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Review #26, by toomanycurls Girl Power

9th February 2014:

I'm finally back!

I really love how Ted and Andromeda tackle talking to Tonks - especially that Ted and not Andromeda is able to ask about more private issues such as her relationship with Remus. I've always seen her quite close with him. Ah!! I love the parallels with Ted and Andromeda's relationship. Just so many feels there.

Tonks is hilarious! I got a good giggle out of her saying Remus could suck on that. Such a quirky Tonks thing to say. Oh she did need a girl talk with Amina - I *LOVE* the letter she sent Remus. It's just like drunk texting - with owls.

That awkward moment when you see the person you sent a drunk message to. Staring at the ground is so subtle (said Rose in a rather sarastically). This line is just brilliant:
No, we donít need to talk, you need to listen.

I'm so glad she stood up to him and laid out her feelings and called his melarky! GO TONKS!


Author's Response: Hi Rose and yay for seeing you again!

Haha, yeah I thought it would be fun to mix it up by making Ted do it as the dad never gets that job :P I know, this story really made me love Ted and Andromeda so I couldn't resist including their backstory here :P

Yay for drunk texting! Tonks, just has such a way with words it really enhances it so much :P

I know Tonks is such a genius (said Kiana rather sarcastically too). I did feel rather proud of the way she managed to be all like what you talking about and then I imagine her belting out Listen all Dreamgirls style (yeah rather elaborate headcanon right here :P).

Thanks for the fab review, Rose!


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Review #27, by KRYSTAL_MUGGLE One Year Later

21st January 2014:
I wanted to review every chapter but instead I decided to read the WHOLE story and then write! Well done, you did fantastically. I love this story; Remus and Tonks should have had a lot more credit in the books and films! I would like to say how at the beginning I was a bit sheepish on how Tonks was a bit too childish however you completely evolved her throughout and saw her become into a rounded woman! Well done. Loved the story x

Author's Response: Hi there! Aw, hearing that just means so much to me and I want to sqiush you for saying it! I'm so glad that you loved it, because part of the reason I wrote it was because they just weren't in the films and this was my way of making it happen so yay for that! I'm glad that you liked the evolution, and I do plan on editing the earlier chapters so it should be better soon! Thanks for such a great review :D


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Review #28, by nott theodore Many Meetings

10th January 2014:
Kiana! ♥ Aren't you proud of me, back after just one day? Oh, and this is the 500th review I'm leaving!

I was really excited to read about the blind date, because just the thought of Tonks on one of those was enough to make me laugh. That was before you introduced the lovely character of Joseph Humphrey. He seems like the sort of character I love to hate. Pretentious, ridiculous, and far too posh and particular to ever end up with Tonks. What on earth was Amina thinking when she set them up together? I mean, I know that she wanted Tonks to just go on a date, but she could have put a little bit of effort into it! I was glad that she got away from him and his stories to meet Remus - he reminded me a bit of Lockhart when he was talking about the Dementors and things!

Ah, of course Tonks had to make the most ridiculous entrance possible into the Leaky Cauldron! I was laughing so much at that, when she's contemplating sneaking out and running away from the conversation with Remus and then she causes enough of a commotion that the whole bar look at her. What I loved the most was that Tom seemed perfectly fine with it - she's obviously well known for knocking things over and breaking them!

Aw, Remus and Tonks! I'm so glad that they've decided to be friends again, although they're clearly going to end up a lot more than friends. I felt so sorry for Remus when Tonks was wondering about what life would be like as Mrs Joseph Humphrey - he seemed so sad and disappointed, I just wanted to give him a hug! Then Tonks had me in stitches, the way she was trying to look cool like models and has no chance of pulling it off.

I loved reading about the reunion between Andromeda and Sirius! It makes me really happy to think that Sirius was able to reconcile with one of his family members before he died, and it clearly meant a lot to both of them as Black family outcasts together. I'm glad that Molly was there, though, because otherwise I can imagine Tonks just blurting out a lot of useless information to try and stop awkward silences and emotions taking over, and just making things more awkward as a result. I think writing them getting teary and then hugging and leaving the rest to our imagination was really effective because it kind of keeps up the privacy they'd want around their reunion.

Ooh, so Tonks has told Molly about Remus? I can't wait to see what happens now then. I know we see her confiding in Molly in the sixth book, but I have the feeling Molly might try playing matchmaker a bit when she gets the chance!

