire scene with the slap. Honestly I'm so horrified that it's even in this story--I wanted it to come across more as NO EDIE BAD YOU DO NOT HIT PEOPLE WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS. But I don't think it did, and it seems like another "slap trope." I wanted to convey that violence is NOT THE ANSWER ESPECIALLY IN THIS CASE and I don't think it was clear, like, at all. But I have yet to complete that re-write and upload it, as per usual.

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Review #67, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap And the Award Goes To...

8th February 2015:
I mean, I seriously cannot imagine having to wake up every day, for the rest of my life, next to the same bloke snoring away. And why should a woman’s existence be nothing but striving towards marriage?

^ This.

I felt like this for a long time. I never thought marriage married and even now when people told me for years 'you need to get married, find a man, etc' now they're like 'there is no point to marriage unless you're going to have kids.'

And I'm like...way to do a complete 360 on me there.

I've always gotten so annoyed with the guys I've dated I started to question if humans are even meant to be with one person their entire life. Maybe you're meant to be around each other for awhile and then you can move on because nothing is long lasting.

Now I'm dating someone if they ever left me I would kill them (MWAHAHAHA evil laugh).

Maybe not kill but I would be upset because I went to spend a life with him.

Edie, you want to be with Oliver Wood, you need to be with Oliver Wood.


“Well, I’ll be the one with the camera,” Theo says with his perpetual hint of sarcasm.



Once more with feeling:


Theo is the one that took the picture of Edie and Oliver, isn't he? IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE. What a sneaky sneaky lurker


It's always the ones with the good bums.

She's not going to tell her anything. Something is going to get in her way but I can't say what exactly. Addicted to this story is an understatement.

Oh and thank you so much for responding to my previous reviews! I love it when author's respond. Makes me feel appreciated. :D Yes, I am on the forums. Under a different name. Yet our paths have yet to cross.

O...when will it one knows...except me because I know who you are! HAHA.

(Yeah, that was creepy. I agree.)

Author's Response: Yeah, honestly marriage just seems like a trap to me. I'm petrified of getting old/dying/falling out of love/the future in general, and it just seems like something that two people get themselves into before evolving so much that they no longer have anything in common. I dunno. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but growing old/settling in general... *shudder*

I'm glad you like review responses! And I try to respond in a timely manner because you took the time to even read this in the first place, let alone share your opinions. It's the least we writers can do :)

*Creates opportunities to use the word "Wizardazzi" in the next chapter*

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Review #68, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Bad Publicity

8th February 2015:
There’s a dull ache in my stomach—did I really dig my own grave like this? Because I dared to bend the rules, just once? To take on a challenge, and try to better myself as a journalist? I cover my face.

^ Karma girl. How unfair but that's how the world works. If this was reality she would get fired from her job for kicking them out. It doesn't matter if they were acting awful and it got out. She would be fired so fast she would get whiplash.

Why is Wood so delicious? Uh. I want to squeeze his cheeks (on his face, get your mind out of the gutter). He's so cute! And nice! And warm!

I wonder how he's going to react when he finds out that Edie gets nothing for her interview. Well, she gets the money which she clearly desperately needs now at all times but I really do not think Rose will pay her. I just have an inkling.

I want to say everything will go up from here but...yeah, that's not going to happen, is it?

Author's Response: Yes, karma and also an unfair advantage in which the universe hates Edie Lennox. I seriously had the plot bunny of "What if there was an OC who ALWAYS had something go wrong for them?" and KC&CO was born.

I'm so happy that most people like Oliver! It's funny, I started writing this and then six months in I met somebody who's kinda similar to him, and now we're dating. So a few of Oliver's habits (the smiling down at his hands, over-thinking everything he says, and having a very calculating look) are things that I kinda picked up from my boyfriend. Whoops.

It goes up for a bit! Don't worry! Maybe stop reading when things seem perfect a few chapters down the road and it'll be like things never go wrong again. (No please don't stop reading, I love your reviews!)

