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Review #26, by Whovian10 Epilogue: Always

12th September 2014:
Aww I loved it! Please write the sequel :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Sequel is still undecided, but I may just write it. :)

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Review #27, by Sam Epilogue: Always

12th September 2014:
Oh my goodness! That epilogue tho... Ugh, I can't believe he remembered everything! I guess that "faulty magic" she was experiencing during her pregnancy surfaced when she needed to use it the most! Please do a sequel, I've been following this for ages and I know a sequel would be difficult to do with everyone living a content life in the end with the new baby coming but :(:(

Author's Response: Lol yeah it did!! :) I might write a sequel but for now I'm writing this next gen story, featuring Albus, which is sort of a sequel to A Bit of Luck (the oneshot featuring Neville I wrote a while ago). The first chapter of that will be posted soon. It's called Ardor. :) but a sequel for this story is possible. I have a sort-of plot bunny for it, but I have to put it into words so I'm still undecided as of now. But in the mean time check out some of my other works!
Thanks for the review!! Xoxo

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Review #28, by HDLM Epilogue: Always

12th September 2014:
I didn't like the epilogue, I LOVED it lol. It was great. I wish it was kinda longer, but it was great. Congratulations on completing the story.

Author's Response: Thank you!! :) I'm so glad that you loved it!

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Review #29, by Stunned Epilogue: Always

12th September 2014:
I love this story so much! Don't know if I can go on living unless there is a sequel (they still love each other and to me I kind of dislike the fact they are not together!) Anyway, you are a wonderful writer, thank you for giving me such pleasure when reading your story.
Stunned x

Author's Response: Aw thanks. As far as the sequel is concerned I am still undecided. You are so welcome, and thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #30, by Hope F Moore Epilogue: Always

12th September 2014:
holy s**t. I've been reading this for years and I can't believe it's over either. I loved Draco's letter and it's just really wonderful! You're a great writer and I can't wait for the sequel (if it happens!!!

Author's Response: Aww thanks. I wrote two versions of the epilogue and I liked this one better. And I'm still undecided about the sequel. I am so glad you liked it and thank you for saying I'm a great writer. :)
Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #31, by HDLM Chapter Thirty-Six: Graduation

12th September 2014:
I got mixed feelings about this story. I like the story because it's different, but still true to the books. I also liked it because it shows Draco in a positive light. It shows how vulnerable he was and is. It confused me because I wasn't sure if you're going to use what we already is going happen, but now I see going with a different chain of events which is good. To be honest I like how it turned out. I would done somethings different but it's your story and it came out great. I haven't been on this site in a long time, since I was a sophomore or junior in high school(2004-2005) and this was the first story I read. All in all it was a great read and I can't wait till the epilogue :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I am glad you liked how everything has turned out this far. So many people have mixed feelings, and it's hard to tell whether they love it or hate it. The epilogue will up shortly. It's currently waiting validation so it should only take a couple more days. I'm so honored that this was the first story you read, and that you liked it. :)
Thank you so much for the review!! Hope to hear what you think in the epilogue. :)

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Review #32, by Hope F Moore Chapter Thirty-Six: Graduation

11th September 2014:
I think this was a really good ending. Even though I don't think Hermione would really keep the baby or be so careless to get pregnant, you stuck with it and it made sense in the end to the point where we had closure. I've loved reading this story, and I can't wait for the epilogue!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I've really enjoyed reading your reviews as well. The epilogue should be up soon. :)

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Review #33, by Bexis Chapter Thirty-Six: Graduation

9th September 2014:
I know that Dramione has to deal with the ship being a good bit unbelievable but the idea that Ron would get back together with Hermione after she's been with a Death Eater is just crazy. Ron would hang himself before taking Death Eater leftovers.

Author's Response: OK... That is quite harsh. The only thing I can say to you is that I highly doubt Ron would be so drastic. And why wouldn't he get back with Hermione?? He and Draco both cared about her and loved her and wanted to protect her. He understood and accepted that. Also the fact that Draco WAS a Death Eater no longer matters to him the way it did before. So saying he would rather hang himself than take "Death Eater leftovers" is really harsh. Maybe it's a bit unbelievable but this is MY story. I wrote it how I wanted and not to please anyone else. Sorry if you don't like that. I respect your opinion, but I think you were being a bit too harsh.
Have a nice day.