Another lovely chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! Yes, that's very impressive and thanks for choosing me to be your 500th, it means a lot :D

Haha, I know I can just imagine her on the TV version of it and knowing exactly how not to sell herself :P I'm so glad that you liked Joseph Humphrey because the only posh people we've seen are evil ones, so it was rather fun to make an annoying version of them all. I think Amina probably set them up together because she wanted Tonks to have higher aspirations and be a bit more classy but it didn't really work, which is such a shame of course! ;)

Of course she made an entrance :P These Hollywood stars really need to get lessons from her on how to do it because she does it effortlessly. I think she's sort of used to doing stuff like that now, hence her being fine and everything :P

I know, I was awing throughout writing that scene because it was just so nice to see them being friends again after all of that. Gah, Remus does deserve a lot of hugs because he's been through so much and that was definitely the case here :P

I'm so glad that you liked that as it isn't strictly canon I was a little worried what everyone would make of it. I'm just so glad that they could have one happy moment before his death. I know Molly is rather good in these situations with being a mother and all so she ushered Tonks along who probably would have stayed there gawking knowing her :P

Yes she did! I knew it had to come along soon so now felt like the best moment given that all the secrets were being outsed and stuff :P

Thanks for such a great review Sian, it really made me smile :D


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Review #29, by nott theodore January

9th January 2014:
Hi Kiana! I'm majorly behind with this story since you've now finished posting it, but I couldn't resist coming back to it in review tag - I hope you don't mind, but I thought it would be better for me to finish this story before reading one of your newer ones!

Ah, I've really missed reading about Tonks - she's such a fun character to read about, especially seeing the world from her perspective because in a weird way she makes me feel a bit better about my life. I would definitely be friends with her if she was real, because we'd have a lot of things to bond over. Her approach to awkward situations - avoid them completely - is something we definitely have in common! I loved her paranoid thoughts about Remus and trying to convince herself that it was just a kiss, but even though she tried to convince herself it didn't matter she still wasn't able to go back to Remus and try and be friends again. It's really sweet, actually, and I felt sorry for her. She seemed so confused and worried in this chapter, and I think this is where we're really starting to see Tonks changing from the carefree character we first meet in the books to the character she becomes later on, especially when she's so upset about Remus. I really liked that you've managed her character development subtly but effectively, and in a way that seems realistic.

I genuinely couldn't stop laughing all the way through reading about Tonks' conversation with Dung! I didn't expect to see him make an appearance here, but he was genuinely comedy gold - I never expected him to be a ladies man from what I've read in the books! Their bickering over that was hilarious, especially when he tried to offer Tonks advice and it was just awful! Although I'd never imagined him like that before, I can see it making sense since his moral compass isn't exactly pointing due north!

I loved seeing Tonks visit her parents too, and taking advantage of them just like any respectable child who's left home would :P Going there for food and those sorts of home comforts is definitely a good reason to visit! This line:

"I would never be going upstairs to get a jumper. I would be tripping up them due to forgetting to put on underwear that day or something else strange."

Oh my goodness! I got a weird look for how loud I was laughing at that one. Sometimes I genuinely don't know how you come up with these lines, Kiana, but they're so funny!

Aw, I'm glad that Andromeda's decided that she'll meet Sirius! I'm really intrigued to see how that works out for them, and I can imagine Tonks being quite awkward during the meeting because there could be lots of emotion and difficult topics coming up, which I don't imagine she'll handle brilliantly. It'll be great for Sirius to see a member of his family who actually remembers him from when he was younger though, and who knows that he's innocent.

Tonks is going on a blind date? I really can't wait to read about that, because it's going to be hilarious! I don't like this guy on principle already, because he's not Remus, and it'll be really funny to see her on a date with someone, given how awkward she is round people she knows and likes.

Remus! ♥ It's so cute that he made the first move and came to see her and try and sort things out between them, even though Tonks was being Tonks and trying to avoid the conversation! I can imagine Remus has been worrying since the kiss about her feeling disgusted with him and all sorts of things like that, so hopefully he realises that's not the case soon.

