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Review #26, by Hedwig_Pie Communication is the Key

25th June 2014:
oooh that james scene, so intense! loved it...update soon :)

Author's Response: 'Intense' is a good way to describe it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I will try to :)

Thanks for reading, and for all of your reviews.

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Review #27, by Hedwig_Pie A Rather Unusual Day

25th June 2014:
Oh no SHES IN TROUBLE oh no! love this story!

Author's Response: Your reaction is flattering because it shows you're so invested in the story. Thanks for that! :D


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Review #28, by Hedwig_Pie I Don't Even Like Onions

25th June 2014:
love this! i read it ages ago but now i reread it because youve updated again! pls dont give up on this story i love the storyline already! plus james is the worst character atm, can't wait to see his character development

Author's Response: One reason I was so worried and apprehensive about re-uploading this story was I knew I'd be losing most of my wonderful readers and all of their lovely reviews. As such, it is heartening to hear you're reading this again, and what's more, liking it! I'll try to make it live up to your expectations, and hope you continue to enjoy it.


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Review #29, by mradrienbrody Communication is the Key

25th June 2014:
I just started your story, but I am SO hooked. I love your writing and the rate at which you progress the story. And the ending was so good-I sense some sexual tension to come..
I am so excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: You don't know what this review is doing to my face. Ahh, thank you so much! :) Also, personally, I always think that it's all too slow and maybe my chapters are too filler-ish, but thanks for culling some of my insecurity. And for the next chapter, me too ;D

PS. 'Intense sexual tension'? That /so/ sounds like Gus :p

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Review #30, by AlexFan Communication is the Key

17th June 2014:
Awww yiiisss, Addie is taking control of the situation. Watch out James, this girl is in charge now. I kind of want to see James try and go against Addie and then she hexes him Auror style and knocks him out, and then when he comes to he's so shocked by what she did but she refuses to mention anything about her skill and acts like nothing happen. I would love to see that. I loved how calm Addie was in the beginning. You could tell that she meant business and this time she wasn't just going to let James walk all over her.


So you said that Sally was a canon character but for the life of me I can't figure out where she was mentioned in the series!

Another awesome chapter!

No, seriously. Where d'you get these ideas from? Now I'm seriously contemplating fitting this in the next few chapters somewhere. This just /has/ to happen :D

Sally-Anne Parker is the person who is Sorted right before Harry is in the first book. By the time the fifth book and the OWLs roll around, however, she's gone. I was intrigued by this and wanted to bring her back, so here we are! :)

Also, thank you so much for the most amazing review in quite a while! It made my week.


PS. Your sentence in all-caps. Seriously, I'm dead. xD

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Review #31, by Avis_Oppugno Communication is the Key

17th June 2014:
Can't wait to read more!!! in answer to your questions
1. Addie and James scenes were good
2. Harry and Addie interaction was just how I imagined it. I can't think for the life of me where Sally-Ann Parker is from!!
3. Predictions - Addie and James get together (obvs) and I don't know!!
4. hm Question for James - Why don't you comb your hair?

good luck with the next few chapters x

Author's Response: Ah, I enjoy all your reviews so much, I can't wait for you to read more. :)
1. *Beams* Thanks so much!
2. I thought people might not remember Sally-Ann. All you need to do is check out your copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and go to the page of Harry's sorting. You'll find her! :)
3. Ah, do they now? ;)
4. James-Darling, I do. It's not my fault my hair is genetically programmed to defy gravity and stick up in that effortlessly messy style that makes you want to weep.

Thank you for everything,

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Review #32, by Mary Communication is the Key

17th June 2014:
I was so excited for this chapter and when I saw you updated, I could've literally done a backfllip in the sun lol
And the first scene was amazing, too! I loved it.
I also love Gus, a lot as I have probably said it before anddd Sal seems awesome!

Author's Response: That ending! Oh, I gave myself sleepless nights over it because I was all 'this is too ominous' and 'this isn't likely enough' but I'm so happy you LOVED it.

That's my reaction everytime one of /my/ favourite stories is updated, and I never thought that I would one day manage to garner that kind of response from my reader, so thank you so, so much! You're an absolute angel :D

Have a great day,

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Review #33, by Sofia A Rather Unusual Day

11th June 2014:


Author's Response: How did you know I was going to? Today itself? ;)


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Review #34, by AlexFan A Rather Unusual Day

31st May 2014:
I loved this chapter so much! Especially the bit with Coco and the fake disease that Addie made up. I was picturing her sipping her coffee all innocent like while she watched the scene in front of her unfold and then it turned out that that was exactly what she was doing and I couldn't help but smile really big. Addison and I connect on a spiritual level, I feel like if she were real, we would be good friends. Antisocial people tend to find each other and bond over the fact that they're antisocial.

