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Review #26, by EbonyBlack13 Moving Forward

3rd November 2013:
when are u updating??

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Review #27, by Rusty Moving Forward

31st October 2013:
So I just wanted to let you know I'm totally addicted to this story after reading book 1 this past week or so (I have uni exams at the moment and reading a few chapters has been my study break everyday haha!)
You're such an amazing writer and your characterisations are brilliant!
I really hope you update soon, I can't wait to find out what happens next! I totally understand if you're too busy to though :)

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Review #28, by JamesPotterReborn Moving Forward

26th October 2013:
We haven't heard from you in so long... I miss you! Please update quickly =( I know, I know, "patience is a virtue"... WELL IT'S A BORING VIRTUE! Please update ASAP so we can read more of your amazing writing!

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Review #29, by CambAngst Moving Forward

19th September 2013:
Hi, Jami! Long time, no see. I really hope we can get our groove back soon.

I think my favorite thing about Lily's section was how you developed the theme of "lost innocence" without letting it completely dominate the scene. From her choice of seating to the way she makes sure that the others know where she is to the relentless focus on personal safety, you gradually layer on the supporting information in the context of showing us the life she's started to settle into since Belle's death. Even as every member of the group is taking precautions to keep themselves and their friends safe, their lives are moving on. They're all living crazy sorts of double lives, in many senses of the term. I thought this line summed it up rather succinctly:

But she wouldn't stop living. Not when she still had a beating heart. -- Gulp. Too bad that won't actually be for all that much longer. :(

I also love the idea of her volunteering at St. Mungo's. Aside from the fact that it's perfectly consistent with her personality, I think there are lots of really interesting places you can go with that situation. She'll definitely be in a position to obtain medical supplies for the Order, as well as possibly overhear a thing or two.

You really had me chuckling out loud with the image of Sirius stabbing an oil filter with a screwdriver to try to break it loose. I, um, might have seen that trick attempted before. I've definitely seen James's trick with the belt, although it doesn't work nearly as well after some fool pokes a hole in the filter and lets oil leak all over the place. ;)

I thought you built up to James's outburst really well. You start him off in this mindset where he seems to feel guilty about not feeling enough grief. It's a different sort of twist on survivor's guilt, and one that would have come pretty natural to a leader like James. He always seems to internalize whatever is happening to the group, and watching the others all struggle with their grief and pain must have been awful for him in a completely different way. Especially Sirius. In a way, he's lost a very important part of his best friend along with losing a friend.

And what is this? James is even a bit happy with the way that Lily is rubbing off on him? I like the way he assessed the bargain in his head and decides that it's worth it.

The nickname they gave the other girl at Hogwarts was just perfect. It's really nice to have moments like that where you take us back to a more fun and innocent time!

Ah, another moment of powerful unrequited sexual tension between Lily and James! This story has so many layers going on, sometimes I feel like I need a scorecard to keep track of all of the subplots. Their relationship is still a work in progress, no matter how wonderful everything seems. I got this feeling of hunger from James while I was reading. There's no other way to describe it. He's hungry to keep moving their relationship forward even though Belle's death obviously makes it feel like this isn't the time. For these two, I'm afraid, it will probably never seem like the right time. So I'm really hoping that they just go for it anyway! To that end, I love the way that she finally puts the rooming arrangements to rest. Go, Lily!

Then comes the moment you'd been building toward for the entire chapter. James finally gives Sirius the what-for that he's really been needing to hear, I think. You did it in a really good way. I don't feel like either one of them surrendered their Man Card unconditionally. There was alcohol involved, and violence, although the violence was directed toward the alcohol, so kudos for thinking outside of the box. ;) James even feels appropriately guilty for doing what needed to be done, which I thought was a great little touch. And it didn't end with some huge, overdone, "I LOVE YOU MAN!" moment between the two of them. Sirius admits how much losing Belle still hurts in a way that's quintessentially him. Then James keeps it low-key in response, just a simple, "look, dude, pull it together." Sublime!

I can't really say much else about this chapter. Once again, you flex your amazing command over these characters and produce a winner!