Another great chapter, Kiana, and hopefully it won't be so long till I get to read the next one!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian! I don't mind at all, it's always great to hear your thoughts on this story :D

Yay, I'm glad that you still like Tonks because I think she will always remain very dear to me even if this story is now over. I'm glad that you liked the approach to how she treated the kiss and Remus in general because I think this was posted around the same time as the Pottermore stuff, so even though this isn't canon because JK told how they ended up together now, I still really like the alternative as it was so much fun. From what I remember, you're actually the first to pick up on her changing character and I'm really glad that you did, because I think it was her realisation of her feelings for Remus followed by Sirius' which caused her to end up a lot more serious and less carefree.

Haha, I never expected him to be like that either but then I was like while she should do some Order stuff but I want her to talk about Remus too, and the person who seemed blunt enough to make her talk was Dung :P Haha, as for his love life he was always a little sleazy so I thought his dating style might be a little like that too. I think your point about his moral compass was exactly how I think of him :P

It's like me going to my grandparents because they always spoil me like that which is a lot of fun when I go round there then :P I'm so glad that you liked like all the banter between her and her parents as it was so much fun to write!

I think writing Sirius and Andromeda's relationship here is what made me want to write Broken Crown, because they so desperately need someone nice but a relative who understands too, so it was so lovely to make them friends again. I think you've already read the reconciliation so I hoped you liked it!

Tonks' love life is definitely on the up in some respects, and I didn't like him either a. because he's not Remus, and b. because he was really annoying and I wanted to punch him quite a lot of the time! I know, Remus and Tonks are pretty terrible when it comes to romantic things like this and the way they keep on dithering around. I'm surprised they got together in the end!

Thanks for a great review, Sian, it made my day!


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Review #30, by Bibby One Year Later

22nd December 2013:
Great story, made me cry and a sad ending. Wish it could have been different.

Author's Response: Me too, but we can cry together! Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #31, by Katie Reaction and Resolution

6th December 2013:
"I jabbed my wand into his wands, hoping to seal the wands." You mean seal the WOUNDS, right?

"There were even more of Death Eaters now." This sesntence doesn't make sense.

Author's Response: Yes, I did mean wounds! Thanks for pointing those errors, I'll fix them right away :D

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Review #32, by Katie Morris Dancing, Moody and Mundungus

5th December 2013:
Why did you mention that Dumbledore doesn't know what the weapon is? The prophecy was told to him, so he knows exactly what it is and the significance.

Author's Response: What I meant by that was that though he knew he didn't want to reveal the others straight away. He probably said later on it was a prophecy in regards to him, but I think because it was focused on Harry he might not have wanted to have told the others without his permission. I hope it makes sense :)

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Review #33, by celestial battlefield One Year Later

5th December 2013:
aaah im happy you finally finished this story!!
it was really good ..
this is an amazing tribute to tonks
im sad its finally reached its end

Author's Response: I did, and thank you so much! I'm glad you thought it was fitting tribute! *hugs* I'm sad, but those who die never really leave us so it#s ok. ♥ Thanks for an amazing review!


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Review #34, by Mirander De-La-Haye One Year Later

4th December 2013:
Best story ever with the most heart breaking ending! :'(

Author's Response: Thank you so much! *hugs* for the end, it just had to happen. :'(

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Review #35, by vanityfair One Year Later

29th November 2013:
I am sitting here crying. I don't know what to do. Poor Remus and Tonks it's so sad. I thought you wrote it beautifully. It couldn't have been better. The way you just left it was really nice as it shows how we followed her throughout and we died with her. I will always remember her. Thank you for the shout out and I hope this story gets to 100 reviews as it deserves it. Thank you for this. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Maia! I am too, even if I posted a couple of hours ago, I just can't deal with it! Thank you for saying all what you did, it really cheered me up which is what I need right now. Gah, I just can't let them go but I have to and oh the feels! Thank you for being such an amazing reviewer on this story and all the others, you really made me want to update this! Kiana xx

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Review #36, by toomanycurls Fact Rather Than Fiction

27th November 2013:
I can't believe how far behind I am in this story. -.-

Signing a letter with "love" is significant. duh, Tonks. :) Maybe she should blurt out how much she's been thinking about him. *sigh*

Tonks cracks me up. Making an entrance was just hysterical for me to read and McGonagall's dubious reaction to her presence there were incredible. They seem like just the things that would happen to Tonks.

I quite love that Tonks still carries her school years fear of Dumbledore and McGonagall. Of course Dumbledore knows/suspects their feelings for one another. That's like saying that water is wet. :D Why is Tonks still in denial?

