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Review #26, by JadeLestrangeFanNow Chapter 26

8th January 2013:
PPLEASE continue i've been waiting for months for there to be more chapters! please put like 5 more chapters by this weekend if possible!!! I love what your'e doing and i hope Sirius and Jade can have a real bonding moment!XD and maybe more Snape and Jade moments and Harry and Jade and Draco and Jade and Nott and Jade and Fred and Jade!
I can give you suggestions later if you need it!

Author's Response: >_< I can't submit that fast, sorry lol. Takes time to get validated, but I do try and have a chapter waiting as soon as one gets approved.
Draco and Jade is actually coming up very, very soon. I'm looking forward to that. (b'-')b

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Review #27, by pookielow Chapter 26

4th January 2013:
OMG U HAV TO POST MORE CHAPTERS! im completely hooked cant stop

Author's Response: I have one submitted, waiting for validation D:! lol
I'm getting a bit slower because there's a lot of info I need to put in for Jade, but there will still be updates. No abandoning this story (b'-')b

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Review #28, by Louise Chapter 26

30th December 2012:
You just keep on rolling with amazing chapters, please do me a favour, never ever give up this story.It was a great chapter.

Author's Response: I do plan on finishing it fully, it will take a long time though. It's looking to be around 60 chapters for this story alone. I assume the next one will be much shorter. (god I hope it is lol)

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Review #29, by Leila Chapter 25

21st December 2012:
The cliffhanger you ended on , It just makes me want more of the story, do I hate him now? I'm not sure

Author's Response: When I can submit chapters, I will! Many more chapters in the new year.

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Review #30, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 25

20th December 2012:
Nice writing, but I don't think it's in Sirius' character. Like, at all. Surely the Gryffindor ties of loyalty to the other black sheep of the family would stop him doing such a thing, even if he and Jade aren't exactly simpatico? I mean, sure he loves Harry, but he seemed so disgusted by Peter dealing with Voldemort in the third book that it really doesn't seem likely. Can't he double cross Voldy somehow?

Author's Response: Things aren't always as they appear ;)

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Review #31, by Katherine Chapter 25

20th December 2012:
I think it may be a dream..

Author's Response: huh, maybe? :o

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Review #32, by Katherine Chapter 25

17th December 2012:
Can't wait for the next one, you are truly a fabulous writer, you should be an author when your older

Author's Response: Aww thanks for the review
After the queue opens again there will be new chapters, promise I haven't forgotten about the story lol.

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Review #33, by zzo Chapter 25

7th December 2012:
OH MY GOD. SIRIUS. How the heck did he actually think handing Jade over, with all of her knowledge, could BENEFIT the Order of the Phoenix?? How could he believe that Voldemort would actually just stop going after Harry? Like WTF.
At first I thought this was Jade having a nightmare or something, but SERIOUSLY. Wow, I did not see this coming! And poor Snape, what Jade said to him, and then he just leaves and agdhajkndlk. PLEASE update soon. This is too big of a twist just to leave us hanging!

Author's Response: I think you may have stumbled onto something :o Next couple chapters should explain pretty well.

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Review #34, by Louise Chapter 25

6th December 2012:
Omgoshh another amazing chapter keep going I am loving it :) thanks for this fanfiction

Author's Response: Glad you love it. I love the parts were coming up to, even if it's taking forever to write

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Review #35, by Isabel Chapter 25

6th December 2012:
Wow!!!not what I was expecting!!I loved it though, Exapecially how sirius almost exchanges her!

Author's Response: But would he really do that?

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Review #36, by Lillytiger87 Chapter 25

6th December 2012:
I don't believe it Sirius isant that mean

Author's Response: You never know D:

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Review #37, by Louise Chapter 24

2nd December 2012:
That was an awesome chapter, I was so excited when I saw there was another chapter, :) can't wait for the next

Author's Response: Hopefully the next chapter will be up quicker >_< sorry for the long wait.

