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Review #26, by hushpuppy All the Right Moves

5th May 2012:
I think I know what happened with James and Jo back in the day... James got Jo pregnant in her 5th or 6th year and she aborted the pregnancy via a potion she made. But James didn't know she was pregnant much less have a chance to weigh in on the decision. Assuming that I'm right, I wonder why she didn't tell him she was pregnant. Did she know she couldn't take care of a baby and didn't want James to live with decision or did she know that he wouldn't "let" her have an abortion?

The story is interesting and I'm interested to read how James messes things up yet again. One correction you should make is to Lily Potter. Harry's daughter, per the Epilogue in the 7th book, is named 'Lily' and not 'Lilly' as you've written here.

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out about Lily, I seem to have bad luck with different versions of names.

As for your guess, there's a bit more to it than that but you're not wrong. I couldn't just flat out tell it for two reasons: As i said in the AN what she did isn't as important to the story as how they both reacted to it, and I know that if I came out and said it before I gave people a chance to get invested in the story, they would automatically side against her.

As for why she did it... well that you're going to have to wait for.

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Review #27, by claire What Is Said In An Elevator Says In The Elevator. Hopefully.

25th April 2012:
new reader here lol
okay, personally, even though the prologue told me that james probably did some retarded thing after they "reunited" after 8 years to hurt her,
i REALLY REALLY REALLY think that johanna has no right to think the way she's thinking.
introducing james to alex is one thing but just telling james is another thing.
if johanna knew that she had hurt him before their relationship at hogwarts ended, then i personally dont think that she should have been expecting him to go looking for her.
like hell if i had an ex who hurt me that deeply, then i sure as HELL wouldn't go looking for her.
so her attitude about that REALLY REALLY drives me insane.

the way james is living... i condemn that lifestyle. i really do but quite frankly, seeing it from his point of view, it almost makes sense in the weirdest ways.
im not one of those girls who like thinks its okay for a guy to be a player but a girl can't be a whore. im definitely not.
but that part about jo hoping that james had been stronger, i really think that was a bit pretentious of her and everyone else to think that. like she says he covered himself in darkness but i REALLY cant help but think that she was the one to put him in that situation in the first place.

i have no idea what was going on in their relationship, like the details and living that way really isn't good, even if the potions there arent his.

i dunno. jo's determination to protect alex and put him first is understandable b/c he's her son.
and i may be wrong but what i have read so far is that her attitude towards james is really annoying and completely unjustified.

james said something about how he couldn't stand being with someone who thinks she's above him.
i dont necessarily think that jo realizes shes thinking that way but essentially, she is. i mean, i dunno. james probably had been a twat too but to me, it looks like their entire relationship had ended first because of jo hurting james.

what james will do NOW is another story
but so far, i cant stand jo's attitude :P

BUT! lol
i think you're a good writer lol
this is a difficult story to read.
liek not difficult as in trying to read shakespeare
but its difficult b/c its so full of angst that is REALISTIC
AND because jo's annoying me right now.
like. majorly. no offense LOL
hahaha i hope you dont have me for telling you that i hate your main character because i do.
but i really do like your writing and i think this will turn out interestingly lol

the prologue already tells me that james will be a twat and even if jo sort of deserves it, he will probably take it too far because she hurt him too much and then they'll end up into a blubbering mess where they end up in the prologue.
which then, i'll have to decide how i feel towards jo
but currently, i have no positive feelings except for acknowledgement that she's at least a good mom even if i dont think she's a good... girlfriend? wife? a girl being attached? material LOL

Author's Response: First off, let me just say thanks so much for the long review. Seriously, as much as every review is appreciated, the long ones are worth about a hundred times as much as the people who go "OMG great job, keep it up" and that's it.

Secondly, it's fine that you don't like her, that kind of means i'm doing my job. I mean I don't want people to hate her but James does (sort of) and that means I'm doing well with putting people in his head. That would also explain why I haven't got any hate notes for James, because Jo doesn't hate him. If any of that made any sense. The only thing I ask though, is to wait until after chapter 8 when she explains her what she did and why she did it to completely hate her. Maybe it will just make you hate her more, but at least then you'll have all the facts.

As for the "stronger" comment it wasn't like she had intentionally set out to hurt him just to see if he could pass some sort of test or something. She just acted like a stupid child. When she said that, she was saying that she thought he would have been strong enough to move past the hate and move on, maybe even be happy with someone else or something.

I feel the same way about that lifestyle but i'm really glad that James's view of it cast him a better light then his choices would look from the outside.

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Review #28, by CloakAuror9 What Is Said In An Elevator Says In The Elevator. Hopefully.

24th April 2012:
Aww! Alex is such a lovely boy! What did go wrong between James and Jo? (I think we need a ship name for this The two of them together would've been the perfect parents for Alex. Bejeezles.

I think Jo not telling James about Alex now is something that is right. Alex seems like a very bright kid and nothing passes his eye, so James sneaking off with bimbos and having an all-drunk lifestyle would do nothing, but crush his heart. But if Jo told him about Alex much sooner then maybe things could've been different.but James made it high and clear that he didn't want anymore to do with her, so Jo was on the right side...but Alex...

Gah! Its just so complicated! Thankfully, I am not studying law! How is the judge feeling about this? Is his mental state as deteriorated as mine from reasoning which of the two is more right? Both of them are wrong. The judge should just adopt Alex ad everyone can be happy about it! Great compromise, huh?

I love your story, every single bit of it. Its just a crazy mess waiting to be untangled. Lovely story! Amazing author!
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: If you like Alex, you're going to love the next few chapters.

