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Review #26, by Megan :c Epilogue: Always

26th October 2014:
what ThE HeLL No sHe hAs To gEt wItH HiM NOW OmG! What ArE yoU DOiNg TO ME ThIs maKeS ME sO SaD Oh mY LoRd

Author's Response: :( *hands you tissues* so sorry!!

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Review #27, by Megan :c Chapter Thirty-Six: Graduation

26th October 2014:
no omg she's meant to be with draco no they were so goo together she showed everyone the good in him you can't do this to me i feel like crying i was so happy when they got together what are you doing omg! ckjnvdu@*!&

Author's Response: Sorry it had to happen!! I really tried but there was no way the ending I wanted was going to work otherwise!! :( I'm sorry!!

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Review #28, by Megan Chapter Thirty-Five: Memoria

26th October 2014:
omg what the heck no!! i hate you i hate you i hate you.oh my god

Author's Response: Sorry :( I know i hated me too lol

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Review #29, by DemiTimeWizard Chapter Fourteen: The Worst Nightmare

15th October 2014:




Author's Response: lol yes, yes he did :)

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Review #30, by DemiTimeWizard Chapter Four: Professor Quincey

13th October 2014:
Haha, the chapters get better as I read them, I love it

Author's Response: Aww thanks :) Im currently editing and the second chapter is in the queue at the moment so you might want to check back when it is because I made some
Major changes :) I'm so glad you are enjoying the story though!!

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Review #31, by Isabelle Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Measure of Darkness

12th October 2014:
Man, I was wrong. Really wrong. So off.

Author's Response: Well that would've been funny if it HAD been Lavender... :p lol good guess though!!

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Review #32, by Isabelle Chapter Twenty-Sx: The Horse and the Otter

12th October 2014:
Lavender Brown and the book with the potion that starts with an A is the Half Blood Prince

Author's Response: Good guess!! :)

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Review #33, by MargaretLane Chapter Three: House Unity

3rd October 2014:
I like the way you continue to show Hermione's upset as a result of the relationship breakdown and the way she is trying to move on and just be friends, but still doesn't want him to be the Head Boy. It's very realistic and gives a depth that either having her forgive him and have no further reaction or have her just hate him wouldn't give.

I think you portray Hermione very well, especially her feelings.

I'm not convinced McGonagall would tell her students why she makes the decisions she does. It's not really any of their business. And I think her comment about how people are probably wondering why she chose him a little inappropriate. Especially since she implies he only got it because of the house he was in. Dumbledore must have had more reason than that, as there are plenty of other Slytherins he could have chosen and he wouldn't even have known so many students would repeat the year.

Yikes, the seventh year will be pretty large if most of the previous years' seventh years are returning to repeat the year.

Aw, that comment abut not being Professor Dumbledore is kind of sad and something I can totally imagine McGonagall thinking. She looked up to him so much; despite her sternness and determination, she's bound to feel a bit apprehensive at the thought of stepping into his shoes.

Hmm, I am a little intrigued by Professor Quincy. Maybe because he is the title of the next chapter, which implies he has significance or maybe just because new teachers always interest me.

In a British boarding school, and certainly in Hogwarts, a dormitory refers to a bedroom, but while McGongall SAYS Hermione and Draco will be sharing a dormitory, she then directs them to different bedrooms, unsurprisingly, as I can't imagine any school requiring a boy and girl to share a bedroom. And it probably wouldn't count as a dormitory even if they did, since the point of a dormitory is that it is a bedroom shared by a number of people. This sounds like they are more sharing a suite or quarters. After all, the dormitories are separate from the common room in Gryffindor tower.

I like the name of the spell you created. It sounds like something the wizarding world would name a spell.

