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Review #26, by Voldys_Moldy A Bad Dream

1st July 2013:
Ahhh! No! Clara! What's happened? Oh my God, Clara! Those teabags! They aren't worth a small decimal of what Clara's worth. I can't wait for them to get theirs. But what up with James? Is he just trying to make it not worse by not associating with her? At least Fred helped. Sort of. You've got to update soon, I can't leave with a sentence like that to end a chapter! Gah! Seriously, though, these idiots need to be taught a lesson. How are they even Gryffindors?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!! I'm so sorry but I HAD to do this. And trust me, the revenge will come...eventually. James is trying to be a REAL Gryffindor, it all gets explained later, I promise.

The staff is on their week-long summer break but I'll get chapter 6 in the queue ASAP.

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Review #27, by nutellugh A Bad Dream

1st July 2013:
ahh, a cliffhanger. :(
can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! Sorry for the cliffhanger but I felt it was a necessary evil. The staff is on their summer break but I'll get chappie 6 in the queue ASAP.

Ps: I love your name!

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Review #28, by TroubleFindsMe Hell is for Children

9th June 2013:
Awesome chapter, I hope she can get rid of Ivan because he's a huge dick

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much! My favorite chapter is coming up soon...I think you'll enjoy it ;)

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Review #29, by Voldys_Moldy Hell is for Children

7th June 2013:
Blergh. Dude, this is fantastic. Normally I don't go for the whole intense-and-dark-adventure-fanfic, but this is brilliant. Please keep on writing, I absolutely love it! And I love Clara. This is a really interesting spin on things and I love it. Also, I admire Clara. I think she's more of a Gryffindor than she realizes. Maybe she didn't say anything to them for years. But she's doing something now to protect the person she loves, and that means a lot. I have a hunch that she's going to pull something incredible stuff and screw up these jerks' plans. Oh. Wait. That was kind of shown to us in the little prologue-thingy. Anyways. Please update soon, I love this!

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for the review! I am so glad you're liking the story. I don't normally write this dark, but for whatever reason (and I hope I'm not secretly evil or anything) this story just came so easily to me.

Clara's development as a character is what makes this story so challenging and yet so easy to write, so I am so happy you love her as much as I do :) Chapter 5 will be in the queue soon, I promise!

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Review #30, by Solo Hell is for Children

7th June 2013:
I may have done a little squeak when I saw you'd updated... ;)

I have to say I adore this story. The evil characters are just so inherently evil, and though Clara's essentially 'good' she's still not liked by the purebloods, nor is she really fitting in with the Muggleborns. So she's stuck in some sort of limbo that makes me want to cuddle her and take her away...

James I also want to cuddle and steal. And Rose seems like an absolute sweetheart, looking after her family. I love the fellowship between them, they're just so cute. In a very sad way.

And ugh Ivan you swine. I dislike you. Control freak grrr.

Really interested in the devlopment of this story as it's so promising! And yes I still love your writing style. I'm already shipping James/Clara like there's no tomorrow.

Author's Response: I DEFINITELY did a little squeak when I saw I had a review! I'm so glad you like the story! I struggled with writing evil characters because I'm the sort of person who can't bear to be openly rude or cruel to anyone, so I am over the moon that it seems so real.

I want to cuddle and steal James as well, I've never been so attached to a male character I've written about as well. And I love to hate Ivan ;)

Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments and the review!

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Review #31, by Lululuna Hell is for Children

7th June 2013:
Hello, I was so happy to see you updated! :)

This was such a chilling chapter! :( This portrayal of Hogwarts just terrifies me, it's so tense and dangerous and that really comes across. There's just no rest for any of them, and it saddens me how so many people can be so wicked just because of being Muggleborn and impresisonable. It's very powerful! :)

Poor Clara, she's in danger now as well and I'm really worried for her! She's just questioning her morals and trying to be a good person and is being punished for it, especially by such a creep as Ivan. I wonder, why do they stay at Hogwarts if they recieve death threats? It's too bad none of the teachers can do anything, really! :(

Another great chapter, and I can't wait to see what happens next! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, it really made me smile :) I had this idea about a person not feeling like they had a safe place to turn to and that is mostly what inspired this story. I'm so glad all of my various thought-seeds are coming across in the chapters!

All I can say about Clara's situation is, it gets worse before it gets better (but it does get better!)

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Review #32, by _lovely_lily Hell is for Children

7th June 2013:
I honestly think that this is going to be the best story on here that I've ever read (or one of them at least). The idea is so original and it's so dark yet romantic and wow I just love this so much, I'm always waiting for updates haha, so yeah, you are absolutely amazing :) oh and I'll be honest, the title of the story drew me in as well, its one of my favourite songs

Author's Response: WHAT oh my gosh!! I hope I can live up to your expectations :) Originality is what I was striving for but we'll have to see if it all works out. Once I get my next chapter image, chapter 5 will be in the queue. Thank you so much for your review! (also, it's always nice to know there are other Pat Benatar fans out there!)

