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Review #26, by whyso_SIRIUS A Quidditch Bouquet

28th January 2013:
LOL, they got him good. Perfect plan. Yay, Nixie and Drew made up. Lucius's probably mortified, but lol does he have any friends? How did they/he not see the writing on the back of his uniform? I would rather Lucius deals with her in his own way, I'm glad they get under each others skin so well. Vesper getting with Dmitri ain't such a bad idea, although I feel like he is an oaf. But the part I especially like about the prank was Narcissa jinxing his hair to black, just like her last name, it was te perfect touch, UPDATE SOON. I hate good cliffhangers.

Author's Response: Oh poor Lucius! Hmm making it up on the spot, I'd say everyone was too intimidated to say anything to him bahaha. Typical, intimidating Lucius Malfoy. Dmitri is just an odd ball, but quite the catch if I might say so myself. Next chapter should be up soon :)

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Review #27, by tia Dark + Magic = Malfoy

18th January 2013:
NAVA I MISS THIS!!! I MISS YOU READING IN YOUR BRITSH ACCENT TOO!!! I MISS YOU!!! Okay I loved every part of this chap honestly. I've told you how much Dimitri and Nixie are the cheesiest couple in the world but it works for them. Can't wait to see what Cissy has in store for Malfoy. Update sooner please, girl do you how much of a bother it is looking back at old chaps just to see where I left off lol. And boo this chapter was too short, update a longer one please^___^

Author's Response: I MISS READING TO YOU ALL IN A BRITISH ACCENT. Those were the best times, *sigh*...but don't worry my dear I shall read to you again one day, hopefully in the summer! Thanks love xoxo

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Review #28, by whyso_SIRIUS Dark + Magic = Malfoy

18th January 2013:
I LOL'ed so hard when Cissy called Lucius a brazen man, it was kinda out of the blue. And we have another heated scene between the two, wonder what could have happened if they hadn't been walked in on. Seriously why does Lucius hold Cissy's opinion so high, he must value her in one way or other. Cissy is finally getting excited by Lucius, something might be happening soon I hope. Can't wait for the girl's plans to unfurl. Drew and Nixie are getting back together again, YAY. Dimitri ain't all that bright now is he? Ohh familiar names, the Lestranges and Rosiers. I do have a question though, will Drew and Malfoy become friends again at the end of things, or a platonic relationship? Update soon, you bloody BRILLIANT author!

Author's Response: I do love those old fashioned vocabulary terms. Brazen is one of my favorites ;) Oh the chemistry between Lucius and Narcissa is the best part of fanfiction for me. You, my friend, are a bloody BRILLIANT fan, may I say. Thanks a bunches xoxo

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Review #29, by whyso_SIRIUS And Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

18th January 2013:
Well Cissy could have accused him of much worse than lying, but Lucius has got his pride I suppose. Well cats out of the bag, I hope Drew and Nixie get back together soon. Shame, they were such a cute couple. I wonder why Lucius went to such extremes, he must really value what Narcissa thinks of him.

Author's Response: Oh Lucius is a strange, strange man. Very scrumptious, but enigmatic to a whole new level. That's what I love about him. Never fear! Drew and Nixie should get over it sometime soon. Thanks again xoxo

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Review #30, by whyso_SIRIUS Epiphany, Epiphany, Epiphany

18th January 2013:
Oh before I forget you did a good job with coming up with these names dear, they sound like names I could see JKR using within HP. Nixie has an inkling of Ron's humor and there's a bit of Hermione in Vesper. But nothing in Cissy at all, I wonder what influenced Vesper's plan?

Author's Response: Names are always so tricky for me to choose, it always takes me forever. I have to feel that "it's the one" vibe until I can finalize a character's name. Thank you for the honest review, love it girl! xoxo

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Review #31, by whyso_SIRIUS From Games To War

18th January 2013:
Obviously revenge, Narcissa and Lucius's characters are alike in that way. Hmmm I wonder why Cissy was so quick to follow Lucius in the dark. She fears them both, but she obviously trusts Lucius to a certain degree to follow him so blindly and unprotected. Well let this war begin, I know Cissy will come up with something good to get back at him with. To be fair I totally didn't see Lucius's plan coming at all, I was just as surprised as Cissy!

