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Review #26, by marauderfan Bones

13th January 2014:
Ok. Got distracted for a bit but I'm back! (I have the attention span of a dog surrounded by squirrels.)

Wow. I don't know whether it's because I'm sitting in a cold room or because that first section of the chapter was so creepy, but I got chills reading it! (I think it's the chapter though.) Aaa!

Au contraire. I think the fact that only Rose and Lorcan heard it is MORE worrisome.

The last name Russell? I'm trying to remember now if you ever divulged the last names of all Rose and Lorcan's travelling companions. I don't think you did... must be one of them though, right?

Aw, poor Dalila and Rashidi. I hope he doesn't die yet :( At least he has Dalila there for him, that was good of her to stay with him. Aah you ended with another cliff hanger and this time I can't click the "next chapter" button! O_O

This was a great chapter though! By the way, I did catch a little copy/paste error, there are three paragraphs that repeated in the last section. Beginning with Ill see, Dalila and ending with drinking it will return the others to their natural time period. so you might want to fix that. Otherwise, fantastic chapter Kiana! Anxiously awaiting the next update!

Author's Response: Haha, that's fine and I apologise for it taking a while to reply to this, life has been so crazy this week but yay it's Friday which means free time :D

Bahaha, I think cold rooms make everything creepier so I understand where you're coming from but I'm glad you thought it was like that. I know, bahaha, they should be worried and you too. :P I feel as evil as the man right now :P

Hmm, I can't really say as that would give it away but what I will say it has been mentioned before so it's up to you whether you want to go back and check out who it was :P

I can't comment on the two of them, but I'm massive fans of them so nothing too(insert a... in :P) should happen is all I say. The next chapter is up in around/under two weeks so it's not too long at least :D

Ah -.- That's so embarrassing as I'm always paranoid about that occurring and now it has! I'll fix it right away before I die of shame :P

Thanks for such a fantastic review, Kristin!

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Review #27, by marauderfan Motes of History

13th January 2014:
Kiana! I'm sorry it's taken me SO long to get around to reading this, I'm like 2 chapters behind now! But hey, looks like this is your 100th review on the story, so yay!

Your descriptions in the first part of this chapter are so beautiful. Much like the beginning chapters when Rose is seeing everything for the first time, it came to life again as Hermione sees the shop for the first time. I loved your attention to detail, the things she feels and sees and smells, it's really an excellent description and I could visualise the scene perfectly, feel the desert heat and smell the perfume in the dry air.

I sense bad things coming from Scorpius' plan. And yes the capturing of that man did seem a little too easy. Eek...

Dusk was close to falling, so the shadows grew on the streets, as if charcoal was being heaped onto canvas. -- I love this. Seriously your description in this chapter is beautiful And Acanthus! Ahh I really loved looking around the city with Rose, seeing it all through the lens of history. Too cool.

Lorcan's line about "no time like the present" made me laugh, as they're in the past rather than the present :D

I love the mystery surrounding the temple of Osiris. Gosh, this chapter reminded me how much I love Ancient Egypt. Oh no, Lorcan touched something and disappeared, didn't he?!?! Was he the one who screamed? Or was that Scorpius, possibly? I need to go look back at that earlier chapter about the scrolls. Also where did David and Charlotte and that group of people go?

What an evil cliff hanger. Luckily for me I can just click right on to the next chapter :P

Great chapter, Kiana!

Author's Response: It's fine Kristin! I'm so glad that you could be my 100th review because you've been one of the best readers ever :D

I'm really glad that it reminded you of the beginning chapters because it made me very nostalgic writing this chapter and knowing how far they had all come and how they couldn't really go back again. Aw, I feel as if they're my children who have all flown the nest to the big wide world now and I feel all so lonely.

Haha, I can't really say much about Scorpius' plan and how it will work out but watch and wait is what I recommend.

Aw, thank you! It was so much fun writing Acanthus because we've been waiting for it for so long now I was worried I had gone rather overboard with the description instead :P Yay for history too, because we have to be educational at times too!

Haha, I couldn't resist! Time puns are way too much fun in this :P

I know it made me love it even more too because it meant instead of wasting hours learning about it, it was story research. Ahaha your theories were so excellent but you probably sort of know that they still don't know who or what it was so it could still be any of them :P

I'm not so evil then so it's ok :P Thanks for such a great review, Kristin, it was an awesome one to get for my 100th!


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Review #28, by ReeBee To Anywhere

13th January 2014:
KIANA! HI! I've missed this story :( But, here I am for our swap! Awesome as usual! :D

I loved the plot! And the flow was perfection! :D Ooh! I wonder who Scorpius killed?! And maybe he gets sent back in time too! And then he kills someone...? But, why would the bad guy (creative I know) send Scorpius back in time if he knows he's going to kill his ancestor? Maybe it was someone else who looks like Scorpius...? Killing seems very un-Scorpius like... Don't mind my musings ;)

And u left a cliffhanger! What happens with the map?!?! DOES IT WORK?!?!?! Argh!

But, the description was really vivid! I could imagine the slight breeze and the boiling weather (the latter of the two because of the fact that it's scorching here!) Maybe a bit more setting description during the first bit would be good? Not that the flow needed improving :)

Ooh! I love how Charlotte and the rest are developing! We are slowly finding out more on their personalities! :D I would've loved to see more interactions between Rose and the boys (Edward and David), but it's just a suggestion :) I loved the characterisation even without the interactions :)

All in all, the usual awesomeness expected from a chapter of Acanthus! It was great! :D I LOVED IT!

-Curie :D

Author's Response: CURIE! I missed you too, but yay for you being here again :D

I'm so glad that you liked the plot/flow :P Ahaha, I love your theories, some of them are very good but I can't really say whether they're correct or not as that would give the plot away :P It does seem very un-Scorpius, but you'll have to wait and see!

Ahaha, all things related to the map will be revealed in the next chapter, so don't worry!

Aw, poor you, it's nice to write those scenes as it's freezing in the UK! I'll go and look at the first bit and see what I can include because I've needed to edit that chapter for a while now.

