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Review #26, by VioletBlade A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

12th December 2013:
Isobel! I actually really love the concept for this Albus/OC! :D I like that they've already dated but you can definitely tel there are some unresolved tensions/feelings (perhaps? *hint hint*) still there! I like that the protagonist, Alicia, isn't a perfect character who has never done anything she regrets, etc. and that by the first chapter we can already tell she's made some mistakes in her life. Also I love the angle of Alicia - I never have read a story about one of Lee Jordan's kids but I love when authors branch out into different next generation kids besides the ones that are always written about! :P Anyway, as I told you already, I would appreciate more of this being written, just saying! ;)

Author's Response: Becca! Hi! I'm really glad you like the concept of this novel! :D Yeah, I wanted something a little different to the usual Albus/OCs we see on the archives, so I decided to give them a prior history! And Alicia is definitely a flawed character; that's one of the reasons I love writing her. As requested, chapter two is now up ;)

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Review #27, by sharzamow A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

28th November 2013:
First off, well done, well done with being so consistent in first-person, and having it so easy to read and sort of smooth - honestly, I know lots of people write in first person but generally with fics I find it difficult to read first person as it can be a bit...awkward? Because you need such a strong grasp on the character, and the right balance of inner dialogue and outer dialogue etc. But I think you hit almost the perfect balance, and I got a nice idea of Alicia's character!

Mostly I just need to commend you on the fabulous idea you have for this fic - really original, really interesting - I love HP fics set in Hogwarts, of course, but it's lovely to have one set somewhere else, and in such an interesting environment!

I think I'd just like for the fic to move a wee bit slower, however - not at a boring pace, but I'd like more of a feel of Albus' character and his and Alicia's background/relationship, and a bit more on the other characters, too. I really love the sound of Nick in particular, and I'm interested in what's in store for Alicia and Albus already!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I actually prefer third person POV, although I'm growing to like first person POV more as I write it, so it's great to hear that you feel I'm consistent with my POV and with Alicia's characterization! :D

And I'm pleased you like the concept of this fic - as great as Hogwarts stories are, it's nice to have others too, especially with next-gen :D

Heh, I understand what you mean but it wouldn't be much of a novel if I gave away everything in the first chapter ;) Don't worry, you'll learn more about each character as the story progresses!

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Review #28, by SkyEcho A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

25th November 2013:
Hi The Misfit!
I really enjoyed reading your first chapter! You have a really unique story idea and I look forward to finding out what happens next.

Your first person narration is consistent throughout the chapter. It's written in a way that's easy to read and I like that we can really hear Alicia's voice here.

I like her. She's been put in an uncomfortable situation, but does it because she really cares about her parents. That's definitely something I can relate to. I also really loved that her dad was the one holding out on signing the documents until he knew she would be ok working with Albus. That's really sweet and and shows the kind of relationship they have.
I also found it interesting that she's the one who was unfaithful. Although we can see that she takes ownership for that - we still don't really know how she feels about Albus now - so I look forward to seeing her work through that as the days progress.

The agency is also a really interesting idea, yet also realistic. I can imagine lots of people who would seek out its services. I liked how you introduced the staff with tiny glimpses into their personalities. It gives us enough information to become interested in them, yet not too much that it alters the pace of your chapter. I particularly liked the way Alicia described Nick. I definitely look forward to finding out more about the staff members.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you like the idea of this story, and that you want to read on! :D

I'm really pleased to hear that you're liking Alicia's narration so far, and her attitudes to those around her - her parents and Albus - and yes, she is closer to her dad than to her mum (but her sister is closer to her mum than her dad so it's probably normal in multi-child families?)

Yeah, I wanted a character who had screwed up and who feels guilty for her actions, and yes, there will be more about her unfaithfulness as time progresses :D

Ooooh, thank you! That is exactly what I was hoping to achieve with my introduction of her team, so I'm delighted to hear I was successful! And haha, Nick seems to be a favourite among the readers... HPFF seems to like it's bad boys ;)

The next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #29, by Cavell A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

31st October 2013:
Ooh, I really love the concept of this! Your plot seems original so far, and I really love how this is about Lee Jordan's kids, so it's like a whole new slate. Alicia is already a lovely character so far -- she's not your average OC and isn't overly insane or something, and I love her professionalism (um, no idea how to spell that, sorry!) and her reasons for letting the company to Albus despite the whole ex thing, which is really creative, by the way!

Also, the companyyy~ All of this just adds up to one big, amazing idea, not to mention your description is just right in between too much and too little and your characters are really entertaining so far, and your writing just flows so well and is just easy to read. 10/10, definitely going into my favourites! Hope you update soon :D


Author's Response: I'm really glad that you love the idea of this story - I never get tired of hearing that :D I'm pleased you like Alicia too, and the way I've characterized her :) (BTW, you spelt professionalism right ;)) and it's great to hear that you find the plot so far creative!

It's always a pleasure to hear such lovely compliments, and thank you for favouriting this! There's a new update soon! :D


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Review #30, by fairytaled A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

27th October 2013:
this seems dead interesting and i love the idea of the company and i cant wait for more ♥

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I'm really glad that you like the concept of Jordan and Parsons! More will come soon! :)

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Review #31, by Cannons A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

17th October 2013:
Ok, thought I'd come and check this out and I'm pleased that I did.

Apart from being such a unique idea it's written so well. I like Alicia a lot, and want to find out more about Nick, he seems . interesting!

Love the image of Sophie turning in to a giraffe and her head going through the ceiling!

I wonder where this is going.


Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you like this story, and that you like Alicia and Nick! It's great that you find this story unique too! :)

Haha, yep - I couldn't resist including giraffes, and since they're so tall it made sense to have chaos to have a giraffe indoors!

You'll have to continue reading to find out ;)

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Review #32, by MissesWeasley123 A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

17th October 2013:

Your idea is SO original. Seriously, it's my first time reading Lee's kids and yeah. I really like the characterization you've given Alicia, and the plot is so real. I like the whole "ex" idea, very fun and interesting.

Sophie is such a fun character! I loveee how her animagus is a giraffe. So awesome. I can sense some romance between this Thierry man and Albus butting in and just... Yeah, this story has a very high amount of potential. I think I should favourite it right now, it seems very good.

I think you're off to a great start!

Author's Response: Hi Nadia!

Thank you, I'm really pleased that you like the concept of the agency, and that you like Alicia! I wanted something a little different from the standard Al/OC romances, so I decided, why not have them have some history? :P

Sophie's Animagus form comes in useful at some point during the story ;) In chapter G, in fact! And thank you so much for the favourite - I'm so pleased you like this story and I hope you enjoy the future chapters too! ♥

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