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Review #26, by fizzingwizzbies  Life as we know it.

28th December 2012:
Really like the idea for this story!! Ally is great!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I truly appreciate it!
BBWotter xoxo

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Review #27, by LittleLionGirl  Life as we know it.

19th December 2012:
Well dear. Good Job. All I have to say is there was no grade under DADA. Oh and I think the word you would rather have is comely or home like (Homely means ugly actually) But otherwise Lovely job and I hope to see more!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness thank you! This truly made my day, but unfortunately tragedy has struck! :( I wrote three more chapters for this and they all got deleted somehow so now I have to re-write them, which will unfortunately take me rather a long time, so don't expect anything new for a long time, and I'll go and change the mistakes right away.
Thanks again!
BBWotter xoxo

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Review #28, by Someone in your school! =)  Life as we know it.

18th November 2012:
omfg it ez soo kewl!!111one!!!111

No, but seriously it's good. The writing is very paced but the poetic nature makes it a tad sentimental.


Author's Response: Okay, who is this? :P lol, siriusly :) Enkuku?
So I was thinking should it be done in third person or.? and I don't know where to go with this. Death Eater Rising or just typical teenage drama thing?
TELL ME WHO YOU ARE! hahah xoxo
danke for the review!

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Review #29, by Hannah  Life as we know it.

15th November 2012:
LOVE! Thank you for writing this. Seriously. Please don't ever stop.

Author's Response: AW!! This is AMAZING for a first review! I'm not planning on stopping, hehe. So you don't think it's too detailed or a little strange with the Elemental magic and all? This actually made my day! I was SO scared that my story was going to be a total failure so. Thank you! :D

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