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Review #26, by ladypotterromance Amelia

21st December 2009:
AW! That is so sad! I'm crying, I cant believe they died like that. I expected Charles to be fighting for his daughters life, but he just fought to get to Becky's body, which was somehow even more heart crushing. Poor Amelia, it kind of reminds me of the young tom riddle situation.
You know what I think? I doubt you would write this far into the future, but Harry should somehow find out about her.
Wouldnt you think that spontanious child magic would make people think Amelia is different? Poor her, she'll be shunned, I'm sure.
Yeah, I'm putting way too much thought into this, I know.
AMazing chapter, please write more!

Author's Response: If you read/remember the beginning of the "Auror In Training: 6th Year" where Amelia is talking to Harry about how her parents died, you recall that she tells him that the Death Eaters tortured Charles to the point of insanity, therefore the only thing left on his mind, the one fact that consumed his entire being in the last moments of his life, was the fact that the woman he loved most in the entire world had just been killed right in front of him. Very, very tragic situation.

Ahh, so you have not read AIT6. I would suggest you doing so. I will warn you beforehand it was written about 5 years ago so the point of view p***es off about everyone that reads it, but it is an Amelia/Harry story, as are AIT7 and the last installment, FFA (and a soon-coming sequel to FFA).

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Review #27, by rainbowsocks Amelia

9th December 2009:
loved it (:
its getting so intense and sad though D:
xoxo ~

Author's Response: i do agree, things are rather tense for them...

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Review #28, by WWLAJD Amelia

9th December 2009:
Aaaah!!! That was so so good! Please keep writing!!!

Author's Response: i've got my semester finals this next week but i'll type up a few chapters over chrimbo hols so i can update quickly once the que is open again from the hols...

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Review #29, by Tashang71 Amelia

9th December 2009:
Oh my. Thts really sad!!

Author's Response: i agree :(

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Review #30, by author of seven Becky

6th December 2009:

Wow. That's . . . not what I pictured Becky looking like, but then again, I'm not sure exactly how I /did/ picture her.

I don't have much else to say, other than that this was a nice bit of fluff (kind of fluff, really) that's probably meant to cushion us for the awful bits when everyone dies. And... baby Amelia! Aw :3


P.S. What purpose do the ratings even serve, anyway? Where can you see what a story's rated?

Author's Response: i will after the holidays, i have a bunch of exams coming up! sorry!

and YES, i was ridiculously happy when i found that picture. i always described amelia as looking "very like" her mother in old photos, and when i found the model in this pic that looks SO much like the model i used for amelia in the banners, it made me squee with joy!! yes, i am a nerd, i know...

ratings... pshhh... heck if i know.

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Review #31, by HugsandKisses15 Becky

27th November 2009:
SUCH a sad chapter :( Still great, just sad. All your chapters are quite lovely, thought I've missed them, but yes, that's about all I can say about them (:

Oh. My. Word. I CANNOT believe that this has had 78 chapters already! It sure doesn't seem like that many. That's pretty amazing, ha.

Author's Response: I do agree with that, yes, rather a tear-jerker. It does, unfortunately, get a bit worse... *hides under a rock*

I know!! And to think that it's not done. It's turning out to be as much of a monster as my "Full Fledged Auror"...

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Review #32, by WWLAJD Becky

22nd November 2009:
Amazing!!! Please keep writing! I love your story!! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: thank you, and it'll be up soon :)

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Review #33, by rainbowsocks Becky

19th November 2009:
FINALLY. an update. i've been waiting so long for one
it was a good chapter, very cute and sad at the same time
i hope nothing happens to Becky D:
xoxo ~

Author's Response: I'm about to go load up the next chapter... Sorry about the long wait, college is crazy

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Review #34, by author of seven Harry

10th November 2009:
Hey Kara,

I've been kind of lurking on the site without actually reviewing anything/using my account, but I just wanted to say I love how your writing has matured throughout the story and how you tie all the events in with both the Auror series and JKR's series. I also wanted to tell you to hurry your ass up and finish this so you can write a sequel to the Auror series!

Hugs, Al

Author's Response: OH MY GOD YOU'RE BACK! I literally just squealed aloud in my room!!! AH!!! I have missed you so :D I've been distracted because of my failing grades *coughanatomysucks* and I've been writing a new Lily/James fic which I'm trying to write as accurately as possible to the timelines and events JKR describes... anyways yes I will go right NOW and post a chapter, but what with my continued ban from trusted author-hood (which I point out I still don't know why it was taken from me) it might be a bit before it actually gets published...

/rant lol

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Review #35, by Confused Fly It Seems So Nasty!

1st November 2009:
Me'n Sirius decided to wait. Are they really gay? :D
Adore Lily and Sirius the most.
Love this fic so far!
Keep up the VERY good work!