Author's Response: Cissy always comes up with something good, that's one thing I love about her character. Thank you whyso_SIRIUS! I love that name xoxo

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Review #32, by whyso_SIRIUS Detention With The Beast

18th January 2013:
I love the edginess of cissy and Lucius's relationship, I was hoping though something a little more tense would happen. Like flying goblets and thrown dishes, ok I am being straight up childish now, I'll stop. Loving the story. Feeling sorry for Nixie about Drew, keeping secrets never works out.

Author's Response: I love it too, they are so spontaneous. Ooooh flying goblets sound fantastic, perhaps I'll add that in somewhere. Thanks for the support love xoxo

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Review #33, by whyso_SIRIUS Zebra Angst

18th January 2013:
Phew I could feel all the tension in that compartment, surprised the train didn't blow. I'm liking all the traits of the new characters, the fact that you mixed them with the right background makes them all the more believable and real. Excited for what's to come. ^_^!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm excited as well and I look forward to more of your reviews! :))

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Review #34, by married to black Dark + Magic = Malfoy

18th January 2013:
Ah I'm so late on this! So sorry dear. It's been quite hectic. But I have finally read your chapter and my oh my I cannot wait :D I wish you had made it a tad bit longer. I want more!! Heheh. But really, I loved everything about it. It was very nice. Lucius and Narcissa are so entertaining but then we also have Dimitri and Vesper (I will never get over how much I love her name btw), as well a Nixie and Drew, to fawn over and watch. I'm loving all the pairings so far! I hope Nixie and Drew would patch things up! They are so cute!! Nixie sounds just so lovely :) all the girls are my fav characters so far.

I'm so curious as to what they could be planning. It sounds like a big deal and I'm guessing its happening at a quidditch and has something to do with the sport since the girls mentioned waiting one. I'm so stoked!! I hope you soon find time in between school to update. Bring on the next chapter please!! This one was too short. I need more ^.^

Author's Response: Please don't apologize, I'm happy that you took the time to review. Lovely, encouraging words :)

I love all the girls too. They each have their own distinct personalities which sets them apart. I'm excited for the next chapter, as it will be much longer and much more exciting! I'm looking forward to your next review! xoxo

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Review #35, by katti4493 And Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

11th December 2012:
Da dun dah! Oooh, Dark Magic is involved! I can't WAIT to read what Cissy's opinion of dark magic is. Obviously she has a sister like Bella who is utterly nuts and is totally into dark magic, and later we know Cissy sort of condones it. I love how you are drawing Lucius and Cissy further and further apart, and I have this strange feeling that at some point she is going to have to chose between her friends and him - and we know which she chooses.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway, another awesome chapter and I love the mystery surrounding Drew; still don't know whether to trust him or not! I'll leave another review on the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I love that we both share such an affinity for the Black sisters! I think they are an amazing family and there is so much to learn and analyze about them. Next chapter should be up soon. I look forward to your next review xoxo

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Review #36, by married to black And Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

5th December 2012:
"so don't you dare ridicule me you heinous creature"

THAT LINE HAD ME DYING. you heinous creature. what a fabulous insult, hahahaha.

I absolutely loved this update. It was so fabulous. I'm so so sorry for reading it so late. I've been extremely distracted by schoolwork and other stuff. But I've finally read it and oh my, I want to hit myself in the head for pushing it off for so long! I was so enthralled by this chapter and MY FEELS FOR NIXIE. The poor girl. :( Drew too. That poor lad has to go through this tense, painful time with her and I hate it because they appear like such a great golden couple. I hope they workout things soon. I understand that Nixie told Drew everything but I kind of don't blame him for keeping that in.

One thing I REALLY like about this story is that not EVERYONE who is a Slytherin uses dark magic. I like that Cissy and her friends do not live up to that stereotype. :)

I can't wait for your next update. I love this! You're a brilliant writer. :)

Author's Response: MARRIED TO BLACK! I die for your reviews. No seriously, they're what I live for. Drew and Nixie are quite the complex issue, I agree. They deserve a special soap opera.

