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Review #51, by OhSoSqueamish711 The Match

12th October 2013:
That was amazing and it definitely had me hanging on to the edge of my seat, er, computer. lol. I loved it and it was totally worth the wait.

Author's Response: Yay! I am glad you found it to be suspenseful. Thanks so much ♥

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Review #52, by Courtney Dark The Match

11th October 2013:
Oh, I am so, so glad to get back to this amazing story!

I don't know how you manage to write such hilarious chapters every single time - but you do. It just seems to come naturally to you, and everything that Edie says is just so genuine - while being extremely amusing and bad-luckish.

One of the things I love about this story is the variety of completely different characters and the different relationships Edie has with them. Even the mention of the note Seamus and Dean wrote her and then the line 'Iím assuming theyíd had a few' made me laugh - you have perfect comic timing!

Another couple of lines that stuck out to me were: 'Iím even starting to enjoy Roseís company.

Obviously this is very strong champagne.' I actually burst out laughing.

God, I loved all Edie's exclamations about wanting the Kestrels to win. And then it's just her luck, actually making Puddlemere lose.

This was an awesome chapter, and I can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Hi! And I am so, so glad to be able to hear from you lovely readers again.

I guess Edie being honest and genuine--to a fault--is part of my own personality? As in, I'm really bad at making myself seem aloof or disinterested. For that reason I have a really hard time basically just being cool. Haha. I think she suffers from the same thing!

Edie and Rose have a few things in common, enough to get on. They're both writers and are judgmental--and then I think that's where it stops. So yes, it must have been very strong champagne!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have some free time before work today and am going to spend it on chapter 21.

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Review #53, by AlexFan The Match

11th October 2013:

I was a little confused at the beginning because I wasn't sure whether Edie got sucked into the book or whether it was a Portkey but that got clarified as I kept reading. I see how stupid of an assumption the getting sucked into the book part was.

I have a feeling that the Porkey thing might be important because it has been my experience that most authors don't specifically mention something unless they plan on bringing it back later on in the story.

I still not like Rose but I'm pretty sure that's because she's getting in the way of my Ediver ship as opposed to her character.

But darn though Edie, she must've realised that the Puddlemere fand wouldn't take too kindly to her cheering. I actually slapped my hand to my mouth when I got to the part where she was shown on the screen for everyone to see.

I hope she doesn't get followed to her home, that's going to be a disaster for her. I wonder how things are going to go from here, especially writer wise. Are people going to find out that she was the girl who was cheering for the opposing team and caused Puddlemere to lose.

But just wow, imagine being responisble for the reason that a team lost a game. That's got to be tough on anyone.

The part that I related to the most was the setting your hand on fire part while Edie was around Oliver. I think just about any girl that could do magic and was hdkng a wand would do something like that while around their crush.

Anyway, awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Heya!

Yeah, it's a Portkey for sure. Something Quidditch-related but inconspicuous seemed appropriate. Katie's letter in the previous chapter mentions a Portkey, but maybe I should mention it again just to clarify? And sorry to spoil it but no, there's nothing especially plot-related about it... unless something pops up in my head ;3

Ah, so you're still on board the Ediver ship, eh? Good to know there are still a few of you guys out there! Hehe.

And yeah, Edie sure did get caught up in the match there. Forgot where she was--NOT down below with Seamus and Dean, where it's okay to shout all you want. Whoops! As for how she handles being (mostly) responsible for Puddlemere's loss, we'll see in the next chapter.

Haha, that's a good point about setting your hand on fire. It'd be really hard to mask a crush while holding a wand, wouldn't it?

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #54, by Siriusly89 The Match

8th October 2013:

Oh how Iíve missed you and Edie and all the gang and their little hijinx and Iím so excited for this chapter and I wish I could give you a tight hug and pinch your cheeks but I canít so just consider yourself hugged and pinched, okay?

Right. Now thatís over with, on we go.

A Puddlemere blue dress? Now really, what are we going to do with her? The whole green underwear thing doesnít really make up for it. I can just imagine Seamus demanding to see them to prove she isnít lying so as to stop him throwing a hissy fit. Because you know he will when he seeís her decked out in the enemies colours *queue gasps of outrage* I agree, Iím pretty sure the two of them were pretty sloshed while writing that.

