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Review #26, by MissMoneypenny Prologue

7th April 2013:
Wow- this is an incredible start. I'm already hooked; you've managed to draw me in and have me hanging on your every word in less than 600 words.
The story is really dark, and the imagery and descriptions are amazing.

A really impressive story- I can't wait to see where you go with this. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked this start! I really have been wanting to explore Bellatrix for a while now. She's in my Marauders era novel pretty often, and finally has her own short story now!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing, it's put a huge smile on my face ♥


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Review #27, by missclaire17 Prologue

6th April 2013:
oh my gosh! So I normally don't like to read 2nd person POV because soomething about it just doesn't sit well with me, but I got SO interested in this because it's all about Bellatrix and I just love exploring her characteristics and personality. You pleasantly surprised me by writing this 2nd person POV really well! (:

I love that in this first prologue you really managed to capture the thought process behind Bellatrix's craziness. She's blood-thirsty and scary to all those around her but in here, it's almost as if her thinking MAKES SENSE.

This is wonderful, and I look forward to the upcoming chapters you'll be putting up! (:

Author's Response: Hi Claire!! I'm so happy you enjoyed second person point of view!! It's something I've been playing with a lot more lately, and it just felt right for the start of this! Though we will switch in and out of third for the remainder of the chapters.

AHH I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you said her thoughts make sense!!! One thing I want to do is show this through *Bellatrix's* mind, and not as someone exploring that this lady is crazy, haha. So I want us to see what Bellatrix sees.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'll have a new chapter posted this week sometime :)! I haven't decided what days I'll do updates. I'm thinking every other Thursday.

Thank you again for putting such a huge smile on my face ♥

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Review #28, by soufflegirl99 Prologue

6th April 2013:
This is completely and utterly amazing! It's so gripping, and daunting actually, and I must admit I had to read it twice over because it was just so awesome.

Bellatrix is such an interesting character to explore, albeit dark so many people don't, so it's lovely that you've been original and been brave enough to write about her. It definitely scared me anyway!
That last sentence really bites at you as well, a riveting cliff hanger.
The imagery in the first paragraph really helps set the scene as well - e.g blood red lips. It creates quite a haunted atmosphere that pulls you in to the story and keeps you engaged.
I love how you've written it! We never know who the narrative in - which ties in with the title and persona of Bellatrix - you don't tell us whether it's Voldy, Bella herself, or just an all knowing story teller. It definitely sets an eerie tone to the story.
The whole idea of Bellatrix having a gift, and this idea of trade is extremely inventive!! Especially "bleeding magic" that's a horrific image that really gives the reader a mental image of Bellatrix.
I like the insight to her plans after they take on Hogwarts as well - her thoughts about power after killing Harry that don't involve Voldemort. That was really fascinating to read.
The style that you write this in - like a prophecy - is EPIC. I have never seen such a creative writing style! The language that you use, and the structure of the sentences are awesome - the way you show a whole other perspective to the Death Eaters is just brilliant. You showed me Bellatrix in a whole new light - the way she feels destiny is telling her to do all this is genius.

Overall, a compelling original prologue that I can;t wait to read more chapters of! :)

Author's Response: Awww! This review was such a lovely surprise ♥

Bellatrix has really captured my attention in Before They Fall and I can't say I'd ever be brave enough to write her without that story sort of adjusting me to being inside her mind. Scary place, that woman's mind :P

Eeek I'm so happy you think it's eerie!! That's definitely what I was going for! yay!

I keep trying to respond to every part of this review but I just don't know what to say. Your compliments are so amazing, and I am so happy that the style has captured you. I really wish I could make coherent thoughts right now and give this the reply it deserves, but all I want to do is squee and hug you and squeeze you. You've really left me speechless with our amazingly kind words, so before I start spitting off words that make no sense, I'm just going to cut myself off and say THANK YOU.

You are awesome ♥

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Review #29, by caoty Prologue

5th April 2013:
Hello - long time no see, eh? I was gonna read BTF but then I saw this and you know how much I love our Bella.

This is lovely. You've got a real rhythm to the language here, and it works really well with the fairy-tale-style narrative and the fantasy and all of it.

Your use of second person here, as always, is pretty interesting, too. The only way I can think of it is that it's as if she's talking to herself, which is not something I'm sure I've read as a second-person narrative technique before, so that's actually pretty damn awesome.

I love it already. But then you knew I would - I didn't see any typos! :D

Author's Response: caoty!!! I haven't seen you in so long!!! I'm sending huge hugs at you. HUGE HUG.

