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Review #26, by Veritaserum27 And Just When You Thought You Knew Everything

23rd May 2014:
Hi hi hi!

Here again - I just keep reading this story! It is written so well that each chapter goes really fast.

I love how you have given the Slytherin's such depth. I think it is too common for authors to just put them all under the label of "evil" and not differentiate. You've created a great, dramatic story here, with characters who support the cause of being a pure blood, but aren't going to take it to the point of breaking the law or being inhumane. Not that the "pure blood" status exhalts one to being of a higher class, but by giving Narcissa and her friends differentiation between the death eaters, you make much more interesting and relatable characters.

Just how dark is Lucius. If he is practicing the dark arts, Narcissa better be careful!

As always, thanks for the chapter!


Author's Response: Hey :D

Unfortunately there's a huge stigma with Slytherin and I think it's unfair because there are a lot of people who don't fall under the evil category. Lucius might be arrogant and mean but within his circle he's not like that. I love him so so so much *starts to cry*

Thanks again for reviewing and making my day :))

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Review #27, by Veritaserum27 Epiphany, Epiphany, Epiphany

23rd May 2014:
Hello again,

Loving this story so far. I like the skunk idea. I think she would look really pretty. I also like the idea of Narcissa going as something so no one could recognize her and then she could play a prank on Lucius if he thinks she is someone else... just a thought.

I laughed out loud at the "revelation about my bladder." You have a knack for writing humor and that is really hard to do.

Great work, as usual!


Author's Response: Hi :)

Thank you, I try to be funny but sometimes I think I come off as cheesy but it's good to know you like my writing :))

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Review #28, by Veritaserum27 From Games To War

23rd May 2014:
Wow! This just keeps getting better with every chapter! Nice job - keep up the banter with Lucius and Narcissa - it totally makes the story.

I can't believe that he just left her stranded there in the middle of the stairs in the middle of the night. Wow. He can hold a grudge. However, I have a feeling that Narcissa will get him back. I can't wait to see what she does.

Thanks again!


Author's Response: LUCIUS IS EVIL! Haha seriously though he started a war with her and he shall pay for it very soon.

You're great!! I hope you keep reading :))

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Review #29, by Veritaserum27 Detention With The Beast

23rd May 2014:

Here for the second chapter. This story is paced really nicely. I love the banter between Lucius and Narcissa. I love that he gets the best of her - she can act so petulant around him. Hehe.

What is up with Drew? Mister perfect is... not so perfect? Hmm.

On to the next chapter.


Author's Response: Hi again!! I love writing the banter between Lucius and Narcissa. He gets under her skin soo bad but it'll all pay off later haha ;P

Drew is a little ambiguous, and he does have a past which you will find out about :D

Thanks again for being awesome!!

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Review #30, by Veritaserum27 Zebra Angst

23rd May 2014:

You reviewed several chapters of my story a few months back and I thought I would return the favor.

Wow! This is really, really good. You've done a great job setting up this entire story. I love how you have put Narcissa in several tight spots. She loves her sister, but feels loyalty to the rest of the family. She is growing up, but still longs for when life was simpler. She hates Lucius, but still must associate with him because of their status. Lots of conflict.

Can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Oh hi!!

Thank you so much!! Your story is one of my faves and I'm waiting for my midterms and finals to finish this week and next week so I can finally sit down with a jar of Nutella and enjoy your story in peace :))

Lucius and Narcissa are one of my OTP's I LOVE THEM!! He's so devilish but so sweet underneath haha, I hope you see him in the same light I do if you read on :))

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Review #31, by NASHAAD Narcissa The Naive

20th May 2014:
AHHCCCKKK, nava you great big tease, you! I loved this chapter it was simple yet so cute. Narcissa and Lucius are an adorable pair for the most part, then rawrr they go full on sexyy, and my poor heart can't take it! OMG i tots did not see that coming, but does Lucius have to do a concealment charm every so often b/c it wears off, I've never even considered it before. LOL at him trying to test the water by asking what she would have done if Drew were a death eater, boy she in love w/ you not Drew. Hope classes go well, and you are blessed w/ some amazing inspiration! :)!

