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Review #26, by magicalmayhem Chapter Thirty-Two: Turmoil

24th March 2014:
Love the story so far. Can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

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Review #27, by HannahJune23 Chapter Thirty: Covert

18th March 2014:
I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: It's already in the queue! Should be up by tomorrow hopefully!

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Review #28, by DraconisScarlet3792 Professor Quincey

3rd March 2014:
I have always thought that silent, wandless fighting was the most terrifying and yet the strongest form of magic. The opponent never knows what is coming and from where.

Author's Response: I also thought this. I also wanted to add actual self defense because a lot of witches and wizards do rely on their wands for protection, and I always thought that Hogwarts should've included Self Defense classes. It probably could've helped a lot of people during the Battle of Hogwarts. thanks for the review! Hope you enjoy the story!

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Review #29, by DraconisScarlet3792 Chapter Three: House Unity

3rd March 2014:
The use of new spells is always good in your own plots. The fact you took it from the Latin makes it more authentic. As for the portrait of Professor Snape, it is totally appropriate.

Author's Response: Thanks. I use Latin in my stories a lot, and i know that a lot of the Harry Potter spells are actually Latin, so I wanted to make it as "real" as I could since I couldn't find the spell I wanted. Thanks for the review! Hope you enjoy the story!

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Review #30, by Amulu_potter Chapter Twenty-Nine: Family (PART TWO)

17th February 2014:

Wow!! your plot is just too gud!! and i luv it i just read it in one go..found it yesterday night and it kept me awake the whole time as i could not stop myself from reading! :)

your plot and the way you have scripted the characters is awesome!! cant wait to read more...

but there r a few things like hermione was not well u never said what happened to her..

Do update soon!!


Author's Response: You will find out why Hermione is ill really soon. I bet you can guess if you think about it ;) I am really glad you like it, though I feel bad for being the reason you lost sleep. I am working on the next chapter at the moment, but I'm kind of stuck, so it probably won't be up for a while. Thanks for the awesome review though! I'm glad you enjoyed! (But I recommend getting some sleep while you wait for the next chapter lol!) And while you wait, I have a few other fics up, so maybe you'd like to read those? Thanks again!

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Review #31, by Anna Chapter Twenty-Nine: Family (PART TWO)

16th January 2014:
When are they going to rescue Ginny? Argh!

Author's Response: Soon!! I promise!

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Review #32, by Hope F Moore Chapter Twenty-Nine: Family (PART ONE)

10th January 2014:
Really sweet, really awesome, just yay. I'm really looking forward to how this all plays out and the other half of the chapter. Obviously Quincy is going to turn out to be Draco's real father and I really hope that there's some sort of dad smackdown. Anyway, great job as always!

Author's Response: Thanks Hope! I'm glad you liked it! Next half of this chapter will be up by next week. As for Quincy, well I'm not going to give too much away, but I can definitely say there will be a scene with him soon- probably by the last chapter. I can't say much more, but i can guarantee that it's going to be very emotional. Both for the characters and the readers.
Thanks again for the awesomesauce review!

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Review #33, by Olivia Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Measure of Darkness

22nd November 2013:
More! More! More! I loved that you talked about Ginny, and I hope you include her more...or have her freed. Please update!

Author's Response: Thanks! I promise I will update soon- hopefully by the end of this week, but I'm not sure. The whole chapter focused on Ginny because I knew people were curious as to what was going on with her, and she will definitely be included more. I found it easy to write her, and actually enjoyed writing the chapter. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks again for the review! :)

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Review #34, by XFanficLoverX Chapter Twenty-Sx: The Horse and the Otter

12th November 2013:
I love it! (even though I really don't like cliff-hangers all that much!) I have no idea about A.D., oh well! Overall, I think it's awesome and I can't wait till the next chapter! SQUE :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Next chapter is in for validation so hopefully it should be up soon! Thanks for the awesome review! :)

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Review #35, by IKNOW! Chapter Twenty-Sx: The Horse and the Otter

12th November 2013:
Romilda Vane is the imposter!

Author's Response: You'll have to wait and see! ;) next chapter is already in for validation, so it should be up soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by Hope F Moore Chapter Twenty-Sx: The Horse and the Otter

11th November 2013:
My guess is Romilda Vaine probably because amortentia things. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm going to be uploading the next chapter soon so it should be up in a few days:) of course, I'm not going to tell you if your guess was right or not- that will be revealed in the next chapter, as I don't want to spoil anything ;)

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Review #37, by Cassie M Chapter Twenty-Sx: The Horse and the Otter

10th November 2013:
Wow, I'm loving the story. It has hooked me! I'm guessing Romilda Vane as she was the one who caused a heap of trouble when she gave Harry chocolate frogs? Or was it some kind of edible cauldrons? I forget. Anyway, it was laced with Amortentia - the only potion I can think of that begins with A. Don't know about AD though. Guess I'll just have to wait and see! :-)

Author's Response: I think it was cauldrons as well. I'm not going to tell you if your right though! You'll have to wait until I post the next chapter to find that out. Thanks for the review!

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Review #38, by Hope F Moore Chapter Twenty-Five: Forgiven and Free

5th November 2013:
Wow, excellent. But one thing I've been wondering for a while is, isn't it a little out of character for Harry to basically ignore the fact that Ginny's locked up somewhere? I mean, sure, you talk about how he misses her and stuff, but I feel like it would basically consume his life, and he'd feel like he HAD to find her immediately, to save her. Even though she's perfectly capable of defending herself, if Ginny was being hurt, wouldn't Harry do more than mope about it? Overall a really great chapter though!