I was actually wondering why Addison wasn't with James. I know that they don't get along and that James really doesn't want her around and appreciate the fact that he has to be watched like a toddler but it is her job. Harry did state that she is not to leave James' side no matter where he is even if it does displease him. Look what happens when she's not around!

I hope he thanks her for getting his drunk and unconcious body to a couch or a bed but chances are that he probably won't because James doesn't seem like that kind of person. Are we going to find out why James always seems drunk because there's got to be a reason for it. If he's just getting drunk for the heck of it then he needs to watch himself because he's going to have problems.

Author's Response: Ah, Thank you so much! Your review really brightened up my day :D

Haha, that was the part I had the most fun writing. And omg, really? Addison is entirely too predictable in all her wickedness, isn't she?

The thing is, Addison will never admit it, but she was subconsciously a bit guilty for getting James slapped, so she decided to give him a break. Quite honestly, she needed one too, and she knew if she protested and tried to go, it would result in a big argument; she would end up accompanying him, but they'd both be in a foul mood then. It seems like a petty reason, I know, but her lapse in judgement finally convinces Addie that James can't be left to his own devices, so it sets the scene for the next chapter.

James won't do that, because he's going to be /very/ hungover. And there /is/ a reason, though it'll be a while before you guys know it ;)

Lots of love,

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Review #35, by Mary A Rather Unusual Day

27th May 2014:
Yay new Addie/James scenes!! I have been waiting for this omg

I LOVED the scene with Coco, it was so funny specially the part where Coco slaps James and he's so shocked.

I love Gus!! And same, yes, even I want a gay bestfriend. Aw, I'm jealous of Addie haha

Harry's letter kind of irritated me, tho, honestly.

And nooo, no character irritates me, all of the characters are funny and just amazing and I love them all even though James can be very annoying sometimes.

And, ooh, I want to know about Addie's tattoo omg

Lovveddd the chapter! Excited for the next one :)

Author's Response: Trust me, I know. I've been itching to write new Addie/James scenes as well!

Everyone seems to like Coco. Perhaps I can consider another cameo by her ;)

Who doesn't want a gay best friend? Especially if it's someone like Gus?

Really? I'll admit, that was one thing I wasn't anticipating. Irritated you how? Please let me know.

Ah, thank you! I'm flattered you like all of them, even James in his least-likable moments.

Ooh, I was waiting for someone to pick up on that and ask me. The backstory is (if I say so myself) quite something ;)

Thank you so much for R&Ring.

Have a splendid day,

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Review #36, by ruthdobble A Rather Unusual Day

25th May 2014:
I love Gus

Author's Response: Gus loves you too!

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Review #37, by dracoismyboyfriendguys A Rather Unusual Day

25th May 2014:
Hi- absolutely loved this update, it was hilarious and gripping (look at me getting fancy) ;)
-When Coco slapped James I was like ooh get it gurl but that was brilliant, let's just hope James never finds out why he got that slap :)
-Gus was perfect, I love that he ships them as much as me haha
-Your Harry is a great dad, which I love and so that totally seems like what he would write!:)
-Addie is literally me, I loved everything especially the 'black-as-my-heart coffee.' that was perfect.
-Addie's subtle hatred of the world is amazing, and James' nature in general (the fact that he called her Choco was amazing)
Update soon because I'm loving this 10/10 +favourite haha
-Alice x

Author's Response: There's something about this review that makes me want to smile till my cheeks ache. Thank you!
-Ah, now you've given me an idea...and a dilemma. Does James find out, or does he not? Hmm...
-Gus is the fangirl here. When I find a ship name for James/Addison, he's the one who's going to introduce it into the story :)
-Thanks so much! Writing the canon characters always makes me a bit paranoid, so it's nice to know i'm doing okay.
-Haha, I really love that quip as well :D
-Ooh, subtle hatred, huh? I couldn't have put it better myself. And James is just such a lovable cad.

I'm so flattered! I'll try to update as soon as possible, though I'm afraid it can't be before June. (Guest menace!)

