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Review #26, by Tris  Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

20th October 2014:
YES YES YES this is so good, and so happy and just... Perfect. Although I really love this story and would read a sequal quite honestly I think you wrapped it upwell and I would prefer a story following aria/James with flies and Al as a backstory, but whatever you decide, I'm ready!

Author's Response: hey!

Hehe thank you. To me ending it on their second birthday seemed perfect.

As for Ria and James, never say never but it depends on when I get around to writing the sequel, they may have a tie in short story as some major things happen for them.

Thanks you so much for all the reviews and for reading.

Sophie xx

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Review #27, by peacock33 Chapter Forty-Eight

20th October 2014:
Thanks so much for always taking the time to give such great responses. It's make reading the story so much for fun to be able to discuss things with you!
I apologize in advance for this big rant, but I just hate cheating and how stories often seem to justify it if people are really in love, or don't make people really suffer the consequences for that kind of behavior. And I have to admit that seems to have been going on throughout this story with Dom and Scorpius, especially now that they are together. I know you've tried to show that Dom felt really bad, but she and everyone besides Rose have mostly just acted like she was a victim of Scorpius, who himself has never seemed to feel much genuine remorse, just upset that he got caught. And there is no way that either of them could possibly think that them getting together so soon is not another cruel blow to Rose, especially as everything has gone public and this is just adding to her public humiliation.

While I think you are a talented writer, I have to admit that your portrayal of the Dom-Scor-Rose love triangle seems rather inconsistent and confusing. I get that it is a messy and complicated situation, but Scorpius' behavior just doesn't add up with what you say in your comments about him really loving Rose. In your comments you are constantly saying that what he and Dom had was just sex and he actually did love Rose, but none of Scorpius' actions or words in the story seem to support any kind of real caring for Rose. It's not like he was an idiot and just messed up once, but he basically treated her like crap for the last year and a half of their relationship: cheated on her repeatedly with her cousin, lied to her about it (even after he was caught), instead of saying he made a huge mistake just tried to excuse it by harping on the cosmic undeniable connection with Dom that he couldn't be expected to resist, and now getting together with Dom and rubbing it in Rose's face. Also, how on earth did Scorpius come to the conclusion that he should give it a go with Dom if he still loves Rose? I can understand him accepting that Rose isn't going to forgive him and trying to move on with his life, but getting with her cousin and the person he cheated on her with basically shows zero respect or consideration for her. Was the sex supposed to be just so good that he's still hungup on Dom enough that he would let his hormones lead him to do more hurtful, stupid things? And if he still has strong feelings for Rose than he is basically just using Dom again and not being considerate of her feelings either. The only thing that makes sense to me about them getting together is that Scorpius realized that Rose is never going to forgive him or maybe found out she is leaving, so he decides he may as well settle for Dom. But I can' believe she just accepted his BS and is giving him another chance; unless he lied to her and said I've always loved you and wanted to be with you - and left out that up until a few days before he was determined to win Rose back and really only wanted her.

Perhaps they are deluding themselves that by getting together they are somehow justifying what they did or making all the betrayal and hurt worth it?
If Dom really wants to make things up with Rose, she should definitely not be getting together with Scorpius and so soon. And I hope her therapist can talk some sense into her as this is just a major regression in her recovering from her past actions and being selfish and self-destructive.

While I'm excited you are continuing the story in a sequel and a spinoffs, I really hope you don't try to make Dom and Scrop be all sappy and make us sympathetic to them as a couple. While I can see them being kind of superficially happy for a few weeks since they are close friends and clearly like having sex, considering how short of time it has been since things came out and how flip-floppy and inconsistent Scoripus is as well as how emotionally unstable Dom still is, I cannot see how they could realistically have a happy or healthy longterm relationship.
But a spinoff does present an interesting opportunity for you to explore how messed up they both are and to show how different a real relationship is to what they were doing when sneaking around. While it can be exhilarating and consuming to sneak around to have sex, it's very different than trying to be together in the real world. I personally believe that affairs are mostly about people trying to escape from their real lives and that passion and "love" is not something that can often be sustained once people have to face reality and deal with the hurt they have caused or the challenges and hard work that come with having a healthy, stable relationship. And I don't see either Dom or Scorpius being mature or selfless enough to make it work.

I guess the good thing this is that if they try it and it fails, neither one of them will be able to do their annoying idealizing and romanticization of their great connection, but will have to acknowledge that they were just selfish and horny. And I'm really hoping this will only make Scorpus realize how much he loved Rose and how not worth it everything with Dom was. I'm usually a huge Scoripus-Rose shipper and kept hoping he would be able to earn back her trust, but you have successfully turned me off to him completely and I have a hard time imagining how he could ever be someone she could respect or trust again! So at this point I'm just hoping this will just make it easier for Rose to get over him, and for him and Dom to face the full consequences of their choices and be miserable, at least for a while.
I'm really glad that Rose is getting away from them as both they are still treating her terribly and I don't see why she would want either of them in her life in the future.
I know I'm gotten way too involved in the characters, but hope you can just be flattered that you have created compelling story!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Honestly it's fine. I honestly get where you're coming from. I would hate to be in Rose's position and it definitely isn't right to do it at all. There have most definitely been a lot of consequences and Scorpius has been suffering, as well as Dom. Scorpius is definitely remorseful, but it hasn't come across very much since it's from Flick's POV.It is cruel to Rose, this is set in December whilst it all came out back in the June so it has roughly been around six months since Rose found out and her and Scorp ended.Dom and Scorp got decided to give a go in the November so they had been together around a month at the time of this chapter.

