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Review #26, by lauraf68 Chapter 16

27th June 2012:
LOVED these last few chapters as I caught up on my reading. The Yule Ball was great. Interesting little tid bit you threw in there with the first kiss reaction and the memories/visions. Gave us a bit more depth of what Jade's "issues" are. I'm glad Snape was who caught them after cerfew as the detention gave him a chance to "advise" Jade. I like how Snape lead her to understand she has a right to be happy if she chooses to be (plus I like how you had her "make-up" to Fred--sometimes a kiss is all a boy/man needs--even though you'd rather like to kick them in the butt).

Keep up the good work!! Happy Writing!! ~~ Lauraf68

Author's Response: There was a little bit of help for Snape finding them since all her mental barriers collapsed, including the one to Snape. (yes, Snape very much witnessed Jade's first kiss)
We are slowly moving towards Jade's issues...the vast, vast number of issues.
Glad you enjoyed all the chapters. I have been working to get them submitted as quickly as I can. I'm almost 2/3rds done posting this and I'm not even half way done on the next story Dx

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Review #27, by KxxDxx Chapter 16

26th June 2012:
Fanastic chapter x
Loved Freds humour, "Can we go back to kissing?" - fantastic! x
When I came on, I had 5 new chapters of stories to read, this one was in the middle, however I couldn't help myself and had to read it first :D x
Loved Snapes detention x
Love Snapes advice x
Looking forward to another chapter x
Oh and it's also past my bedtime so shhh don't tell my Dad :P x
I tend to blabber a bit when I'm tired - Can you tell?
Anyway love this story and love your writing style and love you for writing the story! xx

Author's Response: Yes, lol, Fred, the typical teenage boy, just wants to go back to snogging xD
Snape's detentions are also fun to write, there should be more, well there are more but really that's the only time you really see them interact with each other. There will be a whole chapter of a non-detention "Snape" interaction near the end.

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Review #28, by lauraf68 Chapter 12

25th June 2012:
Hi Dazzle,
I'm back! Did you miss me? Kidding, LOL!!!

I'm finally able to get back to my HPFF reading after a REALLY hectic end of May and most of June. (Grma w/health problems. Moved her to an assistive living apartment. Since also work full time and have a family that put a crimp in ALL my extra curricular activities and energy level.)

I wasn't going to review until I could finish catching up on all the wonderful chapters you've been so busy posting since I last reviewed. But, I couldn't help myself, I really liked this chapter and I wanted to tell you.

You make Victor likable, I've never really understood him and hence I didn't like him. You make me look at him in a different light. I also LOVE the idea for the date and proposal from Fred to Jade. Just enough romance to suit her but not too much to make her bolt. I like how she is opening up to him and how he is giving her space and time.

Onto catching up on the other chapters. ~~Lauraf68

Author's Response: I'm glad you've got time to read the story again after being so busy. Yeah, I've been posting pretty quick, the validation time is quite low. Though the first week of July it'll be down so no new chapters (p'-')p
Thank you for saying you liked Victor! I always felt like he was sorta...dead weight in the books. Mainly he just showed the beginning of the Ron/Hermione awkward love/jealously relationship and of course Victor's wand helps Harry remember who Gregorovitch is. I thought Victor deserved a more time. He'll be shown a bit more in the next story (but only through memories) and possibly the last story.

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Review #29, by KxxDxx Chapter 15

24th June 2012:
Eek, they kissed or are kissing!
Looking forward to seeing her reaction! x
Post soon x

Author's Response: (b'-')b next chapter already up lol

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Review #30, by Starkidgleek Chapter 15

23rd June 2012:
Yay! They kissed! I was waiting for that. I also very much enjoyed the scene where Dumbledore was dancing with Jade... I was laughing just imagining the two of the twirling around the dance floor. Can't wait to hear more!

Author's Response: Yes, they finally kissed. It might not have been a wise decision though.
And Dumbledore and Jade was quite fun to write. I imagine the dance between Fred and McGonagall was hilarious as well.

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Review #31, by KxxDxx Chapter 14

21st June 2012:
Nice chapter - Hope Jade loosens up a bit x

Author's Response: She can't though, it's not really in Snape's personality to loosen up, is it?

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Review #32, by KxxDxx Chapter 13

19th June 2012:
Cannot wait until the ball :D x

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Review #33, by Starkidgleek Chapter 13

18th June 2012:
i love this story so much. The personality you've given Jade is just amazing, and I love how this story develops. The pace is perfect, and its just an amazing story. Words cannot describe how I feel about this story! I always get excited when I see this at the top of my favorite stories feed, and I am sad when I get to the end of a chapter, but grinning because it was so good! I can't wait to learn more of Jade's secrets, and more about her past! please write more soon!