Lots of love,

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Review #38, by Cie I Don't Even Like Onions

15th May 2014:
"angst ridden teenager who can't confront his own inner demons" omfg not going to lie but this line made me cry. That probably sounds strange but there is a line very similar in The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and I am having very bad TMI feels today and I just can't handle anything. Anyway, I was reading this story when you were originally uploading it and I loved it back then but I am really enjoying the sorry a lot more now. The changes you have made are really effective and I would just like to say congratulations for getting back into writing, it inspires me to write again too.

Author's Response: That doesn't sound strange /at all/. Infact, what would you say if I told you that that line is actually taken from TMI? :D And aww, why the bad feels? CoHF is just days away now, is it because of that?

Thank you so much for your kind words. There was a time when I just couldn't imagine a future for this story. But re-reading all the reviews helped me realise how much I could still do with it. I'm glad it worked as an inspiration to you!

Much love,

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Review #39, by mary I Don't Even Like Onions

14th May 2014:
Yet another amazing chapter. I loved it :)

Bianca's letter was cute and had me smiling at the sweet sibling relationship.

I love Hugo and his and Addie's friendship is a good sort of difference, and I love it. Also because it reminds me of me and my friends aha :P

And um- about James, I don't knowww lol. I mean I love James, but then I kind of hate him, too because he's acting like a child, though I can understand his irritation at having a total stranger at his house, babysitting him. But, yeah, he needs to chill a bit haha.

P.s. I love your author notes. They're nice and cute.

Author's Response: My dear, thank you so much! You made my day :)

Bianca is sugar to Addie's spice. Truthfully, their relationship was based off of me and my sister's.

I'm flattered you think their friendship is comparable to your real life ones :)

Ah, James. I would he's not a bad sort, but then I'd be lying. He has issues, and you'll find Addie full of unflattering adjectives to describe his behaviour. He has to resolve them, of course. One day he will. Maybe.

Love you loads,

PS. Thank you, kind soul. Your lovely review was as well.

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Review #40, by Liv Curiosity Killed the Kneazle

14th May 2014:
Love this so much, such an interestinf character!

Author's Response: Thank you so much love :D

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Review #41, by loony_lovegood101 I Don't Even Like Onions

14th May 2014:


So sorry, it's just that I've never received an all-caps review before, so I got carried away. But thanks so much, for reading and reviewing, as well as being a fellow onion-lover :D

Love and fried onions,

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Review #42, by sour_grapes_snape I Don't Even Like Onions

13th May 2014:
Hello love, I'm back once again!

I guess I'll start by answering your questions:

*Bianca's letter was cute :) She seems like she'd be a fun, upbeat person and it's obvious she is full of affection for Addie.

*I think I've mentioned before, but I love the friendship between Hugo and Addie. It's a very cute, back and forth relationship, and I love that their friendship started halfway through Hogwarts.

*I am most definitely not an onion fan. It's more the texture than the taste. If the onions are chopped up small enough and hidden in other food, I don't mind them. Other than that, I like most vegetables and I have yet to try a fruit I don't love.

*Poor little Jamesy needs an attitude adjustment. I love him, but he needs to grow up, you know? I think he did have a point in the argument - it /is/ his house, after all - but it would have been polite to at least let Addie know he was throwing a raging party. But he's too angsty for that. Don't think I didn't catch that Mortal Instruments reference! I wonder what Jace and James would think of each other...

Loved the chapter as always! Update when you can!

Much love,


Author's Response: Eep, I absolutely love it when people answer my question! Thanks so much, Laura!

I guess I'll reply pointwise as well-

*Bianca and Addie are my psychological case study of two people who belong to the same family, but are as unlike each other as possible- a nature v/s nurture debate if I ever saw one (btw, Psychology is my elective-could you tell? :)

*Ah, that was the one part of this chapter I'd decided not to do any changes to even before I planned the rewrite. They are just too cute.

*I'll not say anything, except, to each her own. Btw, fruits are nature's desserts. You can't not like them.

*James, James, James *shakes head* What can I say? Politeness is only possible for him when he respects someone, and thus far, Addie hasn't gained his respect. But we shall see... As for James and Jace, they'd probably have a sarcasm competition (with you as the judge). I'd love to see who wins.

You're absolutely wonderful, as always.

Lots of love, and strawberry shortcakes,

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Review #43, by Holly_Mist Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

13th May 2014:
For some unfathomable reason, I absolutely love and adore James. Really, he's just too awesome. Funny thing is, I don't even know why I like him :P

Wee bit of a filler chapter but Hugo and James, totally made up for it! Hugo is also one of my absolutely favourites!

