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Review #51, by Andromeda You Can Never Really Go Home

13th April 2016:

Author's Response: Yes, I did! The final chapter is in the queue :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #52, by Bella You Can Never Really Go Home

5th April 2016:
Aa I have waited for ever! This is one of the best fanfics I have read. I have to reread it because I have forgotten alot. My heart breaks, this is too much like real life, feels like my break up when he says he doesn't feel anything for her. I hate cliches but this is so sad :( I don't know, suprise me, and post the next chapter now!! Love you :*

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I know it's taken forever--I really had no idea it had been almost a year until I casually glanced at my "last published" on chapter 31 and was like O_O

So thank you for sticking with this story! The fact that people put up with my procrastination is actually amazing. And I'm sorry to hear about your breakup! Sending hugs your way. Last time I went through that, I read a lot of fic and ate a lot of candy...

The next chapter is written, and I'm just scared to post it because I don't know if it's ready or not! Editing editing editing is my new mantra, since most of this fic was just word-vomited onto the site.

Thank you! ♥

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Review #53, by RoseVaughan And What a Mess It's Been

2nd April 2016:
Ahhh oh my heavens! I am loving this story! People messing up and acting irrationally then after some apologies being forgiven, like actual adult behaviour.
This has to be my favourite chapter, I ended up giggling on the bus when all the family piled into the bedroom!
Poor Dean though, here is hoping you have a happy ending for him in the pipeline. Also loving the friendship between the girls, you have a wonderful way of writing interactions between the characters.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by to review. I love getting feedback on older chapters I may have forgotten about.

This was one of my favorites too, for the things you mentioned--specifically Edie's who family not being able to stay out of her life or give her any privacy. Oh, the joys of moving back in with your parents! I did it for two months and, man, I don't recommend it.

Lisa is a favorite of mine in this chapter. She just has her life so together that she seamlessly goes her entire wedding night without drinking or drawing any attention to her pregnant self. A real Gwendolyn Phire, that one.

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #54, by Emily You Can Never Really Go Home

24th March 2016:
More please! Seriously, you are an amazing writer- I check back every few weeks to peek for an update and it made my night when I saw this chapter! Thanks for updating! :)

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! I really appreciate that people are still checking back on this story to see if it's still alive... It does have a pulse, albeit faint ;) Working away to edit the last chapter to perfection! As usual a thousand plunnies are jumping at me and I'm fighting to keep from putting all of them in and adding ANOTHER chapter.

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Review #55, by B You Can Never Really Go Home

16th March 2016:
SO excited to see read update!!! Loved Oliver, Edie and your writing, as always. Seriously cannot wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I really thought I'd have the next chapter up by now... Y'see I don't actually own a computer and have to use the bf's when he doesn't need it, which is only when he isn't working, which is when I'd rather be playing Uno and drinking beer with him than writing and DO YOU SEE MY PREDICAMENT. Anyway, long story short, I have the laptop now and am working away! :D

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Review #56, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap You Can Never Really Go Home

6th March 2016:
ďFor the HPFF Review-A-ThonĒ

Youíre back! Yay! And I just came back too. Right in time for your update.

In the end I am straddling his leg, vice gripping him like a koala to a tree. To save my dignity he offers a one-armed half-hug with about as much vigor as a dead fish.

Well you canít say the girl doesnít deserve it. That would be my reaction too. He agreed to meet her but Oliver doesnít have to make it easy for her. He also doesnít owe her anything.

Slap my face and call me Voldemort, Neville Longbottom got hot.

Well, itís not like we all havenít said it before.

Oh boy. Between awkward exchanges, invites and them finally talking I donít know what to think or feel. I guess Iíve always wanted them to end up together in the end but sometimes that doesnít work out. I understand how Oliver feels. She completely betrayed him and his life was turned upside down. Yes, she made a mistake and he realized that later on but the effects were still too great. Plus, if he brings her back into his life how will his sister feel? Thatís a lot to think about and consider.

I feel like Edie has been redeemed a little bit with this chapter. The only thing I didnít like was her little lie about a boyfriend. Obviously he saw right through her but just for once for me anyway I wanted her to be outright and tell the truth. I just wanted her to apologize. Iím glad she did in the end. I think they could work it out but I see the final chapter as them being at least friends for awhile unless you surprise me and do a time jump or something else entirely.

Author's Response: Hello again! Glad to have you back :)

Yes, exactly! The most important thing they need to think about--especially Oliver, after his rough start to legal guardianship--is what Ada has to say about it.

Glad Edie is redeemed! I struggled a lot with how to convey that she was truly, genuinely sorry, and that she realizes how terrible she's been, without her being forceful about his forgiveness. Any emotion Oliver feels towards her, good or bad, has to be his own. So hopefully that came across okay!

And I actually agree about the fake boyfriend thing. I was struggling so much with this interaction, which is unusual. Edie and Oliver flirting or talking about Quidditch or cute-bickering? Psshh, easy. This was really tough and I thought that if she told a stupid lie, small enough to not matter, and to add a bit of humor to the situation, it would flow better. But I think I need to re-work this section because it's not imperative enough to the story and, you're right, it does paint her in a bad light again.