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Review #33, by TroubleFindsMe Heroes

6th June 2013:
This story is actually amazing and I love it so much, your idea is the most original thing I've come across on this entire site! Please, keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm literally blushing right now, thank you so much!! I'm overwhelmed by how many people like it. I fully plan on finishing this story so don't worry :)

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Review #34, by Solo Heroes

5th June 2013:
Oh wow, this is... different. I really like it. I kinda want to know a bit more as to why the purebloods are so hated, because they kinda saved the world. But I adore James, and your writing style is lovely. Looking forwards to more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Different is definitely what I was shooting for. The history of it all will come in later, don't worry ;) James is one of my favorite characters to write so I'm so glad you like him.

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Review #35, by CauldronCharm130 Heroes

1st June 2013:
I love this. I think that you have a really original idea. I have never read anything like this and I really think that its great. Hope you keep writing and cant wait for you to update. xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I am astonished at all the positivity I'm receiving from this story. Chapter 4 is in the queue :)

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Review #36, by Phoenix_Feather49 Don't Panic

14th May 2013:
Hello again! I've just reviewed on the previous chapter and I'm back again.

Another brilliant chapter! It's horribly sad (in a good way) as I feel so awful for James and the other Pures. I did love the occasional touch of humour though- the whole mascara wand and magic wand thing was a stroke of genius!

Minor confusion: technically James and the Potters aren't Purebloodds- Harry's only a half-blood which means they're not truly "pure". In this are you judging if you're Pureblood or not if you have two Wizard parents? Or do they just hate the Potters because of their involvement with other Purebloods? Just a point I wanted to clarify!

Really enjoyed it! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Hello again :) I know it's sad but that's what makes me so interested to write it I think. And sometimes I just can't stop myself from throwing in some one liners haha.

I've gotten this question several times and I think technically the Potters are 3/4, but I'm following the Grandparents Rule (both sets of grandparents were magical). So for the purpose of this story, they're pureblood! Oh, and I suppose being the children of Harry Potter had something to do with it :) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #37, by Lululuna Don't Panic

11th May 2013:
I really like the world you've set up here, like I said in the last review. It's so original, and so dark, but also sadly realistic in a way. I really love Clara as a narrator so far: she seems like such a genuinely good, open-minded person, unlike so many of the power-tripping, bullying Muggleborns. It's really so interesting in your story how the tides have changed! I was wondering how the Muggleborns felt about entering the wizarding world at 11, and how they were so quick to exert their dominance over the "Pures." How did they learn about wizarding history, and when did the tradition of hatred begin? And why doesn't the outside wizarding world do something? But I'm sure you'll explain all those things in later chapters! :)

The romance growing between James and Clara is so adorable, though very tragic in a way. It's so strange to think of the children of Harry Potter being underdogs, but then again that's part of the charm of your story. I can really feel the tension and danger of this Hogwarts. Another intruiging bit is how Margaret and Clara are friends, whereas in the first chapter she was revealed as one of the killers!

Anyway, this is another amazing chapter and I'm so excited to read more of your both disturbing and enthralling story!! :D

Author's Response: Hi, thanks so much for reviewing! I'm so glad you like the story/plot/darkness, I was admittedly very nervous about how people were going to receive it. Clara definitely isn't perfect but I wanted people to root for her! I will address your questions in future chapters but I will say that little eleven year olds are very...malleable.

This romance has been my favorite one to write out of all the stories I have on my computer even though it really is quite tragic, and I'm so happy you like it! Thanks again for reviewing, an update is coming soon!

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Review #38, by 365daysdone Don't Panic

10th May 2013:
hnggg, I seriously adore your style.

I'm also a fan of your twist on the future wizarding world ;) I can honestly say this is the first fan fiction I've enjoyed where there's been a play on the pureblood/muggleborn thing. You're developing it very nice and it's really intense, but I like it. Not in a sick way, I just mean it's a good plot. Okay. Apparently I've forgotten how to use my words.

I also really like what she's got goin' on with James. I'm already imagining where it's going to go and I can't wait to read about. I'm definitely looking forward to an update

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all of your beautiful reviews! as I said on TDA, you made my life. I'm so glad you like the twist, I honestly can't remember how I came up with it and it's really bugging me :/

My main goal was to write it intensely, with the underlying romance making it tragic. I secretly must be depraved or something because writing this story came so easily haha. Thanks again for reviewing!

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