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Review #26, by Teddy1993 

19th February 2014:
I had a feeling Hermione had left for Australia by herself when Ron couldn't find her... I feel kind of sorry for her. With everything going on between Harry and Ginny and her and Ron not talking to each other, she must have felt left out.

You did a great job on Fred's funeral. George's speech was very moving and the pain of the parents who have to bury their child was heart-breaking.

You write very well. Again, a great chapter.


Author's Response: Yes Hermione is definitely getting a little left out, she has a lot on her mind and isn't really herself.. which is why she made such a stupid decision!

I'm very, very happy that the funeral seems to have touched you. It's very difficult to write.

Thank you so much again for your kind words, for reading and for taking the time to leave a review after. It really means a lot to me!

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Review #27, by kelly 

14th January 2014:
I loved the funeral scene, short but very powerful

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #28, by Liana 

25th December 2013:
I'm kind of surprised that Hermione left by herself. Maybe she thinks what she has to do will go quickly. I can understand that she wants to get her parents back as soon as possible. I hope they let Ron know she's gone for a while.

Author's Response: I think she excepted it to be quite easy, plus she didn't want to bother the others with it, since they've got enough on their hands already.and yes, I'd want my parents back too :)

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Review #29, by Kacey 

19th December 2013:

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! Thank you!

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Review #30, by Darcey 

1st December 2013:
Another great chapter!
Like I said in my last review, I hate reading the depressing, yet completely necessary, chapters in post-Hogwarts stories. You do it well though, the chapter is littered with glimpses of how life can and will be for all the chatacters.
I think Hermione's a fool for avoiding Ron, he would've jumped at the chance to go to Australia with her. I did laugh at Ron wondering if Hermione still loved Victor Krum though! How boys can think of these things I'll never know. It is all very accurate though, I remember my boyfriend didn't speak to me for a week after I asked him if his friend had a girlfriend. I aaked purely out of curiosity but he was convinced we were having some kind of illicit affair!
I like the way Harry and Ginny habe kind of fallen into life togethere. To me it shows how much they're meant for eachother.
I like the way you've portrayed Audrey, she never seems to get much of a mention in other stories and I think it's because people pressume she's boring and Percy-like. Though saying that, I enjoy whsn you write about Percy. You have a great understanding of his character, in my opinion.
See you for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! And I'm so glad that it's still not too dark and depressing for you. Hermione is definitely a fool! I just think things would be a little awkward after being friends for so long. Haha, boys (especially Ron) can be silly sometimes - of course she doesn't love Krum. And haha, I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your boyfriend assuming you had an affair with his friend ;)

I like Percy as a character, however boring and pompous he may be, and I do believe that the war would change him. While I imagine Audrey to be quite serious too, I still think she'd be likable!! I'm so glad that you seem to agree :)

Again, thank you so much for another lovely review full of encouragement! And thank you for being such an amazing reader, I appreciate this so much :)

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Review #31, by rya747351 

19th November 2013:
I have a very typical set of story i enjoy reading. Tonight i decided i should try something else. I am very glad i started this story. Its to the book but original and it doesnt down play any of the characters or make them seem pathetic for pure entertainment!

Author's Response: I'm glad you gave this a try, and I'm thrilled to hear that you liked it, even if it's not what you usually read. Thank you so much for all of your kind words, and for this review. I hope you'll continue to enjoy this story :)

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Review #32, by alexaemd123 

1st November 2013:
I love your writing! It made me cry once more!

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! (not that you're crying, of course, but well.. in this case, I'll take it as a compliment) :)

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Review #33, by Sarah 

13th October 2013:
I'm finding it a bit hard to believe that Hermione left without telling anyone. Also, why would they try to stop her finding her parents? I can't see any logical reason her closest friends would not want her to go find her parents. Secondly, Hermione is a logical thinker, and usually behaves logically. This is a very emotional decision and not very well thought out. So extremely unlike any behaviour Hermione has displayed in the past.

Also a couple more typos in this one, the first I noticed was "Fleur managed to pull of something in between." Which is at the start of the chapter. "Of" should be "off".

Author's Response: I think Hermione's had a rough time since the end of the battle with finding her parents, and that she feels like she's intruding on the Weasleys' grief when all she wants is to find her parents. So she just loses all logic, for once, and decides to go do it on her own. She doesn't think that anyone will try to stop her, I think she just feels like she doesn't want to include them in her problem when they've got enough to think about. it's unlike Hermione but I thought she wouldn't act like herself after everything.

Thanks for pointing that out! I'll go back and change it! :)

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Review #34, by Meg 

7th October 2013:
this is great:) it made me cry

Author's Response: thank you! I am so happy that you like it :)

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Review #35, by A 

16th September 2013:
Hi! This so far is the best epilogue there is!

It was very moving. I was able to mourn for Fred on this chapter.

I wish that there is something about clearing Sirius name on the next chapters.

I am sorry for this review :) I am fairly new to this.