I'm so glad that you liked that gang as they are very dear to me, and some of my favourite OCs that I've written. I'll go back and look at that too, but there definitely is some more in future chapters, so don't worry!

Thanks for such a great review, Curie, it was fantastic :D


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Review #29, by teh tarik The Tale of Acanthus

13th January 2014:

My favourite kind of history, and this is saying a lot, since I don't usually do a lot of history. And woaahh, this chapter was a real treat for me.

(Oh, hi, Kiana!)

First of, I love Scorpius' opening section; you've characterised him so carefully! I like how thoughtful he is, how reserved he is, and what a contrast Rose is to him. Rose his vibrant, lively, chatty...I love how well these two complement each other. And Dalila's characterisation has been developing really well, too. It's very telling, how reserved she is, and how she seems to shy away from Scorpius. Perhaps it's something to do with her cultural upbringing. You did a great job depicting the whole chaotic family get-together (I imagine this is a rather regular thing for Dalila's family; it certainly is for mine :P ), the food, the hospitality shown toward Rose and Scorpius, and I love how everyone sat in silence and listened to the tale told by Rashidi. And Rashidi is a really interesting old man! I love the fact that he's going to join Rose and Dalila and Scorpius (and possibly Lorcan) on their little expedition to find the lost city of Acanthus.

Speaking of Acanthus, this is such an intriguing idea! There's a lot of mystery about it, and that strange potion that can make one live forever. Already I'm fascinated, and I can't wait to read on and find out about their journey.

Fabulous chapter, Kiana! Will be back for moarr. ♥ ♥


Author's Response: TEH ♥ ♥

Yay, I'm so glad that you liked it because I LOVE history (yes, coming out as a history nerd right here), so this chapter was a ton of fun for me to write :D

I'm really glad that you liked how each character's evolving because when I started writing it this I was sort of bad and didn't properly plan their characteristics so all that appears here just sort of happened, which gives more hope to me the lack of plan approach works! Haha, yes it is because whenever I go and visit my Iranian relatives they always complain I don't see them enough and it's just like I saw you a month ago calm down! :P The gathering was based upon all of my events of visiting my own crazy Iranian family, so I'm glad you liked it as I figured Iranian and Egyptian culture was similar enough for it work :P Yay for the expedition, I can't say more about Lorcan/Rashidi but watch out for the two of them!

Haha, I hope you continue to like it because there is a little more to it than I've let on so far :P

Thanks for such a fabulous review, teh! ♡


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Review #30, by vanityfair Bones

9th January 2014:
I am logged out but this is still me, Maia. I liked this chapter a lot and I can see why you were excited given so much happened in it. I really hope that Rose figures out who it is soon enough, and I liked learning the man's name, Frederic suits him. Yay for Scorpius, I hope he finds them. Great chapter. xxx

Author's Response: Hi Maia! It's great to see you again! I'm so glad that you liked finding out more things and liked the chapter on the whole, it meant a lot to me! Thanks for the review :D

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Review #31, by quixotic Souks and Surprises

2nd January 2014:
Hey! Here with a review! Congratulations on reaching 1,000 reviews, by the way. This one is my 40th. I feel so unaccomplished :P
Anyway, I must admit that I have been a very bad HPFFer. I've actually read this chapter before and didn't leave a review. Gah, me and my procrastination. Thanks for asking me to leave a review because this story really deserves more!

Rose is such an enthusiastic first timer that it makes me want to laugh. I love the descriptions of the dry ground and the perfumes and...practically everything! It really helped me form a mental picture of the chapter. I've never actually been to Egypt, but this was an awesome substitute. I think that;s the best part about reading. You get to travel the world from the comfort of your own bedroom :)

First timer though she may be, Rose seems to have the knack for reporting. Dalila came across as a rather enigmatic character who seemed to have a lot of secrets within her. It's great that Rose managed to get past her armour and from the way the two of them behaved, it was almost like they were friends.

Finally, Scorpius makes an appearance. Wearing converse and carrying a cell phone. I'm curious to know how Draco is taking his son's transformation. Curse breaking in Egypt sounds like such a cool profession, the tombs are said to be crawling with them!

I spotted the nervousness between the two of them. Ah, the two lovebirds. Can't wait until you realize your romantic feelings several chapters later. See, this is what happens when I read too much fan fiction. I start talking to the characters :)

One thing that got me thinking was the second last line of the chapter. You wrote about how Scorpius' went against his family's expectations while she could not. Is Rose unhappy with how her life is turning out? Does she have other things that she wants to pursue?

I was also suddenly reminded of the fact that the Weasleys had already been to Egypt before when Ron was twelve. Perhaps they gave some helpful advice to Rose as well? It's just a thought :)

Anyway, this was another wonderful chapter and I shall be reading the rest of this wonderful story. Unless my horrid procrastination gets in the way ;) Congratulations once again!

Author's Response: Thanks, and don't feel unaccomplished, I have nothing better to do in my life other than hang out on HPFF :P Don't worry about the lack of reviews either, it's just nice to know that you like the story so much :P

I'm so glad that you liked Rose's enthusiasm, I suppose it's rather like mine whenever I experience something new which I really like. :P Yes, and with HPFF we get to experience magical worlds abroad which makes armchair travelling even more fun!

Rose has definitely had time to hone her reporting skills after all those years of dreaming so it was fun being able to give her a real task and a fun interviewee. I'm glad that you liked how Rose and Dalila bounced off one another as they do feature a lot more throughout.

Bahaha, I don't really explore his and Draco's relationship in this story but I wish I did now purely for that reaction. He's just so cool Scorpius, I almost wish I could be a girl version of him.

Aw, I know, seeing them like this makes me aw over them all day as it's so cute with the way they don't know what to do. It's cool, I once I had a dream I stared in a fan fiction story which was strange to say the least :P

Yes, she is rather unhappy because she feels so unsuccessful and rather downcast by the fact that the rest of her family are all doing so well and there's her only scraping a living as a reporter. She wants to be a star one, who gets all the covers I suppose but sadly lurks around the back pages.

