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Review #26, by marauder5 Memories Amongst Mourners

3rd August 2013:
I really don't know another way of putting it, so I'm just going to go with the first thought that hit me as I thought of what I'd include in this review:

This. Chapter. Pure perfection.

Really, you are such a wonderful writer! I think it's the little things that really do it for me, like how prisoners should be allowed to vote is what sent Vernon over the edge. Or Harry telling Hermes that he thought she (he? I don't know) had retired. Arthur using a tickling charm on Audrey's great-aunt (that's probably my favourite!) James' collection of Chocolate Frog Cards. Dudley trying to hide his smoking from Petunia. And well... the list is quite long already, but I think you see the point. All of those small things are, in my opinion, what makes this chapter so brilliant and the reason that it reminds me so much of JKR's own work. Thank you so much for writing this.

Also, I'm really glad that Harry didn't help carry the coffin after all, at least not physically. "He wouldn't carry Vernon's body, for the man had done nothing to deserve such respect from him, but he could try and ease his cousin's pain slightly." Yes, that right there, was absolutely perfect!

I can't wait to see where else you're taking this story. Have you figured out already how many chapters there will be?

Keep up the wonderful work! I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to the next chapter and more of your lovely writing.

Author's Response: You're so lovely! Thank you so very much for the sweet comments.

That prisoner/vote thing was a real thing in the news on the date that I'd decided Vernon died! Talk about serendipity - it was perfect for my needs.

The little details are my favourite thing in writing this story, so I'm glad you love reading them. I kind of feel like Arthur and the tickling charm deserves it's own one-shot!

My heart goes all happy whenever people say my writing reminds them of JKR's... SUCH a huge compliment. Thank you.

The next chapter is on the way! Ron's got a big decision to make... Woo! Thank you for your encouragement.

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Review #27, by patronus_charm Meeting the Midwife

28th June 2013:
Hi Sarah, Iím so bad and read this chapter when it was posted and Iíve only got round to reviewing it now! Oh well, being here counts for something I guess :P I cannot tell you how pleased I am when I saw you updated as every time I read this story it always give me warm, fuzzy feelings ♥

Your description in this chapter was amazing, as usual! I really liked the scene you painted in the Auror offices as it had a really homely air to it and it gave me warm and fuzzy feelings to see that Ron had a picture of him and Hermione. I think itís just so nice to see that things have begun to settle down since the war has ended.

I really liked learning about the aftermath of Harryís visit to the Dursleyís as that that chapter really did bring tears to my eyes. Iím kind of glad that Harry is going because itís nice to see that he and Dudley are close for him to do that for him and then it will bring closure, like Hermione, said for what his uncle did to him.

You write Ron and Hermione so well! I think the scene when Ronís leading her to the lift and out into the Atrium was just really adorable. It matched how we saw them in the books and I always envisaged them like that as a couple. There were still a lot of mentions towards Hermione being Ronís girlfriend though so itís got me intrigued as to whether heís going to propose anytime soon.

On a minor note, Iím glad that Hermione can still floo as I never got why pregnant wouldnít be able to, as it seems quite safe to me.

The idea of there being a magical maternity ward was great. I always find it really interesting to see how each author handles maternity care and I really liked this idea. I felt so bad for them when that woman started talking to them, as this was there special moment and it was being taken away. If I ever meet a celebrity Iíll try and be more considerate towards them!

AH! Itís Astoria! I thought she might pop up due to Greengrass being called out on the name list and then when she appeared it made me really happy. I have a theory though! She and Hermione become friends and Rose and Scorpius grow up together and this will turn into a spin off Scorose! If thatís true, I wouldnít be complaining!

I liked how the appointment actually felt like an appointment with all the questions Tanya asked Hermione. I didnít even get bored throughout and I actually found it fascinating. Merlin, that sounds sad, but I guess seeing how much the war was still effecting Hermione was really interesting. Ronís reactions to everything in that scene were brilliant!

I canít decide whether the house elf couple visiting the maternity hospital was funnier than or not Ron asking that question. Even I knew the answer to Ronís question and I havenít been pregnant and donít planning on being anytime soon! I guess thatís just Ron though.

Another brilliant chapter ♥


Author's Response: Hi Kiana,

Sorry it's taken a little while to respond to this review - I'm in the middle of exam stress! I'm really grateful that you take the time to read my writing, so receiving a review is a massive bonus! So never feel bad about taking a while... I'm dreadful, myself.

The thing about Harry and Ron's cubicle in the Auror office is very much what I'm aiming for with this whole story - I want to create a sense of life going on, and that it's not all angst.

I think you (and Hermione!) are right about Vernon's funeral and closure... we'll have to see how Harry feels in later chapters ;)

Thank you so much for your comment on Ron and Hermione. I love writing them, and it means a lot that you feel I'm doing okay at that! Well... we'll have to wait and see whether little Rose is born out of wedlock or not, hahaha!

It was certainly very interesting and challenging, trying to think up the maternity system for the wizarding world! What I'm showing here is just the tip of the iceberg, really. I'm a student midwife myself, so I'm all about the maternity care :P

YAY ASTORIA! Well, that's quite the little plot idea you've got there... I kind of love it, haha. We'll see. Maybe you should write it! (That said, I love Scorose... maybe *I'll* write it)

Honestly, I'm delighted that you didn't get bored... I was really concerned, as an appointment's hardly the most thrilling thing in the world! Of course, it's special to Hermione and Ron, as they've been looking forward to it etc, but it's not exactly the stuff exciting chapters are made of... so, phew!

Oh, Ronald. One thing I've learned is never assume what other people know or don't know - they will sometimes come out with the oddest or most simplest of questions! Ron may have been around pregnancy a lot, but I get the feeling he doesn't take too much interest in the 'intimate' lives of those around him. Mainly out of embarrassment, and being more concerned with his own... uh. bedtime routine.

Thanks again, so very much, for continuing to read 'The Blossoming'. ♥

Sarah x

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Review #28, by flyingmandarin Meeting the Midwife

24th June 2013:
Hey, I discovered your story yesterday and I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I really admire the way you write. It's descriptive yet fun and easy to read! It actually really reminded me of how JK writes! The plot is good and the characters and reactions are in my opinion spot on! I also love the age difference/order you made between the kids that is almost how I see it myself. All in all very impressive and good and I would love to read more from this story!

Author's Response: Hi there! What a lovely review... And that comment about the similarity to JKR's writing makes me feel like exploding with joy!

I'm very glad that you feel the plot is good, as I worry that this is one of my weak points.

Oh, the work that's gone into the age differences etc! Family trees and lists everywhere... I even used my gestation calendar to work out when various babies had been conceived! Haha. But yes... I really wanted there to be a decent distance between all of these kids, in as much as canon and this story would allow.