Author's Response: Wow, what an amazing compliment. Thank you so much for your kind words! I didn't actually think of clearing Sirius' names back when I wrote this, but maybe I should?

Don't apologize!! This review made me really happy :) Thank you so much for taking the time to write it, it means a lot.

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Review #36, by swedishpotter 

12th August 2013:
as awesome as the first chapter! even if it only just begun it is freaking me out how good you are at writing!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you like it! Thank you so much :) I hope you will continue to enjoy the story :)

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Review #37, by CarrieMeHome 

5th August 2013:
Harry's 35th birthday has inspired me to seek out post-Hogwarts fan fiction. Your writing is lovely and very true to the characters. I look forward to the rest of it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for those kind words! It makes me so happy that you like it, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the story :) Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #38, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

5th July 2013:
*Sobs like a baby*

The last chapter almost had me there, and Fred's funeral just really sent me over the edge. You truly know how to convey emotion, dear, you're very talented. *Tries to stop crying and can't*

The rest of the chapter was amazing, too. Somehow, it was everything I'd expect to happen after the Battle. A truly amazing job.


Author's Response: *blushes*

I'm sorry for making you cry. But I guess it was a good thing in this case. I'm thrilled to hear that the story somehow touched you like that. Thank you, and know that I appreciate your comments SO much!

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Review #39, by marauderfan 

4th July 2013:
Ok, two chapters and I'm crying! I think Fred's death was one of the saddest in the series. Especially since JK said afterwards that George never got over Fred's death - ugh so sad! :'( I think you wrote the funeral really well though. And I liked what George had to say, I had forgotten about the ageing potion.

I have to admit I was surprised that Hermione wrote to Ginny and told her to tell Harry... but not Ron! Anyway, nice cliff hanger ending ;) I am really interested to read about Hermione's experience in Australia!

Author's Response: I agree, I still get sad when I think about Fred being gone :( I'm so glad that you liked both the funeral and George's little speech.

Yes, and imagine Ron's surprise when he reads it! ;) Thank you again for reading and reviewing, I appreciate it so much!!

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Review #40, by Illuminate 

21st June 2013:
Hi! Have popped on over here to check out your second chapter :)

All in all, still very enjoyable! The scene of Fred's funeral was very sad and written very well. I thought that Kingsley was a very interesting choice to preside over the ceremony, since I didn't think they had much correspondence; but it makes a lot of sense that they spent time together in the Order during those last couple of years.

I really liked Ron wanting to take initiative with his situation with Hermione, it's a nice piece of development for him but still believable. I'm looking forward to seeing him with Hermione next and how/if they will resolve their relationship.

Loving Ginny and Harry here, and how they can finally be happy together without worrying about what could happen. Harry seems very pensive here, like he simply can't believe that Voldemort is gone and that he can actually live a semi-normal life. Looking forward to seeing more emphasis on this soon.

And nice cliffhanger! If I were Hermione I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about my parents either, so very exciting!

Very good chapter, well done!

Author's Response: Hi! Oh, thank you so much for doing that!

I'm glad that you're still enjoying it. Fred's funeral was difficult, so I'm really happy to hear that you thought it was good. Yes, Kingsley might not be the most obvious choice, but I figured he'd be good at conducting a funeral.

I'm so glad that you liked Ron's behaviour here. I don't think that their relationship would flow as easily as Harry/Ginny's, and for some reason I really wanted him to be the one to take initiative.

I'm glad that you like Harry and Ginny together :) Yes, it must be a difficult transition for Harry, because his spent most of his life worrying over Voldemort, and never seeing beyond that point.

I'm so glad that you liked it! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read another chapter :D I appreciate your comments so much!!

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Review #41, by Maddiekitty333 

18th June 2013:
You're great so far that I've read... don't stop! Please finish the whole 19 years!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you think so! Don't worry, I plan on writing about all 19 years. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story :)

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Review #42, by HogwartsIsMyHome 

17th June 2013:
You've got me hooked, Love your story! You've written it wonderfully and once again have made me cry.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you like it!! Sorry for making you cry, but I guess it's a good thing in this case ;)

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Review #43, by harry potter 

11th June 2013:
it is a very nice chapter.. can u tell where to find the next chapters?

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that you like it! You can click on the story title link, '19 years', to see all the chapters, or you can just click on the >> at the bottom of this page (above the little box in which you write your reviews) :) I hope you'll continue to enjoy it, thank you for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #44, by Robin 

11th June 2013:
Still really good. I like the parts about hermione, no one ever mentions how hard it would be to make your parents believe you never existed.

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! I agree.. it must have been such a difficult decision for her.

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Review #45, by Annie 

4th June 2013:
I really loved your portrayal of Fred`s funeral. I haven`t cried like this since I read the last book :) Thank you so much.

Author's Response: Thank YOU so much!! I'm glad you found it touching, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful compliments!

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Review #46, by adluvshp 

30th May 2013:
Hey! Here for review tag.