Everything came out at the start of December so it's not as recent as you might have thought, but it is still in people's minds and some of the wizarding media but not as much as it was before. This is the first time Dom and Scorp have gone out as a couple, if you can call them that and this is the Weasley family/Flick's family/her muggle friends so it isn't likely that any of them are going to tell the press. It does add to it in a way, since that is how Dom decided to tell her family(Rose who was told previously)

Thank you. It probably is, if I'm honest I have probably contradicted myself when it comes to replying to some of the more detailed reviews especially when it comes to Dom/Scorpius/Rose as I forget what I've said sometimes as when replying I don't always have access to the internet which is why I pre-type them before posting them. So I forget what I have said on occasions. It is definitely messy and complicated. He and Dom were literally just a physical relationship in 6th year and he does love Rose, he's loved her since 2nd/3rd year and he did mess up hugely. Apart from the odd Al/Hattie changes, the whole story is in Flick's POV and she isn't always around Scorpius or even Rose what with her being in Gryffindor, so the two of them interacting isn't seen as much. In the spin off about them from 1st year to breaking up it might become clearer about their relationship.

Rose is no where near to forgiving if (if she ever decides to) him and in a way he's trying to prove to himself/Rose that he and Dom were nothing but physical which is pretty stupid and he's not thinking about anyone but himself. And that he does know that at the moment Rose is not going to forgive/take him back. Dom has doubts, she's aware she had feeling for him back then and so far she's pushed them away so her reasoning is to see if they reappear and to see if they could maintain a proper relationship such as Al and Flick's.

Dom has issues, most certainly. Right now her and Rose and civil, they say hi to one another at family gatherings but that's it. They are not as close as they were before and are probably never going to be. Dom and Scor are most definitely not sappy but there is one certain moment between them that is sappy/romantic. I can't really say much to that because spoilers, but you are sort of on the right track. It is going to be hard for them to maintain a relationship and as you said they've tried it and if it fails there isn't anything else which could happen between them.By the time the sequel comes around it's set five/six years after this so they have all grown up a lot. I am a huge ScoRose shipper too! For now at least there is no more Rose/Scorp but again not saying too much because spoilers, but I have their end games planned out. I'm just not sure if I want to change one of theirs or not as I really to write the story first and see where it takes me. Rose going travelling does play a kind of big part when it comes to the sequel, plus it's a good way for her to escape :p

Haha I LOVE when people get over involved with the story/characters/love it just as much as I do. Thank you so, so much honestly for each and every review because I love reading them. And some bits have definitely got me thinking about certain things. *Squishy hugs and virtual cookies*


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Review #28, by jessicalorewrites Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

20th October 2014:
Wowowow I can't believe this has actually ended. I feel like I've grown old with this story. Seriously! It was probably one of the first few I started reading on this site and to be here right now is incredible. I'm so proud of you and this story and everything in between!

I know I'm a sucker for reviewing. I feel constantly bad about it. I swear, I read every chapter a day or two after it's validated but I always seem to be in a rush and never have the time to sit down and write a proper review. It makes me sad but I hope you don't mind because I love this story anyway ;)

I definitely didn't see the whole Scorpius/Dom thing coming in such a big way. Not even when little clues were given throughout the chapter. Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but I'm hoping the new short-story you'll be writing about them soon will clear up my feelings :) Even if it is a crash-and-burn type relationship I believe that you need things like that in a story to retain some sort of realism. These characters are barely adults and they're bound to make silly mistakes and fall in and out of love. So maybe Scorpius did love Rose and maybe he still does but he's made the decision to be with Dom and I actually think this is a very true outcome of what might have happened in real life.

Albus, Flick and their adorable little family make me want to squeal forever how is it possible for two teenagers/young adults and their babies to make me feel this way?!?!

I'm now eagerly anticipating the sequel (also ps, I love the name ;)) and I can't wait to find out what becomes of them all! EEEK! Also good luck with NaNo this year, I'll be doing it too in an effort to make me write more ;) I love your other stories too so I definitely don't mind you taking time off to write those instead :p

Still a little shellshocked that there'll never be a new chapter of this story. Help. Well done on such a fantastic rendering and enjoyable read, and here's to great things for the future! :)


Author's Response: Hey Jess!

I know, I actually can't believe it either. Took me two years but I've finally finished something longer than a one-shot. I've been slightly lost without Al/Flick to write the past few days, it's a very weird feeling. Aww thank you hun! *Squishy hugs*

I'm bad at times, normally I R+R once something's been updated but then I tend to not bother and leave it for like a week and then everything updates. Takes me a while to catch up then, but binge reading is fun :D No worries at all!

