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Review #26, by Cheri Whoopsie.

20th June 2013:
Hahah, Nadine so deserved having her head shoved
down a toilet! Great chapter!


Author's Response: IKR! Thank you so much :)

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Review #27, by Cheri  la Dominique

20th June 2013:
Ooo a plan! I wonder how this will turn out. I bet it won't, knowing Dom and Geli :P


Author's Response: You wait and see :) Thanks for reviewing x

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Review #28, by Cheri Close Encounters

20th June 2013:
Omg, I really hate Nadine now! Geli and Al almost kissed and Nadine ruined it! Twice! Grrr. But great chapter!


Author's Response: I hate her too >:( Thanks for reviewing x

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Review #29, by Cheri I Did Not Hit A Tree, OKAY?!

20th June 2013:
Hahahahaha the Weasley Women really are very
violent aren't they! Geli kissed Brandon?!?!?!?!?!


Author's Response: Very violent, yes! IDK, she's a crazy weirdo, that's why haha :P thanks for reviewing x

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Review #30, by Cheri How To Eat a Taco

20th June 2013:
Oooh i love tacos! James makes it so obvious he
likes her XD but it seems like there's something going
on between Al an Geli?


Author's Response: Omg, me too! I feel like having some now *drools* Yeah, poor James xD but no, nothing's going on with Al and Geli just yet, but soon there will be!

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Review #31, by Cheri Astronomy and Weird Owls

20th June 2013:
Oh, I wonder where this will go! Nadine sounds like someone I wouldn't like to meet and brandon seems cute. I wonder what will happen


Author's Response: Wait and see ;) Brandon is cute (but annoying) in my mind too :P

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Review #32, by Cheri I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!

20th June 2013:
This is a great story, it's absolutely hilarious! I wish my friends were like this in real life :P


Author's Response: ooh thank you so much! Yeah, me too -_-

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Review #33, by Cheri Giant pygmy puffs, Terrible Twins and Rose Weasley

20th June 2013:
Haha, geli and her friends are really funny! This story is great so far, i'm off to read the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm glad you like it :3

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Review #34, by LilyLou Giant pygmy puffs, Terrible Twins and Rose Weasley

17th June 2013:
So I just finished going through a Marauders Dark phase, where I read sad, dark marauder stories. This is a good break. It's extremely over dramatic, and some won't like that, but I do! It's amazing so far, keep it up! -Janelle(:

Author's Response: Aha, thank you! Yeah, I find sometimes you just need a break from depressing stories :P Thanks for reviewing!
Summer x

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Review #35, by RosieWeasly11 Nobody messes with my Rosie!

12th June 2013:
gee, our little geli is turning into miss make-out monster. I kinda want james/geli now :( oh a btw in the next chapter you must inculde I'M SLIDING BITCHES!! lolz xx

Author's Response: Haha, ikr! Ah, there will be a bit of James/Geli in there now. And yes, I will make sure to include that! xx

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Review #36, by wonderwoman Nobody messes with my Rosie!

12th June 2013:
i kinda dont lk geli rite now, will she mk her mind aldready. kinda stupid the way she runs off with james all this fuss about al and james and brandon, dont really noe if i wanna read

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel that way! Don't worry, she'll make her choice in a few chapters, so I hope you'll let it slide this one time and continue reading!

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Review #37, by xMsFiggx Nobody messes with my Rosie!

10th June 2013:
Oh my goodness. Brandon, James, and Al. This girl has some crazy relationships going on!! I hope she's able go sort out who she wants without too may people getting hurt. Love their group of friends though. They are all very funny!!

Author's Response: Ugh, ikr! Don't worry, there's only going to be a few more chapters of all this {fkcjzhjsgvnlzskeihwensv} before she sorts herself out :) Ohhh, the next gen crew are the best, aren't they? Thanks for rewiewing! x

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Review #38, by Starlight I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!

10th June 2013:
Your story is ridiculously funny! I can't believe I just discovered it. The characters are amazing and you write really well!

Boy likes girl who likes aforementioned boy's brother who like an imaginary woman named Beatrice? That sounds like a very messy love triangle (square?) that can lead to quite a few complications...

And now, to read onwards!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! *blushes*

Yeah, things get very messy later on (and it's not just because of Beatrice!) I hope you keep reading! x

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Review #39, by Flipp Nobody messes with my Rosie!