Author's Response: YAY MY PENGUIN!! They're so cute aren't they? I can feel the tension between them when I write haha. Yeah he has to use a concealment charm maybe two times a day? It's hard work my friend. It isn't easy being bad :p LOLOL Lucius just wants to get perspective on how she would react if someone close to her were a Death Eater, AKA himself, duhhrrr. Thanks love, I will try to update soon :))

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Review #32, by GJ Narcissa The Naive

17th May 2014:
Oh no not a cliffhanger... Ahhh she knows! This chapter was so good, they're so cute together! Can't wait to see Narcissa's reaction to Lucius being a death eater. Keep up the amazing writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you, they're one of my OTP's and I'm obsessed with them together! Yes at last she knows! I have the next chapter written out so all I have to do is type it now. Thanks again :))

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Review #33, by Celestialbattlefield Narcissa The Naive

16th May 2014: still trying to figure out how someones backside is actually attracive. i mean they all look the same to me...

Author's Response: Hahaha well backside is just another word for bootay :P I think Lucius has a very flat and cute one haha idk I'm just a weirdo and sometimes it shows in my writing lol

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Review #34, by NASHAAD Like Father, Like Son…Only On The Outside

4th May 2014:
NAAVA, i'm going to have to kill you, why with the cliffhanger again? WHY! I Needs to read the next part, the time we have all been waiting for! And dear i'm gonna have to make you write a wild sex scene! I have all this pent up sexual frustration because of these two! Ahcckk, i can already feel the disappointment tho, he gon get caught, i hope its after the wild sex scene tho, *hinthint*. But i must say, i enjoyed how they opened up to each other like a bunch of middle school aged kids, t'was very cute. But for reals girl I need and update soon!

Author's Response: Hahaha OMG you're cray my penguin!! I have to update this story, it's been too long honestly :( I'm going to try and type it out either today or tomorrow. My notebook is actually right in front of me as I'm typing this! Thanks for your amazing review as usual!!

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Review #35, by Local_Eskimo Like Father, Like Son…Only On The Outside

25th April 2014:
I will be impatiently waiting for the next chapter! Lol

Author's Response: Haha I'm so sorry I will try to update the next chap soon :))

Thanks for your review I really appreciate it!

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Review #36, by celestialbattlefield Like Father, Like Son…Only On The Outside

21st April 2014:
Aaah. You truly love malfoy that much.. that's pretty cute
He is very good looking in the movies...
Im guessing impending doom since abraxas is there (damn it) but for some reason I'm thinking of the lingerie and if narcissas will actually wear it for malfoy...
Maybe its too soon

Author's Response: I really do love him too much haha, thanks :))
He's beautiful in the films isn't he? *dies inside*
You'll find out in the next chapter, wink wink :p
Thanks so much for your reviews, they're truly inspiring and motivating. Can't wait till next chap! :D

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Review #37, by Lostmyheart Zebra Angst

19th April 2014:
Hi there!

I'm here for your requested review :)
I took me a while to read it, but I managed to finish it! *yay*
Not that it was uninteresting or dull, no no no. I seriously loved reading this chapter, you're extremely talented and you give such interesting details. You've managed to write an excellent version of Narcissa, and her friends too.
It was nice to read in the beginning, how it affected her family that one of her sister's chose a muggle-born.

I liked that you chose to give them a hate-relationship to begin with, I hadn't seen that coming.

I'm not really sure why, but I loved these lines:
"So that you can prove that there's yet another psycho in the Black family?" he chuckled. "By all means, do."

She had stricken a nerve. Ten points for Narcissa, none for the witless barbarian.

How he was so mean and straight forward, it's intrigues me. Somehow I like it.
And it was fun to find out why you called the first chapter for 'Zebra Angst' - you actually have a fun collection of chapter names, I loved reading them.

