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Review #26, by TheWizardingPorcupine The one with chores, the history room, and guests arriving

20th November 2013:
Ooo sounds interesting... Can't wait 4 next chapter!

Author's Response: I'll post it soon!

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Review #27, by looneylizzie The one with misunderstandings, pet scarves, and elusive air bender tactics

13th November 2013:
Wow. Just wow. This story is just so amazing!! Every chapter makes me smile! I LOVE Vida's excuse about being late to class! And of course, that she's oblivious enough not to realize that people were going to think that they were ...*ahem*... doing something in a broom cupboard. :D

And I love that Vida got caught up in her emotions like that, and that she and Al didn't get into an argument over it or anything.

Keep writing! Can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! Yeah, Vida can be very oblivious, maybe the confiscation of her pet scarf threw her over the edge :)
Al and Vida don't argue that often; I knew it wouldn't make sense to have them argue over that.
I'm glad you enjoyed it, the next chapter is on its way!

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Review #28, by MsErrol The one with cousinly competition, bending battles, and winning

10th November 2013:
Yay! that was really good describing! i could imagine it in my head perfectly! Thanks Heaps :)

Author's Response: you're welcome! I'm glad my describing is good!

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Review #29, by TheWizardingPorcupine The one with cousinly competition, bending battles, and winning

9th November 2013:
Avatar:The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra- Harry Potter? I didn't think anyone would be able to pull it off.
BUT U DID SILVER COLOURED MOON! You balance the two perfectly without making it a usual ditzy crossover fanfiction like most people! U are the first crossover to get into my list of favorite fanfiction (not limited just to Harry Potter!)!
Plus- someone else on this site love ATLA and LOK!!! Yay, I'm not the only one *does a happy dance*. Random question- ATLA vrs. LOK- which is better?

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I didn't think there would be people liking it as much as they do! I think I prefer A:TLA because of the Gaang, but I really do love LOK as well :)

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Review #30, by Line_v The one with cousinly competition, bending battles, and winning

8th November 2013:
Holy Crap! Sorry for swearing, but that is AMAZING! definitly on my top 5 favorit fanfics! I just LOVE Al and Vida! They are the cutest!

On a more tecnical note, i would like to compliment your awsome descriptions of everything! The pets, the reactions, and mostly the awsome bending battle! I LOVE IT! I cant say it enough!

And! Your fast updates as as send from heaven! Every time i find something i really like, there is always so long between the chapters! This time i looked hopefully, but not really beliving there could be more already, and BAM! 5 freaking awsome chapters!!


Author's Response: You're welcome! I hate when my favourite fanfics don't update in ages, so I thought I'd be quick about it! Thank you for your compliments, I was a little unsure about descriptions and everything so its nice to get some good feedback!

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Review #31, by looneylizzie the one with a letter, pets, and bending revealed

4th November 2013:
YAY! New chapter! YIPPEE!! You are on a roll! This is, what, the second chapter in a week? HOLY COW THAT"S AWESOME!!!

YES, YES, YES, YES! Bending is revealed! This is just amazing! Can't wait to read about this battle, its gonna be so cool!

And I love that Al automatically knew what element Vida bended. They're so perfect! And I think Al is starting to realize that they're in love with each other. :D

Also, I love that all the people they invited to the party are guys. I mean, that's just priceless. And that they have the guts to invite the guys that they sorta like and such.

Anywho, keep up the writing! Can't wait for more! Seeing a new update always makes my day! :D

Author's Response: The queue for chapters seems to get shorter whenever I add a chapter! Its only at like 23 hours now, which is really good since I've just put another one in (rolling is my game, yo!)

I like that you've mentioned the guys at the party thing; as Vida's dad will probably have something to say about it! Plus, Hugo would most likely invite himself, it seems like something he would do if he found out that two of his cousins were going!
Thank you for your review, as always you made my day!

