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Review #26, by Dirigible_Plums XIX

28th April 2014:
After reading Chapter 18, I realise that Dom must've mentioned some random summer fling in one of her letters to Rose. That being said, Nott himself sounds pretty much adorable, you know, because of the way he clearly likes Dom.

This chapter was- whoa. Jada Chang is a b*tch, trying to mess with Rose. And Lucy, well she kinda annoys me. I mean, she did pay Rose to snog Dave, set herself up for heartbreak and then turns it around on her! I'm not excusing Rose's behaviour but ahem, excuse me, can Lucy get off her high horse and maybe shut the f*ck up.

I get intense sometimes lol. The chapter was awesome except for the lack of one Scorpius Malfoy. Can't wait to see him soon though


Author's Response: Hello Dirigible_Plums,

Okay that's fine, sorry if that was confusing! I love Nott, he's this huge, muscly Slytherin with a bit of a bad boy image but he's just so over his head with Dominique... I might give them some one-shots in the future.

That is a very good description of Miss Chang. She had her reasons, thought they're not overly relevant to the story - Will Montague is her ex. And she kind of hates Lily, or the Potters in general. Lucy is not having the best time of it at the moment. She can't seem to accept the fact that Dave picked Rose. Dave always picks Rose. But yes, she does need to get off her high horse because she DID ask Rose to kiss him after all. And sure Rose took a little longer than usual but that's kind of to be expected when she actually has a history with the guy.

Intense is good. I like intense. I get very intense about my characters more often that I probably should so it pleases me when others get intense too. Thank you! Mr Malfoy No. Three is coming up right at the start of the next chapter and also midway through... And that chapter's in the queue so hopefully it will be up soon! Thank you for your lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #27, by stardusts XIX

28th April 2014:
Wahh!! I really really like this Chapter (even though there is no Scorpius in it). Now that the secret is out, I wonder what will happen, how will everyone around Rose react to it.. Though I have a suspicion that Scorp already kind of knew about it (or at least was suspicious). And Lily... I just have no words. I mean I knew she resented Rose but this is just a whole another level. Oh well, I wonder what will happen now. ALSO, I'm very curious as to what exactly Will was referring to when he told Rose "And I know your heart is already elsewhere..." Does he know about her and Scorpius? (even though they are technically not a thing?) Anyways, I'm loving the frequent updates and I look forward to the next chapter seeing as everything should be coming crashing down soon :*

Author's Response: Hello stardusts,

Thank you! (And sorry about the lack of Scorpius). The next chapter focuses a lot on how people around her react, especially the people she actually cares about. (You'll have to wait and see!) I'm not sure if you mean Lucy there in stead of Lily? Because yes, Lucy is a cow. Lily is also pretty peeved off at the moment but she has a much more recent (and valid) reason.

Will is a pretty intuitive guy, especially for a Gryffindor. I think he suspects that there is someone in Rose's life that means more to her than she is willing to admit. Thank you! Next chapter is in the queue so hopefully you won't have to wait long!

Irish Myth.

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Review #28, by Dirigible_Plums XVII

19th April 2014:
Hey, I've been planning to review this for a while now. So this story isn't perfect, there have been some typos along the way- I think in some chapter or the other, you said "analysis" instead of "analyse". But I do like this story a lot. As a fan of Scorose, I surprisingly rarely find good stories. They all blur into one due to the lack of an original portrayal of either Rose or Scorpius. Thankfully with you there is an original portrayal of both. I love the fact that Scorpius has brothers as well and I can't wait to see more of the rest of them. In answer to your first question about Dominique, well I guess it's something to do with that Slytherin boy? Is he the one she met over the summer? And to be honest, I don't really have any preferences of which Weasleys we meet. I am interested about seeing a bit of Ron though, purely to see how your portrayal of him is. Can't wait until next time xxx

Author's Response: Hello Dirigible_Plums,

Thanks for reviewing! I know there are quite a few typos and grammatical mistakes in this and I keep meaning to go back and fix it all but I just want to keep writing more so editing will probably have to wait until it's finished.

Wow, thank you so much! I loved the idea of Scorpius having siblings and there will be more of them as the story goes on!