A glittery press badge, oh Edie, I love it. Iíd more than likely do the same thing in that situation, you know, being so excited that you finally have a real, legitimate job that doesnít involve working in dingy bars (Iím looking at you ĎThe Poisoned Apple) must be pretty darn exciting for her. I used a whole bunch of different pronouns in that sentence, but you get what I mean right? They are pronouns? I think? Sorry, my brain has decided not to cooperate with me.

Just a random voice appearing out of nowhere while sheís stranded in the middle of the countryside, and Edieís as cool as a cucumber, I wouldíve panicked a million times over by that stage! And when the little voice (who I now know is Oliver) is all like ďLook up!Ē and I kid you not, I had visions of Katie (who I thought was the voice at first) and all the other reporters just sitting in a tree staring down at her (donít ask why theyíre in a tree, they are) and it was just a fantastic image. But the broom makes more sense, I must agree.

The whole flying thing is pretty darn awkward. Oliver, eh hello? You canít just saunter in casual as you like and be all mysterious and flirty and gah. No, I wonít allow it. Iíd forgotten how deep my hatred ran concerning Oliver-stinking-Wood, but it is back, it all came back to me.

Rose. I was wondering when she would show up. Sheís a smart little cookie, being all nicey nice to Edie, training in her intern and whatnot, but I donít trust her, I just know sheís bloody up to something. I can bet you anything before the end of this, Edie will get fired and it will all be Roseís fault, because Rose is evil and I hate her even more than I hate Oliver. They deserve each other in my opinion, bloody well deserve each other.

Itís ironic. Only word for it. Katieís sitting there, spouting about how Oliverís all hard done by to the journalist that actually wrote the piece. I get why she doesnít like Rose though, considering everythingís in under her name. I bet you, Iíll bet anything that eventually Oliver will get round to reading the article, break up with Rose, go to Edie for comfort who will be delighted (because even a bat could see she likes him) but then her moral compass will take over and sheíll have to reveal everything and heíll hate her.

And then Edie and Dean will run off into the sunset because they are obviously meant to be. Ahem, sorry. Dedie is back as well, did I mention that?

I love the part about Edie at a concert standing in front of Myron Wagtails wife, but no. No cutesy Edie/Oliver connection moments. I wonít allow it, I wonít.

Ah, Edie forgets herself and starts shouting for Kenmare Kestrels! YAY! I so wanted this to happen, ah, Iím just so happy right now, smiling away to myself like a little Cheshire cat. Donegalís a bit of an odd name for the seeker though, but I suppose it would be more common up the country rather than from where Iím from, so yep!

She just had to choose that moment to start acting like a crazy person doesnít she. She is so getting fired after this, you know, for getting drunk and being unprofessional at a match. Not to mention sheís going to be Public Enemy No. 1 for Puddlemere fans. I donít get how she made them lose though, unless she was shouting bloody blue murder, thereís no way Oliver could have heard her, right? Iím just a bit confused thatís all!

And, to conclude, you are back with a bang. A fantastic chapter, as always, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as always!

Please donít stay away as long next time, yeah? :)

Author's Response: Hello hello hellooo! It's been so long! I hope you are well, lovely ♥

Pahaha. I can just imagine how it would go over if Seamus asked to see Edie's underwear. Oh man. Add this to the list of one-shots I need to write to keep myself motivated ;D

Hahaha. You're right, a random voice is pretty weird and out of the blue! I guess after you've gone to school in a castle where the doors need to be tickled to open, and staircases move, and portraits talk, you get used to odd voices? Or maybe I'm making excuses. Very possible. Very, very possible.

Hmm, so how exactly do you feel about Rose, or Oliver while we're at it? I'm not quite sure :P No, I'm glad you feel strongly about these characters, of course!

Yes! You did indeed call it once again, with the plot. Haha. Initially I wrote it so that Oliver turned to stare at her and was hit with a Bludger, but I throught this was a much better way to say OH EDIE, GURL, YOU REALLY MESSED UP NOW. And yeah, it's pretty unlikely that her voice rang across the pitch! I just think of the (very, very few) sporting events I've been to, for example a basketball game, when somebody goes to shoot and there's that collective breath being held by everyone and then that one person (who arguably has the loudest voice in the history of the world) shouts something and everyone can hear. Plus, it has been mentioned that Edie does have "some pipes on her," as Seamus likes to say. Maybe I should mention that again in this scene? Hmm...!

