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Review #26, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing My Long Awaited Opportunity

5th February 2013:
Hello :)

Just leaving the first of your 5 reviews!

Okay, I loved this little one-shot! I thought it was hilarious! I am actually glad I was sat alone as I kept giggling!

The thought of the ghoul wanting to be an actor was really clever and made the piece work well. He's got quite a personality hasn't he? I love all the bits you added about the oscars and other awards, it was just really funny!

A great one shot! Well done :D

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hi Lauren:)

Ha I'm so glad that you liked this one-shot as I loved writing it!

Yeah he is rather unknown in the books, so I thought it would be fun to add some character to him, and make him as strange as possible!

Thanks for the review, Kiana :)

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Review #27, by 800 words of heaven My Long Awaited Opportunity

4th February 2013:

I read this at work, so I couldn't actually laugh out loud, because then everyone would know that I hadn't been working, but I still laughed really hard on the inside.

I loved the ghoul's personality! What a diva! I love it! I adore the fact that something that I assumed to be so non-human and quite superfluous turned out to be the ultimate Drama Queen. I swear, the ghoul could give Beyonce a run for her money!

I also really loved the way you made quite a serious situation - Ron, going off to save the Wizarding World - into something so hilarious. I loved the little touches - mentioning Leo DiCaprio and the 1812 Overture - really added that extra something and made the ghoul just that much more loveable and adorable!

Really well done!

Author's Response: Hahaha I'm sorry that I nearly made you get into trouble, but I'm really glad that you liked the story though, as I have to admit I laughed while writing it out, as I seriously didn't think anyone would like it!

Yeah the ghoul deserves to be a diva, and I would love to see him meet Beyonce or Mariah Carey as it would just be hilarious!

Yeah it's always nice to add humour to an otherwise dark plot, as it makes you see it in a different light! I'm glad that you liked the little touches as they were fun to include!

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #28, by adluvshp My Long Awaited Opportunity

2nd February 2013:
Review tag!

Hahahaha this was such a fun read, I absolutely loved it! I have positively never read a story from a ghouls's point of view, so this was definitely unique, and quite enjoyable.

The whole idea of the ghoul always wanting to act, wanting an oscar, and then saying "Hollywood here I come" in the end was very amusing and I chuckled a lot while reading this. I loved how he used to think that he was as intelligent as the wizards, or more so.

I think you've used Ron's line from DH very aptly - the "I think he's really looking forward to it" part. So, great job with the whole concept, and its brilliant execution!

You did an amazing work, thumbs up :)


Author's Response: Hey I'm so glad that you loved it, as I loved writing it as it was so much fun to do! Yeah I've never come acorss a story from the ghoul's POV, so it deserves to be told, so here it is ;)

Yeah I thought it would be more fun to make him have a massive ego, as I guess everyone wants to have the dream of being famous, so why can't the ghoul have that same dream as well!

I don't know why that line stuck in my head, but I was just thinking about the ghoul, and how I could write about him, then I remembered that brief mention of him!

Thanks for the lovely review, Kiana :D

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Review #29, by GingeredTea My Long Awaited Opportunity

1st February 2013:
Oh, this was funny! I loved it! I especially like how you managed to get it all across from his perspective without him uttering a word. :D

Author's Response: Ha thanks I'm glad that you loved it, as I loved writing it! Yeah I guess ghoul's can't really speak, so writing a wail/moan would be kind of weird, but thanks for the review and I'm glad that you liked it!

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Review #30, by Cleopatraa My Long Awaited Opportunity

31st January 2013:
So you decided to write a story about a ghoul? Well if that isn’t unique I wouldn’t know what is so I knew I had to definitely check it out to see how you would make it work.

You know us ghoul’s are often over looked; those imbecile humans always thinking we have inferior intelligence to them, always underestimate their reliance on us.