Time jump?

We will see.

♥ Thank you!

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Review #57, by LittleMissAutumn You Can Never Really Go Home

5th March 2016:
YOU UPDATED!!! update again...please?! I want them to be happy together

Author's Response: Heya! Interesting to hear that some people still want it to work out between them :) That's all I'm saying... Well, that and thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #58, by G You Can Never Really Go Home

3rd March 2016:
Mmmfghfghfgh!!! Nearly a year of waiting, and you leave us with this horribly sad end to a chapter!? You are a cruel, cruel author! But its okay I forgive you, cause it was a damn good chapter, although Edie makes me cringe with her awkwardness, and oliver is just so moody is annoying (although i understands why) pls pls update soon

Author's Response: Hahaha! I'm sorry, I had to! It was just WAY TOO LONG to put into one chapter, and I am selfish, and didn't want details being skipped over because SO MUCH HEAVY TALKING happens.

Don't worry, it won't be another year this time :)

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Review #59, by marauderfan You Can Never Really Go Home

2nd March 2016:
Hi! So glad to see this chapter appear :)

Slap my face and call me Voldemort -- I laughed so hard at this. XD

Ok, but onto the rest of it - I think you did a wonderful job with this chapter - it's so full of conflicting emotions and that aspect of it really shines. This chapter shows how much Edie has grown up, as here she apologises even though it's hard, and she really puts forth an unselfish effort to smooth things over. Yet at the same time she's so distinctly Edie, with her trunk falling open, and her last line of dialogue in the chapter haha, classic Edie. One thing I liked was how you showed Oliver's reaction to this, and I don't think you'd had this in the original draft yet, but the way you balanced his annoyance with Edie and his efforts to keep a professional, unattached manner, with the way her odd quirks still make him laugh despite himself - this was really well done and they both seem as if they're in this weird limbo of "now what?" Life is complicated and there are good and bad sides to everything, and that was really demonstrated in this chapter.

Last but not least, I love Neville and Hannah and their cameo in this story. :D Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one (which I still can't believe is the last one omg.)

Author's Response: Hello you! Thank you again for helping with this chapter. I've (finally) gone and reviewed your wonderful Myrtle one-shot... Sorry for the lateness! :)

lololol I struggled with the "slap my face" line because, realistically, would people be saying the name Voldemort? I dunno, probably, after it's been ten years and Edie has no filter anyway.

MAN I really was worried about the conflicting emotions. I didn't want it to seem that Oliver was just saying "but I can't!" for no real reason. But how would he possibly explain to Ada that he is dating the woman that outed him, and ruined their relationship? And you were really helpful with how I could make Edie apologize sincerely, but without pressure to make Oliver forgive her. So thank you for that!

As for Oliver's efforts to stay unattached and the fact that he still finds her quirks funny, I was basically channeling two unfortunate times in particular that I spent with an ex, after we'd broken up. There is still chemistry, obviously, because you made a decision to be with that person, but it's so different now that it feels like you can't really go back. You're kind of caught in this limbo between enjoying each other's company and suddenly remembering "oh, right, you did that terrible thing to me, I can't laugh at your jokes."

Yeess! Hannah was a last-minute addition to the story, and really doesn't serve much of a purpose, but I just wanted her in there because I'm obsessed with minor characters. Huehuehue.

The next chapter just needs some fine-tuning and then it'll be up! (Really, this time.)

Thank you! ♥

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Review #60, by HebrideanBlack You Can Never Really Go Home

2nd March 2016:
I remember reading this story quite recently (I just got back to HPFF after years of being away) and this story was among the few that REALLY reeled me back in. It was fresh and funny and had Donald Glover as Dean and it was amazing. Seeing how it got updated made me ecstatic. The tension between Edie and Oliver can be cut with a knife. I CAN'T WAIT.

Might go back and reread and leave more reviews just for you!

10/10, obviously.

Author's Response: Heya! I'm glad to hear that this story reeled you back in to HPFF-land. I myself was brought back just by writing it--it'd been five years (I think?) since I'd been on the site and one day I just got an inkling and, well, here we are (three years later oh man.)

Donald Glover is SO Dean, at least in this fic. Alfie Enoch is adorable, and probably more canon in personality too, but I like my mopey!Dean, and Donald is just enough hilarious and angsty to fill the role perfectly!