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Review #30, by Morgana Tales Moving Forward

15th September 2013:
I am completely fine with the lack of updates. We all get busy at this time of year. Take me for example. I have started my first year of a brand new school, and the layout is totally different from last year. It is hard to adjust to something new after you get comfortable with something after being used to it for around seven years. It is hard. Also, I have a lot of dental problems going on. Tomorrow I am getting a tooth pulled for the first time ever. Then a cavity filled. Then they will try to save one of my teeth. Then getting part of my gum cut and extended. Then braces. And to have a young girl say she will have all of this happen before the year is up is shocking to me. My next few months will be very painful indeed. Well, enough about me. We shall talk about the chapter now. I have read stories where people forget about it for around 5-6 months and come back and act like nothing happened. You, on the other hand, actually apologize, and give us a legitimate reason for the lack of chapters. Now, on to the actual chapter. This is definitely a great start to the book. You have each and everyone show there feelings to past events that happens to them, and how they still grieve over the lose of their friend. You can't write a story/fanfiction and just have a huge plot twist in the second chapter. You need to build up on emotions, and add extra understandings to the characters. That is exactly what you did with Belle. If I am going to be honest with you, I would say that in the beginning I hated Belle. I felt that she had no meaning to the book, and was just a character that annoyed everyone and had was created for the neck of it. But, as the book went on, she started showing a purpose. She was Sirius' girlfriend. And, just when you start to love her and soften up to her well thought out character, she leaves you for good. You have obviously made a fantastic memorable character, and it puts a frown on my face every time she is mentioned, because it plays the images of her death scene in my brain. And I honestly can't believe I said so much about Belle. Wow. You see what you do to people? I still will stand by this story, even if you skip a few months of updates. This story is to amazing for me to give up on, so I will always be with you for every single update. You hear me? Now, on a side note- THIS IS THE LONGEST REVIEW I HAVE EVER MADE! IS IT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?! :3 ~Morgan

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Review #31, by Hagrid21 Moving Forward

15th September 2013:
I wonder how long Sirius is going to be in this alcoholic state. I don't quite think he's reached his turning point yet, but he'll probably do a better job at hiding it after James snapped at him (and definitely not go anywhere near his bike after he's had a few).

It's curious how differently Belles death has affected Lily as opposed to Sirius. They're both clearly grieving and it's not about who misses her more, but Lily is using it as motivation to be more alert at all times and to give back as much as she can. I don't know what it'll take to get Sirius to channel his grief into something productive, but hopefully it won't be somebody else getting hurt as a result of his reckless behavior.

You do such a good job of writing your characters, especially when their going through so much emotional turmoil. Their closeness really shines through in this chapter, and they just keep growing closer as their own little family. Feel free to take all the time you need to write the next chapter because you can't rush quality like this.

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Review #32, by Courtney Dark Moving Forward

14th September 2013:
You're back! Yay! I have seriously been looking forward to this chapter ever since I read the last one and it certainly didn't disappoint! I can't even begin to describe how amazing your writing is because it's just so perfect - exactly what I always wanted to see in a Marauders fic and...okay, I'm going to slow down and take it one step at a time.

You write grief so, so well, and I can definitely see that Belle's death has taken its toll on each character differently, and that they are dealing with their grief in different ways. Your Lily in this chapter reminded me a lot of all her characteristics you developed it the first book - how she has this need to be doing something. However even though she is definitely the same character from book one, I can already see that she has matured, that she is trying to fit into this dark and scary adult world and do the best with it she can.

And there's there's Sirius:( This whole chapter I just wanted to leap into the screen and give him a big hug because he's dealing with his grief so badly! I can see, from last chapter to this one, that he is slowly improving, but I just feel so, so bad for him! But seriously, you do an incredibly job of writing Sirius, definitely the best portrayal I've ever read - I can totally see him becoming the Sirius from the HP books.

The motorbike scene was really good! How on earth did you write it? I would have been completely clueless - but anyway, I think the thing I liked most about this chapter is that we got to see a little more development of relationships - particularly the relationship between James and Lily and James and Sirius.