Gah, how could I have forgotten that? Thank you so much for pointing out their trip there, I will definitely reference it later on :D

Thanks for such a wonderful review, and I understand procrastination so it's ok :P


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Review #32, by teh tarik Souks and Surprises

1st January 2014:
Happy New Year, Kiana! ♥

Ooh, this is such a great chapter! I love your introduction to Cairo, and the really great sense of atmosphere - the heat, the whole bustle of the souk, the dust and the setting of the perfume shop. I could really see it all so vividly, even in the cramped backroom, or office, and the tiny desk and chairs in the corner. And I love your portrayal of the Khan el-Khalili souk; I've actually been there, and it really is a vibrant chaotic place, full of narrow, cramped stalls and dark shops and twisty back lanes, and I think you did a fab job capturing all that.

Also, Dalila is a really interesting character. She does come off as rather shy and reserved, but she does open up to Rose in the interview, so it will be really interesting to see how her character develops as the fic progresses. And I love your introduction of Scorpius! Dressed in Muggle clothes and using a mobile. That's a pretty unusual way to write him, and I love it. He seems like this friendly, warm, down-to-earth fellow, not his usual swaggering fanfiction self. :P

Great chapter, Kiana! (This is a bit of a short review, but I'll be back to read more!) ♥


Author's Response: Happy New Year teh! ♡

I'm so glad that you liked it as it means a lot given that you've actually been to Khan el-Khalilli. I went to quite a few when I was in Morocco though they were nothing compared to the size of that one, so yay for it being great. Ah, just thinking about the souks makes me want to go back there because you never know what you might come across next :P

I'm glad you liked Dalila because a soft spot has grown for her :P The shyness comes from both cultural things, and having such a large family and getting overshadowed but hopefully Rose will change her. Haha, the swaggering self is fun from time to time, especially in parodies, but I figured he must have a real self too :P

Thanks for such a great review, teh, it's not even short compared to some I've gotten!


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Review #33, by ReeBee Wicker Lines

30th December 2013:
The man! So... I don't even know! I'm guessing 'mean' doesn't cover it! Eugh! I liked Scorpius' POV! And also how he wasn't the strong, brave golden boy! Loved that! I love the golden boy type as well, but if be lying if I said it wasn't refreshing and interesting to read him like this!

Awesome job! Obviously going on to the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: No, mean doesn't cover it, but I hope as you learn more about him it's not so bad. I'm glad that you liked this new side to Scorpius which wasn't so positive as it was fun to mix it up!

I can't wait to see what you make of the next chapter, Curie!


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Review #34, by ReeBee A Kaleidoscope

30th December 2013:
NO! They're back in time?! But what about Scorpius?! And Dalila?! And everyone else?! How?! Who was that voice?! No! And Scorpius!! Is it his POV next?!

Anyway, awesome chapter as usual! Ah! Loved the dreamlike confused atmosphere that the writing style conveys!

Great job! :D

Author's Response: Yes, they are, but Scorpius, Dalila and Rashidi will all turn up soon enough as his POV is next! I'm glad that you liked the dreamlike state because it sort of mimicked Rose's confusion!


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Review #35, by ReeBee Before the Storm

30th December 2013:
Kiana! Why is this story so addicting?! It is leaving me with no time to leave any coherent reviews! I feel terrible! But I'm going to keep reading anyway! :D

Great job! They mystery at the end kills! :D

Author's Response: Seriously, don't feel terrible! Hearing all that you have to say about the mystery and it keeping you reading is like having Christmas all over again! Thank you again for these wonderful reviews! :D


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Review #36, by ReeBee The Tale of Acanthus

30th December 2013:
Kiana! I'm so curious!!

I love this! Gah! Amazing!!! And it's written so mysteriously! Ah! I'm going to go read ahead! Excuse the short review! :)

Thanks for writing such an awesome story! :D

Author's Response: I'm glad that your curiosity has peaked, it's a rather fun perk of being a writer :P Don't worry at all about the short reviews, thank you for the awesome compliments within them, dearie! ♥


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Review #37, by ReeBee Souks and Surprises

30th December 2013:
Hello again Kiana! :D

Ahhh! I have to keep reading!! I Need to! Ah! Why is Scorp so cute! And sweet! Already! And we don't wen know him yet! Ah! I originally wrote like six 'h'a on that ah, but I'm pretty sure it gets erased right?? Anyway.

Ah! The description was beautiful! Amazing! I can imagine it! :D

And kofta! Mmmm! So yummy!! :D I'm sorry for the short review! I want to go read! :D

Author's Response: Hi Curie!

Yay, I can keep you reading :P I don't know, I just love him so it might be that showing through :P It did, but it's the thought which counts!

I'm so glad that you liked the description and kofta! Sadly, as I'm now a veggie I can't eat it any more :( Don't worry at all about the short review, they're amazing anyway!


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Review #38, by ReeBee Spectrum

29th December 2013:
Hi Kiana!

This was meant to be a birthday present...But, well, time got ahead of me :( so sorry!! I finally had an excuse to start another WIP story!

Anyway! Awesome job! I love your description! It's gorgeous! I'm sorry in advance, my reviews probably won't be of much help (I'm not too good at CC and don't like giving it unless requested :) )

Anyway! I love this! And I'm super excited to see where this is going to go! Especially how Rose knows Scorpius and I'm super excited to find out their relationship! Whether friends, ex boyfriend or in a functioning relationship! Anyway, I'm going to go and read the next chapter!

Squee! Good work!!!


Author's Response: Hey Curie!

Aw, don't worry about being late! I'm just touched that you're leaving me a review as a present so that's more than fine! I'm so glad that you liked the first chapter and its descriptions because I worked hard on getting those right. Don't worry about CC either, sometimes gushing is nice!

I really hope that you continue reading on to see where it goes because it would mean a lot to me plus you would get the answers to those questions ;) Haha, well whether Rose and Scorpius are together in Egypt is another question...

Thanks for such a great review, Curie, it really did make me smile!