Oh gosh oh gosh, if you left the reviews I would just love it. Thanks so much for coming back! ♥

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Review #61, by madness You Can Never Really Go Home

1st March 2016:

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks for reading ;)

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Review #62, by Holly Just Edie

2nd February 2016:
As a newly devoted fan who can't get enough Oliver wood I pray you'll finish this haha some many just quit. I love your characters and world you've built

Author's Response: Hey!! I am feeling much better about the current status of the last chapter; I've been doing lots of tweaking. I am also in the process of re-reading the whole fic and getting myself back in the mood to write more. Seriously I love hearing that readers love Oliver--he's just such a gent. And *cough* basically a self-insert for my boyfriend *cough* ♥ Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #63, by HufflepuffRave Just Edie

22nd January 2016:
Oh my goodness! I'm so so addicted to this story. I stayed up way too late reading it last night. I love how the characters have developed and grown and I can't wait to see how it ends!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have to admit, without sounding completely arrogant, that I'm re-reading this whole fic from beginning to end myself. It's been quite a while since I've looked over older chapters! In my mind it was way more cringe-worthy, but really it isn't? I dunno. That sounds silly but I'm getting myself back in the mood to write, for sure! And having support from new readers like yourself is just the greatest motivation. Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #64, by AlexFan Good Decisions

20th November 2015:
It's been so long since I've read this story and I'm finally catching up. I don't remember if I figured out that Dean liked Edie before in the story because it's been so long I don't remember every detail. Regardless, that came as quite the shock. I was sitting here with a hand slapped over my mouth in shock. I honestly didn't see that coming, I pretty much figured out Dean had a thing for Edie about a second before she did and then I was like, "wow."

I love this fluff, I live for this fluff to be honest with you. After everything that went down, this fluff is giving me life. Let Edie be happy, let her live, my baby is all grown up. I so look forward to seeing how Rose deals with being dumped, because knowing Rose, she's not going to take it well. But I mean, Edie did save her job, so she kind of owes the girl.

Anyway, fabulous chapter as usual.

Author's Response: Hey you!! It's been so long since I've *updated* this story. Man, feeling the pressure of writing a good final chapter... I'm glad you stopped by to review, though!

That's so funny that you don't remember if Dean liked Edie. It must have been a while since you last read, because I was not very subtle in writing it! Haha. That part of the story came after a very long (5-6 year) and unspoken and unrequited love-thing with my best guy friend from high school. Our friendship is okay now but it definitely will never be the same. We never actually spoke about it, it's all swept under the rug and nobody talks about it, so maybe that's why I wanted to have a scene like this where Dean so obviously has feelings for her. I realize it's TOTALLY a trope in stories, but it's probably a trope because it happens in real life so often. A lot of you readers have said they experienced similar things, so I hope to have given you guys some piece of mind, maybe?

This chapter was definitely one of the fluffier... In fact there are several pretty fluffy chapters in a row following after. I felt like i owed it to you guys after all of the things I put Edie and Oliver through ;) I live for this fluff too! I don't know what I'm going to do when the fic is over and I can't write hundreds and hundreds of words of pure Ediver fluff anymore ;A; (Probably do it anyway and post it on my tumblr...*cough*)

Ohh and as for Rose's reaction to all this, you'll just have to find out! I'm quite pleased with where she ended up in this story.

Thank you again, for another wonderful review! ♥

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Review #65, by Anon Just Edie

9th November 2015:

This story is SO GOOD. I remember, vaguely, seeing this somewhere, but you've updated, and it's AMAZING.

I love, love, love the tension. How do you do it - it seems like everyone is awkward with each other. And all the problems that come up, and - wow. This is so so good oh my godd

Author's Response: Thank you!! I know it's taken forever to complete this fic (just one! more! chapter!) and I really appreciate the reviews and readers! Things are very very hectic lately but I really miss writing this fic, and Edie and Oliver, and Seamus, and Ginger, and I will update soon. Thank you ver much! ♥

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Review #66, by CreekMomma Just Edie

18th September 2015:
So this is totally not fair... I just started (and apparently finished) reading this fanfic today and this is where I get left off at? Totally unfair. I need to know what happens next! I loved the story. Very interesting depiction of all the characters. Edie is a delightful mess and Oliver is the work of dreams. Your character development has been phenomenal. Definitely a selling point. I enjoyed it to say the least... now update!

Author's Response: Wow, all in one day! That seriously blows my mind and is also is probably my favorite thing to read in a review.

So sorry to be unfair though ;)

I need to compile a list of my favorite reviewers' descriptions of Edie. "A delightful mess" is right up there with "a hopped-up activist without a cause," and unfortunately I can't remember who said the latter! But thank you.

I promise you, an update is coming soon. Free time is harder and harder to come by these days. Also when we had such a PERFECT SUMMER in the Pacific Northwest and I can't be inside on my days off. But it's really gross out right now, which means I'm working away.

Thanks for taking the time to review ♥

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Review #67, by FeliciaSueLynn Just Edie

8th September 2015:
I first started reading this story years ago. And I had given up on it being updated. I was recently feeling super nostaglic and decided to find it and I'm so glad I did!! Not only does is it just as good as I remembered but so many new chapters! Sorry for all the exclamation points but I'm super happy and the writing is amazing and I'm pretty sure this is my favorite hp fic. Just so you know. :D

Author's Response: Ohhh that's great to hear! I'm so glad you checked back. I really never intended for this story to take OVER THREE YEARS to write--I just went from having a ton of free time to having none at all! I'm so glad to hear that some readers have checked back, because I've lost quite a few along the way.