I'm working on the next chapter now! Thank you again for the review :)

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Review #29, by Jchrissy Meeting the Midwife

22nd June 2013:
Oh you sweet human Sarah, you. No one can write the trio like you. There havenít been a *ton* of Ďjust the three of themí moments in this story, and I forgot how much I loved those.

I donít even know where to start. Okay, here, weíll just do a running review.

the idea of Ron and Harry pushing their desks together and basically turning their office area into a R&H fort is so freaking cute. Complete with their Gryffindor banner, their totally ready to do some bad guy researching there. Itís such a small detail, but those are the ones that make your story so much different.

The Hermione pokes Ron to scoot over and they can officially start a RonHarryHermione moment. Harryís pouty, Ronís trying to make a joke, and Hermione is analyzing. Youíve taken their characters and, in such a small section, made them the exact ones we fell in love with in the HP series. UGH youíre making me so feelsy.

When Hermione told Ron that Harry wanted to apologize and she thinks heís being very hard on himself, and he responds with, Ďthat sounds like Harry.í HAHA. I just want to kiss you. CAN I? PLEASE?

The small bit of introspection when Hermione analyses the difference between Ron and her/Ginny and Harry - the way those two fight fast and make up just as fast, then her and Ron who could make an argument smolder for days, that was another small detail that just made me love this chapter so much. Itís so true to the characters and relationships, and I love how much work you put into making us see these people and their relationships for how they truly are.

Well crap. So my for my running review. I figured I would be able to leave one since Iíve already read this chapter, but I couldnít I got too into it! This is your fault, missy!

I donít think anything could have been better than this appointment with the midwife. It was such a sweet feeling, after everything these two have been through to get to watch them be in such an awesome place together. And I loved Astoria being there and THE CHAPTER ENDED PERFECTLY. It took a dark note there for a while when they were discussing the magic thatís been used against Hermione. I got such a huge pouty face then and just wanted to reach forward and hug them. But then directing us back to a lighter note and ending it with *that* was so perfect, just like you.

Please donít make me wait so long for the next chapter. I might cry.

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Review #30, by ScarletEye158 Hermione's Hideaway

15th March 2013:
Hey, I'm back! :D

This was also another really well written chapter! I love the way you make the story seem so flawless. The story flows so nicely, especially the parts where Hermione is in her office and walking around the house by herself. The descriptions make it so easy to follow and I'm never confused by your writing :)

Gah, Ron is so cute! Ron/Hermione are my absolute favorite pairing and your line "You can keep your Romeos and Casanovas', murmured Hermione, 'I've got Ron Weasley, and I love him." made me smile absurdly huge and my mom laughed at me for it :P I'm glad they were able to stick together and obviously have grown to love each other so much < 3

I really liked all of your background information about Hermione's job, especially the part where she used to work with Luna. It added a lot to the story without being overwhelming. I'm so happy you had her continuing with S.P.E.W because I honestly couldn't see her giving up on that.

all in all, great chapter! I'm excited to see how the party at the Burrow goes (:


Author's Response: Hi again! Aw, such lovely comments... Thank you so much ♥ It's really good to hear that you find it easy to follow, I find that very important to being able to enjoy a story!

Yay, Ron/Hermione forever! I'm glad they made you smile. And the way you phrase it - that they've "grown to love each other so much" is so perfect. Many people rubbish their relationship because at the end of the books, they've only just officially got together and still have a long way to go in establishing their relationship as more than friends, but you've got it so right... they grow together, and their love deepens, and they get to know each other on a whole different level.

Yay for S.P.E.W! Hermione will always be Hermione, there's no two ways about it.

Thanks again!

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Review #31, by ScarletEye158 A Cake For Freddie

15th March 2013:
Aw, Sarah this is so sweet! I'm so glad I came to read one of your stories :)

I really, really like your portrayal of Molly. She seemed very Cannon to me and I loved it < 3 Your descriptions of her were really lovely and fit her perfectly. Her working in the kitchen is definitely the place she loves to be and it seemed like the perfect place to have the start of your story placed :)

Oh my goodness little Mop is so sweet :) Where did you come up with that nick name? lol, I love it! The way you had her interacting with Percy almost broke my heart from cute-ness. I love when dads and their daughters are sweet together (;

I liked your portrayal of Audrey, too. She seemed like a nice woman and I'm glad Percy met and her. She seemed to have calmed him down and it's awesome that she helped him with his job and become a candidate for Minster of Magic :)

So just curious, who are the other grandchildren that are born already? I'm sure you will answer this in other chapters but I'm a very curious person :P

Also, is Freddie born already? I was a bit confused on that part... I know they already obviously picked a name but I wasn't sure if he was already born or if they were having a party to announce the name.

This was so great! Amazing first chapter and I'm so excited to read the next ones! :D


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for coming by to read and review the first chapter of my big WIP. I'm so sorry I've taken a really long time to respond to reviews.

This chapter actually might be up for a bit of revision and editing soon, so it's really helpful to see that I could be clearer about Freddie in this first chapter.

Well, I just LOVE Molly Weasley. She's in my top 5 favourite characters, and every now and then is number 1.

Mop is adorable, right?! Haha. Well, I find it quite tricky, this habit the family have of naming their babies after other family members, so I didn't want to call her Molly. I just had this image of this mop of curly hair, and this toddler scooting around on the floor after her mum... And so Mop came to be! Aw, Percy. I'd like to think that despite his failings, he would have picked up on how to be a good dad from Arthur's example.

Haha I'm guessing I don't have to answer the question now that you've read on, but I will anyway! So, Harry and Ginny have James. Fred and Angelina have Freddie. Percy and Audrey have Mop, and Lucy is well on her way. Bill and Fleur have Victoire and Dominique.

Thanks so much for coming by, it does mean a lot to me to get feedback on this story!

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Review #32, by CambAngst A Wilted Petunia

10th March 2013:
Hi, Sarah!

Wow. I'm hardly even sure where to start. That was in incredibly emotional chapter. And not in the conventional tear-jerker sort of way, either. I've read lots of stories that deal with loss and grief. The emotions that Harry confronts in this chapter are different and even more powerful in a way. The conflict that Harry's grappling with in this chapter really pits his humanity against the scars that he carries from his long, miserable childhood. The "good person" inside his head, the one he's given Hermione's voice to, is telling him that he should feel badly for the miserable, lost, broken woman in front of him. But the wounded little boy who grew up without comfort or compassion or love can't bear to look at her any longer.