Thank you so, so, SO much, this was such a long and lovely review to read! I promise not to stay away so long this time! ♥

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Review #55, by kaneswaran The Match

8th October 2013:
I absolutely love this story! Unlike a lot of others that you see on here, there's actually substance to the sort of love-triangle-thing that you have going on. You've built a reason for they're flip-flopping on each other--I mean, it makes sense and it's believable.

You're writing is flawless, by the way. You're talented!!

I can't wait for the next chapter (and for Oliver and Edie to finally get together skjdhfs).

Author's Response: Mahhh thank you so much!! Flawless? I am buhhh-LUSHING. Thank you so much for all of your kind words! I am ready for some resolution too, haha. I condensed my (way-too-specific) story outline into chapters, and it looks like there are only 5 more to go. Soon, friends, soon! ♥

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Review #56, by ... The Match

8th October 2013:
Yaay! You updated!
Loved it, as usual. When's the next one coming?

Author's Response: Thanks! Working on the next chapter as we speak. Hopefully it won't be so slow-going this time ;3

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Review #57, by loony_lovegood101 The Match

8th October 2013:
i feel incredibly bad for oliver.
the quidditch scene was really good, and i can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: I'm glad! I wanted readers to finally start to feel bad for him--although perhaps many of you have all along--and to put him in a different light. Thanks so much ♥

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Review #58, by TheWizardingPorcupine The Match

7th October 2013:

I love this story! It's so. Realistic in a way. Not one of your average stories where the main character has a charmed life. Lets face it: Edie messes up and does things that she will regret. Hello, just because she's a wizard doesn't mean she's not human! It just gets annoying that in most fan fictions the hero/heroine only has to worry about their love life and grades.

This story is really good! Please keep writing and update soon!

Author's Response: I think she'll be okay... I hope... I dunno, she *is*, erm, herself. ;3

I really really wanted this story to feel realistic and relatable. I know I've harped on that a million times, but it's true and everytime somebody mentions that they feel that way, I get all warm and fuzzy. So thank you! I love that phrase, "Just because she's a wizard doesn't mean she's not human!"

Thank you very much! ♥

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Review #59, by marauderfan The Match

7th October 2013:
Hey there! You had no need to worry about me not coming back to read the latest update - I love this story! And omg this chapter was hilarious.

Edie really messed up this time :p But somehow, I'm not at all surprised by her outburst! Classic Edie.

I really liked the way you wrote Katie Bell - she seems like she's got a good head on her shoulders. Something tells me she's not too happy with Edie but won't hold it against her too much. At least, not outwardly :p Anyway, I like Katie! I think she and Edie could be good friends. Which will be nice because I don't think Rose is going to be as nice next time Edie sees her.

I loved this part: This is just like the Weird Sisters concert, when I thought that Myron Wagtail was eyeing me for three entire songs (I even began planning the names of our children) when in reality I was standing directly in front of his wife.

By the way, you wrote the Quidditch really well! I know you said it doesn't come naturally to you but it read very naturally, as if you'd had no problems writing it. So, nicely done. :)

Great chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Awww, yay. It's so nice to hear that I hve returning, loyal readers. Geez. I can't even explain. Thank you ♥

Yes, she sure did mess up this time. And I'm glad--up until now it was "all Oliver's fault," right? It's going to be interesting to see how she deals with this one. It's not all over for Puddlemere, because Quidditch tournaments are based on a points-system. So they still may pull ahead. But I'm sure he loathes the way his first match after two years went.

I LOVE KATIE. At first I portrayed her as a bubblier character--I'm not sure why. But I doubt that Oliver could have spent roughly ten years pining after somebody, and dating them off-and-on, if she was chirpy and bright.

Oh, yeah. The Weird Sisters thing happened to me once. It was a small-time local band that I saw, but I thought the lead singer winked at me at one point. But I was just standing in front of his girlfriend... Merp.

Thank you so much for your comment about the Quidditch! It really was a struggle to write (hence me procrastinating over the past few months instead of actually updating.)


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Review #60, by Lululuna The Match

7th October 2013:
Hi! Ah, it's been too long since I've reviewed, I'm sorry! This story is just as wonderful as ever. As a note on the last chapter, I died when poor Edie found out Jae's real age. Then cringed. Then laughed. Then died again. I love how you write these incredibly awkward and hilarious scenes: Edie just seems so real to me, and I love reading about her misadventures. To an extent, they make my own seem not so bad!