Her talking to herself is really the closest thing I can think of this being. I almost think it's a bit more... deranged than that, though. I'll be mixing third person and this narrative throughout, and this one only comes up whens he's feeling very... Bellatrixish. Haha

Yay for on typos!!! Thank you so much for this lovely review ♥

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Review #30, by MissMdsty Prologue

4th April 2013:
I am having doubts about your sanity. And I mean it with all the love. Nobody can dig so well into Bellatrix's head and come out unharmed. This was breathtakingly amazing. You never cease to amaze me!

The images you paint here of Bella are so powerful. I like the idea that she takes back the magic, that when she disposes of those who are in her way, she not only gets her way but also gets their power. That's such an interesting concept.

I also liked the idea that she is helping the Dark Lord (why do we keep calling him that? Alas, fear of a name...) to her own gain, eventually. To be left alone with him in a world where only they are important. That's something I've always found interesting about Bellatrix, the way in which she got in this position. What made her jump ship and become heartless?

I know you write romance like nobody's business but I love how you can also write this darker, deranged side of the human mind! This was a lovely prologue and the story is going straight to my favorites! I can't wait to see what you come up with! ♥

Author's Response: Ral! Sorry for the late response :(. I got so busy finishing chapter 25. That one was being a pain, I tell ya.

Doubt about my sanity?! Oh gosh darling, you're going to be ready to commit me to the nut house by the end of this :P.

The habit of calling him the Dark Lord sort of catches you after reading something that's told in support of him, doesn't it? I always find myself doing that too after writing section of the baddies in BTF.

I'm so happy you liked this prologue ♥ I always get in these moods where I just want to write something. something not as normal and put together as BTF. I just needed an outlet to all the amazing Marauders and their incredible sweetness, and I've been wanting to start this Bella project for a while now! Promise you won't have me committed by the end? :P

Thank you so much for stopping by ♥

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Review #31, by Avis12 Prologue

2nd April 2013:
Wow. Great writing. I'm certainly intrigued to see where this story goes. Good luck with your goal to add a new chapter every other Saturday!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a review! I'm crossing my fingers I can stick to the posting schedule ;)!


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Review #32, by Debra20 Prologue

29th March 2013:
Ok so Jami, how is someone supposed to review this so that it can accurately share all the chills and the feelings the story transmitted? Teach me because I don't know how!

Bellatrix! You have no idea how much I've been wanting to search for a dark story about her. She's one of those HP characters that both fascinate and terrify you. One thing is for sure about Bellatrix: she's fascinating in her insanity, in her blind devotion to Voldemort's cause, in her senseless love and adoration for him, in her unblinking cruelty. I'm so happy you decided to write this for her. I have a feeling we're up for a roller coaster of emotions with this story!

I don't know yet how you're intending to write this story (third person or otherwise) but I love how the narration is written like from the point of view of someone exterior to the action of the story. Someone who is there to encourage Bellatrix to go further and further. Maybe it's her own mind that pushes her forward. That would be AWESOME! To see the story written from the point of view of her thoughts, like they were a separate entity to her body. In any way you decide to write the story, I'll be sure to read it!

Author's Response: You feel chills?! Oh that just makes me so happy!! During Before They Fall I've absolutely fallen in love with writing Bellatrix. There is nothing 'okay' about her, yet in her mind there is. And that's just so fascinating to me. I hope we're in for a roller coaster, that's for sure!

I think I'm planning on writing it in a mixture of this and third. This will come at during very crucial moments, and third will be used to tell more of the story. That sounds confusing huh? Well, cross our fingers that it'll work :P

Thank you so much for stopping by, you sweet little snakey!

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Review #33, by CambAngst Prologue

26th March 2013:

I've said it again and again: nobody can really write Bellatrix the way that you do. I love the small glimpse into the workings of her mind and the narrative that drives her all-consuming hatred of magical beings she deems "less worthy" than herself. Which is to say, essentially all of them with the possible exception of her Lord. And I was even wondering about that a little bit by the end.

I hope you have a chance to elaborate a bit more on this legend she's thinking of. It seems like a really interesting cultural touchstone for explaining some of her mania where muggle-borns are concerned. I did have one thought as I read it. Did you mean to say, "magic taking magic" instead of "magic making magic"? I wasn't sure quite how taking another's power is quite the same as making magic.

Her thoughts on her fellow Death Eaters were really well done, I thought. Especially her husband. They're all irrelevant to her. When the time comes, she'll cast them aside without a care.

You’ll watch them all fall away, living endlessly in the beauty of it. Then, as legend has it, their power will be yours. - Beautiful and deeply disturbing all at once, the way that she glories in killing.

I'm so excited to see where you're going to go with this! You're off to an amazing start!

Author's Response: Dan! ♥ Finally clearing out my unanswered reviews!