Author's Response: Well thanks for the lovely review. I'm glad you like the story. More hints at secrets are slowly coming along. And there will be a huge part (several chapters) on Jade's past...but not till the next story!

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Review #34, by Silver Cat 777 Chapter 12

16th June 2012:
How fluffy... Sort of forgot about this until today, still as good as ever, though. Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, there's a lot of fluff. It feels so fast paced without it though, that was something I felt from the first story so there's a bit more filler in this one.

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Review #35, by KxxDxx Chapter 12

12th June 2012:
But ofcourse you knew I would :P
Second date! Fantastic!
They're going to the yull ball together :D x
Fantastic! Post soon x
I really want to know where George took the girls...

Author's Response: took me so long to respond that the next chapter is already up >_<
glad you're still loving the story xD

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Review #36, by KxxDxx Chapter 11

9th June 2012:
Love this chapter :D
Brilliant,! :D x
Post soon :D x
Love the end bit ... Was it Fred that asked for the kiss?
Now how many more chapters do I have to wait until Fred asks her to the Ball?
Can't wait til next chapter :D

Author's Response: I never actually decided who asked, lol. And uh, the validation time at the moment is only 3 days. That's when Fred will ask, though the time may jump up

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Review #37, by zp Chapter 9

4th June 2012:
OH MY GOD YES! this is. so. perfect. and the part about Draco- asdfghjkl. I LOVE how it's going.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. I'm slowly, very slowly building up to Draco and what's happened between him and Jade. There's actually not a lot about him in this story, Jade is more focused on Fred and Voldemort. Next story though...so much info on Draco @_@

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Review #38, by KxxDxx Chapter 10

4th June 2012:
I have to admit this wasn't my favourite chapter, I know Fred and Jade are together but the chapter just didn't catch my attention... sorry x
Post soon, still looking forward to see what happens and how right or wrong I've been with my guesses I've exposed to you and ones I've kept to myself x

Author's Response: Yes, this was mostly getting the tournament started. And a bit of set up for later. Jade knows the riddle, Hermione assumes she probably does to (that's why she whispered something to Harry and Ron)

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Review #39, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 10

4th June 2012:
Keep up the good writing! The fact you've stuck to the book, or changed only slightly what happens is really great. You've got a cracker of a story!

Author's Response: D: what happens when I swerve off the edge into alternate universe?

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Review #40, by KxxDxx Chapter 9

30th May 2012:
Yay, yippee do da :D x
Love this chapter ~ my favourite so far :D x
Looking forward to seeing Snape and Jade again as I can imagen he would have felt all of her feelings ~ hehe :D x
Love it :D x
Post soon :D x
I feel so giddy after this chapter :D x
You have really made my day :D x
10/10 :D x

Author's Response: xD glad you liked it. I feel bad for Snape having to deal with Jade's affection for Fred, but it's oh so amusing.

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Review #41, by lauraf68 Chapter 9

28th May 2012:

I am so glad Fred didn't give in! Persistence and understanding is what Jade needs and I think Fred can do that, and I'm sure that the Weasley's would give Jade a chance. Like Fred said, she is not them!

Thanks for the wonderful read. Happy writing!! ~lauraf68

Author's Response: Glad you loved it, took me ages to get it to where I liked it xD
Fred is understanding of Jade now, but will he be as he learns more about Jade? She's still got quite a few skeletons in the closet.
As for Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley has always been a bit more understanding and I think after Jade helped Fred back at the World Cup that showed. Mrs. Weasley, well I'm not so sure about her. You have to remember her brothers were killed by Death Eaters. Plus Mrs. Weasley is VERY overbearing. Jade's never dealt with that and I don't think she would take to it all that well.
And the rest of the Weasley siblings, those will be sprinkled over the next chapters and stories. Ginny and George are the next ones up. And a bit of Ron.

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Review #42, by lauraf68 Chapter 8

27th May 2012:
Hello Daazle,
Sorry I haven't reviewed since chapter 5, but I have had a bit of trouble finding time to read. Today am taking time to catcht up.

WOW!!! You have such a way with words, I normally don't like cannonesqe stories that change cannon, but this one is so filled with details that I love it!! (10/10)

I'm a bit confused though. So did Snape do something (ie akin to a medical procedure) to Jade when she was younger to help her from a shoulder injury and also has her under a type of Imperio spell to keep her sane?

By the way I love the interraction between Fred & Jade, Jade & Hermione, and Jade & Snape. The banter is wonderful and quite humorous. The, "Go disembowel something." "Oh Look---", had me LOL'ing so much my husband raised his eyebrow and rolled his eyes. I hope she gives Fred a chance and lets Hermione be a friend.