The big reveal about what happened won't happen until chapter eight although there are some pretty good clues coming up so you MAY be able to guess by then. It's not something I can just throw out without going into the compleat story. If I do, I fear some people would be content just hearing one side of it.

I see the judge as a fat snooty old man who only likes to judge others lives because he thinks he's better then them (Not that that had any relevance to the story). Alex is a good kid but he is partially his father's son and so I have a feeling that if the judge tried to take him away from his family, Alex would make his life a living heck.

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Review #29, by CloakAuror9 Ease and Memories

24th April 2012:
Gah! I'm adding this to my favourites! I just can't help myself! Its too good to be ignored!

I feel sorry for James, being thought of that he lives off his father glory. It was so not his fault he was born into the Potter's! But to lead a lifestyle like that...what else would people think?

Johanna is my favourite OC character of all time, she is just the best. She knows how to play the game and she makes sure that she's always got the upper-hand. Argh! Such a lovely character, don't you think?

Lovely chapter as always,
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: Jo knows James earned his position himself, that was just a dig to tick him off. But yeah, the jet setter life doesn't exactally help.

With Jo I don't think she always has the upper hand, I just think she considers more angles than most other people when she makes her move. Here's a little factoid that may or may not make it into the story: when she was sorted she fell right on the line between the snakes and the lions so the hat let her chose. She chose red and gold because then no one would expect her to be as sneaky as she was.

When i write her I hear Emma Stone off of "Easy A." So yeah, she's pretty BA.

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Review #30, by CloakAuror9 The Bad Side of Being the Best, or The Reason my Boss Sucks

24th April 2012:
Hello there!

I really like your story so far! I love the way you introduce the chapters and tell the events that had occurred with the transcripts of the case. A very creative way! :D

I love Johanna, so far, I like her character and James makes her sound like a real beach. (I spelt it that way so the mods don't get mad.) However, I think its very unfair that she hid their son from him. Though she clearly says that she didn't actually hide the kid from him...but she did! She didn't say anything about it to James, so in my opinion she was SO hiding Alex from James.

I am enjoying the story so far, and I am very glad that you are updating constantly! I do hope you remain consistent! :D

You're a great author,
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. I was a bit apprehensive about the transcripts but i figured it was a nice way to introduce who is talking resorting to having a sign at the top (you may or may not have noticed but whoever is talking in the transcripts besides the lawyers is who is talking in the chapter).

James has to see her as a beach for his own good. He doesn't want to get hurt again.

What you'll see with both characters is that their main fault is their pride. Jo firmly believed that there were some things you don't say in a letter--that you should say face to face (like how you shouldn't break up with someone in a text). So when he refused to answer her, Jo thought she was in a no win situation and left the ball in his court.

As for James not replying--wait for the big reveal of what happened in chapter 8--but I needed all the fault not to fall on Jo. It was her fault they broke up, but it was his that they never got back together.

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Review #31, by stag of light Ease and Memories

21st April 2012:
ok just tell me what happened already!! i wanna know what Jo supposidly did!! grrr

anyways, great job and update soon cause i am addicted to the story already and now i wanna know what will happen. so hurry!

ps. did u know that humans share 70% similar DNA with a banana?! haha i thought that that was really funny

Author's Response: Patience young padawan, the big reveal isn't until #8 but you get a lot of back story in that chapter.

No I didn't know that. And here I was thinking I was the queen of random facts...

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Review #32, by blackangelwings Ease and Memories

21st April 2012:
great chapter, can't wait for the next one! UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: Thanks. I try and have one chapter in Validation at all times so it shouldn't be more than three or four days between Chapters, assuming of course that I can keep up pace with finals coming up.

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Review #33, by cometolive21 Ease and Memories

21st April 2012:
It is killing me not knowing what she did! Still it's amazing though. I love it.

Author's Response: You're going to have to hang on for a little while though. The big back story chapter isn't until #8 but you get the whole thing, how they met, how they fell in love, how it all crashed and burned. But don't worry there is plenty going on between then and now, especially when Alex shows up.

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Review #34, by BlackOrchid Ease and Memories

20th April 2012:
I'm so intrigued, I want to know what happened but at the same point I like the fact you're not giving too much away. Keep it up, this story is great!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. I have been trying really hard not to give away anything until the story is at a point where I can explain what Jo did, why she did it and all the circumstances surrounding her choice. Unfortunatally that's not going to happen for quite a while...

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Review #35, by <3 The Bad Side of Being the Best, or The Reason my Boss Sucks

17th April 2012:
I really like it:)
update soon?

Author's Response: I try to put one chapter up for valadation right when the last one clears so that there shouldn't be more than a few days between them, but if it the ques gets too short i may wait a day or two that way I can keep a few chapters in reserve. The only reason it took so long between the first two chapters was my potty mouth got me rejected... ;{ so sad. lol. But the one good thing about having to bump the rating up to an M is that I shouldn't have that problem again.

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Review #36, by BlackOrchid The Bad Side of Being the Best, or The Reason my Boss Sucks

17th April 2012:
Very interesting. It's still too early to really say much but I do like the idea of the story. Update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so far and for some reason, i really like that fact that you are reserving judgement until you have a bit more to work with. Thanks.

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Review #37, by ms4aisa The Bad Side of Being the Best, or The Reason my Boss Sucks

17th April 2012:
I love this story! you're an amazing writer and wrote this story really well and interesting, I cannot wait for an update! I just wished I knew if it'll end well or not... but that wouldn't really make sense, would it? ;) so I just keep my fingers crossed for fast updates! :)

Author's Response: I already know how it's going to end (obviously) and I think you'll be surprised. All I have to say is that the story starts to follow the Potter tradition of interesting twists the closer you get to the end.

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