I got a bit ahead of myself there, so I did want to mention that the first part of the chapter was really heart-warming. It's so awesome to me to see Harry in the place where he's truly happy. I loved the cute little touches, like Ginny being embarrassed by her morning breath or James winding up covered in jam. The idea of Harry mooing like a cow to amuse his son made me happy. It's one of those really simply, silly things that he takes joy in doing because nobody ever did that for him.

Petunia was haunting in this. The leftover medical supplies were a fantastic way to set the scene, I thought. I felt like she was in that stage of grief where she was having a hard time sorting out all of the various regrets of her life. Suddenly the person that she's clung to for nearly 30 years while studiously avoiding the memories of her sister is gone, and she's adrift. It definitely made a strange sort of sense that she would seek out Harry and try to reconnect with him. He's all that she has left of her birth family. I did chuckle a bit at the notion that she also thinks Marge is a horrible person.

Your writing was really lovely in this. Everything flowed beautifully and I didn't see a single typo.

You keep finding interesting and moving new directions to take this story in. I'm not at all sure whether you have an endpoint in mind that brings all of your various plot threads together, but even if you don't, I don't think it's going to bother me very much. I love what you do with these characters!

Author's Response: Sarah is a bad, bad elf. I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to get back to your wonderful reviews. It's not just yours, I promise! So, now that I'm here, how on earth do I respond to your sensitive, intelligent, amazing reviews? You really just *get* what I'm trying to show in Harry. You *get* Harry.

And whilst I'm glad the turbulent, stressful, confusing part of Harry's life came across, I'm also very happy that you enjoyed the Potter family life. But then you point out that Harry takes joy in such silliness because nobody ever did it for him, and you make me wonder HOW do you write REVIEWS that can make me feel this way?! You're so right. It's so bittersweet, too.

Petunia was fascinating and exciting to write. She'll be back! It's really horribly interesting to watch her facade crumble.

I do have an endpoint in mind! And I intend getting there in the next decade! Thanks so much for the wonderful and encouraging review. It means a lot to me that you've taken the time to read the chapter and to write so thoughtfully about it.

Sarah xo

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Review #33, by RosieQueen A Wilted Petunia

10th March 2013:
This was absolutely wonderful! I think this was one of the most emotional chapters so far--Harry had spent so much time and effort trying to leave his past behind, and now he was forced to visit it again. And I even felt sorry for Petunia, which is definitely saying something. :P

Everyone's characterizations were spot-on, I'd say. Petunia was herself, even though you had to portray her as sad and miserable. And I also enjoyed the tiny bits of information you provided about the Dursleys and how they were when they were in hiding.

Excellent chapter! :)


Author's Response: Hi Rosie! I'm so so sorry it's taken me so horribly long to reply to my reviews. Master should give me socks :(

I'm really glad that the emotion of this chapter came across, particularly that you felt both sides of it! Harry has a right to be angry, but Petunia is very vulnerable.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this chapter, thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I'll be updating very soon!


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Review #34, by marauder5 A Wilted Petunia

10th March 2013:
I've been waiting for this chapter, and it really lived up to my expectations! It was great. The family moment with Harry, Ginny and James in the beginning was so sweet, and I'm glad to see that they were not still mad at each other ;)

Harry going to Privet Drive was so intense - it was sad and I also felt like it had to happen - he had to lash out at her, because he had kept those feelings bottled up his entire life. However, I felt so, so bad for Petunia, and I really hope that Harry will come around and actually be there for her and Dudley, even if he didn't like Uncle Vernon. I think Lily would have wanted him to.

Thank you for another fantastic chapter, and update soon, please! Because this story is so good and I can't wait to read the rest of it.

Author's Response: I can't believe I've taken so long to reply to my reviews. I'm thoroughly ashamed. Please know that I've read and appreciated every one of them! AND I'm still working on Chapter 10 of The Blossoming. It'll be up soon :) Thank you for sticking with me.

I don't think Harry and Ginny stay mad at each other for long - not when it doesn't really matter.

I'm really glad you felt that way about the visit to Privet Drive... Harry has a lot of things he hasn't dealt with, but at the same time, Petunia's very vulnerable. And your point about Lily is lovely, and so true.

Thank you for leaving such kind comments and for reading this story ♥

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Review #35, by Jchrissy A Wilted Petunia

10th March 2013:
Okay, my lovely perfect amazing Sarah. Itís just closing in on midnight, so I canít promise this review will make the most sense. BUT i am going to try. Iím probably going to squee and flail and huggle, yeah? Weíre okay with that? Letís do this, then!

I just review stalked the others. SEE I told you it was an amazing chapter!!

Oh I feel so sad for Harry. Itís weird, because itís not like heís totally dying of pain at losing his uncle, but his feelings are so conflicted. And not knowing what to feel almost seems harder than knowing to feel sad. If that makes sense. I love that he didnít really turn to Ginny, though. Itís so *Harry* to just need to sulk and live in his own kind of feelings. He isnít a let someone make things better kind of person. Not even if those things are his feelings. But I donít know why I am telling you all this, you obviously know. Still I love you for keeping him the same boy JKR created.

Oh my gosh I loved that Ginny wanted to hex Petunia hahaha. I canít imagine that seeing what Harry went through would be easy, and it isnít the kind of pain sheíd forget that her lover had to go through, and I just loved her little comment. It reminds us of how protective she is over her family ♥

Iíve been trying to avoid quoting my favorite parts, but I just canít go without this one---
---ĎIf only the reporters could see you now...í said Ginny, through a mouthful of toast. ĎHarry Potter: hero of the wizarding world, Senior Auror at the Ministry of Magic, mooing.í

You. Sarah. Youíre just the best, you know that? You mix all the right mind of emotions from Harryís sleepless night to Ginnyís overprotective nature, then turn it all into a seriously giggle worthy sentence.

I loved Harryís Auror instincts kicking in with the door ajar, the mess still scattered from the paramedics... heheh Harry I KNEW what was coming. I donít even know what I feel right now. Iím going to keep reading them try and get my feels to make sense.

Ohh no. They still donít make any sense. My feels, not the chapter.

I just donít know. I donít know who I really feel most sorry for. Petunia was truly awful to Harry. She made his life terrible and treated him like he was a terrible thing just for being alive, but sheís so, so sad. Sheís alone and lost and UGH. Who is supposed to comfort who in this situation? Harry needs something. He needs to think that they truly regret how they treated him, but at the same time I donít even know if that would do anything good. I canít decide if coming was a mistake or not. He probably needed to say some of things he did, but did it just bring all the pain back when it was better blocked out? UGH I canít decide. But this chapter is so, so amazing and reminds me of why I love Harry so much. He went through more than anyone should have to, and it seems like it. He isnít this perfect human who rose from the ashes of his life and can forgive all and blah blah. Heís a man that was hurt as a child and really has a hard time forgiving that, and you donít let any of that die in this story. You keep him a complex character the way he deserves to be.

