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Review #26, by DANIELA Changed

7th December 2012:
love it! please dont take long for the next one

Author's Response: I am so sorry. I really didn't mean for the next chapter to take so long. I was working on it and then Christmas stuff got in the way and before I knew it the Christmas deadline came and I had missed it. But I will be working hard on the story over Christmas and I promise you will have a new chapter in January. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. x

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Review #27, by Grace :) Changed

6th December 2012:

Author's Response: Yeah me too. I just wish I could get it written. It's over half done. I'm so sorry I couldn't get it done before Christmas, but keep looking for it in January. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. x

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Review #28, by Dina Changed

5th December 2012:
Love love LOVE! I just read all the chapters in one go. Tell your fans to Beat that.XD I am a fan now

Author's Response: Wow! That must have taken you a while. Thanks so much for reading. Always love getting new fans. Please keep reading and reviewing. I would love to know what you think of what I have coming up. x

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Review #29, by Jo rock music Changed

4th December 2012:
This story is amazing !!! I love it !! I love it!!! I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm really glad you like the story. I kind of know where I want the story to go, but I am having real problems with the chapters just now. Nothing I right seems good enough, so I'm really glad that you're liking it.
Please keep reading and thanks again for reviewing. x

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Review #30, by Grace Changed

4th December 2012:
Really can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I know me neither. Hopefully you'll like it. Sorry I couldn't get it done in time for Christmas, but it will be there in the new year, so keep an eye out. x

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Review #31, by Draco_or_Harry_102597 Changed

2nd December 2012:
God that sucks... I have been reading this story and I thought there was another chapter and there isn't O.O... I LOVE THIS STORY! It's really really good and I just want you to keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and sorry to disppoint. Doing a few edits just now and just trying to tweak a few bits that I wasn't happy with. I know I want to keep writing too, but there just isn't enough hours in the day. Each chapter seems to be getting longer and longer and it's taking forever to write, but I'm always working hard on it. Thanks for reviewing and please keep reading. x

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Review #32, by emmeline101 Changed

1st December 2012:
awesome as always. please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Sorry that I haven't been able to update sooner. I would have loved to have given you a chapter over Christmas, but I just couldn't get the chapter done in time, but keep a look out in January. I'll be working hard over the Christmas break. x

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Review #33, by LovesMagic Changed

30th November 2012:
I'm so glad that you updated!!! This chapter was really good :D I like how you got down to what was bothering hermione and let her show draco how she was feeling and vice versa...and i really like how their relationship is developing, i think this story is coming along VERY nicely and i can't wait until the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm finding this bit of the story very hard to write cause everytime I get close to them being together it just doesn't feel right. I know it's been a long time coming, but I want to do it right, so hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer for their relationship to move on.
Thanks for reviewing and please keep on reading. x

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Review #34, by MadiMalfoy Changed

30th November 2012:
Oh my god how does Draco react to that?!? You wrote this chapter amazingly well--the fact you added in so many details about Professor Babbage's (I actually believe it's Burbage, though) death in Deathly Hallows really makes the emotions rise and make the readers (me at least) feel connected to Draco as he's describing it. Please update again soon, loving all of the tension between Draco and Hermione and all of their mixed feelings! :)

Author's Response: Yeah sorry about that. When I was writing it I knew it wasn't quite right and I didn't have access to my books to check. I meant to check it before I submitted the chapter. You will notice that it has been promptly changed. I really hate making mistakes so thanks for pointing that out so I could change it quickly.
Well you will have to wait and see. Although it may not be Draco's reaction that you have to worry about. (wee hint for the next chapter) ; )
But yes I do think it's important that we know why Draco has changed and we know from the films how he felt about Voldemort being in his house and how he felt about Profesor Burbage (see I've learned) so I do hope that people do start to see his in a slightly better light. x

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Review #35, by DarkDanielle Confessions

27th November 2012:
I am absolutely loving this story so far, and look forward to the chapters to come! Thanks for a great read!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing. Yeah I'm looking forward to writing the coming chapters. I think they will be pretty interesting. Thanks for reading and I hope you like what's to come. x