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Review #39, by Lululuna Cartography

27th December 2013:
Hi again! :)

Ah this was such an intriguing chapter, and I love how much we learned about the characters and the logistics of the time and the voyage to Acanthus. I'm curious about the stories of explorers disappearing on the way to Acanthus, and worried about whether there is some sinister force at work. I think Rose is right to be suspicious about the circumstances and how convenient and planned the whole thing seems.

I really liked the mentions of the war from the wizards' POV as it was something I was wondering about. David's story of deserting was interesting and something which I feel is quite understandable and how he didn't believe in the cause. I figured wizarding men might feel the pressure to join up - or even want to join to fight for the country, like David - and so that was very realistic. The moment between them was very sweet. I'm so curious about what Lorcan is up to with running off with the map, ah! Hopefully it was a good surprise and not something nasty, although I am inclined to suspect the latter.

Even before I read the author's note I felt that Scorpius' escape seemed a little too convenient for him, hmm. I still have no idea what the man is up to and if he's working for or with anyone, and am very confused but in a good way. I have this weird suspicion about Rashidi as well, I'm not sure why, but maybe the mentions of the local family have woken me up as a paranoid reader. :P

Amazing chapter as usual, on to the next one now! :)

Author's Response: Hi! :D

I'm glad that you liked learning more about the technical side of the travels in this chapter because it was rather different but fun for me to write. I think Rose will definitely remain suspicious until she has some solid answers which won't be for a while yet!

I'm glad that you liked learning more about the war from the magical perspective. I always wondered what they would have done in key events such as WWI so I was glad to get the chance to do it. I'm glad that you found David's actions realistic as I was a little worried about how people would view them, but I guess as a wizard he's probably more likely to desert than as a Muggle. Haha, it just shows that I've been mean with my cliff-hangers as they were usually bad, you'll just have to read on and find out :P

I'm glad it's confusion in a good way, because when I was trying to that section it was bad confusion for me :P Haha, you're actually the first to suspect Rashidi, but I can't really say whether he's in with the man or not :P

Thanks for another amazing review, reading your theories was fun!


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Review #40, by BookDinosaur Motes of History

27th December 2013:
Oh wow, I'm all caught up now! I never expected to do all the chapters in a day. ;)

I loved the description of Acanthus! Motes of history was really poetic, I loved reading about everyhthing Rose saw in the legendary city. Since I'm a nutter for mythology I absolutely adored the parts about Osiris you stuck in there, about him and his temple.

Ah Hermione! She was lovely in this chapter, although I'm pretty sure that i say that in every chapter where we meet her. I loved how Ron got sick, it's just so Ron, and then Hugo has to stay at home and care for him. That just cracked me up. I'll admit to being a bit scared when Hasani pushed her down the street and into the shop, hurling accusations about. But when he let his guard down we saw he was going through the same pain Hermione was, and how they came together and boded over that was just so sweet. I am thinking that Hasani might be a little unhinged though, that would explain his spasticness and how he mentioned that Dalila was helping him.

Ah no Rashidi don't die! I like you too much! I love how caring Dalila was to him, they were just so sweet and I really don't want Rashidi to die. I agree with Scorpius though, it was too easy to overpower their captor. I think it's part of his plan and I'm just so scared for Scorpius now!

Woah, well Lorcan seems very happy and he's certainly got his mind fixed on the article! Odd, I would have thought that would be Rose running around and taking pictures. The Temple of Osiris sounds amazing, and I cannot wait to see what's inside. But Kiana, you evil creature! How could you leave me n a cliffhanger like that? What did Rashidi say about the scroll? And whose scream was it? Gah Kiana, this is just too much for me, you're too good at writing suspense and mystery and I'm just a puddle here gaaah.

Trivia: I didn't remember that it was your birthday today until now, and I'm so glad I went on this reviewing spree for you - the past eight or so reviews are your birthday presents from me. *hugs* HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIANA!

Author's Response: Wow, I didn't expect it either and it was such a wonderful surprise to come home to!

I'm so glad that you liked the description of Acanthus and the inclusion of mythology. The mythological side with Osiris will continue to play a part from now on and will be quite dominant at times.

Yes, I think you do, but that's more than fine! I think the heat probably got to Ron with his pale skin and red hair, and Hugo being the primadonna decided to stay in and 'look after him'. Yes, Hasani is a little unhinged but I think it's mainly due to the situation. In Egypt, as you know from being in Qatar (or probably know), the importance of family is a lot bigger than in England so being left alone with the family business must have been a little soul destroying for him! Oh well, he's on the adventure too now!

Aw, it's sweet that you like him so much, as I thought that was just me! Wah, I just want to give the whole plot to you because being all sneaky when you ask questions like that is getting boring but I have to carry on anyway, you'll find out whether it was plan or not soon ;)

Well, he is the photographer so it would have made more sense for him to do it ;) I think Rose was just a little preoccupied of thinking about Scorpius and how he should have been here with her too. Bahaha, the next chapter will be up in about a week and a half or so, so you will have all the answers you need then! I can't't say any more other than I love your theories!

Thank you for such a great birthday present, it was one of the best I got! Thank you for being such a fab reviewer and friend too, Emily!


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Review #41, by BookDinosaur Discoveries

27th December 2013:
Oh goodness. *wipes sweat from brow* This was certainly a busy chapter!

Wow, they found Acanthus! They did! I mean, I was overly paranoid about the map thing, so I didn't think they'd find them, or if they did it would be an awful rotten place, so the fact that they actually found it and it was beautiful was a huge surprise to me. :P It goes to show plot twists don't have to be not foreshadowed at all.

But what were those dots in the distance? Were those just a 'creation of the heat-oppressed brain'? Or were they something from Acanthus?

I loved how you described each of their camel-riding styles - how Charlotte was sedentary and Edward trotted, it just made me laugh haha. :P

Ah wow, no the POVs in this chapter weren't too much at all, the transitions between them all are very smooth and the whole ting flows really well, and I think that each POV gives us a good look at what we need to know but no more.

