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Review #1, by lana The Cup

28th October 2015:
sooo good i love this story soo much i have search all over for something like this you dont know how happy i am to have found it

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Review #2, by Nissa Albus

22nd October 2014:
Umm...not to be the nit picky reader...but... Dumbledore is super...Gay...

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Review #3, by danielle felton Amelia

23rd June 2013:
omgg.i'm currently in suspense! who is amelia? is it hermione?? this story has me aching..knowing the outcome of the characterS! it is amazing! please write more!

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Review #4, by Anonymous Bloody Hearts For Valentines'

1st April 2013:
They both managed a wry smile, sitting and waiting for the cleyebrow to start. he was ducking behind the secret peyebrowageway
Check your editing its a fowl and it cinda odd

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Review #5, by MoodyRuthy Graduation

1st April 2013:
Yeah, great story an all, but it's really annoying me the way that some words are substituted. I know that this is for the rating, but it leaves me having to work out the real meaning... Apart from that great fanfic!

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Review #6, by Kathrynen Amelia

6th July 2012:
I love this story so much, it's amazing and has such great ideas
Please update soon!!

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Review #7, by GinzPotter Amelia

9th February 2012:

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Review #8, by Madamoiselle Malfoy Amelia

22nd November 2011:
Is Amelia Hermione?! I love this story it's so addicting!!! Please update soon!

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Review #9, by xVivaLaVanilla Why Lily Hates James

28th July 2011:
Oh God I was laughing so hard. But I like Snape, sort of sad to see him be mean to Lily...

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Review #10, by VolleyballGirl If Magic Could Change The World

21st June 2011:
i enjoy reading this:)

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Review #11, by superreadertotheresccue Amelia

8th March 2011:
ok lady its been one and a half year.
i believe that is more than enuff time to rite a bloody ending!
WHY make ur story so freaking fantastic if your going to leave me hanging from this stupid cliff???
I've been checking for updates EVERY WEEK!!!
I suppose ou don't know how absolutely frustrating this is!!!
This is one of my five favorite Lily/James fanfics. It deserves to be published. You have really beautifuol skills and PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE use these skills to rite up a nice happy sappy lovey dovey ending.
pretty please?
with a cherry on top
the end
love ya,

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Review #12, by aishwarya Amelia

18th December 2010:
woho.a full year has passd.Y R U NT UPDATING..??? plz plz plz update soon..m dyin to hear d rest of d story..

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Review #13, by sandu Amelia

27th November 2010:
Well done ! i like this story a lot. But please do finish quickly as you can I'm waiting to read the whole story.When are you going to publish the next chapter?

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Review #14, by laura Amelia

18th October 2010:
I've really enjoyed the story you've created so far. Its intersting and I always wanted to know what happened next. I really hope you get back to writing this story so it can have a proper ending.

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Review #15, by HartOfARebel Amelia

8th September 2010:
are you gnoig to finish this story? i would love to know how you're gonna end it =]

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Review #16, by Jameslovelily123 Amelia

3rd September 2010:
oh my god you need to update! :)

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Review #17, by Jameslovelily123 If Magic Could Change The World

31st August 2010:
oh my gosh this has to be my favorite chapter of harry potter fanfiction i have ever read in my LIFE of fanfiction! :)

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Review #18, by Cas Amelia

20th July 2010:
This story was utterly amazing.

It had just the right amount of teenage drama mixed with mature issues, the perfect levels of everyday fluff, humour and conversation, but also added interesting new settings and action-packed battle scenes.

Also, you weren't afraid to combine it with the smoldering sexual tension that, to be honest, many Marauder writer's are afraid of broaching for fear of being too smutty, but you got it perfect. It made me feel like I was falling in love with James too :)

When she found out she was pregnant, I actually cried just a little.

It was everything I want in a story, and if this was a novel in a store, I would gladly buy it, and read it over and over again.

Perfect 10/10. :)

Author's Response: It is as yet unfinished, I've just been ridiculously distracted for a while. I've still got to tie up some loose ends and finish it up before it's stamped as "finished," so I do hope you come back and read the ending bits.

I am very glad that you approve. I tried to make the series mature as the kids did, and towards the last chapters I know it's going to be a bit more morbid due to the fact that the time period in which the Wizarding World is in at that time will be a crappy time, indeed...

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Review #19, by anonymous revisitor Amelia

7th July 2010:

oh, and btw, love the library chapter. Mwah ha ha ha!!!

Author's Response: I know, I know, I'm sorry!! I'm trying to get around to finishing it but I always get distracted. I really really want to finish it before the New Year (because validation times take forever and a day on here), I PROMISE I'M GOING TO FINISH IT!!!

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Review #20, by Hanna Denial, Distraction, and Death

29th June 2010:
I would just like to tell you, this story is very good and I am really enjoying it. But on a low note, James Potter's eyes are hazel not blue. I just thought you might want to know.

Author's Response: Yeah, yet another of those author errors. I noticed it eventually and changed it, but I leave things like this in here to remind myself and others of how smart I've become :P

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Review #21, by aishwarya Amelia

28th May 2010:
hey.waiting desperately for more.plz update soon.

Author's Response: I know, I really need to get on this, I apologize!

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Review #22, by HugsandKisses15 Harry

14th March 2010:
Bahahahahahahaha at Sirius and the lot screaming for Lily while she was giving birth. Best part of the whole chapter. Now, I read this a long time ago and forwent a review, so I don't remember all of it, but that part did stick with me. I remember laughing at it for a good deal of time, haha. Hope my lack of a real review doesn't upset you, but I just wanted to bring that part up, seeing as I don't recall all the other parts (I read this quite some time ago). I PINKY promise (:p)to give you a real, proper review for the newest chapter once I get around to reading it!

Author's Response: That's quite alright, I'm very accustomed to not recieving reviews.

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Review #23, by Prongs and Lils It Seems So Nasty!

7th March 2010:
aww! they're innocent! lol well when it comes to that hehe

Author's Response: Aren't they? Just darling, darling, aren't they?

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Review #24, by hap Petunia

16th January 2010:
so dumbledore knows...
bout harry
an lily an james
who btw is chaser

Author's Response: This is an AU story. Ergo all my details won't match up with JKR's.

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Review #25, by magssi 1978

14th January 2010:
i love this story keep it up... i'de love to se Beky and Sirius get together though! xx

Author's Response: Ahaha that would be traummatic.

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