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Review #36, by Jo rock music Confessions

23rd November 2012:
Amazing! You are such a good writer! Can't wait to read more keep up the amazing work! :)

Author's Response: Hey thank so much for reading and reviewing. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I get seriosuly paranoid about my writing and the story so I love hearing that people are liking it.
Chapter 16 should be up shortly, so please keep reading and I hope you review again. x

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Review #37, by noori Confessions

23rd November 2012:
PLEASE rite more,this is my favorite story,so i want to read more!i love the twist at the end,makes it all the more interesting.i'm waiting. best regards,noori.

Author's Response: Don't worry you won't have to wait for too much longer, Chapter 16 has been posted so just a few more days and you should have it and I'm actually half way through chapter 17 so another week or so and that should be posted too (well I hope anyway).
So thanks again for reviewing and seriously thanks for saying this is your favourite story. I love writing it and it sounds cheesy saying it all the time, but the reviews are what keep me motivated, so thanks for sticking with me and I hope the new chapter doesn't disappoint. x

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Review #38, by Keikokeiko999 Confessions

14th November 2012:
I love this so much! Please keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I am definitely still writing. Managing to find the time amongst all the craziness of work but I love this story so I will finish it. Next chapter hopefully getting uploaded soon. Just got some little bits to tweak but pretty much done.
Thanks so much for reviewing and please keep reviewing. x

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Review #39, by lyra Confessions

13th November 2012:
awesome as always! i am definitely looking forward to the next chapter.:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Yeah the next chapter is pretty interesting. Nearly finished so should be with you very soon.
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing again. x

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Review #40, by Wylloe Confessions

12th November 2012:
write more!!! and fast!!!

Author's Response: Working on it. Chapter 16 is on it's way.
Thanks for reading and reviewing. x

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Review #41, by Daniela Confessions

9th November 2012:
This is def by far the best dramione fanfic I have ever read. I really like the plot and how it is still very realistic when it comes to the relationships with Ron and Harry. I am def stuck on this fanfic and I hope I don't have to wait too long for the next one!
P.s I sent you a review already but I figured a second one wouldn't hurt haha

Author's Response: You can write two reviews for each and every chapter as far I'm concerned. I love reading what people are thinking and I love getting reviews. Makes me smile so much.
Anyway thanks so much for your great reviews. I'm glad you think it's realistic and like things with Harry and Ron. I've read too many stories where Hermione chooses Draco over them which I don't think she would do after everything they've been through. Anyway thanks so much for reviewing and please keep on reviewing and reading. x

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Review #42, by lilac Confessions

9th November 2012:
Next chapter wowww... Someone seems to be over reacting

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing and for being my 100th review. Actually can't believe I have 100 reviews. Its so amazing.
Anyway the next chapter is coming soon hopefully. I'm working away on it. Do you mean Ron or Hermione is over reacting? I hope you mean Ron's reaction to Draco, cause I think Hermione'e reaction is kind of justified but is explained more in the next chapter. As for Ron, well he's always been a bit of a drama queen.
Anyway please keep reading and please review again. x

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Review #43, by Anonymous Confessions

6th November 2012:
Amazing!!! Yet again! You truly are amazing at writing this story, and I can't wait for more. But take your time also, don't want it to be rushed. So, well to be honest I dont really like Ron that much, he's much too.. cocky for my taste. I don't know. I like Malfoy though (despite the fact that I hated his guts throughout the first six books xD). There's just something about him here in the story that hits close to home.. but anyway great story so far! Keep smiling :).