Hermione here was just lovely as always. You do such a fantastic job with writing the canon characters we all love as older versions of their Hogwarts selves. I loved that little remark Ron said to Hermione about her feats of logic. I love how worried she was and how scatterbrained, and how she care so much for both her children. Hugo was great here as well, sassy and sarcastic with an attitude, and he was great. I really love how he said he was working in the science field, it's just another brilliant way to remind us how close the Wizarding and Muggle worlds actually are. And how Hermione was intent on hugging him was so cute. :)

Ah, I'm still worried. I don't know, I think something's about to happen is this still part of the creepy guys with power's plan? Make sure that Scorpius and Dalila and Rashidi all go back in time where they're easy to pick off? Gah, I don't know, you're so good at amping up the suspense!

Just one thing at the end I picked up was that the photo was dated in 1921, but Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, and the 1920s crew (sorry, that's my collective noun for them now :P) kept complaining that Carter had beaten them to it.

This was an amazing chapter Kiana! You're an amazing writer. :D

Author's Response: Yes, they found it! After all this time, they always would :P (sorry for the bad Snape/Dumbledore reference!) Yes, in my head it would always have been beautiful, obviously there will be some wreckage from when the Romans came and destroyed but overall it's fine.

The black dots were just the others who rode ahead, maybe I need to go back and make it clearer because I don't want everyone to get paranoid over them :P Yay for the different camel riding styles though!

I'm glad that all the POVs were fine, and that they worked to the benefit of the story and not against it. I tend to just have one POV thoughout the whole story so this is a new experience for me to have so many.

I'm so glad that you liked Hermione as she is quite the babe (never thought I would say that really!). Haha, Ron just loves taking jibes at her, I think it's because that they're now married she's less likely to get angry at him for it. Hugo was the stroppy one of the group of course, I imagine him to be a bit of a primadonna if I'm honest :P I'm glad that you liked the mix of magic and science because imagine what they could do if the two combined!

Yes, there is something big happening, but I can't say whether they all go back or if any for that matter! Yay for the suspense working though :P

Ooh, thank you for pointing that out! I've always been terrible with my dates, probably because they're associated with maths! The collective noun for them is fine, a lot better than listing all their names!

Thanks for another amazing review, Emily, I know I say this every time but I truly do appreciate them!


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Review #42, by BookDinosaur Cartography

27th December 2013:
Hi again Kiana! :D

Well, this certainly was an action filled chapter! You know, Edward is reminding me more and more of Luna and I'm starting to suspect a connection between them. Hmm. Well, Rose is right, somehow the map method seems too easy. I mean, she's also right in that magic seems to get rid of all the problems Muggles face, but still the map seems suspiciously easy.

Ah David's bacstory is so sad! I'm actually really glad you tied at least some part of this story back to the Muggle world, as it seems right for the two worlds to be intricately connected. I love how you showed that the war affected wizards too, and they viewed deserters as cowardly, sharing the same view with Muggles. But I love how David was levelheaded enough to realise thta fighting over a dead guy was stupid, and I respect him even more now.

Ah it was so sweet when Charlotte tried to take care of Rose like she did! She really is a mother-hen type, and how she was asking Rose questions about her beau made her like a kindly grandmother, or perhaps auntie.

But gah, I simply cannot believe that you ended that section with Lorcan running off with the map! What if he tries to run away with it so he can go back to his own time and find Acanthus with the map then? Such a cliffhanger, and we weren't even at the end of the chapter.

But gah, Kiana I really do need a name, you know. Anyway, creepy guy with power was so sinister here! But the Scorpius took a stand and well, hopefully now they're going to get away? I don't know, but I'm going to take the man's muttering as a good sign. Let's hope it's not a form of manipultion. And I hope Rashidi is okay, I like his too much for him to die. :P

Kiana, you're doing such an amazing job of amping up all the action and just wow. :D

Author's Response: Hey again Emily! :D

Yes, it certainly was an action filled one! Hmm, I never actually made that connection myself I must say, so there's no connection between him and Luna. Yes, though the map be easy, it's whether when they get to Acanthus will it be easy or not. ;)

Yes, the Muggle connection was definitely my history nerd side coming out and I wanted to show how even though it wasn't a wizard war his actions in WWI affected him later on. I'm glad that you respected his views because the outbreak of WWI has always been really stupid to me, I mean, for one guy to be assassinated and that to result in millions of other deaths? Oh well, I should probably stop ranting it's over now!

I'm glad that you liked Charlotte, I couldn't miss that opportunity to include some sort of Scorpius fluffy thoughts :P

Haha, well as you've read onto the next chapter you probably know it's nothing too sinister really. Just Lorcan being like a little boy and getting over excited about finding Acanthus :P

You will get a name, I promise! I didn't realise I dragged out the lack of name for so long until you started reviewing, but in chapter 12, I promise you will get a name! Hmm, the muttering could be taken either way really ;)

Thank you for the amazing comments and review, Emily, you're so wonderful!


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Review #43, by BookDinosaur Plans and Preparations

27th December 2013:

So Rose and Lorcan told them! I loved their reactions, it was all very real. David's puzzled kind of despair was actually quite endearing, how bad he felt for not recognising Lorcan. And I love how you mentioned that the Weasley family was really big even back in the 1920s, I can picture it perfectly somehow.

And haha, I loved how Lorcan just mentioned Brits sticking together, it seems very patriotic and makes perfect sense in my opinion. And bahaha i think poor George might be a little addled but it's endearing. Kiana. you have successfully endeared almost all of the 1920s exploring crew to me. Now just please don't make any of them the villain. :P

Oh my goodness, I really need a name for the creepy guy with power. He seems very sinister and malicious and I'm just hoping he doesn't do anthing too awful to Rashidi and Dalila and Scorpius. I love how Rashidi is still a child at heart really, how he says he can help with the distraction and how he says his coughing is just a small chest pain.

The creepy guy with power has a potion suddenly became a lot more sinister at the end of the chapter. What smaller piece in a larger game? Why does he have a potion, what is it, and what is he planning to use it for? Why did he smell it? Oh dear, is it Amortentia? My mind is basically running amok right now. Calm down, me.