Author's Response: Ahh. You've made an excellent point, Hope! It does seem a little out of character yes, but in later chapters we'll figure out why. After all, even though he does know about fake Ginny, the pretender would probably go to extensive messaures to make sure that he wouldn't quite be himself. That's all I can say on the subject for now as I don't want to spoil the rest. But I can say there IS a reason that he's been acting slightly out of character lately. Which I did on purpose, not because I have difficulty writing harry. I actually have more difficulty writing Hermione lately, especially as her relationship with Draco starts to develop. I have trouble writing romantic scenes as I don't want them to turn out cheesy and I don't want to accidentally copy someone else's idea, you know? All I can say for now though is that Harry has NOT stopped looking for Ginny, using tracking spells and the like, but as we don't actually get much of Harry's point of view, we don't see this. for now, the major focus on the story is discovering AD, and the rest of the mysteries, and further developing Draco and Hermione's relationship. Since the books always end at the end of the school year, I'm planning on doing that, which is why there are leaps between chapters. I don't want it to drag on and have people become bored, after all. Thank you for your lovely review though, and I hope I answered your question as much as possible. Thanks again!

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Review #39, by spiritscale1997 Chapter Twenty-Five: Forgiven and Free

4th November 2013:
So good! Can't wait to see Ron's reaction Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try to update again by the end of this week.:)

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Review #40, by natajess Desirous

6th September 2013:
Would Blaise force himself on Hermione??

Author's Response: I wouldn't say that he forced himself on her. It was more like a "caught in the moment" sort of thing.

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Review #41, by Rayleen Mistletoe

12th August 2013:
I really like this story! It's mysterious and it's got romance, you're a really good writer!

Author's Response: Thanks Rayleen! That's so nice of you to say! I don't think it's good enough for the Dobbys, but I'm going k enter anyway! Anyways, thanks for the review! I'm glad you like this story!

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Review #42, by Jill Mistletoe

8th August 2013:
Haha, when you said check back soon I didn't expect to see another chapter that quickly! Anyways, yay! It's about time things got sorted out between them. I still feel horrible for Ron though :( All those years of hard work and feelings down the drain.. Hermione needs to connect the Draco's story and the professors quickly! My nerves are in a jumble, haha

Author's Response: Haha! I can't believe YOU connected the stories! Lol. You must be a Ravenclaw. Anyway, thanks for the review!

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Review #43, by Jill Mistletoe

7th August 2013:
Okay, so, I just read your newest chapter on watt pad but I'm to lazy to make an account to review on that website, but OH MY GOODNESS. I'm going crazy about professor Quincey and I was freaking out at my computer thinking "No. This can't be happening". Everything's falling into place :) So many emotions for Chapter 24! If I had an account on either of these websites this would definitely be marked as my favourite story!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it! Check back soon for the next chapter!

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Review #44, by madeline Mistletoe

7th August 2013:
i know this isn't a review, pardon my curiosity but why did you change the title of the story?

Author's Response: Hmm. Well it's a title that's been at the back of my mind for a while now, and I think it sounds really mysterious, and kinda fits the story. And curiosity is a good thing!

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Review #45, by georgia Mistletoe

31st July 2013:
this story is amazing you need to finish it as soon as you can please .

Author's Response: I will! The next chapter will be up ASAP! (Probably the end of this week or Monday). Thanks for the awesome review! :)

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Review #46, by MadiMalfoy Mistletoe

30th July 2013:
YOU BUGGER YOU GR! That's actually not a bad place to end it, and I'm sure I'll say the same next chapter if it's like you say it is! I'm a hardcore Dramione shipper, as you know, but Blaise/Hermione isn't too weird for me, probably because I have a bit of it in my novel as well. I like your version of Astoria, since there is such a wide range of characterizations. Ugh, this whole fake Ginny, imperiused Ron is just ridiculous and I hate it and how alone it makes Harry feel because he can't talk to Hermione about it without risking her getting hurt by Theo. I hope that he talks to Blaise and they sort of team up in the next couple chapters, because they both have Hermione's best interests at heart and Draco is still sketchy in my mind for them to fully trust him yet. *Breathes* okay, so a wonderful chapter, and can you please update this again really soon??! I'm really really really anxious for the ball and christmas and ach everything! x

Author's Response: Hi Madi! Thanks for another awesome review. Just so you know, this isn't the entire chapter. Luckily, you can read the rest on Wattpad (just search the story title!). I hope you enjoy the rest of it!
Thanks again for the awesome review.

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Review #47, by Rebecca Mistletoe

30th July 2013:
in my opinion I think hermione should be with Draco and you could put Blaise with Astoria or someone who atends the ball. I think that would work out good and they could still be friends. and when Ron finds out he won't be happy about it. overall I think this story is great and I hope you put up the next chapter really soon!!:) :)

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter SHOULD hopefully be up at the end of this week. Monday at the latest. Thanks for reviewing! Love, DracosGirl012

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Review #48, by anoymous Mistletoe

30th July 2013:

Author's Response: The rest of the chapter can be found on Wattpad (you can search the story title "Here There Be Dragons: A Dramione Tale", or my account, Volturi_Wolf01). Thanks for the review, and I will be sure to update soon! :)

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Review #49, by anoymous The Sense Potion

30th July 2013:
Please finish the story

Author's Response: I will!! Don't worry!! :)

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Review #50, by Delila Quidditch

29th July 2013:
Woo Hoo they won at Quidditch, defo one of the best chapters so far. If i had one criticism it would be on accuracy, i may be wrong but i don't think you can get 5 points in Quidditch but i could live without it being absolutely perfect, because as Vince Lombardini said Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. Which i think you have.

Author's Response: Thank you! I apologize if I got some things wrong! The Quidditch chapter was incredibly hard to write! Thanks for the review & I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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