Ah Dominique... Chapter Eighteen is up so you can find out there! But your guess is pretty good. I'm not sure what you mean by the one she met over the summer, Dominique technically lives in France and has had quite a few French boys if that's what you mean? Although she's been in England since February with a visit at Christmas.

I keep meaning to put more of Rose's parents into this fic but I'm kind of nervous about writing them because they're the original trio and I couldn't possibly do them justice. That's what I love about next-geneation writing - you can make them completely new. But I'll try.

Thanks for the review and I hope you enjoy what is to come,


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Review #29, by Crescent Moon  XVII

16th April 2014:
You can't leave it like that, that's so unfair!
But you made up for it with all the Louis/Pollux/family moments - hilarious. (I know I say that a lot in your reviews but it's completely true.)
I really can't wait to read what's going to happen next, is Scorpius in the next chapter?
Loved it.

Author's Response: Hello Crescent Moon!

Haha... Yeah, I have a really bad addiction to cliff-hangers. Sorry about that. Chapter Eighteen is up thought! And nineteen is in the queue!

Thank you! I just love Louis/Pollux, they weren't even supposed to end up together in my original plan but then someone mentioned it and I completely fell in love with it. So here we are. You find it funny! Thank you!

Yes there is a small scene with Scorpius in the next chapter and a much bigger scene with him in Chapter Twenty. Looking forward to your thoughts and thanks for reviewing!


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Review #30, by Leigh XVI

4th April 2014:
Thanks so much for the quick update... Why is Scorp uptight that Rose is writing to Pollux? I NEED to know! Burning up with curiosity!

Author's Response: Hello Leigh,

You're welcome, it's the least I can do after months of nothing! All we be explained... later. Maybe in a couple more chapters. But it will be explained.

Thanks for the review,


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Review #31, by Crescent Moon  XVI

3rd April 2014:
I'm loving Molly, I'm looking forward to more of her. And Rose's reaction to Louis and Pollux was hilarious! I am curious what's got Scorpius all upset about Rose and Pollux taking.
I can't wait to read what's going to happen next.

Author's Response: Hello again Crescent Moon!

Thank you, she's such fun to write and there will be more of her. Rose really should have seen coming sooner. Scorpius' outburst will be explained but maybe not for a couple more chapters. Thanks for the review,


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Review #32, by stardusts XVI

3rd April 2014:

I wanted to say I really love, love, love this story a lot and I'm very happy you are updating again!! I kind of keep blanking on some of the stuff so I might have to go and re-read the first chapters since I read them ages ago.
I'm very excited to see more of Molly! And definitely curious about this Scorpius-Pollux thing (:
Best of luck writing more! :*

Author's Response: Hello stardusts,

Thank you so much! Hopefully updates will be regularly and more frequent from now on! Sorry about that, I had to reread a lot before I started writing this story again. There will be more Molly, never fear. And the Scorpius-Pollux thing will become clear later on.

Thanks for a lovely review,


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Review #33, by Crescent Moon  XV

31st March 2014:
Really enjoyed this chapter.
I'm loving Louis and the increasing interaction with everyone around her.
I can't wait to see what's going to happen next, and what's going to come out of finding out that Aiden is a werewolf (because somethings going to happen with that... right?) ;)

Author's Response: Hello Crescent Moon,

Thank you! I love Louis too, he's quite a character, being a Slytherin Weasley with Veela genes and all. Rose is definitely interacting a lot more with other people and in a way it's opening her up again.

Ah Aiden, I just had to throw that in there, he's one of my background characters that I can't help but want to know more about. I'm not sure if him being a werewolf will have much impact on the story but we do see him again.

Thanks for another lovely review,


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Review #34, by red8silver XIV

27th March 2014:
Okay, I have to confess something: I cheated! I originally read this chapter on FF. net since it was updated there sooner. I should have commented there but I prefer leaving comments here since it's where I discovered this great fiction.
Anyway, this review is not as objective and "fresh" as my others since I first read this chapter last week and already know what is going to happen next.
If I recall well my first reaction after reading this instalment, I think I was both shocked and pleased. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see how Rose reacted to THE kiss (this is how I'm going to call it now).
I also liked how detailed your description was: I could really feel how she felt and how much this kiss was different from the others they shared.
As well, I was glad she didn't try to find excuses to her reaction. As oblivious as she may be, it was interesting witnessing her realization, i.e. how Scorpius has "wormed himself inside her barriers".

