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Review #26, by Sharvi James' Jolt

22nd September 2013:
Oh no! Poor Scorpius. Is Rose trying to get over him by snogging all these boys? And why is everyone crazy over Lily acting that way. What did she find out? Did Leo actually hurt her that much? And if she cared so much about him why did she treat him so badly? So many questions, not enough answers. And James CANNOT lose hope over Ellie. Not now! AAH the feels! I have to read more. I won't be surprised I finish the story today! Great update =)

Author's Response: So many questions :O

You probably have the answers by now (since you've already finished the story and I'm rubbish at responding to reviews)...So, instead of answering them, I shall draw a digital picture:

C(*.*)D [it's a monkey]

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Review #27, by Sharvi The Princess and the Death Eater

22nd September 2013:
Heyo! Wow, I think that way you introduce all these stories in the middle is pretty awesome. And I won't lie, Scorpius' story really tugged at my heart. "When we grow up, will you promise to be my wife?” "I promise to be your wife [Scorpius]" =P And I'm so thankful Ellie's back! I was missing her these past few chapters

Author's Response: This is my favourite chapter, and I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sharvi.

Geez, I wish I would have responded quicker to these awesome reviews. I feel so horrid.

Do you happen to have a forums account? You should friend me! Besties for life

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Review #28, by Sharvi I Need New Friends

22nd September 2013:
Scorpius and Rose are meant to be! Even Albus knows it! Also, I'm getting worried.

Author's Response: Haha, I don't know why this review made me laugh. Albus knows everything (not really, but it's fun to think so)!

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Review #29, by Sharvi Rose Can Count To Infinity, Twice

22nd September 2013:
Wow, Lily is extremely immature! But I suppose that's part of who she is. And being a big Rose/Scorpius shipper I can't wait to see if anything happens to them. Obviously they're mean to be! And where is Ellie? Another great chapter =)

Author's Response: I believe Ellie is frolicking in the wilderness as a werewolf in this chapter, but I'd have to re-read it to make sure.

I am also a ScoRose shipper! They are my OTP. We are going to be great friends, I can tell.

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Review #30, by Sharvi Fair Enough

22nd September 2013:
So Leo goes to the House elves during full moons and actually does remember that night with Charlotte. Reading this chapter has made me inexplicably happy!

Author's Response: :D Reading these reviews you've left makes me inexplicably happy! You're fan-flipping-tastic

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Review #31, by Sharvi Blasphemy!

22nd September 2013:
Haha, they make Rose sound like Chuck Norris! Can't wait to continue reading! Also I have to say that I love your chapter images- they're spectacular!

Author's Response: Heh, yeah. Oh man, empyreal.@DA made them and she's fantastic! She also did my banner!

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Review #32, by Sharvi I Don't Know

22nd September 2013:
So, Lily hates Ellie because she's perfect? Oh how wrong could she be! Another great chapter =)

Author's Response: There's always that one person we know that seems to be perfect, right? We envy them, but we don't completely understand them. I was hoping to convey that through Lily

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Review #33, by Sharvi Cat Got Your Tongue?

22nd September 2013:
Haha, love a flirty Scorpius! I want to know more about Leo and Charlotte!

Author's Response: Scorpius...such a crazy little kid.

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Review #34, by Sharvi Have Mercy

22nd September 2013:
Charlotte and Leo huh? How's Albus' and Lily's relationsip? I wonder because James seemed to be chummy with her, but Scorpius seems to hate her and Albus knows that she isn't good for Leo. Interesting... Great update =)

Author's Response: Good questions. I'd say Albus's and Lily's relationship is very mediocre. Nothing too exciting :P THANKS

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Review #35, by Sharvi Freak

22nd September 2013:
Why do I have a feeling that Leo is with Lily only to stop her from torturing Ellie? Great update, it was fun to see things from Leo's POV and I wonder what happened to Lily to make her like this and hate Ellie so much.

Author's Response: Sophie, is it?

Would you be offended if I called you Sophie? I hope not, because you left like 30 reviews.

GURLLL, you're amazing.

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Review #36, by Sharvi The Rumour Mill

22nd September 2013:
First of all, I find it fascinating that you've included this aspect of lycanthropy that Rowling didn't include and that's the fact that the "wolf" starts dominating before even full moon. It's a pretty good detail to include. I really hope that we get to find out why James likes Ellie (other than her eyes!)

Author's Response: I thought it was a good principle to add. It explains why Remus was tired all the time, eh? Also Rowling hints at the discrimination of werewolves, and I wanted to bring that forward to play on.