Oh yes, just slightly in love. *facedesk*

Kiana, this chapter has me going through all sorts of feels. I just want to reach through the screen and push those two together.

Remus' reaction is less than desirable.

I didn't think it was possible, given how much time I've spent sifting through version of Remus and Tonks' love life but you've made me cry. For real tears, my face is wet. My heart is breaking for Tonks and I'm furious with Remus. gah

I'm almost scared to read on considering what your writing does to me.


Author's Response: Rose! Don't worry about it, it just means a lot to me that you still like it.

*Sigh* poor old those two! I'm surprised they actually get it together in the end given how much bumbling they do in the end.

Haha, I'm glad you liked the school related scenes they were so much fun to do because she just seems so different there :P Tonks just doesn't want to deal with awkward romantic scenes probably :P

Gah, Remus, *facedesk and lots of cursing* he really is an idiot. Aw, hearing that from you really has made me cry too because I know how much Ronks means to you too, so yeah, a fellow Ronks fangirl understands too! ♥

Thank you for such a wonderful review, and please don't be scared it's not all bad. Well, maybe the last chapter is. ;)


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Review #37, by Fonzzx The Penultimate Confession

24th November 2013:
Omg I would love for you to have a kitten. I love this story so much, even though I knew it was eventually going to happen I still was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

Author's Response: Aw thank you!! It means so much to me to hear you say and has left me smiling like an idiot! I hope you like the next chapter :D

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Review #38, by vanityfair The Penultimate Confession

23rd November 2013:
This chapter was perfect. Very sad with Bill/Dumbledore thoughts but very fitting with them too. Remus finally came to his senses and I liked how Tonks confronted him and got all angry. It was very funny. I liked the proposal too. I'm very sad though as I can guess what the next chapter is about and I don't want to think about it. I'm also sad to see the end of this story. It was very good. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Hey Maia! Perfect? Thanks a lot! Remus did finally come to his senses and about time too as it's been aeons that they've been in this blip. I'm glad you liked the proposal as I wasn't too sure about it. I'm sorry about the next chapter but it does have to happen! Thank you for being such an amazing reviewer!


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Review #39, by vanityfair Reaction and Resolution

14th November 2013:
Very good chapter. I liked that Tonks and Remus finally made it up, it needed to happen long ago. The action scene was very good too, it was scary at times and I felt confused too with all the spells, injuries and deaths. It was good confusion though. I can't wait for the next chapter when Tonks tells Remus she loves him and that there are only two more to go. Very exciting. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Hey Maia! I'm glad that you liked that they made it up, and totally agree about it needing to have happened a lot longer ago. I can't give any hints about the next chapter but I just hope you enjoy it and the one after that. Thank you for being an awesome reviewer! ♥


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Review #40, by vanityfair Girl Power

3rd November 2013:
Team Tonks all the way! I just want them to be together, though I can see why they need to argue. It is so sad especially with only a few chapters left. I hope you right more about them as I don't want to say goodbye and for them to die. Maia xxx

Author's Response: Yay! I'm on Team Tonks too! I want the same too, but they're just so awkward it takes a while. I am thinking about writing more, but we'll have to see. Thanks for the great review -- you're amazing Maia!

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Review #41, by Darian Fact Rather Than Fiction

3rd November 2013:
You should do a sequel.

Author's Response: We still have a while to go yet, five chapters, but I have been thinking of a short story/short story collection, so maybe!

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Review #42, by SofiJane The First Meeting

24th October 2013:
Aw this is really cute! I love Tonks' clumsiness and Lupin is just as lovely as he should be :D Will definitely keep reading!
Sofi xxx

Author's Response: Hey! I'm so glad that you liked them and I hope you continue to do so! Thanks for this lovely review, and I hope to hear more from you :D

-Kiana :D

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Review #43, by Celestialbattlefield Fact Rather Than Fiction

20th October 2013:
Yh i kinda understand the ending ..
But i guess its annoyin ppl cus its gettin too depressin
but only 2 more chapters
so the end better ROCK

Author's Response: I'm glad that you understand it, but it sort of needs to be depressing :P Oops, I should have made it clearer, there are 2 more chapters until things are ok for Tonks again and then 3 more after that. I hope the ending does rock! Thanks for the review :D

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Review #44, by vanityfair Fact Rather Than Fiction

19th October 2013:
This made me cry at the end. I feel as broken as Tonks. I am not angry at you just sad that you had to make it happy when they Remus and Tonks were so close to falling in love. If only it had happened then everything would be ok. I just hope they make it up soon so they can get married and have Teddy. Don't let them die, that would be too horrible. It was a very good chapter though even if I am crying ten minutes later. Maia xxx

Author's Response: MAIA! I'm so, so, so sorry that I made you feel like it, but yay you're not angry! In chapter 17 it should be ok again (from what I remember), so don't worry too much! Again, I'm so sorry but this is going the canon way. I really wanted to go all AU and do what you said but I had to keep it try to JK. Thank you for being a wonderful reviewer!