Okay. I seriously donít know if one word of this made sense. But this chapter was so amazing and itís your fault that I donít make any sense, so there. Youíre such an awesome writer, Sarah ♥

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Review #36, by Aphoride A Wilted Petunia

9th March 2013:
Ello there! Not sure if I've stopped by before, but I really love this story! There's so many about the Next Gen kids once they're all teenager, etc. and how they all fall in love, blah blah blah, but this is so original showing them as children, with the focus not on them as such but on their parents, as well.

I love the mention of so many canon characters and pairings - little Victoire and Dominique, Audrey and Percy, baby Freddie... and that reference to Fred, when Molly was making the cake... gah, that was so beautiful.

Anyway, I love how you characterise them all - particularly Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione. I've always been scared about writing them myself because they're such established characters in canon it would be so easy and horrible to get them wrong. You, on the other hand, have pulled them off so well - they're so similar to their canon counterparts it's unreal. You're brilliant - I don't know how you've done it.

Vernon's dead! Wow... I don't really feel sorry that he's dead, I more feel sorry for Petunia. Really, the only person she has left now is Dudley and she's been through quite a bit in her life, despite not being the nicest of people throughout it. Still, I love the fact that you brought her and Dudley into it, instead of forgetting about them or pretending they want nothing to do with each other. They are family, after all, and some of JK's strongest messages are about family.

And Ginny and Harry argued and then made up... I love that. Couples don't 'never argue'. It's just not possible - even couples who never saw each other would find a way to argue, I bet. Plus, Harry has always had a hot temper and Ginny's not the kind of person to take that lying down. I loved his conversation with Aunt Petunia as well - the way he blew up was so true to his character and I imagine a few people would do the same when faced with that kind of conversation from Aunt Petunia. I do hope she, Harry and Dudley have some kind of reconciliation, though, since I think there is some kind of understanding to be reached... but maybe that's a bit too fairytale-like...

Also, baby!James is just too cute...

The details you put in this are wonderful - the idea of a Neighbourhood Witch, her cat, the information we have about the trio's jobs after the war, the appearance of Dean... it's just fabulous.

So yeah, in case you couldn't tell, I really, really enjoyed this. It will go and sit in my favourites and I will wait impatiently for updates ;)

Aph xx

Author's Response: It's actually unforgivable how long I've left my reviews without any response - I'm so sorry! Please know that I read and appreciated this review greatly!

Yeah, honestly, whenever I try to write teenagers I get a bit nervous and think I'm doing it all wrong (even though it's not *that* long since I was a teen myself!)... and I was really interested/befuddled by the idea that so many of our HP heroes had children at a relatively young age. So I wanted to spend a bit of time with them and see how it might come about! (I mean, in terms of emotional growth, life, careers... not the birds and the bees :P )

Thank you so much for the comment on the characterisation - that really means a lot to me, as I work hard on making these characters feel like the ones we know, albeit older and perhaps slightly wiser. Perhaps not!

And yes! Goodbye old Vernon! I felt pretty awful doing that at around the time poor Richard Griffiths died, but I'd had Vernon's demise planned for some time! I'm glad you feel sorry for Petunia - I really wanted some of the desperation of her situation to come across. And I love the point you made about family, that's a really good observation.

You're right about couples arguing! When my boyfriend and I lived 200 miles apart, we definitely found things to argue about - and now that we're living together, we only bicker every now and then. I do have plans for the Dursleys - watch this space! I'm sorry updates are taking such a long time at the moment... They'll get rolling again soon! Chapter 10 will be up soon.

THANKS SO MUCH! I'm sorry I've taken so long to get back to you.

Athene xoxo

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Review #37, by Hope's Mom A Wilted Petunia

9th March 2013:
Poor Harry - it really was too much, wasn't it? Petunia (probably blinded by her grief) was rather unreasonable in expecting Harry to act in Lily's place. I just came across you beautiful story and got to read the 8 chapter you have completed. What a great tale you are weaving - I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing your story.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much for coming by and reading the story so far! I'm definitely updating soon, with a Hermione and Ron -centric chapter. It's taken a little while as I have been ill, so sit tight a little longer! :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #38, by patronus_charm A Wilted Petunia

9th March 2013:
Yay first review! (Well hopefully, unless someone posts while Iím writing this!)

The beginning of this chapter just made me aw so much! It was just so adorable, the way Ginny was comforting Harry, then Harry feeling really bad about the argument, and Ginny stroking her bump. I donít think you could have made it anymore adorable, and I was just sitting in the cuteness of it all, so it definitely brightened my morning.

Then James wah so cute! I can just imagine him sitting there in his high chair, with jam smeared across his face! Then Ginny and Harry had made up! I canít deal with the cuteness of this chapter, and Iíve barely read the first ľ of it! Then them mooing together! I loved Ginnyís reaction to Petunia it just made me laugh so much, but I guess it wouldnít be fair for her to go, as Petuniaís husband just died, and if Ginny released her anger it might get a bit mad!

Now youíre making me worry about Mrs Figg, please donít say she died! What would happen to all the cats if she did, and she was just always there, and if she died, I think I may even cry!

I thought it was nice that Harry was reflecting over his purpose for coming here. As he is right, no one comforted him when Sirius and Cedric died, they just ignored him, and left him to deal with it, and get on in life. The way he was reflecting on his former life there, made you realise how bad it actually was. I think the most poignant part was when he saw his initials carved into the wall, and he compared it to a painted mural his son got.

Dudleyís a PE teacher? He must have to go on a serious dieting and fitness regime to become one of them! I thought it was lovely that there was a picture of James on the mantelpiece. I think it was because it gave me some hope that Petunia grew to love him over time, and wanted her great-nephew to be a part of her life.

Wow that chapter and Petunia I donít know what to say! At first I was angry that she asked him to come here, and then stuck up for Vernon, as he was a bully, and even if he did change, I doubt he changed that much, and it still doesnít excuse what he did to him. Then saying she missed Lily truly brought tears to my eyes. Then bam you find out she wanted him here as she couldnít deal with Marge by herself! Then a brief cameo of Dudley, it was just awesome and very angst and drama fuelled!

I think this was my favourite chapter so far, and I really do hope we get to see Dudley and Petunia again, as I really loved this chapter because of them. Also I need to know whether Mrs Figg is dead or alive, as I donít want to mourn for nothing!