The story flow was nice and easy, though it would have been easier if the flash back was in cursive. I found it a little hard to understand which part was present and which was a memory.

Anyway, I liked reading your story, it was a great beginning to your story. If you want me to review the next chapter, feel free to re-request! :)

Big hug,

Author's Response: Hi, thanks so much for reviewing!

I personally love the idea of Lucius and Narcissa hating each other. Everyone always makes it seem like they get on perfectly from the start but there's no spice in that haha.

That's a good point, I will probably go back and make that scene cursive. It probably is a little confusing for readers.

Thanks so much again I appreciate the review :))

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Review #38, by GJ Like Father, Like Son…Only On The Outside

18th April 2014:
Recently started reading this story and it's so good! Amazing piece of work honestly! Can't wait for what happens next :)

Author's Response: Yay I'm so happy you're enjoying it, this makes me ecstatic :))

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Review #39, by Celestialbattlefield Lonely Skunks In Broom Cupboards

15th April 2014:
Aaaah that was really kl..
Finally a heart to heart chat with sirius eh
Maybe cissy can tell him to lay off the girls
We are not commodities you know! !!
And 12 years old my foot
That lil squirt needs to keep his briefs on..nd stop being so touchy feely
sirius plz keep ur hands to yourself especially regarding girls skirts
ok !

Author's Response: Haha yay I'm so happy you went back and read this chapter. I honestly feel like since I added it in most people didn't check it out.

Sirius is definitely a squirt, he's so adorable!!

Thanks so much :))

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Review #40, by The Youngest Gorgons Like Father, Like Son…Only On The Outside

15th April 2014:
lovely! Completely lovely!
Good job:-)
I had a question to ask:Now that Lucius and Narcissa are going to spend holidays together, they're officially dating??? i know this is a stupid question but I'm very curious.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

Yeah they're officially together now :) Narcissa is just a little shy honestly haha but she will warm up to him, he's so sweet.

Thanks you're amazing!

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Review #41, by celestialbattlefield Death Eater Discussion

6th April 2014:
Aaah lucius what a gentleman..
Great climax.. some reason I'm dreading narcissas reaction when she finds out and voldys too.. I think he sees right through the plan..
Any who you have truly made my day
You are a born writer and that's coming from critical eng student
Loving or Andromeda one too.. Patrick or awesome plz hurl more insults and plz find your way into this story too

Author's Response: Yes he is a gentlemen *tears falling*
I love him way too much haha
I know this is random but Voldemort is actually going to let him go through with it because all in all Lucius is a devoted Death Eater and does carry out dangerous missions in the future anyhow. But that would have been a really good twist to it!
I'm so glad you like my story, I swear it motivates me to write just for you haha. Next chapter should be up within the next few days. Thanks dear :))

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Review #42, by NASHAAD Lonely Skunks In Broom Cupboards

2nd April 2014:

Author's Response: I know right!!! Psycho psycho psycho! And Sirius has always had the swagger lol since he entered the world. Poppin dem baby hearts hay :P

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Review #43, by The Youngest Gorgons A Forbidden Moment

29th March 2014:
wow ! finally they did it,it took a while for them though! I love this chap and can't wait till the next one :-)
Good luck

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm actually editing through the story right now but the next chapter should be up within the week :))

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Review #44, by Celestialbattlefield A Forbidden Moment

28th February 2014:
That was absolutely beautiful
Usually when a guy kisses you when ypur upset it usually means theyre taking advantage as your guard is down
But lucius had just solidified his love with narcissa
He had proved her wrong
She was definitely never going to lose him
Keep writing
Your amazing

Author's Response: You're the amazing one! Thank you so much for this wonderful review, it made my day really. Yeah most people do take advantage but he's different with her, especially because she's the only one who can get to that soft side of his, you know? Hope to hear from you again :))

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Review #45, by Celestial battlefield The Narcissa She Never Knew Existed

6th February 2014:
OMG I read all ypur chapters today and im completely astounded .. I cant believe this is ypur first time
:) amazing.

