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Review #51, by potterfan310 Settle Down

2nd April 2014:
My 460th review :)


I squealed with joy on seeing this was updated!! :D

Chasity, What? Why? No, No, just get rid of her. That sounds mean but so is she.

James ♥ Oh I love him so much. It's so freakin' adorable how protective he is over Violet and just uhh, cute!

Is it any wonder I hate Chastity, she had no right of dropping Violet's P-bomb to everyone in The Three broomsticks.James is right that she had it coming when she got expelled but couldn't she have been expelled forever.

I want to hug Violet, bless her. *hugs* I am super glad that Rose is such a good friend, Violet certainly needs her.

No James, the plan is not a good idea. You should not be pretending you are together you SHOULD be together. DO YOU HEAR ME JAMES SIRIUS POTTER! James needs a bang on a head I swear, but I still love him ♥

An now you for updating because I have all the feels right now ♥♥

I can't wait for the next one and that a certain Potter will finally admit proper feelings for Violet.

Soph ♥ xx

Author's Response: Happy 460th review!~~ Heheee I know, it feels like forever since I updated, thank you for sticking with it! I hope you keep watching out for the new chapters, however long it takes me to get them out lol :) Thanks for the review xx

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Review #52, by Veritaserum27 Settle Down

2nd April 2014:
Oh my gosh! You updated! I was so, so, SO
excited when I saw this! What a cute chapter.
James is so protective of her. It seems that
Violet isn't questioning every single one of his
moves anymore, maybe it is getting through her
head a little bit that James might actually feel
for her too?

And, of course, you must leave us with the ending
- they still have "the plan." Arrgghh! Those two
just have to figure themselves out!

Thanks for updating (again - I need to say it!)
and I am so excited that you plan to continue this

~Beth (Veritaserum27)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm so happy you were excited for the update. I was a bit afraid I left it too long and no one would care anymore! Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to review, it means a lot to me ♥ x

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Review #53, by Morgan Edwards Animal

20th March 2014:
write more!!! please please please, this is my favorite ff :(

Author's Response: I know! I left it much too long! But not to worry, the next chapter is in the queue :) Thank you for the support xx

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Review #54, by kalynalexis Animal

1st December 2013:
Great update!I can't believe either that it has been a year since you started this. Keep up the amazing work!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #55, by ruthdobble Animal

16th November 2013:
This is amazing! I really hope you finish it! :)

Author's Response: Nothing will stop me from finishing this story! It may take some time, but I can't ever see myself abandoning it :) Thanks for reviewing x

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Review #56, by devblack23 Animal

11th November 2013:
i love this story i just wish you would update sooner.

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Review #57, by LoonyLovegood11 Animal

11th November 2013:
Oh my gosh! You need to update this soon. Why the cliff hanger? I was just getting over all the drama with Chastity and now she's back. I am so emotionally drained right now.
Anywho, I flipping LOVE your story. The characters are so heartwarming and there is a good balance of drama and humour. Ginny is exactly how I imagined her; kind, motherly, understanding, sarcastic, a little angry and scary at times.
I can't wait for the next chapter which I am hoping is soon!!
Keep writing xx :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The next chapter should be out in a few days :) Thanks for your review :) x

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Review #58, by Shana Animal

10th November 2013:
I absolutely love this story. I just wish one would give in and tell how they really feel so we could enjoy them being together. Great story

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Review #59, by Mrs Gryffindor Animal

5th November 2013:
I think this book is amazing. When are you posting a new chapter??? I can't wait for it!

Author's Response: The new chapter is up! Thank you for your review :) x

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Review #60, by HarryandGinnyForEver Animal

2nd November 2013:
I can't even begin to say how excited I am for the next chapter! Leaving it on a cliffhanger, wow. Could you have the next chapter out sooner rather than later, I'm dying over here

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Review #61, by Anonymous Animal

31st October 2013:
Loving the story so far! Call me crazy but I like the cliff hangers (like this one) they make me come back and want to read more!!

Keep up the good work!!

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Review #62, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish Animal

20th October 2013:
That you-know-what just doesn't know when to stop, does she?

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Review #63, by hxych Animal

14th October 2013:
meh, this just became my most favourite story ever,legit:))) please please update 💕

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Review #64, by roseweasley_03 Animal

27th September 2013:
Awesome story! Hope you update soon!