I tried to show that just because you're in Slytherin, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a Death Eater or affiliated in the dark arts.

Next chapter should be up soon. I look forward to your next review Married To Black xoxo

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Review #37, by peanuts11 And Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

28th November 2012:
I really like this story. What I like in particular is that I can't guess the outcome of this story or what is going to happen next in each chapter. It's rather refreshing.
I also really like Narcissa, she's proud, smart, cunning, the true representation of a Slytherin but she's also compassionate and loyal to her friend. It's a fantastic characterisation. I like her interactions with Lucius too. I'm certain that he's changing somewhat but I'm not sure in what way. I'm not sure if that was your intention but it's effective nevertheless.
I really like the angst between Nixie and Drew, although I was starting to like them together. Vesper's also very well written with just the right amount of disdain for muggle-borns. Also, the pace of the story is perfect. Narcissa encounters Lucius. Plots evil doings with her friends and still squeezes a lesson in. I honestly love this. I think i could go on all day.
The only thing I can fault you on is that you need longer chapters. :D. You are such a good writer though and you've introduced me to Narcissa/Lucius fics so thank you :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I apologize for my untimely response. School has a way of sucking me in and making me forget about everything not related to chemistry and calculus :P

I really enjoyed reading your comments. I love Drew and Nixie as well, but don't disappoint yourself just yet, there's more to come between them.

I'm sorry about my chapter length. I know it's so short, and that is something I'm trying to work on. My next chapter should be longer, if only just a little. I do apologize again.

I really appreciate and enjoyed reading your review. It was very encouraging. Next chapter should be up soon, and I would love to hear your opinion on it. Hope to hear from you soon! xoxo :)

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Review #38, by tia And Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

17th November 2012:
I am so embarrassed for Narcissa right now. Shouldn't of accused him girl, lol. And ofcourse my corny couple Drew and Nixie broke up, hopefully they will get back together;) They're too cheesy Nava.
So Cissy has just 'found' out Malfoy supposedly does Dark Magic, this story has gotten a bit more interesting than of already it was. I do wonder what will happen next? Update quickly dear and thank you for the quick update

Author's Response: TIA! I do apologize for being so unpunctual with my reply. College has robbed me of my social life :(

Oh don't worry dear, you already know what's going to happen, wink wink ;)

New chapter is already up, let me know what you think troll! xoxo

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Review #39, by tia Epiphany, Epiphany, Epiphany

12th November 2012:
I'VE MISSED THIS STORYT_T Nava, my teasing Gremlin, update more! *sigh* It's weird, I've forgotten the story. I don't even know what's going to happen next, I blame you-_- Can't wait to hear Vesper's brilliant ideas, looking forward to the next update:D

Author's Response: I MISS READING THIS STORY TO MY TROLL! I'm so glad you reviewed, I was looking forward to it! I'll be updating a lot more now, weekly if I can. I've just been so busy lately with college :O I look forward to more of your reviews love xx

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Review #40, by kelly Epiphany, Epiphany, Epiphany

12th November 2012:
Omgosh I can't wait to see what vesper has in mind for pay back >:D

Author's Response: Ah I'm excited as well! It should be coming up in the next couple of chapters or so. Thanks for the review love xx

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Review #41, by married to black Epiphany, Epiphany, Epiphany

11th November 2012:
Fabulous chapter! It's been too long since you last updated! I'm glad you haven't completely ditched the story - it was getting quite intriguing. But alas, you updated and I am pleased as I can be :D

Whenever I read this, an English accent goes off in my head. You just capture the formal talking that JKR writes the HP books so well and write it perfectly in your own story that I cannot help but also read your work in the English accent. Keep up that great writing style.

I feel as if I comment on your flawless vocab, sentence structure and all that jazz so often - need I say it once more? Your writing is just so beautifully written!