Author's Response: Yay Kiana! Gosh you're fast. And I'm slow :P

Aw, that's such a lovely thing to say. I'm glad they made you feel all warm and fuzzy! They do really love each other. James is a cutie, but I don't think I'd want to babysit too often, haha! I actually squee'd a little over the mooing, and I wrote it myself. But I had to build up lots of cute, warm feelings to sustain you through what's a bit of a nasty chapter...

Oh, Mrs Figg. I have no comment right now, except to say whether she's alive or dead, her cats would be well cared-for :)

Yeah, I think you make an interesting point about Harry's changed perspective. I think he didn't spend too much time thinking about his upbringing when he was a kid, other than how much he hated the Dursleys - but now that he's an adult, with a child of his own, he can really see what his life was like.

Ha, we had some rather large PE teachers at school! But yes, I imagined that Dudley remained bulky and muscular as JKR described when he dropped the fat and became Big D.

Ahhh, you gotta love the angst and drama every now and then! I had fun writing it, although now that Richard Griffiths has died I feel pretty terrible for killing off Vernon!

The next chapter is definitely on the way, I've just been held up by night shifts and the flu.

Thanks so much for your reviews

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Review #39, by aquabluez17 Harper's Hill

3rd March 2013:
Okay so I really loved the fight haha. That sounds sadistic but I think it really built a realistic idea of what could be happening w Ginny/Harry.

So Dudley and Harry still in touch eh? OH MY GOD! Vernon is dead! How did he die?? Also, does Teddy spend a lot of time w Harry? I would love to see more of him =)

Great work! Update soon :D

Author's Response: Haha, honestly I quite enjoyed writing the fight!

Yeah, Vernon is dead as a dodo! We'll find out what happened soon ;)

Teddy will certainly appear more throughout the story.

Glad you enjoyed this, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #40, by aquabluez17 Tempers Frayed and Secrets Told

3rd March 2013:
awww tht was so cute!! i loved the whole thing.

I do think that you could have added more about the Potters fight or maybe just have a smoother transition but it was great really!

I was a bit confused about Freddie's weekend. like Freddie I or Freddie II being born?

Author's Response: Aw I'm glad you loved it.

Haha as I think you saw in the next chapter, their fight was only just beginning to brew. I'm not sure which transition you mean, but this chapter is slightly odd in that I had a lot of locations and characters to include, and didn't want to go through their whole journey each time!

There are a couple of earlier chapters devoted to Freddie's weekend - it was Freddie II (I differentiate between them by having Fred and Freddie) and it was what we would term a christening, but in Weasley terms is a whole weekend to get together, have a naming ceremony, and basically celebrate each new child born into their family.

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Review #41, by marauder5 Harper's Hill

3rd March 2013:
Another spectacular chapter!! I loved the fact that you wrote the beginning of this chapter from an outside perspective - yours was as suitable and perfectly well written as those that JKR gave us in her books. Well done.

As much as I hate seeing Harry and Ginny fight, I think Ginny's feelings are credible. I can imagine her missing her 'other life', even if she loved James to death.I guess it's a bit of the pregnancy hormones as well. I'm just glad that they made up - they are such a lovely couple, and especially in your story.

The ending was surprising, and a bit of a cliff-hanger. I can't wait to read the rest of it. It will be interesting to see how an encounter with the Durely's after all those years will work out. I actually just wrote about Harry and James running into Petunia in one of my stories (even though it's far from being published here yet), and it will be really funny to see your version of him meeting them again. Of course, the circumstances are a bit different here, with Vernon being dead. I can't wait to read your next chapter, and I hope that you will update soon! You should be very happy with this one, by the way :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for saying that. I was really quite nervous about stepping out of my clan of Weasleys, Potters and Grangers for such an extended chunk of a chapter but I'm glad you think it was appropriate!

It's good to hear that you can see where Ginny is coming from. I hate seeing them fight too (although it was oddly fun to write), but everything can't be perfect all the time. I think that hormones and tiredness certainly play a part in Ginny's feelings - although that doesn't mean they're not legitimate!

Yeah, I reckon it's time to shake this little fluffmonster of a story up a bit, so here's my cliff hanger! Haha. Don't worry though, The Blossoming is definitely not about to become an 'angsty-Harry's piece.

The next chapter is definitely on its way. Thanks so much for R&Ring! :)

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Review #42, by soufflegirl99 A Cake For Freddie

2nd March 2013:
This is such a sweet lovely chapter! You created a loving family atmosphere, that describes Molly and the burrow perfectly. I love your portrayal of Audrey - much more friendly and nicer than the nasty cliches.

Percy's very generous, and loveable - quite a big jump from when we last saw him, but you managed to smooth that over and tell us that he progressed and Audrey brough out the side of him - that normally wouldn't be very believable but you made it so by making Audrey such a gentle thoughtful person.

The chapter title is very inventive and imaginative - I love how much it applies to the context of Audrey's child blossoming, and Percy blossoming as a good person, e.t.c. I can't really think of a much more appropriate title ;) I like the way you showed the pros and cons of having so many children - not just the negative parts, but you've shown both sides to having a large family.

Another quirky thing about this story is the nickname Mop - which I think is very helpful to create affection for a character and help build on that relationship between the toddler and the rest of the family. I like the way you made the cake "freddie" instead of fred - to show that there are both similarities and differences between the two characters - and also how affected everyone is - even people that didn't know him like Audrey.

Overall, a really detailed, descriptive thoughtful chapter that was a pleasure to read! :D

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by to read and review, I really appreciate it. I'm so very sorry I've taken ages to respond!

I do love the atmosphere at the Burrow - it's partly why I started writing the story! As for Audrey, I'd never really read anything with her in it, so I had no idea what the cliches were! But I just thought that she'd have to be someone patient, and kind, and probably a little bit no-nonsense, to be Percy's wife!

Thank you for your comment on Percy - I didn't want it to seem that he had changed as if by magic (!), but I did want him to have developed significantly. I think fatherhood would also have made him see the world a little differently, and have a different appreciation of his parents. I actually think he was never 'bad', as such - just somewhat lost and easily led in his desire to prove himself. Ron had that same desire, but luckily he was influenced by good friends, not power.

I love big, rambling families! I want one of my own, pros and cons included. I'm very glad that you pointed out the story title - it's actually not the original title, but once I changed it to 'The Blossoming', it just fit perfectly. I'm glad you thought so too! It works for many other characters as well :)

Haha well, Mop and Freddie were originally born of necessity, as I didn't want confusion - and having 'Jr.' or 'II' is not very Weasleyish! But I really like the nickname 'Mop' for the toddler, and it's good to know you found it established a relationship with her family.

Thank you so much, again, for reading and reviewing!