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Review #32, by MsErrol the one with a letter, pets, and bending revealed

4th November 2013:
HAHAHA! oh gosh you make me laugh! This has to be the best thing since ever! I love reading it, and i will need as much as it as i can get with the exams coming up. THANKYOU!:)

Author's Response: You've got exams too? Good luck! I hope you do well! Writing this de-stresses me since my exams are coming up too, I will keep updating!
Thank you!

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Review #33, by MsErrol Detention, Herbology, and avatar plans

2nd November 2013:
Yay! this is really Amazing! I love how you put Rose and Scorpius together (my otp). I'll be on the look out for more! :)

Author's Response: Everyone loves a bit of ScoRose! More on the way, next chapter is already waiting for validation :)

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Review #34, by looneylizzie Detention, Herbology, and avatar plans

1st November 2013:
AH! Omigosh you updated! YAY!! (I seriously do a little happy dance every time you update! Which means I'll probably review every chapter. I'm sure that I'm just so frustrating right?)

So I'm reacting/writing this as I read the chapter. This'll be fun.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that all of the plants hate Vida. That's hysterical. Although I don't think the unicorn does, he just likes toast.
2. HA! Scorpius admits it! He likes Rose!
4. Spongebob squarepants shorts huh? That's hilarious.
5. Al! Why so protective? Just admit you're in love with the girl and ask her out!
6. Uh, guys, Rose is in the room. Just cause she's reading doesn't mean that she can't hear you. Well, I guess it's Rose, but STILL.
7. Ooooh, I like Emma's idea! Although Vida does make a good deal, I'd take it.
8. BOOYAH! I was right! Emma and Hugo! GO Emgo! Humma? Hugemma? What would be their couple name?
9. Sooo, Rose COULD hear them! Why is she keeping quiet? Unless I'm imagining things. I could be reading into this too much. If so, forgive me, I get way too excited about this story. :D

Keep up the writing!! Can't wait to read more! There's so much awesomeness that I'd love to see -- especially more bending! I wonder if some of the bending and magic can mix? I mean, I know that Vida conjured a patronus sans wand, but can she tap into her magic to enhance her bending abilities?

Ooooh, is the magic part of Emma what causes her avatar state to go haywire? Maybe they combine weird when you add the avatar powers to it?

Now I'm just spouting off random stuff. Anyway, keep it up, and I'll be eagerly waiting for the next one!!! :D

Author's Response: You are not frustrating at all, in fact you are the exact opposite and I do a happy dance whenever I read your reviews :)
I thought it would be a given that magical plants would turn on air benders, being all opposite and things, and of course Vida should really learn to eat her breakfast before going to pet unicorns. As for the spongebob shorts; well, Vida is fashion queen, right? Right!
I love reading your ideas about my fanfic, it gives me so much to think about, add in, make sure it all makes sense, I love it! What you said about magic and bending is true, but then the girls have had both all their lives; they probably assume patronus sans wand and random avatar rages are normal; well, as normal as it can be :)

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Review #35, by MsErrol The one with dates, pumpkins and Hogsmead

28th October 2013:
Ah! I Love It SOSOSOSOSO MUCH! keep writing you amazing person

Author's Response: Will do, thank you!

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Review #36, by looneylizzie The one with dates, pumpkins and Hogsmead

26th October 2013:
Each chapter you update makes me love this story even more! It's so freaking adorable! There are so many things that I want to see happen! Like, Nikita and! And Al and Vida, when are they going to get their act together?!?!

And am I imagining things between Emma and Hugo? Cause there's a little part of me that's yelling "OMIGOSH YES THEY'RE SO ADORABLE!"

Okay, maybe not a *little* part of me.

And I can't wait till everyone finds out about bending! I mean, I hope they do... 'cause I think it'd be so cool to find out what they're reactions are. And maybe even learn a bit about bending vs magic? Or how they can learn from each other? It would be SO COOL if Vida's grandfather came to teach a little bit about bending to the students. That'd be so awesome.