Sorry for the extremely muddly, probably difficult to understand review - just know that I am absolutely loving this sequel so far and can't wait to read more!


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Review #33, by Owlpost68 Moving Forward

14th September 2013:
I really liked this chapter. I'm very happy to see it too :)
I feel like the death of Lily's parents made her stronger to deal with Belle's death, standing up to Sirius about his drinking, and coming to the conclusion she more wanted to stay with James than avoid what happened in the apartment. I'm also happy to hear Remus has some work with Diggle, and gives us more explanation why he was also the one to look after the Dursley's when they had to go into hiding.
Good job, I can't wait to see them go to James' house :)

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Review #34, by patronus_charm Moving Forward

14th September 2013:
Jami! Iím meant to be asleep but I couldnít resist coming over :D

Lilyís reaction to Belleís death was really heart breaking because seeing her like that after three weeks was just ♥. I wanted to go and hug her because even though she wasnít crying it was the little things such as counting back the weeks and the big focus on trying to act normal. The way she was deliberately sitting in that seat and had to create such an elaborate disguise for it was a massive give away. Basically, I loved her reaction to Belleís death as it was really accurate in my opinion.

Small side note Ė I liked how she still needed a purpose and wanted to do something as it reminded me a lot of what we saw of her in BTF so it was great that there was something still recognisable.

I liked the fact that Sirius was beginning to show outward signs of improvement such as smirking and playing with his motorbike engine, but I can see what James meant about the grief lurking underneath as I really sensed it there. Reading Jamesí thoughts about the workings of Siriusí mind really broke my heart as I got a sense of what caused what thought and knowing it was due to his mother made me want to go and do something similar to what Belle did to her.

I also really liked Jamesí thoughts about Belle too, because it made perfect sense that he would not grieve about her as much. I know it sounds harsh, but I can understand why he was more upset about Lily being upset because that was something living and he could witness the reaction right there and have an emotion triggered by it. That doesnít make much sense even in my head so I hope you get the gist of it.

I miss not having Alice and Frank around as much, but I guess itís the natural progression towards the five of them which is what we know really well. Then with Lily and James moving in together it will only strengthen that idea. Aw, Iím so excited for that! ♥ Though it will probably bring a lot more arguments with them being in close quarters all the time, it will bring more fluff which is the best bit :P

James is officially declared awesome! His and Siriusí bromance had their peak point in this chapter with the talking to James gave him. It was so well needed and Iím so glad that it happened with the end result. I have a feeling that this wonít be the end of it with Sirius as he does a long time to recover but when he made the point about wanting to see Belle again it did give me some hope and that is something.

A brilliant chapter, Jami, and I canít wait for the next, do enjoy your holiday though and donít spend all the time writing! :D


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Review #35, by DreamBelieveAchieve Moving Forward

14th September 2013:
It was so good to see that you updated! Ive been checking multiple times a week, and this was a pleasant surprise. X)

I'm absolutely loving this book, even more than the previous one, if possible, and its only been two chapters. I like the more mature feel, now that the characters are finally out in the adult world.

You've written beautifully about the impact Belle's death has had on the group, it's so realistic and heartbreaking. I particularly liked that James isnt as torn up about it as Sirius, Lily or Alice, it would have seemed insincere if he had been since he wasnt as close to her.

Lily and James are permanently moving in together, yaaayy! That was such a great scene when he touches her hair, so sensual and romantic. I cant wait for all the upcoming James-Lily cuteness and romance, it's been a longtime coming.

Im sosososo excited about the next chapters and this book as a whole. So psyched!


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Review #36, by Abbey Rose Midnight Meetings

6th September 2013:
Great! Just fabulous lke al you other wokr!! ;) hope for more soon! xox

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Review #37, by MuggleMaybe Midnight Meetings

2nd September 2013:
I just got back from being out of town (and without my computer) for several weeks, and I was so hopeful when I realized today that you might have posted something from the new book... and you did! And it is AMAZING!!!