*tear* Y-your favorite fic?


Wow. That just makes my lil heart so happy. Seriously, thank you so much. Reviews like this are what make writers want to work harder, and to create a good product.

Thank you so very much!


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Review #68, by Asia Just Edie

5th September 2015:
Can you please finish? I'm dying to know what happens. Omg I've been checking like crazy to see if you gave updated.

Anyway I love your writing so much!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! It's been a crazy exciting summer for me, with lots of travel and friend-time and family/friends visiting from across the country, so writing took a backseat. It's about to get really ugly out, so you can expect this to be finished very soon! And I've been trying to make myself NOT write more fic, and work on original stories, but the plot bunnies keep coming. There may be another project on the horizons after KC&CO.

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Review #69, by Devashree Just Edie

3rd September 2015:
Oh my God this did not just happen! I've been binge reason this story. And I pause here? Aaaarghh.
I cannot wait for the next update.
Anyway, I like this story. I feel for Edie. Especially because its hard to avoid making mistakes. And wanting to be perfect. Or comparing yourself to your best friends for that matter.
I wish Oliver's heart hadn't been broken though. Aww.

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to review after your binge-read! It truly means a lot :3

I'm glad that you haven't totally lost faith in Edie! A lot of readers (understandably) have, so it's nice to know that a few people aren't angry-reading this fic, haha.

And poor Oliver was thrown under the bus :c But we'll see what happens!

Thank you!

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Review #70, by Penelope Inkwell The Proposition

28th July 2015:
Edie Edie Edie don't do it! This is a very bad decision! Even if your writing's great, you'll never get the credit. It'll just move Rose up in the world. She's getting a free article and you are getting precisely nothing from this. Except a lot of work. The Slytherin in me is horrified.

So drunk!Oliver was pretending to be Viktor Krum? Well that's certainly interesting. I do wonder why.

Man, I am not cut out to be a bar tender. I applaud Edie for holding out as long as she did, and I applaud her for kicking them out. And for having the sense to use magic in a barfight!


"Iíve kicked my fair share of kicking people out of pubs, and being kicked out."
--I think this is either meant to say, "I've done my fair share of kicking people out of pubs, and being kicked out, myself," or "I've kicked my fair share of people out of pubs, and been kicked out, myself."

Enjoying this story. And wondering what is going to happen when Edie discovers that the man who's caused her all this trouble is Oliver Wood!


Author's Response: I think that the standard way to read this fic is with fist in mouth, cringing, "EDIE NO NO DON'T, PLZ STOP, WHY."

Ohh the Viktor Krum impression. Mostly I wanted a means for Edie to not know that she was meeting Oliver. I wanted her to dislike him--and for a good reason, I think--but to not realize who she was disliking. Something about that seemed slightly more refreshing to me, plot-wise, but that may not be true. I wanted to go into this deeper, but Oliver underwent a major character change halfway through writing him.. I touch on it briefly, but! Oliver was hanging out with the Reserves, which is kinda like the senior hanging out with the freshmen, because he's actually pretty lacking in the friendship department. Throughout the fic you never really see him with any friends. So he was finally out with the team, who kinda know he has a penchant for being drunk and stupid, and he was trying to make them laugh and impress them by doing a dumb impression.

(I don't think I ever actually explained that fully in the fic, so there you go!)

Ugh, bartending would be just the worst. Working in a restaurant that is open late and serves alcohol is taxing enough, trust!

Thanks for pointing out those errors! It always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes reading over the sentences I've read a billion times (but, like, three years ago.)

Thanks again! ♥

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Review #71, by Penelope Inkwell The Job Thousands would Kill For

23rd July 2015:
Hello again! Finally got back to this. I really enjoy this chapter. It sets up a sort of wry, funny tone for your story that I'm thinking I'm going to like a lot.

Ugh. Internships. Terrible, fake jobs you're expected to be grateful for, aka the worst. The way you set up both of her disappointing meetings with Mr. Ward was really well done. I think I laughed and groaned out loud when she had to read his sandwich order aloud. The timing was just perfect. I was stuck between, "oh you poor dear, don't get your hopes up," when he mentioned the Gringotts thing, and at least being glad that Edie's spirit hasn't quite been broken yet.

Your descriptions of the WW offices are very well-thought out. It seems like you've got a very clear picture of it in your head. I especially liked the moving wall of awards, though I think it would be terribly dizzying to look at.

The way you described Theo's nonsensical fashion was also amusing. It makes no sense. It doesn't matter. You can't see that it makes no sense because you're blinded by his beauty.

Finally, I really appreciate that even though Mildred is a grouch and would be terrible to work with, Edie recognizes that she has a point about the hangover business. She's willing to recognize her own shortcomings even when dealing with people she doesn't much like. Same applies to Rose. I like that Edie can objectively admit that Rose isn't so bad, all the while knowing that she kind of hates her, and that most of that is jealousy. It all makes Edie a much more realistic, dimensional character.