Keep on writing! I get so excited whenever I see another chapter from you!!! :D

Author's Response: oh my Aang I think I'm hyperventilating, THANK YOU! This whole review has given me future ideas, and you're not the only one that's think ing about Emma and Hugo...I kinda was too :) Thank you for reviewing, I'll get my act together and put another chapter up (half-term makes me really lazy)!

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Review #37, by MsErrol The one with worry, the hospital wing and grandpa saving the day

20th October 2013:
YAY! You uploaded more!! I love ATLA and ATLOK, and i LOVE harry potter, having them both together is like having christmas three months early! This is so well written i can't belive your not J.K Rowling herself! THANKYOU SO SO MUCH!!!

Author's Response: I am blushing, your compliments are making me so happy! I don't even know what to say, I'm sat grinning like a fool right now. I'll just promise more chapters for you! Early Christmas presents! YAY!

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Review #38, by looneylizzie The one with worry, the hospital wing and grandpa saving the day

19th October 2013:
EK! LOVE IT!!! Seriously, this story is really awesome! Keep on writing!!

Please tell me you've seen the newer LOK episodes! The one that just aired yesterday was AWESOME! Plus, I feel like this whole thing with the Lion Turtle shell fits in with everything that the last episode told us! This is just so cool!

Keep up the writing! Can't wait to read more, so don't keep us hanging!

Author's Response: I haven't seen the newer episodes because I can't stand waiting in-between, so I'm just waiting until a few come out so I can watch them all at once, but I will watch them soon! I won't keep you waiting, hopefully a new chapter will be up very soon as most of this is already written down somewhere on my computer :)

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Review #39, by MsErrol The one with Quidditch practice, Avatar rages and the giant squid

16th October 2013:
this is absolutly amazing!!! Please write more!! I NEED MORE!


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Review #40, by Line_v The one with Quidditch practice, Avatar rages and the giant squid

16th October 2013:
Wow, i started readig this because i was intrested in seeing how you would pull that off, and you just delivered 100%. You managed to make it seem like it could be real, so congrats.. ;] I only have 1 question: Since the world from Avatar, with Repiblic City and all, is its own planet/world, how do you imagine that the benders came to our world/planet?? Or is it like the wizard world has always been there but unknown to outsiders?? ;P
I dont know if you have thought of this, but i thought i would just ask.. ;P i love background stories, espesially in those i really like.. ;]

Please update very soon!
- Line_v

p.s sorry if there are many spelling mistakes! Not my first language and i dont have a spell checker on this page.. ;P

Author's Response: Your English is perfectly fine, and I actually thought about republic city a lot. I thought it was hidden away, and sometimes Mortals would find it by accident, and be inspired. Like the statue of Liberty in New York being inspired by Aang's statue in republic city. I like to think of the world of a mish-mash of muggle, wizard and bending, all hidden from each other (well, apart from those who are all three, like Vida). I will be updating as fast as the site lets me, but of course sometimes the chapters need tweaking and stuff, but the next one will be up soon!

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Review #41, by looneylizzie The one with Scorpius, Rose, and a few rumours.

1st October 2013:
Oh my goodness! I'm totally loving this story! Please please please keep writing more! I LOVE ATLA and I think it's so cool that you're combining it with HP. Keep on going! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: its so nice to come home from rehearsal to see this! I'll keep updating, don't worry! I'm glad there's some ATLA fans on here! The next chapter is already in the queue!

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Review #42, by abbeygrimm the first ever night. Of sixth year, that is.

22nd May 2013:
Looks fun

First atla/hp crossover I read and you should update okay because now I'll spaz over the plot and stuff.

awesome :D

Author's Response: wow, I all but abandoned this whole account but came back on a whim to see this review waiting for me! I've finished this fanfic but not posted it so I guess I'll start updating again just for you!

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