Anyways, thanks for reviewing! You're awesome

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Review #37, by Sharvi Prologue

22nd September 2013:
Ok I just started reading this and it seems really really interesting. I'll try to review as I go along, but I apologize in advance if I miss some chapters because sometimes I'm so eager to read ahead that I forget to review :P

Author's Response: Sharvi. Sharvi, I went onto this account and it said "28 unanswered reviews" and it just blew my mind. I was all like, "What?"

Now I understand that you are one dedicated reviewer! I'm exciting to read these :D

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Review #38, by Lobellia Sackville-Baggins Epilogue

17th September 2013:
What a lovely story! Complex emotions, devotion, love...wonderful.
It was a true joy reading this.
Happy writing!

Author's Response: Awww shucks, thanks! So much going on, eh? Just hope I got enough of it tied up and ready to be sequeled upon. That didn't make sense. But it did...a little.

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Review #39, by girl_with_sapphire_eyes Epilogue

16th September 2013:
I can't believe this is over *sniff*
I loved the ending, though and the epilogue was just perfect! I don't care that it might have just been a little, teeny, weeny bit cliche with most of them being happy, because it just HAD to happen and it wasn't unrealistic. So I embrace the fluffy, happiness with absolutely no regrets :D ...

I’m so glad everything worked out ok for James and Ellie, they're just adorable. And, of course, Chleo . It just makes me smile knowing that both of the couples are FINALLY together ;) I also sort of like how Scorpius and Rose are not a couple (yet?), I mean it certainly would be cliche if Scorpius suddenly realised his love for Rose was more than the fact that they're best friends right at the end so that ScoRose can join Jellie and Chleo with the awesome name combinations, hehe.
They kind of remind me of Ron and Hermione a little bit. With Ron being a bit slow and Hermione always getting frustrated with him. It's sort of realistic too, he's just a teenage boy after all and everyone knows they are all clueless…. No, I kid, they're not all clueless, just most of them….

ALBUS! He's definitely my utmost favourite character. The bit where he says about Aphra Behn being his girl, that's just brilliant and totally like me. I adore him and want to be his best friend. Can I please be his best friend? Haha. I agree with Scorpius though, he needs a girl and I am holding out hope for him in Instructing Isadora.
“I do the only reasonable thing. I throw a spoon at him.” I am overjoyed that you ended your story with this line. It's just excellent, superb, impeccable, splendid. I'm not sure that there's an exact word for how I feel about that last line – it just fits perfectly.
I can't wait for Instructing Isadora and I really hope your fiance feels better soon!!

Katie x

Author's Response: Hullo Katie!

I am...*dramatic silence*...the KING OF FLUFF! Although, you must admit that I did bring a smile to your face, right? RIGHT??

I wanted to convey the true lack of emotional understanding that boys Scorpius's age have. Seriously, when I was the kid's age, I still couldn't decipher between my "want to snog her so bad" with my "I want to punch her so much" feelings. Weird, I know, but my hate/love line was pretty thin.

Albus is getting some love with these reviews, I love that, especially since the sequel is all about the poor kid. You may be his best friend! He will probably like that. Right now, he's sitting around, reading and waiting for me to put his story up. Basically, he's lonely, I'll set you two up.

The sequel should be out soon! My fiance's okay, just throwing up and such. I have no idea what to do!

Anyways, thanks for your beautifully eloquent thoughts, looking forward to hearing from you again,


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Review #40, by BookDinosaur Epilogue

16th September 2013:
Hey Jack! I'm proud of you, updating so soon... *wipes away tear* Now I need to go update my story.

Can I just say how angry I am at Scorpius right now? He's so oblivious! 'After all, we are best friends' seriously?! *shakes head* I hope you can knock some sense into him in Instructing Isadora!

CHLEO! Oh my goodness, I was smiling like an idiot the whole way through reading their part! So sweet, and just asdfghjkl; it was amazing and so nice.

Ah Jellie Jellie Jellie, of course they're my favourite couple! Them in the train ride was so sweet, just being happy together, even though it was such a short cameo. :) I hope we can see more of them in the sequel!

I'm waiting with bated breath for Instructing Isadora, in which ScoRose end up together and Albus gets a girl! I hope Kathryn feels better soon, for her sake and mine. :P Of course you'll hear from me again in the sequel, who do you think I am? :P Happy writing!

Author's Response: *dances around the room* You're proud?! Yay!