Author's Response: I have been doing a bit of editing to try and make some of the chapters a bit better. I'm never happy with any of the chapters so could edit them forever, so sometimes I just post it because I'm fed up with changing bits and making the whole thing worse.
As for Ron, well he's got his taste of the limelight which he always wanted and he's enjoying it. The war changed him too, although not necessarily for the better. There's still a lot to see of Draco, but he's far from perfect either as Hermione will undoubtedly find out.
Thanks for reviewing again. It's the reviews that keep me smiling and give me the passion to write more and more. x

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Review #44, by DANIELA Confessions

6th November 2012:

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much. Very high praise becuase I know how amazing so many of the stories on here are. I love writing it and getting all the feedback, so thank you so much for reading and taking the time to review. Chapter 16 hopefully won't be too long. x

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Review #45, by MadiMalfoy Confessions

5th November 2012:
I think Ron needs to get over himself and try and actually see Draco for who he really is. :P I'm a huge shipper of Draco & Hermione, and I absolutely love your story! Your chapters are so long and that's a good thing! You describe everything so well and have the right details in there, it's just great! Keep writing!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I know my chapters are long, I just can't stop myself once I get started. There's so much going on in my head that I have to get it all out. Yeah it's surprisingly easy to write Ron as an idiot, but I guess he has to be that way so that Hermione can stop loving him. As for Ron seeing Draco for who he really is, I'm not entirely sure that will happen. Especially not if Draco and Hermione end up together. Like I said in the chapter, Ron is designed to hate Draco.
Anyway thanks so much for reviewing and I will keep on writing so long as people keep reading. So much more to come. x

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Review #46, by griffindorechicky101 Intuition

25th October 2012:
it was awsome! please update soon! i cant wait!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I should hopefully upload the new chapter this week. I had a little bit of writers block, but I would say it's about two thirds done. I've just got a small scene left to write and then editing, so hopefully should be finished this week and with you all by next week. Please bear with me. I will be uploading soon.
Oh and thanks for reading and reviewing again. It really means so much that you're sticking with this story and taking the time to review. x

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Review #47, by owlsareawesome Intuition

23rd October 2012:
Amazing story so far! I hope something happens over christmas. Great characterizations and keep up the intense scenes!

Author's Response: Yeah I know it is pretty intense. I guess I enjoy writing them more than the light and fluffy stuff.
Funny you should mention Christmas. I'm actually working on that chapter now. I don't really write in order of what happens and I recently had a great idea and so I wrote it down while I remembered it so that chapter is actually about half done. Hopefully you like it.
Once again thanks for your great review and thanks for reading. Hopefully chapter 15 won't take too long to do. x

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Review #48, by noori Intuition

20th October 2012:
that was great,when is the next chapter coming,just cant wait to read it,its just so interesting,god,i dont think i have read such a story before,but wow,14 chapters and its still not finished!just a question that popped into my head,isnt lavender dead,like,didnt a death eater kill her?just out of curiosity.all in all,LOVED IT!!!

Author's Response: Yeah lots more to come. Probably not even half way through the story. I have lots more planned.
With Lavender, again I honestly have no idea if she did die or not. In the film she does, but in the book she is attacked by Fenrir and Hermione hexes him off of her and it says that Lavender was still moving. I don't think it says outright that she dies and so for the purpose of this story I like to think that she lived. I probably will go abck when editing and add in a bit more of information about Lavender and why she's back there.
So the next chapter. Who knows when it will be ready. Having a little bit of a writers block. I know what I want to happen in the next two chapters i just don't know what order I want them to happen in and I keep changing my mind. Literally sat on my laptop for two hours last night and did nothing. Hopefully I will be able to sort things out soon. x

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Review #49, by reve endormi Alone

19th October 2012:
i like your style, it's really nice

your story is well-thought and i like the insight from Hermione's mind. I remember reading DH and stopping at the thing with Hermione's parents and Australia, and i thought it was heart-breaking and it would be so very interesting to explore that in fanfiction. You did that beautifuly.

Author's Response: Thanks. There is more to come with Hermione and her parents so hopefully you'll see it explored some more. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I've said before a lot in answering reviews i just really didn't think that things would just go abck to normal straight after the war and I didn't think that Hermione's parents would take too well to having their memories wiped and sent half way round the world, so I hope I've done it justice.
Thanks for reading and please keep reviewing. x

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Review #50, by noori Rescues

19th October 2012:

Author's Response: Thanks. I did like this chapter. My favourite by far so far. Once again thanks so much for reading and reviewing again. x

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