9th June 2013:
Oo yes there's an update!
love this story! I think Geli does still have a crush on Al (not as big) but I think she will go out with James since she broke up with Brandon.
Well that was an amusing chapter.
Ps fan diddly tastic is like my absolute favorite word now

Author's Response: Oo yay a review! :P
Yeah, Geli does still like Al, and she also liked Brandon (but not anymore, y'see) and mayyybeee she'll go out with James. You'll have to wait and see ;)
Haha, I've added a word to someone's dictionary! Result!

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Review #40, by willow1 Nobody messes with my Rosie!

9th June 2013:
yay! (almost) everything is (somewhat) falling into place! It's hard not to love Geli and sympathize with her, thanks for updating! 10/10

Author's Response: Yusshh ... almost everything! Thank you for reviewing! (*grabs 10 and hides it away*)

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Review #41, by iatevoldysnose I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!

3rd June 2013:

But anywho, I love this chapter :) Geli and Albus have a wonderful relationship (even if it's not exactly the one that she wants), and you can really see they are MEANT for each other!

Geli is such a weirdo at times, but that's what makes her kool I guess (see how i spelt it? with a k instead of a c? yeah, well the letter k is kooler than the letter c - sorry if I offended you, I did not mean to - k is my favourite letter you see...).

Oh you gotta love Ginny!! She and her flying bogies ahahahahahaha!!

Fan-diddly-tastic! That will be my new word of the day (though technically it's night now in Australia).

How much awkwarder can this family (and family-friends) get?! But hey, this is what we love about fanfiction isn't it? Putting our characters through pain for our own entertainment (gee, we sound like sadists).

Anywho, wonderful chapter again! Can't wait till you update chapter 10 :)

iatevoldysnose xox

P.S. I would be ever so greatful if you would check out my new story and just tell me how I went. It'd help me a lot thanks :)

Author's Response: oh, hello again! It's okay! I will wait for youu!!

Yeeeahh, Geli and Al are an OTP of mine :P But they'll end up together eventually, so don't you worry!

Geli is one kool kat! (You see what I did there, with the k? k is definitely kooler than c. I'll be spelling it like that now, like kookies instead of cookies XD)

Ginny's famous for her bogies - I just had to include that somewhere :P

Ooh, you live in Australia? Imma have to come visit you some time! Yussh, fan-diddly-tastic is my new catchphrase haha x

I love writing awkwardness. I get it loooads in real life (we can be sadists together :P)

Chapter 10 is being written! Hopefully it'll be up soon!

(And of course I'll take a look at your story! I'll head over there now) xx

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Review #42, by RosieWeasly11 Flying and Falling

23rd May 2013:
hehe is see muy bein bitch has finally made an apperance xx u go gurlfriend

Author's Response: Lol, finally :P haha, yeah, I go, gurl! xx

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Review #43, by pinkpanther16 Flying and Falling

20th May 2013:
Why Geli? WHY?!?!?! Why can't she just admit her feelings for Al??? She clearly likes him even if she doesn't know herself. At least she didn't die at the quidditch game :D And Scorpious, that boy is plain crazy. I also feel bad that Rose and Geli got, like, swallowed by Gabbo or Gobbo or whatever that thing was, I nearly puked reading it! And then that bitch Nadine comes in and ruins the moment like the bitch she is, someone should rip out that girl's weave. And Brandon. I feel like he's a nuisance, but maybe that's because I think Geli should be with Al. Which brings me back to Al and Geli. And how they're GOD DAMN PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. Oh my god, I write too much. I have too many feelings. Can't wait for your next update, update soon :D

Author's Response: Because she's a crazy weirdo who needs to sort out her priorities!! *wipes sweat off brow* The worst thing that happened was she got face-planted by a Quaffle :P Ugh, yeah, Gabbo *yeak* Poor Geli and Rose! Nadine always crops up at the most inconvenient times, doesn't she?

Thanks for the review! Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon x

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Review #44, by riddikulus11 Flying and Falling

20th May 2013:
Argghgghghghgh... and the story gets messier.
Brandon has actually started to warm up to me and Al is irritating me, I mean what was with that demand. That's not the way you go about trying to get someone to like you.
I feel so bad for Brandon, he deserves someone who knows what they want, not that I don't like Geli, I just think she needs to sort what she wants soon before more people get hurt.

I like that Geli finally 'confronted' Nadine eventhough I'm a believe in non-violence. PEACE!! But man, that 'female dog' had it coming.