This is a very promising first chapter. It's definitely on the dark side, but considering the inevitable end of the story, I think it's absolutely perfect.

I think you might be my favorite... I can't wait to read chapter two!

Author's Response: Hi my dear! I wish I could sit here and explain why my response is a year late, and no chapters have been added, but there just isn't enough space in this little box, haha!
But thank you SO much for this sweet review! I'm so happy you liked the start to this story!

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Review #38, by CambAngst Midnight Meetings

27th August 2013:
New Jami story in the house! Yay!

There's something about the fact that we're jumping headfirst into this new adventure that admittedly feels a bit odd. I'm not over Belle's death yet. Not by a long shot. But the feelings are still so close to the surface that it was easy to reconnect and feel as though the continuity was never lost. It seems that poor Lily feels the same way, and it makes me want to hug her that much more. I love that she's pretty much decided to kick propriety to the curb and do what she needs to do in order to feel safe and soothed. She's taking care of herself, and in doing so I think she's going a long way toward taking care of the others, as well. As always, the strength and the depth of the friendship you've created between your characters is as heart-warming as it is amazing.

I really liked the way that you wrote Lily's awakening as well as the way that James's presence helps her to realize that everything is alright. That was clever. It sounds as though you've been there before. And then there was this: Now here she was again, lying awake in a pitch black room, trying to hold herself together as she imagined the face of her best friend. If she'd only known how little time she had left with Belle... -- I think we can all relate. :(

Another line that really jumped out at me: She and James kept their curtains closed tightly against the world, partly to stop the sun from assaulting them, partly to create a feeling of security that was probably far from real. -- It's awful to realize that almost any feeling of safety in the world these characters inhabit now is an illusion.

I loved Lily's little meditation on moonlight and the stars. It was really neat to have a small moment in this relatively heavy chapter where her mind manages to escape all of the fear and grief and dwell on something pleasant for a while.

Then Sirius comes along, and the mood of the chapter changes again. I can't stop feeling awful and empty for the poor guy. This story has cast a completely different light on the character for me, and that head canon now seeps into my perception in every story I read about him. I thought you did a great job of writing him. There are shades of the old Sirius trying to peek through, but it's still way too soon. The complete lack of concern for his own well-being and the way that he just shuts down as soon as Belle's name came up seemed perfectly natural for this stage of his grieving.

James came and sat beside them, he and Sirius still going on about something, and it brought a rare feeling of lightheartedness to Lily. She wished for a moment that she could slip out of the room and to the flat across the hall, wake up Peter and Remus then send a Patronus to Alice and Frank... they could all be gathered in the living room, joking and teasing the same way they had so many times in the Headsí Quarters. -- Oh, lord, yes. This! How I long for those light-hearted moments from the first book. I'd almost be willing to go back to James and Lily doing the awkward, "should we or shouldn't we?" dance. Almost. ;)

James is such a good friend to Sirius! It added a bit to Lily's character that even as brilliant and perceptive as she is, she can't quite get her head around why Sirius would need to blow off steam in a completely dangerous and destructive sort of way. It's a total guy thing and there was no way on earth that she should have "got it".

On to dear Bella, making her inaugural appearance in the new story. As always, you've captured that madly intense devotion she feels to her master. One kind of wonders how she would have reacted if Molly had only incapacitated her and she lived to see Voldemort fall. What would she have made of it? Most likely she would have simply lost the rest of her mind and just shut down, but there's an outside chance that she would have gone out in a ridiculous blaze of glory. That's neither here not there, though. For the moment, you can tell that she is completely in her element.

I love the way that Snape's emotional control frustrates her! There's a pattern that will persist for many years to come. Such an awesome little touch!

The initiation ceremony, itself, was wickedly intense. The Dark Lord's words were pitch-perfect for such an occasion. He plays his followers like fiddles, telling them exactly what they want and expect to hear. And then he turns Bellatrix loose on Mulciber and Avery. This ain't like joining the Rotary Club...