This was a great chapter too (as always!). Edie's swaggering into the pub was great, and I loved the note from the guys. And Oliver and Edie are so cute! It was hilarious when she was trying so hard to keep her distance, like hanging onto his uniform to avoid touching him when flying. Any other girl would have loved the typical opportunity to cuddle up on a broom and be cute and couply, but only Edie could turn that moment into something incredibly awkward yet real.

Hmm, what is Rose up to? The moment when Edie thought she was about to strangle her then realized she was hugging her was hilarious. I was pretty surprised too, though I guess it was all an act for Oliver.

Ah, I cringed again for Edie when she was having that talk with Katie. I wonder if Oliver ever will read the article, and how that might shake things up. It's such a strange dynamic between all these characters, what with Katie and Oliver being exes, and Rose and Oliver dating (ugh) and Edie and Oliver and their strange chemistry... ah! I honestly have no idea what is going to happen, and that's a good thing.

The line: "how many people has she thrown under the Knight bus?" was hilarious.

I think you wrote the Quidditch match really well. It was vivid, but also didn't drag on, and it was funny to see Edie get more and more... excited. Oh, Edie, of course you had to lose control and distract Oliver. The idea of a mob chasing her and the image of her being the lone Kenmare fan in a sea of Puddlemere is both silly and worrying.

This was such a perfect chapter my dear, and well worth the wait! :) I'm already looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Hello again! ♥

Yes, writing Edie's misadventures was largely started as a way to make myself feel less awkward, haha. And I suppose I was trying to make fun of the broom ride trope? I was wary to put it in this chapter, because it can be very cliche (we've seen it in film/literature with horseback and motorcycles and now brooms!) But I'm glad that you found it sufficiently awkward ;3

Yes, what *is* Rose up to? I hope her freindly reaction to Edie came as a bit of a surprise!

I know, these character dynamics--agghhh! I'm trying very hard to keep it from being a love-quadrangle, but it's very difficult. At least you're unsure of what will happen, haha.

Thanks so much! I really was worried about the Quidditch match. I considered writing it in a JKR-esque style, where the whole thing is just described through the commentator's narration--and even considered having Lee Jordan be a professional commentator! But I didn't think I could do that AND explain the turn-of-events with Kenmare trying to secretly score one final point before catching the Snitch.

"Both silly and worrying." Ahh! Yay! I'm so happy it came across that way :D I wanted Edie causing Puddlemere to lose to be like what is apparently called the "Steve Bartman incident." If you aren't familiar, you should look into it. It's insane how furious people were with him--and still are. Kind of funny.

Anyway, thank you very much for another lovely review. The next chapter is slowly but surely coming together ♥

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Review #61, by Lexi Nothin' but a Number

24th September 2013:
Update! Please I want to know what is going to happen!

Author's Response: I am trying to wrap up chapter twenty right now. I don't know what my problem is! I think there's just so much happening, plus writing about Quidditch is really hard for me because what is sports how does one sport? But I swear, by tonight it will be in the queue, whether it's a decent chapter or not (which I will probably regret later, but I'M DOING IT.) Thanks for those of you who have stuck around through my recent negligence!

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Review #62, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Nothin' but a Number

14th August 2013:

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get here and review this!! I hope this makes up for it!

I was really, really excited when they were all sitting around the bar, discussing things. I kind of felt like them: I couldn't believe what had just happened in the last chapter.

Then, when Edie went home with Jae, I was glad because I felt like it was about time for Edie to move on and stop fretting over Oliver.

And then she found out how old Jae is, and I was like WUT. o.O No way! I knew there had to be something off about Jae, but I never imagined that!!

A part of me wanted her to stay and try to work it out with Jae. Age really IS just a number after all! But when Jae called her "an older woman" that totally changed. :P

And why did Oliver have to tell Edie's brother all that? Now Edie's going to be thinking about Oliver all the time again! (Although, if they wind up together in the end, then it's okay for her to think about him, right?) :P

Anyway, great chapter and I can't wait for the next! I'm really curious if anything's going to go down at the Quidditch match!!

Author's Response: Hellooo! Seriously, please don't ever apologize. I'm just happy that people are even willing to review in the first place xD

You always felt a bit weird about Jae, eh? Me too. hehe. And you're totally right--age really is not important. My parents are 11 years apart and my most serious relationship was with a younger dood. (Please don't think I'm discriminating against age gaps in relationships!!) You're right though, it was a combination of the way Jae handled it--Edie finally realized how much of a ridiculous playboy he is--and her embarrassment that sent her running.