I thought you started epic. I really loved your first sentence. I mean it is truly a human thing to think we are more intelligent than other creatures and it is something we are able to see in the Harry Potter magical world. Look how Umbridge for example treats Hagrid or the treatement of goblins. So kudos for that awesome sentence.

I thought this was quite funny but I did find the part “ I was on course to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards” unrealistic because correct me if I’m wrong but that is a muggle thing and I’m sure a ghoul would not know a thing about that. So perhaps I should change the name around a bit. Something a bit more magical. But it seemed like a funny thing to me. A ghoul who wanted to became an actor. But you never know. I never gave them much thought so I loved the fact you wrote about something so minor and next to that it fitted the idea perfectly. After all, otherwise it would be quite difficult when the death eaters and such would come to see what exactly going on with Ron Weasley.

A really unique idea. Well done! Though I would recommend a banner

Author's Response: Ha yeah, a lot of people have been saying it's an unique idea, which seems strange, as someone else must have written about before, oh well I'm glad that you found it unique, as I do get bored of repititive stories!

I'm glad that you loved the first sentence, as I find that's the key thing about a story! Umbridge is a great example, on how badly treated magical creatures are, as Hagrid and goblins and all other magical creatures really are awesome!

Yeah it is a muggle thing, but I put it in as I figured that there was really no acting equivilant in the wizard world, and he really wanted to crack the muggle world, so I thought it sounded ok, but your suggestion is good, and I may change it:)

Yeah I always did think the ghoul must have been a pretty good actor to convince the death eaters, so I guess having his life long dream of becoming one, made the death eaters believe it was Ron!

Thanks for the lovely review, I have actually requested a banner in the dark arts, except no ones agreed to do it yet :( So one should hopefully be on its way soon!

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Review #31, by slayground My Long Awaited Opportunity

31st January 2013:

Oh my god, I love this already XD it's unlike anything I've ever read on HPFF before, unique and interesting and a story entirely in it's own category. I loved it! Characterization for Hermione was especially perfect, and everyone else was spot on as well.

The ghoul was awesome too. I can't wait to read more of this, and I really don't know what else to say, other than that it was awesome and I really wish you were continuing on with this XD wonderful job, really creative and different, and I think he'll DEFINITELY get his Oscar ;)

Keep up the awesome work,
xx Molly

Author's Response: Hey thanks for leaving such a lovely review! I'm so glad that you loved it, as I loved writing it, as it was so much fun to do! And yes I've never come across a story like this before either, so I thought it would be fun to tell it from a ghoul's perspective! As for Hermione, it was nice to be able to make her as canon as possible, as she does seem to change a considerable amount to as she was in the books! Haha I am considering writing some follow ups to this, as some other people have suggested that as well, so I will bear that in mind, as it was so much fun to do! Thanks again, Kiana!

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Review #32, by CloakAuror9 My Long Awaited Opportunity

31st January 2013:
Ooh! This was a really cool idea! I've never read anything about a Ghoul before but I could easily tell that this is probably one of the best that I'm ever going to read. I thought the ghoul wanting to be an actor was a really funny and neat idea. And how pretending to be Ron was his big break, that was just really cool. He sounded such a cool and awesome ghoul, I wonder why the books made him look so bad?!

Also, I thought your characterisation of everyone was spot on, especially Hermione. She sounded very much like Hermione and I could easily imagine her saying those things! Wonderful job! ♥


91st review out of 100

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review! Yeah I never thought much aboiut the ghoul, until this story appeared to me in the middle of the night! And I figured that him being an actor would fit, so I just made him become one! And I guess the books made him look bad, as they found his wailing annoying, when he in fact thought it was marvellous! Yay the characterisation was good, and I'm glad that you thought Hermione was good, as she often changes a lot in fan fiction so it was important to keep it original! Thanks so much again, Kiana :D

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Review #33, by AlexFan My Long Awaited Opportunity

29th January 2013:
I only read the first two paragraphs and I already liked this ghoul. He sounded exactly as some magical creatures would. Maybe that's just me but I thought you did the voice of the ghoul really well.