Bellatrix and I have grown quite close, haven't we? Haha!

This next chapter backs up to her childhood. So we'll definitely see some of the pureblood related legends, especially this one, influencing her. I think in my head I meant magic making magic because, following the current Bellatrix train of thought I was in, her power is strongest. Her power is used to kill the undeserving. Her magic has made more, given her more now that it's been released from someone who it *in her head* never belonged to. I may just be justifying a typo though. ;)

Thank you so much for all your amazing encouragement ♥ I'm sending you huge internet hugs right now!

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Review #34, by patronus_charm Prologue

25th March 2013:
Ok I love your Bellatrix, so of course I had to come and check this out :D

I really liked how you made the fear of muggleborns be born out of legend. Stories like that act as a basis for so much of our lives, so it made sense that the idea about mudbloods would be born that way too. It almost made their hate for them even scarier, by the fact that they’re indoctrinating their children into this at such a young age.

Then the bit about how they are almost born to think that the mudbloods are beneath them was really chilling again. It almost reminded me of royalty and how they used to think that anyone without a title was not worth recognising, and you caught this here too, which was really great.

Then the way you tied it in to how she wanted to help the Dark Lord in his aim of ridding the world of these people, just seemed perfect for her. Then the bit about how she loved it when they were frightened was so chilling, yet perfect again. You really have written her sadistic nature perfectly!

It was really interesting that she viewed her blood status as a gift, and thus enabling her to treat those without her blood as if they were worthless.

I really liked the start to this story, it was so chilling, and it really made you think about where this hatred of the muggleborns came from! It was a great start Jami!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Awww I know it probably sounds creepy, but I love that you love my Bellatrix. I'm rather proud of her BTF role, haha.

I agree completely with what you said about legends being something that introduce a child to a thought that isn't all together right. Especially at such a young age. It's something we don't like to think about, but there's still plenty of racist and sexist people out there. Not too long ago we were killing people because they were dark and courting a white woman (in the US, that is) so the idea of what Bellatrix believes isn't something completely unfathomable. Plenty of real life people have been like that. Exploring what get her to the point where she'll give anything for the cause and Voldemort is really what I'm looking forward to.

Ummm I don't know how I just got on such a ramble tangent... haha! Your reviews have made me such a happy girl! Or, should I say bunny rabbit :P

Thank you for being so awesome and making me excited to put up new BTF chapters and work on new stories ♥

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Review #35, by TheHouseElf Prologue

25th March 2013:
Hey Jami!

Whoa. Just whoa. That was very dark! You have completely set the mood for what I'm sure will be an interesting look into the insane and crazy thing that is the mind of Bellatrix Lestrange. You've written her beautifully before, and I'm sure you'll write her just as well in this with her as the central focus- maybe even more so? I loved how you described the blood purity issue, as taking back what is rightfully owned by the purebloods. Of course, as good, wholesome people, we don't agree with that :P But we hear this other side of the argument that is rarely portrayed, and Bellatrix really believes in it with all her corrupt, marred soul. It sounds as if she's been indoctrinated since birth, which she probably was, and I find that a pity, that someone who could have been magnificent went so far astray.

I also loved how Bellatrix was speaking to herself, though she was also addressing the reader at the same time. I felt bad, accused, as if I was Bellatrix. It just emphasised for me the dark tone that you set so gloriously ;)

Keep it up dear!

Author's Response: Hi darling ♥

Bellatrix is a character I can't get enough of. One of the most recent BTF chapters includes a lot of her, and then she just stuck in my brain. I've been working on ideas for her short story for a while, so it felt like the perfect time to start it! I'm so excited that the darkness set the tone for it. And that you enjoyed seeing the other side of the fence!

Like you said, we as non death eater people with hearts understand it's not right to want to kill someone because of their blood status, but whatever should be in Bellatrix's brain making her understand that isn't there. I'm definitely going to have fun with this one :P. *rubs hands together along with evil cackling*

Thank you again m'dear!

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Review #36, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Prologue

25th March 2013:
Oooh, I have chills. I love when a story gives me chills. Horror/Dark: Sam's favorite genre. :P

You've set quite a tone here, I'm intrigued and a little creeped and very excited for more. That it's Bellatrix who's after this power is fitting, because she's creepy, and power definitely seems like something she'd do after. :P

I can't wait for more now. I'm very excited. :D


Author's Response: Hi Sam! Thank you for stopping by! ♥ Bellatrix is way too much fun. She's such a nice change to the Marauders, even if she does slip into their story all too often. Hopefully I'll have the new chapter up Saturday!!

Thanks again for stopping by! *insert little smiley hug*

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