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Review #43, by patronus_charm Harper's Hill

2nd March 2013:
Ooh I get the 60th review on this story :D

I love the description of the neighbourhood, it sounds like one you could find anywhere in Britain. I think the part which clinched it for me was the neighbourhood watch sticker, theyíre always everywhere, yet I still donít even really know what they do.

Gilly made me laugh, she reminded me of Petunia the way she spied on her neighbours, and always wanted to know what they were up to.

Go Ginny! I just have the urge to yell out Ďyou go girlí at her, as she really took Harry down. I can understand why, the way he called her his wife, it sounded very possessive, and if she was an item which belonged to him. And honestly, if they have kids together, and thereís another one on the way, I think Harry should trust her a little more!

I love the mentions of Remus and Tonks and the map. Well the mention of Remus and Tonks nearly made me cry, knowing what happened to them. And the mention of the map did make Harry sound possessive but I know that he had the right intention in doing what he did.

I guess I can sympathise with Ginny, as she had a great career as a chaser, on a famous quidditch team, and then she has to give it all up, to become a stay at home mum, itís been of a downer, after having crowds chant your name.

Aw the mention of Dean was so nice. Itís nice to see he has a gallery, but honestly who would read a column on muggle sports, apart from Arthur? I mean Iím a muggle, and I still skip the pages about football! It was cool that you tied it in to how Ginny got her job, as I always wondered how she ended up being a reporter.

Ah Petunia phoned him! I always want to think that they made up. I know JK said that he and Dudley did, but I always wanted him and Petunia to as well, as sheís his aunt. And Vernonís dead, perhaps grief will bring them together?

You have to write the next chapter, now! You canít leave me on a cliff-hanger like that, itís just not fair!


Author's Response: Oh my God, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to your lovely reviews! Naughty Sarah.

So, yay for getting the 60th review! I cant believe The Blossoming has come so far :)

I'm glad that you felt the neighbourhood felt British to you - I wanted it to have that recognisable feel.

Yes, I did sort of think of Gilly as a benevolent Petunia! She's doing her curtain-twitching with a bit of a purpose. I doubt she ever gossips!

Hahaha... is it possible that I'm slowly changing your view of Ginny? Albeit by making Harry act like a total prat, but I don't think that's entirely out of character for him :P Unfortunately having kids together doesn't always make a couple secure in their relationship - but that's not the case here with Harry and Ginny. They're just taking their stress out on each other, and that takes form in Harry's case as petty jealousy.

Honestly, if I were in Harry's position when he was hunting the Horcruxes, I'd probably be sneaking a regular peek at the Map too, just to feel close to my love again! There's a story I read that reminds me of that bit, it's really good. 'Crushed Butterflies' by Academica.

Haha, Dean. Bless him. I wouldn't read his column either, but maybe there are some other Muggle-born wizards and witches who are still interested in football. Or maybe he's fighting a losing battle :P

I think the relationship between Petunia and Harry is much, much more painful than the one between him and Dudley, which is something this story is going to explore a bit more. We'll have to see what Vernon's death will bring!

Thanks for the review!

Sarah xo

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Review #44, by patronus_charm Tempers Frayed and Secrets Told

1st March 2013:
Iím back with another review!

I rather liked seeing Ginny in mother mode, because in the Harry Potter books, you canít really imagine her being one, so it was funny to see her shouting to James about her wand! I have to admit Harry and Ginny arenít a ship I particularly like, but in this chapter, you managed to make me aw over the cute fluffy scenes in it, and kudos for that, as that rarely ever happens!

I like how you showed that they werenít experiencing marital bliss, as that wouldnít be realistic. I thought it was cute that Harry brought James along to the matches, but I can see why Ginny was getting annoyed with him, just because she doesnít work doesnít mean she has to look after James all the time.

I liked that Harry and Percy were now friends, as I always felt sorry for him, as he appeared rather side-lined in the Weasley family, but here he seems to be more included. Itís just nice to see that even if itís to Ginny chagrin.

Ron is just great! The way he was getting so worried about not being able to eat, is so in character, and you havenít made him mean! I get so upset when I see that happening, as heís not mean, heís a pretty awesome guy actually, and you manage to show it here! Then Harry getting all embarrassed about what Hermione was going to show him. Those guys!

Aw I loved that whole reveal scene, it was just lovely! Then the way Ron was saying how it was nice that they would have a friend when they joined Hogwarts, it was just lovely, and left me with a fluff filed happiness glow (if that makes sense?)!

Ooh tension! Hermione with Ron about not being married! Then Harry and Ginny over Dean! Honestly Harry youíve got to get that beast of your chest, they dated years ago!

This chapter was just awesome, but the ending! I didnít expect Molly to be one for pre-marital sex!


Author's Response: Woo, I'm back with another response! (finally)

Oh Kiana, I'm so happy I made you 'aw' over Harry and Ginny. I know it's a ship a lot of people have trouble with, but I totally believe in it and I'm glad I've managed to portray their relationship in a way that you find sweet! And I'm glad you think I managed to portray Ginny the mum. It is hard to take a 16/17 year old character and turn her into a young mum a few years later, because we all change so much in our late teens and early adulthood, but I hope Ginny is still recognisable.

I feel sorry for Percy too, although I'm right there with Fred and George having no sympathy for him when he turns his back on his family. But I do think he's a bit of a lost boy, bless him. I think we'll be seeing him again soon!

Yay! You're so right! Ron is NOT mean! Moody? Sometimes. But really just awesome. And sweet. Heehee you pointed out one of my favourite moments - Harry worrying about what Hermione was about to pull out of her bag!

I aim for the fluff-filled happiness glow ;) But yes! Tension! You gotta have it. Oh, Harry is a silly billy sometimes.

Hahah, I'm delighted that Molly surprised you ;)

Thanks for the lovely review, I really enjoy reading what you've got to say!

-Sarah x

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Review #45, by patronus_charm The Humming Heart

28th February 2013:
Hello Again!

I liked how you made Hermione nervous about the result, it just seemed so realistic. I think the reason why it was so good, is that you made her notice all these little things, like Ron leaving the shampoo lid off, and it just made you realise how tense things were, and the fact that she thought of menial things like that contrasted nicely.

Hermioneís little Ďohí, just made me laugh as it seemed like such an unlikely reaction to finding out that you were pregnant. I love all the little details you include, such as Ginny noticing that she wasnít drinking, and Ron going into the kitchen. It just seems to create another dynamic to the story which I really love.

I loved that little scene with Ron and Crookshanks, it made me laugh so much to see how much Crookshanks had wrapped Ron round his finger, and Ron had to give into his demands about food.