It took me a while to decide shall I/shan't I? I had a whole debate with myself which sounds mad, but I decided in the end. There were other little clues, I'm not even sure anyone picked up on them, but Al and Flick are expecting again! But yes, there were a few little clues before the two arrived. Three chapters are written as I originally came up with it back in August, and the fourth has been started, I just need to finish it now. You may kind of be on the right track there, but then again every one makes mistakes when their young. Thank you for saying that!! *hugs*

They're so cute aren't they? :D Haha they do the same to me, don't worry :)

It's matter of trying to get all the ideas written out and deciding what works right now! When does life ever go to plan, especially for Flick. It was between that and two others but I chose that one in the end since I thought it pretty much represents Flick's life. No promises for happy ending right now, but you shall see soonish (think soon as a few months :p).

Good luck for your first NaNo, Jess. It definitely helped me last November when I was continuing to write for this story even if I didn't get a lot done. But hopefully it means I can complete A Blossoming Romance too! Haha same, if it means more Snakes & Ladders take all the time you need!! :D

I know, it feels very weird knowing I've marked it as complete. Thank you so, so much, Jess!! It means a lot. Same to you.

Much love!

Sophie xx

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Review #29, by peacock33 Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

20th October 2014:
Wow, I have to admit I am really disappointed that Scorpius and Dom got together. Although I guess it makes sense as I think they're both really annoying and selfish and fake, so I guess they deserve each other. I know this is mean, but I hope they crash and burn and are really unhappy as I still have not forgiven them for what they did to Rose, especially Scorpius. Considering he was so in love with Rose a few chapters ago and basically only ever wanted Dom because of the sex, I have no idea what he is thinking or why they are together now. Or how he could do this to Rose if he cared about her at all as seeing them together must still really hurt her and basically guarantees that she will never take him back. I know you had her be all happy and giggly in this chapter like it didn't bother her at all, but that seemed pretty forced and unrealistic. But I suppose that I've always preferred Rose to Dom and Scorpius, but it seems like you always preferred Dom and have been basically trying to present Dom as if she isn't that terrible for what she did to Rose. And while I had finally started to actually kind of respect her again and have hope for her, seeing her with Scorpius has pretty much ruined that.
I think it bothers me so much because having them be all happy basically makes it seem like you are trying to justify what they did and make it seem like Rose just stood in the way of their true love; it sure makes it seem like he never really cared that much about Rose at all and actually did have feelings for Dom the whole time he was with her, even after their affair ended and he seemed so happy with Rose (basically like all of his happiness with Rose was just an act).
I'm pretty confused since the last few chapters you had him say that Rose was the one he really wanted and in your comments you've said that he never really loved Dom, so this pretty much makes little sense to me and I don't really see how they could have a healthy relationship after all of this or overcome all that happened in the past. I had been hoping that Dom and Scorpius had matured for the better, but this just seems like they are being selfish and getting back into an unhealthy relationship, especially Dom who really needs to just move on with her life from Scorpius.

Also, I had been hoping that Rose and Scorpius could possibly get back together in the sequel, but after this I really really hope you don't have Rose ever take him back, nor have him and Dom end up happily together as I would find that really unconvincing and disappointing. But the only bright spot now is that Rose can really move on from Scorpius and see that he is totally not worth any more of her tears and I can only hope she will now moves on and finds someone as amazing as her and worthy and able to make her happy. I hope she is one of the main characters in the sequel as I honestly don't care that much about the other characters, besides Al, James and Ria.
But I'll guess we'll wait and see. Thanks for sharing your story and putting so much effort into writing it.

Author's Response: Hey!

Ahh I know, but for now at least don't be as worried about them being together. I'm hoping things are more explained in a short story about the two set just months after this chapter ends. Like Flick said he's conflicted, he still is he and Dom are just giving things a go to see if it could work between them. Scorp does still love Rose but he and Dom had a spark and so right now that's what they are going off.

Rose, right now is most definitely not going to take him back and is obviously still hurting. Rose has a front for most of the chapter, she knows it won't do any good in causing a scene in front of her family, plus it would ruin Bentley and Aubri's birthday which she doesn't want to do. ScoRose are my OTP and partly the reason I got into fanfiction and I love them with all my heart. But on the other hand I just love Dom's character, so it's too hard to pick who I prefer more. Dom is a terrible person for what she did to Rose and she knows it.

Rose is happy right now, she's glad she doesn't haven't to be around Dom/Scor and like she said she is off travelling which makes her happy, as she gets to go places she's never been before and fuel her curiosity for far off places. As for Dom and Scor they're not exactly happy right now, they're still working things out, what else are they supposed to do they it's a proper relationship after from the things they always did. Scorpius a hundred per cent cared/cares for Rose but he's an idiot. He never had feelings except those of lust and heat for Dom.

Scorpius has always wanted Rose, he messed up due to alcohol and his hormones as well as stupid mistakes. He never loved Dom it was always a sister love at first because of them being close as friends but then it turned to lust and of course their hormones. It was all a physical love for Dom which he had.

In this Dom says to Flick she's an idiot and a part of her knows it's possibly a bad thing for her to get into something with Scorpius again but she pursues it, as she is curious and obviously there was a spark between them when it came to being under the sheets.