Author's Response: Argghgghghghgh... I know right!
I always imagine Brandon to be that type of 'perfect' boyfriend image people think about (although nobody's perfect, and you'll find out why Brandon's not perfect soon enough ;) ) and Al to be that sort of 'handsome dashing hero' type person, who's always very cocky, which is why he's trying to prove Geli's feelings with "force".
Geli and her priorities ... she really does need to sort them out, doesn't she?

Gosh, we are quite different, aren't we? I prefer going about things slapping people and whacking them (like, for example, in Phys Ed in school earlier today, I'm better at hitting people with a tennis racket than a ball).



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Review #45, by DracoAndTheMalfoys Flying and Falling

19th May 2013:
This is a great chapter! Well, it's not exactly happy but every fanfic has to have some drama, right?
And I know that in the end, Geli is probably going to end up with Al, but is there any chance of James and Geli getting together? I mean, Albus is starting to annoy me... Just a little bit. When he almost kissed her, everyone sort of blamed it on Geli and Albus was like 'um' and not even acting ashamed!
*sigh* ANYWAYS, great chapter as always yeah, bye :)

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you so much!
ScoRose break up? Hell to the no! Don't worry, Rose and Hyperion make up soon :) I love ScoRose. They're like my OTP (even though I've got loads O_O)
Yeah, a lot of people want James and Geli to end up together, so I think I'll have to put some Jali(??) action in there somewhere :P
Thanks for the review! Hopefully the next chapter will be up sooon :) xx

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Review #46, by Allilipsie I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!

19th May 2013:
I reckon this chapter is REALLY theatrical and crazy and mental and i loved it :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Mental is my specialty :)

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Review #47, by Allilipsie Giant pygmy puffs, Terrible Twins and Rose Weasley

19th May 2013:
ok just quickly, i think ur forgetting to put speech marks on some of the things that Geli says/thinks

Author's Response: Ahh, thanks for that - I'll go over it and edit it as soon as I can :)

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Review #48, by jillybeans Flying and Falling

18th May 2013:
oh the drama!
so many plot twists and conflicts and random outbursts! excited to see where you take this!

Author's Response: Draaammaaa! :P
I think my favourite part of that was the random outburts XD Thanks for the review! x

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Review #49, by willow1 Flying and Falling

18th May 2013:
please let her end up with al and not brandon, PLEASE

Author's Response: Haha, don't you worry, Geli and Al should end up together (eventually -_-)

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Review #50, by iatevoldysnose Giant pygmy puffs, Terrible Twins and Rose Weasley

16th May 2013:
I was going through recently added stories last month and I saw this, and I was like "Oh! What a kool name for a story! I'll check this out..."

Thing was, I added it to my favourites, but due to hecticness, that is school work, I didnt have the time. I told my friend to read it as well, and she liked it! So, eventually I got around to reading it, and boy am I glad I did.

Peanut Butter Geli Time is such a great story!

I love her name! It's so unique...and omg Quina! Where did you get that from?!

Who on Earth is Beatrice?! Why doesn't he love Geli?! Hahahaha nah, but it's really funny :D

OMG Rose is hilarious!

"Apparently, Scorpius is going to have to be transferred to St. Mungo's. It wasn't even my fault!"
Oh, Rosie, we all know it was.
"I mean, was it my fault that he broke his ankle when he fell out of the tree?"
"And was it my fault that he fell into the tree?"
"And was it -"
All right, you can shut up now.

I was smiling like crazy, and I was on the train coming back from school when I read it too, so I earned a few very weird looks from strangers...

Great job!

iatevoldysnose xox

Author's Response: Haha, wow, such a lovely review! And such an awesomesauce name too!

One of my friends is called Geli, so I thought I'd take it (she doesn't know, so shh!) and her real name is Angelica (AnGELIca? Geddit? :P). I wanted her name to be Angelica but I thought "Now that's enough copying!" so I tweaked it a little to Angeliquina, and then Quina.

Haha, Beatrice is some random woman who lives in the complicated realms of Al's imagination :P Maybe she'll come back ...

I love Rose so much! I try to make her similar to Hermione, but not so much that Rose is a clone ... and apparently Rose is a lot clumsier than her too :)

Weird looks from strangers? I get them all the time!

Thank you so much for this review! It made my day after I got *bitten* on the forehead by a friend at school today *coughcough*RosieWeasly11*coughcough*

Summer x

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