Ugh, would I hate that job!

CC: I noticed this one little thing:

Ward didnít even know my for the first two weeks I worked for him.
--I think it should be "didn't even know my name for the..."

Another really enjoyable chapter! I'm looking forward to reading on!

Author's Response: Hello, miss Inkwell! (Have I mentioned I love your username so much?) Please excuse the seriously late reply. I've been busy, but I'm back and that's what matters! (Right?)

Haha, so you totally called out that Mr. Ward was not giving Edie her ideal writing assignment! Well, at least *you* saw it coming. Naive Edie, unfortunately, is another story... But then again this whole fic is just a series of letdowns for her, so what do you expect? :) And yes, internships can be very enlightening and fun, but oftentimes they don't lead to the things you'd hope.

It would indeed be dizzying to look at the rotating display of awards. I think being in that office in general would be nauseating, in more ways than one...

Theo is definitely the "office babe" but totally knows it. You know what I mean? Like, that person that is SO gorgeous that they HAVE to know, and you almost want to not think they're attractive out of spite? Like, no I will not give you the satisfaction of another woman throwing herself all over you GOD *stares at ur bum*

Ehhh, yes, being hungover at work is a no-no. As I am no longer the spry youthful creature I once was, even a beer or two on a quiet evening before work (listen, I like beer, I can't help it) makes me feel fuzzy the next day. And then I just feel so guilty the whole time I'm there (even though I'm just making people coffee.) Thankfully Edie knows that it's not the best thing to be doing either--but honestly I kinda want to rewrite this chapter so that she's indignant the whole time. But then it's like, where is her redeeming quality? Haha.

Thank you for pointing out that typo! I'm so sad because the computer that has the whole fic on it has died (I'm REALLY HOPING that I can retrieve it from the hard drive... computers mystify me) so I can't go back and make edits to old chapters right now. D:

Thanks again so much! ♥

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Review #72, by Penelope Inkwell Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

22nd July 2015:
Oooh. I like this! First off, I'm really feeling the post-grad, pre-proper-adult despair. I may not be 26 yet, but I can relate. Second, you do a good job with description--I feel like I can really picture the pub and the people in it. Edie and her friends are amusing and realistic. But I certainly don't envy them their headache in the morning.

A very good first chapter.


Author's Response: OOOoooOoOoh! A new reader! Welcome! ♥

I'm so glad to hear that you can relate to Edie. That's why I started writing this fic in the first place, honestly. I was struggling with post-grad lack of purpose and straddling the line between real world adult and college student. It was something I hadn't seen explored on HPFF (not to say that it hasn't been; I honestly just didn't stumble across it) and I wanted to give readers a sense that it's okay to be floundering. It's unfortunate but it happens. And ideally it ends at some point?? Haven't landed the Dream Job yet myself, but maybe I'm still stuck in Edie's shoes?

Anyway, thank you very much for the review! I hope you enjoy the story :)

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Review #73, by nott theodore Just Edie

16th July 2015:
Ah, just one more chapter left to go and I'm all caught up now, which is more reviewing in one day than I've probably done in the last few months so I should say thank you to you for that!

There's a lot of suspense in this chapter, mostly because I want to know what's going to happen with Oliver and Edie but I suppose I can wait for that for a bit now and be content with this chapter. It wasn't quite as heart-breaking as I was fearing it would be and there's hope still, so I'm happy!

I think you handled the skip forward in time of several months really smoothly. It didn't feel jarring at all and that often seems to happen, but I loved the way that you moved forward and put Edie in an event where we got to see the majority of the cast here too, and find out what they've all been doing in the time that's passed since the last chapter.

It's great to see that Edie's got a proper job (mostly) now, and she's freelancing and working for different papers on articles that don't really compromise her ethics in the same way. Although I kind of think she could be a little more stringent on some of the ethics, like the making up quotes things, but in the grand scheme of things, after everything else she's done, I'm going to let it slide.

Ah, so Dean and Edie gave it a go for a couple of awkward weeks! The thought did cross my mind after the last chapter, to be honest - whether Dean would get a chance now. In a way, I'm glad that it didn't work out and that they've tried it because I think Dean will be able to move on with things more easily too, and he clearly seems to have found someone else, at least for now, so that's good! And Edie's family are being Edie's family and Seamus is having fun and it's so nice to see them all doing well :)

Hahaha, I loved the part with Justin and Lisa - the way that they've always been this perfect couple and two people who know what they're doing in life, especially compared to Edie, and now they have a baby and very little sleep and are suffering the trials of early parenthood. I also liked the way that Edie thought about it, not wanting to get that involved - she's not anywhere near that yet and I definitely get that weird feeling when your friends and people your age start having children and you don't really know how to react around them :P It was kind of nice to see Lisa and Justin not being quite so perfect though - parenting puts people on a much leveller playing field :P

And Oliver. I'm so intrigued that he paid that money to the FGC and I really can't work out if he did that in some way because of Edie or just because he supported the cause in some way. (It's so cool that she's working there too, now). His letter was quite stand-offish though so I really don't know what to expect and even though I have hope for the epilogue, I am still rather apprehensive, after what you've put us through in recent chapters.