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Review #34, by blackdiamond Chapter Thirty-Six: Graduation

8th September 2014:
Dear Author: My heart is broke. I feel emotional so the following My Thoughts might not make complete sense cause I'm venting. I prepared for romantic tragedy ending as much as I could but it is still sad and hard to accept. But PLEASE don't break it further. Scared me more when mentioning repairing relationship with Ron. Friendship fine but it makes no sense to me if you put them back romantically. If she can't be with Draco how can she be with anyone romantically and it not be dangerous for them. The thought of her with Ron and Ron raising Draco's child makes me sick to my stomach. I really like and care about Astoria but am heartbroken that Draco and Hermione will not be together and raise their child. When I said she will go through life alone , I meant she could never marry. If she can't have Draco why not put her with Blaise if she can be with anyone but not Ron. I would rather she dies in childbirth (than end up with Ron) and Draco with Astoria raise Draco and Hermione's child as Astoria will love the baby and do right for the child. Please don't put her with Ron -they don't fit and she loves Draco so much. Only reason for sequel would be to reverse romantic tragedy to some extent-if not what is point? Hope Draco remembers and knows truth eventually and has courage to honor Hermione's choice and live with results unless he doesn't marry Astoria and finds some way to be with H and his child. Await epiloge and Draco POV one shot. If sequel I will definately read and follow. Scenes that touched me so were Christmas and the exchanging of gifts and Narcissa telling Draco "to keep her close". This story was fun and exciting but the end is so sad for me. Poor Hermione-she is always sacrificing for others. It would be great to see her win and find happiness. I know her child will bring her pride and contentment . Hope she can keep child safe. I am with Harry in that I don't think she should have obliviated Draco/she should have at least talked to him first and his memories do make him who he is. How will this effect him? Honest thought but forgive my rant and vent. This chapter was interesting with all the participants together at graduation. Liked the interaction between Astoria and Hermione very much. So pleased Grisilda went to Dark Wizard Pit/Nott got his just deserves/Lucius is where he belongs. Golden Trio and Order prevail. Thank You for incredible story and hope you clear up a few loose ends-who was cloaked figure? Who did Lucius send patronus to or did Grisilda do that? Will Draco accept Quincy as bio dad and have relationship with him but keep Malfoy name and heritage? How powerful is Hermione and child? Will Hermione be able to keep the secret of Griffendor's heir? Will those that know help keep her secret? Narcissa knows Draco loves Hermione -What will she do?
Best to you-ALWAYS. Keep writing .

Author's Response: I am sorry for the broken heart :( I will do my best not to be offended that you feel that way about Hermione and Ron (Not exactly a Romione fan, then?)
Sequel, as I said, may or may not happen. As for whether or not Draco remembers, that will be revealed in the epilogue. I'm so glad you liked the Christmas scenes and Narcissa telling him "to keep her close"! And I am so glad you liked the story! I also agreed with Harry, but Hermione sort of made up her own mind and just basically wrote herself (if you understand what I mean). Lol I also loved he interaction with Hermione and Astoria.
As for Lucius and his Patronus, that WAS never cleared up, was it? It was Lucius. He was sending the Patronus to Griselda, lol.
As far as the cloaked figure? The figure watching Hermione/Blaise-etc was Griselda, gathering info. The figure watching Narcissa was Quincey, keeping an eye on her. :) Yes and yes to both your questions regarding Draco/Quincey. And Hermione and child are both incredibly powerful. As for what Narcissa will do, you'll find out in the epilogue. :)
Thanks again for such an awesome review! I love reading your reviews! :)

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Review #35, by JaydeTheSpaz Chapter Thirty-Six: Graduation

8th September 2014:
Ok, I guess you're somewhat forgiven for the last chapter. I really like this one, but I can't help but think certain things will fade? One hope right? :-D

Author's Response: Ah thank goodness you liked this one!! And yes indeed, one can hope ;)

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Review #36, by blackdiamond Chapter Thirty-Five: Memoria

3rd September 2014:
Zinger-you just had to stun me again. I told you Romeo & Juliet references scared me. Romantic tragedy OR some more My Thoughts: 1. She did not obliviate real Draco 2. Draco is also very smart and anticipated Hermione and saved his memories and they will get put back somehow. If romantic tragedy- 1. What about the baby. The baby is in same boat as Hermione -how does she have baby and protect and keep baby?
2. Hermione will go through life alone and 3. Draco ends up with Astoria if obliviated for real. 4. Draco keeps Malfoy name vs letting line die out. 5. Narcissa ends up with Quincy. 6.I need to reread some chapters about necklace because I thought that was power that saved Hermione . What special powers did Hermione have -she couldn't even fight off Nott or Grisilda without necklace. 7. Why is Hermione dangerous if last heir of Griffindor- she shows no signs of threat ever. Her life is work, love, sacrifice. 8. Nah!!! I'm going to hold out with the tiniest spark of hope that you have another surprise up your sleeve. You've got one more chapter -I'll give up all hope after that for Romeo & Juliet Ending.