Ahh, worried mother Hermione is so lovely! I love how it's obvious that she's thinking about Rose every second by how she compares Hugo to Rose without really thinking about it. I don;t think she would have done the in a normal situatation. And how tense she is, she snaps at Hugo about the tea, and Ron poking fun at her because she takes her tea without sugar was just sweet, and it's exactly what I'd expect Ron to do. And then hermione decides that she's going after Rose! She's so in canon, and I applaud you for that, and now I am hoping that maybe creepy guy with power might not win. After all, will his carefully crafted plan stand up against the might of hermione Granger-Weasley's wrath?

Author's Response: OH HAI EMILY.

Yes, it would have been rather making them pretend to be Muggles for the rest of the story but I figured the truth should come out at some point. I'm so glad that you liked all of their reactions, and of course the Weasley family were big, it's weird thinking they wouldn't be.

Haha, yes a little patriotism had to go on show given that WWI only ended a couple of years ago so it seemed natural they would be like that :P Yay for you liking all of them now, but I can't say whether one will be a villain or not for obvious reasons :P

I'm sorry about the lack of name, but yay for him being evil! He doesn't really do anything that awful ;) Or maybe he does, you know I can't say Emily! I'm so glad that you liked Rashidi he's just so cute and sweet and I want him as a surrogate grandad :P

Bahaha, I love reading your thoughts when your mind runs amok it's so much fun! The only thing I can answer is the reason for him smelling it which is that is was simply a test to see whether it's ready or not, nothing more really!

I'm really glad that you found her in canon because it's always hard to measure how much the war would have affected her later on, so it was a bit of trial and error with her. Of course there would be tea jibes from Ron though, it is a very serious matter over here in England!

Thank you for another amazing review, Emily, it's so much fun to read all of yours thoughts and theories as they really do make me chuckle!


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Review #44, by BookDinosaur To Anywhere

27th December 2013:
Okay. Now I'm just confused again. Darn.

I had thought you were being nice as well! Giving us some answers and everything so that I calmed down and then you unleash a whole army of new things o that I'm left standing here with my mouth open asking what the cabbage just happened here? Why do you have to be so good at writing mystery and confusing the ears off everyone? Wah.

So, let's focus on the things I do know. The traveling crew seem like nice people, I like how Charlotte seems to have hit it off with Rose. Well, I guess being the only female in a group of males will always be a little lonely. It's interesting, how she was meant to marry someone but ran away with this group of adventurers and how she finds sewing quite fun. She seems like a lovely mother-hen type person, and I would hate for her to be the villain as well, darn it.

Ah and the group are wizards as well! Well, that was quite unexpected, although after meeting George I did start to suspect. Well everyone's been very closed with each other butmaybe now they'll start to open up more with each other.

Bahaha, I don't know if I'm the only one, but the fact that Rose can pretend to be from a rich family quite easily is very amusing for me.

Ah I'm starting to hate this weird unnamed fellow who says he has so much power over Scorpius. And gah, Scorpius killed an ancestor? When? And how is this guy alive if his ancestor was killed? Well, at least I can grasp one concept here, and that is revenge. Revenge plans can go almost anywhere really, I'm really excited to see how you're going to handle this.

Bahaha, I think Rose is right, Scorpius is too noble. Why on earth would Dalila and Rashidi be disgusted with him? It's a much safer bet to say that they're disgusted with the weird guy. I really need a name, Kiana, I can't just keep calling him the weird guy with power! But I guess it is understandable, Scorpius having this fear that he's a monster and that he would follow in his grandfather's footsteps because I suppose the Malfoy name is pretty dirty after the Second Wizarding War. Ah and what does that last statement mean?

I have to find out, so it's off to the next chapter I go! :D

Author's Response: Bahaha, it sounds mean but I like keeping you all confused because it means that I haven't yet given away too much! I'm glad that you think my mystery and suspense is good enough, though I am so sorry about leaving you in a state like that because I know how confusing it can be :P But hey, you have the next chapter posted so it's not all bad!

I'm glad that your liking Charlotte, because if you watched Downton Abbey, she's based partly off of Sybil. I was trying to show that though she against some standards of society such as ignoring the person she's meant to be married to and running off with men, she still is rather normal with mothering and sewing. Maybe she is the villain, maybe she isn't? Maybe I just led you to believe there was one. Who knows? Well, I do, but yeah :P

Yes, it was probably unexpected due to me toying with whether there should be or not, but due to future plot lines they sort of had to be but then they will be closer as you said so all is not lost. Nope, I found it amusing too, so it's fine!

Yay, I hate him too, as do most other people really so we can make a group with us all hating him and throwing stuff at him and it should be fun! I can say one thing, the ancestor is not a direct one, as in it's the brother of his great-great-great (I think it was that many) grandfather so he can exist, other than that I'm keeping mum!

They definitely are! I am so sorry about the lack of the name, but when you find it out and hopefully realise what I intend for you to realise you will see why I couldn't say it beforehand. In the later chapters, you don't ahve to wait long. I know, poor old Scorpius! He does have a tough life and I don't do much good making it better. Oh well, it's rather fun to abuse him :P

Thank you for another amazing review, Emily, and I am so sorry for the lack of answers!


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Review #45, by BookDinosaur Wicker Lines

27th December 2013:

Oh Kiana. We have answers. Finally I get some precious answers. That man at the beginning was certainly very mysterious and intimidating - what's up with him? Controlling past, present and future sounds very powerful, and also a little greedy. More and more I'm getting the feeling that he might be more than natural. Hmm.

Okay, I promise I'm not a sadist, but I think you did a really good job of the torturing Scorpius bit. In most other stories I've read where the Cruciatus curse is involved the character is usually fine right after the pain and I always found that to be slightly unrealistic, so I'm really glad that your portrayal of it was more realistic. I loved Scorpius' reaction as well, how he just wanted to lick his wounds and how he doesn't want any pity from Dalila or Rashidi, it was so realistic, so major kudos to you for that.