I shouldn't comment only on THE kiss but right now, this is what marked me the most. And what a cliff-hanger at the end! If you hadn't updated soon after on FF. net, I would have been so frustrated. I'm thankful you don't go too hard on us... lately lol (I still remember the major cliffie about "Malfoy" being Faye's baby's father!)

[after reading the chapter again:] oh! I enjoyed Rose's interactions with other students and her meeting with Dominique and Pollux was fun to read too. Since I'm already too ahead with these 3, I can't really give 1st-reading impressions here. Therefore, I'm really looking forward for chapters 15 & 16 to be updated here. I have loads to say about them.

This is a little off-topic but I'm so glad you didn't abandon this story. I was scared you would since there was no update for a few months. Now, I can sleep well in my fanfiction land.

Oh! To finish: your lists make sense. It also explains why your characters have so much depth. They are not "just there" or caricatures. This is another thing that I like in your story. I want to know more about each and every character. True, I also want to see where Scorpius and Rose are heading but the story is so much more than just those two.

See you very soon when chapter 15 is on (soon hopefully otherwise, I may have to move on to FF. net and comment there).

Author's Response: Hello red8silver!

Haha, that's okay, I'm normally too impatient to wait until HPFF validates my chapters before posting them on other sites. Here is probably one of the best places to leave reviews because I respond to all of them anyway.

'The Kiss' is what I've nicknamed it too. And if you've read on, you'll know that what Rose calls it as well. The kiss was kinda tricky to write because I wanted her to feel it but not to label it in terms of emotions because she tends to think logically rather than emotionally. So I'm glad you liked it and it came across as feeling different. That was certainly the intention!

Rose is definitely starting to realise Scorpius means more to her than she's let herself believe he did. And there's only so many excuses she can come up with before it becomes ridiculous.

I'm addicted to cliff-hangers, I'm so sorry. I think most of my chapters end in cliff-hangers of some sort. That one was certainly one of the worst though. Sorry about that.

Rose is interacting more with other people which is also a change in her so I'm glad you approve! I love Dominique and Pollux and that whole storyline and there's definitely more in store for them. Looking forward to your thoughts on those chapters too!

I haven't abandoned this - it's the one fanfic that I am completely determined to finish. So yes, you may sleep well in your fan fiction land!

This story is much more than just a ScoRose fic, although that is the main focus. It's a story about a lot of characters, just told through Rose's perspective. So thank you so much for that!

There's plenty more on here for you to read but if you do move to FF, please let me know your username and I'll see if I can respond to your reviews there! Thank you for another lovely review thought!


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Review #35, by EarthsTrueGreen XIV

24th March 2014:
Yay an update. I have been waiting forever for this. So I really enjoyed the chapter, partially because there was some good Scor/Rose action, but also because Rose is finally starting to realize that he has somehow wormed his way into her. This could either be very good or very bad. I really hope that she doesn't start to pull away from Scorpius because she is scared, but I have a feeling that she will. She is so caught up in her ways and I don't think Rose is one for change. I think I have said it before but I would really like a chapter from Scorpius' perspective, just because he is so mysterious and I kind of wonder how he thinks in general not just about Rose. But I know that you have already outlined the rest of the story so I understand if there isn't one. Speaking of the outline being finished, may I ask how many more chapter do you have left? I am so happy that you updated and I hope you have another one real soon. This is seriously my favorite story on this site.

Author's Response: Hello EarthsTrueGreen!

I'm so so sorry it took so long for me to update this, life got in the way and then I just had complete writers block. But anyway, here we are. Rose is definitely starting to realise that Scorpius maybe means more to her than she's been telling herself. She is very caught up in this idea that she can't let people in and is reluctant to accept change, even though she knows it's happening already.

I would love to get inside Scorpius head and I'm probably going to do a one shot or something from his perspective after this story is finished but this one is going to be just Rose I'm afraid. In total the plan is for twenty-five chapters plus and Epilogue. There are a few more chapters since you reviewed this! Thank you so much, I love your reviews!