I can't wait to see how the story progresses from here (i don't know if it will be the same as the previous chapters so) and please don't give up on this story because the plot is just too good to give up!

I'll see you soon xx

Author's Response: First, a question: do you mean James Potters in all hpff next gen stories, or this Janes in particular? And in either case, James Potter was born-that's reason enough to love him.

The next two chapters are pretty much the same as the first version. The actual fun begins in chapter 5 :)

Lots of love,

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Review #44, by Holly_Mist Curiosity Killed the Kneazle

13th May 2014:
Wha. You reposted this.
Before I begin - greetings young one. I haven't seen you around for ages! How were boards? I hope they went well :) Results are coming out soon, I presume?

On to the chapter! I certainly noticed a change in Addie, that I can say. Although, I will admit that I preferred the old Addie better, simply because I have this thing for super angry, sarcastic characters but I don't mind you changing her because I completely agree with you on the fact that there is no point writing a character you can't relate to!

Onwards to the next chapter x

Author's Response: Hello, hello! Yes, I agree- I've been MIA for too long. Boards went pretty well- Sciences rocked, Hist/Geo sucked and the rest were "meh, I could've done better." Results come out on 17th (15th if you believe the rumours) but I can't care much-we're having the annual equivalent of the Quidditch Cup in school this week.

Any...way, moving on, Addison. She's changed plenty. Oh, she's still super angry-only, she chooses to internalize it now. And sarcastic? Around James, sure. Anyway, writing about the old Addie was like trying to swim through a swamp. This isn't a cakewalk either, and new!Addie ain't perfect but, ah well! :)

Thanks so much for reading (again) and reviewing.

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Review #45, by newgenerationlover Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

4th May 2014:
I really like this story! As I read your authors notes about worrying if Addison is likable or not now that she is rewritten, I would like you to know that I really like her character. She is very different than so many other characters on this website- especially those in humor stories- so she is like a breath of fresh air. Her surliness just adds to her charm, I think! I can't wait to read more- especially because I think some awkward encounters with James are in store ;).

Author's Response: Thanks so much for saying that! All my reviews before I rewrote convinced me that Addison just had to change. I'm glad that's working. Btw, I never thought to describe Addison as surly, but it fits, now I think about it :) And of course, awkward encounters are in store. Can it be any other way? ;)

Thanks so much for reviewing,

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Review #46, by Spyci Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

3rd May 2014:
I can feel it having more of a plot line then before, I can't wait for the next update! It's great so far!!

Author's Response: Quite honestly, a plot didn't exist earlier-it was basically a chapter-by-chapter improvisation that moved the story forward. But I'm glad you like it ! :D


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Review #47, by mary Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

2nd May 2014:
the start of the chapter was so intense omg. And haha loved the part where she blurts out about James' jeans. I LOVED the chapter xx

Author's Response: Heehee, thanks so much! And I loved writing that part as well :D


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Review #48, by loony_lovegood101 Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

2nd May 2014:
This was an awesome chapter and I can't wait for more James!
Keep going and I love Jasper :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you, love :D And can anyone?
Jasper was inspired by my own pet Labrador, so I'm so happy you love him :)


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Review #49, by Han Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

1st May 2014:
I didn't get a chance to read the first copy but I am loving this rewritten version! Highly intrigued and can't wait to see how it turns out :)

Author's Response: I'm absolutely flattered to know that. Thank you, love. And I promise I won't make you wait too long :)


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Review #50, by Sofia Inexplicable Instant Dislikes

1st May 2014:
Hello! I think this story has started out really well. However, you make a few spelling mistakes which are noticeable and it takes away the credibility of the story. So maybe look through it again and correct it?
Also, you change verb tenses a lot (present to past and past to present) so I think you should choose one of them because it's a bit confusing.
One last thing! You say Allison is wearing a skirt when she's in the elevator going up to James' house, and then when she arrives you say she's wearing skinny jeans. So I think you should correct that.
I think the corrected version is coming along well. I don't remember the other one but I do think Allison is pretty relatable.

That's all! I like it!
Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi! First and foremost, thanks for pointing all that stuuf out. I'm kinda lazy, so I don't like going through the chapters too many times, but specific comments like that help me sort out the problems quickly :)
Second, I think you maybe misread- the chapter definitely said she tugged the hem of her 'shirt' not 'skirt'. Also, it's Addison :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing,

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