Oh geez, yes. I'm embarrassed for the poor kid, but in hindsight, that's how I was with Kathryn. He needs more time :P

Chleo was difficult to write, because Charlotte annoys me, but life will go on. Jellie is (as Kathryn says), "freaking adorable, if you mess with them, I will divorce you so fast your pretty head will fall off your shoulders." So, don't worry about Jellie.

I found a really awesome title artwork for Instructing Isadora. I've put it on hold, but I've got to make sure to get that first chapter in before time runs out. So, expect the sequel soon. HAPPY WRITING!


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Review #41, by raquick Epilogue

16th September 2013:
This was such a great story! I started reading it a couple of weeks ago and I have been absolutely addicted. I love that James and Ellie got together though I wish Scorpius and Rose were together too!

My biggest disappointment though is - what about Albus?!? I think you did an incredible job of characterizing him. He's observant and thoughtful and sort of mysterious. But what about him? I find myself so interested in what his motivations are, what he wants out of life, if he ever will get into a relationship. I think he is one of the most fascinating characters you developed in this whole story. Great work. Can't wait to read the sequel!!

Author's Response: Oo, raquick, what an interesting profile name. Why thank you! Your words...they flatter me.

Oh man, you're amazing, seriously. I would like you to know that the sequel is all about Albus (like Scorpius said, we've got to get Albus a girl). I'm glad you like him the most. I love all of my characters, they're all like offsprings to me, but I do have a soft spot for Albus.

Watch out for the sequel Instructing Isadora, I'm sure that you'll enjoy it!

Thanks for your wonderful review, and reading this silly thing all the way to the finale

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Review #42, by ines0803 Epilogue

16th September 2013:
I can't believe it's over! I knew there was only the epilogue left, but now that it's done I'm like "what am I going to read now?". This is one of my favourite NG fanfiction and I don't have to go looking for new chapters anymore. I know there will be a sequel, but I won't be looking for Shut Up And Kiss Me.
I love the end. It wasn't too unrealistic. Not every couple ends up together (I would love that, but it only happens in books and movies). In the sequel Rose and Scorp have to be together, though xD
CHEO! I was smiling the whole time. They've always been my favourite couple.
This is my last review in this story *weep away a tear* I just want to thank you for posting this story. I've been reading it for the last months and it really means a lot to me. You're the best!
I hope Kathryn feels better soon :) Tell her I said hi!

Author's Response: Ines!

I'm relieved it's over. The stress of updating is finally off my back :P. Haha, you could always reread it *stares at the screen with hope*. Actually, I have this next gen one-shot that I want to put up here soon, so you could look forward to that :D!

I want to thank you for you dedication and loyalty. You're an amazing reviewer! Very observant :)

Thanks for everything,

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Review #43, by Harry and Ginny Epilogue

16th September 2013:
read this story and loved it! loved that finally James and Ellie are together an also Leo and Charlotte, though I don't know if they are officially a couple or not... can't wait to read the sequel with Scorpius and Rose!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: WOOT! Thanks for this wonderful review. Oh things will probably be resolved in the sequel. Watch out for it! I'd love your feedback for that one :D

You're amazing

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Review #44, by harrietm Epilogue

16th September 2013:
It's over :'( So pumped to hear there's a sequel though!! :D
You did a very nice job of wrapping everything up until.Scorose! Arghhh I just wanted to slap Scorpius so he would understand haha But in hindsight it was probably good to not have EVERYONE getting a perfect happy ending.
At the end of the day I just want to thank you heaps for writing such a good story from start to finish, I've become quite emotionally attached to everyone and that speaks volumes about your writing. I'm gonna stop now before I gush too much. Consider my restraint a thank you present :P Looking forward to more brilliance,
harrietm :)

Author's Response: Hullo!

Wow, what a wonderful review! Hahaha, no need to show restraint, I love your comments. I couldn't do it, harrietm. I couldn't put Scorpius and Rose together just yet. It will happen! Well, probably.

Thanks for reading this thing all the way to the end. Your loyalty means a lot!

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Review #45, by ines0803 Shut Up and Kiss Me

12th September 2013:
You're back! Will we have to wait another two months before the next chapter? I don't think I can wait that long!

Jellie! Finally! And she won't take it back :D

Chleo! They HAVE to be together. I feel sorry for the letter boy, but I bet he got something in return from Leo.

Rose and Daniel broke up! I think. I'm glad they did, though I feel sorry for Rose. I never like when one of the characters is sad.

Great chapter. I can't wait for the epilogue and the next book.