Awesome start, my dear! I can't wait to kick this story into high gear. Actually, scratch that. I can wait. Because I know how it ends. Whimper...

Author's Response: Yes, this really is happening. I'm actually here, responding to reviews after over a year. On top of that, it's one in the morning and I already have tons of Feels going on, so we'll see how this goes...

You know this all too well, but the friendships between these people and showing all the angles of that has/is probably the most important thing to me throughout this entire journey. Lust, liking someone, admiring someone... those qualities aren't what would make sane people dive head first into a war that could (and will) eventually kill each of them. The deep bond between them all, strengthened with the resolve that something must be done after having one of the links to their chain so brutally ripped from them, is (in my head) what can give a group of (basically) kids the courage to start this journey.

I think maybe one of the biggest shifts from the last book to this, is how much the emotions changed. To me, when I began writing it and planning it, everything just felt like it got so much heavier. They weren't ever going to wonder again about the dangers of the war, because they've now been thrust into it and lost one of their own. It's not just kids behind a stone fortress playing good guy bad buy (not that it ever really was for them.). Anyway, you're comments about Sirius coming in and shifting the emotions of the chapter really started me thinking on all that.

I'm so happy that it felt right to you to have him just shutting down and caring about nothing else. Giving the grief to each character and trying to handle it while still feeling like that character is probably one of my favorite writing challenges, haha.

Oh I so agree with missing those light hearted, easy moments in the heads' quarters.
God, Dan, your review is making me so sad! Haha! Is this what I was doing to you all the these last few chapters?! I feel like i need chocolate or something!

Ahh. I can't even tell you how much I hope I can get back into this story. No, that's not even the right term for it. Because I'm already back into it. I guess the motivation and making enough time to re-read everything and remember all the little plot lines I had in my head, are really what I need to get started on. I thought that during the crziness of the last year, taking a step back from HPFF and trying to just write OF would be good, but now i haven't written either in way too long. It's time to change that, I think!

Thank you SO MUCH for being such a huge part in both books, and possibly future chapters? ;)

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Review #39, by miluv Midnight Meetings

27th August 2013:
yayayayayayayayy new book:D I;m so excited! It's gonna be so good! can't wait for next saturday;) love you jami!
xox, miluv

Author's Response: Hi there :)! I'm so sorry it's been so long, but I'm still really thrilled that you enjoyed the start of this book!

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Review #40, by patronus_charm Midnight Meetings

21st August 2013:
Jami! Aw, this is so exciting!

I really loved how the story started as it was Lily dealing with a death again. Admittedly, it wasn't straight after but we still got the chance to see how much she had matured in the way of coping with it, and it was all due to your excellent characterization of her!

I really loved her thoughts at the beginning for another reason too. It brought us up to speed about what had been going on really quickly and nicely done so I didn't get bored at all. I can't believe that Remus and Peter could sleep in that flat though! I don't think I ever could, so I don't blame Lily for wanting to stay with James!

I'm really glad that we got to see Sirius as I'd been curious as to how he was coping. The fact that he had turned to alcohol didn't really surprise me and the way he wasn't really coping either was no shock. It sort of paved the way to the reckless character we know in the books and that was really nice.

That was such a weird when James arrived, I'm still trying to rid myself of it! I know I shouldn't haven't been laughing at his comment about Sirius, but I couldn't help it. I really liked it though as it helped me understand their situation as to how they couldn't really be happy because there was always this guilt hanging over them.

Aw, the wedding! See, I can't even aw without feeling sad Belle's not going to be there. I can see why you had to kill her, Jami, but it would have made all of our lives so much easier if you hadn't!

Yay a Bellatrix scene! I'm really excited for them in this book because we really get to see what the Death Eaters are up to, and it'll be with people like Snape who I know well.

This was a really great intro into it with the initiation for them about to start. I really hope we get to see what it is because the way you left it did not sound good in the slightest!

A fabulous first chapter, Jami! ♥


Author's Response: Hi my dear! I can't tell you how happy i am that your review is the first I get to respond to after almost a year of not answering any!