Author's Response: I think McGonagall knew a lot of people wouldn't take Draco seriously, so she told them her reasoning. Because a lot of people DONT trust the Slytherins but especially Malfoy and his gang, after they all were known for being on the "wrong" side of the war. And yes McGonagall would be a bit nervous about becoming Headmistress, even though she's always been the figure of authority for the students when there was no one they could trust- I.e Umbridge, and Snape.
And yes, Professor Quincey is a very intriguing character. He's different from a lot of the other teachers they've had. I think of him as someone of a mix between Lupin and Moody. He wants them to know everything they can about the Dark Arts- even though a lot of his students already know a lot about it- and he also wants to make sure they can protect and defend themselves against every kind of evil.
Anyways Quincey is an intriguing character. There is definitely a mystery about him, that's for sure, one that most people don't see coming.
About the dormitories- yeah I didn't realize that until I finished writing it. Calling it a suite or quarters does make more sense, now that you mention it. That's another mistake I'll be sure to fix when I go back and edit. Actually I really disliked this chapter in general... I don't know, it was just one of the ones I liked the least.
And as for the spell, like I mentioned it is actual latin. I just couldn't find one in the Potter-verse that suited what I needed it to do. Alohomora was close but I needed an actual opening spell, not an unlocking one, so I just Googled it and found one and used that instead. Since a lot of the Potter spells are Latin, I wanted it to sound as genuine as I could make it. I'm glad you think so!!
Thanks for another awesome review. I'm so thrilled that you took the time to read and review my story. As I mentioned before, you're one of my favorite authors on here. :) The Writing on the Wall and The Rise of the A.W.L are my amongst my favorite stories on this site. So thank you so much for the review!!

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Review #34, by MargaretLane Chapter Two: The Right Choice

3rd October 2014:
Hmm, I'm not sure Harry would be PLEASED to see Draco. He may have forgiven him, but I still doubt he's his favourite person.

I really like the way you address the trials after the war. It makes sense that the Malfoys would face some kind of legal process.

I really think "they threatened to kill my family if I didn't cooperate" is an understandable reason for what Draco did. After all, a bank manager isn't found legally guilty if somebody takes his family hostage and makes him open the safe of the bank and give them all the money there.

Not sure I like Draco's comment that he didn't do anything wrong. While I do think what he did was understandable and he can't really be blamed, he still did try to kill somebody. I can easily imagine Draco reacting the way he does here though. He's not exactly the most given to blaming himself.

Oh, four lines below Yolanda Malkin's letter, you have a "tri" before a sentence. I'd imagine it's something you forgot to delete when deleting a sentence.

I wonder how Harry will react to getting a letter with a horrific slur in it. And it's a REALLY stupid thing for Draco to put in writing when he is up in court for Death Eater involvement. Using a hate-term for Muggleborns could well be used for the prosecution to try and prove Draco did what he did willingly. Now, I really doubt Harry'd inform them of the letter, as I think he does realise what an awful position Draco was in, but I wouldn't have expected Draco to realise that.

Harry and Hermione reacted fairly calmly to the term actually. I guess they are used to Draco. But seriously, Hermione offers to support him and he responds by using a term that indicates he supports the Death Eaters' persecution of people like her. I think I'd be a bit creeped out if I were her, but I guess she was sort of outside society at the time of the war, so she might not associate that term with persecution as much as say one of the Muggleborns who'd been arrested during the war would.

I have so much sympathy for Hermione in this story. She's already dealing with war trauma and then the guy she loves cheats on her because he can't cope with that. I think the fact that she is being so Hermione about it and remaining outwardly strong despite feeling really crushed helps.

And I'm glad she's decided to forgive Ron. Yeah, what he did was awful, but they were friends for a long time before they were boyfriend and girlfriend and they are both still friends with Harry, so yeah, it's good to see they are going to remain friends. And I think it DOES make sense. Under other circumstances, I would consider it unrealistic for her to forgive him so quickly, but considering that they've just been through, I guess cheating doesn't seem like that big a deal. And of course, they've all seen so many people die that I guess they wouldn't want to be fighting with each other in case something happened and they never got a chance to make up. Even if they know logically they are far less likely to die now the war is over, I still think it's going to be there in their heads on a subconscious level. So I can easily imagine her thinking "well, he really hurt me, but I've lost enough people and I don't want to lose a good friend just because he's been a selfish, thoughtless idiot."

Oh gosh, how embarrassing! Being asked about your relationship by a teacher. Probably embarrassing for McGonagall too.