Author's Response: It's a great epilogue, full of puppies, unicorns, and kittens! Haha, just kidding. It's full of lovey dovey stuff.

I actually have already put the epilogue in the queue, so it should be up by saturday or sunday!

The sequel will be put up right after that, so there shouldn't be much waiting for it.

Woot! Always nice to hear from you :D

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Review #46, by Chivalrous Shut Up and Kiss Me

9th September 2013:
AW that's precious! I can't wait for the epilogue and then the sequel! Eeeek!

Oh and I'd love for Peeves/Spoons to be together for all of eternity dat's my OTP right there! Hahahaha!

Just kidding it's James/Ellie obviously! ;)

Author's Response: the epilogue will be up soon! It's being validated as I type this response up :O

Actually, I'm more partial with the Daniel/Staring at the floor pairing. Hah.

Anyways, great hearing from you Ms. Chivalrous. I'm excited for you to read the epilogue :D

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Review #47, by dreamwormwood2327 Immature

8th September 2013:
Hugo and worms is my favorite pairing.

Author's Response: Hahahaha YES!

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Review #48, by BookDinosaur Shut Up and Kiss Me

7th September 2013:
JACK! *rugby tackles* YOU UPDATED! *parties*

I loved reading this chapter! Ahaha, and of course you'd find a way to work the mallards in there! I find quite a lot of self-insertion into your stories...

But seriously Jack, can you pummel my feels any more than you already have? They're a puddle...over there. *points in a random direction* Oh, and can I just say that I love that kid having to deliver a letter to Charlotte? That made me laugh. Poor kid. Leo is manipulative. And he had to stay there until Charlotte had read it! Ahaha.

Well, anyway, I loved the Q-and-A. And how he knew it was her the whole time and I think I'll shut up or I'll start rambling. Gladiolus. Is that more self-insertion? I can't remember.

And Jack. Jack jack jack. You have to wrap up the Chleo for me, okay? And the tree, and the paper, and library book, and the poor kid passing notes between the two. And while you're at it, why don't you wrap up the ScoRose as well? Hmm? *hint hint* I NEED TO KNOW, JACK.

And Jellie - gah they are so sweet and I think Imma die. DIE, JACK. But shouldn't Madam Pomfrey have come out and told them to get back to their beds? :P Jellie Jellie Jellie.

So, you'll write the epilogue soon, yeah Jack? And then the sequel will go up! *is excited* No pressure. :P

PS - How was the mattress party?

Author's Response: Hahahahaha...gosh you make me laugh, Emily.

You should probably be excited for this sequel if you like self-insertions. I'll tell you a secret: ScoRose is based on my relationship with my fiance :P.

Actually, I looked up Gladiolus on the internet. I typed something like "flower with weird name" and that's what came up. I just needed something that would make an impression on a guy, ya know?

I've submitted the epilogue!!! BE PROUD OF ME! So things get wrapped up so nicely, that I made my fiance cry a little. A lot. Anyways, I'm excited for everyone to read it.

Oh, and the sequel will go up as soon as the epilogue gets validated. Am I efficient or what?

*hi-fives computer screen*

I got a small business mattress shop to fund the party for advertising throughout the party. It happens this Saturday, and everyone's excited. Other than that, life is slowing down. Finally.

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Review #49, by Albus Potter's Woman Shut Up and Kiss Me

7th September 2013:
You know it's been so long since I've seen an update that I actually forgot this story exists. But you're forgiven because I like it so...yeah. I can't believe that there's an epilogue left and that's it but I am looking forward to the sequel. What will it be called so I can be on the lookout? This story has been amazing and I have really empathised with the characters while reading this. Scorpius is a personal favourite of mine because he's too damn adorable and also Al because he's always my favourite Next Gen character (yeah I'm biased). Basically congratulations on an amazing story and keep writing :)
-Albus Potter's Woman
P.S: please don't make me wait like a year for the epilogue!! x

Author's Response: You...forgot? Ha, just kidding, I'm not offended. I completely understand. Life got crazy for me, so the last thing on my mind was updating :P.

The epilogue is epic. Be excited. The sequel is called: Instructing Isadora. The first chapter of that will be up as soon as the epilogue gets validated.

Wow, you're amazing! Thanks for liking my characters, that's the biggest compliment any writer can receive :) Scorpius is a personal favourite of mine (don't tell the others).

Thanks for an awesome review! The sequel is all about Albus (not really, but I know how much you like him)

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Review #50, by harrietm Shut Up and Kiss Me

6th September 2013:


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