Im surprised u hvnt got as many reviewa
And I think im falling for lucius tooo

Author's Response: Aww you are so sweet and this totally made my day!! I'm so glad you liked it!

I wish I had more reviews too. Sadly they don't come that easy.

Lucius is amazing, he's my favorite and I'll forever be drooling over him. I'll be updating soon, just waiting for another of my stories to update. Thanks again :))

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Review #46, by NASHAAD The Narcissa She Never Knew Existed

2nd February 2014:

Author's Response: I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS THEYRE WHAT I LIVE FOR I SWEAR YOU MOTIVATE ME TO WRITE MY PENGUIN AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT. For real though I need me a Lucius. Haha I'm actually probably going to go through the whole story and add things and fix it up. I can't for the next chapter :))

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Review #47, by Nashaad When You Wipe Someone's Memory, Do It Right!

27th January 2014:
Betcch move there, WHYUY. Please promise no more cliffhangers they will be the death of me! Cilia' gits some major balls there attacking Cissy in the open for everyone to see and thanks to Darren for everyone to hear too! Omg Lucius you best forget that snitch and catch yo wifey!

Author's Response: OH MY PENGUIN! Don't fear, the next chapter is coming soon I promise! I'm excited for more of your entertaining reviews. I hope Lucius catches his wifey too :))

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Review #48, by Nashaad But Who Would Snog Cilia?

27th January 2014:
Omg the awkwardness, I totally get Nexie, Vesper, and Drew's worries. But dang give Cissy some space she a grown woman, she can fend for herself just fine like we've already seen before, if anything we should be worried for Luciu's fine looking mug. Love potion really, wonder how Cilia pulled this off and especially as a head girl, tsk tsk! Can't wait to see how next chapter commences with the state of Lucious and Cissy's relationship. I love this tension, I live for this stuff yo!

Author's Response: Pengy :))

They are trying to look out for her but they don't understand what happened during the holidays, you know? They didn't experience it in the flesh. I love that you love this tension. Looking forward to more of your reviews love!

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Review #49, by married to black But Who Would Snog Cilia?

20th January 2014:
Lol I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh so hard at Cissy's nightmare. Especially the part where she turns into skunk. It was just too funny! I could actually picture it too XDD

I am so glad that you are updating often again!! Don't take a long break anymore! The story is really picking up its pace now and I can feel tensions building between L/N. I'm so excited to see what happens between them :3 they are so cute.

I feel bad for Cissy. Her friends are being so harsh and because of them she just cost herself the friendship she was building with Lucius. It reminds me of how much of an affect friends can have one's relationship. I hope hers grow to accept him more. They only want the best for her but if I were her I would also be frustrated from feeling like I was suffocated.

I adore how you don't make this story only focus on the main characters. You also throw in things that happen with her friends and I love that. It really gives them personality and allows us to better appreciate her friends and get to know them more.

I hope you update soon!! Good job; keep up the great work and story-telling :)

Author's Response: Oh yes, the dream. I'm not going to lie, I did laugh quite a bit myself while writing that dream. I'm still uneasy about it hahaha.

I'm glad I've started updating again as well, and I'm glad you're still reviewing. I'm so excited for the next couple of chapters. I'm also excited for more of your reviews :))

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Review #50, by married to black A Very Merry Malfoy Christmas

20th January 2014:
I am in love with this chapter. It is so nice to see Cissy and Lucius make amends and grow a friendship between one another. Their teasing nature and playful antics make their interactions so entertaining!

You continue to keep my interest piqued and cause me to fall in love with the characters even more. I love L/N so much now! I never thought I would say that but you have convinced me of how darn cute they are.

Author's Response: Lucius and Narcissa give me butterflies. They're perfect. I'm excited for the next few chapters where they grow as friends and things begin to change. Keep reading love, it'll get better ;)

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