You are a She Devil (hope no offence) but I love this mystery story and you have done a great work even though you are breaking my heart now.

Author's Response: Ok so I can clear some things up (but not all because a lot of your questions will be answered in both the final chapter and the epilogue).
Hermione won't go through life alone, as the people who love her wouldnt let her do so. As for Draco's memories, I have a one-shot planned that will be told in his POV after the events. The necklace DID actually save Hermione. And she is no more dangerous than she was before, but being the last heir of Gryffindor a lot of people will fear her. Sort of like people feared Harry when they thought he was the Heir of Slytherin. They wouldn't know what she was really capable of (Hermione actually has no idea herself.)
I can tell you no more, else it would spoil ending and oneshot and possible sequel. Sorry. And yes you were right about the Romeo and Juliet ending ;)
Sorry about breaking your heart!! But hang in there!! I am so glad that you have loved the mystery and that you think I did a good job!! (Notice that I'm ignoring the She Devil comment there.)
Thanks for another awesome review! Can't wait to hear what you think about the next chapter and the epilogue!! :)

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Review #37, by Cie Chapter Thirty-Five: Memoria

3rd September 2014:

I'M IN TEARS, HOW COULD YOU!?!?!?!?!??!???



no...not really. please update soon. love you very much. i sorry.

Author's Response: Sorry :( *offers tub of favorite ice cream and box of Kleenex*
The next chapter is currently waiting validation. Shouldn't be too much longer- hang in there!!
Phew. I'm so glad you don't hate me!! And is it wrong that I am partially pleased my story made someone cry?? I am sorry for causing you pain though!!

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Review #38, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Chapter Thirty-Five: Memoria

3rd September 2014:
Besides the part with her parents, I do not like the ending of this chapter!! I understand her reasoning for doing it, but honestly at this rate she should have done it to all the people who know! They are all in danger as well, not just Draco. Please don't take that rudely, I am still trying to process my emotions!

If Draco goes back to how he was before, my heart might break a little more. Everything will have to go back to the way it was, before they fell in love. This is such a good story but so sad :( I love them together so much. They were meant to be. Ugh! Why does doing the right thing have to seem so wrong sometimes?

Anyway, emotional rant over! Sorry for putting you through that! This truly has been a great story to read, and I am so sad to see it end! I would definitely read a sequel, even if it's just a one shot about how Hermione is coping with the outcome of all of this, and her new life. :) Great job, seriously! I love this story :)

Author's Response: I can understand why you would think that she would've had to do the same to everyone who knew. But Draco knew a lot more than most of them did. He knew she was Godric Gryffindors ancestor. He also knew that she was capable of extremely powerful magic- wand less magic, even. She is powerful. And not only that, if anyone found out who she was, they would've used Draco the same way Voldemort might have used Ginny against her. And she didn't completely wipe his memories. She just altered them so that he didn remember anything that would've put him in danger- like the bits about the necklace and her heritage, and lovin her. As for everyone else's memories, maybe they should've been changed/wiped, too. But Draco was in the most danger because of his relationship to her. Now you could argue that Ron and Blaise could also be used against her in the same way, as could Harry and Ginny. But Blaise, Harry & Ron didn't know very much, except that Hermione was related to Gryffindor. And same with Ginny. Of course everyone did see what the necklace did, but they will chalk that up to a very powerful Patronus charm. Perhaps they will decide that the dragon symbolizes her love for Draco (which it sort of does.)
It isn't that the people who know are in any less danger or that she doesn't see the need to protect them too. It's that she ended to keep Draco safe because 1. She loves him and can't stand the thought of him being hurt because of her, and 2. It is too dangerous for him to be with her.
I hope that makes sense. I know the whole memory thing is confusing. There's still one more chapter and the epilogue left to go. They'll give you an insight as to what happened afterwards and such. As for the sequel, I am still undecided as of now but that may change.
Thanks so much for the awesome review and I'm sorry about putting you through an emotional roller coaster :(

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Review #39, by JaydeTheSpaz Chapter Thirty-Five: Memoria

2nd September 2014:
WHY?! She better lift that nonsense in the next chapter! For shame Hermione!

