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Review #26, by potterlover97 The Rest of the Cast

2nd November 2012:
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! God, I love Clara. And James. And this story. And your writing style. So ,please, please, update soon! :D

Author's Response: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The next chapter's in the queue, so hopefully it will be validated soon!

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Review #27, by SwiftPotterhead The Rest of the Cast

27th October 2012:
I don't think it was too descriptive, I really liked it :)

Author's Response: Merci mon amie :D

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Review #28, by Emma The Rest of the Cast

25th October 2012:
This was really good. It wasn't too long and tedious and overly detailed, but it was a good length, funny, witty and well written.
I'm excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks girl! The next chapter is a little longer, but around the same length as the first, so not too long :P

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Review #29, by charm_the_stag The Rest of the Cast

25th October 2012:
It's was pretty good. I love the jokes (attempts made by Fred) oooh James not pink yet?? :P
There were a few mistakes, not really big. And I think it's Scorpius.
Hope the next chapter comes out quick..!

Author's Response: Scorpius spelling: fixed.
I always spell it wrong -__-
Pink James will come in the next chapter, I pinky swear!

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Review #30, by Gryffindorgirl_1014 The Rest of the Cast

24th October 2012:
Man, PMS-ing girl is really embarrassing! But your story is amazing!! I really love the jokes and how everyone's characters are like you'd think of them except not predictable (that's like the best thing ever to me!). Great job!!

Author's Response: Oh thank you, this is so nice! Honestly, this is such a wonderful compliment because I was worried about characterization!

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Review #31, by TimeSeer The Rest of the Cast

24th October 2012:
This was a great chapter! I really enjoy Clara. And James is seeming more and more like a jerk as time goes by. Anyway amazing chapter and please update soon!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! James is kind of a jerk...but he can also be a big softie :) So glad you like it! Ch. 3 will be up very soon!

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Review #32, by TimeSeer Meet the OC

21st October 2012:
Great first character! The story is looking like it will be a good one! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! Update Status: Complete!

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Review #33, by HorseMad99 Meet the OC

14th October 2012:
this is really good please update it soon! x

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #34, by ladymontgomery Meet the OC

14th October 2012:
First off, this novel is super cute already. Always am I a fan of awkward characters. She's charming :). Can't say too much right now since it's all intro's and stuff, but I'm liking it right now. I didn't see any gramattical errors, and as my friend so tactfully calls me I'm a grammar *ahem old timey word for prostitute* ANYYYWAAYYYS if that is Asher Monroe on your banner I will seriously love you like...for ever and keep reading this if it sucks(though I highly doubt that). If it's not Asher Monroe then I'm sorry for being random lol.

Author's Response: Wow, this is so sweet! Clara is probably the definition of awkward :P There's one more chapter of introductions (gotta intro the boys) and then it's on to a steadier plot.
Yes! No grammatical errors! I'm basically the worst with typos, and I always miss something.

Who's Asher Mun-JUST JOKING IT IS ASHER MUNROE AJSDKFJASLKDJF! He's so perfect and his singing voice omg (activate full fangirl mode)!
Thanks for the review and I'll bribe you to continue reading with the promise of Asher Munroe in an upcoming chapter image!

XX HogwartsKid

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Review #35, by sayxwhat Meet the OC

13th October 2012:
I absolutley loved this! I have a thing for witty characters. Update soon :)

Author's Response: Yay thanks, I'm glad that Clara's witty :P
Update coming up shortly!

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Review #36, by Harry and Ginny Meet the OC

13th October 2012:
this is a great first chapter! the introduction to Clara is very good and it was funny when she was having an internal battle with the wall! haha lol can't wait to read more!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope it wasn't too wordy!
Ahaha that was my favourite part to write.

Ty for the review!

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Review #37, by hart Meet the OC

13th October 2012:
nice story till now
could you update quickly i would like to read this story
please update QUICKLY

Author's Response: Merci :D Updating! Updating!
Ch.2 is written and is waiting for validation!

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Review #38, by charm_the_stag Meet the OC

13th October 2012:
Oh I like this!
"You knocked me over when you came out of the portrait. Since then I've become rather attached to the floor and have now decided to just stay here forever."
-this had to be my favourite part.
I think I'm beginning to like Clara and her violent tendencies :P and password remembering skills.
And yes I can't wait for James to be introduce.
I like how this is going. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: You have a favourite part! That made my day!

'Violent tendencies', I like that. Mind if I use it? She definitely has a temper of sorts, and let's just say that it will get her into a lot of awkward situations.

The wait will soon be over, he's making his first appearance in this chapter!
Thank you so much for the review, it was really nice :3

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Review #39, by Ryann Meet the OC

22nd September 2012:
You've done a great job so far. Keep up the good work. =0)

Author's Response: Awww thanks, that's so sweet :)

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Review #40, by Thalia Gray Meet the OC

19th September 2012:
I can't wait to meet James. I think this story is going to be good. :)

Author's Response:
ASDKFJAS My first review! Excuse me while I have a minor freak out.

I pinky swear James is in the next chap! Thank you for reviewing!

xx HogwartsKid

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