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Review #65, by HermioneeeGrangerrr Animal

26th September 2013:
I just started reading this today. Really great writing. I totally wasn't expecting Chastity but everything can't always go well can it? Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #66, by Veritaserum27 Animal

22nd September 2013:
Wow! You really know how to play at my emotions! I feel so sad for Violet. She is obviously incredibly lonely. She must keep her real relationship with James a secret and just got disowned by her mother, not to mention that the rest of the school still doesn't know about the pregnancy yet. And. . . Chastity shows up. I have a feeling that James isn't going to take this too well. Violet wasn't conscious when he hexed her last time!

Great job. Please keep writing. I love this story.

Author's Response: Wow what a lovely review! I'm so happy you're enjoying the story. Thank you for reading :)

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Review #67, by potterfan310 Animal

19th September 2013:
Yay, new chapter!!!

I'm so glad Vi's friends are supportive and I love how Rose has only just realised she's related to the baby.

James and Violet are just too cute. Why can't they both have some snese knocked into them and stop 'fake dating' and date for real because they are just perfect each other and it's clear that they love each other!!!


She best not be there to cause trouble because I swear I'll murder her in my sleep, the evil cow.

I honestly cannot wait for the next chapter!!

Soph :)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I'm sorry, I know cliffies suck :( I'll try and update as soon as I can xx

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Review #68, by LilyLunaPotter17 Animal

18th September 2013:





But her friends were really sweet about it, even Ruby, which I was glad about. James seemed quite calm about the whole thing, quite contrary to Violet :P





(I'm joking, I don't hate you

Author's Response: This review made me laugh :D I'm happy you don't hate me (Is that a compliment or..?) Hahaha, thank you for reading and taking the time to review! x

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Review #69, by Flying mandarin Animal

18th September 2013:
Oh nooh a cliffy! I love this story so much, I am just overly happy that it has been updated! James and Violet.. Gosh open your eyes and start being a real couple! I love them and I am kind of scared for Violet now that Chastity has noticed the water! Keep writing 'cause I'm dieing to know what will happen next.

Author's Response: I'll try and update soon :) Thanks for the review x

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Review #70, by devblack23 But It's Better If You Do

16th September 2013:
when will you be updating? it's been a while.

Author's Response: Next chapter is up!

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Review #71, by Flying mandarin But It's Better If You Do

2nd September 2013:
Aahw yeah, I know this chapter had been up for some time but I can't recall reading it! I loved it such a great anouncment and I love how James is clearly into Vi. Kind of sad Vi doesn't notice the genuiness of it though! Keep writing, Flying mandarin

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Review #72, by AgentGalini But It's Better If You Do

27th August 2013:
It's quite obvious that they both like each other, and I can't wait for them to realize how they both return the feeling...It's so cute how James thinks she doesn't want him back, while she also feels the same way. :P
Chastity is a bitch. A total bitch. But I kind of find how she acted out a bit overated...I mean, ok, the death threats are enough...but actually attack her later? I just can't see it happening, even though I'm a Slytherin myself. Either way, I don't think she should get expelled...I've read many times -and in the original HP series- students hexing each other e.t.c, but they just get a detention and they contact their parents. Taking the fact that Chastity wasn't aware of the baby, I'm not sure it's right to get expelled. But either way, I hate her, so who cares? ;) :P
Anyway, I really love how her friends, especially Lily and Jame's mother, were so helpful with the pregnancy and try to help them through it. I wish Violet hadn't got such a cruel mother -she acted so harsh, and that's the last thing Violet needed right now.
Please update soon

Author's Response: ;) You make some very good points, but I think you're going to have to wait for a few more chapters to see if you're right. Thanks for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #73, by devblack23 But It's Better If You Do

24th August 2013:
hi i was just wondering when you were going to add another chapter???

Author's Response: The next chapter is up! :)

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Review #74, by poodle.lover But It's Better If You Do

18th August 2013:
Read The entire ting today, you are a genius and this story is so Amazing please please please Update soon. Please.

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Review #75, by queenwombat But It's Better If You Do

14th August 2013:
Haha took you long enough but never the less it was good just make the next one long please

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