Thank you again, so very much, for these. I love following along with somebody who's just started the fic from the beginning ♥

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Review #69, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Mother/Matchmaker

8th February 2015:
“Isn’t she even cuter in real life?” my mother tightens her grip on my shoulders and I’m not sure if it’s a show of love or a threat. “I’m afraid the photograph wasn’t very good. Edie, you were so peaky last Christmas.”

^ I'm horrified. I don't know who I feel worse for but I can't wait to hear what he actually thinks and has to say.

Her mother was a spite fire and I love her. I wish she was my mother. If anything she reminds me of my godmother who has been asking me since I was 15 if I've got a boyfriend.

I've always told her and everybody no.

(Didn't get one until I turned 16/17)

The point is if I had to go through something like that, a set-up, a match making moment or an awkward dinner I would die from embarrassment. I can handle my friends setting me up (barely). At least Edie is a good sport about it.

Author's Response: Hypatia for president! I love her. She's an amalgam of my mother and my best friend from high school's (who I was around enough to call Mom anyway.) She's completely overbearing, overprotective, and pushy--but would do anything for her only daughter. This includes setting her up on dates to insure that she has grandchildren one day. (Sorry Hypatia, Edie does not want kids.)

Thanks again ♥

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Review #70, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Hell Hath No Fury like Rose Zeller Scorned

8th February 2015:
Rose Zeller is standing some paces behind, at the mouth of a small alleyway. She’s wearing sunglasses despite it being dusk, and the red hood of her coat is drawn tightly around her head. She stands stiffly, I suppose trying very hard to blend in, but her expression is more constipated than anything.

^ She's really taking this much too seriously. I hope she gets fired. It's not fair that Edie can't take credit for this article but do you think if they knew she was writing it up front say if Rose would have attributed her or something for a small portion of it they would have still liked it as much?

Now I can't decide if I'm team Dean or team Oliver.


Oliver may be delicious but Dean is Dean. Poor Dean.

I know who I don't like, Rose! I feel like Edie will eventually punch her in the face. Probably would be unwarranted (I suppose) but she deserves it. She's THAT girl. You know those girls. I don't like those girls.

And she can't even write.


Author's Response: Hahaha I'm so glad you mentioned that first scene with Rose! I totally imagined it to be exactly like Mean Girls, when Damian says "She doesn't even go here!" in his disguise. Ohhh. Classic, classic film. You go Glen Coco.

As for whether or not they would still like Edie's writing knowing it was hers, another thing I was trying to explore here (and something that I've seen in life, particularly with art museums) is the disparity between staff and intern. I've actually heard the head curator/director of an art museum at my school say something about how "We don't talk to them." In this case, they were talking about the "other side," ie. guards, docents, visitor services people--not the curators, directors, etc. etc. That's something that's really stuck with me over the years, and it really horrified me, because it's just an example of how being an intern doesn't actually mean you'll get anywhere. In fact it can be damning, in the case of that particular museum. So anyway, Edie is one of "those interns," and has been pushed off to the side as the kind of person who will only be there to get your coffee, sort your mail, etc., and now Witch Weekly doesn't want to take a second glance at her or realize her potential.

Have you noticed this story is just me venting about my personal history???

Dean is Dean. I hate what I'm doing to him in this story because he was always so wonderful to Harry throughout Hogwarts. Even when Seamus didn't believe in him, Dean did, and he was on the run from the Death Eaters and he's just SUCH AN AMAZING CHARACTER and now I go and do this. Sorry buddy.

Ohhh no no! That's another thing that's important. Rose is actually really good at her job! I didn't want it to be so black-and-white as "This girl is horrible at writing and I'm excellent but SHE GOT THE JOB" *cry* Rose is a very hard worker, and talented, and gets ahead (she shoulda' been a Slytherin, JKR.) Maybe I need to convey that a little better in the story--Edie is totally jealous of her, but Rose is still a good fit for the job. Aside from the whole under-the-table deal bit ;)

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Review #71, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Lessons in Chemistry

8th February 2015:
“Call me Oliver.”

^ I have melted into a puddle on the floor. I don't know how I'm typing this right now because I am not longer human.