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Review #36, by Lympha XIV

23rd March 2014:
Thank you for updating! :) I really like reading this story and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hello Lympha,

I know it's been a while, so sorry about that. The next chapter is in the queue so you shouldn't have to wait too long. Thanks for a lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #37, by Black-bell XIV

23rd March 2014:
I just stumbled across your story today and bloody hell it is addictive! This chapter just about killed me!!! I'm loving Rose and Scorpius's relationship and can't wait for the next chapter!! (Please let it be soon!)

Author's Response: Hello Black-bell,

Ah, thanks! I'm so sorry, murder was never my intention! But I'm glad you love it and there relationship. The next chapter is in the queue so it should only be a couple of days if it gets validated the first time round. Thanks for a lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #38, by Amena XIII

9th March 2014:
Please please please finish the story! I have read hundreds of fanfictions and this has been my favorite for forever! Please, I NEED to know what happens!

Author's Response: Hello Amena,

I will! I promise! I know it's been months since an update but I've just posted the next chapter and the one after that is already in the queue. Thank you so much! That's amazing! This is the one fanfic I am determined to finish first so there will definitely be more, don't worry. Thanks for the lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #39, by Rosie_Posie XIII

6th December 2013:
Hey! I am glad you updated as this story is excellent! Rose and Malfoy have a great dynamic and it is good to see them being friendly!

I liked that you made them lose at Qudditch as that is not usual in fanfics and tbh you always expect them to win!

Anyway update again soon,

Author's Response: Hello Rosie_Posie,

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you. I figured Gryffindor couldn't win every game they played in every version of their universe so they had to lose this time. I feel pretty bad for Albus though.

I'm sorry it's taken so long to update but fourteen is up and fifteen is in the queue so updates should be more regular from now on. Thanks for leaving a lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #40, by Isabelle XIII

6th December 2013:
I love this chapter!! Everything is developing so beautifully, and I'm absolutely dying to figure out Will. Such a cute ending, I'm so glad Rose and Scorpius are on good terms again. Please, please, please update soon, I am so excited to see what happens next :D

Author's Response: Hello Isabelle,

Thank you! I think Rose is with you on trying to figure Will out so it'll happen eventually! The ending was so fun to write so I'm glad you liked it. I know it's been months since I updated but chapter fourteen is up and fifteen is in the queue so updates should be more regular if you feel like coming back to read it. Thanks for a lovely review and so sorry it has taken so long to reply and update,

Irish Myth.

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Review #41, by red8silver XIII

3rd December 2013:

I'm hyperventilating right now: AN UPDATE!
I can't believe my luck (or lack of...). I am supposed to study, write essays, read books, work on a thesis... but no, I'm here reading (twice lol) your great chapter. Such a bad student. It seems your story always makes me question my will to further my studies. Today, I chose TOW!

As always, I love to see the evolution of Rose's character and her interactions with both Will and Scorpius. Of course, I kind of prefer Scorpius right now (he did apologize. Good boy!) but Will is just so sweet. And Scorpius still has this mystery aura, it is hard to define him. Makes me want to read more and more about him.

I want to congratulate you for... making Gryffindor lose. I mean, I'm not glad that they lost but it was really unexpected to not have the team still find a way to win in the end. In the: "they came together at the very last minute and manage to make it! Yeah!" way. So, your twist is refreshing. Poor Albus, though. The way you wrote this was realistic and I have to say, I dislike Lucy more and more (sorry). If I wasn't making a point to not badmouth characters, I'd say she did it on purpose (oops, I said it!)

About Andrius and Faye: I have conflicted ideas here. I want to squeeze them because they are so cute and slap them because they put themselves in such a situation.

Finally, it seems this chapter was more of a filler chapter with the introduction of new plots/subplots (aura?). I'm really anticipating what is to come. Dominique/Pollux/Louis, Will/Oblivious Rose/Scorpius, Rose/Lucy: the Confrontation Part 2 (lol), Dave getting the broom-kick he deserves, James: the Return, Rose/Hugo, Andrius/Faye/the Malfoys, so many, so many. I guess I have a question for you: how do you manage to keep up with so many plots?

I hope my review isn't too long. I always try to review on everything that I liked and on my first-reading impressions (if I listened to myself, I would always review the same things: "I looove it!", "more!" lol). Because of that, my reviews always end up too long. So, honestly, don't mind them. Also, don't worry, I bet you have a life outside the fanfiction world so you don't need to reply to this especially if you don't have time and if you are writing the next chapter (oh oh).