Author's Response: haha 124/10 that made me giggle. glad youre enjoying the humour

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Review #36, by rainbowsocks Harry

26th September 2009:
lol like that was amazing. you HAVE HAVE HAVE to update, you hear me? i came home at 3 in the afternoon, read until 7, finished it, but i didnt have enough time to review until now. it was like. AMAAAZINGGG. :o I LOVE SIRIUS, I LOVE JAMES, I LOVE LUPIN, AND I CERTAINLY LOVE LILY !

Author's Response: I cant believe you read it all that fast!! wow!! I'm gonna try to get an update on here before I'm off out of state for a few days... sorry in advance for that.

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Review #37, by rainbowsocks Hogsmeade

25th September 2009:
omg i cant stop laughing.
omg that was the best way to end that chapter OMG ROFL !

Author's Response: Well im glad you are enjoying it thusfar :D

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Review #38, by rainbowsocks Nurse Lily

25th September 2009: (but only if you.BLOODY GET WELL!!)
OMG OMG YOU ARE HILARIOUS. i love sirius black :D
lol i just had to review this chapter.
but one thing; THERE BETTER BE SOME LILY/JAMES going on soon before i go nutters

Author's Response: There will, I promise

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Review #39, by rainbowsocks Tears, Cheers, and 6 Past Years

25th September 2009:
`No, Jamsie, if I were gay I am quite sure I`d fancy you,` Sirius said, rolling his eyes. `In fact, I think I do right now and I`m not even gay. Damn, mate, how do I resist you?!` James made an alarmed face, and Sirius glared at him. `I WAS JOKING!`
`Seriously, you would fancy me if you were gay, right?`
OMG ROFL THAT WAS LIKE HILARIOUS . omg i cant stop laughing. hahahahhaa.
but uhm, i just needed to let that out. i'll write my actual review at the end ;) but so far, its a total 10/10

Author's Response: That is literally one of my favorite conversations between James and Sirius. James being egotistical, Sirius being sarcastic... love it :D

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Review #40, by HP FanFic Lover Tears, Cheers, and 6 Past Years

23rd September 2009:
Dolores Umbridge?
ON both sides.
Well, ya know what they say.
Evil min-
Wait, they don't say that.
Nice last line.

Author's Response: indeed, unbridgeypoo was there. makes you shudder a bit, nah? but yes, yes, evil minds do think alike XD

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Review #41, by JustAquickquestion... Version 2.0

19th September 2009:
i thought she got, erm. well raped, and i know that if that happened to me i would not be able to easily joke about sex. I mean you just feel violated... anyway. i like your writing immensly.

Author's Response: I do understand your point... I dont know, different people, different reactions. Ive had something similar happen to me and talk about it sometimes... I also talk about my sister offing herself without much problem. I think it doesn't bother me because the shock value is pretty good, being able to see other people get upset by it (almost) entertains me. It's always nice to actually see people feel some emotion in reaction to the things I say...

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Review #42, by HP FanFic Lover Why Lily Hates James

19th September 2009:
It was great!!!

Especially near the ending, when Sirius was babbling, as Lily stood there.

Author's Response: I just am certain on all deep levels within me that awkward moments such as that one would occur pretty much daiily with a bloke like Sirius running about...

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Review #43, by ilj Third

13th September 2009:
Still as fantastic as ever :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying it :)

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Review #44, by taintedgreenlove Tears, Cheers, and 6 Past Years

12th September 2009:
Great second Chapter... I am really liking the plot.

Author's Response: Hurrah!! :D

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Review #45, by taintedgreenlove Why Lily Hates James

12th September 2009:
ohhh great first chapter
This should be a great read [:

Author's Response: I think you'll enjoy it :)

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Review #46, by Tashang71 Third

9th September 2009:
YAY! thank you sooo much for updating! i

Author's Response: no problemo! the server fix was killing me, i wasnt able to post it when i got finished with it...

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Review #47, by mizzxpearl It Seems So Nasty!

30th August 2009:
awwiee yayy thier good boyss!
hahah i loved the mad scientiest and his little minion ;)

Author's Response: Deep down they are, yea XD
and yes wasnt that entertaining? I thought so!!

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Review #48, by ilj It's A...

28th August 2009:
it took me four days but i've finally read it
what a fabulous story! update soon, its so addictive :)

Author's Response: am working on the netxt chapter, but as the submissions are down for the next few days due to server maintenence... *le sigh* asap though.

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Review #49, by ilj Winter Truths

28th August 2009:
Lily laughed, smiling fondly down at her goofball of a husband. Grinning, he rubbed a hand under her belly button, and kissed it. “And hey, don’t worry about things goin’ on out here. Your daddy’s gonna make it all right for you.”

that's beautiful. your story is wonderful :)

Author's Response: Isn't that the most adorable thing you've ever read? GOD do I wish men were actually like this. Kudos to any men out there who are.

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Review #50, by Tashang71 It's A...

6th August 2009:
this is one of my favvvorite stories! luv it!!! add mor soon :)

Author's Response: I know, I really need to. I've got the next few days off work so I'll be able to get around to it.

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