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Review #26, by Mollie Year 6: Sharing the News

27th April 2015:
Hi! I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your story is! I've been doing my dissertation on certain elements of Harry Potter and stumbled upon your writing as part of my research!! I think I've read it so far about three times and whenever I hit a 'block' I come back and read a couple of chapters to get back into it!! Eagerly awaiting the next installment, I really love this!! Hope you're well :)

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Review #27, by Emma Year 6: Sharing the News

25th April 2015:
I just wanted to tell you that I've been following this fanfic for over a year now and I just think it's absolutely brilliant. My friend encouraged me to start reading it and now I'm just completely absorbed and obsessed with it. I'm re-reading the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (if you haven't read it, give it a try! I love it) and because of how much they talk about fanfiction in that book I just really felt like I wanted to send you a message telling you how much I enjoy reading your fanfic. The world needs more positivity, and I owe you some because of all the smiles you've given me. Though I have shed a lot of tears reading this fanfic too, and there's not many authors in this world that have managed to make me cry. You're really talented and I hope you know that!
Thank you for making me happy!
Take care xx

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Review #28, by FriendofMolly Year 6: Sharing the News

24th April 2015:
I enjoyed reading this chapter very much. I thank you for the humour you added, with Ron and George's reactions. Teddy's reaction was understandable. I admire how you turned his mood from mad to glad. He'll be a terrific big 'brother'. I look forward to the new phase of your story.

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Review #29, by HP reader Year 6: Sharing the News

24th April 2015:
Oh My God.i need more. seriously... give me more, please and thank you!

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Review #30, by Weasleyloverr Year 6: Sharing the News

22nd April 2015:
Where is the next chapter??

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Review #31, by ANN Year 6: Sharing the News

21st April 2015:
Aww! I have been very busy the past few months and almost forgot about this story! So glad I didn't cause when I saw the new chapters today, I was soo excited to read them! This chapter was amazing and simply the best! Thank you and please keep writing!

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Review #32, by caapotter Year 6: Sharing the News

21st April 2015:
OMG, George! I laughed so hard!!! And 'my Teddy' had the same kind pf reaction, and I think you would expect that from him, no? Anyways, loved it! Caa xx

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Review #33, by RupertsPheonix Year 6: Sharing the News

20th April 2015:
Another great chapter! I love the idea of Teddy being jealous of the new baby - it just really solidifies the idea of him being a member of the Potter family, which is perfect. Well done!

looking forward to the next update!

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Review #34, by joe evans Year 6: Sharing the News

18th April 2015:
Wow another good chapter
I like you've dealt with teddys jealousy

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Review #35, by Michele Year 6: Sharing the News

18th April 2015:
This is such a brilliant story you are a brilliant writer I think it's so brave the commitment you've made to writing this story for us die hard fans it truely fills that gap and it feels like we're with the characters every step of the thank you so much and please more more more!!!lol :)

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Review #36, by zMssrProngs Year 2: New beginnings

18th April 2015:
Well, this actually broke my heart

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Review #37, by Roxanne Year 6: Sharing the News

17th April 2015:
Yeah, it was great! XD I've recommended this to a few of my friends, and they've enjoyed the fanfic too. They may have reviewed too, but I thought I'd say something.

P.S. Are u a boy or girl?

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Review #38, by acpsmith Year 6: Sharing the News

16th April 2015:
Just discovered your story a few weeks ago. It's the only can fiction I've ever read but I'm officially addicted and hoping you don't wait too long to post the next chapter! I am assuming you are an American based on the vast amount of pancakes and the mention of lemonade. In the 3 years I have been living in England I haven't seen a single pancake and on the rare occasion I have been able to get my hands on lemonade I've noticed they call it "cloudy lemonade" and call what we Americans call Sprite, "lemonade". Just a few things I've picked up on since living hear. Thank you so so much for taking the time to write this! It's wonderful :)

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Review #39, by caapotter Year 6: The Test Result

15th April 2015:
Oh dear, I have read (and I admit written) much cheesier pregnancy announcements than this one. I liked it. Funny thing that my Ginny in my fanfic Being Parents had the same reaction like 'oh my Merlin, what about Quidditch!'
Loved the chapter, really! Harry

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Review #40, by jerryfs1 Year 6: Sharing the News

15th April 2015:
another great chapter still love this story the best thanks for all your hard work

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Review #41, by Fay Year 6: Sharing the News

14th April 2015:
I love this story so much, bring on the next chapter!

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Review #42, by Skylar Year 6: Sharing the News

14th April 2015:
This is the best chapter yet! It is so adorable and completely how I expected it to be!! You put the whole pregnancy thing in a new light and made it happy for everyone! Ginny gets to keep her job, Harry is beaming, Ron and his family are happy, and Teddy has excepted the fact that his godfather and godmother are having a baby! I can't wait for the chapter when the baby is born! Sure I know from the books it will be a boy, but I am still so excited! You are an amazing writer and I'm so happy I happened to stumbled upon your story! I have read all your chapters up to this one in the matter of 3 days!!! Your story's are so amazing and so attention grabbing, I don't feel I can ever stop reading until you have reached year 19! Just promise you won't stop writing, PROMISE😄 ! Please upload the next chapter soon, and make sure you don't tortcher us to long with the birth of their child! If I remember correctly, his name should be James! F.Y.I your story is a 10/10 no question!

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Review #43, by Angeala Year 6: Sharing the News

13th April 2015:
Hi I am new to this Harry potter fanfiction world and the first thing I wanted to read about was how Harry and the others lives are going to be after the war, that is how I came across to your story and I have absolutely loved it!! You really are an amazing writer. Fred and George are one of my favourite characters and I absolutely love them in your story too. I can't tell u how many times I have cried when u mention Fred in the story. You really have an amazing way with words. I can't wait for all children being born and us seeing all of them having a nice family dinner at the burrow. Keep on updating coz I absolutely love your story.