I absolutely adored your brief Hermione POV. I think you captured an older Hermione's voice beautifully, still her but older. It was so believable and wonderful to read about, how she had a fractured relationship with her daughter but they tried to put it aside and keep on cummnicating when Rose was away, and how worried she was because no owl had reached her yet. I found it so touching how Hermione was so proud of her daughter, but, perhaps didn't know how to tell her. It's so beautifully realistic as well, how there are some things she can't learn from books, because I have the same problem sometimes and i could relate to Hermione so well here.

Hahaha, Edward was so endearingly awkward when he was talking with Rose! I already like him, so you better not have him lined up to be the surprise villain, missy. :P I loved how Rose immediately thought of how looking for Acanthus in a previous century will make her report even better, we can tell her head is in the right place. :P

This was a great chapter Kiana, great work so far! :D

Author's Response: EMILY.

Yes, you do! I'm not that mean so I had to give you some. Bahaha, yes it is a little greedy but revenge can make people like that so in a way Scorpius does a deserve if you have the mind of a sadist. He is a human, don't worry, but anything more is still a secret!

It's fine, I love torturing people both mentally and physically in stories so being a sadist is completely fine especially if it's done to Remus :P I'm glad that you liked Scorpius' portrayal in that scene because it is something rather odd and that you don't see it everyday. Haha, the no pity thing was a nod towards the old Malfoy pride so it's great that you liked it!

Yay because as you probably know by now Hermione tends to appear a lot more from now. I always imagined her and Rose's relationship to be a little fractured as she probably always wanted the best for her daughter but whether Rose wanted that too was a different issue. I guess it's because of the whole not being able to learn from books thing coming into play which is true for quite a few people I think as it's me and you too now :P

Well, he isn't the villain I'll give you that, but there is one in the midst of them all so who will it be is the next question! Yes, she is ever the journalist even going back a century doesn't stop her!

Thanks for another amazing review, Emily!


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Review #46, by BookDinosaur A Kaleidoscope

27th December 2013:
Oh my flipping Merlin riding a pink bicycle in his knickers. That was the most colourful phrase could think of off the top of my head but somehow it feels sadly lacking and I'm left feeling unsatisfied. Gah. :P

You are amazing at writing suspense/mystery and I swear during this chapter I was all puzzled an then Rose's big revelation came along and I was just gaping like a lunatic because somehow it makes sense but it doesn't. You know, this chapter basically had nothing at all to help me figure out what the cabbage s going on but somehow I don't mind because you're writing it so well.

Okay, onto something more coherant now, I'm very excited that this has plot twisted and involved time travel, because I'm reading Play the Devil right now which also includes time travel and I'm thinking well maybe you and Jenna can start a trend of time traveling stories.

I loved the introduction of Charlotte and Edward and Anthoy and their crew. They seemed really nice, and their attitude really suited the time they're in, at least so far as I know. The dresses, and how Charlotte spoke all contributed to the bumbling old person from another century image I'm sure you were trying to get. So while they seemed nice I'm thinking maybe they set a trap to lure innocent twenty-first century people back to 1922 for reasons as yet unknown to me. Because let's admit it, it's odd that Charlott is the only female on this expedition.

Gah, you're making me suspicious towards everyone. Kiana. this isn't fair. *pouts*

I love Lorcan during this chapter as well, even though we don't see much of him. His face seizing up? Wonderful. Fainting? Well, I thought guys were meant to be the tough ones. He was all-around wonderful iin here and I hope to see more of him soon. :P

I'm loving this so far Kiana, everything is just perfect. :D

Author's Response: Wow, that is quite an impressive phrase, even more so than Merlin's pants so I may need to steal it if I the occasion arises :P

Yay, I'm glad that I stunned you into a confusion of not really knowing anything as that's my aim. I'm sorry about not really helping you figure it out, but feel for Rose she's in that situation with no help! At least we have Scorpius and the man now and then to help us deriddle it :P

I'm so glad that you liked the plot twist as I know some people are just like ew time travel go away. Haha, yes Play the Devil is a great time travel story and I think a craze for it would be fun!

I'm so glad that you liked the new crew because they will be a very important part of the story from now. Charlotte is a dear to me, so I'm so glad that the stiff early twentieth century image was pulled off well! Bahaha, it's not a trap and Charlotte being a girl is a simple answer which is just society not really being keen on letting girls out for an adventure in Egypt.

Guys can be weak here too, and as a feminist I try and show that both genders have their faults and can defy expectations :P You definitely will see more of him, so you're in luck!

Thanks for a fabulous review, Emily, I'm so glad that you're liking!


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Review #47, by BookDinosaur Before the Storm

27th December 2013:
Hi Kiana! I decided I've been a slack friend and reviewer and decided to come along and hopefully review Acanthus! :D

Okay so first of all I have to say to completely did the sandstorm justice. Here we get sandstorms sometimes in summer, and in the most severe ones we can't see out the window the the tree growing a couple of metres away from the building. The sneezing, the decreased visibility, and especially the sand which gets everywhere, I swear, were all perfectly portrayed and written.

Also, I envy them all for riding camels. :P

Anyway, dwn to proper reviewing. I haven't read this story for quite a while, so I was quite surprised at how easily I slipped back into it. I love how you have both Rose and Scorpius' perspectives, and they're quite clearly different and it's very easy to follow, which is great, well done Kiana!

I absolutely love how they use magic, like their magic tents and the use of the bubble-head charm, which emphasises that they're magical folk and magic is really part of everyday life for them. Magic is really a very normal thing for them and you portrayed that really well, so great job. :)

Ah the ending! It killed me, it really did. Who is this voice? What was with the sychronised movements and why did they veer off course? Ah this is so creepy and the cliffy was perfectly pulled off Kiana, I'm going straight on to the next chapter after this. Now I'm wondering whether this voice caused the sandstorm. And why were the camels so addled? The desert is their natural enviroment, the of all creatures should know how to protect themselves from sandstorms.

This was a great chapter Kiana, it has me on tenterhooks right now!

Author's Response: Hey Emily, you haven't been a slack friend or reviewer, especially after leaving all of these so thank you so much for this!

I'm glad that you thought it was realistic because in Britain we're rather lucky to escape them so it was mainly guess work and memories of being on a sandy beach really :P

I do too as I love camels!