Author's Response: Hello again red8silver!

*Hide behind her hands* Please don't shoot me! I am so sorry it has A) taken so long to reply and B) taken so long for another update. I have no excuse, I'm so sorry. Haha, I'm sorry for my appalling timing, I really don't intend to distract you from your studies.

I love writing Rose's character evolution so there will be plenty more of that, don't worry. She still has quite a way to go. There will be more Will coming up but not for a couple more chapters yet I'm afraid (I think chapter eighteen will be an important one on the Will front). Scorpius apologising? Truly unheard of. Scorpius has many secrets, he doesn't like to display everything to the world at once so Rose will have to get behind his defences just like he'll have to get behind hers.

Haha, I figured that Gryffindor have to lose occasionally and it just seemed fitting for them to lose this time. So I'm glad you liked my twist on this game. Awh, poor Albus indeed, I felt so bad for him writing it. Oh Lucy, I don't think anyone is particularly fond of Lucy at the moment and I really can't say I blame them. I think she just didn't even care. Which is just rude.

Andrius and Faye: they have a few hurdles they still need to climb. But I'm all for squeezing them together too. Maybe. I might do a one shot for them one day about how exactly they ended up in this situation. But I'm making no promises.

It is a bit of a filler but I needed to get the story moving again. The Aura Elixir is just something I love playing around with, i'm not sure it will become a very important part of the story but it will probably feature in future chapters. Oh my god you've just listed off basically everything I need to cover! Dominique/Pollux/Louis will be in bother chapter 14 and 15 and probably 16. Like I said, Will will pop in a couple of times but his 'important stuff' isn't for a few chapters yet. Rose is always oblivious to things involving herself. Lucy... well we'll just have to wait and see. Dave is a butthead. James: The Return is going to be an honorary chapter title. Rose/Hugo see end of chapter 15 (which is in the queue) for sibling bonding moments. Andrius/Faye have so more bumps in the road... There really is so many. And in answer to your question: lists. I have like four words documents with lists of everything going on and I've just written a plan to encompass all these little plot (I don't know why I bring this upon myself, I just always get ideas for other characters that are supposed to just be background characters, I'm hopeless).

Eh, don't worry about it, i love reading long reviews so thanks for taking the time to write it all down! Of course I'll reply! But if it makes you feel better i did write two more chapters before responding.

Chapter Fourteen is up so if you feel like coming back to read it after this horrific break in updates (I really hope you do) then it's waiting for you. Chapter Fifteen is in the queue and I am about to start work on Sixteen. So updates should be more regular and I hope you kind find it in you to forgive me for the wait. Thanks again for such a great review and I really hope to hear from you again!

Irish Myth.

P.S. I'm sorry my reply is so long.

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Review #42, by Hester XIII

3rd December 2013:
I am in love with this fanfiction! The characters are individual personalities and although I hate Dave for being an all round idiot I understand and appreciate the purpose he served in the story. The character development of Rose is exquisite, I love her. I can't wait for more Pollux and I'm looking forward to see what happens with Will. I read this whole fic in the space of an hour, so I hope that you're a fast writer. This is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourite Scorpius/Rose fanfictions. Keep up the amazing work!!!

Author's Response: Hello Hester,

Thank you so much! Dave is a complete idiot but his role in the story isn't quite done. Ah, thanks, I love writing Rose's confusion with her growing involvement in other peoples lives again. Pollux is in the next chapter but I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a little bit longer to see what happens with Will. But it is coming, I promise. Oh wow, that's impressive, I'm currently very embarrassed because it's been months since I updated this but there is a new chapter out and there is another one in the queue so hopefully this will be regularly updated again. Stop, you're making me blush! Thanks for the awesome review and I hope you come back to read more despite the horrifically long time it's been!

Irish Myth.