The conversation between McGonagall and Hermione sounded a bit stilted actually. People don't usually say stuff like "I am well" and "I am sure." I guess Hermione is trying to be extra polite in front of a teacher, but I'm still not sure she'd speak that cautiously.

Oooh, I like the way you have the court prejudiced against him because of his family.

And he's not telling the full truth. He DID attempt to kill Dumbledore both with the necklace and the poisoned drink and the latter could EASILY have reached Dumbledore, had Slughorn given it to him. And while Dumbledore doesn't lack caution, he might trust something Slughorn gave him and drink it.

Author's Response: I should mention that she meant pleased in a sort of sarcastic way. Meaning Harry would be much more pleased to see Draco than Ron at the time haha. Draco just didn't catch the sarcasm. And I really had a difficult time with this chapter. I'm currently editing and trying to fix it but it was so hard to write!
And using the term Mudblood was instinctive. He's been calling her that for so long that it's become a habit and it'll be difficult to break the habit, though he will (I can say that much. It's not a spoiler lol.)
Yes, that is exactly why Hermione decided to forgive Ron as quickly as she did. None of them want to loose each other after all they've been through. And Hermione has realized that life should be about more than fighting and arguing and jealousy and all those petty things. But yeah, that was kind of embarrassing to be asked about your relationship by a teacher. Though she cares about her student's wellbeing, emotionally and physically. And Hermione had difficulty telling a lie to McGonagall, so that's why their conversation was a bit stilted, because saying that she was fine was a lie. Physically she was, but emotionally she wasn't.
And yeah, Draco did lie. That will be fixed up in the edited chapter though. And yes, they would be prejudiced against him because of his family. Especially because of Lucius.
Thank you so much for another amazing review!! Have an awesome day!! :)

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Review #35, by MargaretLane Chapter One: The Daily Prophet

3rd October 2014:
OK, just to point out there are rather large spaces between the paragraphs in this. It might be easier to read if some of the breaks were deleted. Sorry to start with a negative, but it's more of a heads-up than anything else.

I really like the way you draw attention to the difficulties people are having even though the war is over, with the Weasleys struggling to cope with Fred's death and the Trio having nightmares over what they've experienced. All very realistic and makes way more sense than just moving on as if nothing has happened.

Hope they begin to heal and move on as the story progresses.

Oh, I think you've a "Weasley's" for Weasleys" when talking about their grief over Fred's death.

*laughs at Hermione's attitude towards the idea of a make-over* That is SO in-character. And hardly surprising. It's pretty downright insulting to suggest somebody get a make-over if they haven't expressed interest in one.

Yikes, what a way to find out. Poor Hermione.

I do think they are a little too inclined to take the Daily Prophet's word for it though. It's not like Rita Skeeter is the only journalist ever to fake a story. The picture does seem rather conclusive, but you never know with magic and so on. I think they should take a moment before jumping to conclusions. But then, despite everything they've been through, they ARE still only teenagers and Hermione and Ron always jump to conclusions when it comes to their relationship, don't they?

LOVE Hermione's reaction to Ron. Well, I mean, I don't approve of it, but it is exactly what she WOULD do.

And ugh, insensitive or what? "I was just trying to explain why I cheated on her." *laughs* Ron is just as thoughtless as always. Not the thing to say to pacify her.

LOVE the way Ron explains his reasons for cheating. It's really insensitive, but it really draws attention to the effect the war has had on Hermione in particular. It's perfectly understandable she'd be traumatised, considering how she was tortured among other things.

And I guess it's understandable Ron can't deal with it either, although cheating on her is NOT the way to deal with it, obviously. But he's been through a lot too, losing his brother and he is still barely out of school.

Yikes, George really did overreact. I guess he feels Ron is making little of Fred's death, so it's understandable.

And the war is still hurting them, despite being over. So sad.

I like the way you have Ron and Hermione having the exact opposite responses to the war. He just wants to move on and not waste a moment of life when so many people don't have the opportunity to go on with their lives, whereas she isn't ready to do that yet and I can understand that he feels her trauma is making it difficult for him to do that and that he can't comfort her, because that would mean being drawn back into what he's trying to avoid.

