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Review #26, by manno_malfoy The Fighter

21st October 2012:
Hey Jami! I don't think I've ever read a story about Fleur before and I think this has to do with how I don't really know much about her. And you made a very strong and brave character out of her, and that shows the side of Fleur that the Goblet has chosen years ago.

The narration was rather haunting -more of your beautiful dark writing! I have a speculation as to why second person was rather a suitable perspective to use here. I suppose that in a war you don't really feel like yourself. And it shows in the contrast between the part in the beginning where she can't feel any remorse for the person she killed and in the end where she returns to her normal self and collapses into Bill's arms, crying. Throughout the story, she wasn't /really/ herself, or was rather detached from her true self. And that made her a 'you' rather than an 'I'. I may be wrong, and probably am, but I can justify its use.

I also think you've used it skillfully and that it didn't feel overbearing at any point. In fact, it helped add to how action-packed this story is. Personally, I believe that, for some reason, writing in second person allows the author to write descriptions better than does any other perspective. I'm not sure why, but yeah...

Speaking of action-packed, you described all the movements wonderfully. Everything went smoothly and it truly felt like a movie with people moving and glares being exchanged, Fleur moving swiftly enough to send a spell at Greyback and defeat him.

Honestly, when I first saw the pair you received in the thread, I was curious as to how you're going to work your way around them. But I must admit that you've done an absolutely wonderful job and you kept everything canon.

You've done an absolutely marvellous job, not that it's a surprise, and good luck with the challenge.


Author's Response: Oh my goshhh you are doing it again! I'm going to turn into mushhh!

I love your speculation for second person! I wish I could say that I totally thought of that and that's the exact reason.. but honestly, I tried first person and third with these. And they just sucked. It felt too generic, too 'drama after battle' style. When I write poetry it's always in second person, so I figured I'd decide to do that with this and it just clicked. But let's pretend that I absolutely thought of what you said, and that was my motive behind it in the first place ;).

Thank you again for this awesome review ♥ you always turn me into piles of feels.

♥ ♥

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Review #27, by EverDiggory The Fighter

21st October 2012:
You honestly can't say you didn't see me coming, you know I can't resist.

This was just gorgeous. I really enjoy how to took a stab at second-person narrative, it was really impressive.



Author's Response: Hi darling ♥ I'm so happy you liked it! I was actually planning on stalking out your review thread to request this, but you beat me to it ;)!

Thanks for all the awesome reviews, m'dear ♥

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Review #28, by caoty The Fighter

21st October 2012:
I can't articulate how much I've fallen in love with this.

I love your Fleur. I love your Fleur. I told you that when I first met her, but I just had to remind you. She's flawed and vengeful and yet we still like her anyway because she will do anything for her family, even her in-laws.

I like the second person thing; it gives the narrative a sort of detachment-yet-immediacy that it wouldn't have had if it were written in any other kind of style. A lot of the time, second person can just feel sort of gimmicky, or just a replacement of first or third, but it works here.

Also, Greyback. Love him. Love to hate him. He is fantastic and believable here and we can't fault Fleur for wanting him to suffer because he is clearly never going to change.

Gushing aside - you've got a few typos still and a couple of sentences that don't make sense, like:

>Your hand slips into your pocket using the grace that youíve been trained.

I mean I get what you're trying to say and all, it just was worded a bit confusingly.

Anyway. This is probably my favourite of yours so far. Well done, my darling.

Author's Response: I am so happy you liked this ♥! Fleur is really one of my favorite people to write. I tried about a million times to write this first person and third person, but second just worked. I think because it lets you use more of a poetic sense, and it was like I was watching a horror movie. Haha.

Thank you so much for the review my darling ♥

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Review #29, by ValWitch21 The Fighter

21st October 2012:
This was really amazing. Firstly because it's an excellent second person narrative.

Secondly because I adore reading Fleur, and you have written her exactly the way I see her, strong, loyal, protective, fearless, and I could go on for hours.

If you write more about her, I will be there reading and reviewing.

Oh, and did I mention how talented you are? Because it's true.



Author's Response: Second person was so much more fun than I thought it would be! I'm so happy you liked that as well as Fleur. I hate when she's depicted as a gorgeous airhead. Yes, she's beautiful, but she's also smart, loyal, terrifying, and just such a complex person!

Okay, I'm done rambling, but thank you so much for this awesome review ♥


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