As for Scor and Rose getting together in the sequel, I've had their end games planned out for a while. At the moment one of theirs is changing as I'm unsure of how I want it to go. But like you said right now there isn't a chance of them being together but you'll have to wait and see what the sequel holds. Rose is most definitely moving on right now, especially as she is going travelling which plays a part in the sequel too. She is slightly more prominent in the sequel compared to Dom as she and Flick are planning something which you'll eventually find out once the sequel is up. If you are curious as to how the Dom/Scor thing plays out there is a short story coming soon, set months after this chapter ends about them/their relationship so look out.

Thank you so much my dear for reading and reviewing. It means a lot!

Sophie x

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Review #30, by Paddlewaddle Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

20th October 2014:
I'm not quite sure how I feel about Dom and Scorpius' relationship. I'm not conflicted. I'm just confused. Nothing to do with your writing at all - you are and always will be excellent but it seemed like a really... odd (not sure if illogical is the correct word) development and whether or not they last I suppose we have to see but it was certainly a surprise that did't sit very well for me at all because I felt more than anything, the three of them needed more time a part. Although I'm glad that Rose is finally out there finding herself, but I felt Dom needed that as well, if not MORE than Rose given her problems. But that's just me. Whether Dom and Scorpius continue is up to you and I suppose we shall see in the spin off but I hope we see more from you soon!

Author's Response: Hey!

Ahh Dom and Scor, I know a little confusing. But for now they are together and there will be more about that/them in a short story coming soon. The three of them certainly need time apart rather than together but you shall soon find out.

Rose is definitely going solo and finding herself, something which plays a part in terms to the sequel as something big happens for her. As for Dom things are explained a lot better in her one spin off as I mentioned above. It's set months after this so I hope it gives better insight once it's up. As for whether they stay together is already sorted in my mind and the title for the upcoming story is a clue.

For now at least I'm focusing on other stories but keep an eye out for the ones which link to this.

Thank you so much my dear for reading and reviewing. It means a lot!

Sophie x

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Review #31, by draco_lover12 Chapter Forty-Nine

19th October 2014:
You know I love this story, and although this chapter was really long, it was nice to see NEWT's, F&A moving into their first home together and them having fun.

Author's Response: Yep, everything is certainly changing for A and Flick.

Thanks for R+R'ing!!


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Review #32, by Midnight spark Chapter Forty-Nine

10th October 2014:
Ai.. so much happened! Your descriptions of Bentley and Aubri made me go 'Aw' every time!

Dom was sat on the edge of the patio-it has to be Dom sat, or Dom was sitting. Just thought I'll point it out.

Can't wait for the last one! I've already bought a box full of tissues just so that I can cry because this ended.

Author's Response: Hey!

Writing the twins is one of my favourite things to do, if you love them you will definitely love the next chapter since it is practically based around the two of them :D

Ahh thanks for pointing it out.

I'm dreading finishing writing it as I know I'll be crying by the end. Lots of happy surprised to come thought.

Thanks for reading and reviewing as always it means a lot!!

Sophie xx

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Review #33, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter Forty-Nine

9th October 2014:
great chapter :)
write soon..

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you, glad you like it. Next chapter shall be up once I've finished writing it :D


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Review #34, by Girlygeek1991 Chapter Forty-Nine

9th October 2014:
No!! Please don't end!!

Author's Response: Hello!

Haha, I know. I don't want it to either but it has to! Fifty chapters was always going to be enough for this story, hence why there are spin off's and a sequel.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Sophie xx

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Review #35, by Tris  Chapter Forty-Nine

9th October 2014:
:D glad for more! I know this story is wrapping uo but it is a little sad it will finish soon. But I like it. This story so entranced me when I first read it I stayed up half the night reading. Thank you for lots of good times. The newts I think are good, and all the changes are happy. I am hoping the ending will be too.

Author's Response: Hello :)

I know, I'm sad to finish writing since it and Al and Flick have been a part of my life for two years now so it will definitely be weird not to write about them. But no fear, there are spin offs about various people and of course the sequel but that won't be up for a while.

Aww, no thank you!! It's all the readers/reviewers which keep me going/keep me sane. So thank you for all the lovely reviews!! :D

As for a happy ending, wait and see. Hehe. There are a few surprises too.

Thanks for reading and reviewing as always, my lovely. *Hugs*

Sophie xx

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Review #36, by peacock33 Chapter Forty-Nine

9th October 2014:
I'm happy to see everyone a little happier after all the drama and heartache so far. It's good that Dom seems to be learning from her mistakes, although I don't know if a random hookup is a good idea (I guess we'll see if she's a lesbian)?

I feel like you're leading to Rose and Scorpoius reconciling at some point, probably in a sequel, and I just hope that we get some more clarity about his feelings. Even Flick is still confused by who he really wants at times, as when he talks about them he is very confusing. From what I understand, he told Dom he loved her and that he wished he had never dated Rose so he could be with her. ANd things with Dom only ended because she dumpted him. And when he talked to Flick about it all a few chapters ago, he was saying that Rose made him wnat to be a better person, but he and Dom that this powerful attraction that he couldn't resist or ignore. So I just hope at some point that Scorpius actually can make up his mind more clearly and do a lot more begging and groveling and showing remorse and regret. Because so far, it just seems like he's choosing Rose because Dom wants nothing to do with him and that's he still has some feelings for her in some way. And that he is still trying to make excuses about how sex with Dom was just irresistable and they had some deep romantic connection, rather than him just liking sex with her better than the inexperienced Rose (which is what it actually seems like to me). So if you do a sequel, I hope you spend a lot of time showing him grow up and figure out what he really wants before he gets anywhere near Rose again. I hope that Rose gets a more major role in the sequel as she's my favorite character and I think she deserves a great happy ending more than anyone in this story!