I wonder if his avoidance of it is entirely healthy. There's a part of his attitude that makes it seem like he's kind of in denial and that is backed up by Hermione's comment that "we're all hurting." I can see it coming back to haunt him yet and he'll have already cut himself off from much of his support system.

Hey is Lavender scarred from Greyback's attack in this? Because that could also be quite a reminder of what he's trying to avoid.

Author's Response: Thanks for the heads up about the paragraph thing. I will be sure to fix that when I go back and edit. And wow you're one of my favorite authors on here so I'm so thrilled to have received a review from you!!
I love your reactions!! and normally, in several post-Deathly Hallows fics that I've read, people tend to not show how they are coping after the war and would rather just brush it off and pretend it never happened. I didn't want to do that in my story. And I know that the whole "Ron cheated on Hermione" scenario is WAYY overused but I wanted to make my story as different from the usual cliches as I could without making it sound too unrealistic, so I tried to be careful when writing it. And yeah Ron can be a bit insensitive. And George probably did overreact but Ron was making little of Fred's death so that would piss him off haha.
Definitely Ron is still in denial at this point. And he would much rather just ignore the truth meanwhile the truth is staring him in the face all the time, with Hermione and Harry's nightmares and Hermione's scars and such. And yes, Lavender is scarred from Greyback's attack but she's Iike Ron that way. She just wants to move on and forget it ever happened and that's why it's not as much of a reminder for Ron.
Thank you so much for your review!! :)

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Review #36, by diversrock Epilogue: Always

26th September 2014:
I have really enjoyed this story. I love how you have made so many subplots that worked really well. The one thing I don't like is that why would she obliviate Draco? That achieves almost nothing except sadness for a few extra years... She is in no more danger than she has ever been,in fact she is probably in less danger that through DH.She would never give up the father of her child, no matter how she felt about him or anyone else.
This is the one thing that makes me disappointed in the story. If these comments are answered in a future work, then I am sorry. I guess I just disagree with how Hermione would have dealt with things...!

Author's Response: Yes, maybe Hermione didn't need to obliviate Draco but she thought she was protecting him. See, it wasn't Hermione that was in danger but Draco, because she didn't want him to get hurt because of who she is. If anyone was to find out that she is the last hair of Godric Gryffindor, it would be like when people thought Harry was the heir of Slytherin. People would be afraid, and she didn't want Draco to be hurt because of her. Idk if that makes sense, and hopefully it will make more sense when I write the sequel and go back and edit this one. :) thank you for reading and I am so glad you have enjoyed the story!! :)

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Review #37, by crump Chapter Two: The Right Choice

21st September 2014:
I could marry this fan fiction js

Author's Response: Lol haha. This just made my day!! It loves you back lol!! :)

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Review #38, by Crump Chapter One: The Daily Prophet

21st September 2014:
this is so good so far

Author's Response: Thanks!!! :)

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Review #39, by AlexFan Chapter Six: The Room of Requirement

21st September 2014:
WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH I WAS TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT WHO THE SECRET ADMIRERER WAS. I mean it crossed my mind briefly that it was Theodore but then I shook my head because he couldn't possibly be so obvious about his identity. I thought he would've at least changed the initial of his name. I was so convinced that it was Blaise so it was kind of a shocker for me to find out that it was Nott.

But I mean, I can ship Nott and Hermione, there wasn't much written about his character so he's basically an OC. He could be well with Hermione depending on how you characterized him. But if the two of them start dating her someone's going to have to tell him that "Mudblood" is not a term of endearment and to knock it off.

Author's Response: HAHAHA. Yep, it was Nott!! And yes, "mudblood" is definitely not a term of endearment. But I think you will be surprised in the next few chapters. I can't say much but it's definitely a shocker to most people.

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Review #40, by AlexFan Chapter Five: The Secret Admirer

21st September 2014:
Blaise is totally not being mysterious and a hundred percent believable. For people that keep calling Hermione such a horrible slur, all of these boys have a crush on her and a strange way of showing affection. Someone needs to tell Malfoy that you can be rude to someone without bringing out the slurs. It's possible to make Hermione angry without having to constantly tell her "Hey always remember that your bloodline is less than mine."