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Review #43, by newgenerationlover XIII

2nd December 2013:
They're so cute it hurts!!!
I absolutely love this chapter and all its developments (especially between Malfoy and Rose). You have done a great job making your characters come alive off the page. This story is really refreshing next to so many other fan fictions that focus more on some ridiculous love story that seems so fake, stiff, and unreal. I can't wait to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hello newgenerationlover,

Haha, I'm glad you think so! Wow, thank you so much! You're making me blush dammit! Next chapter is up and there's another one in the queue as i type. I'm so sorry it's taken so long to update but I really hope to do so regularly now. Thanks for the lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #44, by Crescent Moon  XIII

2nd December 2013:
I loved this chapter, very funny.
I'm so glad that Andrius talked to Faye. And Rose and Scorp are getting along (...kinda). What is happening to the fictional world?! :D
I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

Author's Response: Hello again Crescent Moon,

I love that you love this chapter! It was fun to write. Andrius need a little shove in the right direction and they've still got things to sort out but hopefully now they can talk is over together. Shocking isn't it, a Malfoy and a Weasley apologising to each other?

Chapter Fourteen is up and the following chapter is in the queue so should be up in a few days. I hope you come back to read them and I am so sorry it's taken so long for me to update. Thanks for your lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #45, by EarthsTrueGreen XIII

2nd December 2013:
A wait is a wait no matter how long. lol. This was a really cute chapter compared to the last few where there was so much drama going on. It is interesting how things have changed so much, the whole Rose and Will friendship is always fun to read. Also for Rose to always be the other woman its funny that she missed someone actually fancying her.
As for the Malfoys, glad Andrius finally got his act together. Also I was happy that both Rose and Scorpius apologized to each other, they both said some things that were not so nice so im glad they are on better terms. Also I noticed at the end that Scorpius actually called her Rose instead of thorn.
Thank you so much for updating, please try and do it more often. I love this story and I always look forward to updates from it. They make my days when I see one. Overall great chapter until next time.

Author's Response: Hello again EarthsTrueGreen!

I know, I'm a horrible person. I'm so sorry. I'm glad you liked it, it was actually pretty fun to write, especially the ending. Rose and Will's friendship is one of my favourites (not that there are many to choose from, it's Rose after all), they're just so different yet they seem to get along really well. Oh Rose can be pretty damn oblivious.

Ah yes, Andrius just needed a shove in the right direction. Yes, they were both (well Scorpius especially) under a lot of stress so said some things they didn't really mean. It's always good to clear the air. Oh my god, you actually noticed that? Yay! That comes up again in Chapter Fourteen. I'm so happy you picked up on it!

Chapter Fourteen is up and Chapter Fifteen is in the queue, I've made a plan for the rest of this story now so hopefully updates will be more regular. I know the wait for Chapter Fourteen was stupidly long and I don't really have an excuse. I really hope you come back to read it!

Thanks for your lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #46, by AriesGirl40 XII

29th September 2013:
Sux when you have to hear how your family feels about you from a total stranger, but I think something Rose said has hit a home run.
Very good chapter

Author's Response: Hello AriesGirl40,

It sure does... We'll just have to wait and see how effective Rose's rant actually was. Next chapter is in the queue, hope to see you there,

Irish Myth.

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Review #47, by red8silver XII

26th September 2013:
so complicated... The website logged me out on its own while I was typing my review...

Author's Response: Hey again,

You'll get the hand of it I'm sure but good luck!

Irish Myth.

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Review #48, by red8silver XII

26th September 2013:
Hello again!

I made an account just to comment more easily here =) I used to leave reviews as smrw/rwsm. By the way, thank you so much for your reply to my (very) long comment in chapter 10 and for mentioning me here. Also, thank you for having Rose reply to my question. I really liked it.

Yes, I am still very much fond of Rose, Will, Bethan and all of them!

It's impressive to see how much Rose changed since the beginning of the story. You really wrote her character's evolution well. I'm glad. She still has that edge that I love and is so "Rose-like", but she also seems to improve as a, should I say as a character? The last scene, with Andrius, pleased me a lot.

I'm also glad that Scorpius isn't the father of Faye's baby. He said some pretty nasty things here (Rose did too but since I like her, it's ok!). I thought (hoped?) he knew or had guessed Rose's secret. Apparently, I was wrong. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the future interactions between these 2.

I just remembered that in a previous chapter, the Malfoys were fighting because of Rose - or maybe I got that wrong. Will we have the answer to the question "why?" soon?