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Review #44, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish Year 6: Sharing the News

11th April 2015:
The way Harry tried to tell Teddy is the most darling way, and I have never read it written that way! Superbly cute and having Molly blatantly ignore what we all think as it comes out of George's mouth makes me happy.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad you liked that. Haha, Molly doing that kind of makes me happy too. And she'd probably go insane if she actually acknowledge everything that he said. Thanks for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #45, by HPmum14 Year 6: Sharing the News

10th April 2015:
Great chapter, loved Ronm's reaction, then George's. Interaction with Teddy was sweet. Well done

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am so glad you liked their reactions and enjoyed the chapter. Thank you for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #46, by Chris Year 6: Sharing the News

9th April 2015:
Thanks for another amazing chapter, I wish my nephew switched gears to wanting a sibling that fast.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Thank YOU for reading and reviewing :) I guess all kids react differently but I'm sure your nephew will come around xx

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Review #47, by SG Year 6: Sharing the News

9th April 2015:
You made me laugh, you made me cry.
You nailed it! =) Saying you exceeded expectations would be an understatement: it's at least an O with lots and lots of + !!!
And so because everything was fitting to all the characters. Ron's slow motion mode was priceless, Mrs and Mr Weasley reactions were so moving, and George...simply THE best! From his constant reminders to "helping" Bill addressing the elephant in the room, embarrassing the brother-in-law in the process (I'm still debating over Harry's stupidity or bravery for falling, marrying and starting a family with someone with so many older brothers...). And his final comment to Harry: Freddie and James are meant to be the end of Neville's peaceful Hogwarts days of "catching-boys-charming-their-shoes-to-climb-the-stairs-to-the-girls’-dormitories-being-the-highest-moment-of-the-week", to say the least!
As for Teddy, the all scene in the graveyard was so full of meaning - breathtaking, really! The three of them at the end was perfect! And Ginny should not doubt her parenting skills...
Looking forward to your February chapter and, maybe, some hormonal Ginny episodes!
Thanks for posting and read you next chapter!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! You are so sweet. I am so happy that you liked everyone's reaction and thought they were in character. Hah, I had so much fun writing George in this! Must have been awkward for Harry... I'd say he's definitely brave. And it's all in good humour, right? they all really like him, they just (and especially George) also like to embarrass him.

Honestly, it's so amazing to me to realize that you remember that little detail about Neville. You should see the grin on my face. It just made me feel so happy and surprised that a little thing like that had stuck with you. (the boys sneaking up to the girls at Hogwarts, I mean). And you're right, of course. Nevile's going to get his hands full when Freddie and James arrive at Hogwarts.

I'm so glad you liked the scene with Teddy too. And you're right - Ginny is already like a mother.

Thank you SO much for another incredibly lovely review that I'm still smiling about. You're amazing xxx

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Review #48, by chelciannabelle Year 4: Unintended disclosures

9th April 2015:
I'm really enjoying your writing so far! Thank you for taking the time to write for all your fans! I can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! And I'm the one who should be thanking you for taking time to read and review, I appreciate it so much xx

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Review #49, by Bluewolf80 Year 6: Sharing the News

9th April 2015:
Loved Ron's reaction! Priceless!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm so happy to hear that. Thank you xx

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Review #50, by A Worthy Gryffindor Year 6: Sharing the News

9th April 2015:
Argh - this chapter was so good! It made me smile so much!

You managed to get each of the characters reactions spot on! Ron was furious (reminds of the moment in the books when he confronts Harry about Ginny lol) Hermione was delighted (I always saw her as very maternal). Of course Mrs Weasley would have guessed what was happening straightaway - she's seen so many pregnancies by now she probably has a sensor in her brain for it! George, of course, made inappropriate jokes - Fred Senior would never have forgiven him otherwise! And poor Bill - he must feel pretty old now that his baby sister is having her own baby! I wouldn't have like to have been in Harry's shoes though - having to face one brother-in-law is hard enough, let alone four!

The scene by the graveyard was lovely - it was a good idea to have Teddy with Harry when he told his parents, as Teddy's innocence added a whole new outlook on what could have been quite a depressing scene. His reaction was understandable bless him - I don't think he really understands what's going on, and just thinks 'oh, well I suppose they won't want me if they have another baby'. Of course Ginny knew what was wrong - and the scene with the three of them at the end was lovely, and showed what they will be like as parents. I can't wait to see Harry's reaction when he finally gets to hold the baby - lets just hope Ron hasn't murdered him by then! :)

Looking forward to the next chapter as always! I'm excited for the next direction that the story will take - now that we know that Ginny is pregnant, I'm looking forward to the next big subplot!

A Worthy Gryffindor /***

Author's Response: That makes me so happy!!

I'm so glad you found the reactions believable. I had so much fun imagining them and writing them down so it's really great to hear you enjoyed it too. And I've got to agree with you about Bill. His YOUNGEST sibling is having a baby - he's definitely getting old. And yeah, Harry doesn't always have it easy with all those brother-in-laws. Luckily for him, I think they all really like him, though.

I'm really glad you liked the bit at the graveyard too. I considered having Harry just go talk to his parents but I preferred it this way in my head and I'm glad you seem to do the same :) Yes, poor Teddy reacted like I think many kids would at finding out their parents are having another baby (Ginny and Harry are practically like his parents anyway). I'm so excited for when the baby is actually born too (and I don't think he has to worry too much about Ron) ;)

Thank you for another amazing, detailed review! Once again you've made my day. I appreciate it more than you know xxx

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