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Review #26, by kassandra466 Problem Number Three

12th August 2014:
I very much enjoyed this chapter. I have kinda been on a fan fiction hiatus for close to three or four yeas and your wonderful story is helping me get back into everything.

Author's Response: oh you're simply too kind! thank you so much for your lovely comment! it really made my day! :D

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Review #27, by kassandra466 Problem Number Two

12th August 2014:
Another wonderful chapter. I really love coral and her demeanor and what not.

Author's Response: thanks so much xx

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Review #28, by kassandra466 Problem Number One

12th August 2014:
That was excellent. I loved it. I am really connecting with Coral. We are practically the same people.

Author's Response: ooh thank you! i'm glad you can relate to coral! :)

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Review #29, by Midnight spark Problem Number Ten.

6th August 2014:
Bah! I just feel like tearing my hair out in frustration! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE GUY? One minute, he's nice, and the other, he turns in to a demon? I'm just so in to this story!

Author's Response: I DON'T KNOW OHMYGOD I'M SORRY!

but, i'm glad you're enjoying this story! :3

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Review #30, by Kansasgirl Problem Number One

4th August 2014:
I love this and can definitely relate to it because I'm the person who everyone goes to for advice.

Author's Response: thanks so much for the review. i'm glad you can relate to coral! xx

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Review #31, by endlessShenanigans Problem Number Ten.

4th August 2014:
I like this story! I've been pleasantly surprised with your versions of Albus and his cousins, and Coral's voice is fun to read. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: ooh thank you! this actually means a lot. the next chapter is up :)

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Review #32, by M. Steele Problem Number Ten.

17th June 2014:
I love this story! It is so creative and different and Coral and Albus have such great chemistry! Can't wait to read what's next.

Author's Response: You're so sweet, thank you! I'm sure the next chapter will be up soon xx

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Review #33, by Loop Problem Number Ten.

7th June 2014:

YOU'RE BACK!!! I LOVED THE CHAPTER. as you can see im strangely invested in the wellbeing of albus and coral's friendship which means i truly LOVE this story. (Mostly because I love Coral's character)!

Anyways I loved this chapter! Please Update Soon!

Author's Response: UGH I KNOW RIGHT??

YES I AM! :D Thank you so much! I'm so glad you love this story!

An update is coming soon! Thanks so much for the review xx

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Review #34, by Avis_Oppugno Problem Number Ten.

4th June 2014:
Can't wait for the next one!! xx

Author's Response: the next chapter should be up soon, i promise!

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Review #35, by Avis_Oppugno Problem Number Eight

4th June 2014:
Ooooh I love a good cliff-hanger! xx

Author's Response: thank you! :3

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Review #36, by Avis_Oppugno Problem Number Five

4th June 2014:
Loving the story so far! Looking forward to read more! xx

Author's Response: thank you so much xx

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Review #37, by LittleMissStoryteller Problem Number Nine

24th May 2014:
this is really good!! I love it!!
p.s.please post the james/oc short story thing!!

Author's Response: thank you! :D the james/oc story is up! it's called boy hunt :)

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Review #38, by Raven The Bookworm Problem Number Ten.

26th April 2014:
Good God, Al! You are an idiot! Nathan is her friend! Do you not understand the concept, do you need help understanding that she's friends with Nathan AND you and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that?! I mean- really- a girl can be be friends with two (I guess) mortal enemies at the same time. And you could have also just let the girl bloody explain! She was trying to get rid of him, not pry personal information about you out of him. Idiot! I repeat: IDIOT! I hate you right now Al!
On a calmer note: I don't necessarily yell at every fanfiction story I read, and me yelling through comments is actually one of my highest honors for an author. At least, personally. You write really well, and I feel a little (okay, a lot) emotionally attached to your characters. And I understand where Coral's coming from; I love helping people too. I guess you could call me the peacemaker in my group of friends. Peacemaking usually involves yelling and is not very effective, but what the hell. Peace is peace. Case closed. Anyway, your characters can be easily related to and your writing is phenomenal, I just love you as an author. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Ahaha, this made me laugh :P Albus is indeed having a few difficulties understanding that haha :P

AHHH, REALLY? OHMYGOSH. I am so glad to be worthy of such an honour. Really. I am. This means a lot to me, so thank you so much!! You made my day! And I'm so glad you're emotionally attached to my characters! I'm glad they're relatable :) And I'm sort of like Coral as well, so that came out pretty evidently through her character!

Once again, thank you! You're a total babe, love xx

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Review #39, by ASDFGHJKL1234 Problem Number Ten.

25th April 2014:


Loved it.

Again soon.

Author's Response: Hehehehehehe


Thank you.

Update will come soon.

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Review #40, by dracodarlingxx Problem Number Ten.