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Review #45, by toomanycurls Constant Questioning

13th October 2013:
Hi Kiana!!!

I'm finally reviewing this chapter (review tags tend to kick me into action).

I really like the relationship you show between Bill and Tonks (having them as friends makes me think there should be a Bill and Tonks' Excellent Adventure). I've always imagined Tonks having a few connection points to the Weasley family and Bill is a perfect friend for her right now.

Your insertion of new magical places is awesome. It's kind of blah to hear about the same 4 places people went in the HP books so I love that you add new places and that they sound completely believable.

Bill and Fleur's relationship cuteness is really funny. I mean, they are *that* sickenly cute couple that everyone gets annoyed by and yet still loves. ^_^ (Okay, I've been that couple before but it's just a phase.)

Tonks' annoyance at people asking her how she's doing is really well done. I'm sure she got sick of it fast. I do like that she can't hide her meloncholy at missing Remus. I LOVE Tonks' independent woman mini-speech. ^_^ Makes me want to high-five her.

So, I was on the fence about Tonks being able to change her hair during this period but I do love that you specificed that she can't do her trademark pink. Nice twist.

Molly to the rescue!!! In my mind's eye she's wearing a red cape when she comes by Tonks' place to comfort her. Molly is kind of incredible. I really love the advice she gives and how she relates it to Fabian and Gideon dying.

I'm excited to see what Tonks gets up to next and where in the story you'll go.


Author's Response: Rose! Haha, it's the same for me too :D

There should be an adventure! Or maybe just a spin-off TV programme, ah, I must repels the plunnies! Yes, at first it was meant to be Charlie but him being in Romania meant it was a lot harder, so Bill's a good alternative.

I'm glad that you liked their relationship! I think it's just the epitome of sickeningly cuteness, but everyone still loves them despite it.

Of course Tonks is an independent woman! It made me want to high-five her too! With the hair thing though, that's actually canon as I remember Harry remarking in the sixth book that she couldn't change it and then at Dumbledore's funeral when she and Remus were together he noted it was back to pink.

Bahaha, that is such a great image! Thanks for another brilliant review, Rose!


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Review #46, by CambAngst The First Meeting

11th October 2013:
Hi, Kiana! Tagging you from Review Tag!

I liked the way you started off your story. You got some of the basic information out there without really dwelling on it or making it feel like a big plot dump. Based on a few details (Sirius being at Grimmauld Place, Voldemort's return confirmed, the "muggle gangstas" and their hoodies on a June day -- it was easy to place the story during the summer between GoF and OotP. The cast of characters you introduced were perfect for the timing and it really did feel like we were bearing witness to the rebirth of the Order.

You struck a great balance with Tonks's character. You made her seem young, eager and more than a bit naive without making her seem foolish. She obviously doesn't understand the horrors that she's signing up for because she's too young to remember much about the first war. Her enthusiasm to get involved is rooted mostly in her relationships with Kingsley and Mad-Eye, although meeting Bill and Sirius quickly adds to the impetus. The only thing I might have suggested you do differently would be to make her a bit less modern and "hip" and perhaps downplay the clumsiness a little. She's a witch, and a very good one judging by the fact that she was accepted into the Auror Department. I felt like the way you played up her hopelessness at pulling pranks and her difficulty remaining upright minimized that a bit.

Her first meeting with Remus was pretty perfect, though. You didn't make it love at first sight or anything over the top like that, which I thought was a really good choice. She notices certain things about him, enough that it's obvious that she's intrigued but not unnaturally so. Then Sirius comes along and relieves the awkward tension and the story moves along. I thought it was a great start.

Dumbledore's dialog sounded really good, which is a very tricky thing to pull off. Kudos for writing him well!

I loved what you did with Sirius's character. You gave him a lot of depth in a relatively short appearance, exploring his feelings of isolation and guilt.