I love the delicious flirting and the fluff. The change of pace and character when you know things are about to GO DOWN! Oliver Wood, the nice guy, Edie, the poor gossiping journalist that's going to have to paint him in a new light. Unless he starts acting rude again which I do see happening.

Even though he's delicious.

So so so delicious!

Author's Response: Oh yes, things were indeed about to "GO DOWN," as in Edie was about to go down a flight of stairs onto her face. Terrible, terrible pun for you.

Hmmm, he is indeed a *bit* rude, but not too much. Mostly he's just his sarcastic blunt self. Well, you'll see. ♥

PS - Yes. Delicious.

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Review #72, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Very Brief Foray into Journalism

8th February 2015:
“Flattering uniforms for Knight Bus drivers.”

^ I can't even. I would be beyond mad there would be no word to describe how angry I am at this interview. If someone did that to me...see this is why I'm a pseudo journalism and had to switch fields. I can't take it. Not like I'm making any leeway in the field I'm in now and it's pretty much the same thing (interviewing is involved) but man. To come across this. To be so disrespected. I get most people don't respect journalists. They think we're a bunch of liars but for every liar there's a decent reporter out there trying to make a difference.

Here's my prediction she loved the article so much she wants a follow-up OR she dislikes the article so much she wants an entirely new one about what kind of underwear he likes to wear because the article has to be sexy.

Because everything in magazines like Witch Weekly has to be sexy.


Only five chapters in I'm too attached to this story and i want to see the real attitude of Oliver Wood!

Author's Response: Heeheee! Yes, there is that sassy, uncooperative Oliver I just mentioned in my last response. He is definitely not taking her job seriously. It seemed like a good way to have them start off on the wrong foot, because getting ahead in her career is so important to Edie. Apparently even more important than keeping up friendships, and not lying to everyone you care about, and sabotaging any chance of a romance.

It's so great reading your thoughts, because you seem to have so much personal experience with this kind of thing! Well, maybe not interviewing a man who flies around on a broomstick--or maybe you do. I'm not here to judge. ;)

Wow, great predictions. By now you've seen which one of those it ends up being!

I kind of regret using Witch Weekly as the publication in this story. For one, in this fic the issues are monthly, not even weekly! Originally I was going to make one up. But between a made-up publication, a story set outside of Hogwarts, and using minor/original characters, it felt so un-HP that I just wanted *something* familiar to readers. But I think it's actually annoyed a lot of people! Whoops. Maybe in one of those all-encompassing rewrites I keep talking about...

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Review #73, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap An Interview with Mister Wood

8th February 2015:
“That’s because you followed him everywhere and couldn’t formulate a proper sentence. I’m pretty sure he thought you had the hots for him.”

^ HAHA! I love their interactions. Their conversations flow perfectly and what I like even more is that Edie hangs out with guys for the most part. I've never been that great at female relationships (or any relationships really) but male-female ones I can relate to.

It crosses my mind to ask if Dean would rather sleep in my room with me, but something about that feels weird.

^ NO! Rule number one, never sleep in the same bed. Doesn't matter if you're 'just friends.'

Tell me he doesn't have a thing for her. No things! No feelings! This is the only downfall to female-male friendships. That friend zone does exist.

This cannot be happening. This cannot be happening. This cannot be happening.


YOU TOTALLY GOT ME. Naughty author! My reviews are so pointless I am sorry and they are rambly messes. I love me some Wood, even though he seems rude. Private person!? Psh! He could have at least some respect for other people's professions. Not everyone can just fly a broom, you know.

Author's Response: Ohh, sweet Seamus! He was so prominent early in the story and he really has taken a back seat... It was completely unintentional I swear! I have a nice Edie/Seamus friendship scene that I'm about to write.

You make an interesting point about females not feeling like they can interact. I totally hope this doesn't come across as offensive in any way, but I wanted to ~explain a lil somethin~ about this fic. Edie being "such a feminist" while also pitting herself against Rose, and not being a great friend to Lisa, is another means of her being a total hypocrite. "Edie sucks" is kind of the theme of this story--I think I was watching too much GIRLS when I started it, thank you Hannah Horvath. When I was in high school all my best friends were guys, and now my best friends are women, and I was trying to explore what could have made that change. At least for me (again, just me here!) it was when I stopped comparing myself to women/feeling insecure/competing in every single way with them. So hopefully Edie will start to go through the same kind of transformation, so that she'll be able to uphold her "feminist" label that she so far has kind of not done an awesome job with.