I love that you picked up on the fact that they just can't be happy. Not this soon, not even if they want to. That guilt is just too much.

Reading your review has made me feel so good, and I'm hoping it won't be much longer until I'm able to get back into the swing of things!!

I miss you like crazy!!

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Review #41, by VeronicaOlivia Midnight Meetings

21st August 2013:
Although I must admit that I was absolutely torn when Isabelle passed, this story is brilliant. I never thought I would actually fall in love with her character but I did. And now I feel like Sirius, just without the extreme mood swings and booze. Actually, maybe just without the booze. I hope you continue writing this story, I'm really interested in the future chapters. You are a lovely writer. When I first read Before They Fall, I was a bit wary admittedly because I don't LOVE sad beginnings but I ended up falling in love with the story. THANK YOU! =] x

Author's Response: Hahahaha I love what you said about feeling like Sirius! I know what you mean! I never thought I would have been so broken by killing a character, but I still have to stop myself from adding her name in there when I talk about Lily and Alice!!

I'll definitely continue this! I usually update every Saturday, but am on vacation with family so updates won't go back to normal until this coming Saturday :)!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review; you've absolutely made my day!

♥ Jami

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Review #42, by soufflegirl99 Midnight Meetings

20th August 2013:
This first installment was so perfect and amazing, it makes me want to explode in a pool of feels. The description, the detail, it was all just awesome, and I really enjoyed reading it!

The way Sirius was drunk doesn't really surprise me, and I agree with James about that being the safest way. It does sound just like Sirius to want to go and do something reckless and stupid, and I liked the way you portrayed his way of coping with Belle's death in contrast to Lily and James'.

I thought it was a really nice touch that you made Lily forget about what was happening on Friday, it made it her, Sirius and James much more believable somehow, and more realistic. I can't wait for their wedding, hahah! I loved how excited Lily got about it as well, and it'll be a nice change for them in quite a dark place, and add more of a light hearted tone to the story. It's so exciting anyway, however it does make me feel so sad. Especially because if Sirius reacted this way to Belle dying, how is he going to react when Lily and James die, the rocks he cling to, and then when Frank and Alice get tortured? It makes me feel so grateful I don't have to live with death eaters around me :)

I loved the way you described Lily here (I always love the way you describe Lily) but the way she gazed up at the moon and when you said "she became this girl who wanted to sit there and gaze, sit there and dream about all these things that she probably didnít even want in the light of day" That was heartwarming to read, and I loved the way you put that in :)

The last line was truly terrifying, and it contrasts with the newly formed Order of the Phoenix, so in basic terms, there's a good gang and bad gang! The last bit was heart racing, and it was really tense. It kept me hanging on, and was really unpredictable, because I had no idea how the death eater meeting was going to pan out.

To conclude, this chapter was both very exciting and awesome, and I can't wait till the next chapters. Also, to see what stupid thing Sirius will do.

Sophie :D

Author's Response: Hi my lovely Sophie!!!

I'm so happy that you liked how I started Sirius off in this. We know he isn't good at handling his feelings, and with something like this that he's sort of forced to face, I really want to give him the chaotic kind of way of handling it that I think he deserves.

I'm super excited to write the wedding! We know from Canon that Lily and James's will be a small one, so Alice and Frank is a chance to go a little more traditional with it :P

I think Lily is going to deal with a lot of change in this story, both her external world and internal, and I'm so excited to see what you think about it as we go through!

Hahahah our Sirius, do stupid things?! Never :P!

THank you SO MUCH for the amazing compliments, and i can't even explain how excited I am that you're continuing on in my Marauders land with me! thank you for putting such a huge smile on my face!

♥ Jami

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Review #43, by Padfoot14 Midnight Meetings

20th August 2013:
SO GOOD. you're ability to write all these characters is perfect. I didn't realize you had made a new book so I had kept checking if you updated before they fall. But I loved this chapter, Sirius is my favourite character and he'll never get over Belle. I love how you describe Lily and James relationship together, and you even help understand Bellatrix's twisted character. It's wonderful, I've never had insight into her mind before. I also enjoy how you describe Snape as already on her bad side. It's perfect.