Unfortunately, Leo is 112% oblivious to the way a woman's mind works... and therefore he thought the Oliver comment was funny and nothing else. Derp.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am halfway done-ish with the next chapter ♥

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Review #63, by LittleMissPrincess Nothin' but a Number

9th August 2013:

okay so what was that last bit at the end?has edie's article not been published? if katie hasn't read it then.but edie is now finally press?

speaking of which, you have no idea how much this excites me. if you remember, for ages i've been waiting and waiting for edie's renewal into the world, and now shes got her job, and her articles and hopefully potential boyfriend in the name of oliver wood --

ALSO OMG THAT THING WITH JAE. LIKE OMG. I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. THAT WAS REALLY WEIRD. but also gives a good excuse for them to separate so that edie can be with oliver again in a massive ship of EDIVER! *pass the champagne*

everything was super cool.

also can you please maybe update soon maybe pleas? i promise to review on time this time ehehe

ok bye

Author's Response: Hello again you!

About the last bit--Katie *has* read the first article, which was published under Rose's name. More on that in the next chapter. Edie has been officially hired by Witch Weekly, and is going to the match on their behalf. We can assume that Blakeslee has told Katie/Deverill that Rose will no longer be their press person, and that Edie needs the badge. Hence she was owled it. Hope that helps!

Yes! Things are finally looking up for Edie. At least for now... :3

The bit with Jae was so much fun. He's such an idiot, and kind of a playboy. But I like him for some reason anyway... I want to pat him condescendingly on the head.

Oliver does think Edie is KEWL! As for the update, I am almost done with the next chapter. I'm trying to get better about finishing a chapter, taking a few days to ignore it, and then coming back to edit it before I post. I like updating quickly--it keeps you guys reading I hope??--but I always wonder if I could be doing better with the individual chapters.

Thank you again! ♥

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Review #64, by AlexFan Nothin' but a Number

31st July 2013:
YOU'RE BACK! Yay, this chapter was totally worth the wait (as it usually is).

I feel so bad for Edie and the fact that she slept with someone that young. Not that it's a bad thing or anything but to find out like that must've really sucked. Jae's age did shock me though, there were some very cuss-filled thoughts going through my head that I can't mention here.

Hey, she should be glad that at least Jae was legal!

Things just seem to be getting better and better with Edie. She's finally being recognized for her work and now she gets invited to meet Katie Bell and really write!

I bet Rose is going to going to go ballistic. I can't wait to see her explode once she finds out that Edie got her job. I don't really think she's in any position to get back at Edie anyway, she's lucky to still have her job and not be sued for plaigirsm or something like that!

Awesome chapter, as usual!

Author's Response: And YOU'RE back, wheee!

You're right, an age difference like that isn't really a huge deal, if you're aware of it before something happens... Otherwise it would make me feel so pervy! I tried to allude to Jae's age by making him generally immature, mostly in the way he approached Edie about dates and just kind of treating her like this doll he could fling around.

Yes, she is finally in a good place with her work! I've just fully formulated Rose's next appearance, and I can't wait for you guys to read it! IRL has been weird lately, but I'm forcing myself to take some time away from things and write.

Thank you as always ♥

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Review #65, by Hope's Mom Nothin' but a Number

28th July 2013:
Oooo - I was surprised by Jae's age! I can't say I would be thrilled either. The quidditch match (and meeting Katie) should be interesting to say the least!

Author's Response: Hi again! Nice to see that it came as a surprise. I am indeed having a lot of fun (adn inner turmoil!) writing the scenes with Katie and the Quidditch match. Hopefully they will be finished soon. Thanks for another review!

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Review #66, by Courtney Dark Nothin' but a Number

21st July 2013:
Hey there!

Wow, what an, um, eventful chapter! I can't believe that Jae is nineteen! But when I think about it, I reckon I should've seen it coming - things never seem to go right for Edie, do they? Especially in the romance department. Or any department, really - although at least she has a proper job now!

I think the way you revealed Jae's age was absolutely perfect - I was laughing throughout the whole section, and Jae dropping the eggs as he exclaimed "MERLIN'S BEARD!" was the icing on the cake, in my opinion. And then the line: "Youíd already graduated by the time I was a First-Year! You wereóyou were an adult when I was only ten!Ē This is definitely the funniest, most original story I have read in a long time!