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Review #38, by Lillytiger87 Chapter 24

1st December 2012:
shes just trying to be normal

Author's Response: "Normal" lol, yeah, i bet she wishes she was normal

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Review #39, by Louise Chapter 23

29th November 2012:
Can't wait for the next chapter, you should write a book.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks xD
I actually have a ton of different ideas floating in my head, some hp, some original. I think the other Jade Lestrange universe ideas will get posted o.o

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Review #40, by Chaco Chapter 23

25th November 2012:
This is amazing. I am completely engrossed.

Author's Response: That is my whole plan in a nutshell, lol.

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Review #41, by Louise Chapter 23

21st November 2012:
This is the best fanfiction I have ever read it's amazing!, can't wait for the next chapter to see how Snape's going to react, don't think he'll be too pleased! :) keep it up, love the story so far.

Author's Response: Well thank you :o
Yeah, Snape's not going to handle it very well, lol.

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Review #42, by Fangheart Chapter 23

20th November 2012:
Wauw! That chapter was great! I really liked it,and can't wait for the next chapter! Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: The next chapters are being very difficult >_< I'm trying to get them out as fast as I can though.

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Review #43, by lauraf68 Chapter 23

20th November 2012:
Oh my goodness!! Jade sure opened a can of worms this time. Bit of a busy chapter here, lots to digest, Full of angst!! Good one, looking forward to more. -Lauraf68

Author's Response: There's going to be even more angst coming up but I promise it won't turn into that for the whole story. I like the light hearted stuff.

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Review #44, by Isabel Chapter 22

17th November 2012:
I haven't reviewed in a while:( srry!!!but I love where the story is going..I think Snape doesn't want her killed..but I love how kick ass jade is!!!

Author's Response: Snape definitely does not want her killed. Though he might be becoming a tad too protective. Or maybe he just knows something we don't ;)

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Review #45, by mm Chapter 22

17th November 2012:
I agree with Jade, for some reason.

Author's Response: It seems a lot of people are too lol

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Review #46, by Louise Chapter 22

15th November 2012:
I love the convo's that Jade&Snape have together-I think I agree with Snape a bit more than Jade but I'm half-half maybe 10% more on Snape's side, I'm really enjoying this story-10/10

Author's Response: It's pretty much a coin toss. Either one could be right. Maybe both are wrong?
Thanks for the review (b'-')b

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Review #47, by Lola Chapter 22

15th November 2012:
Can I just say I am really enjoying this story& Jade or Snape..hmm I'm not sure at the moment.

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it. It might be better not taking sides, lol

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Review #48, by lauraf68 Chapter 22

14th November 2012:
Whoa baby!!! Don't mess with Miss Jade!! I think I would side with Jade as her 'feelings' are usually spot on, even if she doesn't understand them. {{I'm assuming you are veering off cannon as we know they were safe at G-place and St Mungos in JKR version.}}

Great job on the last two chapters!! Keep up the good work, I look forward to see what Jade does next. Happy Writing. -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Well her feelings are usually spot on, decoding what they truly mean, she needs a bit of work on that

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Review #49, by Fangheart Chapter 22

14th November 2012:
I agree with Snape... I think Jade is being an irrational annoying brat. I do realize that she want's to protect Fred, but she can't do anything really.. She is such a Gryffindor! ;) But overall i think the chapter was alright, but i'm still waiting for something to happen. I love your stories. Keep on writing!! :D

Author's Response: I don't know if I would call her an irrational brat, though maybe I'm biased because I know the driving force behind her fear.

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Review #50, by lauraf68 Chapter 20

11th November 2012:
"---bending down for another kiss, or two, or ten." LOL!!!

So, umm, WOW! Great info in this chapter. Even though I would want her to, I'm glad Jade didn't throttle Theo. Also glad she had a change of heart in regards to Fred. Thank goodness he has the patience with her she deserves, not many teenage boys would.

Great read. Till next time, Happy Writing! --Laura

Author's Response: God, I love Nott. I love hating him. Making him the biggest git. Everyone always has a soft spot for Draco, but Nott? We can make him the worst jerk imaginable.

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