I so worried about what Ronís reaction may be to the baby, but I was so glad to see it was positive! I can see why something like not being married would worry Hermione. She seems like the type who needs security, so not having it must be stressful for her. He was so soppy though when talking about it, it was just so cute.

Aw it was just so cute how they were planning what their baby might be like, as it was nice to see them pick out everything they loved of the other person. Imagine if it turns out to be the complete opposite!


Author's Response: Hi! Sorry it's taken a little while for me to respond to your lovely reviews.

I often find that it's the little things you focus during scary or life-changing moments... I think it's a coping mechanism! Plus, Hermione's a perfectionist. She really would notice Ron's habits like that, haha.

I love your comment on Hermione's little 'oh'! Hahah... I think it's fair to say that you can mentally add a little expletive after that.

Ron and Crookshanks' relationship here is similar to the one between my boyfriend and my cat, and also my dad and our old dog. Dad used to complain about the dog but I would always catch him stroking him and giving him food.

I really am glad that you can see why the marriage thing might worry Hermione - I didn't want to imply that parents need to be married! But I think it's just something that would be important to Hermione and probably also to Ron, who's grown up as the product of a very successful marriage, but probably thought he had a bit more time to plan for it.

I do love writing Ron being sweet. He IS sweet - this is the precise reason I started writing this story in the first place, to right some of the wrongs I've seen committed against Ron in FF ;)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #46, by patronus_charm Beneath a Starry Canvas

25th February 2013:
Those baby monitoring tents, were such a cool idea, and they seemed so practical! I loved the amount of detail you went into when describing them. It was funny seeing how much Molly didnít exactly trust them, and that George still sold the extendable ears, as they were awesome!

Aw poor Harry not being able to play quidditch! He was a great seeker so he shouldnít be too downtrodden! Baby James just seemed adorable, and I just wanted to pick him and hug him. Harry also seemed like a great father, and I hope we get to see more scenes like that.

I love the banter between George and Angelina. Though it doesnít appear often, when it does, itís excellent. Typical George coming home with extra arms, I dread to think what he had done! The way Angelina was so cool about was nice to see.

Harry seemed very observant, and it was almost odd to seem him like, that as you expect it from Hermione. I guess it shows how much heís matured if heís acting like that though! Ginny does remind me of Lily in lots of ways as well, and thatís perhaps why harry choose to marry her?

I had suspected Ginny being pregnant, so I was glad that my assumptions were proved correct. I loved Hermioneís reaction to it, and Freddie getting cream on him, and Ron being so over protective! Molly seemed so happy, in fact they all did, and I wanted to cry and cheer with them, it was just so lovely!

Wah! Fleur was so awesome, with the little birds, and her suspicions, and her French accent! In fact theyíre all awesome!

Aw Dudley went to Harry and Ginnyís wedding, thatís so nice to see that they had reconciled enough for him to be there. I really felt for Harry when he was thinking of Sirius it almost made me tear up as well!

I canít wait to read on, and find out whether Hermioneís pregnant or not! Well the timing is right!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Phew, I'm glad you liked the detail on the tents... I was worried I'd gone a little bit over the top. Molly will never entirely trust anything her twins came up with; she knows them too well!

Don't worry, Harry still blows off steam by playing Quidditch! Unfortunately, JKR sort of pinned him down to one job, so he's got to be an auror. You *could* pick James up, but he'd probably start wriggling or accidentally headbutt you. And laugh. One of those kids.

Hahaha, I loved writing the stuff between George and Angelina. The way I see it, any woman willing to marry George (as well as having dated Fred!) *has* to be somewhat laidback. She always seems pretty cool in the books, too, with a sense of humour.

I think Harry is pretty observant as a person throughout the books, although not in terms of how others are feeling or thinking. In that way, he's matured. Although as you'll see, he's not quite there yet!

I think Ginny and Lily have similarities in that they're hugely loyal, and very intelligent, as well as a certain physical similarity. I think being very young wives and mothers is the big link between them. Although I think there are also big differences between them - Lily is gentler, I think. And Ginny is less serious.

Heehee I'm glad your suspicions were correct!

Yeah, I really enjoyed doing that little bit with Fleur! May have to see more of her later, I think.

Thanks again Kiana :)

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Review #47, by patronus_charm A Growing Gathering

25th February 2013:
Hello again!

Even though I went on about in the last review, I just have to say it again! I love your use of canon facts, it just makes the story more realistic, and believable. Itís also really nice, as you can remind yourself on events that happened a while ago, and it makes you realise why you loved the series so much in the first place.

Aw Arthurís such a cute grandfather! Exactly how I imagined him to be:D It was nice to see Dom and Mop such good friends, as it really showed you how much fun you had when you were that age. And Arthur blaming his sweet tooth on them how could he!

Youíve painted such a happy, family scene, it was nice to see that theyíve finally recovered since the war! I just wanted to go and join in with all of them, as it looked like such fun (if you watch Miranda, you get why I laughed when I wrote that!). I think the main reason is that you actually kept your characters canon, which is so hard to find in fan fiction!

I loved George! He was still cracking the same old jokes, the best has to be about Angelina saying that Fred needs his nappy changed. There such an adorable couple, in fact everyone here is adorable! How do you do it, itís so unfair? Itís like youíre made to write the Weasleys!

Ah! Hermione might be pregnant! How exciting! That scene with her and Molly was great, and just again adorable!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hello again to you!

Aw, you see it's me missing the series that made me want to revisit all of those lovely canon things. I get real pleasure from working them into this story. I'm really pleased to hear they help make the story more realistic to you.

Yeah, I wish Arthur was my grandfather (I'm allowed to say that, I don't have any!) - isn't he sweet? And yes, naughty man blaming his sweet tooth on the little ones.

I do watch Miranda, I had a little giggle at that line in your review! I think they are mainly recovered - scarred, with wounds that still hurt sometimes, but able to get on with life and enjoy themselves anyway.

Yay, I'm so glad you liked George! I get so nervous writing him (and Fred, in other stories) because I don't think I could ever get their sense of humour as perfect as JKR did - but I'm pleased he made you giggle anyway. I think he and Angelina *are* adorable, so I really just write what I see, haha!

I do love writing Weasleys, so much.

Thanks for reading! :)

Sarah x

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Review #48, by patronus_charm Hermione's Hideaway

24th February 2013:
I really enjoyed this first chapter, and I meant to come back and finish the rest of it, so thank you for giving me a well needed nudge!

I loved those little details you included about Hermioneís office, they just added so much to the story. The fact that you could see the London Eye, and their insistence on keeping the fireplace, just added something special to the story, and it just made me feel as if I knew them that little bit better thanks to them.