The whole wanting to be an actor thing is actually a really neat idea and it actually really makes sense. It's fits in perfectly with the idea and if you think about it, why else would a ghoul agree to do that for wizards.

Besides the soft bed, warmth, light and food of course.

You had a bit of a verb tense problem but it didn't interrupt the flow of the writing at all. "We need someone to pretend to be him when he WAS gone." It sounds as if Ron left and has come back already.

Even though the Weasley's weren't the hugest part of this chapter, you still managed to keep them in character. Hermione sounded like Hermione as well (and in a lot of fanfictions she doesn't sound like Hermione at all).

Overall, I thought this was really well written and the chapter flowed really well. Good job on it.

Author's Response: Hi thanks for taking your time to review this story:D No it doesn't sound weird, I thought the same to, as magical creatures don't get a voice much, so I'm giving the ghoul one!

Yeah I think the ghoul's motivations for doing it, is purely to further his career, I don't think he got far ahead enough, to think about the other benefits.

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll go and change it, as I hate grammar errors.

And I'm glad that you thought the Weasley's and Hermione stayed true to their characters, as I really hate it when someone drastically changes how they act!

Thanks again for this review:D

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Review #34, by Courtney Dark My Long Awaited Opportunity

28th January 2013:
Hey there! Thanks for re-requesting a review!

Wow, this was an unbelievably bizarre and wacky concept! I have certainly never read anything like this before, and I am glad I had an opportunity to do so. It is becoming harder and harder to find unique, completely original stories on this site-and I have certainly never thought to write anything regarding the ghoul in the attic.

What I liked most about this piece was that you managed to connect it to the original Harry Potter books, and put the pieces of the ghouls life together, from everything we know about him-mainly from what Ron has said. I really liked the line: 'So it was one delightful June evening, and I was happily enjoying my evening entertainment of rattling the pipes and trying to get them to harmonise, because when that happened it caused a rather wondrous sound' because I do remember Ron going on about how the ghoul always rattled on the pipes, and it's awesome that you put your own spin on it!

I love the way you started this, with the line: 'You know us ghoul’s are often over looked; those imbecile humans always thinking we have inferior intelligence to them, always underestimate their reliance on us.' It was a very nice way too hook the reader in-I could tell immediately that this was going to be something different. And the fact that the ghoul wanted to be an actor-classic! It was a great way of explaining why he agreed to act as Ron, and also added a lot of humour to the chapter. I especially liked the line: 'though they may think Leonardo DiCaprio is the best new actor around, his talents are seriously mediocre when compared to mine.'

I did notice a few spelling and grammar errors, but nothing too distracting-and nothing a simple edit couldn't fix!

Thanks for the funny read.

Author's Response: Hey thanks for taking the time to review my story, and I'm glad that you liked it, and found it wacky and bizarre as that's what I wanted, as I find there's so many stereotypes on HPFF, this probably isn't going to be one! And yeah the idea came to me while trying to fall asleep, and was written in the middle of the night, hence the weirdness :P

Ha yeah, that line from Ron always stayed in my head for some reason, and I just thought hey the ghoul's already wants to be an actor and that's weird enough, why not make him a classical musical fan!

I'm glad that you thought it was good from the start, as that's probably the key thing to do in a story, and how else could they manage to persuade the ghoul to pretend to be Ron, if it didn't want to be an actor. Yeah I had to research new actors of the 90s, due to be being born in the latter end of that decade, so I figured how big Leonardo is, would be funny to show how high the ghoul aspires to.

Yeah I'll fix the spelling and grammar errors soon:)

Thanks again for the lovely review, Kiana :)

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Review #35, by aquabluez17 My Long Awaited Opportunity

28th January 2013:
Hey! Its Mya here with your review =)

I thought that this was really cool and unique! I have never read anything like this so I was pleasantly shocked.