21st April 2014:
yay please update soon xx
al was being pretty cool and coming out of his shell and all, and then nathan comes and bloody ruins it. -_- -_-
and what's with coral being all jealous and moody and stuff? and poor baby louis :'( :'(
no complaints though, cos i love this story xx

Author's Response: I will try to update as soon as I can :)

Aw, don't blame poor Nathan! He didn't know! And actually, I was really angry and moody while writing this chapter so that kind of came out through Coral :P And it kind of meant to also because poor girl is going to get fed up sometime isn't she? Especially with her back story!

I'm glad you love this story and thanks for sticking with it, love xx

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Review #41, by Sakura9879 Problem Number Ten.

19th April 2014:
I liked the chapter, it really showed Albus in a positive light. Up until the very end at least.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! x

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Review #42, by Dirigible_Plums Problem Number Ten.

19th April 2014:
I just saw that I apparently reviewed twice even though HPFF said that my first review wasn't submitted... Hmmm..
I guess this is my 3rd review then...
Oh well, I

Author's Response: Ahh, that's okay. I don't know what you were going to say but thank you anyway :P

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Review #43, by Dirigible_Plums Problem Number Ten.

19th April 2014:
And btw, I am holding you to your word...I expect an update sometime this year... *looks suspiciously at you*

Author's Response: An update is coming! I promise! Thanks for the review xx

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Review #44, by potterfan310 Problem Number Ten.

19th April 2014:
Hi, hi, hi!!

I could not agree more with Coral, lol :p Exercise is torture. Coral and her brother are cute despite their arguing, ahh sibling love.

Nathan is a cutie.

Louis and Nell breaking makes me sad as does Coral arguing with Nell. Don't worry be happy ♥

Albus ♥ Ahh the bad boy has returned :D

YES! I love that there is so much Albus/Coral interaction and despite everything Albus is just rolling with it. At least he's coming outof his shell. Albus and Coral talking to Louis! I love that they're working together to try and help their friend and cousin.

"using her soft (really, itís the softest thing youíll find), rubbing her blonde hair dry." - Haha, I think you've maybe missed the world 'towel' out.

Aww but things were going so well. Oh Albus *sighs*

I can't wait for the next one!

Soph x

Author's Response: Nathan is adorable, isn't he? :3

Albus/Coral interaction? Can I get a hell yeah please? n_n

Oh! Thank you so much for pointing that out, i'll get around fixing is as soon as i can! :)

Aww, I know. Ah, Albus. What do we do?

I'm glad you're excited because the next chapter should be up soon!

Thank you so much for the lovely review xx

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Review #45, by Dirigible_Plums Problem Number Ten.

19th April 2014:
Oohhh dayuuum it's going down

Author's Response: It is indeed, haha x

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Review #46, by Failed_and_Forgotten Problem Number Nine

23rd March 2014:
I knew there was something fishy with that fish Aimee. //shot

Finally progress!!! ohoho~ *jumping around the room* Albus dearie, why are you so cute? XDDD And that little Rocky-Albus moment back there. raawr~ i smell something that is about to begin. XDDD

Author-nim i love you so much~ even if you update slow and steady//double shot Hoho~ i feel excited whenever i login after ages and this is the first fanfic i open (and it has been updated) and the next chapter would be more thrilling than the previous. XD *thumbs up*

Author's Response: Yay for progress! :D Albus is cute? That's the first time someone has called him that :P Omg, you're one of the few people who mentioned that moment! I'm glad you noticed :P

Ahhh, you're so sweet! This is the first fan fic you open? Ah, you're lovely. Thanks love :*

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Review #47, by Sakura9879 Problem Number Nine

8th February 2014:
Upppddateee! Please! I need this!

Author's Response: i'm so sorry! it's been ages! but i promise i'll get this chapter as soon as i can xx

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Review #48, by KnightAngel Problem Number Nine

18th January 2014:
omg update already! pleeaasee!!

Author's Response: im trying! i promise to get the next chapter up as soon as i can xx

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Review #49, by AlexFan Problem Number Nine

2nd January 2014:
Hello there and just putting this out there but I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing!

Aimee is definitely what I expected her to be. I thought she was going to actually be helpful or something like that. Instead she was of absolutely no help and just told Rocky that there was no point in helping Albus.

Exactly how good of a friend was she to Albus because by the sounds of it, I don't think Aimee was a very good friend. Still, the suspense is killing me as to what is going on with Albus.

Speaking of Albus, I love how Rocky invites him to have dinner with her and her friends again. Gaining his trust is probably the best way to get Albus to open up to her about what his problem is.

And of course Quidditch is what the boys talk about. It seems that Quidditch brings everyone together in the wizarding world. I'm expecting it to become a law that everyone love or know a lot about Quidditch. I'm just so happy to see Albus being social that's all.

But anyway, awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Glad to see you AlexFan! :)

Aimee, well, she certainly was something - helpful wasn't one of them! Aimee and Albus's past will be revealed so do watch out for that :)

Ahh Quidditch! Unites us all eh? Albus being social is something that definitely everyone is happy about haha

Thank you so much! :))

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Review #50, by Marauders map63 Problem Number Eight

26th December 2013:
Great job! This story is one of the best on here

Author's Response: thank you so much! :)

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