And I hope that Al's plea wasn't a foreshadowing of him and Flick having major relationship problems in the future. I get that things will be tough at times, like for anyone, but I hope they never hurt each other that badly so they can not hurt each other as well as their kids. I do have to admit that Flick comes off as a little idealized and that everything just works out a little too perfectly for her (being the best quiddith player, getting the best grades, having the perfect romance despite the fact that she ditched and lied to the father for a ridiculously long time). So I'm interested to see how she moves forward in the real world.
Thanks for sharing your intereting story!

Author's Response: Hey,

Yep everyone is happier right now, especially after everything. Dom, I love writing her since she's more complex that meets the eye but she is learning most definitely. It may be a random hook up for that night at least, but again there is more too it, which comes out more in the short story about Dom set a month after Chapter fifty ends as well as the sequel.

Rose and Scorpius. Hmm. Well as much as Scorpius would like to reconcile it isn't happening any time soon for the two. As for it being in the sequel, well they talk at least but there are surprised to come in it! Scorpius, at the moment he's still a teenage boy thinking with his hormones so even he is unsure about whether he wants Dom or Rose. Flick is just as confused since they are both her friends and have both been hurt in one way or another.

Scorpius did say I love you yes, but it was in the moment because he was caught up with everything and Rose was on his mind. It was intended for Dom at all, but that's how she took it. It slipped out since for a moment he was wishing it was Rose. He did prefer Dom indeed but it was for obvious reasons (i.e the sex) and there was never real love there. Yep Dom dumped him for the better, she knew things had gone on too long and well she wanted to end it once and for all. Scorpius really does need to grow up A LOT! That being said he also needs to decide which sort is shown a little in the next chapter. I would say most of what you've said about Scorp there is quite spot on, except that he and Dom didn't have a deep romantic connection.

There shall be a sequel, no fear. It just might not be up for a while as I want to focus on other stories. It's set five to six years after this so they have all grown up in obvious ways, but whether his personality had grown up with him, you shall see. Rose does have a bigger part mostly because her and Flick are in the midst of planning something big (I'm not saying any more than that :p). For me Rose's ending changed a while back and now I love what is install for her.

As for Al, well any relationship can get rocky at times. But as for their future you shall have to wait and see until I get around writing the sequel and posting it. Flick is far from perfect, have you seen her temper when her mother is involved? Her grades were a huge improvement on her OWL's in fifth year which is why they may seem so 'perfect' as you put it, but it is only because she studied a lot better and worked harder. Again you'll have to wait for the future/Flick in the real world.

Thank you so much my lovely for reading and reviewing!!

Sophie xx

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Review #37, by ScoroseOTP Chapter Forty-Eight

10th September 2014:
Hey Soph!
First off I feel so so sorry for all of them! It's not fair for Aubri and Bentley to have to be pushed into the limelight. Although I'm very glad that Luna could help them.
I simply love the idea of the glass and the yellow at her work and in the studio! That truly is inspired!
The walk was a cute little extra you threw in there and I thought it was really sweet. Flick has every right to be worried about not have 24hr support for her and the twins, but I am really called her Nan isn't far away!
The new flat actually sounds amazing, I'm considering buying it! In all serious though, I think that's the perfect size step for them to take. Hopefully it's a good decision and it works out!
I wouldn't be worried about the chapter! It was great! I really loved it!
I hope you're feeling better and aren't so busy!
Ooooh! Next chapter sounds interesting ! It better be a good turn in ANY of the relationships!

Thanks for writing and updating! It's a really great story and I'm still hooked! I wouldn't have favourited otherwise (by the way, it's all good! I love the story, so thank you!)

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz!!

I know it isn't right what with them being so little but at least Flick and Al can control it now. She's a family friend so of course I wanted Luna to be there, plus she's one of my favourite characters too. She's definitely a free spirit hence all the glass and the yellow well I loved her dress for Bill and Fleur's wedding so that somehow came into it!

Cute moments with Al, Flick and the twins I live for them, lol. Of course she does, she may have not liked the thought of her family helping at first, but accepting to her was hard even when she was struggling at one point. At least she has Albus now, plus her nan lives in the same building.

Haha, it does, well in my head it does :p It's the perfect size for them and I mean having kids at a young age is a huge step, but as Flick said marriage is too big for her because of her doubts with her parents. It's the perfect step for them to take now. Hopefully it will, you'll just have to wait and see :)

Definitely feeling better now, thankfully. Sadly I do find myself still busy but I'm still managing to write which is a plus!

Haha, it is interesting that's for sure. Yes it's a good turn, especially for Al and Flick.

Thank you so much, Emz! I always love your reviews. Thanks for reading and reviewing as always, dear.