Though he didn't appear for very long, I loved Seamus, as always. Just like him eyeing up girls and spilling a sort of secret of Edie's and getting so drunk that Dean had to take him home.

And Leo's back! I loved Edie's brothers when they first appeared and was so was glad to see Leo's reappearance. And I have to say, I really like the relationship between Edie and her brothers - I especially enjoyed the tussle for the sandwich!

Ooh, I am very intrigued about this letter from Katie Bell, and definitely looking forward to seeing what will happen next!


Author's Response: Hellooo!

Hehe, "eventful" is a good word. SO MANY SUBPLOTS. It's like trying to wrangle about eighteen corgi puppies, trying to get everything to coalesce! But yes, she does indeed have a proper job now.

For some reason, I feel like Jae leaving the eggs on the floor said a lot about his character. Like, living with his Mum, maybe she cleans up with him... hehe.

Ohh yes, Seamus. I felt like their little trifecta's friendship seemed too perfect... like, they never ever fought, or anything. And he's just too much of a loudmouth to not do something embarrassing like this more often.


Thanks again, so very very much, for another lovely review. ♥

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Review #67, by onestop_hpfan18 The Job Thousands would Kill For

19th July 2013:
Back again to review! I really am enjoying this fanfic. It's such an effortless read and I find Edie to be very relate-able. She's stuck in an internship where she feels underappreciated, while at the same time she knows that it'll all pay off in the end and she'll be able to write the stories that matter to her after she's paid her dues in the journalism community. I also enjoyed the little quips you've added of Edie's interactions with her coworkers and then fleshing out more back history to connect her friends with her job as an intern. Anyway, great chapter. (:

Author's Response: Yay! "Relateable" is really what I wanted out of this story. Glad to hear that, really. Thanks!!

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Review #68, by marauderfan Nothin' but a Number

18th July 2013:
Omg! I had been wondering how old Jae was for a while, but never really thought too much about it cause I was like "eh if its not mentioned it's probably not important!" ...Incorrect! Hahah so yes, shocked. Congratulations :p

I loved the scene with Leo! He is hilarious, I was laughing at the part where he said "I tried to tell him you aren't that spectacular" haha. And obviously knows Oliver's feelings better than Edie does, thanks to firewhisky.

I'm really excited for her to meet Katie! I feel like that will be an interesting scene. Something ridiculous is bound to happen. I can't wait :D

Author's Response: I'm glad that you were shocked! ;D

Originally I had Liam talking with Edie, because I love how scrawny and awkwardly adult-like he is (though always falling short and being teased for his young age), but it just seemed like something I wanted Leo to be doing. Particularly since he has just as hard a time with discussing feelings as Edie!

Thank you ♥

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Review #69, by Emily Nothin' but a Number

17th July 2013:
Thank you for updating! I am not a member of the site but I do tune in just to read your story! Keeps getting better every update- you're a fantastic writer :)
I was certainly shocked at Jae's age!!! Totally didn't see that one coming...well just wanted to say thanks for updating and can't wait to read more- I've been checking back almost daily for updates :)

Author's Response: Ohh, wow! Thank you! That's so nice to hear, I'm glad that you're enjoying Edie's mishaps as much as I am.

I haven't even started on the next chapter yet, but it shouldn't be *too* terribly long. IRL has been hectic, to say the least. Thank you for stopping by to review! It's greatly appreciated.

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Review #70, by PitchBlue Nothin' but a Number

17th July 2013:

I really liked this chapter! While I was reading, I came across a lot of things I loved, but right now all I can think about is OMG Jae's 19!!! That was absolutely hilarious, and of course it had to happen to Edie. Poor gal.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

- PB

Author's Response: Heehee! A similar thing actually happened to me (after I'd already written this out in my head!) although it culminated in a conversation at a chocolate store, and not... well.

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #71, by Siriusly89 Nothin' but a Number

17th July 2013:
AH! I literally start chanting every time you update :D

Seamus! Itís been too long! And of course youíre eyeing up girls, my lilí Seamy, wouldnít be you unless you were. And of course trendy-artist Jae would suggest the trendy-artist cafť. I like how it sort of came full circle, the whole mess started in Le Chat Noir, and it ends there too (well, the mess at Witch Weekly, Iíve a feeling things arenít going to work out this well between Edie and Rosie dearest (snort) and Oliver-stinking-Wood (I hate him so much, its just irrational)

And the whole thing makes a lot more sense! I like how you casually explained it to everyone, when really it was an epic tale which spanned eighteen (eight-friggin-teen!) chapters!