It was great to see Rose in this chapter too, and she seems like such a good fit to be going out with Conor and to have taken the job that was offered with Edie. I knew that she would, as she said, land on her feet, so it's nice to see that she did and that she and Edie are still maintaining a kind-of friendship!

(Also the heat - I totally feel that right now. English and living in Spain over the summer and it's about 20 degrees hotter on a daily basis than the hottest it gets back home over summer... I sympathise entirely with those grumpy people in the line :P)

I couldn't help but laugh at Edie's journey back to Hogsmeade (I love the fact that Oliver's now a flying teacher there, by the way!) was so disastrous - it's just her luck, really. But I really loved the sense of nostalgia and of going back to something that she's once known so well - only she finds out that she's a tourist there now and doesn't belong there. She's had to move on and her place isn't at Hogwarts now; it's always weird when we hit that realisation, that we don't belong in certain places or with certain people because of the way things have changed. I'm hoping that's not foreshadowing what's going to happen between Oliver and Edie, though, and that you're not going to say that they've moved too far on and can't go back now because they no longer belong together.


This is also completely random but I love the fact that Edie's Patronus was a hedgehog. It just seems such a 'Puff-y animal (in the best way possible!) and suits her so well.

I'm really looking forward to the next (and final!) chapter of this story and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for Oliver and Edie now! I took a sneak peek at some of the other reviews and saw that you were hoping to finish this by the end of the month, so I'll make sure I keep checking back!

Sian :)

Author's Response: *arrives 3 months late with a Starbucks*

I am not worthy.

Ahhh I am so glad to hear that the catch-up scene went smoothly. I can't remember what my original idea was but it just felt like SUCH an information-dump. Especially after so many people (very wisely and helpfully) commented that the first chapter of this fic is just WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION AT ONCE. Like I don't even know how to begin editing that and honestly the first four-five chapters probably need to be rewritten entirely, but there's no time. Anyway, a group scene seemed the best way to introduce everyone six months down the road from when we last saw them, so I'm glad it worked out well.

loling at "in the grand scheme of things she's done" letting Edie's fake quotations slide. I have achieved my ideal OC if everyone is like "Well this isn't the WORST you've done, so..." Seriously, this makes me so *u*

Dean and Edie trying out a relationship was something I struggled with from the beginning. It was just a train wreck waiting to happen, and I was really against it for a long time. In the end I decided to include it in the plot because, while I could see that it was a terrible decision, obviously Edie couldn't. Plus trying to put myself in the place of *finally* being with Oliver after everything, and then her (accidental) reckless behavior just totally ruining that. So continuing the reckless behavior, this time intentional, seemed the next logical step. I would love to write some little asides of how Edie and Dean's little tryst went horribly, but that's for a rainy day.

Hah! Yeah, I got a lot of satisfaction out of Lisa and Justin's difficulties with parenting. Especially Justin's, because he's just such a twit (but I love him.) That's actually another thing I would like to write an aside about--Justin dealing with the latter stages of Lisa's pregnancy, and owling Oliver to meet for a beer, and Oliver being surprised but having just broken up with Edie and dealing with the press about Ada and his parents, being happy to meet up. The two of them sitting in this totally dingy pub in the middle of nowhere--like, HOURS from London, Justin needed a break so bad--and just talking about how stressful everything's been in both of their lives.

Welp I guess I just wrote it, but you get it :)

I actually wrote about the heat because of the "heat wave" that was happening there over the past summer. (It was also hot here, but whatever.) Good for you for braving the 20 degree difference like a champ! That sounds pretty rough... But thanks for the story inspo, weather!

I'm glad you like Oliver as the flying instructor! Initially I'd planned on him taking over for Deverill, and Katie just being the sweetest and stepping down so that he could take the position. But after everything that happened with Ada, and the strain that it undoubtedly put on their relationship, I think he would want to make an effort to be closer with her (physically and relationship-wise.) Plus how adorable would Oliver be, trying to be patient with a bunch of 11 year-olds who just, like, CANNOT get the hang of flying. He'd be quietly muttering " that's... that's not right but--but good try!" And all the while he's internally screaming "IT'S JUST A BLOODY BROOM, FIGURE IT OUT!"

Hedgehog patronus 4 lyfe!!!

♥ ♥ I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO RESPOND ♥ ♥ Real life has been hectic, in a very awesome way, but I've been neglecting HPFF in ways I've never wanted to. Seriously, thank you so much for these thoughtful reviews. I can't thank you enough, really!

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Review #74, by nott theodore Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

16th July 2015:
But, but...

I don't actually know where to start with this chapter. There's so much happening and I'm still processing it all and I kind of feel like my fingers are being pulled in five directions at once because I want to talk about it all.