I am glad I got a chance to come back and read this chapter. Aw this was so sad, it made my heart break. The sadness literally leaked through the entire narrative, which is good since you've managed to convey the pain of the war beautifully. Fred's funeral was so touching, and I liked Kingsley's speech. George's words almost made me tear up =( I also like how you've presented an awkwardness between Ron and Hermione, and them not having talked to each other, I think it's very believable. It's also nice to see little details hinting at the future like Audrey talking to Mrs. Weasley or Angelina supporting George. I hope to come back for the next chapter soon too.

Great going!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad that you came back too! :) I'm glad that the sadness and grief really came across - it's quite difficult to write, so it makes me happy to hear that you think it worked. I'm also glad that you liked the speeches! And about Ron and Hermione, well.. I figured things wouldn't go quite as smoothly between them as it did between Harry and Ginny. I'm glad it was believable.

Thank you so much for your encouraging review! I hope to see you back some time as well :)

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Review #47, by n 

22nd May 2013:
nice lovely I really liked it good job

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that you liked it! :)

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Review #48, by n 

22nd May 2013:
great cliffhanger
wonderful, though not as thrilling as the first

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #49, by PriPri 

22nd May 2013:
I loved it! You said English wasnt your first language? Wow.. you have a gift to write this much!!! Thanks, Im really enjoying this!

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! Nope, it's not! I'm very flattered by your kind comments, thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story! :)

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Review #50, by Lululuna 

5th May 2013:
Tag! :)

Another amazing chapter!! I think I said this on the first chapter, but you've done a really good job of staying true to the tone of the HP books. Third person is (in my opinion) really difficult to write, especially when it comes to character development, but you do a really lovely job of it. It's tricky to provide insight into several different characters and still get a good sense of their personality, but you've written it extremely well!

Haha, of course Hermione would be excited about returning to school. I like how Ron and Harry aren't, however: it will be interesting to see how you explore their futures outside of Hogwarts, and how you portray Auror training. It's funny how they're so mature and have done all these dangerous and world-changing things, but now will just get the chance to be normal young adults trying to make it in the world.

I loved the descriptions of the Burrow, especially the crooked tiles and the creaking door. You really made me believe I was there in a few short words. The line about Harry seeing only Voldemort in the future was just lovely and I think functions as an amazing introduction to your whole story!

I absolutely adored George's speech at Fred's funeral, about seeing him as an old man. It was truly poignant and beautiful. :( RIP Fred!

I really like how you've given Fred's death the attention it deserves, but not focused solely on it. You have a good balance of the plot lines, and I think the story is progressing so far at a very natural and believable pace.

Couple little nit-picky things (very minor!): First you might consider making Fleur's speech sound more "French," or like it's written in the books. So she could say "Eez there anything I can do to 'elp?" Something to consider, anyway! Also, I thought the term "love interest" was a little awkward for Angelina, what about "the girl Fred had liked for years," or even "Fred's on-again off-again girlfriend"? Also, I've noticed that the British tend to call their mothers "Mum," not "Mom," or at least the Weasleys always did. Again, these are super minor, but could polish the piece just a tiny bit more and make it even more wonderful than it already is! :)

Oh, and I also really enjoyed the relationship development between our two favourite couples. It makes perfect sense that Harry and Ginny would naturally fit together, while Ron and Hermione would have some difficulties communicating. Silly Hermione, just up and leaving like that, and not even mentioning Ron in her note! :O

Anyway, wonderful job with this. I like how it's very different from The Art of Divination, but your strong voice as a writer and thoughtful characterizations still come through. Can't wait to keep reading! :)

Author's Response: It's a bit funny, but I think of you as a lovely person, judged by your fantastic and helpful reviews and your wonderful writing! Haha, I know that it's quite weird, but it's true ;)

It's amazing to hear that this story stays true to the books and the characters - that's what you hope for, and it's so nice that you think that I've succeeded!

Haha, yes, I think that Hermione is really disappointed that Harry and Ron won't come back with her. But I can't see them doing that. It's like they have to start their lives over again, now that Voldemort is gone and the war is over.

I'm so glad that you liked the descriptions, and yes, you're right, that line works as a description of the entire story. I never thought of that before ;)

I HATE the fact that Fred died, but I think it would have been unrealistic if he hadn't. It deserved some attention, as he was a major character and a big part of their lives, but I'm glad that you didn't think I overdid it.

Thank you so much for those advice! I agree with all of them and I'll take them into account when I edit this chapter. I'll try to make Fleur sound a bit more French, and change 'love interest' to something better. And I have learned that it's supposed to be Mum, so I'll have to edit that (I didn't know it at the time that I wrote this chapter, though). Again, thank you so much for pointing these things out - it's really helpful, and I really appreciate it!! :)

Yes, I think that Ron and Hermione would have a bit more trouble with that. Of course, Ron is being clueless as always, and Hermione is offended, I suppose ;)

Thank you so, so much for such a lovely review! It has made me so happy (I always get extra-exited when I see that I've got a new review from YOU, because you are just awesome and so are all of your reviews!) I can't thank you enough :)

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