Author's Response: Aww, this review has put such a huge smile on my face! I'm so excited you like this chapter, and really hope you'll like the story! I'm on vacation so I wasn't able to post chapter 2 last Saturday, but it will be posted this coming and then posting will be back to normal after that :)!

Thank you again so much for your compliments, and I'm so excited that you like Sirius in this!

♥ Jami

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Review #44, by Hagridlover71 Midnight Meetings

19th August 2013:
I absolutely loved the first one, and, even one chapter in, the sequel proves just as intriguing. Cannot wait for the second chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hi darling! I'm SO excited you liked the first chapter! The second will be up Saturday, and I hope you enjoy it just as much!

Thank you!

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Review #45, by Hagrid21 Midnight Meetings

19th August 2013:
I loved this first chapter! I think its a great idea to sort of show Snape and the other Slytherins initiation and parallel that with the Gryffindors first meeting with the Order. It really makes you think that this war was fought by a bunch of kids. The decisions may have been made by Voldemort and Dumbledore but the young people you highlighted in this chapter will be the ones doing the fighting.

I'm scared about what Sirius may do when he goes on his first mission. How far will he be willing to go for revenge? An angry Sirius can be detrimental to both sides so everyone should be on the lookout.

Great first chapter. I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so, so excited you liked this first chapter! And I'm really excited that you picked up on the parallels with our group and the Death Eaters and just as they'd had their first meeting, the prospects are getting their initiation.

I really hope to do justice to both sides of Sirius in this story. Both the funny, sweet, loving man and the one who really has very little control over his temper.

Thank you so much for this awesome review! I'm on vacation so I wasn't able to post chapter 2 last Saturday, but it will be posted this coming and then posting will be back to normal after that :)!

Thank you!!!

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Review #46, by Courtney Dark Midnight Meetings

18th August 2013:
I AM SO, SO, SO, SO EXCITED! I'd add on about a thousand more so's, but that would probably be a waste of letters. And now I've got myself wondering how many so's you could actually fit in a review...


This is not going to be a coherent, understandable, interesting or intellectual review because all I want to do is jump up and down, clap my hands and do this excited dance that I do when I run up the stairs, dance around the lounge with a big smile on my face and run back down. I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

Okay, so I love the title and the summary and this first chapter - I can already tell that it is going to be a lot darker than the first book, which I am actually really excited about I just know that there are going to be so many warm, I WANT TO HUG ALL THE CHARACTERS moments as well. And also amazing moments from your amazing villain's point of view. I also can't wait to see how you write about all the upcoming events, non-canon and canon - I already know I will be impressed!

I loved Sirius in this chapter because I loved seeing this darker side of him, which we all know he has. It was really, really interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how his character, and all the others, continues to develop. I can definitely imagine him as the sort of person who turns to alcohol and becomes reckless as a way of dealing with grief.

Also, Bellatrix's POV was amazing, as usual - what I particularly liked about this section is the fact that we got to see a glimpse of Voldemort in action and we also got see a little of Bellatrix's perspective of Snape - while I was reading this chapter, I suddenly remembered how mistrustful Bellatrix was of him in HBP.

I have to admit, I very almost started crying every time Belle was mentioned - I'm definitely going to miss her in this story and obviously the characters will do - my heart is still breaking for Sirius and Lily, especially. Sirius is really not good at dealing with grief, though hopefully the wedding will be a bright spot on a very dim horizon.

I really loved the line: ďMummy, daddy, if you two are done fighting about me...Ē It was nice to have a bit of humour in amongst all the sadness.

Amazing, perfect first chapter! I cannot wait for more - I can't say that enough times! And sorry for all the gushing, haha - your writing just brings out the mushy side of me!

Wow, this was an extremely rambly, repetitive review!


Author's Response: Hi Courtney!!!

I am SO excited that you like how this started! I hope you saw my post on the forums about why I didn't update last Saturday, but I promise updates will go back to normal this coming Saturday!