Keep up the good work. Happy Writing!! ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Well firstly thank you for taking time to read and review.
Yes, Snape did something to Jade many years ago. You won't learn about it until the next story though. And one thing I did like was you saying "keep her sane" I hope that Jade's...unbalanced nature is being noticed, even if it's only been shown a couple times (there will be more later where it should become painfully obvious)
I also do love Snape and Jade, and how they interact with each other. She's probably one of the very, VERY few people Snape enjoys.
Jade just has to give Fred a chance, that's what makes it fun. Hermione though, she's...well she's Hermione and shouldn't be underestimated. Jade likes her, but there's got to be some caution exercised.
o.o this is a very long response

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Review #43, by iyanarulz792 Chapter 8

24th May 2012:
actually, dobby was working there at the time, so you were correct.

Author's Response: Was he? I thought he told Harry he only started a little bit ago. Well meh, he started there sometime (b'-')b

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Review #44, by Edna Chapter 8

23rd May 2012:
I'm curious about this control Snape has over Jade. He can read her thoughts, and control her actions? is that on purpose, and why doesn't she care that he can do it? Love the interaction here btw. I find it very interesting. Snape and Jade are both so interesting. Anyways, loving the new fiction. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Yes, he can control her...as far as he knows. However there's only one person who has the full picture(+10 house points if you can guess who xD). Jade is keeping info from Snape and he's keeping quite a bit from her too. There's a bit more to it but there's a lot of trust in their relationship. Now why doesn't she seem to care and how did Snape get that power over her? Well there's a particular reason for that, which won't be brought up until the next story. They've managed to keep it a secret for nearly a decade, it will take a bit longer for anyone to work out.
Guess who does manage to figure it out ;)

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Review #45, by KxxDxx Chapter 8

23rd May 2012:
Love this chapter :D x
My favouorite by far :D x
Love how Snape and Jade are so natual around each other :D x
10/10 :D x

Author's Response: There's a reason they're so natural together and usually seem to be thinking along the same lines D:

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Review #46, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 8

23rd May 2012:
I love the banter between Snape and Jade. So awkward for Snape, but Fred is pretty attractive :)
I was so happy to see you had updated! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I do feel a bit bad for Snape. I'm sure he loathes feeling that attraction for Fred coming from Jade but personally, I love it. Let's hope Jade is able to keep her emotions more to herself now, or Snape might end up witnessing some vomit inducing teenage love scenes.

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Review #47, by KxxDxx Chapter 7

21st May 2012:
Fantastic chapter ~ as always :D x
Love all the subtle hints :D x
Looking forward to the next chapter :D x

Author's Response: Next chapter is up now, lol. This story is sprinkled with all sorts of hints. Is it frustrating to know that most of your questions won't be answered until the second half of the next story? D:

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Review #48, by OctoberBlueMoon Chapter 7

18th May 2012:
Really really good - good length to the chapter (long enough to be worth the wait, short enough to read in class without the teacher noticing a glazed look :) ) You've woven it into the novel well, which is all ways a plus, and your style of writing is very engaging. Detention with Snape! Can't wait to read about it!

Author's Response: For right now, there is a close tie to the books and I'm glad you're enjoying that. I'm a bit worried about how far from the books year 6 and 7 are going to be though. I'm sure some people aren't going to enjoy it as much, but I hope others will >_<

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Review #49, by that random kid Chapter 7

17th May 2012:
haha i knew something was going to happen this chapter with snape. i was just thinking during the weighing of the wands scene 'wait for it, wait for it, Oh snap! she just called snape a blind greasy bastard! Atta girl!' Jade needs to apologise to fred! i cant stand for a sad weasley twin! another greatly entertaining chapter :) 10/10

Author's Response: Jade was bound to snap at someone. xD Maybe we should be happy it wasn't Karkaroff, who knows what she would have done to him.
She's a bit socially awkward, I don't think she knows how to handle the Fred situation. She knows how to lie and how to do it well, but there's also a lot of guilt with every lie. You can't have a relationship built on a lie. She's going to get a push, well more of a rough shove in the right direction in the next chapter though.

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Review #50, by that random kid Chapter 6

14th May 2012:
Hey there, its me again. I am a crap reviewer because this is my first review for this story, I apologize for that. But anywho, I am loving this story and I can't wait until the next chapter (iopefully the wait wont be long). I really want Snape and Jade to make up because lets face it, Jade kind of needs him. Moody's character is really a jerk, way different than how he is portrayed in the books. but it makes sense coming from Jade's POV. Keep on writing please, and i promise to be a much better reviewer!

Author's Response: It's a great review, no worries lol. I admit that even I don't review the stories I read >_<
Yes, Jade needs Snape, she realizes that too but she's not quite ready to forgive him. I also think Moody would be kind of a...well maybe not a jerk, but certainly not nice. You only really see him from Harry's view. I imagine he was not so pleasant to the Slytherin students, especially ones who have Death Eater parents.

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