There we go, I said it. I think you're having a little bit too much fun torturing your readers with the things that are happening in this story right now and if there's only two chapters left, I've not got much hope for Oliver and Edie reconciling properly :( But I'm still going to trust you, just a little bit :P

Ah, I was so proud of Edie here. So proud! You had me worried again but Edie is growing and maturing and learning a lot of important lessons and she turned down the job offer, yay! I'm so glad that she did that because I'd have been so frustrated with her if she'd have fallen into the same trap yet again, and it really doesn't feel like this sort of journalism is meant for her because she's not going to get through it without hurting people, and I honestly don't think that's the sort of person that she really wants to be.

It was awesome to see you bringing storylines from the beginning of the story back in here, and seeing Edie go to the rally to free Grimma Longfinger - and Dean appeared! It was only a brief and very awkward appearance, but he was there and that's the worst meeting over with so I'm hoping that in the future they can move past it, a little bit at least, even if things won't be the same between them again. And haha, Seamus hiding because he doesn't want to be on a different side :P

That phone call. Seriously, what are you trying to do to us? I was panicking so much and I felt almost as bad as Edie did, I swear.

I loved seeing Lisa again ♥ That girl is amazing and I was glad that she told the truth and said she'd been annoyed with Edie for what she did to Rose, because, let's face it, what both she AND Oliver did (and him especially, since he was fake-dating Rose) was wrong and mean and Edie deserves someone who'll tell her that when she can't see it herself.

Oh, the scene with Oliver. So many feels right there. I was so sad to see him injured the way that he was and the fact that he may never play Quidditch again is really worrying. I can completely understand why he doesn't want to see Edie there, especially when he's worried about Ada and not being able to protect his little sister, and facing the fact he may have just lost the rest of his career, but it still broke my heart a little bit. I wanted something to go right between them and I'm getting nervous for the end of this story, now.

Ah, Edie's realisation at the end of the chapter was sad too - that she was the villain in her own story. I don't think that's exactly true but I can't deny that she isn't the best sort of person. She makes a lot of mistakes and has a lot of flaws and is only just beginning to make sense of a lot of things, but at the same time I think that makes her even more likeable and makes me root for her more, now that she's finally realising and working things out. She's much more realistic and believable this way. Yes, she's an adult, but being an adult is hard and the expectation that everyone's going to have it together just a few years after leaving school is so unrealistic and silly and Edie really shows that there are people who struggle and for those people that do, they aren't on their own. Now that she's finally realising she can't avoid things in her own life, I think she's going to make a lot of progress. I just don't want it to be her on her own, even if it's better for her to concentrate on herself right now :(

I'm going to head on and read the final chapter you've got posted and then anxiously wait for the epilogue and hope you don't break my heart entirely with this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, I know, I'm not being very nice to anyone, am I?? I suppose this is the more dramatic end of the way everything goes wrong for Edie all the time. Sure she loses her job and her flat and all, but I can't just stop THERE, I have to make her COMPLETELY MISERABLE. >:3

Yeah, Lisa was definitely the voice of reason that Edie needed to hear! I have personally never understood why friends sugarcoat things to one another; especially your very best friend in the world. They're the one person you feel like you can listen to and trust--they should totally call you out when you're being a jerk, and accidentally-ish cheating with somebody. I think honestly that's a reason why Edie and Lisa have drifted apart; because Edie knows that Lisa is honest, and will tell her when she's being a dummy, and Edie has been a pretty big dummy since she's graduated Hogwarts.

Ohhh the injury! I wanted to talk about this. I've been listening to a lot of talk radio (lolz) about the atrocities of US football, and how we as a culture put so much value in a game wherein 1/3 of the players suffer from brain damage and even death. There are a lot of interesting issues there (especially race-related issues) but I kind of wish I'd explored it even more in this fic. But, y'know, when I started this thing THREE YEARS AGO I wasn't really aware of this problem. Still, portraying Oliver as a kind of puppet at the beck and call of the Wizarding sports entertainment industry, and balancing that with his love for the game and whether or not he's really in Quidditch for himself, would have been cool...

Alas. Maybe if I re-write this another 3 years down the road.

I wrote that line, "I'm the villain of my own story," when I very first started planning out this fic. I like getting to finally write those scenes out because it's like passing a major milestone! So you're right--Edie isn't really the worst person to blame (I still stand by my argument that her outing Oliver for Ada was an accident, however tragic the results) but I'm sure she feels more than rotten enough. I just wanted everything to really catch up with her somehow, since she's been so quick to blame everyone else for her mistakes. And oh, it has.

Thank you again, so much, for these very thoughtful reviews! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to respond--I honestly think they were so well-written that I was intimidated to start! (That and, well, life happening.) Sincerely, thank you thank you thank you ♥

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Review #75, by nott theodore Happy New Year?

16th July 2015:

Please, do you think you could just, for one second, stop torturing your readers? Because we're still here and sticking with you and all of these emotions and feels are too much right now. I can't deal with much more getting in the way of Edie and Oliver - I'm going to have to trust to the fact that this is fluff and pray it's going to have a happy ending!

