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Review #26, by ariellem Betrayal

2nd August 2012:

So, I read your last blog, about your characters and how you all know they're going to die/turn evil, and yet you still love them all the same, and your love for them comes out in the way they are written, and in the way Sirius feels for James.

It must have been awful for Sirius to learn it was Peter, especially considering the whole time he had been blaming Remus.

Great job! Thanks for swapping! :)

Author's Response: I am so happy you liked this story! Funny you should mention that! I'm actually working on a few references regarding the distrust Sirius feels trying to figure out if it's actually Canon. I just hate the idea of him distrusting Remus, but it does make sense considering tensions were so high and Werewolves were all in a very dark place.

Blah, so much sadness in their era ;(.

Anyway - thank you so very much for this!


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Review #27, by WitnesstoitAll Betrayal

2nd August 2012:

I saw your status and was like, SIRIUS ONE SHOT VALIDATED!! and of course had to scamper over here to read it, and boy am I glad that I did. This was a very moving one shot, and I almost wish it was longer than it is (for selfish fangirl reasons). But I think that a lot of the emotional impact of this piece comes from its brevity. It's just a glimpse of the painful story we already know, and reading Sirius' version of that pain and that story is so, so moving.

I think you did an excellent job with the description here. I totally felt the cold night that Sirius was flying through. I also think you processed his internal monologue well... the language felt fairly natural for Sirius. I think sometimes people elevate narration of their characters to a point that is no longer accurate for that characters -- but this, this was done very well.

Ahh. Poor Sirius. That whole group, and generation really got such a bad lot of life. I realized writing chapter 13 of WAT today how very few characters remain after the first and second wizarding wars. D: I'm way too much of a baby to play with those characters while still keeping ot canon, so I'm very glad brave souls like you do!!

Great one shot!

Author's Response: Bahh thanks for this amazing review, Melissa ♥

As silly as this sounds, part of me didn't register what I'd ultimately do to these character before I started Before They Fall. And then after I did realize it, I was already in way too deep. I swear, if I start thinking about the Marauders and Lily all losing their life to this war, Frank and Alice losing their sanity... I almost always start to tear up. It's just so sad ;(.

Anyway, I am so happy you liked the descriptions and Sirius's internal monologue - that was difficult because I really think he'd either be thinking nothing - everything would just be black and terrified, or he'd be thinking everything, so I tried to just pull little strings of the 'everything' aspect out.

You better be nice with WAT - we both know what a baby I am ;(!!!

Thanks again for this amazing review ♥

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Review #28, by TyrannicFeenix Betrayal

2nd August 2012:
That imagery in the first paragraph, "the black colour of it had been too severe" I loved that, it's so beautiful.

My god, Pettigrew was a coward. how'd he ever get into our wonderous Gryffindor. And poor Sirius, blaming himself for suggesting the change.

The entire thing is so full of emotion. You can feel how Sirius felt in this pivotal moment of his existence. But how well he knows his friends. James will fight. No matter what Old VoldeyShoes has done, they'd never stand aside and let him have Harry.

What a wonderful entry, and so powerful despite beign so short, that I think makes it all the better. You managed to portray the emotion and the moment, and you didn't pad it out with unneeded extras. it works perfectly as it is.

A wonderful entry. 10/10 in my book.


Author's Response: I am so happy you liked this one shot, it was hard to decide if I should lengthen it and not include the 500 word element, but once I started writing a longer version I couldn't stop. There's just so much to tell - and considering I'm going to have to go over it all again when I get to the end of Before They Fall, I decided keeping it at 500 words was the best idea. I'm so happy you think it enhanced the piece as opposed to taking from it!

Sometimes when working on my Marauder's fic I just want to make Peter fall off of a cliff. Blah - I hate thinking about what he becomes.

Thanks again for this amazing review :)!!!


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