I saw a few things while I was reading that you might want to take another look at:

Donít get me wrong, the Order did interesting, but all Kingsley said we would be doing now was basic surveillance work. -- interesting things?

This part of the world seemed so normal; it was hard to think that an anti-Voldemort group hanged out here. -- hung out there?

When I said reflecting I meant deep reflecting not that the my shoelaces were undone. - not that my shoelaces...

I span round to see who it was and I could immediately tell. -- I spun round

Otherwise, I thought your writing was good. The chapter flowed well and you had a good mix of dialog, narrative and exposition. Nice job!

Author's Response: Hi Dan!

I'm so glad that you liked the opening description and backstory because first chapters are a big hate of mine for exactly those reasons! I really love this era of the Harry Potter time scale because it just feels like the calm before the storm of the sixth book so it was so much fun introducing it!

I'm glad that you liked Tonks's character because having finished writing this during JulNo I have to say I miss writing her a lot. I see what you mean about striking the balance even further in her characterisation, which I think I have done more so in the later chapters. I'll definitely go and review it here because Tonks if the first few chapters was a little too enthusiastic!

Hahaha, that first meeting was what inspired me to write the story as I just had this vision of her doing it in my head and it spun from there, so I'm glad you liked it. I think with Tonks she's not the type to go down the love at first sight route, so it was fun going down the more obscure one! Sirius is a relieving of tension a lot in this story, so I'm glad you picked up on that.

I'm so glad that you liked Sirius and Dumbledore because they're such big characters that there's always the sense of fear when approaching them.

Thanks for pointing those errors too, some always managed to slip past me no matter how many times I edit and re-edit chapters! Thanks for the great review, Dan, it was really helpful :D


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Review #47, by oddbob The Festive Feel

1st October 2013:
very cute! great first kiss.

Author's Response: Thanks! ♡

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Review #48, by vanityfair Constant Questioning

1st October 2013:
I liked seeing Bill and Fleur as I had missed them a lot. I hope we get to see their wedding as they were very cute. Fleur's accent was good too. Molly was very sweet as poor Tonks needed that. It nearly made me cry seeing her like that as she's too nice for it. Thank you for the mention. I love your work so it's no problem. Maia xxx

Author's Response: I know I missed them too! Unfortunately, you don't see their wedding but they do crop up more! I know, poor old Tonks, I really haven't been nice to her these past few chapters. *blushes* thanks a lot, Maia, you're the best!

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Review #49, by PitchBlue The Department of Mysteries

27th September 2013:
Uuugh I wanted to review since forever but uni started again and it's draining all my energy! Either way, it was nice to read another lovely chapter :)

I really liked the beginning of this chapter - how everything's all normal and bright, and then suddenly all hell breaks loose! Personally, I would've liked more of a build-up and a more detailed description of the battle through Tonks' eyes, but what you did also worked so kudos for that! It always felt like a really long chapter in OotP but actually there isn't a lot of time between when the Order arrives and when Sirius dies, so I guess it's good you also showed that. But man you broke my heart! Poor Tonks, poor Sirius :(

- Laura

Author's Response: Don't worry! It's the exact same thing with me now being back at school!

I'm so glad that you liked the contrast with that it was a lot of fun. I had been toying with whether the level of description had been enough or not, but after reading your comment, it might be best to go back and add some more in. I'm sorry I broke your heart! I didn't mean to!

Thanks for a great review, Laura, I hope uni becomes better for you soon!


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Review #50, by toomanycurls Wonders and Wishing.

20th September 2013:
You did Tonks' transformation beautifully!! I liked her struggle with who to turn to for comfort and her talk with Remus. I am glad Remus said he'd miss Tonks. At least he's admitting his own feelings to himself. I nearly teared up at the "don't cry for me" part but then I started to think "don't cry for me Argentina" and I was stuck with giggling. Despite my smash cut to Evita, their goodbye was very touching and made me ache for them.

The hype at the Ministry is just how I imagined it. A zoo that's trying to catch up on being wrong for a year+.

Only 7 more chapters? Aaah. ^_^ Can't wait for your next update.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the transformation as I was really worried about it! I know, even though I made him do that I still feel so proud of him for doing that! I'm sorry I nearly made you cry but at least you were happy!

Haha, that's a great analogy for it which I never thought of!

Thank you for this amazing review, Rose, they really mean so much to me :D

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