This is definitely going to be darker than Before They Fall, but I also think there will be more intense emotional moments in a good way. If that makes sense :P! Ahh i hope you're impressed and that you end up liking this as much as Before They Fall!

Sirius was a lot of fun for me to write in this chapter! I think because, like you said, it was a chance to really show a glimpse into the more chaotic, darker side of him. Our poor Sirius :(

I get super sad when I realize I can't include Belle in any of these scenes :(. I mean, I realized that when she was gone, she'd be gone, but I didn't think about how bad it would feel to not be able to include her, you know? haha, I'm probably sounding like a crazy person.

Thank you for this amazing review, Courntey! I'm so happy that you're still enjoying my Marauders, and really hope you'll like this book as much as the first ♥


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Review #47, by DracoGal Midnight Meetings

17th August 2013:
Love the start! I couldnt wait for the new book and now it's here! Eep! :)

Author's Response: I'm so excited that you like the start!! I'm sorry I wasn't able to update last Saturday, but this coming Saturday updates will go back to normal :)!

Thank you!!! ♥

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Review #48, by Owlpost68 Midnight Meetings

17th August 2013:
I am sooo excited. As much as this sequel is sure to be heart wrenching, and sad, or to be dark, evil and horrifying, it will most definitely prove to be heartwarming, full of love, and leave us in no doubt that love is so much more powerful.

The moments with Sirius and Lily reminds me so much of my own youth, and then the moment with James and her reminds me of my own feelings for my boyfriend, when she runs her fingers through his hair, and holding him. Even describing how picking out dresses with Alice (almost said belle and alice...:( ) reminds me of doing that with my own girlfriends when one got married, and it hasn't even happened yet!

The one typo that really stood out was just a wrong word again, and that was inhibit, when talking about the vacant apartment, the word would be inhabit.

Of course the last part with the Death Eaters definitely brought that sense of, this is just beginning, but like I said, the love for each other is so much stronger, even when there's sure to be disaster.

I love the title and the summary! I'm sure you've heard this already, but it always needs repeating. I can't wait to see what banner you'll find :D

Great job sweetie!

Author's Response: Hi darling!!! I'm so happy getting to respond to your lovely reviews!

I honestly had a few moments in this chapter where, when I was typing about Alice and Lily doing stuff together, I almost started typing Belle too :(. This is definitely going to take me time to get over/used to.

I'm so excited that the moments in this and the feelings between L and J could draw on recognition of your own! That's always a huge deal to me, because I love when I read stories and go, 'oh that's just like___' so it makes me so excited knowing I could do the same for you!

Ahh thank you for the typo!! I'll fix it asap!

YAY I'm so excited you like the title and summary! I stressed about them SO MUCH, haha!


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Review #49, by Harrysavesme Midnight Meetings

17th August 2013:
This chapter was great, a perfect continuation of the last story! I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I'm so excited you liked this chapter! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and review! I'm no vacation, so things have gotten a bit crazy, but I'll be back to posting every Saturday this coming weekend :)!

♥ Jami

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Review #50, by Morgana Tales Midnight Meetings

17th August 2013:
FINALLY! I have been waiting for this to happen. The first chapter was fantastic, and it wasn't happening too much further from everything that had happened in the last chapters of BTF. The characters are still the same as always, and I loved them all in this chapter. They are still amazing characters, and I feel that I miss Belle just as much as they do. I am excited to see what you have in store for us, so I will be patient and wait for every update. I love this story already, and I know it has great potential. I mean, it is written by you! So don't let me down Jamie. :P


Author's Response: Morgan!!! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to update last saturday! I posted a status about it on the forums, but I'm currently visiting family that I haven't seen in a few years so things are super crazy on my end! I'll be posting chapter two this coming saturday, though!

I'm SO excited you liked this first chapter, and that you still miss Belle. I don't want to just let her go, if that make sense. I don't think it'd be realistic for them to just be able to move on like it was nothing.

Thank you SO much for your sweet compliments, and I really am going to try so hard to give them what I think they deserve for this book!

Thank you again ♥

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