Author's Response: Sorry, but that "nonsense" will end up saving Draco's life. Remember how Harry had to break up with Ginny so Voldemort didn't use her against him? Yeah. Think of it like that. Hermione didn't want to do it, but in order to protect him, she'll do whatever it takes.

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Review #40, by slyth3r1n Chapter Thirty-Five: Memoria

2nd September 2014:
Ah this was such a sad ending to the chapter! I can't cope!

Author's Response: Sorry :( I was kinda crying writing that last part but it had to happen. I hope you liked the chapter though!! Thanks for reviewing!! :)

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Review #41, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Chapter Thirty-Four: Heroes

26th August 2014:
You have no idea how excited I was to see this new chapter!! The wait was worth it!

I feel very accomplished for guessing it was Lucius pretending to be Draco! Although I was shocked by the reasoning. Lucius may be a lot of things, but it's sad to know that he was portrayed as the bad guy when he accepted Draco as his own, and yet all Draco really knew were the bad things.

I am really sad this is almost over, but I can't wait to read what happens after Hermione fainted!

Author's Response: Lucius is definitely a lot of things but he did love Draco and accepted him. Next chapter should be up soon. I don't know when, but soon!! :)

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Review #42, by holly Chapter Thirty-Three: Rescue

9th August 2014:
i think that the "draco" that brought hermione into the dining room is actually lucius, & that lucius used either the polyjuice potion or whatever romilda used to become ginny. wherever the real draco is, i think he was most likely just kidnapped & he really had loved hermione all along.

Author's Response: Good theory. You'll find out in the next couple chapters, I promise!! :)

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Review #43, by Mariah Chapter Thirty-Two: Unearthing

1st August 2014:
I don't think Draco is with the bad guys. I think he's just playing along because in Yule tide kisses he said that if he ever used the word mudblood for her to know that he didn't really mean it. I think he's siding with the bad guys to help keep her safe. At least I hope so.

Author's Response: I can't say, but I am glad you paid attention and remebered a small--yet important-- detail in Yule Tide Kisses.
Thanks for the review!! All will be revealed soon! :)

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Review #44, by Itzelt Chapter Thirty-Three: Rescue

31st July 2014:
I really enjoy your story; very creative! I stumbled across it a couple of days ago and I haven't stopped reading. Can't wait to read how it ends :) Keep it up!

Author's Response: Aw thanks!! I should be hopefully posting a new chapter this weekend

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Review #45, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Chapter Thirty-Three: Rescue

28th July 2014:
Oh. My. Goodness. The wait has been so worth it! I was so excited to see a new chapter had been posted, and throughout the whole chapter I had so many mixed emotions. Putting Professor Quincey in there was such a good touch!

I really hope you enjoyed your vacation!!

I am glad, though, that you are back and that you posted a new chapter! I am so excited to read the rest! This story could go so many ways, but since you already seem to have it all planned out I trust you to leave us speechless, or at least that's what normally happens to me after I read your chapters!


Author's Response: Thank you! I had an excellent vacation, and I will be back until Friday so I am hoping to get another chapter up before I go away again. I am glad that you liked the whole Prof. Quincey thing. And your right that I do have everything planned out already. I've known since the first chapter how it would end. But I hope you, my readers, will be surprised. Thanks so much for the awesome review! I am glad you like my story! :)

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Review #46, by blackdiamond Chapter Fourteen: The Worst Nightmare

28th July 2014:
Read your author response and wanted to save you reading a story/book. In a mystery the reader always on lookout for clues however small. Chapter 14 Romeo & Juliet is first mentioned . Further into story it is mentioned again and Draco and Hermione have brief discussion that they liked the romantic tragedy of the story. I took this as possible portent that if your story followed suite -it would end as romantic tragedy. Not meaning they both had to kill themselves as in the great classic but something dark/bad/ horrific could happen and they would not end up together. Therefore I prepared for possible dark ending. Hope this clarifcation is helpful.