Now, the actual content, I enjoyed very much. I am so excited to learn of Vesper's revenge plan for Narcissa. Knowing how quick-witted and fiery Vesper is (or at least, that's how she comes off), I bet it'll be a plan of excellence and amusement! Lucius won't see it coming. AH SO EXCITED. Please, UPDATE. And don't take so long this time, won't you? I was getting pretty desperate for a new chapter. Wouldn't want me going through that again ;)

Love your story, you are great. Keep it up and MORE MORE MORE - more is always great when the thing is awesome, LIKE THIS STORY!

p.s. that epiphany part made me squirt my milk out of my nose while I was drinking it. TOO. DARN. FUNNY! Hehehehe.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry, I know it took me forever to update! I've just been so busy with school and midterms, oh gawsh it's been eating up all my time! But I'm back, and I plan to update weekly, so stay posted!

Your reviews are amazing and very encouraging. I look forward to them every time I post a new chapter. I'm so glad you enjoy my story and I hope you continue reading on!

Oh dear, squirting milk sounds like some funny business, hahaha. The next chapter might make you squirt milk out of your ears!

Hope to read more reviews from you soon! Thanks love xx

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Review #42, by katti4493 Epiphany, Epiphany, Epiphany

9th November 2012:
Hahaha, good chapter! It's nice to see some interaction between Narcissa and her friends! The only thing I would say is there is maybe a little issue with your narration. You seem to switch from third person to the omnipresent narrator which was a little jarring at the beginning of the chapter.

The only other (tiny, tiny thing, I'm being really picky now!) when the girls go to "wash up", they go and do their hair and make up. In Britain, that would only be used to describe washing the dishes, so I'd probably say something like "going to the loo" so we could all hang out and do our hair and stuff!!! Other than that another awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Oh dear, thank you so much for that bit of feedback! I'm so used to writing in first person that sometimes I completely mix it all up with third person. I will definitely give that a look, and same with the "wash up" bit.

I hope you keep reading and I look forward to more of your reviews! Next chapter should be up within a week or so xx

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Review #43, by katti4493 From Games To War

9th November 2012:
Owch! That was kind of personal, and very vindictive and sneaky of Lucius. Well, I suppose, that is why he is a Slytherin! It was also good to see a side to Narcissa where she wasn't always so sure of herself, but I suppose she's got a great revenge coming up!!!

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, Lucius is quite the fellow isn't he? Just wait till you read about Narcissa's comeback! It should be coming up in the next few chapters! Thanks a bunches! xx

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Review #44, by katti4493 Detention With The Beast

9th November 2012:
Oooohh, what's this about Drew? Maybe he's not a halfblood but a Muggleborn? Other than that, I can't really think what else it could be.

Best chapter so far, it has really racketed up the tension and the intrigue, can't wait to read the next one!

Author's Response: I love your reviews! They really make me feel good about my writing! I'm glad you find it suspenseful! Thank you so so much!! xx

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Review #45, by katti4493 Zebra Angst

9th November 2012:
Really liked this chapter, and I loved the whole Lucius v Narcissa thing. I think its great how you've moved away from the normal thing of having Lucius and Narcissa hopelessly in love from the word go.

Only one small thing. In introducing Nixie, Vesper and Drew all in the same chapter, there was a lot of description pertaining to these characters, and it slowed down the pace at the beginning of the chapter. I think I would have waited and introduced Drew in the next chapter. Other than that one small thing, it was great!

Author's Response: Thank you for your feedback! My favorite love stories are the ones in which two people go from hating each other to loving each other. I hope you keep reading and leaving great reviews, they're very encouraging :)

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Review #46, by manno_malfoy From Games To War

23rd August 2012:
Hi there! I'm here with your requested review and I deeply apologise for taking such a long time to come here! Madness has ensued in my life...

Anyway. What a way to drive things away from Cliche Land! Usually, enemies being locked up together end up falling for each other or their hatred toward each other might soften a little... Honestly, that's what I was expecting! And I'll take a wild guess and say that you did this on purpose! You kept on making us believe that this is what's going to happen. I mean, a walk? What a perfect way for them to chat up and get to know each other! Therefore, I really was taking by surprise!

I still adore the way you write Narcissa! You seem to know her so well that she remains consistent and very canon-like as the story goes on. I also believe that your Lucius, especially in this chapter, has been very believable. The way he talked and the way he managed to achieve exactly what he needed to achieve... It's just so like him.

