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Review #26, by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend How to train your cousins

10th April 2013:
After the first paragraph I already feel like Iíll like Victoire! No room for winers :P.
I was however quite surprised that kids that young would go banshee hunting...why would their parents be okay with that? Or is it more like a fantasy as kids can have, where you make a forest out of 5 trees and such?

And I like how you made Rose as the caring one already...the mother figure of sorts. That is exactly how I always envision her, for some reason.
Then again while Victoire talks all tough, she obviously takes on that role as well! Bringing kids to the island on her back, trying to create something fun for everyone.

I like how you gave little details like phoenix pox, Teddy's blue hair or the tv at Teddy's grandmother. It gives the story a bit more body. It creates a world instead of just a story, so I really like it.
I do wonder about the toy brooms. Since they can only raise a little above the ground I always assumed they also lack much strength. But the bath-mobile seemed require quite a bit of strength in order for it to work.
And your descriptions of the surroundings were great. They really gave you an idea of what the kids in the story viewed.

I'm not quite sure what the plot is going to be for the next chapters but I liked this first instalment! It had quite a lot happening in it. The characters you described seemed in character, no OOC's seen, so that's good. Overall I think it's quite safe to say; post a new chapter! :)

One typo: When Teddy says he wants a pirate flag to keep wanted guests out, I think you meant unwanted..

Author's Response: Eeeek I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah, it is more of a fantasy - I mean they wouldn't ever find any in the Potter's back garden..I hope they won't anyway! :P

Awh, I'm glad you perceive Rose that way as well! I think it's the Hermione-ness coming through, and I've always thought of Rose as the kind - of more practical and sensible one. Victoire, I think, tries her hardest to be the caring one, and the tough one, to try and please everyone, so I'm glad you picked up on that because that's one of the main things I wanted to put across while I was writing the chapter.

I tried really hard to add details - to make it seem more realistic - and it was lovely that you recognised that! It's fab you liked the characters - I always worry that they're too annoying/preditible - and the descriptions were believable enough. Thank you for the typo correction - I hate it when I have obvious typos that I've missed, so thank you :)

Thank you so much for this lovely long review - it's very sweet of you. You're awesome :D

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