But at least Hermione hasn't undergone a complete transformation where she turns into a babe so kudos to you on that!

I know that you're alluding to the fact that Ginny is pregnant, but see she's never explicitly said that she and Harry are doing it, I mean, it something that Hermione thought about when she went up into Ginny's room but other than that there was never any indication from any other character so Ginny really could just have a cold.

I can see Ron being aggressive towards Malfoy but not so much so that he would corner him in an empty hallway and then try to basically kill him. Ron has anger issues but he's not a psychopath.

Author's Response: Ron's anger issues will be explained later on because right now, he's not himself. And yeah I don't like when Hermione goes this transformation where she's suddenly a total babe lol, so I avoided THAT cliche at least. As far as Ginny, that will also be explained later on as well!! :)

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Review #41, by AlexFan Chapter Four: Professor Quincey

21st September 2014:
Apparently being a prejudiced butthead doesn't stop people from wanting to meddle in their friends' love lives. I want to punch Nott in the face but then he acts like a decent human being for about three seconds and the urge disappears.

I almost snorted when Hermione's schedule said Defense because she could probably teach the class let's be honest here. Self-defense is a good thing to know but I mean, these people can do magic, they would use their wands to fight and defend themselves with. And even if they were to be disarmed, how useful would their self-defense knowledge be with their opponent having them at wand point. One move and they would be done for. I can see this being taught in muggle studies though.

Author's Response: That is true. And yes, later on self-Defence may be introduced in muggle studies. But this DOES come in handy as wizards are used to their wands and wouldn't be expecting to be punched in the face, so they would have the element of surprise. :) and the Golden Trio can probably teach Defense lol

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Review #42, by AlexFan Chapter Three: House Unity

21st September 2014:
I don't know, I can see Dumbledore giving people a second chance but I can't really see him pre-planning the Head Boy just because he might die, like on a list of things that he needed to take care of before he died, that would've probably been near the bottom. And I certainly can't see him giving it to Draco, for a lot of reasons but mostly because everyone knows who this boy is and what he has done, how many of them are really going to take his authority seriously? Besides the Slytherins, how many students are really going to listen to what Draco says? I guess it's a good way of showing that he's not that bad but it would take a lot of work.

Ah yes, the "you're sharing a dormitory" cliche, I was a little surprised to see it crop up but then I was a little excited because I wanted to see the kind of shenangians that would go on. I like how you have the whole prejudice thing still going. Because even though Harry defeated Voldemort, that didn't necessarily mean that everyone all of a suddenly stopped being prejudiced, and certainly not in a year so I liked how you showed that it would be a long time before everyone considered each other equal.

Author's Response: Yes, the dormitory is so cliche and I cringe when this is in other fics but it was necessary for this story. And yes, Draco does have a hard time getting people to respect him and listen to him. Even some of the Slytherins don't.
Lots of people are more likely to listen to Hermione than Draco since Draco was, for a while, on the wrong side of the war, as sad as that is. And it takes a while for them to start thinking of each other as equals.

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Review #43, by AlexFan Chapter Two: The Right Choice

20th September 2014:
I CAN SMELL THE DRAMIONE ON YOU! But I mean, it's not the worst ship out there so I can work with it.

You know it's funny that everyone is calling Hermione 'Mione now because I personally never thought that the name would catch on. Hermione was just always one of those people that didn't have a nickname for whatever reason. I personally thought that it was out of character for her to actually bewitch and entire jury into letting Malfoy go free. Hermione is all about following the rules (even though she broke just about every single one there was) and I just can't see her doing something like this for Malfoy of all people. I get that she's supposed to fall in love with him but this seems like a lot to do for someone that you don't even get along with. I feel like it would take longer than simply one year to get over all of their problems.

I kind of like Draco but I kind of want to punch him in the face but at least he hasn't lost his arrogant nature!