Soph x

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Review #38, by Midnight spark Chapter Forty-Eight

7th September 2014:
God, I still can't get over the fact that Flick turned Al down... great chapter by the way! Only two more chapters? That was fast! Good luck!

Author's Response: Hi!

First off thank you for being Unexpected Parenthood's 500th reviewer!

I know, lol. But there's more surprises to come. Yep just two more before this is over.

Thanks for reading and reviewing as always!

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Review #39, by HarryGinnyLove88 Chapter Forty-Eight

3rd September 2014:
good story :)

how many chapters more to go???

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Just two more chapters left!


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Review #40, by EeshaPotter Chapter Forty-Eight

2nd September 2014:
Yayyy !!! I like how they told the Quibbler. And they are buying the house !!! When will you update next ???

Author's Response: Hi,

Just like Flick has always said she wants them out the spotlight, which is why they chose to do it. Not buying, just renting the flat.

Not sure, I will probably update other stories first.


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Review #41, by EeshaPotter Chapter Forty-Seven

24th August 2014:
I love this story !!! When will you update next?

Author's Response: Thank you. It's currently in the queue, which last I checked was at 4 days.

Thanks for Reading and reviewing!


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Review #42, by Anonymous Chapter Forty-Seven

4th August 2014:
Of my god I cannot believe she said no, (even I want to marry Al and I don't know him.) But I think that they will get married eventually. And at least they're moving in and she said yes to that.

I love this story so much it is by far one of the best fan fiction I have read. And I have read a lot.

Please, please please please please please update. I wait so much for this story and I will continue to wait and check daily but I just NEED to know what happens!

(Sorry I went a little crazy then...)

Anyway I really enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for updating;)

Author's Response: Hey!

Haha, I know. I can't believe it either. Same here, Al is definitely popular by demand :p Eventually, who knows but for now they're still together and moving in.

Oh my god, thank you!! That means a lot *hugs*. I'm glad you like it so much. There will be an update shortly, I think. But Hold on tight because there are surprises and happiness to come!

Ha, crazy is good :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing, this put a smile on my face.


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Review #43, by annadb0611 Chapter Forty-Seven

2nd August 2014:
I hate you they should have gotten together but I do see where their coming from but still I hate you.

Author's Response: Haha, There's a few things coming up, that will make up for that hate :p

They should have, but where would the fun be if they got the happily ever after without a few bumps along the way.

Flick does not want to turn into her mother which is her main reasoning, that and it is a huge step.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #44, by ScoroseOTP Chapter Forty-Seven

1st August 2014:
Hey Soph!
THAT'S INSANE. THIS GIRL NEEDS TO GO TO A HEALERS OR SOMETHING! (Although, actually, I get what she means. But still).
That poor boy. I don't even want to imagine his face or his "strangled" voice after she said that. I just want to give him a hug!
That's a big step! I'm happy about her saying yes to that. I'm really glad she decided that wasn't too big of a step. However, with twins too and moving away from helpful people, that's got to be a HUGE step, right? I do hope it all goes well though!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz,

HAHA, YES HE DID! I know, she said no :( Flick is probably a little insane, I mean I would have yes without a doubt :p But Flick has her reasons for her saying no, as do I. Where would all the fun be if they had a perfect happily ever after? *laughs evilly*

I KNOW POOR AL, HE NEEDS ALL THE HUGS! Hug him all you like.

It's a HUGE step for Flick! Especially as she didn't really see any of this happening because she was so worried Al would hate her. Whilst most of the time as the twins grew up Flick did everything herself before realising she could accept help from her family. They've played a huge part in the twins lives as well so of course it's HUGE for Flick as she has always had her siblings/dad close. But at least she is still near her Nan if needed.

This made me smile so much, haha. Thank you for reading and reviewing m'dear!! :D

-Soph xx

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Review #45, by draco_lover12 Chapter Forty-Seven

1st August 2014:
Oh she's crazy, she could have said yes then had a long engagement. The biggest commitment they have is children together, engagement/moving in was the next step.

Author's Response: Hey,

Flick is crazy, lol. But she does have her reasons. She already she's herself as her mother since she was a similar age having Ria. Flick does not want to be her mother at all, hence one of her reasons saying no to Al.

The twins are certainly a big commitment but then neither of them planned them. But yes moving in is the next step at the moment.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #46, by Midnight spark Chapter Forty-Seven

1st August 2014:
Did NOT see that coming! I've been waiting for this chapter for a long time and I am not lying when I say that I nearly threw a tantrum when Flick said no! I hope they get married soon, cause they are just PERFECT for each other! The Flick/Al makes my Allie/Al seem so boring! Great job!! I discovered this story a few weeks ago as it was similar to my story, and loving it so far!

PS: First to review! (I've been doing that a lot!)

Author's Response: Haha, I know! There's still at least two surprised which you won't have seen coming that's for sure :D

I hated writing it because my heart wanted her to say yes, but I have reasons for Flick saying no and not just the ones she actually told Al.

They are definitely Perfect for one another!!! But we shall see if they get married soon or not. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve for the last three chapters of this as well as the sequel!