Author's Response: Ah thanks! Wow I can't believe I almost forgot about that scene. I guess it's been awhile since I wrote that scene lol. Thanks for the clarification, and you definitely raised an interesting point/question. :)

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Review #47, by blackdiamond Chapter Thirty-Three: Rescue

28th July 2014:
My thoughts: 1. Surprised that Draco with Rescue is really polyjuiced Quincy. Believe Draco in dining room is still really Lucius in some disguise also. 2. Curious as to why Quincy is upset /surprised they are at Malfoy Manor . He should suspect Lucius of anything. Maybe he is worried Lucius knows of Draco's parentage and fears for Draco and Narcissa. 3. Theo Nott is missing from action-is he holding Draco and possibly Narcissa hostage? Draco was put to sleep when Hermione was kidnapped. Where is real Draco?
4. Draco gave Hermione soul sucking bracelet-did he know? Was it really the true Draco? 5. Who did Lucius send his patronus's to? Griselda/Pansy/Theo? or Draco/Narcissa?
6. Cloaked person seen by Hermione on edge of forbidden forest at Hogwarts before Lucius leaves Azkaban and seen by Narcissa at her new home on edge of property after Lucius leaves prison-Theo or Quincy spying? 7. Astoria gave Hermione sapphire necklace to protect her from ALL harm-'There Be Dragons'. This will protect Hermione from soul sucking bracelet spell.
I hope Greselda lands in Dark Wizard Pit of the Great Beyond and is seen no more. 8.This has always bothered me that you made two references to Romeo and Juliet. A little scarey- If this story follows suite then Draco is suspect I fear.
Possible Dark ending. I've prepared myself just in case. Hope for Romantic Dramione ending of course. 9.Pansy and Romelda looked at Hermione and Ginny on way out of dining room but not Daphne. Daphne is with Order. So is Goyle.
10. Suspicious characters: Draco -good or evil? Lucius- where is he? I think in dining room polyjuiced as Draco but I may be wrong! Where is Nott not seen current at Malfoy Manor- I think he has real Draco and possible Narcissa but I could be wrong! Does Narcissa have a play yet in here? Greselda a sure villian-the Master. 11. The main objective was to destroy the golden trio. Lucius and Greselda. 12. It is that pureblood supremacy hatred/nonsense.
Dear author, I am having so much 'Fun' with this story. I so enjoy the surprises , unpredictability, and mystery of this story. I am all over the place with my thoughts/suspicions and still have no idea how this will resolve. I appreciate that your writing has made this possible to be left constantly wondering; what is next/trying to fit puzzle pieces together.
Mystery is your forte in this story.
Stupendus writing.
I am with you to THE END. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to complete this story. So appreciated.
This will be my last review till THE END unless you throw in another zinger like Draco in last chapter and scare the He** out of me again. Hope you are getting in some relaxation and enjoying the summer. Best to you and Thanks so much for giving me wonderful entertainment.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for the kind words! I have actually struggled with the whole mystery thing. There is always the question at the back of my mind that wonders if the so called mystery is actually really cheesy. I am glad you like it, and that you think I am good at the mystery thing!!
Interesting theory about Romeo&Juliet. I must read the book again and see what you mean. Also, you've raised several interesting points: for example the cloaked figure seen by Narcissa and Hermione, as well as the whole bracelet thing and the necklace. Many good points raised.
Thanks so much for the fabulous review! I can't wait to see what you have to say next!! I have a feeling I will have to go into hiding after the last chapter. ;) anyways thanks again for the review and I am so glad you like the story!! :)

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Review #48, by fangirlfanatic Chapter Thirty-Three: Rescue

28th July 2014:
I'm thinking (and hoping) that Draco is going double agent but I can't be sure. Also I'm thinking Hermione will have to sacrifice herself (kinda like what Harry did in DH) in order to kill Griselda... But the thing is how would Hermione get out alive if that happened. It perplexes me to no end

Author's Response: I cannot tell you the fate of Hermione, nor what is going on with Draco, but that is an interesting theory :)

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Review #49, by Narcissamalfoy394 Here There Be Dragons

12th July 2014:
Awesome. This is great I can't stop reading.

Author's Response: Ahahah thanks so much :) I am so glad you like it

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Review #50, by Narcissamalfoy394 Chapter Ten: The Sapphire Necklace

11th July 2014:
A.D is albums dumbledore isn't it

Author's Response: alas I cannot answer. You will find out soon :)

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