I'm sort of sad this chapter ended so soon, but I think you've chosen an optimum point to stop at. It leaves me intrigued, wondering how she's going to deal, who's going to help her... It's yet another chapter ending with a gripping cliffie.

I cannot wait to see what's going to happen in the next chapter. Well done!


Author's Response: Please don't apologize! I myself have been unable to respond to my recent reviews because of life. I completely understand where you are coming from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I find your reviews so inspirational and look forward to more of them! xx

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Review #47, by ScorpiusRose17 From Games To War

21st August 2012:
Hi there! I am finally here with your review. Sorry it has taken me so long. Real life can get in the way... a lot.

I really liked this chapter. I LOVED your description at the begining of the chapter, but it kind of seemed liked it sort of died off. Maybe it was because you were ending the chapter that I feel like this. Totally possible.

I really like the way that you characterized Lucius and Narcissa. She is this spit fire that won't tolerate him. I think it's a Black family thing. Lucius is just cold, heart less, but in a way that makes you highly intrigued. I really enjoy this cat and mouse game that they seem to be playing with one another.

I am afraid that Narcissa will get caught and that this will make her lash out more at Lucius in retaliation. I don't think she'll tell on him at all, but a woman scorned or cornered is a dangerous thing in itself. =)

Keep up the great writing!!! I look forward to what else is going to happen.


Author's Response: No worries dear, I appreciate that you took the time to read my story. I'm glad it was suspenseful for you! My goal was to end it in a way nobody expected. Can't wait to read more of your reviews!! xx

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Review #48, by dobby742 From Games To War

18th August 2012:
totes awesome it was the purest of all poetry

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #49, by marissa lily potter From Games To War

18th August 2012:
Hey there,

Wow, I really loved this chapter! It was filled with fun and intrigue! I was already quite excited to read it from the way you left off your last chapter but my excitement was increased throughout this one. It was great how the chapter flowed. There were no parts where I thought it was a bit choppy.

Also, it wasn't boring at all. Everything about it was interesting. Your plot is developing really well and I can see that you've got great ideas planned for this story. Lucius and Narcissa are both very strong characters but I'm glad that you've made them strong in their own way. One thing I see often it the main characters being too similar.

It's a good thing that you've characterized them well. I think their characters play an important role in seizing and understaing the story. Overall, great work! Spelling and grammar mistakes were kept to a minimum, the interest level was high and the flow was amazing. You've got a great story coming along!


Author's Response: Thank you so much love! I'll be requesting again soon when the next chapter is up :) xx

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Review #50, by magnolia_magic From Games To War

17th August 2012:
Hi! Maggie here with your review!

This chapter was fun because we get back to the Lucius we saw at the beginning; arrogant and cunning and all of that. You do a really good job of writing him that way, though I will be interested to see how his character develops in the future.

Narcissa is well-written as always (I loved her dialogue, as well as Lucius'), but I was confused as to why she left the Great Hall with him in the first place. Was she really afraid of being by herself? She doesn't seem like the type. But then again, Hogwarts would be pretty scary at night when it's all dark and empty, so maybe it's understandable. It just caught me by suprise, since Narcissa seems so independent.

I wasn't suprised, however, to see that Lucius had gotten his wand back without anyone knowing. It shows that he'll do anything to get what he wants. And leaving her stranded on the staircase! So mean, but just what I'd expect from him. Like many of your readers, I'm looking forward to seeing how Narcissa chooses to get back at him :)

Your description was especially good all throughout this chapter. I loved your word choice and the way you took the time to set the scene at the beginning. It really makes for a more vivid read, and I enjoyed that a lot :)

Thanks for requesting! I think you've got a fun story here, and I'm interested to see where it goes. I'm going to be closing my review thread for a while since school is starting next week, but I will check back every now and then for updates :) And if you ever want to PM me with a question or something, feel free. Great job!


Author's Response: As always, an amazing wonderful inspirational review! I tried to make this chapter as random as possible. A lot of people thought it would be a cliche night where they would talk and bond, but BAM, he suddenly leaves her on a staircase floating in midair. *EVIL LAUGH AND WALKS AWAY WHILE SHE CURSES HIM IN HER MIND*

Next chapter will be up soon, thanks bunches!! xx

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