Oliver's sassiness with the press is actually a recent edit I just made! Originally he was just really awkward and bad at conversation, which he still is, but no longer overwhelmingly so. It didn't mesh well with the rest of his pushy, opinionated character that we see in canon. So I decided he'd be all "Eh you lot are just out to make me look stupid and I'm NOT going to cooperate." Hence Deverill forced him to have this interview, to give him and Puddlemere a better public appearance before his first season back after his injury.

WOW you didn't know you were starting a Q and A with the author, did you?

Thanks for the review, as always! ♥

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Review #74, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Proposition

7th February 2015:
Bartering with journalists is something I’ve always been wary of. It’s an unspoken rule of the game; something gleaned from black and white Muggle films where men in jaunty hats get themselves into sticky situations by making deals with the press.

^ NEVER TRUST A JOURNALIST. We're a bad lot. Then again she's a pseudo-journalist and I too am a pseudo-journalist and I'm surprised it's such a big deal because at my internships I was required to do all the work for the so-called journalists and editors and write out their pieces for them and they would publish it under their name.


Thank you kind author for being on my side in this argument.

Anywho, I'm obsessed with Wood. I used to write him all the time. I'm ashamed of the stories I wrote so they aren't on here anymore (ha-ha) with him at least. One might be making a comeback so it's refreshing to read this and be like 'SOMEONE LOVES MY OLLIE!"

Author's Response: AHHH! You have no idea how exciting it is to wake up to a new review for every chapter. Seriously, thank you! ♥ Do you have an account on the forums? I tried to send you a thank-you PM but had no luck. Anyway, seriously, it is so appreciated when HPFF activity has slowed and reviews are harder to come by.

Hmm, that's an interesting fact about your journalism internship. I never took that into consideration and wonder what I could have done to explore that in this fic... Probably would have cut out some unnecessary additional plot and backstabbing and conniving (there's so much of it) but oh well! Haha. Thanks for letting me know, though, if I ever try to turn this into OF or do something similar...

I actually have very little profession experience in the writing world (I studied Art History and Creative Writing and took the former path) but I've heard of a lot of artists who have interns who actually help to paint their canvas, etc., and aren't given any credit or compensation. Same kind of thing, I suppose, to a lesser degree.

I'm glad you like Wood too! He's one of the better minor characters I think. Oh gosh, don't even look at my first fic I published. It's from, like, 2005. I need to back up my reviews and delete all my old stories because they really are just mucking up the author page, I think.

Thank you!

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Review #75, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Job Thousands would Kill For

7th February 2015:
Ward didn’t even know my for the first two weeks I worked for him.

^ You're missing a word: name

should an editor need a Spell Checker Spell?

^ Yes. I won't even start on this magazine I once worked for.

“We need you.”

“I will be there!” I gush, emphatically poking the surface of his desk.

But I do this just as he is saying, “To man the refreshments table.”

OH. OH BURN. EPIC EPIC BURN. That was horrible. Even I had to take a step back and then I started chanting, "Quit, quit, quit." But we all have to start somewhere that's why we deal with it. I am the same way. I can't even say I 'was' because here I am in the same predicament for the fourth time in a row.

...she's lucky she has someone attractive to remotely stare at or daydream about. I've got nothing. Thank goodness for HPFF.

Author's Response: Ahh! Thank you for pointing out the errors. I have re-written this chapter a dozen times, and each time I seem to only generate new typos.

The "refreshments table" thing actually happened to me AFTER I wrote this chapter! My intern advisor at the art museum called about a "paid opportunity" she had for me and I started getting more and more excited, and it was to scoop ice cream at her son's bar mitzvah. D'oh.

Thank goodness for HPFF indeed. And for you lovely reviewers! ♥

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