Phew it was easy to slip into! I'm glad that you liked both of their perspectives as they're a ton of fun to write because they are different characters and they will feature more throughout!

Yes, you've got to love a bit of magic! I always used to forget to include it into stories for some reason and all of the chapters were completely barren of anything magical so I'm working hard to change that fact.

Yay, for the cliff-hanger working because I seldom use them so I'm never really sure if they work or not. As for the voice, the identity is still unknown but in the next chapter (12 I mean not 5) you will find out a lot more about him. As for the sandstorm, that was a natural occurrence for once and nothing magical and the camels were addled due to the dark magic of the house!

Thanks for such an amazing review, Emily, I'll get round to the other as soon as possible!


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Review #48, by teh tarik Spectrum

25th December 2013:
Kiana! ♥ Merry Christmas, lovely!

FINALLY I'm here reading and reviewing your amazing fic! I started reading a few chapters of Acanthus during TGS Award nominations because I love the absolutely the idea of your story, and the plot, and so it's great to be reading this again and reviewing at last!

Gah, I just love the atmosphere you created in this opening chapter! You really gave such a good sense of the setting, of the aftermath of a hectic day at the Daily Prophet newsroom; I love the details of the exploding ink pots and condensation on windows - these make your story fit right into the usual chaos of the magical world, and exactly how I'd imagine the offices of the main wizarding newspaper.

And your characters! They're all so memorable from the start: Tabitha with her purple hair tottering about in her mile-high heels (she comes across as a bit of a party-goer) and Lorcan who is dwarfed by everyone, and who wants nothing to do with all his family's well-known eccentricities and interest in weird mythology and all. It will be great to read about more of those two! And Rose. Rose is so relatable. I love your interpretation of her character: she's not the fiery, brilliant girl I've read about in so many Next Gen fics - usually a mini version of Hermione. I love how your Rose struggles with making a name for herself among all her overachieving sibling and cousins (Hugo is the child genius! Such a refreshing detail.), and how she has to work much harder to prove herself worthy. I do feel that she's being judged a lot by her family, possibly being unfairly compared to everyone else. But ah, love her. And oh my gosh, Aunt Ginny! Playing drinking games with the younger generation! This has got to be the most fun-loving version of adult Ginny I've ever read. :P

Anyway, this is a really lovely start, Kiana! Merry Christmas again! I'm glad I finally got the chance to review this! I've favourited this and I'll definitely be reading on! ♥ Have a great day!


Author's Response: teh! Happy New Year as it's now the 28th in the UK :P

Yay, I'm so glad that you've liked it and it's great to see your thoughts on it because it means so much to me to have an author like you reading this :D

I'm really glad that you liked the atmosphere as it was based on when my school newspaper is running late which is an almost monthly occurrence :P Phew, it fitted in with the magical world! I always forget those little nuances which make it magical, so I've been working hard to try and merge them in!

I'm sorry that Tabitha made such an impression on you as she fails to reappear in the story again! Lorcan on the other hand appears throughout, so you're in luck that! I thought it would be fun to make Lorcan odd, but at the same time distanced from his family as I hadn't really seen that aspect of him explored before so seeing it here was fun! I'm so glad that you loved Rose, because she is one of the characters most dear to me out of them all. I think it's an issue that we've all had to relate to some point in our life, and it seemed natural for her to suffer from it given who her parents are. I think it's a mixture of her being judged and then imposing judgement on herself, which is natural for someone in a big family, and yeah she needs a hug with all her issues! Yay for Ginny, I always imagined her to be a bit of a party animal so it was fun to write her here!

Thank you for such an amazing review, teh, it was a wonderful Christmas treat! I can't wait to see what you make of the rest of it!


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Review #49, by AlexFan Spectrum

25th December 2013:
Merry Christmas Kiana! I've got about an hour before it actually is Christmas but technicalities!

I've been hearing about this story a lot lately and so I finally decided to give it a try and see what it was all about. I'm actually really liking the story so far.

I find Rose really relatable which of course makes it really easy for me to like her because I understand that feeling of having a family full of successful people and having to measure up to them.

It sounds like Egypt is going to be really interesting and that Rose is going to be having a lot of adventures there. I'm pretty excited to see her reaction to being in the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Egypt.

If I had been in Rose's shoes I would've taken the assignment and gone to Egypt myself even if it did mean that I had to write an article on perfume. I've never been to Egypt but I'm wondering how Rose will get around the city.

Do they ride camels in Egypt or is that something that they only do in movies? Will Rose go carpet flying? I feel like I'm going to be going on an adventure.

Oh, and fun fact in case you haven't heard, it snowed in Cairo!

Author's Response: Well, I'm replying on Boxing Day, so it's fine :P

Ooh, this story is talked about? That is a lovely surprise so I'm so glad that you're enjoying it so far.

Yes, in a way, it's sort of like that in my family so I wanted to reflect that here. Haha, I would have been the same as you, because though I've been to Morocco it's nothing like Egypt which has all of those legends and stories!

I hope you do like it when they get to Cairo in the next chapter because I tried to make it realistic! They do ride them, and it features a lot in the story. I think nowadays in modern Egypt they tend to use cars, but perhaps in the desert they still come in use. No carpet rides so far in the story but I'm really tempted to add them in now!

Thanks for an amazing review Grace, and the fun fact as I didn't know that!


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Review #50, by vanityfair Motes of History

24th December 2013:
I loved all the bits of history in this chapter, it was really great. Acanthus sounds wonderful and I can't wait to explore it more though I don't want to think what the scream could have been, because there it could have been anything. Hermione and Hasani were very interesting too, and I can't wait to see more of them. Yay for Scorpius managing to make a sort of get away. Lovely chapter and Christmas present, I hope you have a good one! Maia xxx

Author's Response: Hey Maia! I'm so glad that you liked all of the history because delving into was a lot of fun. There will be a lot more of Acanthus and what the scream means so don't worry too much! I'm so glad that you liked all the other developments too, as it means so much to me! I did have a good one, and I hope you did too! Thanks for the review :D


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