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Review #26, by AlexFan Year 1: May 2nd, 1999

15th April 2014:
I'm reviewing partly for the Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza and partly because I want to since this was a really cute chapter.

I love how you include the dark times as well as the light times after Voldemort's death, it shows that everything didn't really go back to normal and become all hunky dory just because Voldemort was dead.

I love that Harry and Ron were stopped by Betty, she really does seem to be Witch Weekly's version of Rita Skeeter. I can just imagine the headline in Witch Weekly about how Ron doesn't approve of Harry dating his sister. That seems to be the big problem at the current moment, publicity. And I do hope that Ron and Harry do visit Hagrid more often. I miss Hagrid, we need more Hagrid. I can just picture him getting all excited because Harry, Ron and Hermione would be coming to visit.

One of my favourite parts was definitely the one where Ginny admitted that she thought about her and Harry having kids. It just made me giggle because those two were being so cute and Harry isn't even freaked out by it. He just knows that he wants to have kids with Ginny as well.

I completely forgot that Victoire was born on May 2nd! It only occurred to me when the lion showed up and announced that Fleur was in labor. It just went over my head that it was May 2nd and that Victoire was born on that day. It's brilliant how you include things from canon in the story, it just makes it one hundred times better.

And Hermione, goodness, it's been almost eight years and she still doubts whether she's a part of the Weasley family, of course she is! She's been through so much with them. I felt a little bit bad for Draco and Narcissa because they seemed so unwelcome and while I can understand why, at the same time I kind of wish Harry had or someone had gone up to them and been a little welcoming or something like that.

And I've thought about a graduation ceremony for Hogwarts students but it was never really mentioned in th seriee. It was implied that seventh years just left and never came back. I guess this year would've been different though and everyone would've wanted to celebrate.

Anyway, awesome chapter!

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Review #27, by booboooboooo Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

13th April 2014:
aw I love this fic sosososososososososooo much! I've been meaning to comment for ages, it's seriously my favourite fanfic. you write very like JK too :)
PS - hope you get to write the next chapter soon!

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Review #28, by AlexFan Year 1: Christmas at the Burrow

10th April 2014:
I've just recently started reading this because I've seen it around so much and obviously it was good if so many people seemed to be enjoying it. This is the first and only story that I've read about the trio after the war.

But moving on.

This was so cute! It's impossible for me not to leave a review talking about how cute this entire chapter was. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The gift that Harry got Teddy was so cute and I could just picture Teddy holding it and playing with it and making baby sounds while he sat in Harry's lap. And then when he fell asleep in Harry's lap and leaned against him and his hair turned the same colour as Harry's if that had gotten any cuter, I would've started squealing. If that didn't prove that Harry would be a good dad then I don't know what would.

I loved the gift that Ron got Hermione. It was so thoughtful and he put so much effort into it. I love how he's trying to keep in touch with her and really, it's the little stuff that they're doing for each other that show their love.

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Review #29, by Jo Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

7th April 2014:
I'm desperate for your next installment! i'm literally checking for it every day!

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Review #30, by Livy05 Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

6th April 2014:
Hello? I am missing your story, please keep writing.

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Review #31, by Larry225 Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

4th April 2014:
Please finish this story. You have a talent for writing and are giving every detail and year. Keep it up! If you keep up what you've been doing this will be the best story on this website easily. Thanks for what you've written so far.

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Review #32, by Terri Colvin Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

2nd April 2014:
Great work as always, I'm waiting eagerly for next chapter

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Review #33, by OŽn Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

29th March 2014:
This has been a great chapter and a great story. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to new chapters...

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Review #34, by Liana Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

27th March 2014:
I was delighted to find a new chapter from you. Vacations are nice but I know I'm always happy to return home. I'm not so sure I want to see Hermione end up with Ron. And what was Ron doing when he ran his errand.

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Review #35, by Sprifius Year 2: Surprises

25th March 2014:
I liked if at first but now I hate you, how could you let Ginny do this?! With wood!!!

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Review #36, by Dipti Thakur Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

24th March 2014:
When is next chapter coming up.

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Review #37, by caapotter Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

23rd March 2014:
Out of the blue I came to this story to see if there was a new chapter and when i saw there was one I was so happy! Keep up the good work!!!

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Review #38, by Aly Year 4: Harry and Ginny's wedding

22nd March 2014:
THAT WAS AMAZING. I had goosebumps and I actually laughed out loud at the poem! that was incredible!

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Review #39, by Sarbani Year 2: The future

22nd March 2014:
Iam LOVING IT ! Searching for a good nineteen years for a long time... looks like I have finally found the rght one! :)

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Review #40, by sidrocks123  Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

21st March 2014:
I'm alive and I'm back !!! Apparently, my Mom and Dad thought that attempting to read your story after regaining consciousness after hovering between death and life by THREE epileptic seizures was not exactly the best course of action. If you still remember me, I'm the one who thought that your story was metaphorically the second coming of Merlin, and I still do. In fact, I think that it has improved by leaps and bounds - the characters feel almost three-dimensional, and none of their actions appear forced or contrived. Each chapter is a joy to read, and it is high time that such a piece of art has reached a thousand reviews. Congrats, and if my health does not fail me, like it once did, you can expect gushing, heartfelt reviews for each of your chapters arriving !!!

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Review #41, by Yells Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

20th March 2014:
I just read all forty of your chapters in less than three hours, and I feel really bad to not have submitted a review on earlier chapters, like you asked, but I just could not stop reading. This story is amazing, peaceful and suspenseful at the same time and honestly I don't think I have ever been this happy over missing sleep :) Thank you for this amazing fanfiction, can't wait for the next chapters!

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Review #42, by Dipti Thakur Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

20th March 2014:
When is the next chapter coming up!!

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Review #43, by -safiye Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

13th March 2014:
I can't wait for the next chapter! I just love your writing style and I hope you will upload soon??
I suppose Ron has a surprise for Hermione but he is keeping it to himself for a while? Probably not an engagement ring though, I much as Hermione might wait for that ;)
Hm, I am really curious about it.
I LOVE little Teddy, aw he's just too cute! Hopefully we will see lots of more harry-and-teddy-moments :)


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Review #44, by Em Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

12th March 2014:
I absolutely love this story, it is totally what I imagined had happened in those 19 years and I agree with everything else you put in. Great job!

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Review #45, by Your Crazy Fan Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

11th March 2014:
Thank you so much for your fabulous and spectacular chapter! As I keep reading, I'm getting tied to this story more and more and more. I just can't wait for Ron's propasal, i hope it's a surprise for Hermione. Keep up the good work and update soon!!!

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Review #46, by Teresa fitzgibbons Year 3: May 2nd, 2001

10th March 2014:
Thanks for bringing Fred back.

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Review #47, by Teresa Fitzgibbons Year 3: A family gathering

10th March 2014:
Another awesome job. Thanks for bringing Fred back. I'd love to see him again

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Review #48, by Teresa fitzgibbons Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

9th March 2014:
Great job. I can't wait for Ron's proposal. Is it coming soon?

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Review #49, by Shreya Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

9th March 2014:
I love what you have done with the 19 year gap and can't wait for the next chapter. You are a really good writer and thank you so much for giving the fans this story.

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Review #50, by Merlinde Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

9th March 2014:
I started reading this story a few days ago and i lovelovelove it! i wasn't aware of the fact that the story wasn't finished untill i couldn't click on 'next chapter'. I was completely in shock because i had been reading every free minute of the day this last week (i even read it while cycling to school :P)

I want to say that i love the way you're writing and it's almost excactly like i pictured those first years, keep up the good work! i cant wait for the next chapter!

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