It was nice that you included some backstory to the other characters as well. I was so pleased that Crookshanks was still alive, as Iíve always wanted a cat like her, and I would have been pretty upset if she had died! So Harry and Ginny are married then, I wonder whether Ron will get his act together and propose to Hermione or not. You write about him not being very romantic, he just seems to be nervous and embarrassed to be romantic.

And S.P.E.W. still exists! That again made me so happy, as some people disregard things which were rather in HP, and thatís so annoying. It was funny that her and Luna joined forces to help fight for elf rights, but kind of sweet as well.

I really loved Ronís characterisation it seemed spot on, and the fact that he was soppy over Crookshanks made me laugh. My Dadís the same, he claims he hates cats, but I do catch him, petting them secretly!

I thought this was a great chapter, and you can expect to see me back!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Yay, thank you for coming back (and again and again)!

I do love the little details, because I want to try and get an image of what's going on in my head across to the reader. I have such a clear picture of Hermione's office in my head, but I don't want to get all over excited and describe it to death... how dull would that be? So yeah... just keep it to the little details and let the images form in my readers minds!

Haha, Crookie. I enjoyed including him. My boyfriend's just the same as Ron is, with my cat. And my dad was the same with my old dog.

I think you've hit the nail on the head with Ron, there. I think Hermione doesn't realise that he maybe *wants* to be romantic but is too nervous and embarrassed... In fact you've given me an idea for a later chapter with that, so thank you!

Haha I may have been taking a bit of a liberty getting Luna involved in elf rights, but I quite like the idea of her working with Hermione. They're so different, but I think they'd have a lot to learn from each other. And of course, they did their final year at school together.

Thanks again!

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Review #49, by patronus_charm A Cake For Freddie

21st February 2013:

I was so excited to read this, as we never really know much about the interim period between the end of the war, and when Molly and Arthurís grandchildren go to Hogwarts, so I thought it was a great idea that you wrote it, as the Weasleys are awesome!

I loved the beginning of this chapter, as it just seemed so natural and Molly eqsue to be baking. It was a nice start, as it contrasted so sharply to how the Harry Potter series ended, as here itís relatively peaceful and tranquil, compared to the horrors of the last book.

I liked that you recognised that Percy had always been an outsider within the Weasley family, and I always did feel a little sorry for him, because of that. It was nice to see that fatherhood had changed him for the better, and he and Molly did seem to have a really nice relationship, and you could tell that they cared for one another. It was also interesting that you made Molly one of the older grandchildren as she tends to be one of the younger ones, but I found that where you placed her to be more fitting.

It was funny to see that he was trying to apply his work ethic, to child rearing, whether it was successful or not, I guess remains unknown, but it would be funny to see that in practise. I liked the fact that you made him less work centered, as I feel thatís the most natural thing to happen, now that heís not in the midst of the war, and heís realised whatís important in life.

I thought this was a wonderful start to the story, and it just seemed to fit the Harry Potter world so well, and I can actually imagine Molly and Audrey having that conversation. It was just so believable, and itís so refreshing to come across works like this, which havenít completely forgotten anything JK had wrote.

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hi Kiana! I'm so excited to get to answering your lovely reviews.

That's pretty much how this story came about - I was wondering what happened in those 19 years! Although this story certainly will not span 19 years, haha!

I love the comparison you've drawn between the beginning of this and DH. Peace is definitely lasting in the world of The Blossoming - although 'quiet' isn't!

Yeah, I looked at the known birthdates and unknown dates, and I actually have a family tree all of my own. I decided to go against tradition and space the kids out differently - it just felt right this way! So thanks for commenting on that.

Haha, poor Percy. Trying to apply logic to toddler-rearing. He certainly is a much happier person now.

Thank you so very much for saying you found this believable - I really wanted to write something that feels familiar, something canon-based. We're all here because of what JKR wrote, so I want to try and honour that a bit!

Thanks for tagging me :)

~ Sarah

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Review #50, by Jchrissy Harper's Hill

19th February 2013:
God youíre so creative. Your brain is an awesome place. Can I stay there for just a bit? I love that you started this all out from the large picture of the neighborhood before zooming in on one house, though it wasnít the one we expected.

Getting the nosy but very well meaning neighborís sight of things was so much fun. I love that she doesnít mind her own business and she doesnít pretend to think she needs to. Sheís seem so much, and it seems that sheís the neighborhoods own little guardian. Watching out for the children that arenít her own, and being the extra set of eyes that parents really need to feel like their children are completely safe.

I just absolutely adored the entire start of this. You made me extremely smily.

Can I say how much I love that Harryís Ďpoor me I had to find Horcruxes and I missed youí pouty self didnít solve as the ending of the fight? I love Harry, we all do, but he can really let himself go into the self pity and having Ginny not allow that to be what solves this is such a perfect way to show why theyíre so meant for each other. She doesnít treat him like a fragile man who has been through too much, heís her husband and no matter what he used to feel, that doesnít excuse his actions.

And I felt so sad for both of them when Ginny said that about their life. Weíve all said things we donít mean, or never meant to say, in the heat of an argument, and now weíre getting back to our sad long lost Marauders and and... you didnít warn me that their would be Marauders feels in this chapter ;(.

And Ginny may be getting a part time job! She deserves to have something thatís just hers. Iím happy you included that.

And you ended the entire last bit SO well! Everything from how Petunia may act, to how Harry would feel and GAH IíM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER.


Also, I wrote the entire bit of this review concerning the neighbor before I ever saw your AN, so that should tell you how well it did work! I love your amazing writing, missy. Speed it up and give me more, yeah? Jk. This is your fault. You get me addicted.

OH! And you can't put off responding to my reviews just because they're long! I'm going to ground you until you respond to them soon. And without your sugary drinks. what fun could you possibly have grounded to your computer?!

Author's Response: Yay, I love being called creative! :D I'm a fan of the pan and zoom sort of shot (yeah, I imagine my writing like a scene in a film - camera angles and everything).

I'm sooo happy you likes the start of this. I felt I was taking a bit of a risk, focusing so much on someone whose surname is not Potter, Weasley or Granger, but it seems to have paid off. Hooray!

That's the thing about Harry - he could be a victim, and he behaves that way sometimes as a teen. But he's older now, time moves on, and he's got this wife who has never treated him like a victim (although she does, perhaps, treat him with more tenderness than he finds elsewhere). But she understands what he's been through, and he understands what she's been through, and that's so important.

I'm so sorry, I really have to remember to warn you when there are Marauder feels in a chapter. I promise I'll try harder! They won't surface in every single chapter. I'll warn you now, there may be some James/Lily feels in the next one.

I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! I'd write it now but I have, um, a *few* unanswered reviews to go!

Thank you so much for the review ♥

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