I liked the background you gave to the ghoul, and you gave it a very funny voice. The description in the story was great and it showed alot of character for the ghoul.

The only thing I would mention is that, I think you said "his" where you meant to have said "he" a few times so a quick re read should fix the problem!

Great work!

If you want me you know where to find me =)

Author's Response: Hi Mya, thanks for taking your time to review! I'm glad that you thought it was unique, and that I pleasantly shocked you, as that's what I aimed to do :P Yeah that quote from Ron stayed in my head, and I thought I wonder if there was more to this from the ghoul's perspective, so thus comes the background and the story! Yeah I posted this story in the middle of the night, as I knew if I didn't post it straight after writing it, it will never end up here, hence the mistakes, so I'll go back and correct them:) Thank you again for the review!

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Review #36, by Siriusgirl My Long Awaited Opportunity

27th January 2013:
I thought this was a clever idea, no one would think about the ghoul but it's an interesting POV. You give bring him to life quite well. Good job!

Author's Response: Ha yeah it came to me while I was trying to fall asleep, hence the strange idea! Thanks a lot for the review, I really appreciated it :D

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Review #37, by caoty My Long Awaited Opportunity

27th January 2013:
Hey, I'm here from Review Tag.

You know, I've never read a fic about the Weasley ghoul. I'm genuinely surprised; I thought I'd read basically every single canon storyline ever now. Hurray for there still being original stuff in this fandom! :D

Moving on. Your ghoul. I would, personally, love to see the Weasley ghoul get an Oscar; Rupert Grint ain't got nothing on him, I'm sure. Seriously though, I like the idea of this being the ghoul's big break. Maybe after the war a bunch of them start up an all-ghoul theatre troupe, or an orchestra (I'm impressed by Mister Ghoul's ability to play Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture on the pipes btw; I can barely do the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy myself. But anyway, enough of my awful attempts at humour.)

I will say that your grammar's decidedly odd, by which I mean there's commas all over the place and few where they should be - while I don't generally think that's an awful thing, it's a bit weird, so it might be an idea to proofread again.

Other than that, this was a fun, unique little read, and I'd love to read more about your ghoul's spectacular, fully improvised performance as the one and only Ronald Weasley. :D

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad that you've never come across a story about the ghoul, so I'm glad I'm amoung the few, who wrote about them! Haha, that's a good idea about the orchestra! And yes my grammar, is awful, so I'll look that over now! And perhaps I'll write more about the ghoul, and his performances!

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Review #38, by Gabriella Hunter My Long Awaited Opportunity

27th January 2013:

I'm here with your requested review, and its Gabbie, Queen of the Underworld in case you were confused on that. But anyway, I thought that this was really unique, you went in a completely different direction from what I thought you would with this. I liked that you gave a background to the ghoul, though I was wondering how he died or something and what sort of person he was. You also gave a hint of a family too, which was funny to read and he has this over the top personality that I enjoyed seeing. He wants to be an actor? Hahaha. I loved that he kept going on about how fabulous he was and how "underappreciated" he was at the Weasley home. I thought that was a good little bit too, with him going on and on about how amazing he was compared to Ronald. The descriptions of the gang was good too, I really liked reading from his POV. He's taking his role very seriously! Hahahaha.
The only CC's, I can give is that you should add in some of those pesky periods. And I think you said "his" where you should have said "he" a few times but other than that, I really liked this!
Thanks for the read!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hey Gabbie! Thanks for the review, and yeah I'm glad that you thought it was unique and unexpected, as that's what I wanted it to be! Ha yeah, that line from Ron, stuck in my head, and I was just like, hey it's fan fiction, anything goes! And yes he certainly takes it seriously, how else will he get his Oscar! And yeah, you and someone else pointed that out to me, so I'm just off to edit it now, as writing it when you're half-awake is bound to lead to errors! Thanks again! Kiana :)

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