I hope to see you soon in a new update. Now that I have an account here, I'll know right away when there is an update.

Author's Response: Hello red8silver!

Oh Merlin, I'm so flattered! You're welcome, I try to reply to all my reviews, it just takes a while sometimes. You were one of the few who picked up on it so I thought you deserved a shout out!

I'm glad to hear it!

Thank you so much! It was really important to get that right so thanks. She is really slipping away from her previous isolation. Thanks! I loved writing the bit with Andrius!

I think a lot of people are relived (possibly Rose included). He was a bit harsh but he's going through a lot as well and as you said, Rose wasn't exactly easy on him either! We'll just have to see, won't we.

Pollux did mention it but I'm not going to say anything more, as for when you will get the 'why' that depends on your definition of 'soon'. But you will get it.

Next chapter is in the queue and I look forward to hearing from you again! Feel free to check out my blog for this story and pester me for updates there as well!

Thanks for reading and leaving another lovely review!

Irish Myth.

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Review #49, by EarthsTrueGreen XII

23rd September 2013:
Hmmm. First of all that was a horrible wait please please please don't make me wait that long again. I'm not a patient person.
As for the chapter, I really like the friendship between Rose and Will, It's very uncomplicated, which I think she needs in her life, and maybe that is why she is friends with him.
AS for Rose and Scorpius, Rose really did put her foot in her mouth there. He didn't deserve to hear that from, although he did call her a distraction before so I think they might be on even grounds. Those two just can't seem to say what they think, not that Rose is completely sure of what she is feeling/thinking. I love how she has so many problems with other people in her life but at the beginning of the story she was a total loner, if I were her I would be like what in the world. She is slipping.
Also way to go Rose for giving Andrius a piece of her mind, he need it the little wimp. But I wonder what he has to say to Rose, if he knows who she is then I bet that means that Scorpius has mentioned her before, also Pollux said that Scorpius and his family were arguing about her so...
Please update, also about how long do you think this story is going to be? Thank you so much for writing and updating when you get a chance instead of giving up. Until next time.

Author's Response: Hello again EarthsTrueGreen!

I know, I'm so sorry! The next chapter is in the queue (I think this wait has been slightly shorter than the last?) and the one after has been started so should be up soon!

I love Will and think he is good for Rose. We'll just have to hope it stays that uncomplicated...

Oh did she ever. She is a Weasley after all, no matter how much she tries to distance herself. I think his comment about being a distraction stung her more than she would like to admit and this was almost a defence mechanism. They're hopeless when it comes to saying what they mean, Rose especially. She has a lot to learn. She is freaking out a little about how all these people's problems are effecting her... She is definitely on slippery ground.

That was so much fun to write! Oh Andrius know who she is... but then again, so does most of the wizarding world considering who her parents are. You'll just have to wait and see.

I'm not actually sure how long this story will be, it will go on at least until after the Easter Holiday but after that I'm not sure. We'll just have to see where it takes me, these characters tend to write themselves. I have no intention of giving up!

Thanks for reading and reviewing again and I look forward to hearing from you,

Irish Myth.

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Review #50, by navyfail XII

23rd September 2013:
The tension and anger in that first chapter was very well written. Rose was so calm yet Scorpius was so furious. They would be quite cute together in my opinion. ;)

Also it is great to see Bethan. I wonder why she is being so polite to Rose but that may be because she is a nice person in general. Lucy and Dave are still annoying in my opinion but maybe they'll work things out and realize that one, 'Dave is being stupid,' and second, 'Lucy shouldn't be near the likes of him and apologize to Rose.'

Andrius doesn't seem as bad as I thought he would be. I hope he takes responsibility for what happened.

There were two grammatical mistakes I caught though I can't seem to find them. Other than that, great chapter!

Update soon.

Author's Response: Hello again Sama,

Thank you! They're almost backwards, the calm Gryffindor and the passionate Slytherin. Bethan will keep cropping up in this story I think, revealing bits about her. I couldn't agree more but I think it'll take some time before that happens I'm afraid.

Oh Andrius, my littlest Malfoy. We'll definitely be seeing more of him.

Okay thanks, I'll go through it at some point and see if I can spot them. The next chapter is in the queue, sorry about the wait again but I hope you enjoy it,

Irish Myth.

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