Author's Response: Ok so Hermione bewitching the Jury was a LOT far fetched but this chapter was one of the ones I wrote and didn't reread before I posted it and then looking back I sort of cringe at it :( but this WILL be fixed and changed. I admit that I actually had a hard time keeping everyone in character and you might notice this later on as well.
And yes Draco's still arrogant and probably deserves being punched in the face, tbh.

Thank you again for the review!! :)

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Review #44, by AlexFan Chapter One: The Daily Prophet

20th September 2014:
Heyo! So I was supposed to leave you six reviews for the challenge prize but you never PMed me so I figured I'd just pick the story myself!

As a hardcore Romione shipper, this basically broke my heart because Ron has his faults, it would be stupid to deny that, but being unfaithful is definitely not one of them . If Ron was going to be unfaithful then he wouldn't have been put in Gryffindor. But let's say that I can see him cheating on Hermione, with Lavender of all people? I know that she went through an entire war and all but I still doubt that Ron would've picked her of all people. She would've matured after the war of course but I don't know how likely it would've been that Ron would decide to get back together with her.

But I think he's learned his lesson now, don't mess with Hermione Granger or she is going to hurt you. I agree with Hermione though , they've just been trough a war it's difficult to get over something like that in a year and of course she's going to be haunted by the things that she witnessed, they all would and it was just so stupid of Ron to think "I don't want to deal with your problems anymore so I'm going to become one." But it seems just like Ron to think that he was actually preventing hurt by keeping his affair a secret instead of being honest with Hermione in the first place.

I feel like George overreacted to be perfectly honest with you. If the War taught the Weasley's anything it's that family sticks together no matter what so I don't think that George would actually attack Ron like he did, he'd be extremely disappointed and angry with his brother but I don't think that he would attack Ron.

Onto chapter 2!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lengthy review! I seem to have forgotten what challenge this was for? Oops!!
Yeah, ok I can totally see where you're coming from. Every Dramione story has its flaws, and unfortunately so does mine. Of course it's unedited so later on the flaws will be fixed but alas, they are there.
Thanks for the review anyways and though I cannot remember what challenge I entered I appreciate the review all the same.

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Review #45, by heretherebedragonslover Epilogue: Always

16th September 2014:
please i'm begging you to write the sequel

Author's Response: The sequel is still undecided but there is a high chance that it might happen. :)

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Review #46, by dracoislife The Halloween Ball

15th September 2014:
veryyy verrry good i love this book

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! :)

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Review #47, by JaydeTheSpaz Epilogue: Always

14th September 2014:
So there's going to be a sequel? Lol I'm just a huge Dramonie fan and want them to have an HEA all the time :-D

Author's Response: I am still undecided about the sequel at the moment, and even if there is one it might take a while for me to post it. I may or may not write one. It depends on whether or not the storyline makes sense for me and whether I actually want to write one or not.
Until then, I have really enjoyed reading your reviews and hope to see you again if there is a sequel :)

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Review #48, by Carissa Epilogue: Always

14th September 2014:
Bwahahahahahahaha! :'(

So sad!

*chants* Sequel, sequel!!!

Author's Response: Haha. Sequel is still undecided!! Sorry

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Review #49, by Whovian10 Epilogue: Always

12th September 2014:
Aww I loved it! Please write the sequel :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Sequel is still undecided, but I may just write it. :)

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Review #50, by Sam Epilogue: Always

12th September 2014:
Oh my goodness! That epilogue tho... Ugh, I can't believe he remembered everything! I guess that "faulty magic" she was experiencing during her pregnancy surfaced when she needed to use it the most! Please do a sequel, I've been following this for ages and I know a sequel would be difficult to do with everyone living a content life in the end with the new baby coming but :(:(

Author's Response: Lol yeah it did!! :) I might write a sequel but for now I'm writing this next gen story, featuring Albus, which is sort of a sequel to A Bit of Luck (the oneshot featuring Neville I wrote a while ago). The first chapter of that will be posted soon. It's called Ardor. :) but a sequel for this story is possible. I have a sort-of plot bunny for it, but I have to put it into words so I'm still undecided as of now. But in the mean time check out some of my other works!
Thanks for the review!! Xoxo

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