Ahh thanks for reading and reviewing. And for being the first, lol :D


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Review #47, by my_voice_rising Chapter One

29th July 2014:
Hello! I've decided to read this after seeing all of your posts on Tumblr about this story. I rarely (never) read pregnancy fics but I thought I'd give this a go. So yes, indeed, your Tumblr posts are working ;)

First off, how cute is the name Flick? It has so many possibilities. Flick and Swish... Please tell me that comes up somewhere, maybe in a joint nickname situation? And yay for using a Hogwarts-age character Face Claim who doesn't look 32.

So I get the impression Flick's family is pretty wealthy. The house sounds huge (and nice!) and in the city. Maybe we will get to hear what it is they do? Also I'm confused by what a "grizzly" baby girl is...

You do a nice job of including enough backstory at just the right time so that the reader doesn't feel bombarded with information. The story of Flick not going back to school was very good. I'd like a little more description of Mrs. Samuels, though... what was she like? Did Flick prefer tutoring to Hogwarts? How did she deal with her transition?

Another thing I'm wondering... are her parents Muggles? The bit about "hardly considering their pets in their house Magical" tipped me off, as there are household magical pets such as Kneazles and Pygmy Puffs and even owls/bats/toads. The image I have of their house (and this could just be me) is a very clean, streamlined, modern, Muggle-y looking place. Kind of like when we see Hermione's home in Deathly Hallows.

So do her friends not know where she is, then? I reckon an owl could just "find her" via magic, though. How sad that she just stopped opening her post. It seems that she really has cut that part of her life out--everything magical--as she can't legally practice magic and her house seems more Dursley-like than Weasley-like, if you know what I mean!

McGonagall's initial reaction seems very appropriate. Concerned and nurturing but also scolding. Well done! The relationship between she and Flick is very nice--you can see that they are familiar with each other, but it's not the kind of relationship she had with Harry, for example. The ONLY thing that I think is off here is that she asks who the father is. Definitely she would be concerned about another student of hers running around, getting girls "in the family way," but I don't think she would ask that--at least not right away, and not so bluntly. Maybe she would have been a little more distraught too? Upset? I like the line "You aren't the first and won't be the last," though. It makes you wonder how many times she's had to deal with this...

Ah, so her Dad has an owl, so they are not Muggles. Hm! I really thought they were, especially when you said that she grabbed a pen instead of a quill. Maybe some more Magical things would help to make this story feel more ingrained in the HP world. Even if her mirror made a comment about her hair sticking up when she was getting ready, or some mention of magical baby toys in the bedroom... That would definitely make this feel more like HP fic. (It's really hard to do that when the story isn't taking place in a very canon location, i.e. Hogwarts or Diagon Alley--I totally understand!)

I'm glad I stopped by to read. I think you have a strong start here, especially with the lovely balance of action and backstory. ♥!

Author's Response: Hey!

Aww thanks for stopping by! I've been meaning to read KCACO for ages but I haven't got around to it. I swear I've you in hpff tag before about how Jamie Dornan was you Oliver Face Claim and they he got the 50 shades role? If not I am so imagining things :p Haha, tumblr is the best.

Technically her names Felicity but nearly everyone calls her Flick. Haha, no actually, that's really good though :D I can't remeber how I found Anna-Sophia Robb but when I saw her I was all 'That's Flick'.

They are now (Sort of) but there were a lot of ups and down, six/seven years ago for the family. It seems so long ago I wrote this now, and it does say somewhere. But her dad works in the Mis-use of Artifacts office and her elder sister works in a muggle pub in central London. I think it's just a term I/we use where I come from, but I could be wrong. But it's mostly when a baby is crying a lot for no reason sometimes, or if they are ill and really clingy to their parent. E.g Aubri was really grizzly today due to her teething. It makes sense to me, lol, but I may change it now since I think that has confused more than one person.

Haha, nope Flick is half-blood. Her Mother is a Half-Blood and her Father is a Pure-Blood. That was mainly because they own cats and owls, as I was thinking more of Kneazles and Hippogriffs, all the things you might find in a Care of Magical Creatures class. Pretty much although it is fairly messy what with the twins and Flick's younger brother, but yep mostly clean/modern along with Muggle technology.

They know that Flick left after she sent them a letter and that she would have a tutor but she never said she was at home or where she was, but even then they still sent letters to her. Flick felt incredibly guilty that she didn't tell any of them she was pregnant, especially Albus. She had all these fears that they would shun her or no longer be friends so she stopped replying. In her head, her focus was on trying to up her grades with her tutor and her pregnancy/beign a mum. Flick hated that she had to stop doing magic apart from her school lessons since she was still underage at the time. Yep! With her mother being a Half-Blood she was the one to introduce all of the muggle things into their household.

Since some of her back story came out on pottermore, I like to see McGonagall as thinking of all the students at Hogwarts as her children, so she is disappointed especially as Flick is pretty bright but of course the scolding is there, I mean Flick is only sixeten. In my head there would definitely have been girls to have gotten pregnant, I mean you can't exactly say that no one in the castle was getting up to things they probably shouldn't have.

Yep, he has an owl. Haha I just think pens are a lot more easily than having to faff about with getting ink and a quill, but I definitely see where you are coming from. Especially about the lack of magic in a way. I think since apart the odd chapter where Flick is home, the rest is mainly set at Hogwarts so that could easily be a reason for lack of magic at home.

