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Review #26, by Manny101 4- The Aurorís Office

18th May 2014:
I really enjoyed this chapter though I can't help but think Harry did that a little too easily. I mean I get his cloak is extra powerful and all but it didn't seem too challenging for him.

Still really enjoyed it though and can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Yeh,I can see your point but keep in mind Harry's a pretty competent Auror by now plus the fact the Dark Wizards have only been on power for less than a day (and have yet to have time to replace the Ministry's defenses), it's not going to be too tricky for him.

Thanks for your opinion!

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Review #27, by Manny101 3- The Gift of a God-Son

18th May 2014:
Another great chapter! Really like how you've set the mood and that Harry really has got his work cut out for him.

Can't wait to see what happens!

Author's Response: Thanks!
Oh you have no idea haha!

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Review #28, by santosh 12- The City of Love

30th April 2014:
i like this chapter is harry going to be at the meeting?

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #29, by Manny101 2- The Pryce of War

19th April 2014:
Damn! This chapter shines a whole new light on Naomi. I mean, I liked her before but now you can really tell that she's learned from Harry.
And that ending fight was (yet again!) incredibly well done!

Really looking forward to what happens next!

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! I must admit, I never really felt as though I did her proper justice in the first one but she will be having a much bigger role in this story!

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Review #30, by Manny101 1- Rotten From the Inside

19th April 2014:
Nice! I thought it started out really well but that last part with Lucy and Marietta was just incredible! The drama you put into this just keeps getting better!

Absolutely loved it and I can't wait to read what happens!

Author's Response: Thank you!
I'm glad you like it! :D Can't wait for your reactions to the rest!

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Review #31, by santosh narayana 11- History Repeated

18th April 2014:
I LIKE THIS CHAPTER THIS IS VERY HEART BREAKING TO SEE Marietta like this. so what happens next?

Author's Response: Haha, glad you like it! You'll find out soon enough :)

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Review #32, by santosh 10- The Veteranís Vendetta

7th April 2014:
very good chapter will harry go to the French ministry now to reunite with ginny?

Author's Response: Thanks,
Not yet I'm afraid

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Review #33, by rob 9- Flying in Style and Smoke

3rd April 2014:
Your talent for suspense and action are brilliant. Loving your story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be sending the next chapter off tonight.
Glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #34, by santosh 9- Flying in Style and Smoke

14th March 2014:
I like it please write some more! so are they going to France now?

Author's Response: Great
No, they're on there way to Norway

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Review #35, by santosh 8- Teddyís Orders

6th March 2014:
really funny how harry would trust teddy with a wand no less have use a disarming spell before he even goes to Hogwarts. really good chapter. so the next question is does harry ever try to go to the French ministry of magic? how will the others react to his return especially when they thought he was dead?

Author's Response: Haha, well I just thought it made sense that Teddy would want to learn a bit of Magic (I mean who wouldn't!!).
Well I hope the answer will satisfy ;)

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Review #36, by Charley 7- The Mugwump

21st February 2014:
Ah! The suspense is killer... I really like that you united the 'survivors' with the French Ministry. It also nice to here about the next ten kids. You don't see many stories with them at this age! I really really hope that Harry is united with Ginny and Naomi soon! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Glad you liked it!

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Review #37, by santosh 7- The Mugwump

21st February 2014:
wow thiat was awsome! please write some more! so what happens to and the crew back at hogwarts?

Author's Response: Glad you like it!
You'll find out more in the next chapter.

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Review #38, by santosh 6- The Final Resting Place

17th February 2014:
so much suspense cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Glad you like it! :D

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Review #39, by Anonymous 6- The Final Resting Place

16th February 2014:
So sorry I didn't review last chapter. Once again you have left off with a cliffy! I'm so glad that some one finally moved the wand... please update soon!

Author's Response: It's fine, thank you!
Haha, yeh I tend to do that ;P

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Review #40, by santosh 5- A Meeting with the Minister

8th February 2014:
please write some more I would love to know if harry and the others find the rest of the aurors at the burrow and what happened to marrita? certainly harry must have wiped her memory no?

Author's Response: haha thanks!
You'll find out soon enough

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Review #41, by santoshi 4- The Aurorís Office

4th February 2014:
sorry i have been very busy and forgot to check for another chapter update! i love this chapter and please write some more!

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Review #42, by santosh 3- The Gift of a God-Son

24th January 2014:
im really want to know what happens next did the new ministry really deactivate the two way mirior between ron and harry? please write some more!

Author's Response: No, Ron threw his Mirror away at the end of The Survivors.
Don't worry, more is definitely on the way!

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Review #43, by Anonymous 3- The Gift of a God-Son

23rd January 2014:
As always, very nice! I enjoy your stories so much. can't wait for the next one! I'm curious as to how Kingsley is getting on after he was hurt at the Ministry. Is he still injured? I also like that you show the relationship between Narcissa and Andromeda, I often forget that they are sisters. I hope that Harry reunites with the rest of the resistance in the next chapter. Although I'm sure you have some awesome idea, I can see Naomi and Harry somehow running into each other while Harry is searching for them at the Ministry and Naomi is doing some risky and reckless spying mission. She is such an awesome character! Not to tell you how to write your story, but I predict that the rest of the resistance will have to resort to sleuthing and spying to get things done. Lots of covert operations...
Crossing my fingers for a fast update!

Author's Response: Thank you! You have no idea how much I appreciate comments like these. :)

Yes Kingsley is still injured. But you'll have to wait for Naomi's next POV to find out what'll happen to him ;)

As for the rest, while I do enjoy getting ideas from others, I think what's coming should peak your interest in Naomi in a different way. And that's all I'm saying :P

Thanks again for your review!

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Review #44, by Anonymous 2- The Pryce of War

20th January 2014:
This is amazing! I really enjoy the character of Naomi and I especially loved that ending fight. Please update soon! I am very anxious to see what has happened to Harry.

Author's Response: Thank you soo much!
There'll be a lot more character switching in this story so you'll be seeing a lot more of her.
I'll be sending off today so expect the next chapter soon

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Review #45, by santosh 2- The Pryce of War

20th January 2014:
very good i love it pleasen write some more can it be in harrys perspective please?

Author's Response: The next Chapter will be in Harry's P.O.V, as will most of the story, but there will be a lot more character switching in this story than the last one.

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Review #46, by santosh 1- Rotten From the Inside

14th January 2014:
how much longer i just cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I've just sent it off. Expect it sometime this weekend :)

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Review #47, by santosh 1- Rotten From the Inside

8th January 2014:
please write some more i love it! whens the next chapter comming out?

Author's Response: I'm just waiting for my incredibly talented artist to finish the banner and then I'll send off the next chapter for validation.

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