Ah, the saving grace of this chapter - Seamus! I loved seeing him back and them getting back on track with their friendship, and his exuberant happiness was just the right way to start this chapter. It's been far too long since we really got to see him and Edie just spending some time together and hanging out and catching up and stuff.

It's kind of sad that Edie's not able to hang around with Dean as much anymore, but having experienced the awkwardness of that sort of situation myself, I can definitely understand why neither of them are getting in touch and don't really want to talk about it, since it would make them far too uncomfortable. Best just to avoid it and pretend it didn't happen (well, probably not, but when you find a better way, let me know :P)

And Seamus in an Auror, yay! I loved the fact that it had taken him quite a while to get there (compared to other stories, which have people as fully-trained Aurors at the age of 19) and his celebrations.

I was just like :O when Oliver denied that Edie was his girlfriend. I really couldn't work out what had gone wrong at first, and I should have figured it out way sooner because you've been laying the potential for that one out for a long time but it never even crossed my mind! I can't believe they did that, and what is Oliver doing and no.

(I don't have many coherent thoughts on this part, clearly. I'm sorry about that.)

I can't believe Ward printed the article anyway - I thought he was a relatively nice guy, for the people who worked there! And they were just setting her up all along and got the story out of her and knew they could post it. And even though she wrote it for herself to kind of affirm her decision it's all gone wrong and now I'm sad and can't write a review properly.

The one thing I'm glad about here is that it wasn't Rose. After everything, I felt like we were going to get a different side to Rose here and I'm glad we did because she's surprised Edie in the person that she is. The two of them sort-of bonding on New Year's Eve over their broken hearts ♥

Wait, what is Oliver doing in the bar? And with another girl? If he's actually kissing her (and I'm still holding out hope that he doesn't, because Edie doesn't actually see it) then I'm going to be so annoyed at him for stooping so low, even if I can understand it when he thinks Edie's betrayed him.

Ah, it's just so complicated and messed up and if there's only three chapters left I have no idea how you're going to tie all of this up and make it happy. But please, for my sake, give them a little bit of happiness?

Sian :)

Author's Response: Eek I saw the last sentence of your previous review, that was something like, "Everything seems to be going well!" And I just felt bad, haha. No. Things cannot go well. I just can't let them.

SEAMUS! I've already mentioned this, but I was having serious writers' block, like started the chapter out in so many different ways with different scenes and stuff, and nothing felt right until I just had a good old fashioned Edie/Seamus hang time. Plus it was a nice balance to all the ANGST lately.

This probably sounds weird, but I'm...glad...? that so many readers have experienced the awkward friendship and unrequited love situation. Obviously it's no picnic. But I know it's such a trope that I was very worried about including it, but one of my absolute very best friends and I have kind of drifted apart because of the same reason. (He's getting married in September, which is great, and she's lovely, and it's kind of patched itself over, but it won't go back to the way it was.) It's nice to know that it happens in real life enough that maybe Dean and Edie doesn't seem far-fetched.

Basically I like to know that my readers are going through ANGST.

(Not really, I hope you are very well! Thank you for reading!)

I feel like Oliver saying "She's not my girlfriend" would have just been such a slap in the face. Like, he didn't speak to her for days, and oblivious Edie was just like "Oh he's probably busy with Quidditch! Tra la la la things are going so well, aren't they?" I just couldn't let them have a private conversation about it. I had to embarrass her. You may have noticed that humiliating Edie is my favorite thing in the world. And this time, the press was around for it! At least, thanks to Seamus, they think her name is Mimi Baskerville...

WARD, YOU SNAKE IN THE GRASS. I honestly hadn't planned on it being him that did it until very close to actually writing the scene. I didn't want it to be Rose; it felt too Woman vs. Woman which, um, no. Theo already had his moment to be a jerk, and Blakeslee wouldn't even stoop so low, so the option was very clear to me (unless I wanted to bring old Mildred back.) Plus he seemed so dumb that it would have been such a shock, I hoped!

Rose standing up for Edie, and walking out on her job, was probably my favorite thing that's happened in a while. Edie is decent(-ish) at standing up for herself, but she lacks tact when she's upset. Obviously showing up to work, waving a wand around, sobbing and threatening coworkers is not tactful. But there was a certain coolness to Rose's "I'LL take her outside," followed by a silent, "you idiot," that was just like *punches the air* YEAH ROSE. Tell 'em.

I think I'm gonna change the name of this chapter to Bitter Hearts Club. ;) Rose/Edie forever.

I might as well just say, because it isn't important to the plot, but no--he didn't kiss another girl. Sad-brain-Edie imagined it. I picture the girl to be a friend of his teammate, and she kind of latched on to Oliver (possibly because news already got out of his CeLeBrItY bReAkUp) and he's just politely humoring her and letting her walk around with him. He probably just wants to be home in a pit of ANGRY OLIVER ANGST, but I'd imagine Ada is off sipping cocoa at a friend's house, with tons of other girls, and Oliver knows better than to be alone. So he didn't kiss her--but in Edie's opinion he might as well have.

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