Aww thank you so much for stopping by, it's put a smile of my face :D
Soph ♥

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Review #48, by s.w Chapter Forty-Six

29th July 2014:
To be completely honest, where are you going with this story? Like you've got a plot and you're at the stage where Al's found out about his kids and he's happy. Flick and Al are going to be this perfect little family, so why are you still stretching out this story? Like what else is going to happen? I think you want to sort out the whole Scorpius/Rose/Dom thing, but other than that I feel like the story should come to an end.

You've done a good job in the story but the last couple of chapters have been a bit boring and it's clear that you don't want to finish this story and you just want to keep dragging it as long as you want. 46 chapters is heaps - you're at the stage in this story where you need to start concluding the story as all the main plots have been covered (eg Hattie's fake pregnancy, James/Ria, Al finding out about his kids, Flick and Al making up). Also, you keep re-updating this latest chapter (46) and it's kind of annoying always popping up!! Hopefully you'll start to conclude this story off, as I don't want you forcing yourself to create another lot of plot where Flick and Al break up or Hattie's actually pregnant with Al's kid or whatever. If you want to do that, you can do a sequel but don't overload this story with unnecessary plots!! :)

Author's Response: Hi,

I'm sorry you feel that way. But I it was never just going to end once Al knew. I wanted to expand on them living their lives afterwards. Al and Flick aren't a perfect little family, there's still a lot to work out between them but they are slowly getting there. There are four more chapters left, the last (Number 50) being an epilogue. There's a whole bunch to happen actually since Flick and Al have left Hogwarts and obviously Al is stepping into the role of being dad. All I have to write is the very last chapter and there are things which bring Dom/Scorp/Rose to a conclusion sort of.

As much as I don't want to finish writing Flick and Al, it's been a big part of my life for nearly two years, so you get attached to the characters. But it was always going to be at least 50 chapters, no more. As I explained above I wasn't just going to stop it after Al found out, this is their life afterwards as well to see how they deal with everything.

I haven't been updated the last chapter (46) at all, I have been doing edits on the others chapters as you will see if you click on them as they all have the word 'Edited' and then the date I edited them at the bottom. This is because some chapters were nearly two years old and my writing style has changed a lot since then. Whenever a story is edited or updated it pops up.

There are 50 chapters in this and most things will be concluded, such as Al/Flick and Ria/James as well as the Dom/Rose/Scorp situation. The sequel is set at least five/six years after this so there is a lot to come in that. The main plot now is Al and Flick and how they're dealing with everything, especially Al since it was such a shock. There are about three major things which will happen between now and chapter 50, but one of them will have a spin-off/one-shot and the other is carried on into the sequel.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. The next chapter (47) is currently in the queue.


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Review #49, by jessicalorewrites Chapter Four

26th July 2014:

Gotta be honest here but I wouldn't really expect Albus to have loved Hattie at only 12/13 :p and yet he got with Flick quite young too and he definitely loves her (present tense!!)

I fall more and more in love with these babies every sentence :o they're so adorable. Also I love how you develop each of the siblings so we get a really clear pixture of who they are.

most of all, the parallels being drawn between Flick and her mum are incredible. I love plots that work on tangents like this :D

Love love love it


Author's Response: Yoo hoo,

It's stupid being that young and claiming 'too be in love' but I've seen it happen and some of them are still together even now. Al didn't really love Hattie, not in the same way he loves Flick. Al was 13 and Flick 12 when they got together for the first time which is definitely young but not that unusual. Rose and Scorp were both 13 when they got together, in this at least. But yes, he loves Flick present tense! :)

I adore writing Bentley and Aubri so, so much! I think that was what wanted me to make it more after she had, had the babies rather than her still being pregnant. Not only was it unusual but it added more depth to Flick and obviously writing the babies, which was fun!

The parallels were never meant to be a huge thing until I introduced her mother back into it at the end of chapter forty, and then they started to play a big part. Since they both got pregnant young but chose different paths, I.e Flick choosing to leave school and getting home schooled/then going back, whilst her mother just chose to drop out. It definitely shows Flick is a lot like her mother in a lot of ways, whether Flick likes it or not.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

~Sophie x

P.s Chapter 47 is now in the queue :D

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Review #50, by jessicalorewrites Chapter Three

26th July 2014:

Was it okay to squeal a little bit when Albus called Flick his? Tough, I did it anyway :p they're so adorable I swear!! Very clever of Flick to say the twins are Ria's - if I was in that situation I would have freaked out.

Ahh I really love the backstory bit here to Flick and Albus' past relationship. The fact they waited three years before fully commiting is so cute and shows they really valued each other.

Another great chapter!! I'm enjoying rereading this again :)


Author's Response: Helloo,

Perfectly okay to squeal and there may be a lot more squealing to come. Especially where those two are involved. :)

Yep three years, although they did break up in that time for 3 months where he got with Hattie and Flick got with Nolan. Al and Flick are the new definition of cute, lol. I love writing them together, especially the flashback scene!

Thanks for reading and reviewing m'dear!

~Soph x

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