Nooo (you canít hear me, but Iím howling at this stage!) Not only is Edie completely bypassing Dean (Dedie forever!) but sheís using Jae. Donít do that Edie, its not nice. Donít be a Rose. Iím so disappointed in you Edie. Sob. Inner Lisa is shaking her head. Bad Edie, very bad.

EDIE! Edie Lennox, you get down off that table right now and put your shirt back on! Walk out that door and donít do something stupid. Edie! EDIE! Sheís not listening to me! Aah! Poor Jaeís just going to get his feelings stomped all over, isnít he? OR! Now this could be a very good plot twist, EDIE falls in love with Jae, but he turns out to be a womaniser (I hate that word, but the word I wanted to use is 15+ :P) and then she cryís a lot, and has to wander off, but Seamus and Dean (especially Dean, wink wink!) make her feel better, and they all skip off into the sunset (Edie and Dean holding hands, of course ;) ) and Oliver goes off with Rose, and has evil little children, and Jae runs off with EDIES MOM! Yes! That is a good idea! In my mind anyway!

I donít know why they are freaking out quite so much. Seven years isnít that bad when you think about it, I mean, there are forty-somethings and nineteen year olds together, and no one really bats an eyelid. But I suppose all the same, it is rather uncomfortable for Edie. I told her it was a bad idea, but did she listen, nope!

Leo just strolls on in with a pickle sandwich, casual as you like, and starts blabbering on about how Oliver Ďreallyí likes Edie. Yeah, that explains why he got off with Rose first chance he got, doesnít it? NOT!

And Edieís covering the Puddlemere-Kestrels match. Awkward. I really hope she forgets herself at some point and just starts randomly shouting abuse at Puddlemere and cheering for the Kestrels, only to remember a second too late, by which time sheís stood up on her chair!

Imagine though, if she were to run into Rose and Oliver! Please tell me she does!

As always, a brillopad chapter, already excited for the next one ♥

Author's Response: Hey, you! ♥

Yes! I originally had them going back to The Poisoned Apple so that Edie could talk loudly about her new job, but it just added another sub-plot to an already fairly eventful chapter.

Paha! I'm sorry you hate Oliver so much! I'm afraid he's here to stay for the rest of the story, though what his role will be I can't say. (MYSTERY! DECEIT!)

Haha, that's interesting that you saw it as her using Jae! I've always just seen him as not actually having any feelings for her, either. More like they're using each other. I think I mentioned this in another response, but they only spend time together when they bump into each other--at Hypatia's studio, outside the Hanging Moon, breaking into WW because he was bored. Neither of them really displayed a huge interest in the other, outside of being physical. At least in my opinion! ;3

I agree--age doesn't matter to me. I feel like it's different when one of the parties still has the "-teen" suffix... And she went into it thinking he was older than her, so that's a bit of a shock xD

STOP GUESSING ALL OF MY STORY PLOTS. I guess it's not a huge spoiler, but Edie does indeed forget herself at the match!

Thanks again, lovely ♥

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Review #72, by TheGirlOnFire The Magic Touch

17th July 2013:
Yeah I was really excited that she was finally going to tell hut I guess not. *sighsindissaponitment*.


Author's Response: I originally had her telling Blakeslee everything, but it just left too many holes in the plot. But everything will come full circle soon, my friend! ♥

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Review #73, by TheGirlOnFire Bad Publicity

17th July 2013:
Things seem to just be getting worse and worse for Edie. Maybe he and Oliver can hook up *winkwink*.


Author's Response: Pahahaha. That would possibly make things better for her right now--or possibly much worse. An interesting thought, though. ♥

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Review #74, by TheGirlOnFire Hell Hath No Fury like Rose Zeller Scorned

17th July 2013:
Yeah I'm really liking Rose less and less. Someone needs to take he down from her high horse. Gear job.


Author's Response: Don't you worry, she'll get hers. ;3

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Review #75, by TheGirlOnFire Lessons in Chemistry

17th July 2013:
Yay, positive interaction between her and Oliver. Good work.

The GirlOnFire:)

Author's Response: Yes! That scene was so fun to write! Although very hard not to go overboard with the fluffiness. But it's just too easy. Thanks again!

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